Library: Beyond Common Sense: Psycho-Politics in Australia

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Lyndon LaRouche who has proclaimed “I am a genius . . . I talk to the great minds of history.”

Don Veitch B.Comm., B. Arts, Dip.Ed. the author is a graduate
of Melbourne University, teacher and student of political science.
Don has been actively involved in politics for more than 30 years
and was Australian correspondent for the ''Executive Intelligence
Review'' in 1993-94.

He is married, has two sons, and is presently in charge of the
development of courses and economic research for the David
Syme College of National Economics, Public Administration and
Business Ltd.


First printed in Australia December 1994.
Second printing in Australia July 1995.
Third printing in Australia November 1995.
Book Edition printed in Australia September 1996.

PDF downloadable HERE (407 Kb.)

This series of Factnet posts features an exhaustive summary of a rare book by a former leading member of the LaRouche operation in Australia named Don Veitch. Veitch shows in great detail the way the organization functioned and, in particular, the way LaRouche's early 1970s “Beyond Psychoanalysis” texts were employed to organize the Australian group as a cult. Veitch also highlights the role played by Al Douglas, the “American controller” of the LaRouche operation in Australia which operated as the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC).

The greatest number of posts are by “Hylozoic Hedgehog” who summarizes the Veitch book in detail. However, the posts include the text from an article from the British journal Searchlight as well as a brief memoir by a former leading member of the Australian CEC. They also mention Robert Pash, a strange Australian supporter of Libya with whom the LaRouche group maintained ties with in the late 1980s.

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