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as a central feature my supposed deliberate dishonesty, or my reckless disregard for the truth, I would like to say a few words with the Court's permission with regard to the motives behind my actions.
For my entire adult life I have been guided by a handful of fairly simple ideas: outrage at the kind of needless poverty and economic injustice I saw all around me as I was growing up in Mexico. My profound belief that the drug problem which is sweeping over the Nation, and which nearly claimed the life of my older brother can and must be stopped. And the growing certainty that there is a deep reservoir of patriotism and goodness among our fellow citizens which will lead them to join in these battles.
Underlying all of this has been the elementary moral precept that we must each use our brief mortal lives to leave something of lasting worth behind us for all of humanity, and that we must each live so as to feel no regrets for years without purpose.
My association with Lyndon LaRouche and the political movement which he heads dates back close to 20 years. I have chosen this course of action for myself because it is the best way that I have found to make these goals and beliefs a reality.
In the war on drugs effort, I have had the privilege of knowing and working with some of Latin America's

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