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finest antidrug fighters, many of whom have fallen, to assassins bullets. I have known and worked with similar people in this country in the DBA and elsewhere, and over the years I have raised substantial amounts of money, both contributions and loans, from patriotic Americans who wanted to help finance our efforts in the war on drugs.
I have always viewed such contributors as among the unsung heroes of the war on drugs effort, without whose help we could not have achieved what we did. To the best of iny knowledge and belief, the funds I raised were always used for the purposes I stated, and I always did so in good faith with the intention of repaying loans taken.
I feel very badly that many of the people who loaned us money were not fully repaid, for the reasons described by our defense attorneys before this Court, and that now because of the Government-imposed bankruptcy against three of our companies it is legally impossible for us to make any further payments at all.
For myself, I would like nothing better than to have the circumstances in which we could once again begin to fulfil these obligations along with the other moral obligations I have referred to earlier.
Thank you. Your Honor.
MR. MOFFITT: Your Honor, briefly, I have given Mr. Robinson a copy of a motion also. I didn't know whether

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