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by the undercutting of our defense case by wholesale restrictions on evidence and by picking a jury in less than two hours.
Remorse should be felt by those who have perverted our criminal justice system for political purposes, by those who have trampled the Constitution underfoot and embarrassed our country abroad in order to silence their political adversaries.
For my part I stand before the Court innocent. I was innocent in Boston and I am innocent here.
THE COURT: Any statement the United States Attorney wants to make?
MR. WEBSTER: In closing, Your Honor, I only remind the Court of its instruction to the jury that mere knowledge is not enough.
MR. ROBINSON: First, Your Honor, with respect to Mr. Spannaus' role in the offense and the guestion of selectivity, Mr. Spannaus as a member of the executive committee of this organization, the National Caucus of Labor Committees, clear was in a position of authority and a position of responsibility and a position policy making. Why was he selected for the indictment, I think, is answered when you look at which persons among that committee were ; responsible for contacts with lenders and the manner which those contacts were made and the sorts of representations and

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