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Psychoanalysis At The C.E.C.

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  • Psycho Probes
  • Blocking And Unblocking
  • Peeling The Onion
  • The Process Begins
  • The Management Committee
  • The Meetings Resume
  • “You’ve Sodomised The Whole Office!’
  • LaRouche’s Imprimatur
  • Hand Back The Keys!
  • Douglas Lets The “Cat Out Of The Bag”
  • Back To The Kangaroo Court
  • Martin Strange: “Counter Intelligence”
  • Monday, 30th May: Mad Monday - *The Trial Begins
  • Mary Hartiand: “Fuck You!”
  • Gay Pert: Paid To Spy
  • Come On! Come On!
  • Kevin Hempel.. Onanism
  • A Pack Of Wild Dogs
  • The Trial Ends
  • Mopping-Up
  • “Simpson Works For Henry Kissinger’

Psycho Probes
Every new recruit to the Citizens Electoral Councils is observed in doctor and patient terms, and is probed for sexual peccadilloes. The relationship with the mother is of special interest- did she have affairs? Did she make sexual overtures to you? Is there any insanity in the family? What is her relationship with the mother?; and so on. Here are some examples of that probing.
After prolonged “sessions,” at first informal and friendly, one 50 year old recruit was “counselled” that it was his mother who was the source of his “problem,” yet he kept extensive counselling that his mother had attempted to have an incestuous affair with him, but the “patient” responded that it was the father who had brutalised him and bashed him.

The Australian LaRouche leadership spent much of its time chasing witches. This Goya reprint in LaRouches’s “The of Ludwig Feuerbach”, proclaimed that “witches” really exist (Pic Caption)

A third recruit was informed that it was the relationship with his mother that had “blocked” him from becoming a political organiser, the recruit informed the counsellors that he never knew his mother as she had died when he was three years of age. This did not deter the interrogators who continued to insist that he had a “mother problem.”
Thus despite the known facts, personal histories were reinterpreted to conform to “Lyn’s theories.”
Cadres have voluntarily submitted to this interrogation process and a rich ore of psycho-problems has been tapped, ready to be worked on by the LaRouche “parapsychologists,” each using the LaRouche handbook: alcoholism, drug abuse, criminal convictions, abortions, adopting-out, attempted suicide, incest, beatings, homosexuality (lesbianism), even onanism.
By “confessing” a person had taken an important step in the process of “unblocking.” He (or she) was a potential ICLC member. But that is not all, by confessing intimate personal details, a powerful tool of manipulation had been handed across to the organisation’s self-appointed psychotherapists.

Blocking And Unblocking

After ‘unblockinig’ by “Doctor” Douglas cadres will emerge as “geniuses”. Here two candidates pursue culturally correct activities at the CEC office (Pic Caption)

“Unblocking” procedures are a major feature of LaRouche activities, they are not just incidental. Psycho-sessions have been carried out in Melbourne and in Leesburg. On a number of occasions, the entire office has flown to Leesburg, USA,for extensive “training.” The CEC trips to America are not for developing political contacts nor consultation with American cadres on political tactics, policy making, for in fact the Australian members, on arrival in the USA, are generally quarantined from policy making processes and operations. The two weeks of lectures is a cover for more in-depth counselling of selected members at headquarters inthe USA. Six hour screaming sessions are not uncommon, conducted by AI Douglas and Lynda de Hoyos.
Leesburg considers Australia as offal from the British Empire and its inhabitants “head cases.” Hence the “need” for extensive LaRouche psychoanalysis and treatment. However, in the case of Craig lsherwood, the “general secretary” and a founding member of the LaRouche host, the Citizens Electoral Councils, he is a willing agent for LaRouche activities. lsherwood was an original leadership (Douglas-Isherwoods) within the Australian operation; the leadership highlights an approaching external crisis depression, financial collapse, pandemics, WW 111; the general secretary highlights the crisis, and the need for a renewed effort in fund-raising. mental “blocking” by cadres is highlighted – people have “voices” in their heads; financial, economic, moral disaster is impending! A new Dark Ages has descended.
There is none but LaRouche and the LaRouche organisation that can save the world! Or so it is claimed.
After a week or so, the American Controller (Douglas) flies in to have in depth discussions on a “one on one basis,” with
targeted individuals. The organisation must go on a “warfooting” because of impending disaster.
Everywhere there are apparent enemies ready to pounce, a state of controlled hysteria is finessed within the national headquarters.
At this time, office members are encouraged to report fellow staffers who display “aberrant” behaviour (or thoughts). Such reports must be made to the management level, this means to the general secretary (Isherwood) or to the American controller (Douglas).
Lengthy meetings are held behind closed doors after people are “summonsed.”
At these meetings personality stripping begins (“peeling the onion”), accusations, pleadings, weeping, anger, clenched fists, shouting, walkouts, denunciation of peers, family and friends is encouraged. A catharsis is arrived at. Confessions are made. The aim of all this is to get at the core of a person’s problem.” The aim is to arouse anger and emotions within the targeted person. An angry response is to be incited, because that means the psychoanalyst has hit a raw nerve, got close to “the secret.” Everyone has a “secret.” No one is ever found to have a “healthy” background, for such a thing is impossible in a New Dark Age.
What results is personality control: discovery of THE secret that (allegedly) lurks within each of us. Without this discovery in each person, mind control is impossible. Hence the hunt must continue until the member surrenders, or leaves! The process is not to help the individual, there is the “higher ‘goal of “saving humanity.” The process empowers the organisation by discovering secrets of the person’s past. What eventuates, are unquestioning devotees, serving the “higher ‘goals as interpreted -by The Messengers. Those who refuse to co-operate in this process of emotional blackmail, are discarded, usually after a campaign of vilification.

Peeling The Onion
The program of “onion peeling” follows the LaRouche Marxist-Psychoanalysis manuals. Always it is located in the relationship with the mother who invariably is found to be a “witch.” No one, it seems, can have a wholesome mother-sibling relationship in this new “Dark Ages.” Contrary to LaRouche’s self promotion of his “discovery,” this mind manipulation is richly illustrated from Bolshevik and Maoist experience. The process of Communist “confessions” has been told by Arthur Koestier in Darkness at Noon. Of particular relevance to this procedure is the part when the prisoner, Rubashov, picks up his chains and runs joyfully to his executioners. Loyal cadres will confess anything to help the cause and gain approbation. The Rubashovs of the world will willingly offer themselves as a sacrifice if The Revolution, or The Leader requires it. The CEC practice is hardly unique, it has similarities in every communist, fascist and religious sect the world has ever seen. LaRouche is fooling himself if he believes he is contributing Something worthwhile to the world through this avenue.
All recruits in the LaRouche movement are subjected to this psychoanalysis. It is methodical, relentless, premeditated, and essentially fraudulent and destructive. It leaves the vulnerable even more vulnerable and in the grip of a “higher” force which can then be turned against them for control purposes.
People are attracted to the CEC-LaRouche organisation through an initial “soft” approach: the ideas of the Golden Renaissance, music, geometry, dirigist economics, “saving Australia,” and the like. What they stumble into after the initial commitment is a mind control operation.
LaRouche has claimed in his psychoanalysis manuals that about 50 hours of such “therapy” is required. If the target does not surrender by then, he or she is dismissed, irretrievably blocked, and is “doomed.”

The Process Begins
Beginning in early May 1994, under the direction of the American controller, Allen Douglas, members of the Melbourne office of the CEC underwent a program of LaRouche-style psychoanalysis and “behaviour modification.” The aim was to break through perceived psychological resistance (“blocking”) in the office. The office personnel were to be the guinea-pigs using the LaRouche Psycho-discoveries of the 1970s. The May 1993 International Conference and the expulsion of the rural activist Jane Warren, was a rehearsal.

The Management Committee
Day long haranguing sessions were held at the Management Committee level. The Management Committee consists of 6 “older” members and is responsible, in theory, for office management. In practice, it existed, to “legitimise” orders from Leesburg into Australia, and then out to the wider “membership.” At no time did the Management Committee ever have a say in policy initiatives. In May 1994, Alien Douglas arrived in Melbourne with plans to smash the existing Management Committee and enter a new “manifoid” of political organising. In this process Noelene and Craig lsherwood were fully complicit.
At an initial Management Committee meeting, called to discuss office administration, the American Controller commenced the process of psychotherapy by denunciations. He had discovered certain behavioural problems: he judged some relationships as unwholesome; behaviour that was “endangering the organisation”; he believed some committee members to be “enraged,” “frightened;” some showed “machismo” tendencies; others were “blocked.” Douglas indicated that this aberrant behaviour had been documented and reported on to “the leadership.”
In one psycho-session of the Management Committee the drug taking problems and “macho” obsessions of an executive member were confronted. His witch mother was found to be the perpetrator of his “problem.”
In this meeting rumours about his behaviour were raised as fact. But he confessed that there might have been incest with his mother, he couldn’t quite recall, but it might have been possible. Douglas proclaimed that his mother was probably active in a criminal child molesting ring.
The American Controller (Alien Douglas), who conducted the sessions, later bragged that real “progress” had been made After one 6 hour psycho session the meeting moved on to other items of concern to the organisation: spending the $20,000 per week budget, the tour of a civil rights activist, publishing the New Citizen newspaper This was dispensed with efficiently in about 25 minutes. Pushing a political “agenda” is denounced, by LaRouche as a Trotskyist perversion, the sick product of a blocked mind, for the real purpose of the movement in Australia, is unblocking cadres and exorcising devils and witches.

The Meetings Resume
The Melbourne May psycho-sessions resumed a week later with an increased fervour This time denunciations of one cadre gainst another had been prepared with one executive member, “Martin Strange (not his real name),” reporting that another executive member, “David Vincent” (not his real name), had been disloyal, had criticised the American connection. Strange had rushed to the ear of the American Controller after Vincent had “shared” a few private concerns with Strange. Strange reported this to higher authorities, charging that Vincent had said the CEC “didn’t need the Americans,” had organised political initiatives within the Management Committee just to “see how Douglas would respond.” Strange also pointed out in the denunciations that Vincent had challenged Lyndon LaRouche’s criticisms of Hannah “The Harlot” Arendt, and further, according to Strange, had accused AI Douglas of not knowing everything that was going on in Australia!
The allegations largely collapsed when the accuser (Martin Strange).Admitted, and bragged about being a liar, boasting that lieveryone lies, “and failing to recall what had actually taken place when the alleged mutinous comments (by David Vincent), were made. Strange had been up all night on “security watch” and had not slept for 24 hours when Vincent confided in him.
But the distorted reportage of Strange was nevertheless accepted. The hunt continued, and the American Controller shouted at David Vincent:

"It doesn’t matter if Martin got it wrong David, there are other things which are deeply disturbing. You’ve been targeted by British Intelligence and its affecting your work. Your writing is off, way off. Your research is wrong and incompetent and you have endangered the entire organisation. You’re blocked!... And it all goes back to your relationship with your mother.. I’ve seen you sitting there absolutely terrified, curled up on the floor terrified...

The implication was that Vincent was actually blocked, was not a good cadre and would have to improve. The interrogation against Vincent continued for another three hours.
“David” pledged to “improve,” promised to make a greater effort to recruit his wife full time into the organisation; recruiting a wife in the organisation is considered to be a good test of being”unblocked.” He undertook to read more of Lyn’s treatise, Beyond Psychoanalysis, was recommended as a priority.
But the session was not a complete success for obviously the onion had not been peeled adequately, something was not being revealed! There had been no anger from the targeted cadre (David Vincent). More therapy would follow.
But Martin Strange was rewarded, he was a self-admitted perjurer, but he had been loyal, “unblocked.” He had correctly informed on a possible problem. The truth didn’t matter What was important was the process, the inner reaching, the fact that he had reported apparent disloyalties,and informed the leadership. Martin Strange was (dialectically) “correct” because he had subjected his ego (or so it is argued) to the organisation, and the historical mission of the organisation.On the other hand David Vincent was (dialectically) “wrong,” because he had denied his wrong doing, had not reported any indiscretions at all, and had obviously not submitted to the LaRouche disciples, Douglas and lsherwood. David was “blocked.”
But the hunt continued into a third session, and a new quarry was in sight.

“You’ve Sodomised The Whole Office!”
Another executive member, “John Simpson,” (not his real name) was accused of being “enraged,” and unable to get along with the entire staff. “You are an enraged man,” the American Controller, Allen Douglas shouted and “you’re crazy - you can’t even see it. “
The session was to continue for three hours. Over that (Pic of Isherwood period the American Controller, screamed a a recurring theme:

“You are enraged!!!, “ “You were out of your f…ing mind.

And in a cascade of verbal abuse and histrionic obscenity with his fist he roared:

“And you’ve f… well sodomised everyone in the office, you’re enraged and you’ve f……g well sodomised everyone in the office.”

This performance was powerful and the condemnation continued. Simpson had apparently shown rage to many people: small children had shrunk in horror; adolescents fled and cowered, and grown women were pushed to the brink of a nervous breakdown, one senior office member had developed migraines.
The accused was ordered to respond. Simpson denied it all, and after a lengthy personal outline, the allegations by Douglas against John Simpson appeared to have little substance beyond Douglas’assertion. After a few heated interjections from the General Secretary, the American Controller appeared to accept the reply.
The session continued. The wife of an executive member was in the session and then it was her turn. Douglas turned to Mrs. Simpson and softly stated: later she “retired” from the organisation. Simpson was later denounced for letting this happen. He was “blocking”: and incapable of organising his wife. This is a high crime in LaRouche psychoanalysis. It is a “betrayal” of humanity and submission to the “witch.”
John Simpson, was not yet free. He had not become angry, despite the accusations against him, Simpson was obviously “blocking.” In an event which we will call “Mad Monday,” the attack on Simpson would reach its culmination.
This initial interrogation some weeks before Mad Monday, was the first part of a plan, probing to see what defences Simpson and Vincent were capable of.

LaRouche’s Imprimatur
When the American Controller arrived, unannounced, in April 1994, his initial comments were to point out that he had only just had a meeting with Lyndon LaRouche. This gave him added prestige and “authority” to proceed with active measures in Melbourne. Douglas came with news from America and reported that there was trouble on the West Coast and members had been thrown out.
In an initial meeting with the 15 CEC cadres the American Controller addressed “fears” that he had detected in office individuals. He proclaimed that one should “not be afraid of dying.” The movement had a mission. The enemy was everywhere and had targeted individuals who they thought vulnerable. Douglas proclaimed-‘7’ve spoken to Lyndon LaRouche in the fast 48 hours, and what an immense privilege it is to speak to him. The greatest mind since Leibnitz.
Then came an elaboration on the disturbing news. There was trouble in the West Coast organisation in the USA. One women had sexual difficulties, she had plastic surgery on her breasts. The husband was found to be raising money through unorthodox means, and possibly (although this wasn’t said) it had gone into his own pockets. They had left the organisation, and so had others. Lyn had rooted them out, and the organisation would be stronger. Lyn’s method was working to protect the organisation. The “fallen” West-coast woman, only 6 months younger Melbourne ICLC member before, had an “affai@’with a (male). Douglas had discovered certain sexual innuendoes between the two and had pounced at that earlier time to root it out.
Over the next weeks, informants were encouraged to voice their problems to the leadership (Douglas and lsherwood), “in depth” counselling took place. A stream of informants entered and left the (soundproofed) inner executive office. Late night drinking sessions between the American Controller and female “informants.” People were ordered not to discuss things sideways with each other, to report to Craig and AI only. People were seen in huddles, longer lunch hours for the Inner Executive. Copies, of “The Sexual Impotence of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party” and “Beyond Psychoanalysis”, were distributed.
This fermenting of the staff was deliberate and with a goal.
The creation of an atmosphere in which certain events could take place. It was a behaviour modification process in operation. A new development was announced by AI Douglas to the Australian staff. Vincent, was to be sent to America for a few months of more in depth training. He was under pressure, he had been targeted by British Intelligence and Mossad. Already probes had been made against him, he was vulnerable. It was possible he could become a danger to the office. Vincent was t travel back to America with Douglas who had “suddenly” bee recalled to Leesburg. Or so it was planned!

Hand Back The Keys!
Vincent called for a meeting with lsherwood and Douglas. He had second thoughts about the “threat” and his need to travel to America for protection. But Douglas did not take this change of mind very kindly. Douglas informed him at the meeting:
“But if you were in an American company like IBM, you would have to do what you’re told.”
Vincent repeated:

“But I’m not going, the problems are here, not in America. I’m not going,

This was defiance of the leadership (even though Vincent was a member of the “leadership”). Lt was confirmation of Vincent being “blocked.” Vincent was summarily dismissed and ordered to hand back his set of office keys. This he did, handing them instinctively to the “Australian leader of the LaRouche movement,” Craig lsherwood. But instantly the keys were snatched from Vincent’s hand by the American Controller, Douglas. There was no doubt as to who was really in charge of the CEC office in Melbourne, the American Controller!
The general office was later told a lie by the general secretary, Craig lsherwood who told cadres:

“David Vincent has resigned, he was under considerable pressure from British Intelligence agents ... He just couldn’t take it anymore.

David was “rehired” within two days to do further journalistic work, “on a contract basis.” But there were conditions. Vincent 1 was not allowed to associate with other office workers any more. 1 He was effectively exiled and quarantined.
Douglas retired to America as suddenly as he had arrived two months prior. Things returned to “normal” for two weeks, further counselling took place at a lower level of frenzy. And the attention background, forthright, independent and a person not to suffer fools. But on the other hand, perhaps he was precisely what the LaRouche organisation wanted, perhaps he was, what LaRouche referred to in his autobiography, as characteristic of American LaRouche cadres: “intensely intelligent individualistic individual”? However, such traits are not to be tolerated in Australians, or so it would seem.
Simpson had done extensive work in drafting a set of draft parliamentary bills: bills for a Commonwealth National Credit Bank; a new Interstate Commission bill; an Independence for Australia bill; and a Debt Moratorium bill. Having completed this valuable work, the fruits of which were to be used in future fundraising efforts, Simpson was to be liquidated from the movement. In an intensive 4 week session, Simpson was cloistered with lsherwood and Douglas to explain the workings of the bills. The last ounce of effort was to be extracted from Simpson before his purging!
In a Kafka-like process Simpson was never informed of his“crime,” never given a chance to prepare a “defence,” had no right of appeal. The system needed a victim, he was perceived as a threat to the leadership.

“Douglas Lets The “Cat Out Of The Bag”
Although Simpson himself, knew nothing of the charges to be levelled at him, The American Controller (Douglas) claimed two hours after the Mad Monday “trial,” in a phone conversation from Leesburg, threatening Vincent and warning him not to talk to Simpson, that:

‘I knew what issues would be raised during the meeting-

Douglas also alleged that Simpson had displayed ‘a significant animus” towards him during his recent visit to Australia, and that the issue “had been building for some time.” He admitted that he had “got reports back from a number of people” about Simpson’s “attitude” and they had demands that he be pulled into line, just as the rest of the organisation had been.
Douglas charged, in his phone call to Vincent, that Simpson had a “screw you” attitude to the movement. Thus it emerged that Simpson was indeed perceived as a “threat” to Douglas, by Douglas. This was the real reason for getting rid of Simpson.
Douglas was not at the Simpson show trial, having flown back to the USA some weeks before. However, as the above phone conversation with Vincent revealed, Douglas knew of the denunciations against Simpson, indeed, he had massaged the entire process for his own ends.

Back To The Kangaroo Court
Nothing of sense was charged against Simpson during the Mad Monday show trial. Ln Australia such proceedings are called a “Kangaroo Court.” The charges, if they can be called that, made on the Mad Monday, were that Simpson was a “formalist’ and possessed a “Tavistock grin.”
No one at the meeting explained what being a “formalist” and having a “Tavistock Grin” meant or why it was not to be tolerated in the CEC.
In reality Simpson was seen as a threat to the bureaucratic grip that Douglas and Craig (and his wife Noelene lsherwood had on the organisation, and its one million dollar cash flow. Simpson had previously pointed out failings in the organisation’s structure and had, in one confrontation, accused the Party General Secretary of “administrative stupidity.” Perhaps Simpson had defamed lsherwood by referring to his “administrative stupidity.“ It is difficult to measure the veracity of Simpson’s charges against lsherwood, as no worthwhile or truthful financial records had been presented to the CEC members, Management Committee, directors, staff or “leadership” for the past year or two, the period of intensive and successful fund raising. A period when almost one million dollars had been raised and spent by the Douglas-isherwood leadership.
The plan to purge Simpson had certainly been building for some time. For some months before Mad Monday, Douglas and lsherwood had orchestrated a whispering campaign against Simpson and staged a series of minor incidents to provoke an angry response from Simpson. Testimony after the Mad Monday show trial revealed that Simpson’s behaviour and “attitude” had been made an issue and discussed amongst the fund-raising staff (the “boiling” team) in the weeks prior to his purging, and there was a general agreement that he was a “formalist.” Douglas later claimed that he had been “calming it down for months, “ but as Simpson had “savagely” attacked “everyone” in the office, there was apparently little that he (Douglas) could do. Also Simpson had been analysed by Douglas as “enraged” in LaRouche psycho terms and this was the source of his being “blocked.”
It all boiled down to a jumble of office “bitching” and petty jealousies, but was seized upon by Douglas and lsherwood to get rid of someone who might challenge the leadership’s rationality.

Martin Strange: “Counter Intelligence"
A major agent for Douglas’s campaign was “Martin Strange” 1 (not his real name). Strange was in his mid 30s and had been recruited from a fundamentalist Christian group. He had a nervous disposition and was prone to frantic public outbursts of activity where he would rush heiter skeiter around the office achieving little of real substance. To most in the office he was a humorous novelty, but he worked his way and was a favourite of AI Douglas because of his compliant nature. As a patient in the psycho-sessions he willingly confessed all. A desperately insecure man who had previously been addicted to chemical substances, and in trouble with police, he had once been involved in “private investigations” and lauded the fact that Douglas had appointed him to counterintelligence” work. He adapted well to infiltrating leftist groups and cult networks. He was a loyal and dutiful operative and spy for the American Controller. He now had a career where lying, spying, and subterfuge were encouraged.
Strange had previously denounced David Vincent to the American Controller and had also busied himself against John Simpson. In one incident Strange reported casually to another member (“Arthur Roberts”) that he had just witnessed yet another simpson “outburst” and something would have to be done about him. The other member went to see this “outburst” for himself, only to observe Simpson calmly working at his desk. Roberts later reported, “(Strange) came into the back office and ranted about it all, how enraged John was. 1 went and checked and it was not true.”
The main allies in the build up to the Mad Monday show trial were Martin Strange, and “Gay Pert” (not her real name). Strange had also been active in reporting the misdemeanours of other members previously. Both Strange and Pert had suffered significant emotional disturbances in earlier years, before joining the movement. Having “confessed” these problems in psycho sessions with Douglas and the lsherwoods, they were prime victims for manipulation by an experienced operator. Pert was elevated to the “office executive” after her role in getting rid of Simpson.

Monday, 30th May: Mad Monday
The Trial Begins
Simpson had been “tipped-off’ that there was to be a showdown against him. This “tip-off’ had come from “Arthur Roberts” (not his real name), who was warned by Martin Strange not to be late for an important meeting on Monday morning. It was highly likely that it was meant to be leaked back to Simpson this is known as “the red dye” technique in counter intelligence: the tracing of lines of rumour communications.
The regular morning briefing was conducted by the general secretary (Isherwood). On this particular morning, according to a later report, lsherwod was unusually “jumpy” and “nervous,” he delivered a “keynote” theme, a poem titled “The Sacrifice,” being read in a dramatic and theatrical way to the 15 members cloistered in the first floor Sydney Road office. lsherwood explained “that now and again it was necessary to make a sacrifice in order for the whole to be stronger.” This was necessary in the cause of “righteousness.” Simpson later reported that when this poem on “The Sacrifice” was read, he knew he was in trouble!
Simpson’s wife was ordered from the room, “This is a meeting for ICLC members, and you are not ICLC, Get out!” lsherwood ordered. “The Sacrifice” was listened to in solemnity and silence, except for an occasional grunt of approval.
The Kangaroo Court was now in session. The Revolution was about to devour its own. The mystical exorcism had begun. For the next three hours ICLC members ranted, raved, denounced, another of their colleagues in an orgy of hysterical, obscene and untrue accusations.
Next spoke Noelene lsherwood, Alien Douglas had reassigned her office duties in the month prior to Simpson’s trial, specifically to counsel people in the office. Thus she had been made the focal point for denunciations of Simpson, she was the central listening post in the pre-purge campaign. Noelene lsherwood then made her claims, she pointed out
the problems of the organisation, turned to Simpson, pointed a finger exclaiming, “And it all starts with YOU, (John Simpson). She continued, “There are many people in the office who cannot get along with you. You are a great disturbance. “Andthat” You’re a problem, we all want to help you, but you’ve have to change -We can’t go on like this. “ This theme was developed for about 10 minutes.
Craig lsherwood then took the floor again, proclaiming, “Well this time we have to deal with this problem. What do you have to say for yourself (John). “ His voice was raised and angry and the rhetoric was having an impact on an audience growing restive and excited. Strange was huddled in a corner, his ritual blue scarf rapped around his neck and lower face. Several of the younger members had a look of anguish on their faces.
Simpson asked.. “Well what have 1 done?” But the party’s general secretary and leader of the LaRouche movement in Australia (Craig lsherwood) brushed the question aside and continued: “And there are others who feel the same way and who want to say something.

Mary Hartland: “Fuck You!"
The previous months “undercover” ‘campaign had worked well, for on cue, the procession of denunciation began. First onto her feet was “Mary Hartiand” (not her real name). She walked aggressively from behind the desk at which she was seated and took centre room.
The first denunciation came from Hartiand, one of the most effective of the LaRouche fund raisers. She yelled: “I’ll
tell you what you’ve done. What you’ve said to this organisation is “fuck you. “ Well it’s you who have fucked this organisation. We’re in a fuckin war and your fucking wife goes off to leam German“.
She was referring to Simpson’s wife’s decision to distance herself from the organisation as a result of the psycho-session rexperienced some weeks before. Hartiand’s tirade continued for some time. A participant in the proceedings later reported that she was clearly “off her rocker “ Later, in justifying her anger it was argued that Simpson’s “attitude” had caused Hartiand to have severe migraines.

Gay Pert: Paid To Spy
Hartland returned to her seat and then a second denunciation began by Gay Pert. One testimony after the trial reported her as having been ‘Pent-up” and her body language “intense. “ She accused Simpson of plotting with another member (David Vincent), with the intention of overthrowing the leadership. She claimed Simpson did not have the interests of the organisation at heart. Then she bragged that she had been assigned a job (presumably by Douglas and lsherwood), of spying on Vincent and Simpson to check out their loyalty. Indeed, one night she had snuck out through the back entry of Simpson’s house and huddled in the cold under the window sill of Simson’s house and heard Vincent and Simpson, “plotting.” She had even taken notes.
Pert then rounded on Simpson denouncing him, “You f..king little prick (John), “ she yelled. Pert then related how she had taken notes of the late night meeting, she overheard Simpson say to Vincent, “Let’s take Gay up stairs and …k her!” She also proclaimed that Vincent and Simpson were in fact “homosexuals”.
The meeting Pert referred to, had in fact occurred two weeks before Mad Monday and 6 people were present, including Simpson’s wife and Vincent’s wife. Douglas had earlier indicated that he was listening in on the conversation by keeping his ear close to the floor in his bedroom which was above the kitchen where the meeting took place.
After the meeting Pert continued her denunciation to another member proclaiming that Simpson was also a “paedophile.”
The denunciations continued for another two hours. One young member “Ron Barton” (not his real name) was in a nervous state, and in a dilemma. He could hardly believe the stories being retailed but nevertheless had to prove his loyalties. He had already been reprimanded for harbouring thoughts of lust and having a “mother” relationship with a 35 year old American organiser, He had been in trouble a number of times for showing indications of unrestrained hormone activity! The CEC-LaRouche organisation has always had a keen interest in other peoples sexual proclivities. Barton was almost apologetic, struggling to be convincing. ‘Vohn, 1 would never have expected you would have done this.” He pointed out he had become terribly distressed when John had “ticked-him off’ for not wearing a suit at an ICLC convention in Washington in February.
Another ICLC member “Arthur Brown” (not his real name), got to his feet and protested that “] haven’t been around as much, but have to go along with the meeting.”

Come On! Come On!
From time to time the process of denunciation lapsed and then the General Secretary (Craig lsherwood) was on to his feet to pump up the proceedings. But later testimony relates that at times he “got out of control” and Noelene lsherwood would interrupt to bring it back on track, but at the same time onto a more vicious course of proceedings. As one witness later testified, “she was more cold and methodical,” when at times lsherwood “lost the ball.” The party general secretary regularly referred to Simpson “sitting there with a Tavistock grin.
In one outburst the party general secretary leapt to his feet and, according to a later testimony, was screaming at Simpson proclaiming in a high pitched voice: “Look at you, we can see it, look at how enraged you are. “ At times it appeared as though a physical assault could have been made on Simpson; physical gestures with clenched fists were made in the direction of Simpson and the tirade of abuse against him continued. The “leader of the LaRouche movement’ in Australia was becoming excited and agitated, he is a large corpulent man weighing over 110 kilos, Simpson weighs less than 80 kilos.
One onlooker, Arthur Roberts, who later attempted to defend Simpson at the meeting, protested to lsherwood, and told lsherwood to calm down and resume his seat. lsherwood was at fever pitch, turned on him and said: “Come on, Come on, (Arthur), You’ve always wanted to do that” indicating that he was prepared to have a physical contest there and then. He continued: “You never did get it either.. You’re blocked too...” Arthur Roberts later testified: “They appeared to be like on drugs - a mental hype, like mad dogs ... a frenzied lynch mob.

Kevin Hempel: Onanism
One overweight rather introspective individual, an exprimary school teacher “Kevin Hempel” (not his real name) jumped to his feet and proclaimed in an almost detached way: “I tried to help you. 1 gave you that document” (a photocopy of a LaRouche document titled “American Prometheus”). But then he “snapped,” changed his demeanour and related how he had been put through a gruelling session with A] Douglas and.Craig lsherwood for 2 hours, who kept on pointing out his problem,
and then he proclaimed:
“I changed, why can’t you? 1 denied it for a long time, but they kept on telling me, 1 kept on denying it, 1 denied it for two hours and then 1 finally admitted it. Its true. 1 masturbate. Its true 1 masturbate. But now I’m cured.”
Simpson interjected: “So what!” Hempel sat down and resumed his indifferent and detached attitude.
One ex-member of the office, who has known Hempel for a long period later lamented that after two years of this form of
psychological attack, Hempel “has been reduced to a vegetable.
By this time two of the young girl members were in tears. nities flowed The ritualistic denunciations continued and the obscenities flowed unabated. Martin Strange took the floor proclaiming in melodramatic fashion that Simpson’s attitude had almost caused his wife to have a nervous breakdown because he (Simpson) was such a difficult person to get along with. “You’ve totally driven my wife mad, “ he attested. According to Strange, Simpson had “behaved like a Nazi,” ordering him (Strange) to “shut-up” whilst he (Simpson) was holding a conversation with a member of parliament.
“Lotti Strange” (the wife of Martin Strange), rose to her feet, echoed these thoughts of her husband, testifying to the fact indeed, Simpson had placed her under a great deal of strain and almost caused her to have a nervous breakdown. She had been forced to relocate her office desk because of the pressure. Lotti Strange often wore a T-shirt into the office proclaiming, “my next husband will be normal.”
“Toni Camptown” (not her real name) proclaimed Simpson had “created a living hell” for her son when he had made disruptive noises in the office and she was “disgusted” that Simpson had ‘let the organisation down.”
Simpson attempted a number of replies b at every point by a howl of denunciations.

A Pack Of Wild Dogs
One member, “Arthur Roberts” had enough, he spoke up against the tide, defended the member stating he had never seen this alleged “rage” and proclaimed the meeting sick. He pointed out that they were like a “pack of wild dogs. “ And further that he did not wish to work with such people. Roberts, who had resigned his job to work for the CEC, walked out of the meeting and the organisation that morning. But Roberts had also been a long range target for unblocking” and had a history of “blocking.” Despite frequent sessions of counselling he had failed to leave his wife, hand across money that he had received from a previous employer, and failed to inform on other members. The party general secretary had proclaimed him “blocked” and “selfish” to other members. It was alleged that his migrant father had a “deep secret” that he did not reveal and this is what haunted Roberts.
But Robert’s protests were in vain, it did not matter, any display of defending the honour or reputation of Simpson was a betrayal of the movement. Roberts was obviously a coconspirator of the others.

The Trial Ends
After more than two hours of bitter denunciations, the proceedings were drawn to a close. No “charges” had been outlined, but nevertheless Simpson was “guilty.” The Kafkaesque ordeal was over. Craig lsherwood, the Citizens Electoral Council’s general secretary and the leader of the LaRouche organisation in Australia, a trusted confidante of Lyndon LaRouche and close comrade-in-arms of the American controller, Alien Douglas, passed judgement, no vote was taken, no defence, no right of appeal. He proclaimed justice, “LaRouche” style:

“I just can’t work with you. You are hereby. expelled from the Citizens Electoral Council. Your membership of the ICLC is revoked and you are ordered to leave the premises, and if you don’t then the police will be called and you will be forcibly removed.

With that, Simpson was escorted from the CEC HQ.

For the next few weeks an intensive phone campaign, was launched to prevent Simpson from talking to the wider membership. ICLC members in the office were forbidden to talk with Simpson, wider support groups were contacted and “warned” that Simpson was crazed and “dripping poison.” That he was “insane,” “vindictive,” “full of rage,” “didn’t want to change,” “hysterical,” and possessed a “formalist Aristotelian attitude.” Thinly veiled threats were made on a number of occasions that “we have ways of stopping him if he causes trouble,” and that “we can cause big trouble”for him and his supporters. The phone campaign was activated by Alien Douglas from Leesburg and carried out by Noelene lsherwood, Craig lsherwood, and Martin Strange.
Simpson’s life was now in turmoil. Having sold his business, asked for great sacrifice from his family, and distanced himself from friends, he now found himself isolated in Melbourne. When Simpson requested some financial support to relocate from the company house from which he had been given notice, he was told by the General Secretary that he (isherwood) would have to check with Leesburg. This he did and after having talked to a senior LaRouche official, Lynda de Hoyos, Simpson was told by lsherwood:
“there will be no payment for relocation expenses ... or anything else. You have been clearly plotting and working against the organisation for many months, you have not had the organisation’s interests at heart, for months you have been plotting to overthrow the management. You have attacked me, 1 represent the leadership, so you have attacked the organisation, and that means that is a direct attack on Lyn (LaRouche).
The party general secretary then said that he had Simpson’s phone bill and had seen that he had been obviously talking to people, and this was plotting.
At another time when Simpson attempted to gain some support and repayment of money expended on behalf of the CEC, he also questioned the ‘lie’ told to the office that Vincent had resigned and he was told by Noelene lsherwood, now appointed to a directorship of Citizens Media (the corporate arm of CEC) upon the expulsion of David Vincent, that, “he (Vincent ) clearly opposed the leadership by refusing to go to America and any opposition to the leadership in natural law constitutes resignation, and this was tantamount to opposition to “God’s law “
In another phone campaign to alert activists, Simpson was denounced by Noelene ]sherwood with claims that: ‘Vohn’s problem is that he doesn’t believe in God - he never has!”

‘Simpson Works For Henry Kissinger’
Wild stories were spread after “Simpson” had been expelled.
As late as November 1994, six months after the Mad Monday events, Simpson was being denounced to members as a “British Agent.” One of the charges was that, since Simpson had been sent to lobby into federal parliament, it is most likely that he had been “worked on by people in parliament, “ and these forces in parliament had probably said to him, “Well you’re so brilliant, why are you hanging around with them (i.e., LaRouche forces). Alien Douglas proclaimed that this was a well known process in the United States. In Washington where people who lobbied into Congress often “adopted another reality.” Douglas claimed that Simpson had most likely sold out to a process, “orchestrated by Liberal Party circles, probably Andrew Peacock who knows Henry Kissinger and Lord Carrington. “ The Liberals, and high Masonic networks had played on Simpson’s ego and Simpson had been asked to: “name your price”to betray LaRouche.
to highlight the plight of LaRouche and his imprisoned colleagues was now denounced as, in reality, a plot against the LaRouche movement. In addition, the American Controller, also argued that Simpson had not been responsible for important research arried on in the CEC office, claiming that it was he (Douglas), who was responsible.
Without any channels to present a truthful answer to the charges, the lies against Simpson were allowed to go unchallenged.
Simpson was now demonised and a non-person in the collective memory of the LaRouche movement.
Thus ended the membership of “John Simpson” with the LaRouche movement. The LaRouche movement itself a victim of kangaroo courts, perpetrates the same crimes against its own members,
The May 1994 “Witchunt” led to the loss of 4 ICLC members. It meant the end to some valuable research into the ADL activities in Australia. It destroyed the possibility of developing contacts that Simpson and Vincent had built up in parliament, political parties and business.
Douglas achieved in 4 weeks what the forces behind David Greason and the ADL, had been working at for four years.
When a crime is committed, as an aid to finding the perpetrators of the crime, a competent detective will always ask the question, “Who gains?”
An independent observer, attempting to make rhyme and reason from Douglas’ campaign in May 1994 should ask the same question, “Who gained?”

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