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agent. If we did not have proof of -his direct links to and supervisory role in connection with known CIA/LEAA-controlled agents, the letter by itself would prove only that Goldnar is a conscious agent of a fascist-type of anarchist organization.
However, we do have conclusive evidence of his connections, including his complicity in Christine Berl's victimization, and probably the authorization of part of the document issued in her name by "safe-house" Mike.
The significance of Goldner's Makhnoid mentality is more readily grasped once we point out that this is only a "left-tinged" version of the identical arguments used by the Ukrainian fascist and Ustashi groups. Noam Chomsky, exposed as a CIA operative beyond reasonable doubt, is an advocate of the same Makhnoid fascist outlooks, as are most known CIA operatives engaged in penetrating the left. Once that essential unity between the left- and right--Makhnists is comprehended, one has properly isolated the characteristic ideology and factional alignments within the CIA gang. It is this hatred of all centralized authority (but mother's), a deep hatred .of "fathers," which makes the enraged infantile of academically-oriented paranoid-schizophrenic tendencies an impassioned CIA operative, who justifies each of his crimes against humanity in at best a more literate way than such .unwashed scum as Nightwatch or Ben Morea's pigs. Once this is understood, the nature of the NAG operation is fully understood.

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