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go over the probation report yourself and with your client?
MH. CLARK: I have. Your Honor.
THE COURT: Do you have any Rule 32 findings that you want the Court to make in addition to those that Mr. Webster addressed?
MR. CLARK: I do have several I would like to address briefly with Your Honor, with the caveat that I, too, obtained the presentence report at noontime yesterday. I would ask the Court for leave if upon further reflection other matters arise we feel require the Court's attention we be allowed to submit additional pleadings.
THE COURT: And you will do that within the week?
THE COURT: But you are not asking that the sentencing be postponed?
MR. CLARK: No, sir.
THE COURT: All right.
MR. CLARK: Your Honor, with that in mind, I would invite the Court's attention first of all to paragraph 16 of the presentence report, specifically the paragraph, I would say the conclusory sentence that states, "However, each received only a few token interest payments," in reference to loans made by the three named individuals in this indictment.
We would suggest, Your Honor, that the

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