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THE COURT: All right. Then I will hear any statement you want to make on the defendant's behalf or any other information you want to bring to the attention of the Court.
MR. CLARK: Your Honor, with regard to Mr. Billington the matters contained in the presentence report, and the numerous letters that I think the Court perhaps has had an opportunity to review on Mr. Billington's behalf, I would frankly admit to Your Honor that I although I have tried and simply unable to find the words to describe to Your Honor a reason or reasonable explanation as to how Mr. Billington finds himself standing before this Court.
The presentence report indicates a remarkably uneventful childhood. He grew up in a very, very middle class background, went on to college, did very, very well; and I would suggest, Your Honor, at the time Mr. Billington got out of college, and during his early adulthood he spent his life committed to the service of others in the Peace Corps, both in South America and in Southeast Asia.
I think. Your Honor, that that is not insignificant. It's probably going to be repeated seven times before Your Honor this morning that each and every one of the individuals that comes before this Court is certainly dedicated to what he or she believes to be right. He or she is dedicated to what they perceive the greater good of mankind. I would suggest to Your Honor that for each and every one of these

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