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through indictments in a trial in Alexandria before the Boston case could be retried again.
I believe that the Government also knew that they were losing the Boston case, and they wanted the mistrial to extricate themselves from the mess they were caught in. Indeed, after the mistrial was declared, an informal poll was taken by the jury. The Boston jurors said that they would have unanimously acquitted all defendants on all charges. Quote, "We would have acquitted everybody at this point and that's based on prosecution evidence," one juror said in a newspaper interview.
He continued, "There was too much evidence, too much question of Government misconduct in what was happening to the LaRouche campaign.
The Government then selected this District to bring a new indictment. The prosecutors were frank in admitting that they wanted to rush this case to trial before the scheduled retrial in Boston. And they picked their preferred Federal District to do it in, this District famed for its quote, "Rocket docket."
The fairness or lack of fairness in this trial in this case will be an issue for a higher Court which will have to make the legal determination of whether our constitutional rights were violated by the rush to trial and five weeks after arraignment, by the denial of all pretrial discovery.

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