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hours and a lot of work doing what they believed was right, and which the jury believed wasn't.
I would suggest to Your Honor that it's very, very apparent what Mike Billington's role was in this organization It's the same role that he has played in the State Department when he was working for the Peace Corps. All his life he dedicates his life to doing what's right, and he spends all his time in the trenches trying to see that that is done right, whether it's teaching kids in the Third World or sitting in what I think was referred to during the trial as the poorly furnished anthill 16 hours a day trying to implement what he believes to be the policy of a good and just organization. The jury disagreed, and Your Honor must now cause him to answer to what he has done. He is prepared to do that I would suggest, Your Honor, that Mr. Billington, given his role in this offense, is certainly an appropriate candidate for probation. I would suggest to Your Honor that there is, that Your Honor has voiced some concern that given the protestations of innocence by the individuals who have preceded Mr. Billington to the lectern, that they may do it again. Well, I would suggest to Your Honor that there is a difference between believing what is right and what is wrong and understanding what is legal and what is illegal.
These people have no question at this point as to

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