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Psycho-Politics In Australia

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LaRouche Into Australia
The LaRouche network has made several forays into Australia and in the late 1980s collected a readership subscription base of about 1 00. In 1991 a more serious effort was made with the LaRouche West Coast organiser, Pat Ruckert and his wife Carol, making a tour of Australia aiming to recruit for the ICLC.
Ruckert appears to be a capable organiser. His positive nature, openness and honesty, established empathy with many Australians, and he was able to establish effective contact with ethnic groups. Ruckert was an authority on the literary and political works of James Fenimore Cooper, the educational value of geometry, and dirigist economics. Ruckert had the ability to develop wider contacts with ethnic communities opening up opportunities for recruitment. He did not remain in charge of the Australian operation for long.
An initial contact for Ruckert in Australia was the enigmatic Libyan Bureau man, Robert Pash. An intimate colleague of Pash’s in the Melbourne Office of the Libyan Peoples Bureau was the Melbourne journalist, homosexual and ADL asset, David Greason, now a correspondent with the Australian-Israel Review and amilitant gay-rights activist. Ruckert arrived in Australia in 1991, and on advice from Leesburg, advice that was to prove bad, made contact with the Libyan representative, Robert Pash. In a visit to the People’s Bureau office in Sydney Road, Melbourne by Ruckert, the Australian EIR subscription list was stolen. Details later appeared in an article written by David Greason attacking LaRouche down under. Names on the list were harassed.
Some time after this setback, Ruckert was withdrawn from the Australian theatre. He was later given electoral duties in Alaska.
A new Australian Controller entered the scene, Alien Douglas.

Doctor Douglas Arrives
The early Ruckert foray was thus judged to be a failure by LaRouche’s planners in Leesburg. A new approach towards Australia was to be tried. Investigations, and early teething problems, had revealed that the Australian psychological profile was “degenerate,” the British psychological warfare experts had brainwashed the populace too well. Politically, the landscape was a minefield of hostile gangs (for example: B’nai B’rith, British Israelites, “East India” families) and counter gangs (for example: League of Rights, Masons, racist networks). Alliances were apparently not possible. Thus a change of strategy was ordered. Ruckert was out, and Alien Douglas was in. Douglas‘ role would be to deliver a remedial psychological “purgative” to the minds of Australian recruits.
Alen Douglas (his real name), is in his late 40s, was born in northeastern USA, is married to another LaRouche activist. He was an early recruit of LaRouche, dropping out from his economics studies in the early 1970s to work full time for the movement. He is an “intelligence” specialist.
In the mid 1980s he was politically active in New Zealand where his exploits led to the collapse of the New Zealand LaRouche movement. A threatened civil law suit has prevented his return to New Zealand. Under his direction LaRouche activities in foreign nations have a track record of chaos and collapse.

“Soft Cop-Hard Cop”
In the initial stages of personal contact and recruitment Douglas is reasonable and warm (the “soft-cop”), but at a stage when the recruit supports LaRouche ideas he will be persistent, bullying and will use all the psycho-manipulative devices he can muster in pursuit of loyalty to the cause, and to himself.
Potential recruits who resist will later be denounced to others in the most vicious terms. Douglas has an intolerance for other views and his behaviour illustrates that he would rather destroy the movement than lose control of it. He presents himself as LaRouche’s greatest supporter claiming LaRouche is “the greatest mind since Leibnitz, and probably earlier,” “a world historical figure,” a “genius.” This apparent sycophancy and over the top “loyalty” assists Douglas in his claim to leadership of the organisation within Australia and assists in silencing would be dissenters. In Micheis’ terms he is the dutiful “Messenger” of “The Word”. Douglas poses as the anointed personal agent of LaRouche, and moves swiftly to end contacts from Australia into Leesburg which may bypass the tightly controlled conduit. This conduit runs from Craig Isherwood, the self-appointed General Secretary of the CEC, through Alien Douglas, up to Lynda de Hoyos who is in charge of “the Asia Desk” of E.I.R.
Douglas is a political pamphleteer and “intelligence” specialist. His main interest and activity is psychological warfare. He has read widely and is an expert in topics ranging from Frank Kitson on Mau Mau counter-gangs through to Robert Jay Lifton on Chinese communist brainwashing techniques. He also has an interest in Marxist factionalism, Revisionist Zionism, the political history of Odessa and guerrilla warfare in South Africa. He is a practitioner of LaRouche’s 1970s psycho-theories.
In recent times, in America, he has debriefed victims of sexual child abuse, and intelligence mind control programs. He is a “Cult” and also an “anti-Cult” expert.
Since 1993 Douglas has been in control of LaRouche’s Australian operations, supervising a program of what could be called “agitation and propaganda” (agit-prop), and outreach provocations. As the LaRouche movement is essentially introspective and self-obsessed within Australia, his main activity could be described as providing mental purgatives for cadres, which he, Douglas, has diagnosed as in need of “mental cleansing.”

A Million Dollars ...
Douglas has control over the disposal of all fund-raising within Australia, a sum of more than one million dollars per annum. Much of this has been spent on legal fees, telephone bills and overseas trips. On his demand and diagnosis, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on trips to the Leesburg headquarters for re-education and training for cadres and potential recruits. Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours are expended in international conference telephone calls to maintain immediate and direct American control over the every day Australian operations of the LaRouche branch in Australia, the Citizens Electoral Councils.

Craig Isherwood

The rest of the money is spent in public relations for Lyndon LaRouche. His willing agent in Australia is Craig Isherwood. Craig Isherwood (his real name), is the “General Secretary” Of the Citizens Electoral Councils, and is a director on the support companies that control the CEC funds. The CEC is an organisation established in 1988, but has collapsed to no more than a rump of its former self.
The other director of the CEC ‘support companies’, is the wife of the General Secretary, Noelene Isherwood (her real name). Craig Isherwood is in his mid-30s, and managed a small retail business at the time he helped establish the CEC in 1988. Previously he was active in fundamentalist-charismatic religious groups, later converting to the Lutheran church. He has an authoritarian approach to colleagues and others, and since assuming the position of “General-Secretary” has only called party meetings to confirm his positionor to expel members. He wears his personal devotion to LaRouche proudly and enthusiastically. One close colleague claims he is “bullheaded.” Isherwood is intolerant towards ideas that challenge his new found beliefs, and once, when challenged that he was knowingly Spreading a mistruth, replied in a manner that would do proud to a Dostoeyevskian character from Crime & Punishment, proclaimed that, “I am beyond that.”
Douglas and Isherwood, share a symbiotic relationship, work extremely closely and are dedicated to what they would call the LaRouche mission. They jealously guard their prerogatives and are ruthless in maintaining their hold on the organisation and its money. Using LaRouche’s 1970s psychotechniques they maintain a firm and effective grip on the Australian movement.
Douglas is the inspiration_of the duo and is a LaRouche zealot often describing LaRouche as “the greatest mind since Leibnitz,” and what “a privilege” it is to be associated with such a genius. He is Lyndon LaRouche’s ever watchful eyes “down under”. He is ever on guard against perceived enemies and backsliders within the Australian organisation. At times, as if playing with the Australian organisation, he has promoted “threats” and then has devised strategies to counter these “threats.” By this technique he can then promote himself as the organisation’s “dragon slayer.” One example will illustrate how this device can be used to “strengthen” the organisation.
At a large International Conference held in Melbourne in 1993, Douglas dramatically announced the discovery of two alleged British intelligence agents at the Conference. In fact one of the alleged spies, “Brian McLaran” (not his real name), as Douglas knew, had previously worked for SAS in New Zealand and Britain, but had been invited to the Conference at Douglas’ own insistence. According to Douglas, McLaran was also discovered to be a member of the British Israelite cult. To get to Australia, McLaran had to sell the tyres on his car to pay for his airfare. The other “spy,”Roger Eastern” (not his real name), had been recruited from a rural church network, and he had been overheard “plotting” to suborn Conference delegates.

Spies Everywhere!
McLaran was a ready made provocation to the organisation whom Douglas deliberately cultivated, but the discovery of Eastern was a bonus for Douglas. Douglas devoted considerable time organising and alerting forces to Eastern’s presence.
Both were denouncedas “spies.” McLaran was denounced publicly, with great flourish from the floor of the meeting, and expelled from the gathering.
The Douglas campaign to highlight intelligence threats was supported by a hostile demonstration outside the Conference. The demonstration had been’organised by David Greason. The second time that Greason had helped Douglas’agenda. In the logic of the Douglas “wilderness of mirrors” spook-counter-spook game, it is possible to argue that Douglas and Greason were, in fact, working together! A dialectical symbiotic relationship.
But the hunt for “wreckers” continued after the Conference. A few days after the Conference, Douglas orchestrated another purge. This purge was directed against a female recruit who had moved to Melbourne after a period as a rural activist, Jane Warren (not her real name) who had proposed a new Chairman for the (by now largely moribund) CEC.
Warren and her family had been evicted from their farm by bank foreclosure and after organising other farmers to defend their farms, she had joined the LaRouche network. Warren had proven to be an excellent fund-raiser, but had an “independent” streak. She had visited the USA to undergo psychological counselling and had been subjected to psychological interrogation by Alien Douglas and his immediate “boss,” Lynda de Hoyos. Warren was purged. Immediately after the International Conference, and without a chance to respond, Douglas organised a Management committee meeting, where Warren was hauled before a hostile prearranged “kangaroo” court. Warren was expelled.
Douglas then continued a campaign, denouncing her as a “wrecker,” “disruptive,” “a witch” trying to set up a coven, and probably having a “lesbian relationship” with another CEC activist. When confronted with these slanders a year later, the General Secretary, Craig Isherwood, conceded the accusations had been made to Warren, but defended them claiming that the comments were made “for internal use only.”
Douglas now appeared as the “white knight” defending the organisation against dark threats.
The 1993 International Conference was a failure from many points of view, but organisationally it was a resounding success for Douglas. A number of threats had been “discovered” and dealt with. cadres had been trained in threat psychology; the “leadership” had saved the day and were white-knights; above all, Douglas and Isherwood, LaRouche’s chosen, had consolidated their positions. Any potential challenge to authority; the need to present financial accounts was dispensed with. Almost two years later, the relevant financial documents remain hidden from general scrutiny. A precedent for future organisational discipline had been made.

Pic caption, On the 9th December 1993, “Doctor” Douglas lectured on LaRouche’s masterpiece”, “The Sexual Impotence of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party”. Later he used this formula to purge the Melbourne

Witches Everywhere!
Douglas is now in charge of the thought control experiment in the Australian “social laboratory.” He is the “American Controller” of the CEC in Australia. In his numerous trips to Australia he has organised lectures on the psychological theories of Lyndon Larouche, which stress the “MotherWitch” image, an image which apparently lurks within us all. ICLC members are coaxed, encouraged bullied, massaged and threatened with dire consequences if they fail to master LaRouche’s readings o n psychoanalysis and fail to come to grips with the “inner voices.” What this means is that a recruit will be forever suspected unless that recruit submits to “the leadership.” office.
In one three hour lecture given to the Melbourne office on the 9th December 1994, Douglas outlined the psychoanalysis theories of LaRouche and how they must apply to Australian ICLC members. He commented that LaRouche’s 1973 work “The Sexual Impotence of the
Puerto Rican Socialist Party, had, pulled down the mask,” was a “masterpiece “and a critical reference for ICLC members to make themselves more “potent” in political organising.
Douglas outlined that the sexual fantasies that LaRouche had observed in the Puerto Rican Socialist Party in the 1970s was the “case study” to take-on the stereotypes of female sadism, and male machismo that blighted the organisation’s work in Melbourne. Douglas explained that the ICLC has a sense of “shared self consciousness” which fights to destroy this mother dominated “witch” ego of self-importance. Douglas argued that this self importance ego view of the world is “immoral” because it forgets the outside world Oust like a pathetic, immoral house bound mother also forgets the outside world). The selfish individual ego merely manipulates one’s own emotions Oust like a witch mother manipulates the emotions of the young child). Douglas went on to explain, ‘a ia LaRouche’, that people (the Melbourne staff included, and certain individuals in particular) had “degraded emotions” that were “killing” them. He demanded to know, “why do you put up with it?”
Douglas outlined the stages of self-development: the most “base level,” the “psychotic” state; through the “infantile” state; to the “enlightened;” and then on to the “self-conscious” state. This move was, according to Douglas, a move from a belief in “tmagic” at the lower “psychotic” state to the higher “negentropic” self conscious state at the highest level. This should be the goal of all! People must strive to “talk to the self conscious state” and to ignore the “psychotic” and “infantile” voices in one’s head. For this beguiling “voice” was the mother witch talking to us! The witch who is the enemy of mankind, because the voice of this witch will prevent us politically organising. Thus Douglas, at this lecture to the “neurotic” and “psychotic” staff of the CEC in Melbourne, was declaring that there was a need to improve mental attitudes.
Douglas, as a disciple of LaRouche had declared war on the CEC.
What follows is a report of events and background that have occurred between March 1993 and May 1994, in the Melbourne office of the Citizens Electoral Councils, the Australian arm of the Lyndon LaRouche outfit. Throughout 1993 and 1994, hundreds of thousands of dollars and endless hours were spent on the psychological “training” of cadres.
Attempts to develop wider social alliances were invariably half-hearted or aborted in favour of Douglas’ thought reform experiments.
A note on sources. The evidence herein, is gathered from interviews with participants in the event that later became known as “Mad Monday.” The author of this report was a worker in the CEC office from November 1992 until May 1994.

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