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produced by Mr. Small and sold to foreign governments. The SELA report was something that was also produced by Mr. Small and sold to a foreign government. These are real things/ Your Honor, which really undermine the notion of cynicism in this particular case, that there was some cynical thing that Dennis Small was doing to gain his own benefit.
He clearly is a creature of two cultures, as I said in my opening statement. His Latin American view of the world comes from his having extensive periods of time living in Mexico and traveling extensively through Mexico and Latin America. He has an affinity for that culture as well as our culture, and he recognizes the problems that have been imposed by the debt crises as well as drugs on both sides of that issue.
So I would suggest to you that we need to address the cynicism issue, and Your Honor needs to understand that what we are dealing with here is not just a cynical attempt to raise money, because there really was some real things that happened in this case that Mr. Small participated in, that we can all agree were useful and beneficial to all of us in this society.
I would suggest to you further. Your Honor, that every one of the letters, and you have heard testimony from people who came here from long distances, indicate that Dennis Small is a man of integrity, and I understand what the

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