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almost irrelevant. It's going after an organization by whatever means possible to obtain a conviction by whatever means possible. This underlying political objective was made flagrantly clear in the Government's memorandum being filed today in Boston announcing dismissal of the Boston case. The Government's position is that the Boston prosecution is no longer necessary because the key individuals involved have been convicted elsewhere.
The Government boasts that three of us have been convicted in this Court, that three companies have been bankrupted and shut down by the Federal Government, and that over 20 other individuals and organizations have been indicted by the Commonwealth of Virginia.
The message that comes through loud and clear is we don't care how we get them, as long as we get them. A year ago, Mr. LaRouche and I were on trial in Boston. Unlike in this case, the Court there allowed the defendants a certain amount of discovery and the Government was caught hiding evidence from us. That trial blew up over issues of Government misconduct and the mistrial which occurred there last May was widely viewed as an embarrassment for the Government.
Neither Mr. LaRouche nor I wanted a mistrial in Boston. We believed we were winning that case and wanted to see it through to a conclusion. We knew already at that time that the same Justice Department team would try and ram

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