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1. Introduction

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The international LaRouche Organization (LO) has had a presence in Germany (the German branch currently has approximately 100 active members) since the beginning of the 1970s – thus for more than 23 years. While other small spin-offs from the Extraparliamentary Opposition (EO) have either long since disappeared from the scene by disbanding or splitting, or merged into other institutions, the German LaRouche branch has continued to distinguish itself with stubborn activism despite isolation, large losses in membership, and reduced financial resources. Despite its minimal influence, this political exotic is active internationally with a variety of writings and definitely has some of the distinctive structural traits observed among extremists groups as well as among those organizations (cults) that demand the complete immersion of their members. After giving a portrait of the LO, this article will use new material to depict its distinguishing cultish traits. The article ends with an overall evaluation of the LO. 1

1 This article is based on personal knowledge gained over many years as well as on fact finding by the author, which formed the basis of the author’s contribution “Die LaRouche Organisation” in Rainer Fromm’s and Barbara Kernbach’s book Europas braune Saat --Die internationale Verflechtung der rechtsradikalen Szene , (Bonn, 1994) (Europe’s Brown Seed – the International Entwining of the Extremist Right).

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