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promises were made to them. Mr. Wertz has already been sentenced obviously as the person responsible for the people making the telephone solicitations, Mr. Spannaus as I think we made clear at trial was responsible for the written documentation which actually went out to the lenders through the mail. He was responsible for the manner in which those promissory notes and letters of indebtedness were drafted. He was responsible for the promises, the false promises made in those documents.
I would note that in particular the design of the letters of indebtedness in 1985 which Mr. Webster just mentioned came after the time when I believe the defendants now all concede the severity of the loan problem was brought to the attention of everyone in the organization, certainly to the executive committee by the memorandum from Wayne Hintz pointing out the fact there were already $10 million worth of loans obtained in 1984 and perhaps as much as $25 million by that point in 1985, and casting very dire predictions on whether or not they could ever repay them.
It was at that point in time that Mr. Spannaus designed the form by which continuing false representations were made to the lenders.
By way of response to Mr. Spannaus1 comment that the criminal justice system has been perverted to silence him for his political views, I would say only this: of course, the

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