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Source: "Anti-Defamation League spreads Moscow's lies" by Jeffrey Steinberg in EIR May 18, 1990

The Soviet KGB and allied networks of Edgar Bronfman and the ADL in France are using a horrifying series of incidents at a Jewish cemetery in the village of Carpentras, near Avignon, to destabilize the political and social structure in Europe. On May 10, it was discovered that over 30 Jewish gravestones had been desecrated at the cemetery. The culprits had exhumed the body of an 81-year-old man who had died a month ago, and impaled the corpse on the shaft of an umbrella. Some observers said that even when the Nazis occupied France, they never did anything like this with a corpse.
Bronfman's World Jewish Congress immediately released a statement from Paris, charging that the Carpentras atrocity is part of "the resurgence in France and Europe of the neo-Nazi ideology that threatens our democracies."
The WJC had been pre-mobilized to react to anti-Semitic incidents during the just-concluded May 6-8 Berlin-Wannsee conference. The near-simultaneity in time of the Berlin-Wannsee conference and the Carpentras atrocity, is both breathtaking and highly suspicious. Reached for comment on the affair in Rochester, Minnesota, where he is a political prisoner, Lyndon LaRouche pinpointed the Soviet-ADL origins of the provocation, which he likened to the notorious ADL practice of having agents paint swastikas on Jewish graves and synagogues. "The operation which moves in to exploit the cemetery incident, and so promptly" he said. "is not only a reaction which comes from only one place, but the reaction itself is part of an operation which was already in motion prior to the incident. It comes from the Bronfman/Markus Wolf/Moscow operation, and it comes in the context of the Bronfman-led conferences in Germany and Bronfman events in Germany, in Europe ...
The exploitation of the event is what we're addressing... The event, the process, the reaction to the event, was organized and in motion before the event itself occurred. That is the essence of the evidence ... The operation which subsumed the leading reaction to the event, that reaction was in process before the event to which the reaction occurred, existed. The operation comes from Moscow's KGB, by way of Bronfman and his cronies, which includes, of course, the Klarsfelds and Searchlight magazine in London."

Lessons of the Carpentras affair

Source: unsigned Editorial in EIR June 22, 1990

On the tenth of May of this year, an extremely ugly incident occurred in the French village of Carpentras. The grave of an elderly Jewish man was desecrated. This was immediately seized as a pretext for hysteria about a presumed new wave of anti-Semitism sweeping France, Eastern Europe, and of course, always lurking in Germany.
At the time, we warned that whatever the actual occurrence, this incident was being hyped by Bronfman-connected ADL circles who were working hand-in-glove with the KGB, with the full approval of Mrs Thatcher and the Bush administration, to put a spike into German reunification.
Since the reported atrocity occurred right after a meeting of the World Jewish Congress which particularly targeted French national fascists of Le Pen' s National Front, and scurrilously claimed that associates of Lyndon LaRouche were associated both with Le Pen and with the virulently anti-Semitic Pamyat group in the Soviet Union in promoting a new international wave of anti-Semitism. we smelled a rat.
At the time, Lyndon LaRouche warned that the exploitation of Carpentras was "organized and in motion before the event itself occurred," at the meeting of the World Jewish Congress in Berlin. He described the ADL faction of the WJC (and its British sister group around the magazine Searchlight) as a conduit for "Moscow's KGB, by way of Bronfman and his cronies." Now we learn that we were more right than even we guessed. Many of the gruesome details which the mass media used to throw France into hysteria were sheer lies. The autopsy of the corpse of 81 -year-old Felix Germon, whom the perpetrators had exhumed from his grave, showed no signs of having been impaled, as had been claimed. The alleged swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans smeared on the gravestones were also invented. Indeed, the May 10 incident was on the model of earlier desecrations of Christian graves in Carpentras.
Even before this was revealed, French and British Jewish leaders had condemned the hysteria being fanned by the mass media and even by some members of the French government. In vain, the head of the Carpentras Jewish community, Freddy Haddad, had asked that the cemetery desecration not be retailed in the mass media. But the media campaign rolled right on, and reckless politicians threw fat on the fire. Interior Minister Pierre Joxe rushed to the scene by helicopter and announced: "We know the culprits. They are anti-Semitism and racism. No need to look much further." What he meant, was Le Pen and his National Front -- who, in fact, had nothing to do with the crime.
Fanned by Bronfman's networks, the results of the campaign, if not the operation itself, reached far beyond France. A provocateur painted Nazi slogans and swastikas in a cemetery in Haifa, Israel. In England, the Mail on Sunday played up the desecration of a Jewish cemetery. The executive board of the Conference of British Jews protested that the photo run by the paper showed the cemetery after it had been hit by a hurricane -- no desecration had occurred.
One line of investigation now being followed in Carpentras leads to youthful followers of a heavy metal rock group, who are thought to be practicing satanists. Apparently they were known to frequent cemeteries. The fact that the Bronfman gang was running cover for satanists makes perfect sense, since in the United States. the ADL has taken the lead to stop law enforcement from bringing satanists to justice.
The ADL has a well-documented history of commissioning anti-Semitic atrocities, such as the painting of swastikas on Jewish places of worship, in order to strengthen their control over the Jewish community. Since the 1930s they have been an unofficial arm of the U.S. Justice Department. As our readers know, they have been at the center of the dirty operations against Lyndon LaRouche and his associates, run through a multi-agency "Get LaRouche" task force.
The coincidence of their role in railroading LaRouche and their complicity in fanning the flames of the Carpentras affair is easily explained by their political world view. They have always functioned as a thug operation for the Anglo-American establishment, which has proven itself willing to go to any lengths to protect its perceived ally, Mikhail Gorbachov.

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