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Hey guys,

A former LYMer emailed me a document last night written by the LYM that have recently departed, explaining the reasons why they left. It is a 75 page document, so I posted it to my Google docs account, you should be able to access it from this link, . If you have any problems accessing it, send me a PM, and I can change the security. Thanks.



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Originally Posted by chator
Hey Steam,
Sorry, I thought that link would work. Try this one, .

Wow. This "leadership" is much more f-d up than I could have imagined. "Lyn" is just scared to death of death. I would stay as clear of him as possible because who knows what he is capable of at this point; Alicia in particular should try to get into a witness protection program. Good to see that Sky and others - even if obsessed with crazy ideas - have basic human integrity and courage.


09-17-2012, 01:52 AM

Originally Posted by Herm
Wow. This "leadership" is much more f-d up than I could have imagined. "Lyn" is just scared to death of death. I would stay as clear of him as possible because who knows what he is capable of at this point; Alicia in particular should try to get into a witness protection program. Good to see that Sky and others - even if obsessed with crazy ideas - have basic human integrity and courage.

I haven't read the entire document myself, only bits and pieces. But many questions remain. For example, why is it no one in LYM really seemed to question Lyn's sanity or humanity prior to 2011? Some of these LYMers had been in for at least ten years, since 2001. During that long stretch of time did they not see or hear anything that would cause them to question some of their assumptions about Lyn and the organization? I don't think too many people on this website would agree that the beginning of 2011 was the start of Lyn's descent into madness. But maybe the instability of his mind and emotions became more apparent at that time, to the point where some LYMers could buy into the idea that Lyn might be losing his mind?



john buchan
09-17-2012, 09:42 AM

The British Empire and masturbation

Have just been printing off the Why We Left document on this side of the Atlantic. Might have time to read it through this morning properly, but have managed to glimpse at bits and pieces as they shot out of the printer. 'British Empire'... 'masturbation'... And so forth. The document will be an important part of any biography of Lyndon LaRouche. What mental illness would he be diagnosed with? I ask this as a serious question - I know many mentally ill people, but they're generally NICE GUYS. What worries me is the reaction of a rather naive young person (or a regular Alex Jones listener of any age) who happened to see him giving his 90th birthday speech the other day. He SOUNDS reasonable enough. He LOOKS no crazier than any other elderly politician. One great benefit of the Internet is that young people have (or should have) the chance to check him and his organization out. Ditto anybody who provides 'the answer' or 'the solution.' We soon look through Cameron or Obama - or at least look at them with a critical eye. With the LaRouches and so forth, with are in danger of losing our sense. The closest to LaRouche was Gerry Healy of the Workers Revolutionary Party, but because that confined itself to Marx, Engels, Lenin & Trotsky it never QUITE turned into a full-blown cult.


steamer 09-17-2012, 03:01 PM

Random thoughts on the document:

A big "wow". Amazing and scary. I'm curious if the signatories of this letter have actually formed an organization yet even one that is not public? Can't find them anywhere, not even on facebook.

It seems that Debbi what-her-name is the main enabler of LHL's neurosis. I always thought, going back a decade, that "contacts" in the "administration" (name your Prez) were fake and lie. The so-called "Stanford Group" which I tried to research by looking for economists that at least paralleled this make believe group "questions" and beliefs. All lies.

I read the whole document (train wretch, etc) last night. I'm wondering if the signatories will actually break with unreconstructed larouchism or if they will continue with just a level of crazyness less than exists in LPAC.

Seems Sky was trying to honestly hold the group together and isolate Lyn for the good of everyone. Good for him, albeit a herculean task of impossible proportions.

Who is the "Alicia" that LHL is so smitten with?

This document if it really circulated among LYMers is devastating. I can't believe they are holding the whole enterprise together!



09-17-2012, 04:59 PM

That's the craziest thing I've ever read. It sounds like LaRouche has lost totally his marbles. It is worse than I ever imagined it could be.


09-17-2012, 05:26 PM

Facing reality

Congratulations to the former members who eventually decided to face the facts. They may find themselves spending a lot of time mentally re-playing their years in the NCLC, seeing anew how much stuff they got taken in by, or didn't question along the way, or found suspect but consciously chose to disregard because the implications of admitting the obvious were too harsh to consider. That whole process can be dismaying and humbling, but one's still better off going through it.

So much hard work and so many noble intentions betrayed by LaRouche, mostly to puff up his own ego. A real predator. Of course, the members who remain from the 1960s and 70s are accomplices to this stuff.


09-17-2012, 09:17 PM

So if one wanted to reach these folks, how would one go about doing it.?



09-17-2012, 09:22 PM

This is about the most creepiest stuff I have ever read about the cult and Larouche.

It is also some of the most hilarious stuff as well. Who would have imagined

Eva Braun V 1.0 vs Eva Braun V 2.0 ?

"Debbie does Dollars"


Bill Clinton on hold for Larouche

Alicia and the forbidden upstairs door.

EMP pulse waves from Obama.

Removing cell phone batteries to thwart Obama's spying

Larouche bringing back the brainwashing capers for the LYMand LYMettes

Larouche demanding to know your sexual secrets.

and this is just from reading a third of the doc and I am forgetting so much.

That will take some time to fully digest. You have to reread some sections a few times to fully grasp what is going on in the cult. Don't hurry and see how so many cheap parlor tricks and techniques are used by Larouche and some of the higher ups to keep this circus going for a few more stipend cycles.

LYM and LYMettes, have fun! You can still leave and reclaim your lives.

Boomers, call your ex LC friends as it is never too late. They will understand.


09-18-2012, 03:20 AM

To the Eight Former LYM Members: A Debt of Gratitude

First, I would like to thank the former LYM members who produced the Why We Left document.

I congratulate them for leaving, and I think the document they created is a powerful one, which, I am sorry to say, rings true in every respect (I think I can speak with some authority, having been in the organization for 34 years or so).

LaRouche was always crazy—way back in the SWP (Socialist Workers Party) he was crazy, and his own internal generation of hatred and paranoia, coupled with his state of mind when he was in prison, and finished with the senile dementia he seems to be experiencing, hasn’t made the situation any better. To say the least.

There seem to be no restraints whatsoever remaining on Lyn’s outbursts and frenzies, his depressions and terrors. Perhaps those are all to be expected—certainly for us, who have known Lyn so long—but what is even more hideous than I would have expected is the desperation of Lyn’s Goyaesque inner circle to preserve the org, and to preserve Lyn, when both are years past “saving.”

We always knew Helga was cruel and stupid, ignorant and manipulative, so that’s no surprise. We always knew that Debbie Freeman lied in her teeth (I still remember the time Bob Primack came back from an antique show in Maryland—this was after he had left the org—and told me—I was still in it, more or less—that he had run into Debbie Freeman there, buying expensive antiques at the very moment, as we later discovered, when she was supposed to be at a meeting in the White House).

I’m sure Jeff and Nancy have known for years that Debbie was full of prunes—probably the whole NEC knew it. But no one dared say a thing, because it was so incredibly important to Lyn that Debbie’s fabulous contacts with Bill and Hill and Carville and the whole crowd be real. The story of the “Russian visit” is just a more recent, perhaps more egregious, example of Debbie’s pathology and the incredible infighting that is the org’s principal pastime.

We always knew that Nancy would do anything to stay on the inside—so she’s still there, despite it all. (Despite Ed, for example, and Lyn’s years-long hatred of him.)

But we didn’t always know—I didn’t, at least—that Lyn considered Dennis Small an enemy agent. All I can say is, it couldn’t happen to a better guy.

Nor did we know that Jeff had become a whipping boy, which it seems he has, from the document’s reference to Jeff’s eagerness to hear more about Sky’s “mathematicians” problem.


I always knew—at least, I have known it since 1983-84, during the fiasco of the NBC case, during Lyn’s summer 1984 outburst that threw Zeke Boyd off the NC and threw Barbara Boyd out of Legal and sent her somewhere (Chicago?) to sell newspapers on street corners—I always knew, after that mess, that Barbara would do anything in this world to get back in Lyn’s good graces.

I always knew (and Ken knew too) that Bruce Director had the soul of a sycophant and a sneak.

I remember when I told Barbara that I didn’t want any NEC members, or Bruce, anywhere near my sentencing hearing in the New York case, and Barbara whined something about how much Bruce “liked/admired/respected Ken.” I wanted to say, “Really? Because Ken can’t stand Bruce.”

Well, I didn’t say it then, but I am saying it now. Ken thought you were an idiot, Bruce, and none too nice, either.

I think we also always knew that Rick Magraw was no genius, and had a great big streak of meanness in him (racism, too).

But somehow, the picture of Bruce, Barbara, and Rick in endless meetings trying to figure out how to control the org, contain the org, keep Lyn from freaking out in one direction, or the youth from freaking out in another—it’s positively skin-crawling. For those who started out somewhere on the left, and remember Lyn’s rantings about centrism—can there be any better definition of centrism than these apparatchiks who would do anything at all to keep the org going, no matter what the cost, and no matter how morally bankrupt the organization?

Believe me, if Lyn had been able to organize Stalinist purge trials against Sky and the others, he would have; and believe me, Barbara and Bruce and Rick would have presided over them.

There is a story that on the eve of his execution in 1938, Nikolai Bukharin, using Stalin’s old nom de guerre Koba, wrote a note to Stalin that said simply “Koba, why do you need me to die?” The note was found in Stalin's desk after his death in 1953.

Stalin probably didn’t know why he needed Bukharin to die, and all, all, all the others, too. Lyn probably doesn’t know either—but he did and he does, and Barbara and Bruce and Rick would be happy to oblige him.

We can all thank God that Lyn never attained anything remotely resembling “state power.” Because if he had, there is no question in my mind that he would have stained his hands with oceans of blood.

I remember a line from Macbeth Act 2 Scene 2 that Ken loved (by the way, for those of you who didn’t know and don’t remember Ken, he directed a wonderful, wonderful production of Macbeth way back in the early ‘80s—almost all the people in it are long gone from the org). The line was Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood/ Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather/ The multitudinous seas incarnadine,/ making the green one red. Ken loved the combination and contrast of the Latinate “multitudinous seas incarnadine” and the Anglo-Saxon “making the green one red.”

One of LaRouche’s enemies who actually did die was Ken—and current and former members of the LYM should be able to see, from the Why We Left document, how easy it is to become an “enemy” of Lyn’s, no matter how loyal you are, or at least how loyal you start out being.

I never forget, not for a day or an hour, that Ken died because of LaRouche’s words, his actions, his inaction—and that the principal conveyors to Ken of LaRouche’s venom were Barbara and Bruce, although Nancy and Dennis Small played their wretched roles, and Tony Papert volunteered to be Judas once again.

In this world it’s too late for Ken—although not in the greater world, I think; I am sure Ken is far happier now than Lyn, with all Lyn’s fears and frenzies and his madness.

In this world it’s too late for Ken—but not for other members of the LaRouche organization, not for other members of the LYM, not for the Boomers. It may be too late for Helga, perhaps for Babs and Bruce and Rick, to reclaim their souls, but I am in no position to judge that.

I think that, bearing in mind that it’s not too late for others, we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to the authors of Why We Left.


09-18-2012, 02:53 PM

Originally Posted by steamer
A big "wow". Amazing and scary. I read the whole document (train wretch, etc) last night.

"WOW!" My sentiments, exactly. I also printed and read the entire document last night, well past bedtime. It makes for really great reading, even though I have no intimate knowledge of many names. But, being a "LaRouche Watcher" for the last couple of years has caused me to come to know the faces and voices of many LYMers presented in this story. I suppose that's what makes the year-long ordeal so gripping. Real people in continual, nonstop conflict.

Perhaps one of the truly enlightening things about this document is how it portrays Lyn's close involvement with the LYMers. Not being ever involved in the org, I always had the impression that there was an insurmountable wall of security separating THE DEAR LEADER from most membership. I presumed Lyn would issue statements from afar, appear for international webcasts, and show up to various events and only briefly mingle with his devoted followers.

Considering all the examples of how erratic and unpredictable he really was, I thought the NCLC would separate Lyn from his followers as a security measure -- for THEIR own security!

But this document has it that Lyn involves himself in the lives of every single LYMer who crosses his path, and interferes in their lives, lifestyles, habits, vacations, and... darkest of secrets. Its a whole other level of creeping insanity that I had never considered.

Originally Posted by steamer
Who is the "Alicia" that LHL is so smitten with?

At last, I learn why xlcr4life has been referring to "Wedding Bells!" So, THE DEAR LEADER wishes to tie the knot with the CYBORG SENT FROM THE FUTURE*! (*from that now-classic "Sky Opens his Eye" moment at

Actually, this was perhaps the least shocking news in this document. Considering all the in-fighting and drama and intrigue, the idea that Alicia was cultivating close relations with Lyn in exchange for power and access goes hand in hand with everything else that's happened.

What IS amusing is the part where Alicia tries to justify the wedding by claiming that "but... throughout history, great minds have been prolonged by the adoption of a younger mistress."

Uhh, can't think of any, actually. Was Bavaria's old King Max's mind improved by Lola Montez's company? The mobs of Munich who drove him from his throne in 1848 would disagree. What's another example? Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall?

And why marriage, and not just Alicia as his "mistress from the forbidden upper storey"? Perhaps a left-over fragment of morality from Lyn's strict Quaker upbringing?

For me, the most eye-opening episode is the first: "Limari Is Riana", where THE DEAR LEADER's senior moment over a Q&A at a weekend meeting decays into an enemy operation utilizing electromagnetic brainwashing of an entire functioning arm of the org. The Skype messages from Lyn -- one after another, one after another, circling harder and harder into the bottomless drain of delusional paranoia -- is a scene comparable to anything Dostoevsky composed! Terrifying and gripping!

Another great moment was the discussion of retiring Lyn from running day-to-day operations. After all, many who have built empires gradually wean THEMSELVES from the day-to-day operations as a matter of course.

The Rev. Moon just died at the age of 92, but he hadn't run his empire since he was 75, rather handing over operations to his sons. Billy Graham similarly turned over operations of his ministry to his son, a little later, at the age of 85, I think. James Dobson tired of daily operations at "Focus on the Family" and departed entirely in order to focus on writing. Otto von Habsburg surrendered his duties over a period of 20 years, beginning with his seat on the European Parliament (to his diamond-smuggling son) when he was 75, followed by managing the holdings of the Habsburg family when he was 85, and finally surrendering honorary grand mastership of the Austrian Knights of the Golden Fleece when he was 95, only finally passing away peacefully two years ago at the ripe age of 98.

So, why couldn't Lyn surrender daily ops to his staff and use his time writing for EIR and conducting Webcasts? As his birthday video and appearance on Alex Jones proves, that is AN IMPOSSIBILITY. "I am having fun doing what I'm doing." Clearly, making underlings leap through flaming hoops is great entertainment for an nonagenarian.

Originally Posted by steamer
I'm curious if the signatories of this letter have actually formed an organization yet even one that is not public? Can't find them anywhere, not even on facebook.

This is a question similar to the one I have for xlcr4life: DO ex-members ever leave the org on join other movements? That is to say, has anyone who was declared an "enemy agent" actually proven this accusation by hooking up with Newmann or even the DNC or Greens or some other activist org? Or does the intense experience from being abused by THE DEAR LEADER cure ex-members from thoughts of organizing for political accomplishments?

For some reason, I think Sky and the others will steer clear of future activism. They WILL have accomplishments, that is without a doubt. And this will only be because they were freed from the straight-jacket in Lyn's asylum.

Originally Posted by steamer
It seems that Debbi what-her-name is the main enabler of LHL's neurosis. I always thought, going back a decade, that "contacts" in the "administration" (name your Prez) were fake and lie. The so-called "Stanford Group" which I tried to research by looking for economists that at least paralleled this make believe group "questions" and beliefs. All lies.

THIS was both startling and hilarious. Clearly, Lyn was complicit in Debbie's decades-long lies about The Stanford Group, obviously to foster the belief that the org was collaborating with autonomous think-tanks in high-up University settings. But the other lies, particularly the Russia Trip story, suggests that Debbie has only been the most successful of the many con-artists who have drifted across Lyn's path and bilked him out of a lot of cash in exchange for paranoid delusions.

Debbie's a survivor. And clearly, of the very best (or worst) kind!

Originally Posted by steamer
This document if it really circulated among LYMers is devastating. I can't believe they are holding the whole enterprise together!

Well, they are not. The events of the last year resulted in more than a mass defection, but a breakdown of serious proportions. I think the document's timeline, beginning with the Angelides Report, is very correct as to the "point of no return", or the moment the genuine BREAKDOWN CRISIS began for the org. Being just an outside observer, I noticed the focus of the org became wildly erratic, off base, off target, off message. Or at least, far more so than usual.

And this was reflected in the bottom line. The money began getting tight. A weekly deficit of $30,000. And what was the cause? Reading days? Laziness in the Basement? Or the fact THE DEAR LEADER was going insane and causing irreparable damage right down the line?

And, it's reflected in the downward spiral in quality materials coming out of the LPAC website. Casualties include our beloved DARWIN, John Hoefle,

I've had a soft spot for John, and genuinely enjoyed the old Weekly Reports where it was just John and Jeff Steinberg discussing current events. That Oyang Tang should make John's shabby treatment a matter for argument is very enlightening. The fact that Hoefle was punished for "disloyalty" in the aftermath of this genuine BREAKDOWN CRISIS is equally breath-taking.

Of course, the casual meanness of Lyn toward his devoted followers was never made more clear than the Weekly Report in which THE DEAR LEADER ranted against the Boomers, and the giant-of-a-man John Hoefle was reduced to tears at the end.

As Lyn himself might say any given moment of the morning, "Anyone who doesn't think Lyn is fiendishly cruel and manipulative, is clinically insane."

On the whole, I rate this document as the pièce de résistance of the FactNet cycle of LaRouche history, and look forward to further analysis and forecasts by ex-members going forward!


09-18-2012, 03:44 PM

I can't believe LaRouche wanted to marry Alicia. That's crazy. He's 90 and she's what? 25?

I noticed when LPAC ended the daily videos something very strange was going on because those videos were the focus of the LPAC site. I wonder if LaRouche stopped them? Now they post small news stories and those boring Weekly Reports. The weekly show seems like a LaRouche vanity project. It looks painful for everyone but LaRouche.

This revelation seems like the end of it for LaRouche's organization. I can't see how they could recover.

How could anyone keep going on and on hearing the world will end over and over and knowing the man saying it is totally insane? That's just shocking.

It is sad to see so many lives ruined because of one man.


09-18-2012, 04:15 PM

"Not too late for others." That's right -- way overdue, but not too late. For scores of people, or maybe it's in the low hundreds, it's been 35 to 45 years of non-stop histrionics, destructive and self-destructive. Getting over and working through all of that can't be easy, but humans can be resilient. Here's hoping . . . .


09-18-2012, 04:22 PM

Hi again! remember me? :-)

I just read the document about the LYM resignation. Amazing. I will take the time to read some of the comments here about the document and then write a public personal letter to the ex. LYM members (and all others that are still in the organization).

The document moved me a lot.

I have not been very active here or on my anti-LaRouche blogs for the last three years. But I think the times demand some personal comments from other ex-members.

By the way, I am no longer anonymous. I dont need to be that!

/Torbjörn Jerlerup


09-18-2012, 05:18 PM

Originally Posted by fall
This revelation seems like the end of it for LaRouche's organization. I can't see how they could recover.
How could anyone keep going on and on hearing the world will end over and over and knowing the man saying it is totally insane? That's just shocking.
It is sad to see so many lives ruined because of one man.

The document is important because it confirms what we've been saying on this site for years, but has more authority, being current and coming from insiders who were high ranked in the organization and had personal relationships with Lyn. If read, and taken seriously by current LYMers, it has the potential to produce more defections. Of course, there is a cover-up underway in the organization with the spreading of lies about Sky and others working for the British and Obama. However, not every person featured in the story, who seems to have some knowledge or experience of Lyn's deteriorating mental condition has exited. Some remain loyal or faithful to the organization for whatever reason; lack of courage, or resources, misplaced loyalty, or having become accustomed to the madness. I think it will take Lyn's death to end it all, nothing less.


09-18-2012, 06:51 PM

I have read the document: "Why We Left". Amazing. It is very good that you wrote this.

I was a ICLC member at the time when the concept of the LYM was introduced and developed. I left it after a visit to the USA 2003 when I realized that the organization was an authoritarian nightmare.

Some words about myself. My name is Torbjörn Jerlerup from Sweden. I was a member, fulltime från about 1990. I left the movement back in 2003/2004. Mentally I left earlier when I had gradually discovered I had been "living the life of the lie".

After I left the LaRouchemovement I had some years when I recovered and did some serious soul-searching. I became politically liberal.

When I left the movement I rejected the conservative outlook of it (as I regard it now). I no longer believe that it is up to politicians to decide how ordinary people should live their lifes. I have rejected the conspiracy frenzy of the movement too.

I remain politically active. I am not involved in a political party per se, but as a citizen activist. The focus of my activities are to combat rascism and fascism, as well as discrimination of all kinds, like homophobia.

I am writing this about myselkf, not to promote myself, but to show that it is possible to continue to be political active after you have left the movement. I am completely open about my years with the political cult, and the openess is seen by many as a strength. And yes it is actually a sign of strength, not weakness, to admit that you have been wrong and changed your mind.

And I am no agent. I know that I am regarded as that. "Cooperating with the Swedish ADL, sexual pervert, on the payroll on Expo, satanist, best friend of Dennis King". That is what I have heard that my old friend says.

Well... The fact is simply that I realized that I was "living the life of the lie", as Vaclav Havel describes it.

When you think back you will remember several things that made you reflect on what was happening inside the organization. Moments when you realized that something was wrong.processes that made you think and discover the flaws of the "system".

Preserve these memories as you would preserve valuable gems or diamonds. Because they are gems. They are crucial discoveries you made that made you reflect upon the system inside the organization, that made you realize that the "life of the lie".

For me it was several things. But first and foremost the knowledge that the organization would be a disaster if it ever rose to power.

Lyndon LaRouche hates democracy. I realized that he wanted to run the organization in his way, and no other opinion was allowed. And all members, from the top to the slaves in the galleys (phones and booktables), accepted this. If you discovered that LaRouche was wrong you had to hide it. Remember? Yes! No other opinion than LaRouches was allowed.

And people worked as slaves, in particukar in the USA. For two years had the "boomers" worked on the phones and on the field för seven, later six and a half days a week. The organization claimed that it did not like "slave labour" (the primitive accumulation, you know?!) but the internal structure of it was totally based upon slave labour.

If LaRouche had been a military commander on the field, a general at war, he would have been declared a maniac. No general at war would ever let his troops be on the frontline for years and years. All generals know that troops that never rests get exhausted. War exhaustion. Only mad generals let their troops fight month after month without rest. Lyndon forced his troops to be in the trenches for years. How well do you think troops that never get rest fights?

And how would a nation look like run by a maniac that knows no other political method than slave labor (labor intensive work)?

How would a nation run by LC members that usually yelled at their "slaves"? How would a nation look like run by "leaders" that disregard democracy, that believes that force and imposing guilt are legitimate in order to "lead"? How would a nation look like where only one opinion is accepted, and all others opinions are declared to be "treason"? How well would a nation be run by a maniac that for 40 years has claimed that "within a few months there will be a nuclear/financial holocaust", and always have been wrong.

How well would a person lead a nation. that never once in his life has admitted to be wrong?

I still remember the day when I sat down and looked at several things Lyndon had written. I was looking for "hypothesis". Lyndon claims to base his philosophy upon hypothesis and that he is against the notion of a fixed absolute truth. I looked at his writings and realized that I nowhere could find a single hypothesis about anything. I only found absolute truths. I.e. I found statements by Lyndon about things that he had proven to be absolute truths, and all that did not agree with his view was to be seen as traitors and agents.

That was important, for me...

I still remember how some leading ICLC members reacted when I told them about my doubts. "Dont even think about it. Doubts are dangerous. You are blocked."

I could name other such moments. But this will suffice for the moment. But please remeber your "gems of truth". Especially if you want to help others that are still in the organization. It is paradoxes like these that will make them think and leave it.

You have left the organization now. GREAT!

Perhaps you feel guilt or are confused about life now? I dont know, for me it was partly so.

But remember that done is done. You cannot undo your past, but by changing your view of the past you can change the future.

I still love Cusanus.

At one occasion he said that it is not when you believe that you have all the answers that you are close to some kind of truth. You are closer to some kind of truth when you do not know the answers. Truth is in darkness and ignorance, not in the light and in certainity. Not in knowing all the answers, but in the humility that you do not know all the answers and that other people, of other opinions, might have some clues that may help you to form your opinion, your personal "truth".

Please, never let go of the view that you want to do good to other people. Never let go of your will to change the world to the better! And dont be ashamed that you were wrong. Be proud that you realized that you were wrong instead and changed your lives. Learn from your mistakes and grow as human beings.

And take care!



And thanks once again for your document. It made me think and reflect and look back. And such things are always valuable.


09-18-2012, 08:51 PM

Lies Surrounded by a Bodyguard of Lies
It occurred to me, after I had written the post to thank the eight former LYM members for their document, that we also owe a debt of gratitude to the former members, LaRouche watchers, and LaRouche experts who have posted here indefatigably over the years. The stories, the analysis, the thoughts and comments, the tracking, the jokes, the revelations of horrors, have all played their roles in exposing LaRouche for the monstrous ego and vicious buffoon he is.

Otherwise, just to make assurance doubly sure (Macbeth Act IV Scene 1), let me say that I have never spoken to Sky Shields or anyone else among the eight former members who wrote or contributed to the
Why We Left document. I have never in any way coordinated anything with Sky—not my lawsuit or anything else.

As you can see from the Why We Left document, the org says otherwise (chiefly Barbara, Bruce, and Helga—the three weird sisters, as it were).

I have reproduced the salient quotes below. The emphasis is mine.

…The following memo has been approved by Lyndon LaRouche.

"Over the past 24 hours it has been conclusively determined that Sky Shields has been operating as an agent of influence of enemies of Lyndon LaRouche for an extended period of time. While professing loyalty to the political movement and to advancing its political organizing program, Sky Shields has been working with others to set up a separate political movement predicated on the financial collapse of the LaRouche movement.

"Sky Shields, together with his brother Summer Shields and Alli Perebikovsky announced their departure from the LaRouche political association yesterday after being caught, red handed, so to speak, peddling memos authored by Dennis King and Dino DePaoli attacking Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp LaRouche to other members of the LaRouche movement. Shields' unveiling of his operation occurred in the context of renewed litigation in the case of Marielle Kronberg versus Lyndon LaRouche, a long-standing British and Obama steered legal case in the Eastern District of Virginia. It is a clear that Shields and those working with him are determined to take other members of the LaRouche political movement out with them.

"The specific personnel from British and Obama circles employed in seducing Sky Shields are presently under investigation as are the efforts by Shields and others to suppress the income and organizing activities of LaRouche PAC. It is to be predicted that Shields' response to the internal airing of the truth of his betrayal will be, 'see, I told you, Lyn's response will be to attack me,' the time honored response of those caught in such operations"…

…This led various assembled members to testify to the moral and other failings of Sky, Nick, etc. At one point, it was asserted that, with regard to evidence concerning the connection of Sky et al. to the Molly Kronberg legal case (and by extension, a broader conspiracy directed by the Obama Administration), one need only see "the dossier" that Barbara and Bruce had assembled (described below)….

…The following day, on April 23, Oyang and Diana met with Barbara and Bruce at the CDF office to see the contents of the dossier that supposedly contained the evidence substantiating these accusations. The sum total of the evidence presented during the course of the meeting amounted to the following: That Sky and Alli had both made references to Steve Hassan, an author on the subject of cults, who had also allegedly contacted Ian Brinkley (and possibly other members). Barbara alleged that Hassan, because of his views, might be connected to Molly Kronberg and the Factnet discussion board. Barbara also said she was beginning to look into the use of hypnosis, presumably to investigate the possibility that Sky had been hypnotized to carry out enemy operations. It was implied, both at this meeting and in other discussions in the Basement at the time, that the discovery process then underway in the Kronberg case, in which she would be compelled to turn over private communications, would likely reveal Sky's behind- the-scenes role as a co-conspirator with Kronberg in the case. In fact, Lyn and others (indeed, it is explicit in the April 2 memo) stated that the timing of Sky's departure, coming just before the discovery process in the Kronberg case was to begin, was not coincidental, and that Sky had left before the damning evidence of his involvement in the case would be revealed….

…Helga told Oyang that he had questioned long enough, that it was time to make a decision regarding the issue, assuring him that she had seen evidence of Sky's direct involvement with Kronberg that would be revealed once the case went to trial in August….

In other words: They are claiming that Sky quit when he did (April) because the upcoming discovery in my case was going to reveal to the world that Sky and I had been conniving in a conspiracy against LaRouche.

This would be revealed either through the discovery process or (Helga's version) through the trial itself when the case went to trial in August.

But—but—in the discovery process (papers available upon request), although they asked for my mail, emails, and any records, electronic or otherwise, concerning communications with practically every living former member, my relatives, journalists, etc.—even my lawyers--the LaRouche defendants NEVER ASKED FOR ANY RECORDS WHATSOEVER of any communication between Sky Shields and me, or any other former LYM member and me.

Question: How was Sky's role as my secret collaborator going to come out if they didn't ask in discovery for any records pertaining to Sky?

Answer: It wasn't.

Question: Why didn't they ask for any records pertaining to Sky?

Answer: Because they knew there weren't any records pertaining to Sky.

Question: If they thought Sky's nefarious role would come out at trial, why, starting in April, did they keep asking to settle the case?

Answer: Because they knew no such thing would come out at trial, and because they knew that overall, the trial would be for them—in the words of George W. Bush commenting on John McCain's presidential campaign—"a five-spiral crash."

Question: If in April Helga had already seen "direct evidence of Sky's involvement with Kronberg," why were they waiting for August for the evidence to come out?

Answer: They weren't. It didn't exist.

Question: What happened with the investigation into "the specific personnel from British and Obama circles employed in seducing Sky Shields"?

Answer: Nothing. It didn't exist.


09-18-2012, 09:11 PM

The crimes and madness of Helga Zepp-Larouche

I am a former Lym member from Europe. As a true beleiving republican I cannot tell you how saddened angry and disappointed at the sick and despicable behavior of Lyndon Larouche and his wife. The document written by youth members rings very true for what I myself experienced. Larouche paranoid schizophrenia has been allowed to ruin what could have been a great cause.

People should also be aware of the crimes that Helga Zepp-Larouche commits against members in the name of saving Africa and mankind from Armageddon:

  1. The psychotropic drugging of young female members.
  2. The bullying and blackmailing of members into psychiatric clinics.
  3. The emotional and psychological blackmail of female members.
  4. The constant and repeated demands for sexual love affairs from male members.
  5. The bullying personally by Helga against female members who wish to study the ideas of the movement and not be trapped into doomed sexual realtionships with people who are actually supposed to be work colleagues and political comrades.
  6. The recruitment of young women and Helga Zepp-Larouches cynical role in allowing impressionable Todd?!?")
  7. The repeated attempt to chip and attack what the cult leaders view as people psychological weak spots in order to force their sense of self to shatter, much as when defrosting a freezer and one chips away as certain weak spots, with some strategic targeting and enough persistence the whole edifice comes crashing down.

Helga Zepp-Larouche- No warrior angel she!


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