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"The racist roots of Jazz"Peter WyerThe CampaignerSept./Oct. 1980
The Socialist International Plot to Destabilize the U.S....New Solidarity1981
Economic-Valuation Budgetary Standards or at Lyndon H. LaRouche, JrInternalJanuary 5, 1981
How A Socialist Quarterly Drifts Toward FascismLyndon H. LaRouche, JrThe Campaigner, Vol. 14, n2April 1981
A Draft Constitution For The Commonwealth of CanadaLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr...September 5, 1981
Olof Palme and the Neo-Nazi InternationalLyndon H. LaRouche, JrEXECUTIVE INTELLIGENCE REVIEW Strategic StudiesJune 8, 1982
KISSINGER, THE POLITICS OF FAGGOTRY at (D. King)Lyndon H. LaRouche, JrLeafletAugust 3, 1982
Destroy the OligarchyEditorsNew SolidarityNovember 8, 1982
RIGOR: METHOD OR MORTISLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.ICLC Communications15 May, 1983
My View of the Jewish QuestionLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.New SolidarityJune 14, 1983
The Hitler Book (Preface)Helga Zepp-LaRoucheSchiller Institute1984
LaRouche on the Subject of B.G. Tilak's ThesisLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.Fusion Energy FoundationJan 29, 1984
Why I Must Attack Albert EinsteinLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.Fusion Energy FoundationJuly-August, 1984
Was Adolf Hitler A Scottish Freemason?Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.New SolidaritySeptember 17, 1984
Marital Bliss & Boredom: The Mystery RevealedLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.ICLC INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONJanuary 3-15, 1985
Immanuel Kant - The Most Evil Man Of the Last 200 YearsLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.New SolidarityJuly 19, 1985
"Does U.S. Mean Uncle Shylock?" at lyndonlarouche.orgeditorialNew SolidarityAug. 12, 1985
The End of the Age of Aquarius? (extracts) or here at myspace.comeditorialICLCDec. 29, 1985
Modern Irregular WarfareProf. Friedrich August Frhr. von der Heydte1New Benjamin Franklin House1986
The "Lyndon LaRouche Theatre" Al FrankenNBC's Saturday Night LiveApril 19, 1986
Interview Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.Good Morning AmericaMay 13 1986
Dealing with the Russians' decisive cultural inferiorityLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.EIROctober 3, 1986
The Truth About St. John's Vision of 'Apocalypse'Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.New SolidarityFeb. 16, 1987
My program against AIDS or PDF Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.EIRFebruary 20, 1987
Are homosexuals a security risk?Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.EIRMay 8, 1987
1983 World War III Threat Is A HoaxLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.EIROctober 28, 1988
The Myth Of Marxian Communism - The wife of a legendary Rabbi of PragueLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.New SolidarityOct. 22, 1988
"Prometheus" LaRouche sends reply to would-be Gods of OlympusLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.Internal MemoDecember 20, 1988
THE HOST OF HERMES or at Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.Internal MemoDecember 25, 1988
HOW ALL MY ENEMIES WILL DIE or HERE Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.EIRNSJanuary 07, 1989
I Have No Enemy Who Is Not Evil Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.EIRNSJanuary 27, 1989
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