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including Mr. Billington. Was asked specifically if he spoke to Mr, Billington. He testified that he did speak to Mr. Billington occasionally, but not as often as with others. He was asked why he spoke with Mr. Billington, and indicated that there were some specific loans that Mr. Billington had obtained, campaign loans in Boston that were special cases, and he might have talked-to him about those from time to time.
There was no testimony from Mr. Yepez that would support the allegations in those two paragraphs I have alluded to or two sentences I have alluded to in paragraph 17.
Further, again, we are talking about paragraph 17, if Your Honor please, in the presentence report refers to two sentences beginning with, "The handwritten list from 1985 mentioned above similarly was only a partial list of Billington's lenders, proposing that some of the organization's limited funds go to them."
The following sentence reads: "All of the solicitations testified to in the trial occurred later after Billington knew the organization was having grave difficulty meeting its obligations."
Again, Your Honor, I would suggest that those conclusions are belied by the testimony, specifically that of Wayne Hintz contained at Volume IX of the transcript in which

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