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The following article was published in Lyndon LaRouche's New Solidarity in the July 1974-while Fred Newman and his followers were still members of the National Caucus of Labor Committees-thus disproving Newman's initial claim in 1976 that he knew nothing about IWP members Ann Green's and attorney Harry Kresky's visits to the FBI and U.S. Attorneys Office to file complaints against James Retherford (a former CFC comrade) and to provide details about his alleged Weather Underground connections. To this day, Newman still insists that he personally never ordered Kresky nor Green to snitch" on his former comrade.

New York, July 28 (1974)-The Federal Bureau of Investigation has refused to investigate the kidnapping of the child of a Labor Committee member, proving its conscious complicity in the escalated CIA-coordinated attack on individual members of the Labor Committees.

On June 15, the 11-month-old son of Ann Green-a member of the Labor Committee and former member of the Centers for Change-was taken by the estranged father, James Retherford. Neither the child nor the father have been seen since. Retherford had previously made clear that so long as Green was involved in the Labor Committees, he would not allow her to keep the child, a clear violation of her civil rights. Secondly, Retherford's absconding with the child illegally preempts upcoming family court proceedings to determine child custody rights. The FBI refused to investigate the case, claiming that since the child is with its father, the act does not constitute kidnapping.

However, Mr. Retherford is not merely an anxious father interested in the safe keeping of his son. As NCLC legal representatives[1] explained to the FBI and the U.S. Attorney, Retherford has consistently been on the periphery of the CIA terrorist operation, the Weathermen, and as late as January 1974, had reportedly harbored Weathermen fugitives. Retherford has a long history of involvement with the CIA countergang swamp, including several arrests and acting as the ghostwriter for Jerry Rubin's book Do It. At the present time, the NCLC suspects Retherford of being a police informer.

The failure of the U.S. Attorney and the FBI to launch an investigation into the whereabouts of Retherford corroborates mounting evidence that the FBI is actively complicit with Retherford in the kidnapping as part of an escalating attack to stop the organizing of the Labor Committee.


[1] Among them, IWP members Harry Kresky and Ann Green.

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