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individuals, specifically Mr. Billington, that's borne out by what they have done before they knew or presumably even heard of Lyndon LaRouche. Mr. Billington during the course of his adult life has rejected material wealth, rejected creature comforts, and has simply dedicated his life to doing what he believes needs to be done and doing what he believes to be the right thing.
Now, he is being called upon to answer for it, and I would suggest to Your Honor only one thing in that regard: I think the jury had to determine Mike Billington's guilt or innocence. In doing that they had to determine that certain individuals loaned money, and were not repaid, and that the individuals to whom they loaned it had a specific intent not to repay it.
Your Honor of course now has to determine what the price is that Mr. Billington has to bear for those actions. I think the Court can't help but consider matters that the jury didn't have to consider, and that is what pecuniary benefit Mr. Billington obtained from that money, and for what purpose the money was put.
I would suggest to Your Honor that I don't think I need to belabor what Your Honor already knows from the trial that Mr. Billington nor any of his compatriots not only did not become rich, they were barely able to eke out an existence. No fancy cars, no fancy homes, nothing but long

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