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"How It All Began: Origins And History Of The National Caucus Of Labor Committees In New York And Philadelphia (1966-1971)"
By Hylozoic Hedgehog (December 2012)

"Die LaRouche-Bewegung: Weltanschauung und Diskursive Integration"
By Maxi Becker (August 2011)

( in German)

(5.5 Mb in French)
"La galaxie Dieudonné : pour en finir avec les impostures" (pp. 14-21)

By Michel Briganti, André Déchot and Jean-Paul Gautier, Editions Syllepse (2011)


"Smiling Man From A Dead Planet - The Mystery Of Lyndon Larouche"
By Hylozoic Hedgehog (September 2009)

(159 KB)
"Lyndon LaRouche : Fascism restyled for the new millennium"
By Helen Gilbert (2003)

(2.1 Mb.)

"On the Edge: Political Cults Right and Left" - Chap. 5: The Travels of Lyndon LaRouche (pp. 69-82)
By Dennis Tourish, Tim Wohlforth (2000)

"The LaRouche-Organization - In the Gray Zone between Extremism, Cultism and Political Exoticism"
By Matthias Mletzko - In Yearbook of Extremism and Democracy (1995)
here (2.3 Mb. in German)


"Beyond Common Sense - Psycho-Politics In Australia"
By Don Veitch (1994-96)

"Astray: My life in a radical political organisation"
By Aglaja Beyes-Corleis (1994).
( in German)

(3.2 Mb in French)
"Enquêtes sur la droite extrême" - Chapter 18 (pp. 247-267)
By René Monzat, Le Monde Editions, (1992).

"Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism"
By Dennis King (1989 - revised)

"Deckname Schiller : Die Deutschen Patrioten des Lyndon LaRouche"
By Helmut Lorscheid and Leo A. Müller (1986-92)
( in German)

"Revolution, She Wrote" Chapter: "LaRouche: Sex Maniac & Demagogue" (pp. 231-236)
By Clara Fraser, Co-founder of the Freedom Socialist Party (1986)

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