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ICLC Memorandum ( Security)

Psychological Profile of a Model CIA Agent Brice $2.5
By Lyn Marcus Aug. 19, 1974

In going over a mass of additional materials recently catalogued and cross refeiienced by Security, I have adduced a useful model psychological profile for the type of lower level operatives and"stringers" being deployed against us in connection with the NAG network. A number of the actual agents already identified fit this profile exactly, and most of the agenfe* from that strata will approximate this type to a degree which makes the portrait an eminently useful auxiliary tool of detection and psychological countermeasures.
In addition to the general psychoanalytical knowledge upon which this analysis ultimatfry depends, the construction offered is premised upon two principal kinds of specific knowledge. Immediatly, 1 have depended upon a mass of material concerning persons conclusively established to be agents or dupes; surveillance reports showing the essential patterns of immediate personal associations, undercover contact reports of counterintelligence operations, affidavits and other written reports by members who have been " worked over" by agents or dupes on instructions from CIA operatives , and— most important to this analysis— holographic and other written materials ( correspondence, notes, etc.) of the agents themselves, All the agents fit a pattern, indeieting the special psychological type within the petit-bourgeois strata from which they have been recruited. Although the agent'himself ( or herself) has undergone certain personality changes as a result of his Environment and activities, and Although these changes assist us in distinguishing the agent from the ordinary muddlehead of the same stafctum, the prerecruitment psychological type is the essential substrate of his mentality. Hence I have situated the agent's psychological makeup within the general setting of the stratum from which he is recruited.


First, to understand the psychological type, we must situate him (or har) within the type of activities to which he is assigaea. Althought we are sometines compelled ( and p^sperly, so) to employ the term, "NAG network," for operations ( such as the Gail Roeshman kidnapping) in which the LEAA, FBI and allied agencies are directly invcblved, the ^highest level of counterinsurgency operative we would ordinarily en-counfeer in tracing back connections from Dillon et al. would be the sedentary operative using a faeulJJ cover. It would be extremely difficult, with our present resources, to force these sedentary controllers to lead us directly to the identification of their immediate supervisors. At that level of the operation we appear to rura into an investigative stone

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