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How The Workers League DecayedL. Marcus (*)National Discussion InformationJune 27, 1970
On Menshevism In The Labor CommitteesL. Marcus (*)NCLC Internal DiscussionNov. 12, 1970
A Brief Visit to Bavaria L. Marcus (*)---Nov. 30, 1970
FASCISM: FINAL STAGE OF CAPITALISM---The Campaigner (1973)Sept. 12, 1971
Statement of Founding Principles of the NCLC---The Campaigner, Vol.4, n.1Winter 1971
Poem: "Morning Is A Wonderful Day" at L. Marcus (*)---Approx. 1972
Letters from Lyndon to Carol (Aug. 25-30 1972)Lyndon H. LaRouche, JrLetters from Lyndon to CarolAug. 25-30 23-27 1972
NEC Statement on the LaRosa SituationL. Marcus (*)NEC Statement on the LaRosa SituationSept. 20 1972
The Present Is the future at lyndonlarouchewatch.orgEditorialNew SOLIDARITYMarch 19-23,1973
Their Morals and OursL. Marcus (*)New SolidarityApril 23-27 1973
THE POPULAR FRONT: Why Moscow Fears This PamphletL. Marcus (*)NCLCApril 1973
Papa Doc Baraka Fascism in NewarkCostas Axios, Nikos Syvriotis, Hermyle Golthier Jr. (Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.)NCLCAugust 1973
East Germans Brainwash American to Spy on ICLC---New SolidarityAugust 10, 1973
LC Punishes Baraka Goons for Newark Disruption Attempt at SOLIDARITYAugust 10, 1973
MEMO ON NATIONAL BARAKA CAMPAIGN at lyndonlarouchewatch.orgC. Axios and T. PerlmanInternal MemoAugust 10, 1973
The Politics Of Male ImpotenceL. Marcus (*)NCLC Internal DocumentAugust 16, 1973
BARAKA CAMPAIGN at MemoAugust 16, 1973
Answer to the CIA: Destroy Baraka! at lyndonlarouche.orgEditorialNew SolidarityAugust 17, 1973
Barakaites in Armed Attack Flee Boston Mtg. Bloodied at lyndonlarouchewatch.orgEditorialNew SolidarityOct. 5, 1973
Revolutionary Youth Movement Founding Conference---New SolidarityOct. 26, 1973
Beyond PsychoanalysisL. Marcus (*)The CampaignerSeptember/October 1973
The Case of Ludwig FeuerbachL. Marcus (*)The CampaignerDecember 1973
CFC/IWPScott Thompson & security staffNCLC INTERNAL DISCUSSION1974
Uncover CIA-Police Plot To Take Over U.S....New SolidarityJan. 04, 1974
Bare Worldwide CIA Takeover, Brainwash Plot...New SolidarityJan. 11, 1974
THE PRESENT INTERNAL SITUATION at lyndonlarouchewatch.orgL. Marcus (*)NCLC Internal BulletinMarch 25, 1974
Meeting Rocky Head-on: How NUWRO Will Win...New Solidarity (Vol.5, No.13)May 13, 1974
Zombie Killers Out of Control at lyndonlarouchewatch.orgUSLPLeafletJune 1974
NCLC Letter Promoting Lecture By Fred Newman ...LeafletJune 20, 1974
FBI Complicit in Kidnap...New SolidarityJuly 28, 1974
"NAG"-GING IN EUROPEL. Marcus (*)ICLC Internal DiscussionAug. 4, 1974
Psychological Profile of a Model CIA AgentL. Marcus (*)ICLC MemorandumAug. 19 1974
Marxian And Existentialist SocialismL. Marcus (*)NCLC Internal DiscussionAug. 21 1974
CFC Exits From NCLC...New SolidaritySeptember 3, 1974
The Conceptual History of the Labor CommitteesL. Marcus (*)CAMPAIGNER, Vol.7, n10Oct. 1974
Workers Angered by Yet Another Countergang...New SolidarityOct. 1, 1974
Rockefeller's "Fascism With A Democratic Face" (Preface)L. Marcus (*)CAMPAIGNERNov.-Dec. 1974
Israeli Psychosis: Rockefeller's Solution to the Jewish QuestionNancy Bradeen SpannausCAMPAIGNERJuly 4,1975
LaRouche's bid for President Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.TV broadcastNovember 1976
Nazi Justice in W. Germany: ELP Leader Fined Heavily For Spreading Facts About BrandtNSIPSEIRNovember 29, 1976
European Labor Party Leaders In First Brandt Trial Appeal Fined $10,000?E.I.R.Feb. 1, 1977
The ABC of the "The ABC of Socialism"Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.Internal Document of the ICLCJuly 1, 1977
What Actually Is Fascism?Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.LeafletApprox. Aug. 1977
Notes Concerning the Role of Labor Parties in Immediate Strategic CrisisLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.USLP -- EAP Internal DocumentAug. 24, 1977
From Babylon To JerusalemPaul ArnestThe Campaigner, Vol. 10, n4September 1977
THE KARL MARX KARL MARX DID NOT KNOWLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.The Campaigner, Vol. 10, n4September 1977
Rooting out The "Sweep" Operation: The Humanist Mode Of World LeadershipLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.Internal MemoOct. 2, 1977
The Failure Of Communist Ideology (2.9 Mb.)Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.The Campaigner Special Report #8November 1977
Hitler: Runaway British AgentLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.New SolidarityJanuary 10, 1978
The Noble Family (3.8 Mb.)C. WhiteThe Campaigner Special Report #11January 10, 1978
How to Analyze and Uproot International Terrorism at lyndonlarouchewatch.orgLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.New SolidarityFebruary 17, 1978
A War-winning StrategyEditorialNew SolidarityMarch 21, 1978
THE SECRETS KNOWN ONLY TO THE INNER ELITESLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.The Campaigner Special Report #11, Vol. 11, n3-4May-June 1978
Stop the 'Crash of 1979' NowLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.NSIPS (leaflet)June 1978
U.S. Labor Party Security Services at Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.InternalJuly 15, 1978
A Return to Federalist-Whig Military Policy (Part II) at lyndonlarouchewatch.orgLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.New SolidaritySept. 12, 1978
The Witchcraft Of Christians Who Are Not ChristiansLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.The CampaignerNovember 1978
DOPE INC. at or here Konstandinos Kalimtgis, David Goldman, Jeffrey SteinbergThe New Benjamin Franklin HouseNovember 1978
Zionism is not JudaismVarious authorsThe CampaignerDecember 1978
USLP, Muslims At Seattle Anti-Drug ForumSusan SchoonoverNew SolidarityDecember 8, 1978
New Pamphlet to Document Cult Origins of ZionismLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.New SolidarityDecember 8, 1978
That Zoo Called The 'House of Lords'Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.New SolidarityDecember 29, 1978
The Power of Reason (Autobiography)Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.The New Benjamin Franklin House Publishing Company1979
Creating a Republican Labor PartyLyndon H. LaRouche, JrCitizens for LaRouche Policy Statement1979
Die Grune Gefahr (2.9 Mb. in German)Europaischen ArbeiterparteiThe Campaigner PublicationsOct. 1979
Keynote Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.I.C.L.C conference - Detroit, MichiganDecember 30, 1979
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(*) "Lyn Marcus" was the pen name for Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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