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executive committee, nonetheless, they were involved in the crime. It was impossible to implement it without their involvement, and their involvement was I think particularly of Mr. Billington, rather cold-hearted.
THE COURT: Would the defendant come forward. On each count, that is the four counts on which the defendant was found guilty, Count I, III, VIII and x, it will be the sentence of the Court that the defendant be committed to the custody of the Attorney General or his authorized representative for imprisonment for a term of three years and pay a fine of $2,000 plus $50 assessment. The period of incarceration will be made to run concurrently so that the defendant has a total of three years imposed.
I am unwilling to grant voluntary surrender, a B-2 sentence or any recommendation for a level-one place of incarceration. I will deny bail pending appeal because I find that there is no substantial question of law or fact insofar as the guilt of this defendant is concerned.
He is remanded to the custody of the United States Marshal.
THE CLERK: United States versus Dennis Small.
MR. MOFFITT: Good morning, Your Honor.
THE COURT: Mr. Moffitt, I frankly haven't had an opportunity to read the matters you have submitted. I will rule on them. Are you asking for any delay in the sentencing

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