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on that account?
MR. MOFFITT: No, sir. I would like the same opportunity that Mr. Clark asked for with respect to this inasmuch as we did not see the report and there may be a few things that we missed.
THE COURT: Yes, sir. You can do that within the week?
MR. MOFFITT: Yes, sir.
THE COURT: Then I will hear any statement you want to make on the defendant's behalf or any other information you want to bring to the attention of the Court.
MR. MOFFITT: Yes, Your Honor. I would suggest to you, Your Honor, in this case and having heard all of the sentences in this case, that Dennis stands before you in a somewhat unique position. I think that I want to draw your attention to several of the letters that were submitted to you regarding Mr. Small, most particularly Mr. Robert Penman's (phonetic) letter from the gentleman who was involved in the Drug Enforcement Administration and Customs.
THE COURT: Is he the gentleman in Leesburg or Loudoun?
MR. MOFFITT: Yes, sir.
THE COURT: All right.
MR. MOFFITT: Mr. Ricardo Mora (phonetic), the person from Peru, who was involved there, the lawyer, his brother's

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