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Over 100 years ago, the great Australian National System economist and newspaper proprietor, David Syme, described the developing corruption of the British political party system and its derivative in Australia. His comments are relevant today.
Few would doubt that the morality of our political culture is collapsing bringing forth aberrant behaviour, from both the leaders and the led.
The recent ascendancy of federal Labor and the ineptness of federal Liberals has made a caricature of a democratic republic. In the wider political culture the fault lines and pressures of society are being massaged and played with by the media, ethnic War Lords, and an army of NG0s, quangos and government funded operations.
We live in a corrupted democracy where Michels’ observations concerning the “iron law of oligarchy” is daily observed, with few channels of political expression open to an increasingly demoralised nation. The clever few now increasingly prevail over the many.
In recent times, symptomatic of the collapse of the legitimacy of the Liberal, Labor and National Parties, there has grown, primarily on the “right”, a constellation of independents, minor arties and political networks attempting to act as ginger groups and consciousness raising organisations. Their arguments are invariably: anti-bank, anti-union, anti-immigration. But all have failed to have a lasting and significant impact, all are linked to a higher control mechanism: League of Rights, Freemasonic, unions, vested business interests, intelligence networks.
In 1988 an organisation, the Citizens Electoral Councils, a new “grassroots” political organisation won an amazing victory in a by-election in Queensland. It became the latest “offering” to the people of Australia as a genuine challenge to the mainstream political parties.
After its initial victory, the CEC was targeted by other groups for a takeover. The first attempt at a takeover was from the grass roots pro-British group - the League of Rights, and that challenge was beaten-off. Masonic interests had attempted to infiltrate and take leadership but, possibly as planned, they helped to destroy the CEC, Mark 1.
In later years the CEC organisation was targeted and suborned by the American LaRouche movement. As of 1994, the CEC rump network was a totally owned subsidiary of the American network. Any initial CEC direction was destroyed.
What follows is an outline of how elements within the LaRouche organisation destroyed an indigenous Australian organisation for questionable objectives. It relates how psychopolitics was introduced to Australia and how Australians proved an easy prey to sophisticated psychological stratagems.

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