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In "FESTSCHRIFT FOR LYNDON LAROUCHE", Schiller Institute, Washington DC, 1992.

Dear Lyndon,

Happy 70th Birthday! There are not many people in prison who can be wished a happy birthday with any expectation that they will be capable of enjoying it. Because your spirit and intelligence are free, you are. No prison can daunt you.

Writing the appeal from Judge Bryan's denial of habeas corpus on your birthday is a painful task for one who wants to love his country and still love justice. Your case is a powerful lesson in the clear and present danger our own government poses to freedom and justice for the people.

With steadfast effort and constant vigilance we can restore and maintain a home for the free.

With faith that you will soon be free in body as well as in spirit, again a good day on this grand anniversary.

Ramsey Clark, Esq. Forrner Attorney General of the United States

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