New Pamphlet to Document Cult Origins of Zionism

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by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

December 8, 1978

associations are determined and influenced which predominantly shape the attitudes and opinions of a majority of the population.
The aspect of religious associations which must be most emphatically examined to discover the way in which the control is exerted is the "social action" activities which are either conducted by or associated with religious bodies. This is no: to suggest that religious bodies should not have the right to conduct what might be termed "social action." It is to insist that the characteristic world-outlooks and commitments reflected in the social action programs are the aspect of the religious associations through which we gain the most efficient insight into the way political outlooks of the electorate are being shaped. "Social action" has this double significance. It is, in one moment of its expression, a reflection of the political implications of the beliefs of the religious association; it is, in the other moment, a means of playback of political biases into the religious association as such.
The B'nai B'rith is the most evil and most dangerous of the "social action" programs associated with religious bodies in the United States today.
Although nothing could be more evil than the "American heresy" gangsters centered at Georgetown University, the capability of the Anglican Jesuits for dragooning American Catholics into evil is inhibited by the contrary influence of the Vatican on American priests and bishops. Granted. "Vatican II" was won at the price of significant decentralization in the Catholic Church; the Vatican has reason to be astonished if Georgetown even troubles itself to inform the Vatican of major appointments; Georgetown forces exert de facto control over certain activities of American cardinals and bishops even contrary to Vatican policies. Nonetheless, the moral authority of the Vatican exerts itself powerfully through devoted priests and bishops to a degree that even Georgetown would not dare to go too far in tampering with the faith and doctrine of the American Church. There are limits beyond which no Pope will hesitate to move against the
The B'nai B'rith has developed a power over American Jews which is approximated only among certain smaller protestant sects. The power of the evil American Friends Service Committee over the conquered remains of the Religious Society of Friends is the obvious case for comparison. Indeed, considering the power of the Scottish-linked "Quaker" families of Lloyds and (especially) Barclays over both the British and American Service Committees, the American Friends Service Committee is about as evil a conduit for British intelligence as the B'nai B'rith. Moreover, the AFSC and B'nai B'rith have become so tightly, incestuously intermeshed in evil undertakings that it is often difficult to define any demarcation between them in areas of overlap.
The U.S. Labor Party has had reason to note this special feature of the B'nai B'rith. At the top levels of corporate and government power, the Order of Malta and other evil arms of British intelligence are often more important in the criminal operations. deployed against the Labor party than the "Zionist Lobby" as such. However, in the deployment of illegal "black operations" such as Zbigniew Brzezinski's FIST and SWEEP operations, it is only the Anti-Defamation League which is able to consistently deploy the manpower in depth for tightly coordinated surveillance and harassment of local organizations and members of the Labor Party. The ADL is literally the Gestapo of the British secret intelligence in the urban centers of the United States. No other entity has so large a proportion of a religious association consistently, readily deployable to perform evil without manifest constraints of conscience; no other "social action" complement to a religious association is so consistently, so profoundly evil.
The problem among Jews is ancient. The B'nai B'rith today resurrects the tradition of the Jews who demanded the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Jews who pleaded with Nero to launch the "holocaust" against the Christians. These Isis cult-linked cabalist moral imbeciles are the modern Sadducees, the resurrection of the degraded creatures who were the chief enemies of Philo, Christ, St. Peter, St. Paul throughout the Hellenic regions. Our attention is turned to the words of the Apostle St. John, to the warning against the "Jews who are not Jews," the Jewish subdivision of the forces of the "Whore of Babylon."
Since we know that the New Testament is not a collection of myths; since we know the crucial eyewitness and otherwise authoritative complements to the New Testament and the writings of Philo, we do not speak lightly in referring to the ancient precedents. We know this period of classical history intimately, including the history of Eusebius, the commentaries of Plotinus, the writings of Origen, the documents of and surrounding the Council of Nicaea, the writings of St. Augustine. We know that Zionism today is a parody more hideous than what it imitates from the most evil period of Ptolemaic Egypt and the Roman Empire. You cannot be a Zionist and also a Jew.

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