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ECONOMICS AND POLITICS by L. Marcus (Lyndon LaRouche)

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The political positions represented in the draft resolution, The Coming American Socialist Revolution, are the present stage of development of a political line first introduce by L. Marcus to leading SWP bodies in 1957-58. The starting point of that line was and remains that the 1957-58 recession represented a turning-point in post-war imperialist development portending a probable general crisis for the middle or late sixties. In applying this economic analysis to social and political questions Marcus has followed the line of method presented by comrade Trotsky in several places, as in "The Curve of Capitalist Development" (Fl, May, 194-1).

How in the middle 'sixties! with the beginning of a new U.S. recession evident in March, 1965) with the imperialist financial organs filled with the issue of an impending general crisis, the Marcus economic analysis has been fully confirmed by ensuing events. The Marcus positions on social and political perspectives have been confirmed in much the same way, virtually to the same extent. What is actually proven is the effectiveness of Marxism as a science, Marxist method. Again, history has demonstrated that the active practice of Marxist science is the only means for comprehending the current reality, the exclusive basis for revolutionary political programs and activities.

Yet, in "Report and Recommendations on Economic Discussion" (SWP Internal Bulletin, Vol. 25, No. 5), we encounter the worst sort of revisionism, both respecting Marxist economics and the method by which Marxists expose the interconnection of economics and politics. It is absolutely clear, for example, that the authors and sponsors of the PC's "economic resolution" know absolutely nothing about Marx's conception of the general crisis of capitalism.

The political responsibility for this revisionism does not lie with the inexperienced young comrades on the "Economic Subcommittee." These young comrades might become very good Marxists, provided that they rid themselves of the ignorant method of the academic classroom. The political responsability for this revisionism lies with the Political Committee. That Committee, apparently incompetent to say anything itself on urgent questions of the day, resorts to borrowing the "freshman exercise books" of youth still steeped in bourgeois economics as a substitute for Marxist analysis.

The issue is not confined to errors of fact and conclusion of inexperienced students. More important is the complete anti-Marxist political proposal:

". . . 3. That a literary discussion on economics "be opened after the convention. Any party member would be entitled to submit contributions to the bulletins concerned with this particular discussion, provided, in the opinion

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