The following was published in Lyndon LaRouche's New Solidarity in the fall of 1974-soon after Newman and his followers abandoned LaRouche's NCLC camp and founded the International Workers Party.

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NEW YORK, September 3-After a brief campaign against the contents of "Beyond Psychoanalysis," a decisive majority of 40 members of the Centers for Change (CFC), made their exit from the Labor Committees last week. Ostensibly led by Fred Newman, author of Power and Authority, they have renamed themselves the International Workers Party, and have assumed the posture of a pathetic parody of the NCLC while serving as a conveyor belt for the latest CIA-NAG slanders of the Labor Committees.

At the present time it is still unclear whether the CFC was originally constituted as a CIA countergang formation sent into the Labor Committees to attempt an internal wrecking operation. It is known, however, that various members of the CFC were targeted by the CIA-NAG network for heavy pressure to act as dupes in the nationally coordinated NAG attack against the NCLC.

At best a free floating counterculture group which found a temporary resting place in the Labor Committees, the CFC originated on the Community College of New York City campus, a notorious Lewinite brainwashing center. The CFCs own virulent strain of lesbianism and theoretical adherence to the Tavistockian psychology of R.D. Laing created an internal social atmosphere, which clearly acted as an actual brainwashing agent on many of its members.

Formally joining the Labor Committees after a united front association of several months, CFC members began to balk at making a full commitment to a socialist worldview when it was pointed out that the logic of their undifferentiated sexual practices was intercourse with dogs.

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