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she attended and that she thought it was used appropriately and the money was spent appropriately.
I would suggest to you that that. Your Honor, is an indication of what this gentleman saw with respect to the war on drugs so the cynicism that Mr. Robinson addressed when he was speaking of Mr. LaRouche earlier in this case, you know it must be modified by the fact that this was an individual who was really doing the things that he was talking to people about. And those things, whether we agree with the political objectives of Dennis Small were things that .needed to be done, were real and were in aid of this country, there can be no issue that drugs are a problem, and that something needs to be done about it.
But you have before you, Your Honor, in the letters what Dennis Small was doing, and what his primary focus was with respect to this organization. I would suggest to you, Your Honor, there are other things that undermine the notion that we ought to treat Dennis Small as if he is some cynical person who was merely raising money at the behest of Mr. LaRouche to benefit Mr. LaRouche's lifestyle, because that is in effect the thrust of the indictment as it reads, although that is not what the evidence ended up showing.
If Your Honor will remember, there were numerous reports, numerous solicitations, the debt watch, various other things that were produced, not produced by others but

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