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Now, he has changed his mind with respect to that, and I would suggest two years and being under the unfluence of the Government has something to do with that. But that testimony was on the record here; that testimony is on the record in Boston. And that's essentially. Your Honor, the role that the Government attributes to Mr. Small in this case.
I would suggest to you that Mr. Small's belief in that was based upon the things that he was doing, the real important things that each of us in this courtroom would agree were important; you know, if you turned a blind eye, and I am not here to argue his guilt or innocence or equivocate on his belief that he did this in good faith. But I am saying to you because I am at his sentencing that if he turned a blind eye to some of what was going on within the organization, he was number one, not a person in a supervisory position. He was not a person who controlled the funds. Of all of the testimony in here, he is the only one that was not identified by Mr. Hintz or Mr. Yepez having been in contact with them with respect to who was going to be repaid. He had no responsibility for that.
The notes to Alan Either were renegotiated without his being involved. The Goodwill Post loan was obtained by Mr. Curtis. The terms and conditions of that loan were established Mr. Curtis. And it is clear in the record that the only thing that happened between Dennis Small and

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