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New Pamphlet to Document Cult Origins of Zionism

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by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

December 8, 1978

the long minister ship of his protégé William Pitt the Younger, Shelburne's other protégés, such as James Mill and Jeremy Bentham - especially Bentham —
-- had elaborated the model of the ancient Orphic-Dionysiac. Death terrorist cults into the doctrine of radicalism displayed so bloodily" in the "Phrygian Caps of the Jacobin mob of the period of the Terror. Beginning with Hume and Smith, Bentham and James Mill launched the variety of cultist doctrine which superseded the old, Stoic empiricism of Locke and Hume with what became known as British "philosophical radicalism."
During the second quarter of the 19th century, as Shaftes-bury's Zionist settlements in Palestine were already under way, a general shift of developments in British policy emerged. The two notable features for our purposes of reference here were the emergence of the 19th century "Liberal Imperialists" (the "Limps") and the various secular ("radical") and religious cults centered around the synthesis of "Chartism" and the "Oxford Movement." Lord Palmerston emerged as the visible political leader most closely associated with the proliferation of political and religious suits as the "judo" or "psychological warfare" rU'nr; of/British domestic and foreign policy. "Democratic radicalism," Anglican Jesuitism, and Zionism emerged as the three, principal branches of the "Interlocking Directorate" Palmerston developed as the augmented global capabilities of the British intelligence service.
The case of Benjamin Disraeli is exemplary of the kinds of Jews in volved in launching Zionism. Disraeli was a professed Anglican Jesuit, a professed worshipper of both the cult of Isis and the Sybilline cult, an Ashmolean Egyptologist (British Freemason) and a Zionist - as well as being a raving British imperialist. The parvenu Rothschilds, as well as the "older" Montefiores, were centerpieces of the creation of what later became known as the Zionist movement, the "Covenant" sub-branch of British Freemasonry.
It is exemplary of the character of B'nai B'rith that the Czarist Okhrana's "Protocols of Zion" include a hard kernel of truth which no mere Swiss court decision could legislate out of existence. The fallacy of the "Protocols of Zion" is that it misattributes the alleged conspiracy to Jews generally, to Judaism. A corrected version of the Protocols would stipulate that the evil oaths cited were actually the practices of variously a Paris branch of B'nai B'rith and the evidence the Okhrana turned up in tracing the penetration of the Romanian branch of B'nai B'rith (Zion) into such Russian centers of relevance as Odessa, from which British-Dutch intelligence agent Alexander Helphand (Parvus) was recruited. The British had reason to be amused by the "Protocols of Zion" - the ordinary, innocent rabbis and Jews of Russia took it in the neck for the sake of the relatively small network of Zionist conspirators. Under that persecution, Zionism grew.

Zionism as Treason

The introduction of Zionism into the U.S., in 1843, Coincided with the intensified Rothschild penetration of the New York financial center following the shakeout of the 1837 Panic, Closely linked to top Rothschild agent August Belmont, the B'nai B'rith was, from the beginning, a special subdivision of treasonous British Freemasonic networks in the USA, and intimately associated with the Palmerston projects for British reconquest of the U.S. through aid of black-chattel slavery and "free trade" policies and attempted promotion of the alien, enemy political-economic doctrines of Adam Smith. At its inception, to the present date, B'nai B'rith has been a treasonous conspiracy against the United States, a treasonous conspiracy working in the interest of the United States' most consistent and most dedicated adversary. Great. Britain, and working also in the interest of the oligarchical interests centered around the British monarchy, the Hospitallers, and the Isis-centered cultism of Scottish Freemasonry.
Since the dawn of history, all mass-oriented forms of political-intelligence operations have been mediated under the auspices of either religious or quasi-religious cults. The British experience with the Jacobin sansculottes of the 1790s has merely supplemented the use of religious cultism in British practice with the "radical" forms of secular cults spawned on the models of the Carbonari, the Chartist experiment, and "Young Italy." By the time the British intelligence service created Bakunin's anarchist organization — largely through Rothschild funding conduited through such cutoffs as Alexander Herzen — the creation of various radical-liberal, radical, "socialist," and anarchist cult forms was a well-defined art with the British. Otherwise, the deployment through organized religious covers and religious cults continued as the main channels complementing the radicalized forms of secular cultism.
Even to this day, the population of the United Statesjjs. principally organized not through political parties, but through either religious bodies and associations, or through secular cults which serve as substitutes for religious associations among nonreligious persons. (The "unity of the left" is an expression of the cultist tendencies predominating in the personalities of "leftists.") In general, who controls the churches controls the mind of the United States' majority. The church may be separated from the state, but the state is in no real sense separated from the church. ? Through protestant groups controlled through the machinery of the British intelligence-controlled World Council of Churches (the U.S. branch is the National Council of Churches) through the Anglican Jesuits penetration of the Catholic churches from the Georgetown University base, and through the Zionist takeover of most of the synagogues and temples, the

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