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First Amendment is something important to all of us, and the protections provided by it are an important part of this nation. But I think that those who would commit the sort of crimes that we are talking about here, theft, and who would seek to hide behind the shield of the First Amendment in an attempt to deflect any attempt to call them to task for their actions, do a greater harm to the political freedoms of this country than anything that the Government has done in this case.
THE COURT: The defendant come forward.
While counsel in the case haven't borne down on it, the defendants have repeatedly and from some of the testimony, raised this idea that this is a politically inspired, politically-motivated prosecution. I reject that as errant nonsense. The idea that this organization is a sufficient threat to anything, that would warrant the Government bringing a prosecution to silence them is, just defies human experience With that said, this defendant's role in the organize tion is sufficiently high level to warrant incarceration.
It will be the sentence of the Court that the defendant be committed to the custody of the Attorney General or his authorized representative for imprisonment for five years and pay a fine of $1,000 and a special assessment on each of the ten counts. The sentence of incarceration will run concurrently with each other, and the fines as in the

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