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drug abuse in a very severe and substantial way.
And I would suggest to you, Your Honor, that the evidence is clear that one of the primary motivating factors in all of Dennis Small's involvement here was that fact. I think he stands in a unique position because he was not merely an individual who was on the phone soliciting money from people and telling them stories about what other people were doing. He was actually doing it. He was actually involved. His involvement extended to the meetings with, if you remember Mr. Ravasa (phonetic) and General Anyes (phonetic), regarding all of these things. I would suggest to you that his -- in that sense, he stands in a very really unique position, and the position is one not of an individual who was merely soliciting money, but of an individual whose involvement with that on-site involvement, real involvement, gave him some basis for what he was telling the people. He was telling them about what the organization was doing with the money solicited.
Now, Your Honor will remember that the indictment which will also accompany Mr. Small if Your Honor decides incarceration is appropriate for Mr. Small, states things like the money was not used for the purposes that it was given. Remember the testimony of Martha Van Sickle with respect to the loan that she gave, the $200,000 and how that money was used and in fact that there was a conference that

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