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THE COURT: Mr. Billington, any statement you want to make in your own behalf, sir?
THE DEFENDANT: No, thank you.
THE COURT: Any statement the United States Attorney wants to make?
MR. ROBINSON: Yes, sir.
Your Honor, very'briefly, I think with all the fundraisers, what this case showed was that they lied to people over the telephone. They made promises to them after the point in time when they knew those promises couldn't be kept. In fact, they made those lies after they knew earlier promises had been broken.
I think with Mr. Billington, despite what Mr. Clark has now said, what we saw was a certain amount of cgld-heartedness about that. I recall that Chris Curtis testified that it was Mr. Billington who, when hearing from people who wanted their money back, referred to them as pigs and swine. I think that however honorable his past may have been, the Peace Corps and such similar activities, certainly he went about his fundraising in a cold-hearted and very efficient manner. He was described by Wayne Hintz I think as one of the most successful of the fundraisers, and one of the people most successful at obtaining loans.
So I think that while certainly the individual fundraisers are in a different category from the members of the

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