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A War-Winning Strategy

March 21,1978 New Solidarity


A War-Winning Strategy

Over the next days America will enter into a war confrontation. Which nations she chooses as her adversary will determine whether or not this nation survives.
President Carter, parroting the words of his controllers Zbigniew Brzez-inski in North Carolina March 17, denoted the Soviet Union as the "adversary" of this nation. Brzezinski in turn is parroting his masters in the city of London who have been conniving to set up just such a confrontation for more than 30 years, and who realize that their success will mean the total destruction of the United States as an industrial giant.
The alternative is for the U.S. to carry out a war mobilization against the common enemy of the U.S. and the USSR, Great Britain herself. It is this war, winnable by means short of thermonuclear bombs, that will free the world to take up its historic battles against poverty and ignorance. This war, and this war alone.

Britain's Set-Up War

The British government has fully committed itself to bringing the United States into open support for the Nazis policies of the Israeli Anschluss in Lebanon, and for every other Nazi policy advocated by the British throughout the rest of the world. Working through Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger, in particular, it has now captured the White House, and is orchestrating a course of press and politician support for U.S. onfrontation with the Soviet Union in support of policies every patriotic American abhores.
The British agents in the know are playing a cynical game of chicken. They know that they are playing with the thermonuclear threshhold, but are counting on. the Soviets backing down in the face of manifestly irrational idiots like Begin and Carter.
As for the conservative Jews and others who are being mobilized to support this insanity, they are being subjected to the very same treatment that brought Israel to the point of embracing the methods of its most hated enemies, the Nazis. America is weak, say the agents, echoing the British press. It has backed down in Vietnam, in the Horn of Africa, in the strategic Arms Limitation Talks, everywhere. It has lost its lead in science to the Soviets, its trade surplus to the Japanese and the West Germans, its military superiority as well. Never mind that Vietnam itself was a Kissinger setup, that British agents and financial warfare have crippled U.S. industrial policy and investment that it is Britain which has sabotaged the U.S.-Soviet collaboration in science and space that would have eliminated the geopolitical race for territory which dominates world politics. Respond by attacking the rival that looms largest before you, the Soviet Union.
The macho, overcome by his own impotence before the chaos and collapse of the U.S. economy and politics, takes the bait. He applaudes the Bettelheim Begin as he dons his makeshift Waffen S.S. uniform in preparation for slaughter in Lebanon. Isn't he- tough, he chortles. Let America teach them ' a lesson just as Israel is doing.
There's only one way such a stance will not lead to near-immediate obliteration of 130-180 million Americans by thermonuclear fire. And the British have taken that into account as well. That is if the blustering Carter Administration is forced to back down in humiliation and retreat. In that instance the stage is set for Carter to be removed from the Presidency and replaced by the cool, objective British agents-of-influence Fritz Mondale, and the U.S. to be "preserved" under a national socialist dictatorship until. the Soviets can endure it no longer.

The Moral War

The preservation of the United States, not to mention the vast portion of the world which requires immediate injection of U.S. and Soviet technological aid for mere physical survival, thus depends on the U.S. population mobilizing for a different sort of war. The aim of that war must be the total elimination of Britain's worldwide political, economic, and military leverage the leverage that has thrown the entire world toward devolution into genocide, terrorism, and regional 30 years wars, as well as the ultimate catastrophe.\\ Such a war can be won through essentially two strategic thrusts. The first is to rip all U.S. logistical support and cover from the Nazis, terrorist, and otherwise murderous policies of Britain and her satrapies, like Israel, Rhodesia. and the World Bank-IMF. The first aspect of this thrust is the naming of names, such as Henry A. Kissinger. The second is a firm threat to stop the war provocations by force, up to and including the subjection of Britain to the treatment its government succeeded in applying to Japan in 1945. The second strategic thrust, without which the first is mere bravado, is the adoption of an aggressive foreign policy based on high-technology exports, especially to the Third World, and a new gold-based monetary system geared to the vast expansion of East-West and North-South-trade. The key example of such a thrust in recent American history is the Atoms for Peace program proposed by Dwight Eisenhower, whose full implementation could have completely eliminated the Cold War, The concept today can be fulfilled by a return to implementation of 1972 U.S.-Soviet accords for joint fusion and space research, and collaboration in the Middle East along the lines of the development program proposed by the U.S. Labor Party and widely endorsed in scientific and government circles. This can be immediately supplemented by vast expansion of the Eximbank and collaboration between that institution and a gold based market in Luxembourg.
Such political economic warfare will not only turn around the world economy it will bankrupt London. In America this was the conscious political Objective of the national leadership by no later than 1796, when Tom Paine; called for bankrupting that evil city.
At this late hour each delay brings us closer to holocaust. America must be cleansed for its righteous war by the immediate elimination of the Nazi Jewish Lobby and other British agents from the councils of government, industry, and labor. Carter must be forced to carry out this task by the public emergence of a Labor Party lobby. Competent and committed to save this world that Britain has once again brought to the brink of destruction. War against Kissinger, Brzezinski, and the British oligarchical Nazis is a just war.

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