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07-07-2007, 08:40 AM
To all your questions: I don't know. I heard that a few monthes after the Wiesbaden conference where Jeremiah died (march 2003), there was an iclc conference in Germany where lyn took on the EEC calling them incompetent etc. But that was three years before the collective departure of the German EEC.
Does a Jason Ross or the departed EEC have any remorse or conscience? Did anyone feel any remorse after Ken Kronberg's suicide? I am afraid that s what most lose after years of larouche treatment: your conscience.
The "Ibykus principle" doesnt seem to apply to them.
Btw: lyn NEVER sent his condolences to Jeremiah's parents.


07-07-2007, 10:10 PM
LaRouche and condolences don't mesh. For him to have sent condolences to Jeremiah's parents might have seemed (to LaRouche) to suggest that he had something to do with it, or needed to care about it. It is LaRouche's complete lack of humanity which has betrayed him, time and again.
My information is that the ONLY reason Lyn wrote "condolences" to Molly Kronberg about Ken Kronberg's death is that he was getting extreme pressure from members in Leesburg to do so--including emails, etc.--and including from "ordinary" members.
Of course, he waited many many days to send anything--this for someone who had been in the organization 35 years and was well known to him personally--and when he did send his "condolences" to Kronberg's wife, the letter he wrote was positively frightful. Just nuts. Said basically Ken Kronberg's importance was that he worked for me, and you need to realize that.
Nothing about sorry for your loss, he was a great guy, he did great work for us, here's a gold watch--nada.
It was pathological, and even more pathological was that the cult was so proud of it they then printed it in the morning briefing and finally in the EIR! Obviously not realizing that it just showed what a cold, heartless, inhuman narcissist LaRouche is.
LaRouche tends to save his eloquence-in-death for people he doesn't know from Adam, like Indira Gandhi and Krafft Ehricke and John Paul I (read that memorial from the 1970s--amazing).


07-08-2007, 05:05 AM
The URl that Howie posted
has caught the eyes of many former members. The person at the card table shrine may be a long time member named Susan Bowen according to people who have viewed the picture. This is indeed interesting and should be a lesson to the yutes.
Sue was recuited more than 30 years ago to the LC. This picture looks like it was taken in Chicago. In the briefing it is reoprted that a "flying squad" was sent from Detroit to reopen that city for money and bodies. Chicago used to be a big deal for us and was run by a couple named Cheila and Terry Jones. Sheila had a few delusions and one of them was that she was tight with Helga as Helga allowed her to accompany her on shopping trips. Between spending LC money she would listen and nod her head at Sheila about whatever Sheila was mumbling about.
The "Secrets Known only to the Inner Elites" was that Shiela had no idea what Helga's German bodyguards thought of African Americans. Shiela was only tolerated because the Chicago "Specials team" was bringing in big bucks on a regular basis. Many people left Chicago as they thought the place was crazy, ie her.
No matter how "special" Shiela thought she was to Helga, she was only as good as the next "Special" the phone team was bringing in. Once that well dried up, Shiela dried up. Sheila was also another bomer victim of the cult. At one time Shiela Jones was on top of the world and was put on the National Committee, a pretty big deal if you are into the cult. But, it all came tumbling down as once the income figures dropped, Lyn noticed and that was that. Eventually Shiela was babysitting other member's kids, including the Bettags I was told. Howie, didn't a Bettag write to you? Ask her about Shiela Jones .
Shiela Jones also did something which is a no no in the LC. She became a boomer with a health issue, and that costs money. I have no idea what Shiela Jones is up to now, but I can see her as another statistic in the chewed up and spit out column.
Susan Bowen I would guess is over 50 years of age by now. She went from being a field hand to a phone team fundraiser for many years. Susan's husband is a big guy named Bob Bowen who now runs the Detroit LYM. Since he too is a boomer, that is only a temporary title in the cult. One of the worst comboa a married couple could have is being a "power couple" where the guy is a local or regionla leader and the wife is a fundraiser. For some strange reason, men in the LC prove how good they are by how much money their wives raise. I should have paid attention in those early Beyond Psych classes to figure that out. If your wife did not make the bucks, then the local NCs would go after the spouse, who in turn would go after their wife when they got home. This is on top of a very late night meeting with the local NC with the female fundraiser about how her blocking in raising money may casue Lyn to get assasinated and humanity wiped out. By the time this all ended, a woman like Susan may be finally getting to sleep at 3 AM and have to get up the next day for another 9 AM to 11 PM fundraising gig.


07-08-2007, 05:07 AM
No none has mentioned anything which Susan did which can be construed as abusive. I have a soft spot for her predicament as I was reminded of a special meeting she may have been at in 1981 or there abouts. This was a special meeting Lyn had with the local field membership in the NYC/NJ region.
It was held at Lyn's townhouse on Sutton Place, a few rows down from E 58th street. The locals were all being starved and money was all being sent to the National office . The talk was about the upcoming campaign by Lyn and one exchange always sticks out by members who were there. After Lyn came down stairs he rambled on about how important the field work and fundraising is by the regions. All sorts of intitiatives were announced and how we running the globe. At the end of this, one member asked if this means that most people (including the person asking) were ever going to stop being at card table shrines. Lyn responded that of course you will because that is how we change history. A few people looked at each other with a puzzling look while trying to show a good face. Many people who were there eventually left, except for Susan Bowen.
So here we are, a QUARTER CENTURY later, seeing a Susan Bowen at a card table shrine on a Chicago street. Many of her fellow members who were with her at that meeting with Lyn have children in college and great careers. They look forward to grand children, travel, writing books and enjoying life in general. A few of those who were at that meeting returned to college and are teachers, lawyers, writers , researchers and above all FREE and HAPPY.
The person who took that picture and wrote about it only sees a glimpse of Susan Bowen for a few minutes. A lot of people here know more and see here as someone they wished left the cult to a better life. If you see Susan, you can ask her about her brother in law Peter and what he went through fighting a losing battle as a boomer against the cult and creditors.


07-08-2007, 07:32 AM
Well, I guess it's official. Albert Einstein has been formally enrolled into the Pantheon:
"The universe which we inhabit is enormous; but, nonetheless, big things in history, such as the births of Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz, and Albert Einstein, sometimes begin from small places."
(Note too the new "infinitesimal" theme.) See, LaRouche praises a Jew, so I guess he's not an antisemite, so therefore LaRouche is not responsible for the deaths of Duggan and Kronberg, so everybody should just please leave him alone ... Einstein of course after 1905 had a lifetime of exposure to cranks; it would be funny to see how he would take endorsement from this sociopathic and Jew-hating crackpot.


07-08-2007, 08:24 AM
There was some period of time, of course, when the LaRouche org was very hostile to Einstein, to say the least.
In the 1990s, Chuck Stevens taught science classes in Leesburg in which he basically said Einstein was a Bad Man. (Chuck, of course, also said that Ken Kronberg "should have committed suicide 30 years ago." Nice guy. Stable, too.)
Not so long ago, 21st Century mag (editor--Larry Hecht) started promoting the work of Maurice Allais, denying Einstein's discoveries in relativity. And even more recently, Hecht wrote an editorial in 21st Century attacking Einstein.
But someone must've put a flea in LaRouche's ear, because after the Hecht editorial appeared, he issued something in praise of Einstein, after having badmouthed Einstein himself for years.
Speaking of 21st Century, I just looked at their website to try to find the Maurice Allais article. Doesn't look as if they've put out a magazine since the Fall/Winter 2006 issue. The mag is online only now, of course, but it seems as if it's not even that....


07-08-2007, 08:43 AM
In rereading what I recently posted, Lyn's comments are not clear enough. The meeting with the local membership was very early 1980. I think before the Sutton Place town house he had a penthouse apt on W 58th street a few doors down from the 304 W 58th st office.
When the question was asked by a local member about how long they would have to be running card table shrines, Lyn said in no uncertainty that they would be manning that card table shrine for ever and ever since that is how we change history.
Among the many predictions which Lyn has given to the membership, that is perhaps the most accurate and the most truthfull. Looking at that picture of Susan Bowen, I wonder if she ever thinks about that one morning on New York's fasionable Sutton Place where Lyn finally told her the truth about her life?
Many people also wonder if Susan Bowen ever wondered how Lyn could testify under oath in his trial that he has no idea of where the money for the town house, armed guards, food, utilities , transport, clothes and other expenses came from? This truly is a Bizarro moment for Susan Bowen as she and others were patted down and searched before being allowed to enter Lyn's classy townhouse. Lyn appears in front of her and says that she and others have to raise the money and work those phones and card table shrines even harder. One of the phrases Lyn liked to use was that becuase of all of the assasination threats agaisnt him, he was a prisoner in the townhouse and only left for travel. Each night the NEC came by for a NEC meeting which included the daily income totals . The cult's expenses and budget was discussed nightly and Lyn has the final word.
Yet, he claims to not know how he got to Sutton Place , the Penthouse, the Riverdale condo, Ashburn or Club Ibykus, or how how the money came about when he was prosecuted for tax fraud. Most people would call those addresses pretty expensive places to live. During the trials we called them safe houses and then later said they were open to the whole LC to merrily wander through and park you butt on the sofa when you felt like it.
A QUARTER CENTURY later, Susan Bowen is parking her butt at a card table shrine, just like Lyn forecasted. Then again, based on the people who tell me that she was a regular at being browbeaten by the leadership, maybe it is more peaceful outside for her.
Yutes, think where you expect to be in the year 2032 and ask where your fellow card table shriner was 25 years ago. No wonder an older member in one of the LYM offices broke down in tears on the floor when faced with what his life ended up as. Cooking group meals and scrubbing pots and pans in the office while being nothing but a looked down on boomer in the bizarro world.
I cook meals and scrub pots and pans too, but that is for my family. I cry over how my children are growing up so fast when I see their baby pictures . You can do a lot in a quarter century and everyone who saw that picture of Susan wishes that she was somewhere else. She had many friends. Friends who left after that Sutton Place meeting with Lyn.


07-08-2007, 09:09 AM
I had never heard of Maurice Allais. For those interested, he describes his work in physics toward the end of this autobiographical piece:
He seems to be accomplished in a conventional sense, but then see the crank site which cites Hecht inter alia:
Even his own self-description is not free from the classically crank tone, however.
What has made Einstein palatable to LaRouche, I suspect, is that over time the latter has put so much rubbish into the mouth of the former, that the latter has now forgotten having done so, and now credits the former with noting the importance of Cusanus to Western science, among other claims.
LYMers, are you throwing your lives away for such a confused individual? As to your earthshaking intellectual work: are you making quota?


07-08-2007, 11:13 AM
LYM, have you boys and girls figured out why this was the lead in last weeks briefing yet?
LC boomers, what do you think Lyn will have to say about you when you perish?

June 30, 2007
I have noted, from e-mails sent to me, and otherwise, that
typical Baby Boomers and others have reacted with clinically
characteristic expressions of psychopathological denial (of the
"what mushroom cloud" variety) to the principal point of the
message contained within my June 21st webcast. This has included
some current typical cases from among our associates.
It is clinically significant that this is the type of
psychopathological denial, which echoes the leading pathological
trait of many among the PMR leaders, as also the Win-Star
psychotics of the 1995-2000 years prior to the mid-2000 crash of
the Y2K bubble. We recall the hysterical denial expressed against
forecasts of the crises which later occurred, "on schedule,"
denials such as the crash of the "Lyn's forecast is wrong; the
money will be there" psychobabble, even among our own circles
during those years. This was especially notable among the folks
in the footsteps of perennially bankrupt Andy Typaldos, who
argued that we were being unbusiness-like failures in putting
priority on political organizing,
As our own experience of the results of such cases has shown us,
such forms of hysterical denial of reality can be deadly.
Such types of reactions are almost always associated with certain
clinically significant kinds of hysterics in manner of speech,
facial expressions, and "body language" generally. These usually
have forms of body-language and related expressions we would
associate with efforts to "shout down" anything which frightens
the victim of such pathological incidents. Sometimes, literal
shouting occurs; but, as we know from experience, there are other
varieties of this, such the kind of bare-faced lying which
Hartmut Cramer showed in his broadcast lie in defense of Uwe's
complicity with Fernando Quijano, in resigning from his post of
treasurer. The case of the not-always-candid, money-grabbing Uwe
Friesecke's essentially habitual practice of such bare-faced
lying, is also notable as among clinically relevant typical
expressions of witting lying as an habituated form of denial of
obvious reality.
Those examples are also related to the kinds of hysterical
attempts at denial which we encounter now from those who are
either denying the BAE reality or clinging hysterically to the
refusal to permit the impeachment of Cheney.
The important thing is: never capitulate to such forms of denial.
Do it compassionately: "I am sorry to learn that you are too
frightened to face reality in this matter. We can discuss this
later, when you have thought over the reasons for your denial of
this reality."
Now who exactly is not in the real world in Leesburg?


07-08-2007, 12:31 PM
Susan Bowen, circa 1984:
Tuesday, April 17, 1984
Three members of a radical political group were evicted from a University of Pennsylvania classroom after calling economics professor Lawrence Klein a Nazi and accusing him of promoting genocide.
"This man's model is Adolf Hitler!" cried one of the three supporters of the Lyndon LaRouche presidential campaign who disrupted the class.
"This is an outrage--a Nazi on campus. He is currently plotting the destruction of Israel. This man is an anti-Semitic genocidal butcher," he added.
LaRouche is somewhat of a cult political figure who has mounted several minor presidential campaigns in the past.
Students in the class were not amused. "How can you come here and call him a Nazi? He's teaching an introductory economics class," said one of the students to the demonstrators' claim.
Klein said, "I insist that you are a bunch of screwballs and will please get out."
According to LaRouche supporter Susan Bowen, Klein served as an advisor to the Monterrey business-financier group which she claims was responsible for destroying the Mexican economy by forcing the country to cease government industrial projects and social services.
Bowen and another group of LaRouche Campaign members demonstrated outside the building where the class was held, toting signs reading. "Stop Klein's Racist Nazi Genocide" and "Feed Africa."
The Daily Pennsylvanian report added that Klein said he has been attacked before by the LaRouche Campaign.
He also said that the protestors are a group that "works on the lunatic fringe, so I don't know what they stand for, other than troublemaking. They don't only deal with third world issues, but whatever suits them."
Key quote: "How can you come here and call him a Nazi? He's teaching an introductory economics class."


07-08-2007, 01:25 PM
That briefing slug clearly demonstrates the pure evil of Lyndon LaRouche. It also remains amusing that a college drop-out uses psychotherapeutic terminology when he is not a psychotherapist, but stands rather in need of a team of such - direct from Vienna.


07-08-2007, 04:29 PM
Hey, Yutes, Gerry will also let you kick the football - after Charlie Brown.
Nobody in creation gives a rat's a-- what Lyn did or did not say on the web, at Starbucks, in the shower or anywhere else about anything at all ever - that's the reality, and Steinberg is grounded enough to know that.
Somebody has to write a comic novel incorporating all of this stuff: it would make Kafka look like Jane Austen.
By the way, I have it on good authority that Phil Rubenstein still has some articles of clothing shall we say of various women he has known which he sports about during briefings while he is giving it to the "boomers." Thus that extra edge ...


07-08-2007, 05:19 PM
Jeff Steinberg is offering Gerry Rose to do psychiatric consulting with members who have a sneaking suspicion Lyn is nuts??!!?
Holy Freakfest, Batman!
These are the same people who couldn't find the time or the heart to support Kronberg when PMR was going under--and then dance on his grave (at least, LaRouche does in that briefing lead)--and they're going to give psychiatric consults?!?
There are still obscenity laws on the books in Virginia, aren't there? Also laws against practicing shrinkitude without a license? --and certainly laws against practicing it without a mind.


07-09-2007, 06:41 AM
Thanks for one of the funniest briefing messages (if it wasn't so sad). Not only is Gerry Rose giving consults but psychiatric consults, not just psychological consults. I always thought you needed a medical degree to be qualified to be a psychiatrist, but I guess once you've mastered Archimedes and Riemann that's no longer necessary. Oh Doctor, heal thyself!


07-09-2007, 07:01 AM
It's a case of the mental patients running the nuthouse, starting with the World's Greatest Nutjob since Caligula.


07-09-2007, 07:08 AM
it reminds me Poe's THE SYSTEM OF DR. TARR AND PROF. FETHER.....


07-09-2007, 11:16 AM
LaRouche has obviously sprung a leak in response to some internal organizational turmoil--the idea that it has to do with the June 21st webcast is ridiculous--but the fact that he says in his briefing lead and Jeff Steinberg says again in this other item in the same briefingthat members are upset is pretty interesting (LaRouche says he's getting emails, Jeff says that members are p----d off at LaRouche).
Something is going on that has driven LaRouche up the wall, leading him to release his insane memo (I'm sure members relish being called M--rf----. Very classy.). Obviously Jeff is trying to calm things down--perhaps his Saturday update was given after LaRouche wrote this memo(Jeff, translated, is saying: Folks, your anger/turmoil/distress/existential nausea/disaffection is driving Lyn bughouse, so try to deal with it by schmoozing with that soothing schmoozer Gerry, and pull yourselves together before Lyn really flips his hairpiece and I, Jeff, the successor, have a serious problem on my hands).


07-10-2007, 08:58 PM


07-11-2007, 10:01 AM
Does anyone have an economic model that accounts for the continued existence of LaR and his group?


07-11-2007, 10:17 AM
"Does anyone have an economic model that accounts for the continued existence of LaR and his group?"
Here ya go:
&imgrefurl= 1&tbnid=vaTyKSeGPuNV6M:&tbnh=71&tbnw=133&prev=/images%3Fq%3D%2522dodging%2Bbill%2Bcollectors%2522 %2Bgoldberg%26svnum%3D10%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den


07-11-2007, 12:23 PM
Perhaps Lyn had a brainstorm and refashioned the Marxist equation s/c+v which originally meant surplus value/constant capital + variable capital to become surplus to Lyn/looting of constant capital from PMR and World Comp + the "vig" he gets on fleecing creditors and not paying members their stipends.


07-11-2007, 12:36 PM
And there are assorted blogs commenting on these items. It is a little refreshing to see my indexed "Larouche" throw me something other than a whole mass of larouchepub items about Historic Webcasts and obscure British scandals that somehow manage to involve skull-duggery by British mps calling for the investigation of Jeremiah Duggan.
A different phrase from the one review of Dialectical Economics than I've always thought weirdly appropriate from a reviewer who did not quite know the nature of what he was reading -- When I read that review, I was hit with the phrase "Me for Dictator type". McLemme has "one man party".
By the way: Is Vladimir Putin cribbing from the same source-books as Larouche?


07-11-2007, 01:57 PM
From the McLemee piece, here is one trenchant passage cited from the only academic review of _Dialectical Economics_:
"And yet there was, indeed, some economics in it. The exact kind was worth noting — for not all of it came from Das Kapital, by any means. Bronfenbrenner discerned that the author "had the advantage of more private-business experience than the great majority of academic economists." A good deal of that direct knowledge "has been at the exploitive frontier of 'white-collar crime,' bordering on fraud both in the inducement and the [ital]factum[ital]....Marcus's experience extends to the speculative overcapitalization of capital values, creating 'fictitious capitals' which cannot later justify themselves by earning capacity in the normal course of events."
In short, Dialectical Economics was the work of someone familiar, not just with Marxist theory, but with creative bookkeeping."
So just what was Lyndon Hermyle Fraud up to all those years as "consultant" to the "shoe industry"?


07-12-2007, 03:52 AM
The basic economic and structural model for Lyn can be found in almost any Mafia family bestseller. Instead of a Godfather you have a Cultfather in Lyn who underneath has lower level lackeys under his thumb to carry out the demands. Below that you have the NC who function as the sort of "made men" who scramble to get the loot from various enterprises. IN between yoiu have Tax fraud which Lyn was convicted of using the same defense I used to read in local newspapers when a gangster gets caught. They claim to have a legit job and make a low level of income compared to the lifestyle.
Lyn claims to make $28 K a year on one FEC filing form. If this is true than more money in perhaps untaxed cash is paid yearly to Carpet and the rest of the scam artists who Jeff S introduces to Lyn as "part of the family". Even mobsters are not immune from scams run by others who know better and have an insider to promote them.
Lyn did not file for years and you can read all about this in the trial transcripts.
Oh I forgot, you silly yutes only have access to the "Railroad" book. Ask the clueless dollar an hour consigliere wannabes for the transcripts of the trials and read for yourself how lyn and Rick McGraw and his wife took care of the cash. Speaking of clueless dollar an hour consigliere wannabes in Leesburg, the Susan Bowen episode made me think of this.
I still have a hard time believing that a QUARTER CENTURY later, Susan is still at the card table shrine just like Lyn predicted. Now it seems real funny to me that I know of a dozen or so former LC members who left after the Sutton Place meeting and know the current dollar an hour consigliere wannabees from the national Office. These dozen or so exlc went back to school and eventually ended up in law school and became real lawyers while their legal staff friends ended up unqualified to be even a basic law clerk if you read one court's opinion of a brief they filed. These former members who are in the real world practising law have written books, argued before the Supreme court and advise unions, governments and work in highly influential positions. The wannabes basically read the transcripts of Lyn's testimony every day and have not yet been able to put 2 and 2 together to figure out why they are in the Bizarro world.
Mybe they think that Dennis King convicted Lyn instead of our own words. Some how Dennis King is easier to blame for everything than what the cult writes itself.
The idea of a mafia cult is pretty easy to see in the LC/LYM operation. The King Book and the recent article
point out that Lyn has a pretty good idea about white collar crime, check kiting and other financial scams. We can go a bit further and find that the cult has on a few occasions gone into the character assasination business where for a few K you can get some jabronis to give out leaflets while others make phone calls. Over the years you find that we did this for people we claimed to hate while running against them in elcetions. There is even a blurb I read somewhere where it seems that Bush 1 was interested in our dirty tricks apparatus. The cover for all of this as real unique. Since Lyn is viewed as a nutcase, he can get away with printing crazy things and spreading dirt where others can not.


07-12-2007, 03:56 AM
Financing all of this is not too hard Earnest one. Lyn writes in the open how he runs his finances. One fo the first things he did was write abpout "primitive accumulation" which you see in how members trust funds were raided. The debt bom came next as we had members take out one loan after another whiel we promised to pay it back. Well, you know what happens when people borrow money for one thing and it gets used for another. The old NS articles about zombie slave labor at UAW plants comes to life when you see how members work for a few bucks a day and instead of methadone we give them endless mental abuse to keep them working 18 hours a day. The use of "replacement workers" over high priced older workers has been the plan for the past few years as an age war between high health cost boomers who had a certain job structure were replaced with low cost yutes.
Lyn used to scream about 'chiseling" at conferences in reference to taking away benefits and money from workers and retirees. According to my calcualtions using moderate CPI figures, a LYM replacement worker today works for in some cases 75% less than what Susan Bowen worked for a QUARTER CENTURY ago!
A few years after I left I read the mafia bio called 'Wise Guys" which was made into a movie. There is a lot of info about a practise the mob uses called "busting a business" . This is where the gangsters become secret partners of a legit business and proceed to clean it out by first building up the business to secure vendor credit. Next the company borrows as much as possible and then delays paying . Cash is skimmed off and the mob takes the companies products and sells them outside the company for quick cash which then goes to the crmie boss who determines where it goes next. In many cases the owner of the company has no idea that his business is being set up like this and will eventually go under. Everything is in his or her name while the local Godfather has all of the proceeds. In a few cases it gets so bad that money for taxes, local fees and employee costs are diverted and never paid back. Legally , the owner is on the incorporation papers while the crime boss has nothing in his name. If the owner complains, well, he can be cajoled, threatened and have his life become pretty miserable.
Boy this sounds like PMR now that I think about it. If what I hear is correct, PMR printed massive amounts of goods which were not paid for. The goods were then transhipped to local offices where the low paid yutes then sold them. Under this business model it seems that EIR and other Lyn controlled outfits basically reap the benefits of having merchandise for nothing and making a good profit since there is no cost per unit and the help is almost free. After as much was siphoned off as possible you can blame it all on the boomers for not mailing anything out. When the IRS and vendors come knocking Lyn is nowhere on the premises.
I bet you yutes have no idea of how this works. What is real crazy is that for years the yutes were told that there was no money to pay them since the cult was spending a lot of money on printing. Ask to see the statements about how much money was either paid or owed to PMR yutes.
We can go on with this for a long time. In fact, there are plenty of mob stories involving Lyn and strange people forn Detroit and Boston. We even went to a loan shark while trying to "buy" the 1980 New Hampshire primary . Yutes, ask the legal staff for the transcripts from the trials where we flew a security guy to Boston each week with a ton of cash in brown paper bags to pay off someone for the loan.
Everything is an open book in the LC/LYM and I am certain that that these docs will be made available for your viewing. You can do that while seeing Gerry Rose.


07-12-2007, 12:29 PM
About that economic model: Thanks for the responses, guys/gals, but I should have been clearer.
Obviously, all pyramid schemes eventually crash/crumble/crumple.
Frauds perpetrated in the past, while interesting and educational, do not necessarily shed light on present-day operations. Perhaps the modus operandi is the same, perhaps not.
I had in mind something far more mundane: a simple accounting-style "budget" that gives plausible insight into how this "thing" continues.
For example, if 1,000 Yutes each raise a dollar-a-day in excess of the amount needed for their maintenance, and this is forwarded to central headquarters, then LaR/Helg have over 350 grand a year to play around with. Not bad, actually.
So the idea was to assemble a far more extensive accounting: How many members are there? What do they cost (prior to their eventual breakdown and "disposal")? What are the office expenses? How many golden souls at the top get paid a "living wage"? What are the obvious income sources? How does it all work? Does it neccessarily require wild-money infusions?
If the economic exploitation is made clear enough, then this could help Yutes (etc.) understand their true role… their world-historical purpose…
Again, the question involves present-day operations.


07-12-2007, 03:20 PM
You can look up the income and expenses of LarouchePac here:
This is not the true budget because you have other income raised through EIR type sales, Schiller Institute checks and other fronts. The big money is made with the phone boiler room and in generating large "specials" . Weekly budgets are are based on anyhwere from 150 to 250 K a week. For you who were around in the 1980s this is like raising 75 K a week in 1980 dollars. In th epast local offices had the ability to hold back money for local expenses and send what was left. Tghis explains why the campaigns and Lpac are important for Lyn since this oney goes to Leesburg first, then returns to the locals . It may seem like a lot of money but it gets eaten up real fast by everything except wages. What someone should examine is exactly how much in total the cult extracted from PMR and should that be subject to taxes. The RICO laws were set up to figure out how money trails work in special situations of hidden partners.
The yutes are just fodder in this whole contraption. They are told that there is no money for them because fo print costs. If PMR is owed a lot of money or did work in kind, than you see how this game works.
Out of the remaining money you have to set aside several thousand every few weeks to pay people like Carpet, Mr Ed , The Colonel and others. Whether there was a paycheck with FICA taken out or whether each master of Lyn's delusions reports that as income is an interesting question. If you had 5 K a week going to this than over 15 years a cool nearly 4 million is subject to some type of tax. the figure thrown around by people is that roughly 11 million was spent on various delusions.
Since the beginning of the LC there was never a balanced budget or even a budget one can look at. The closest I ever saw us do a budget is a US labor Party conference we had in NYC in the mid 1970s. I did happen to see a budget from several years ago. What jumps out at you is that the LC adopted LaroucheCare to some degree.
LaroucheCare worked liked this according to a few members. "Lyn says that no one under 45 needs health insurance". I laughed that off many years ago until some people in Leesburg mentioned to me that Lyn wanted the LC to be self insured with money each week going to a general fund. Since a few people who knew how the money gets treated by Lyn knew that this was a bad joke, they seemed to go to a health plan with a very high, maybe 1 million dollar company deductible. In the budget I saw there were pretty hefty bills for some members who were being treated for cancer.
The obvious thing to me is that if I am looking at the weekly LC budget and I see 30 K a week for health costs, that is 30 K a week less for a few leaflets to litter DC Metro stations.


07-12-2007, 03:26 PM
This all leads to something the yutes could do. Go ask for a weekly budget and the balance sheets for the past few decades. See what the labor costs were and figure out exactly how much Lyn pays his people. What you will find is that one Carpet is worth maybe a hundred yutes on the cult open market.
No matter how much money is raised, there will always be a crisis which is greater than the total rasied. This is a basic Larouche carrot stick stick where you need to keep members in a permanent crisis of fear. Part of LC life is figuring out how to skip payments if you have been in a while.
All cults do this and I wonder how many mobes the yutes have to go through before they figure this all out?
THE issue for me is to simply ask the cult to state how much money has been raised in the past QUARTER CENTURY and how much of that repaid the loans we took out from our supporters.
This is not Riemanian geometry, just a simple moral question. Did you pay back and how much did you pay back to the people we owed money to?
New yutes are kept afloat by their parents. A while back I figured that eventually the hammer would drop and lcoals would have to raise money in the streets. That pretty much is what is happeneing to the yutes now.
Breathe in deep son, Lyn needs the cash more than you need lungs.

Here is a card table shrine in action. Lyn has the yutes all in a tizzy over the Queen of England.
Tha caption should be "I dropped out of school for this"


07-12-2007, 04:26 PM
Tony Papert must be spending some of the money: I see several payments to "WAMI, LLC" the owner/operator of the "Be Bar." a trendy D.C. gay bar.
And what the hell is this front outfit, "LaRouche Youth, LLC" through which so much money is funneled?
Kheris, has the FEC or IRS ever audited these bozos? This reeks.


07-12-2007, 06:23 PM
In reading my last post I wondered if I was too harsh in using the phrase "mind abuse". Since leaving the Biazarro world decades ago I can't quite find words to describe life in the LC without using phrases like mind control or abuse after reading how so many cults operate. You take a look at Susan who after a QUARTER CENTURY has not figured out how Lyn was dead serious that her future was going to be at a card table shrine for him. The highest "rank" she may have achieved is maybe a local steering committee member and then a phone team member. So maybe it is too harsh to expect her to know more of how the cult works. Let us gop above her to maybe the legal staff and then to the absolute top in Jeff Steinberg who surley knows everything.
In calling this the Bizarro world I often get emails from current or past LC.LYM who hate that description. Let me provife everyone with a perfect example of this.
Go to the LYM web site and click on this PDF Campaigner about the Chris White Brain washing. We used to call it the "Oops" Campaigner.
Everyone I mentioned was around the LC and knows Chris White and read that Campaigner. Everyone in the LYM clubhouse can read this PDF and ask plenty of questions about this whole era which involved brainwashing and frogmen ready to emerge from the icy Hudson river to schlep with scuba gear to kill Lyn. Lyn may have been living in the Village at this time, so the idea of a bunch of male Cubans in wet suits stroling down Christopher Street to Lyn's apt may be plausible.
After the yutes return to the LYM clubhouse after a hard day of sucking in exhaust fumes, ask youe local boomer NC member about what happened to Chris White with a straight face. Tell them that you just read the Campaigner and wonder what happened to him since he was an NEC member and married to Lyn's ex. Go ahead and ask any one in the LC you deploy with and see what kind of answer you get. Go ask Jeff, Susan and the legal staff. The legal staff is pretty sharp, they shopuld be able to connect the dots for you.
After you get your answers, look this up on the web.
At one time I was pretty upset that Chris White let this go on for so long. However, after reading what he wrote I understand the pain he went through and how a cult can screw up so many years of your life. I view Chris White as a victim of this lunacy and someone who had years of his life shaved off.


07-12-2007, 06:28 PM
Here are a few lines:

  • *
    "Some may know things about LaRouche. Others, younger, newer to the area, may not. LaRouche was convicted back in 1988 for running a criminal scheme to defraud financial contributors of his organization, which is headquartered here in Leesburg. The funds were used to operate a network of cultish political and publishing fronts, which spread lies to stir up interest, and raise more money. It may seem strange perhaps that someone with that kind of background ended up among the Unitarians? ........................
    some of you may remember, ran a story by April Witt called 'No Joke'. In the article she quoted me, I think from a more than 30 years old New York Times article, saying I had been brainwashed and sent to the US to assassinate LaRouche. It wasn't true in 1974, or 30 years later...............................
    I hope you will understand if I say that today I would like to attempt to be more affirmative and talk about some of the ways we try to give meaning to our lives and hope to continue to grow as we work on finding our way. My life is here. My wife is here. I'm not leaving. I would like to be able to make amends if I can, and atone where I can."
  • *
    Leesburg is full of older LCers who have to confront daily how their lives were upended by a cult of personality which took advantage of all that was good in them for a madman. You have to ask yourself how can a person like a Jeff S or others continue this nightmare of horrors. To see how the cult crazed legal / security staff which knows a lot more than anyone about the delusions of Lyn and the many, many broken bank accounts, lives, minds which litter the world is frightening.
    We next will examine why it so crucial for the cult's life and Lyn's power to use basic mind control techniques.
    Yutes, ask yourself why this old and ragged NC needs to know about your inner secrets, dreams, nightmares and sexual life. Why can't they tell you about LC history and how Lyn works? Why do you have to read the 2,800 or so pages here to find out why except for the last remaining deadenders, everyone left after figuring it all out?

07-12-2007, 08:01 PM
Kheris, has the FEC or IRS ever audited these bozos? This reeks.
By statute I am barred from finding out what my agency is doing, has to do with taxpayer privacy. So I haven't a clue whether the FEC or IRS has taken any action aside from hints to me from 3rd parties, which are suggestive that the IRS may be chasing after some part of the Larouche crowd. Tax liens are public information but Virginia's system ( is very klugy.
That said; verify that Federal Tax Liens exist and you can glean an awful lot of info from that filing. If anyone out there can confirm that levies have been dropped on entities that owe PMR money, that will give you even more insight as to what the agency is doing.
By the way, the search at Virginia's site shows Bruce Director as the Registered Agent for Larouche Youth LLC, dating back to 2005.
(Message edited by kheris on July 12, 2007)


07-13-2007, 03:16 AM
One big black hole in the org has always been security. Money can be sent there and since there is always some fakata conspiracy with Lyn, most members will not question a penny. The only question they may have is to ask for a penny.
Check these out yutes.

Corporate ID Number:
Filing State:
Date of Incorporation:

Officer Name:
PHILA, PA 19103

Originated State:

Corporate ID Number:
Filing State:
Date of Incorporation:

Officer Name:
It may beslow here for a several days folks. There is a concept which is completely foreign to the cult, a vacation with your family. I am surprised that they have not yet used "The Larouche Family" in the briefings as they have some scary members parading in the streets now.


07-13-2007, 03:05 PM
I checked out the pac contributions to LaRouche PAC. Isn't it amazing that the total contribution to Democrat candidates is $1550? I was also noting the contributions from members (or perhaps they left but still contribute) like Ian Levit and Fletcher James who began their own computer company. Now for those members who donate to the campaign, if they provided money out of their actual salaries or other earnings I see no problem. However, if a LaRouche org. gave the members money so that it could be funneled back for the purpose of getting matching funds, that is a violation of rules regarding PAC contributions, and many political fronts have been investigated for perpetrating this type of fraud. I would certainly question how anyone inside the organization makes a $5,000 or even $500 contribution earning $5 per week!
And as LaRouchies like to say, but in this case it can be taken seriously, to xlcr4life "HAVE FUN!"


07-15-2007, 01:20 AM
The McLemee piece has gotten me to review that strange academic journal review again and look through the Dialectical Economics book again.
A commenter on the blog entry explained some things. The journal review was a joke, that particular journal apparently threw in these odds and ends. And re-reading it, I can now see that some paragraphs are dripping with sarcasm.
But that comment about "exploitative frontier of white collar crime", I would ordinarily -- and indeed when I read through that journal entry months ago -- pass by in terms of a Marxist referring to just about anything in Capitalism, or a Capitalist Past as the case is, as "white collar crime". But I should have known better -- this is no ordinary Marxist, after all.
But I am not wading through a 500 page densely packed word with material of no particular use to the betterment of humanity. I can pick items out at random, and feel a little bit of a dunce for not making some rather obvious connections of how he is projecting "fictious capital" for how he operates. (Or his desire to rid us of the belief that Hitler's "Labor Camps" had anything to do with "Hitler's psychology", and whatever might that be?)
So what was he up to in that shoe industry? Or the computer industry? The "Exploitative edge of white collar crime"? That part of his biography has always been hazy, hasn't it? Everything picks up in 1967 or thereabouts, and we have a rather full accounting from then straight until 2007.
So it is that I scratch my head at things like this:

(And I'm a little hazy on whether I should have this up, copyright and all that. But... what is this? Executive Engineer in charge of Client Services for the Eastern Division of the May Company?)
So, he writes letters. If someone anywhere bought the archivial for The Nation, there is a letter published in one of those later 1950s years. I wonder if it's as bullheaded as that 1958 item, advocating beating the audience over the head. Which I guess isn't too far off from anyone floating around Trotskyite and Communist circles, but...}


07-15-2007, 04:29 AM
Wow, Howie, that's a great find. Funny how his prose style was nearly as impenetrable then as now; perhaps his clumsiness with adjectives and adverbs was a deliberate ploy to bludgeon the reader into paying attention.
How did you happen to find this? Do you have a link to that review of DE?
A simple Google search for "Lyn Marcus" yields many interesting things regarding this period of Fearless Leader's so-called life, such as


07-15-2007, 10:49 PM
The review of Dialectical Economics? Okay. I emailed a copy to klerus. I could do so for you as well. Anyone who wants that review (in pdf form), my email address is ...
Perhaps I should just upload it online in the same manner I did with that weird letter, but I'm weary of copyright issues -- it is owned by a major University.
I do not believe I have anything that is not available to a library patron of a middle-sized city. But some things are just out of my grip -- that stray letter to The Nation, for instance, which now that I think about it was from something like 1947. I think I tried to locate the article that Larouche was referring to in 1958, but didn't. There is a slap-dash quality to what I have available.
That article you just posted actually suggests a lot. It's weird how he forms some of his esoteric ideas and won't let them go. For example, he still goes on about the Recession of 1958 and how it represented that landmark point where any further economic growth was/is "fictitious". I see that in his literature for the year 2007. (For the record, I don't really read his literature so much as scan through it, which I've come to believe is the best way to figure him out because it allows things to stick out -- such as the use of "baby-boomer" as a perjorative, and the magical ride downward in the economy after 1958. And time is short.)


07-16-2007, 10:07 AM
I can't recall the exact issue, but I remember that Lyn made a big deal about an article that he had published in the NY Times Magazine section way back in the 50s. I had read it, I think when I was in college, but couldn't locate it anywhere on the internet. I believe it was on computers and artificial intelligence and had to do with his stuff that he was into at the time regarding things like Turing machines, von Neumann's game theory, Godel's paradox, etc. If anyone knows where this article resides, please post, I think it was published around 1957 or 1958.
Meanwhile I came across two interesting sites that concern LaRouche (otherwise known as Archon) and Beltran (identified as the Prince for some reason). Many items from Fastnet get listed on there as well.
and which seems to echo the Harvard Crimson post.


07-16-2007, 03:14 PM
The first one is kheris, I believe, who also has; the second one is mine.
Incidentally, the letters section in the February 21, 1959 issue of The Nation has:
Carter, F. Finley1
Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.
Jones, Ellis O.
Atwood, Frederic H.
Deahl, Thomas F.2
Mayhall, Jane
Fishbein, I. Leo
Presents letters to the editor as published in the February 21, 1959 issue of the periodical "Nation." Position adopted by Stanford Research Institute on research being a tool with tremendous potential application in solving human problems; Comment on barbaric ritual of human sacrifice; Comment on article "Are Housewives Necessary?" previously published in the periodical "Nation."
1Director, Stanford Research Institute.
2University of Minnesota.
Larouche had thoughts on the beneficial nature of research, the barbaric ritual of human sacrifice, or the necesity of housewives. His being the second letter, probably one of the first two topics -- meted out against the letter from the Stanford Research Institute.
I don't know.


07-16-2007, 06:42 PM
Recently someone posted inquiries about Michael Gelber's death in 1994. I found in my archives some documentation of Lyn and Helga's self-serving response at that time. Go to
(Message edited by dking on July 16, 2007)


07-16-2007, 10:15 PM
Note that Gelber's parents (both leftists) fiercely hated LaRouche and the NCLC, that they regarded it as an antisemitic, right-wing cult and that they regretted losing their son to this group. One can thus only imagine their grief and anger over their son's imprisonment and later death for this sociopath.


07-17-2007, 09:14 AM
I can't recall the exact issue, but I remember that Lyn made a big deal about an article that he had published in the NY Times Magazine section way back in the 50s.
If it's the NY Times, that should be pretty easy enough to find. Though it seems that if it exists there, I should have already ran across it, I will look it up.
It has always (and by "always" I mean since last December, when I read through the history of Larouche from media reports), that Larouche's time in the early 1960s computer industry left a mark on his thinking. Media comments made in the wake of the deprogrammings (Chris White) was that Larouche (or rather Lyn Marcus) was using outdated computer language (or a mixture of out-of-date computer language and sexology) in describing what he was doing. Aside from the way he treats people, his thought-processes -- haywire as they are -- somehow seem to be marked by this, and I can't quite put my finger on it -- nor do I think I should expend much more energy in doing that.
(Message edited by Howie on July 17, 2007)


07-17-2007, 11:14 AM
I have heard that years ago, after LaRouche had dropped out of Northeastern the first or second time (I believe he did the first year twice, couldn't get beyond it, and I was told that the reason he dropped out was that he flunked out)--but ANYHOW, as he was losing his grip at Northeastern, he was hanging around MIT trying to get Norbert Wiener et al. to notice him, trying to join their crowd.
He was flatly rejected, they say, and from that (plus, perhaps, wanting to go to MIT and being unqualified), there seems to have arisen his rage at them and at "artificial intelligence" (which he did not understand, but see below), and his weird computo-jargon.
I'd guess he knows nothing about computers except what he picked up in Popular Science or some such. He got a lot of his ideas from popular magazines of the 1940s and '50s. Perhaps Popular Mechanics. Perhaps the National Geographic. I think his notions about Babylon and Sumer and whatnot--and probably Atlantis--come from articles in more or less popular, pseudo-scientific, pseudo-intellectual magazines.
Hence all the stuff about infinite loops etc. in the supposed "deprogramming" of Chris W--and it's very interesting to note that LaRouche's conviction that it is easy to brainwash people (his obsession with Manchurian Candidates, frogmen, subliminal suggestion in movies, etc.) comes from a seriously reductionist view of the human mind. In other words, LaRouche is a prime example of a credulous, naive believer in "artificial intelligence." (Of course, he does succeed in brainwashing some people.)
Also interesting: his weird ideas about mainframes vs. PCs, expressed in his and Tony P's creation of a Rube Goldberg whackjob computer system about 1,000 lightyears obsolete.


07-17-2007, 11:44 AM
One of the key events from that period was his breakdown at the age of thirty when by his own admission he was suicidal as a result of attempting to perform some Cartesian ego stripping on himself. I also seem to recall a statement from somewhere, perhaps from _The Power of Reason_, that at one point he was recovering from hepatitis - a condition one ordinarily acquires in the course of some seedy activity or another. Both of these together with his grandiosity and well-documented love affair with Rheingau have helped me to conclude that he is an undiagnosed alcoholic. He should ordinarily therefore have our sympathy more as a sick than as an evil person. However, when one looks at that recent briefing in which he proffers the services of Gerry Rose, and at his lack of repentance over the death of Ken Kronberg, then one must conclude that on top of his alcoholism and narcissism he is just one mean S.O.B.


07-17-2007, 03:48 PM
Lyn, an alcoholic? It is ironical that on this facnet "page", that is the "social orgs", there is another anticult discussion board about the ... AA !
This is interesting stuff: his depressive/ suicidal state, alcoholism etc
I have the impression that lyn is not just somebody who despises the entire world. I think he hates himself even more... (Somewhere, he knows he s a fraud.)
Forget then about compassion, empathy, love (oops, sorry: "agape")...
I am not sorry for him, he s involved far too many persons in his sick world.


07-19-2007, 01:57 PM
For those who missed it, the World's Greatest Intellect and Font of All Morality since God Almighty's recent pee party contribution:
A Brutish Idiot Who Can't Count
July 12, 2007 (EIRNS)--This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).
July 12 (LPAC)—Echoing the line from known circles in Britain, the New Republic has published a piece of garbage by one Conor Clarke. By making itself available as the neo-con outlet in the U.S. for the garbage spillover from London, the New Republic has only succeeded in making known what a piece of garbage it itself has become. Lyndon LaRouche issued the following comment today: "This visiting lunatic who lurks in the orbit of the Washington Post, Conor Clarke, appears to be operating as a card-carrying Guardian of the Cheneyite 'New Republic.' His count of the population of the town of Leesburg suggests that had he ever actually visited Loudoun County within the recent quarter- century, it was by Ouija Board, or, perhaps, 'LSD Express.' Considering the Guardian's track-record in the Cheney-Blair gang's Jeremy Duggan hoax, one might estimate from his own recent scribblings, that poor wretched Conor's personal morals are even lower than his minuscule IQ."

  • He just will not allow the Duggan family to have peace ... what a guy.

07-19-2007, 11:02 PM
The more appropriate title of the LPAC press release should be, "I'm a Brutish Idiot Who Can't Read." The New Republic article says that the town of Round Hill, Virginia [not Leesburg] has a population of 500. Guess what? So does the City of Round Tree:


07-20-2007, 12:29 AM
Could you please explicate your insinuation for those of us who do not know a thing about Virginia geography and who find themselves looking at a webpage with data about a "Round Tree, Virginia" with a population of Population (year 2000): 500. Estimated population in July 2006: 660, and see every reference to Larouche's estate as being Round Hill (,+Virginia+%22La rouche%22&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=7&gl=us ( Larouche%22&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=7&gl=us)), small enough incorporated town so as to be lumped into nearby Leesburg? What are you directing us to? The population disparity? (a difference of 160 -- a drop in the bucket compared to the comment about "cows outnumber people", with the last -- now outdated -- official government census having the number he gave.) The town? -- I don't see a Round Tree. The common references to "Leesburg"?
I do not know if it is worth dwelling on this bemusing and banal puff piece, or Larouche's reaction to it for the consumption of his cult. I was a bit surprised that I had even a negative reaction to that piece, even if only mildly so. I trust that Conor Clarke has a sense of humor -- he has to to have so entertained Larouche for a write-up.
Let's see what Larouche has in store for the more substantive Washington Monthly piece. I'd always suspected he could just take out what he had for the Washington Post article of a few years back and cross out the names to replace with the new names. But I suppose a few things have built up in Larouche Land in the past few years such that Larouche would have to go back to the drawing board and come up with something slightly different. A plot to stop Cheney's impeachment, to stop the investigation of Jeremiah Duggan (though I don't immediately know what the British connection is, it probably doesn't matter) -- oh, and who funds the Washington Monthly? Synarchists, wouldn't you know!


07-21-2007, 04:56 AM
LaRouche's batso "rebuttal" to Conor Clark (Clarke?) and his New Republic piece follows--I'm sure you've seen it, but bear with me--
LaRouche on Conor Clark: A Brutish Idiot Who Can't Count
12, 2007 (LPAC)--Echoing the line from known circles in Britain, the New Republic has published a piece of garbage by one Conor Clarke. By making itself available as the neo-con outlet in the U.S. for the garbage spillover from London, the New Republic has only succeeded in making known what a piece of garbage it itself has become.
Lyndon LaRouche issued the following comment today: "This visiting lunatic who lurks in the orbit of the Washington Post, Conor Clarke, appears to be operating as a card-carrying Guardian of the Cheneyite New Republic. His count of the population of the town of Round Hill suggests that had he ever actually visited Loudoun County within the recent quarter- century, it was by Ouija Board, or, perhaps, 'LSD Express.' Considering the Guardian's track-record in the Cheney-Blair gang's Jeremy Duggan hoax, one might estimate from his own recent scribblings, that poor wretched Conor's personal morals are even lower than his minuscule IQ."

  • *
    I note that in the version posted on the LPAC website the mice have corrected LaRouche's initial mis-use of "Leesburg" to "Round Hill"--except that according to Howie, Round Hill really does have about 650 people, so what is LaRouche's beef??
    But here's the crux of the matter--as Rachel Holmes posted on the Skull/Bones blog (I am quoting the post in part):
    Rachel Holmes Says:
    July 21st, 2007 at 4:45 am
    LaRouche characteristically seizes on something of tertiary or even less significance in a statement, book, or question; then misrepresents it totally; then knocks down the strawman he has created; then turns to his audience with a self-satisfied, narcissistic, demonic glint in his eye, and declares himself the victor.
    Ths is one sick dude....
    What's really eating him in terms of Conor Clarke can be seen in the reference in LaRouche's "rebuttal" to the Guardian and the "Cheney-Blair Jeremy Duggan hoax."
    First: Note that the man who is obsessed with the correct number of cows or people in Round Hill can't even get Jeremiah Duggan's first name right. Apparently it's not enough to cause his death, but then he has to kill him again by refusing to know his name!
    Second: What hoax? Isn't Jeremiah Duggan dead? Didn't he attend a LaRouche conference in Wiesbaden? Didn't he call from there to his mother in a state of terror? Didn't the phone go dead?
    The point is, LaRouche is obviously suffering from some form of senile dementia. It becomes clearer with every pronouncement. His coterie should take him to a doctor.

07-21-2007, 04:59 AM
P.S. Here's the link to Skull/Bones


07-21-2007, 10:33 AM
Clarification: Unfortunately, it appears that my previous posting was unclear. For that I apologize. So, I respond to Skull and Bones statement that he waits "with less than baited breath [for] a response to [his] query of what the hell he is talking about from a Larouchie at FACTNet who seems to think this is a "GOTCHA!"
My posting that the LPAC press release should have been titled, "I am a brutish idiot who can't read," referred to Larouche, not Clarke. My point is/was how does Clarke's relatively accurate reference to the population of Round Hill, Virginia [Larouche's residence], translate into the vindicative, ad hominen attack on Clarke and Jeremiah Duggan?
The entire premise of the press release is Clarke's supposed inability to correctly report on the population of Leesburg.
My implied conclusion was that Larouche never read the article, or whoever briefed Larouche on the article never read it. Otherwise, it would have been noticed that the population of Leesburg was not being discussed. Or does it matter to Larouche whether he is factually correct or not? Clearly it doesn't matter to his remaining followers, or the press release would not have been published.
What's next? That all of the posters at must be the paid evil followers of the Dick Cheney/British royalty/Jeremiah Duggan/Henry Kissinger cabal? Oh wait, he already said that.....


07-21-2007, 10:56 AM
All right. The problem stems from the absurdity of the statements coming from Larouche Headquarters, which makes any satirical or sarcastic statement mooted because of their sheer ridiculousness.


07-22-2007, 05:10 AM
Hello i am a Journalism Student and I was wondering what would be the correct way to go at getting an interview with someone here regarding the LYM. I spent the last 2 or 3 weeks going to their meetings, and spent a little time at their cadre camp to see what they were about.
I am looking for some outside interviews to go along with my experience there.


07-22-2007, 10:21 AM
It seems to be official: LPAC is mobilized to put Hilary in the White House. An article in the the Naperville Sun states:
"The objective of the movement, explained [Judy Clark, 58, from Chicago, and Ryan Milton, 32, from Philadelphia], is to get presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to publicly endorse House Resolution 333 for Cheney's impeachment, introduced July 7 to the House.
According to Milton, Clinton's endorsement would galvanize the congressional participation needed to pass the bill, and would bolster her chances of becoming the next president of the United States.
'Our movement has created a national constituency by which she would be elected president, if she were to support the bill,' Milton said. He said that Wednesday's table was one of thousands to be set up every day at public sites all over the country until Cheney is stripped of his post.'",6_1_NA19_RALLY_S1.article (
My comments:
Judy is still manning tables for Larouche after 34 years....
LPAC raising money with a goal to get Hilary elected? Who's kidding who?
Thousands of tables?


07-22-2007, 11:10 AM
One further comment:
The disrespect, and abuse, LaRouche has heaped on the baby boomer members of his organization, is made even more abominable by the fact that members like Judy have stood by him for so long. What sort of person treats loyalty in such a shameless fashion?
There has been much discussion on Factnet about LaRouche's abuse of those closest to him. There also has been discussion of why the abused stay with him. I would like to point out that it doesn't help the abused to punish them for LaRouche's idiocy - it only helps LaRouche by making the abused feel more isolated, with no place to go. When an LYM'er's living conditions are exposed, or an older member is riddiculed for decades of selling newspapers on street corners, it doesn't "wake" up that person, it makes him or her feel ashamed, as if it were his or her fault, exposing the "family's" dirty laundry.
If one saw a child or wife being beaten, one wouldn't riddicule the child or the wife. Or, attack them for the bullying of the abuser.
Why do abused wives stay with abusive husbands? They have the same "free will" to leave that a LaRouche follower has. The difference is that society now recognizes why an abused wife stays, perhaps in time it will also recognize that the same psychology exists in a LaRouche follower.
What do you think would happen if all of the LaRouche "watchers" changed tactics and started demanding answers from LaRouche about the horrible abuse suffered by LaRouche's followers? And expressed compassion for the sufferers of that abuse.
What happens when a public official is exposed as a wife or child beater?
How is abusing one's followers with invective, threats, forced abortions, and the withholding of a living wage, any different?


07-22-2007, 11:34 AM
Here's another question:
Did a LYM'er kill Jeremiah Duggan? Is this why LaRouche did not order his own investigation?


07-22-2007, 01:41 PM
They are indeed all victims of a cult and deserve more compassion.
However, it is not that simple, it would be so much easier if there was one bad guy, larouche-the-offender on one side and his victims on the other side... It is the case when you just join, but after some time, you become part of this system of collective abuse: you become an abuser yourself and abuse others, and in the end you are abusing yourself (just replace the term "abuse" by "recruiting/brainwashing"). That s the reason why so many ex-members don't want to talk. The easy/lazy way is to blame larouche for all their problems. True he is the main cause of all of this. He set up this system but once you re part of it, who are you? That s how he s controlling the LYM; by letting them believe they are free. As a consequence, they are not just part of the system: they ARE the system.
Now larouche loves Bruno Bettelheim because, even as a Jew himself (Bettelheim, not larouche ), he blamed them for being too servile with the Nazi machine and accused them for being their own victims!!! Larouche also likes to refer to the so-called "Stockholm syndrom"; that is when an abducted hostage shows signs of loyalty to the hostage-taker.
Larouche is perfectly aware of all of this. He hates people and especially those who work for him because they are, in his mind, weak ("other-directed"). I remember him commenting once that he has 99% of <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> behind his back but keeps moving on...
I agree with you that compassion should be expressed here more often, at least addressed to the "abused" side of the larouchie. But don't forget they keep abusing (recruiting) others...
As for Jeremiah, I think you re pointing in the right direction...

PS: don't misunderstand me; larouche is ultimately responsible of Jeremiah's and Ken's deaths.


07-22-2007, 03:04 PM
You make some excellent points. It is disturbing to hear first-hand what LaRouche thinks of his followers. Yes, some of the abused did become abusers in terms of enforcing policies and recruiting etc. Just as in Jonestown, the Kool-aid was not distributed by Jim Jones.
My point is that too many LaRouche critics and watchers lump the abused in with the abusers, and are not focused on the one thing that LaRouche absolutely refuses to discuss - his disdain for and, abuse of, the members of his organization.
When has LaRouche ever addressed the forced abortion issue? The lack of sane living conditions?
LaRouche is embarrassed by such exposes, he avoids discussion of them by distracting his followers and critics with his insane responses. The critics always fall for the distraction and report on the insane response.
It is unprecedented that a so-called leader of an organization has not publicly supported a full investigation into the death of a young man killed while attending a conference he sponsored. It is unprecedented that LaRouche has not expressed any grief or sorrow over the untimely death of such a young man. How dishonorable.
Please, those bloggers, journalists and the like who read this list, ask these questions of LaRouche, over and over and over again. Force him to respond: Mr. LaRouche why does your organization force young women to have abortions? Why do you pay your organizers below the minimum wage of a third world country? Why haven't you ordered your own forensic investigation of Jeremiah's death and published the findings? When LaRouche responds with his insanity, ask again.


07-22-2007, 09:31 PM
LaRouche is a malignant narcissist animated by hatred for human beings in general, and in particular for his followers, whom he considers weak and servile for following him, even as he exploits them and loots them and sucks them dry.
But he's also not a genius--the only people who find his intellect staggeringly powerful are those whose own intellects have been sapped and depleted by years of aversive conditioning, controlled environment, brainwashing, etc. etc.
Read any free-associational incoherent string of schizophrenic wordplay and long lists of Potent Names that LaRouche produces, either as written work or in interviews (or in press conferences or trial testimony), and you can satisfy yourself that he (a) doesn't understand the questions posed, (b) doesn't understand the issues at play, (c) doesn't know the content of the work of the Potent Names he cites, or he'd talk about What They Say, rather than just form magical lists of incantations with their names.
This is not a well man, and this is not a well-educated man, and this is not a genius, folks. This is a case of profoundly arrested development, an 84-year-old man who is basically an adolescent afraid of the outside world (LaRouche hasn't BEEN in the outside world since 1974); a man who never could hold a job, had a series of breakdowns and mini-breakdowns, lived off women, and was a pathological liar with megalomaniacal delusions about his importance. A truly pathetic man, who spent his days watching TV--Mission Impossible, I'm told--while someone else toiled in the vineyards to support him.
Also, note (current ICLC members and current leaders and current LYMers, especially note): LaRouche is a classic bully. Cannot bear to be challenged, has arranged his entire life so as not to be challenged. Just try arguing with him, rebutting him, pointing out his errors, and WATCH HIM FREAK. He cannot continue a coherent adult conversation when he's challenged.
Try it. You'll be amazed. It's an eye-opener, and it's kinda funny, too.


07-22-2007, 10:32 PM
There aren't a lot of bloggers who cover the topic of Larouche at any real length, or regularly tuned into this thread, which means that I can't really escape it.

  1. 1: There isn't really any real strategy for how I am blog about Larouche, and only a small handful of relatively vague purposes and premises. I don't even know how much of a conduit I am to the general populace, even with scattered email responses from college aged students and the like.
  2. 2: After a bit of mulling the situation, I have come to the conclusion that "Larouche Cannot be stopped", insofar as he has set up his alternate reality and insofar as he has a continued system to hook a handful of peoples. EXAMPLE
    According to David Benjamin, the former President of the Georgetown University College Republicans, "Asking a college student these days if he or she is against the Iraq war and the Bush Administration is like asking a college student if he or she likes beer and since LaRouche has been recruiting that way as of late it puts a lot of passionate well meaning young people in the dangerous position of wanting to believe his crazy ideas about good and evil. He has his memes down. And the perverse thing is that any new attention adds to his appeal -- within the sea that he has cast, the majority of whom -- after all -- come into contact, dismiss his followers as crazy, and move on.
    He could be cut down to 2 dozen followers, and he'll still be producing what he is producing.
  3. 3: I don't quite know my audience -- which means I am at a loss for how I am supposed to focus right in on only the most malevalent aspects of Larouche. It is almost good enough for me that I have gotten beyond the "Ha Ha Ha. Queen of Enlgand" aspects. I posted the postings on Susan Bowen with a somewhat humanizing and respectful comment -- "On Sunday, I sat down, looked at the latest posts on FACTNet, and thought the story of Susan Bowen — an otherwise anonymous "wacky" stray person featured in a photograph posted at flickr– was worth passing on. I am very much tempted to just cut and paste that part of the entry and stick it to that flickr page (though I guess I would have to register with flickr first)– it is a sort of pause that humanizes some individuals one otherwise dismisses out of hand as sort of autotrons, and autotrons with no back story — out of place and out of time."
    Yes, the diversionary items interest me. I suspect that the "WRONG POPULATION COUNT" address is something of a wink and nod at non-Larouche followers, saying "Hey! Look what I can get my followers to mouth!"
  4. 4: To a large degree, we know the answers to the questions. Larouche refers to "Jeremiah Duggan" as "Jeremy Duggan". He can't even be bothered to get his name correct. That tells you all you need to know about what he wants to feed his followers on Duggan.
  5. 5: I think Rachel Holmes floats into these web posts of mine to keep my honest, or at least to high-light these primary issues of Larouche when I go off-course to the "Ain't he crazy?" focus.

07-22-2007, 11:33 PM
One more things, aware of some of those issues, and a bit aware that for whatever it is worth -- I feel the weight of responsibility to provide something of constructive substance to the issue of Larouche -- one thing I've tried to look at-- in some ways at surface level -- is: Just what is it that Larouche is selling to the youth that a small handful are buying -- and what psychological points is he hitting? I hope that comes across at times -- (the reason I've posted about a couple of myspace entries and some old LYMer's posts in the archives of this forum.) Maybe I'm a bit too glib with it -- I don't know -- but I'd defend it as somewhere beyond the realm of "Ha Ha! Look at these kooks!"
Simply put: I don't think Larouche is listening.
(Message edited by Howie on July 23, 2007)


07-23-2007, 05:03 AM
LaRouche is not listening, but believe me, some of the folks in the org are listening. Or reading. (Of course, ex-members read this material voraciously too--just as I am convinced that ex-members account for a very high percentage of the hits on the LPAC website that the org is so proud of.)
But members still locked in the org are also reading and reading and reading--welcome, one and all (pretty much--except for the members who read FactNet as part of the endless "investigative" work that the org does in "monitoring" its "enemies").
Speaking of reading, people should take a look at Dennis King's new posting at
Very interesting.
Several individuals in a position to know seem to think--and this goes along with King's "induced suicide" thesis--that LaRouche and the NEC are quite relieved to be rid of Kronberg and the "albatross" of PMR, which they looted so utterly that it was always on the brink of disaster (LaRouche called it "perennially bankrupt," and he should know; it was his handiwork)and required infusions of money and all the rest to keep it limping along.
Now, without Kronberg constantly calling the NEC (two or three of them in particular) and trying to get them to fork over, trying to get them to listen--what a relief that must be, not having him as your guilty conscience!--and without having to worry about PMR, LaRouche and the NEC can drop the past, and the people of the past, into the abyss and move "forward."
Maybe that's why LaRouche spent so much time attacking Kronberg and PMR--to get rid of him and it. Others had thought it was just to distance himself from PMR before the crash came, in order to avoid blame. But perhaps King has it right.


07-23-2007, 08:08 AM
I have read a few of the posts and realize the difficulty in confronting present members about leaving is possibly related to problems that other members had in their departure. By this I mean while we can look at Lyn and his lunatic opinions now, and expose them without fear, most of us when we were in the org., had those doubts but never really would attempt to argue them either with NCers and certainly not with Lyn, knowing how we would be denounced and/or called traitors, agents, etc. I know I would ask questions or raise incidental critiques of this or that turn in the org. while I was still a member, but never get into attacking fundamentals.
The people who free themselves from Lyn, whether it's here on this board, or the European leaders who left recently, usually wait until being ready to leave to start their criticisms.
I suspect it would take some people from inside with the guts to start asking questions before the members or recruits to start creating fissures (as seems to have happened when the European NEC started challenging Lyn). It has to be people inside starting to pose questions, not outsiders because that always reinforces the us against them mentality.
Any members here should reread the Emperor Has No Clothes story.
The problem however may lie in the fact that it appears that new recruits are subjected to a much more brutal and coercive and isolated existence than even we members from the earlier 70s, 80s and 90s were exposed to.
But could anyone imagine people asking real questions of Lyn about his hisotry and philosophy at one of his conferences?


07-23-2007, 09:19 AM
In previous decades, I think members instinctively knew it s "no good" to confront directly the leadership - without being sure of what could happen to you. Most of those who left never confronted lyn. They just left, by the backdoor if possible and kept quiet for years, if not forever. Just in case... It s maybe got to do with some primal self-preservation instinct.
Now, today's LYM-ers KNOW (even if in a confused way) that confronting Lyn could be dangerous for your health. They know it since Jeremiah openly confronted them... As we all know his body was found dead a few days later... and officially declared "suicided" by the police. No authopsy, the dossier s closed. (the yutes will conclude you can't even trust the police!) And if they had doubts at the time, now there are all gone since Ken's induced suicide.
It s typical maffia terror tactics.
The LYM-ers now know, subconsciously, that confronting lyn or simply ask some questions would mean you d be suspected as a potential enemy agent, like Jeremiah was. Even questioning whether Jerry was an agent or not, could be dangerous. It s safer for your health to swallow the "suicide version" and all the crap the security is concocting for you.
Because, if you are suspected by the security for being a potential enemy agent (without knowing it of course), you would soon be reminded of this late "Manchourian candidate" called Jeremiah. You might disappear as easily as lyn has forgotten his real name (doesnt he call him "Jeremy"?) or as he tries to forget about Ken's 35 years of dedication.
I always give this advice to those who have serious doubts : GO, just go. Don't try arguying with them, it s pointless and could be harmfull, psychologically and/or physically.


07-23-2007, 10:40 AM
I have a much simpler, more straightforward explanation for why LL et al., substitutes the fake spelling "Jeremy" for "Jeremiah":
The search string, "Jeremy Duggan" yields very little in Google (for example), whereas "Jeremiah Duggan" produces a vast amount of extremely damaging information.
People who are unfamiliar with the tragedy (Yutes, new recruits, etc) might perform a search and, seeing little, might not delve further.


07-23-2007, 10:56 AM
Things have changed in Leesburg. From what I am picking up, members are challenging, complaining, muttering.
The place leaks like a sieve, because members and non-members fraternize like crazy now--something that never happened in the past to this degree.
The insulation and isolation that was preserved so effectively in the past is eroding beyond repair because so many people in Leesburg, including NEC members, now work. (Everyone who isn't independently wealthy or running some special scam or VERY IMPORTANT to Lyn is either working or married to someone who's working.) "Outside" contact--whether ex-member friends, non-member friends, outside jobs--is popping the bubble.
That means that there is potential for constant leaks, uncontrollable, and also for unrest in the ranks.
This all pertains to Leesburg. In the regions, the NCs suffer from a 30-year addiction to being absolute dictators, which is reinforced by the communalism imposed on the LYM, and the general attitude associated with the LaRouche Jugend Bewegung.


07-23-2007, 11:05 AM
P.S. Fear of the "outside" was one reason PMR was so suspect--"outside" people worked there and it was in some ways like an "outside" job.
Fear of the outside was also a reason that people weren't supposed to have babies--babies brought one in contact with the outside--doctors and playmates and schools and who knows what.
It was also a reason why people weren't supposed to go home to see their families, or celebrate holidays. Remember how Lyn used to schedule NC meetings for Easter Sundays?
Remember how people were not allowed to go to their parents' funerals?
Well, as someone once said, "It's all over now, Baby Blue."


07-23-2007, 11:25 AM
For those you remember, there were posts a couple of years ago about a song dedicated to Jeremiah Duggan but we couldnt access to the song itself.
Well now you can listen to some extracts.
It s a great song written by a British rock-soul band called Starsailor.
Go to and click on the top right-hand side "+" button to select the song called "Jeremiah".
Lyrics are:
And everytime I see the sun go down I think of you
The polizei have swept it out of sight
There's nothing new
And everytime I see the sun go down I think of you
I hope someday someone will feel the need to tell the truth


07-23-2007, 11:47 AM
And that s a video dedicated to Jeremiah, based on this song from Starsailor.
It s on youtube at:


07-23-2007, 12:23 PM
Good to know rank-and-file people in the organization are reading these posts.
The hardest thing about leaving (apart from getting a job in the real world after years of self-neglect) is that one is suddenly in a position where once has to think for oneself - about EVERYTHING: what am I going to do Saturday night? who has the best anti-poverty platform, Obama or Edwards? where DID life come from? what's the expiration date on this mystery meat?
One of the longest-lasting downsides of membership for me has been that it soured me on political involvement. Apart from some anti-war rallies in recent years, I had done nothing directly political. SO I've decided to reexamine the things that initially brought me into the orbit of the NCLC, which was primarily Marx together with the desire to foster a scientific-cultural renaissance. The funny thing about reading Marx is that you see instantly how much of what Lyn lets on as his own creative advance is already present in some form in Marx, e.g. increased population as an index of the division of labor in Chapter 1 of the _German Ideology_.
A book I picked up the other day which has generated all kinds of vectors of rebellion and which I heartily recommend for ex-members as a basis for rethinking the things we correctly perceive to be truly wrong with the world at this time is the late Neal Wood's _Tyranny in America: Capitalism and National Decay_ (Verso, 2004.) By the way, that Solon project of European ex-members represents a wholly uncritical approach to LaRouchism, and thus is rather lame. Hasn't it occurred to them that just as Lyn is nuts when it comes to all else, that he is likewise nuts in epistemology and statecraft? Start fresh. Try the Wood book to sharpen your analytical and political teeth. I would be curious to hear how others have reconstructed their intellectual and political (as apart from professional) lives after leaving the LaRouche cult.


07-24-2007, 07:20 PM
Skull and Bones points out an interesting issue regarding LaRouche's obsession with the Youth Movement, and how LaRouche compares himself to Benjamin Franklin, i.e., claiming that Franklin was the "elder Guru" of the "youth" of the American Revolution.
The December 15, 2006, issue of EIR has an article by Nancy Spannus on Ben Franklin's "Youth Movement," which Spannus asserts was composed of [to name a few] George Washington (born 1732), John Adams (born 1735), and Tom Paine (born 1737), Alexander Hamilton, born 1755, Marquis de Lafayette, born 1757,
Mathew Carey, born 1760, John Quincy Adams, born 1767, James Monroe, born 1758,
John Marshall, born 1755, James Madison, born 1751.
Considering that everyone of these fellows got married [most by the age of 35], had children, did not share a bedroom with four other single men for years at a time, prided themselves on making a living, and, most importantly, were independent thinkers, just how in the world is there any comparison to the LYM?
How is LaRouche at all like Ben Franklin? Not the least of Franklin's traits was his great love of his family and his gratitude and loyalty to those who supported him. Check out his last will:
Most importantly, Franklin dedicated his life to creating a nation free from petty tyrants such as LaRouche. To paraphrase a Ben Franklinism, the only way he would ever tolerate spending time with Larouche, is if Larouche wore a paper bag over his head.


07-25-2007, 07:43 PM
I tossed in some links to the misname Jeremy Duggan to the justiceforjeremiah site. If you go to google and search Jeremy Duggan, either with quotation marks or without, my site comes up as #4. That's not quite what I want -- I'd want justiceforjeremiah to appear as close to the top as possible, which I guess the easiest remedy is if that site puts the name in a meta-tag. In terms of how the thing comes up on google, my use looks vague -- and I probably should alter it.
A bit more interesting, an alexross site about one of the government's Investigation now appears at #10.


07-26-2007, 09:46 PM
I found this writing by LaRouche today, and it is so chilling, I thought others should read it. I won't post the whole writing, too long. The entire writing is located at
The writing is starts with:
25 Dec. 1988
On the subject of female priests in the Anglican
Churches, a wag might observe: "Those b*
wish to become Witches."
Midway through the writing, LaRouche writes:
Events have defined the legal actions against me and my friends as a Third Trial of Socrates. The trial in Alexandria might have been written
by the same Magi which ordered its agents in the Democratic Party of Athens to arrange the trial of Socrates. The same Magi-force, acting through its pawn, the Emperor Tiberius, used the same tactic against Jesus Christ.
This method, of the Trial of Socrates, was adopted by my adversaries, because circumstances have long molded me to walk in imitation of Christ, as Thomas A Kempis, for one, articulated this so clearly.
This presents me now with my Gethsemane, in face of which prospect I conduct myself with the image of Gethsemane clearly before my eyes. If I am a killed, I shall die as a political martyr, who has walked to his prescribed doom in the imit ation of Christ, as should all christians in kindred cirumstances.
This is not a personal posture; it is a deliberate historical act. In such a time as this, one man among men must act precisely so, that his conduct, even unto death, might unleash those forces which must be unleashed if humanity is to escape the total destruction made certain by a continued adherence of "Hermes" masters to their current policy-matrices.
From the standpoint of "Hermes" masters, I act to unleash the Furies upon them.
If I die in the course of the conduct I have imposed upon myself, it shall become the case, for reasons beyond the com-prehension of my enemies, that there shall soon ensue that which pagans such as those enemies will regard as the Furies unleashed. In that sense, should they kill me, those pagans will come to imagine that I have reached out from my grave to destroy everything which they represent.
We each have but one brief mortal life, which life we gain in total only to the degree, that when the time comes, as it did for Christ, we know how to spend it.


07-26-2007, 09:53 PM
After I posted the above, I realized that parts of it may been posted last year on Factnet. Nonetheless, this writing deserves another "airing" since LaRouche shows so much of his true colors in it.
The writing ends with:
So, when I say that all this is madness, I am hated as a disquieting voice. When I become influential on this account, and threaten to become more so, the response is "He must be destroyed."
If my friends and I are gone, then there will be no voice which dares to raise these issues as I have raised them. In that case, the prospect is, that this planet goes to the Hell it has brought upon itself by such conduct. This establishment, and the suicidal other people and
institutions which make compromises with such establishment behavior, will find their reward for what they have directly or tacitly allowed to be done to me, in their own orgy of Armageddon.
My departure unleashes the Furies, which were likely to destroy all nations and populations which survive me. Then, there is nothing but those primal conditions, under which conditions nothing but a Ruetli-oath sort of
anti-Bolshevik "Peoples War" resistance globally, might achieve the success which permits civilized life on this planet to be resumed at some later time. If the principals of "Hermes" will not accept the role of
what I represent in the present, then I curse them with their imminent future, in which their species will have no posterity, one way or the


07-26-2007, 10:07 PM
On another note, am I the only one that remembers that LaRouche planned to move the entire organization to Kabul in the early 1980s? Yes, that Kabul.


07-27-2007, 04:17 AM
Right--because Kabul in the midst of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan would be more congenial to LaRouche-think than the United States of America.
A joke went around the organization that we could never go to Kabul because over there they didn't take credit cards....
On a more somber note: the deranged rant of LaRouche from Dec. 25, 1988 (Merry Christmas) posted above was, of course, written shortly after he was convicted in the Alexandria Federal trial, and is akin to his infamous "I Become a Martyr" piece. What is most striking is the total SOLIPSISM: "My departure unleashes the Furies, which were likely to destroy all nations and populations which survive me."
That is, nothing is real outside of me, nothing can survive me.
Also, the agape expressed: "From the standpoint of "Hermes" masters, I act to unleash the Furies upon them."
And this clown dares to talk about Christianity? Where is that part in the Bible where Jesus talks about unleashing the Furies on his enemies? Is it right next to the part where he says "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do"?
Not all that Socratic, either.
Mostly, it sounds like a guy who is absolutely terrified. LaRouche is well known to be a physical coward (why else hasn't he dared to come out of his house in 34 years?), and what we have here is an enraged, terrified Id lashing out at the world that doesn't appreciate him. Like a child's screaming temper tantrum, only he was 66 at the time.


07-27-2007, 05:02 AM
P.S. The "Hermes" LaRouche refers to (Hermes, messenger of the gods--get it?) was one Kenneth Hugh de Courcy, supposedly chosen by "the gods" (that is, "the oligarchs") to communicate with LaRouche on the eve of his sentencing after the Alexandria trial.
A wild-eyed article on the subject in LaRouche's New Federalist newspaper (which stopped publication over a year ago)can be found at:


07-28-2007, 04:25 AM
Ah, a glance at the LaRouche PAC website indicates that LaRouche has reacted pretty swiftly (in only one sense of the word) to Dennis King's article on induced suicide. I put up the link for King's article a few days ago, but here it is again, in case you missed it.
Here is the link for the LaRouche obscenity:
Meanwhile, here is the full text of the LPAC release (thanks to Skull/Bones blog for posting this first, at
LPAC release:
<font color="0000ff"> Is Dennis King Planning Suicide?
July 27, 2007 (LPAC)--In response to an article written by London's Dennis King entitled "Lyndon LaRouche and the Art of Inducing Suicide," Lyndon LaRouche asked: "Is Dennis King planning suicide?" LaRouche continued: "Dennis would do almost anything, even suicide, just to get attention from those influentials who have become bored by news of his continued existence.
"After all, it is not as if the poor schnook were a member of the human species, but possibly a distant relative of Al Gore by way of a common opossum ancestor."
LaRouche said that he is not going to pay any attention to his suicide. He is not going to encourage him or stop him. He won't waste his efforts to stop him. It is a hopeless cause. He is morally already dead. He is an empty carcass without a soul. His soul, if there ever was one, has long since departed. LaRouche also said that he is not going to send flowers to the funeral. The flowers wouldn't appreciate it. He wouldn't even think of sending flowers to the funeral of someone whose soul has long since departed.</font>


07-28-2007, 04:28 AM
FIRST SET OF QUESTIONS: Say, did Lyndon LaRouche send flowers to Ken Kronberg's funeral? (Ask around the office about that one!)
Did he go to Ken Kronberg's funeral? Did he go to his own parents' funerals? Or does Lucky Lindy have problems with the idea of death, because of the terror with which he regards his own?
SECOND SET OF QUESTIONS: Should Dennis King interpret this as a threat? We know what happened the last time LaRouche started raving about suicide. And, since LaRouche insists that Jeremiah Duggan also "committed suicide," any objective observer would have to conclude that LaRouche has an affinity for this sort of thing.
If this is not a threat, why on earth did the LPAC trolls put a picture of Dennis King on the site, next to the link for the press release?
And--LPAC trolls--if you're going to use a picture of King, why do you keep using that one that's 20 years old? What kind of "news service" is that?
THIRD SET OF QUESTIONS: What is it with LaRouche that he spends so much time dismissing as not members of the human species various individuals and whole swaths of humanity (which ones depends on whose boots he's trying to lick at the time)?
Students of history know that to announce that someone, or some group, is not human--this dehumanizing process LaRouche is so adept at--is the first step to monstrous results.
Besides, LaRouche has announced that King is "already dead." That is another favorite way LaRouche has of dehumanizing people. It's all part of creating an "Enemy Image" (Feinbild, members will recall)to keep the credulous "masses" whipped up. It's a way to try to prevent the faithful from reading King's article, or any other relevant "outside" article.
COMMENTS: So--You guys in the office, or on the street corner, or doing some pathetic "intervention" somewhere on one of your "deployments": LaRouche's stupid press release is for your benefit, not for the rest of the world.
It's you he's trying to control.


07-28-2007, 04:34 AM
Also, what does LaRouche have against possums?
He probably didn't used to get the jokes in Pogo.


07-28-2007, 11:39 AM
Dennis King is alive and well and thriving. He demonstrates daily the true purpose of journalism in a democracy, which in part is to serve as a check on bullies. He shall continue to live for many more years than LaRouche, and shall actually be the only one ultimately to remind future readers of the existence of such a fiend as this know-nothing cult leader and narcissistic dropout.
Judging from the less than puerile response of LaRouche to King's and Clarke's recent articles on him, Helga must be knee-deep in Depends. It is so funny to see exactly how this sub-par intellect sounds now that he has shorn himself of his editor. So much for the genius myth.
When you encounter his tatterdemalion minions on a campus, at a rally, or on a street corner and you are asked whether you have heard of him, I would suggest you just reply, "Depends."
(Message edited by sancho on July 28, 2007)


07-28-2007, 12:23 PM
COMMENTS: So--You guys in the office, or on the street corner, or doing some pathetic "intervention" somewhere on one of your "deployments": LaRouche's stupid press release is for your benefit, not for the rest of the world.

I stand corrected, that does appear to be a benefit available for members of the LC/LYM. The day you jokers in the cult figure out that everything is designed to keep YOU organised and not the world is the day your first breath of freedom will come.
I do not think Lyn has a problem with possums, but does have a love for hamsters. Remember what I always say about Lyn's writings. He will tell you what he intends to do by writing about someone else doing it. Case in point is the early Campaigners about BF Skinner
and using psychological methods to control people. In the very early classes I went to in the LC the local NC would talk about how evil the experiments using hamsters in a maze were because the same thing was being planned for the workers once Rockefeller finally siezed power. In these classes the story was that the Rockefeller's think thanks and foundations would create the envoronment where the workers would experinece a drop in living standards and a massive speed up while not complaining or noticing. In the end, Rocky and the banks would have the profits off of the slave labor of the workers while the workers would be sent to the scrap heap after being used up.
Being in the LC and knowing the history of what Lyn has actually done over the decades, I suggest that this plan of the Rockefellers actually came to life via Lyn and the LC/LYM.
The yutes shoudl understand that nothing they do is new. Everything you have done or will be doing has been done before by Lyn on several genrations of members. Your life is very predictable, no matter what you think. Some of you have emailed me wondering why the LYM was setting up card tables near homeless shelters and rehab clinics. Well, getting some section 8 housing in expensive urban areas is one reason, but did you know that we also initially deployed to recruit at methadone clinics and psychiatric sites when the LC began field deployments in the early 1970s?
When one of the LYM has a nervous breakdown these days, there is an LC Boomer who is available for help. Ask that person about Lincoln Detox and how busy we were recruiting people there.
Your whole environment is just like a BF Skinner box, except the rats and pigeons usually figure out how to get out. For many of you, your future is standing next to you at the card table shrine. Yes, I know that Jeff S. and others have promised you some desk jobs , but let us see what happens after a THIRD OF A CENTURY elapses under Lyn.
A few posts back the name Mike Gelber came up. Gelber gave his life to Lyn and did everything he could to raise money and support for Lyn. When I heard that Gelber died I called up some people and asked what happened. The stories were pretty similar but I found that people were holding things back. The story was that it was a car accident, then it became a crash in a snow storm. Later people said it was in a typical broken down Larouche mobile, you know, the tyoe that Lyn squeeled about in guffows at the last LYM Q/A about someone dying in one. That I heard that he fell asleep trying to get to another meeting for money and was driving all night. Than I heard that he fell asleep at the wheel and hit a semi. No matter what happened, he was gone in a split second.


07-28-2007, 12:28 PM
Lyn thanks him for his services and the broken down LC chugs along. I get the sense that I asked more questions about how he died than any NEC member or anyone else.
The only thing Gelber accomplished was recruiting people and raising money for Lyn. Every supporter and subscriber he may have organised in St Catherines, Syracuse and Boston has been long gone, burnt out by the LC. Three decades after he ran locals and used up his life, Lyn says we need a new youth movement to save the globe because the boomers failed.
Did Gelber fail? He did what he thought was correct and never figured out that this whole contraption is designed not to succeed except as a cult of personality. All of the poverty Pimps, RCMP agents, labor unions, Rocky agents and Harvard enemies that Gelber fought against are now just about retired. All of them were at one time mortal enemies of the LC's delusions.
This rat's maze of the cult is designed to keep you under control. It will take a while for you to figure out that the first enemy you are supposed to hate is your parents, usually your mother before you hate Al Gore.
All of your stimuli are controlled by Lyn. Youyr rewards are controlle dby Lyn. Lyn even has figured out that you do not even have to be rewarded with more than some crumbs and water. he can pile you into a nest with 7 other rats and you will not complain. You will not ask questions about why one mobe has ended and another one has started. Your rewards are briefings where your are told that victory is almost here. You will not recognise the cheap parlor tricks where Lyn will ride the coatails of people and proclaim that he was the author.
Your time is controlled as well as your sleep. You think you are doing creative work, but the work is secondary to the cult. It always has been like this, except Lyn learned his lesson with the FEF which is to not allow anything to function with out his name attached to it. Once a rat or pigeon figures out that it can solve the maze and find its own food, it no longer needs the maze or the people running the maze.
Your not in the LC/LYM maze to save the world yutes, but to save Lyn every night. For this Lyn may or may not give you a thank you for slaving for him when you pass away.
After 30 to 35 years of this you too may end up like some of the people we will be showing you next who also left college and joined to do the same thing you are doing now. Lyn told them that they will always be at card table shrines and by golly the man fianlly told the truth to the members.


07-28-2007, 12:57 PM
Now here is an interesting article which shows a card table shrine manned by long term members Ron Bettag and Don Clark.,ws-postoffice-070507-s1.article (
I guess that Mr and Mrs Bettag are proud to leave the family business to their offspring. Lyn likes the children of the members to be both potty trained and card table shrine trained as early as possible.
If you read further into the article you se the names Pat Noble and Judy Clark. We will get to Judy Clark later but for now Pat Noble is another member who has put in over THREE DECADES into the cult of personality. I was sent an email about her a few dyas ago and by golly sho too may have been at the infamous Sutton Place Town House meeting with the NYC region where Lyn promised everyone there that they would manning card table shrines for ever and ever. Just like Suan Bowen, she has to be in her mid 50s by now and has given everything to Lyn . The emails sent to me say that Pat was at one time in a relationship with the convicted Mike Billington in the late 1970s early 1980s. They used to be our airport card table flying couple where we would fly them to other cities with big airports to set up card tables for nuclear power. We usually found some cheap hotel near by and sent them away for a few weeks to make a few hundred a day in places like Denver. Pat and Mike eventaully broke up but she was pretty demanding. The story I was told is that she wanted to live by herself in Manhattan and did not want to be in a group apt. Well, we were having people evicted for non payment of rent at this time so I do not think that arrangement was going tpo last. In the end it seems that th elocal NCs grew tired of her and shipped her off to another region. I figured that having that type of spunk surely would make here eventually leave, but I was wrong.
So here she is, THREE DECADES later doing a a card table shrine post office tour in her 50s, thinking that this whole bizarro world makes sense. Pat, if you only knew how many millions of dollars that you sweated so hard to raise was sent to security scam artists who feed Lyn's delusions.
There are a lot of things which happened to a woman like Pat Noble which explain why she is still in. It is very hard to leave after you put in THREE DECADES of your life into a cult of personality. Some of her friends who were with her at that Sutton Place Meeting are now planning how to structure their pension and retirement plans from their careers after leaving.


07-28-2007, 01:05 PM
LaRouche's approach to death has always been to threaten, as if he had the power of life or death. For many years, even while in the organization, I wondered why, every time an "enemy" of LaRouche died, he gloated, claiming, in one way or another, that the dead enemy had received a "just" punishment. Only the very young could buy into such megalomaniacal
And that is the problem, the LYM are, for the most part, very young. The LYM is composed of the same generation that brought the world Columbine, Virginia Tech., Red Lake and other massacres. It is all well and good for LaRouche to blame these massacres on video games and baby-boomer parents, but, since he has claimed to be a powerful, world leader for the entire time these kids have been alive, why isn't he also to blame?
Further, it is beyond question that some of the LYM are unstable, and are being made more unstable by their intensely coercive living conditions, and LaRouche's policy of taking away their medications. I have asked before, is it possible that a zealous member of the LaRouche Youth Movement, hyper-stimulated by the rhetoric of Helga et al concerning Jeremiah Duggan's supposed connections to the British Royalty/Zionist/Tavistock conspiracy to kill LaRouche, took it upon him- or her- self, to protect the LaRouches by killing Jeremiah? If so, how would LaRouche's statements concerning Dennis King's "death wish" be interpreted by such an unstable LYM'er?
Two more points:
1. LaRouche has killed people in the past by deploying them 16 hours a day, not paying them enough for proper nourishment, and denying them proper health care. Despite his grandiose claims of having been a leader in industry in the 1950's, nobody, except a Third World sweat shop owner, would force people to live on $5-7 a day, share a bedroom with four unrelated people, and take away medications without a legitimate doctor's opinion. Or force pregnant employees to have abortions [I'm not going to let up on this]
2. Do the second generation LYM'ers know that their "caring" guru-LaRouche demanded that their parents abort them, and that he railed mercilessly against the members who dared to defy LaRouche and have babies?


07-28-2007, 01:15 PM
Our next over THREE DECADES of service to Lyn is also from the Chicago area.,6_1_NA19_RALLY_S1.article (
Here we have 58 year old Judy Clark giving a great big hug to an 18 year old who was not even born when Judy was in the National office when our frauds were taking place. Judy used to be known as Judy Acheson I think. She would usually be found at the front desk of our W58th st office running the switchboard at the 5th floor entrance.
What is funny here is that the people in these post office card table shrines have all been in for over three decades. The one guy named Milton who is 32 has lived as long as these members have been out in the rain, snow and sun for Lyn. Since I was around the LC at the time everyone mentiuoned first joined, I really do not think that anyone really expected to be at a card table shrine THREE DECADES later. In fact, our timetable was a strong running in the 1976 election by the USLP and being in power by 1980. If you were still in you did not expect to be doing card table shrine work. Most of us figured out how this cult of personality works. Evidently, a few old timers have not. These are also people who would have known Ken Kronberg from NYC or Virginia and have been through several incantations of the cult by Lyn. These people were communists, socialists, Federalists, Conservative Dems, Christians, Reagan supporters and what ever Lyn wanted them to be over the decades.
In short, they were everything except themselves as Lyn took that away over THREE DECADES ago.


07-28-2007, 01:32 PM
Here is another card table shriner who has over THREE DECADES of his life into this madhouse om/portals-code/list.cgi%3Fpaper%3D84%26cat%3D23%26id%3D1026513%26 more%3D0+paul+glumaz&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=4&gl=us ( om/portals-code/list.cgi%3Fpaper%3D84%26cat%3D23%26id%3D1026513%26 more%3D0+paul+glumaz&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=4&gl=us)
His name is Paul Glumaz and we have mentioned him before. He left college and joined the LC where his stellar academic brilliance promptly got him semt to a card table shrine. He shows up every now and then in the Seattle area at local post offices hawking severely out of date publications. Numerous former memebers who live in the are have ran into him and have commented on how sad it is to see a very old looking Glumaz repeating the same thing over and over like it was decades ago when they too were in. You could take anything Glumaz says about Cheney and his signs and just put in "Carter" "Rocky" "Mondale" "KGB" "ADL" or any one fo hundreds of Lyn's delusions and Paul would faithfully be there.
Glumaz has a connection to Gelber in which I think they were both in the same locals. I can't seem to rememer the exact story, but it explains how the LC devours it's young with sick techniques of controling your life.


07-28-2007, 03:19 PM
Paul Glumaz is far better educated than LaRouche in that the former earned a BA in anthropology at Columbia University while the latter had earlier managed only to set up shop there like Charles Manson, beard and all. Paul is also far more intelligent and well-read than his master, though not less odd.


07-29-2007, 06:24 AM
The obvious question is how can a bright guy like a Paul Glumaz end up at a card table shrine for over THREE DECADES???? Some people who were with him for a few years emailed me some possible reasons. For a few years Glumaz did not even use his real name and instead used to call himself Paul Morgan. Glumaz may not know this, but several exlcers have run into his card table shrine in the Seattle area over the years. Each person has indicated that it is the saddest thing becuase they all remember talking to him about many subjects and seeing that he has too much education to be in the cult. However, what usually happens when you are in the cult for any length of time is that you get "Larouchefied". What this means is that about 3/4ths of what yoy know and talk about will be pretty accurate, the remaing 1/4 or so will then have both LC jargon and endless conspiracy tales which then lead to more and more jiberish. The net result is that you always end up talking like a Larouche junkie who just injected 50 ccs of Lyn into your veins.
I am not sure a guy like Paul Glumaz can function outside of the LC these days after THREE DECADES of this addiction. Sometimes the hardest thing to do when you leave is to detox yourself of LC lingo and concepts . Even if you happen to know something which is correct, ex members often find that the mental habit called "connecto" screws up your ability to rationally think through simple events and history. The most severe strain of this illness is of course Lyn himself. The example I posted a while back on "Al Gore's garden " proving that he is a Nazi is a smilar strain. Lyn has this disease running 24/7 and if you can not follow than in LC lingo you must be "blocked".
In Paul Glumaz's case he does not continue his education and instead joins the NCLC/USLP where in that period he was calling for the impeachment of VP Nelson Rockefeller, then Jimmy Carter. One of Paul's favorite catch phrase I was told was "The International Bourgosie". This was when Glumaz joined a communist NCLC which was attacking the left and Lyn Marcus was the new Marx.
Later, without knowing what happened, Glumaz is now attacking Kennedy, Mondale and other Dems as KGB flunkies and warning of a world wide communist takeover which only the now conservative Democrat Larouche can stop.


07-29-2007, 06:34 AM
How a smart guy like Glumaz becomes fodder ofor Lyn as a card table shrine flunkie can perhaps be traced back to how the cult uses Beyond Psych on its members. You can create a group dynamic real easy if you have control over every stimuli and can control the environment surrounding members and the group. In Glumaz's case I was emailed a story about his being confronted by Michael Gelber in a local meeting where he was being faulted for not selling enough New Solidarities. In these local meetings the local leader vents the anger on the subject using whatever inner secrets the local leader found out during the late night ego stripping sessions called BP. In a group situation we now have a covering subject who is finding out that all that were his secrets are now about to be exposed to other members to show why he is not yet like Lyn in being unblocked. The Glumaz story revolved around his admission of taking some breaks from the deployment and doing what you can not do when you live with 6 other guys in a small apt.
Since this pretty traumatic incident he has been manning those card table shrines for over THREE DECADES.
Glumaz, you have no idea just how many former members slipped you some food or drink and cash to your hands who wished you came to your senses. Just think about how many times you recalled the Chris White brainwashing story to people as Gospel and never even knew what the truth from Chris White was. Ask Leni about it.
Yutes, is this what you expect an empoyer to do when they do not meet company sales goals? Do this with a real estate frim and see the law suits. Lyn has really created a form of labor which evades all minimum wage, sexual harrassment, tax and occupational hazard laws via the LC/LYM. He is not the first, but he seems most resolute in how blatant his followers can be spit on , abused and discarded with out a worry in the world.
So yutes, think about why that old man or woman is talking to you late at night about your "problems". The only problem you have is that you did not make enough money that day or worse, you asked a question about the LC, Lyn or why things are the way they are.
Once you prostrate yourself to Lyn or the local NCs and leaders, your future is pretty much written in stone. In the year 2037, you will be at that card table shrine , waiting for the economic collapse like Paul Glumaz is or harboring self delusions like some of the card table shriners just mentioned. Read those articles again and you can see where one THREE DECADE veteran says that there are "thousands " of card table shriners at US post Offices calling for Cheney's impeachment. When the technical issues are resolved, we will show you articles from 1975 where USLP organisers are in local newspapers calling for the impeachement of Neslon Rockefeller and claim that 2 thousand members are around the USA doing the same thing!
Back then we did not have card tables and just held our lit till it soiled our hands and cheap K mart winter parkas.
Next we will show you how whatever you think you are doing in math is just a game to play untill you are broken down enough for Lyn and the vampires in training to begin harvesting you.


07-29-2007, 09:22 AM
It reminds me an internal memo lyn wrote nearly a 1/4 century ago: RIGOR: METHOD OR MORTIS.
It s all about socalled "latticework" and "formal fallacies"...
Larouche the logician explains quite clearly how "logical fallacies" based on an "imaginary logical loop" can take control of some "human-rat" like trapped in a mental maze, a labyrinth... forever.
This maze is, in fact, lyndon larouche's world ... (but the rat-man is not capable of realizing that, so larouche hopes)
Here is what he wrote:
"Ask yourself what occurs to the mind of a victim, if that human individual is subjected to a very intensive equivalent of putting a laboratory-rat daily through a very elaborate maze. Imagine that the rat must start each day along a new track, cross none of the points of intersection of the maze he crossed on any preceding day, and must, each day, return through the maze to the point from which he started that day. On those days the poor, tortured rat's choice of sequence does not permit him to return to the starting-point of the day' s excursion, "generously" allow the poor, tormented rat-man to regain his starting-point by inventing one imaginary syllogism which connects the blind-end of his sequence to the starting-point. At the end, let the rat-man run through a sequence based on those imaginary syllogisms' presumed consistency with the first days' starting-point; force poor rat-man to construct one additional imaginary set of syllogisms which create the logical appearance of infinite connectivity of all points of the imaginaries' sequences together with the real starting-point of the first day of the maze-torture exercize. Will the poor, brainwashed rat-man believe, or will he not believe, that the last of the imaginary set of syllogisms represents his discovery of the lawful principle of formal logic which provides total consistency to the entirety of the latticework? Subject an ordinary human being to a formal education in which he or she is steeped in the equivalent of Newtonian physics, under psychological pressures of a rat-maze setting of "rewards and punishments," and that poor victim will end up believing that the satanic experimenter is God himself, and that his own final set of imaginary syllogism is the fundamental law of the universe. "
Aren't these "imaginary syllogisms" that connect anything to everything the essence of larouche's "conspiracy theories" ?
Doesn't the life of this tortured rat sound like the poor life of a LO member stuck at some street corner?
Your question was: how can a bright guy like xxxxx end up at a card table shrine for over THREE DECADES????
That s where those 30+ years rat-men (and women) are... stuck mentally (and physically) in larouche's maze.


07-29-2007, 11:48 AM
This is sort of buried in the thicket of these posts, and is tangeantal to more meaningful things, but I recall xlcer posting the item round about from the Washington Times on the "White House Call Boy Ring" story, round about the time when the James Bevel incest story broke. I remember that call boy ring story resurfacing a couple years ago -- in some less than legitimate parts of our political discourse where Larouche can stick his head in and thrive (the same parts that can inflate Prescott Bush into a great financier of the Nazi War Machine) -- as conspiracy theorists tried to connect it to the John Gannon story.
What is the backstory to that one again, with relation to Lyndon Larouche?


07-30-2007, 08:03 AM
Hmm, here's an interesting wrinkle. On theSkull/Bones blog at, in the comments, Rachel Holmes says (about Baby Boomer members leaving the cult):
"...However, if someone is concerned about the possibility of any greater danger–which could be realistic if the person possesses "inside information," I suppose–that person should go to the Sheriff's Office before he or she leaves, explain the situation, and explain that they just want the Department to be alerted and to be aware.
"It may be that the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office already has an idea what's going on on the inside, as a result of coming across the April 11 "morning briefing," etc., in their investigation of Kronberg's death."
I boldfaced the part I found most interesting. I wonder if this is true--and do other law enforcement agencies have copies of the briefing "etc." too?


07-30-2007, 05:53 PM
How demented can one get:
July 28, 2007 (LPAC)--LaRouche's message to Pelosi, to either get out of the way of impeachment, or resign, was sent loud and clear in her own backyard, with a LYM rally in downtown San Francisco on Friday the 27th. Hundreds of impeachment condoms and thousands of pieces of literature were distributed to her eager constituents in front of a banner demanding that Pelosi stop acting as "Nazi Rohatyn's Condom." The condoms bore pictures of Pelosi and Cheney, and the text: "Tell Pelosi to quit protectin' Dick." Around twenty people called in to her office from our phones while at the rally, and doubtless more made their feelings known later on, prompted by our literature, songs, and briefings given over our megaphone.
Most San Francisco locals knew that Pelosi had taken impeachment off the table, and they were none too happy about it, agreeing that she has no business being in office if she takes a stand so dramatically against the people. Some passers-by could be heard on their cell phones, telling their interlocutors, "Yeah, this sign says that Pelosi is a condom! And they're handing them out!" It was a rare breed of San Franciscan to remain obstinate in telling us, "I like Nancy," as our new canon, "Impeach Cheney, Miss Pelosi" filled the air, concluding with, "Fascist Felix likes the Dick. // Don't blow it, impeach him quick!"
Our two tables were decked with signs demanding Cheney's impeachment, and a new one labeled as a "Military Affair to Remember" featuring Felix [Rohatyn], Nancy, and Dick lying together in bed. Nancy (in the middle) looks shocked, Rohatyn is confiding to her that "All the Democrats like my Big MAC," and Cheney informs the onlooker that "Whittington isn't the only person I intend to shoot in the face!"
Beyond simple displeasure, some people expressed rage at Pelosi, furious that she was doing something so obviously, and inexplicably wrong. Unlike some "Brand X" political movements, the LYM were able to pinpoint why: the control of the fascist banker Felix Rohatyn over Pelosi and other Democrats! And, one local student, fresh from singing and working on the discoveries of Johannes Kepler with us at our office in the morning, joined us for the afternoon rally, making his political organizing debut!

  • No matter how much one wants Cheney gone, could one go along with such purposeless public obscenity? They only embarass themselves. And, as xlcr has predicted, check out the last part: they hooked a poor sap by singing and Kepler one minute and then twisted him into hitting the card-table shrine the next. Of course, this was a "fun" event, but soon he'll be competing with the Hare Krishna in the marketplace of ideas. I would suggest that this type of lewd public display is intended to morally desensitize the organizers and further bind them to the cult by divorcing themselves from decent society.

07-30-2007, 08:33 PM
Press release just out:
JULY 30, 2007--Dennis King, the journalist who wrote the critically acclaimed Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism (Doubleday 1989), has returned to the fray with an article that lays the blame for the April 11 suicide of one of LaRouche's Jewish followers squarely at the cult leader's doorstep.
In the article "Lyndon LaRouche and the Art of Inducing Suicide," published in its final form today at, King charges that LaRouche, who operates a worldwide political and publishing network from his
headquarters in Leesburg, Va., drove 58-year-old Kenneth L. Kronberg, a member of the LaRouche organization for most of his adult life, to despair through years of bullying and denunciations. This process culminated, King says, in an April 11 morning briefing suggesting that certain Baby Boomers in the organization were so burned out and worthless that the best solution for them might be to simply commit suicide.
Kronberg, the chief target of LaRouche's wrath, was already under great stress not only from the incessant verbal abuse but also from his knowledge of the impending financial collapse of PMR, a printing company owned by Kronberg but
controlled by LaRouche, from which the cult leader and his thuggish inner circle had been skimming most of the profits. Within hours of the briefing's distribution, Kronberg drove to a highway overpass near the firm's northern
Virginia facility, exited his car, and jumped to his death.
King's article refers to the "culture of harsh verbal abuse and threats" that had built up in the LaRouche organization over the years. King also describes little-known incidents from past decades in which the LaRouchians attempted,
without success, to create a "controlled aversive environment" around various persons regarded by LaRouche as enemies, and thus cause them to kill themselves as the only escape from harassment crafted on the basis of psychological profiling. King cites LaRouche's "symbolic Jew" hate figure, Henry Kissinger, as a high-priority target of this method.
The article also notes LaRouche's shocking rub-salt-in-the-wounds behavior towards the grieving families of Kronberg and other Jews who died while associated with LaRouche; for instance, the family of Jeremiah Duggan, a student from the UK who ended up dead after attempting to flee a LaRouche cadre school in Germany.
King describes LaRouche as basically a "fantasy Hitler" who, since he cannot carry out his ultimate dreams in the democratic political environment of the United States, acts them out through the bullying and exploitation of his
followers, both Jewish and non-Jewish, and through wild threats against his
LaRouche was not amused when he saw an earlier, shorter draft of this article on King's website last week. On July 27, he expressed his grave displeasure in a press release entitled, "Is Dennis King Planning Suicide?" (
The release quoted the cult leader and self-styled world statesman as saying that King "is an empty carcass without a soul" and that he [LaRouche] "is not going to send flowers to the funeral."
LaRouche didn't send flowers to Ken Kronberg's funeral either.


07-31-2007, 01:13 PM
Hey, gang, there's a hilarious new twist today on Lyn's chickenlittlism of yore:
LaRouche: The Financial System Has ALREADY Collapsed!
July 31, 2007 (LPAC)--Briefed throughout the day on Monday about various manifestations of the onrushing financial crash of the entire global system, Lyndon LaRouche commented: "I'm not impressed with what's happening today. Why? Because it already happened. The system has already come down.''


07-31-2007, 03:13 PM
"I am an excellent driver." Rainman, 1988
"The roots of my exceptional personal qualifications, are of a functional, rather than genetic character." Larouche 2001


07-31-2007, 03:14 PM
Yeah, I'm just cutting and pasting something I just posted to my own blog, but here:
Okay. Here's the thing about the "Dick" to "Condom" thing and why it is hypocritical.
I have had "Lorouche" indexed as an rss feed for quite some time, which has meant that I have had passed before my eyes the give and take betwee the concerted efforts of Larouchies to alter wikipedia pages to fit their world view, as well efforts by persons such as King and Berlet against the sort of "Studied Neutrality" that the wikipedia editors attempt at their peril.
Which brings me to this gem that popped before me on these wikipedia wars:
Vapidity of culture, you say?


07-31-2007, 03:23 PM
Since I was around the LC at the time everyone mentiuoned first joined, I really do not think that anyone really expected to be at a card table shrine THREE DECADES later. In fact, our timetable was a strong running in the 1976 election by the USLP and being in power by 1980.
What's interesting is that I don't even think the current LYMers have THAT fantasy to work with. The Larouche line is that HE IS IN POWER, behind the scenes. So what is their advancement supposed to be in this Renaissance that they are creating?


07-31-2007, 03:33 PM
"I'm not impressed with what's happening today. Why? Because it already happened. The system has already come down.''
That would be, of course his system which has come down. That's how one is supposed to read these things, right?


07-31-2007, 05:36 PM
The best thing taking place is that people outside the cult actually take the time to read the gibberish which is being written. THREE decades ago we never had the time to read what the hell we were printing and would nod our heads in a glazed, sleep deprived affirmation of Lyn's genius. Today, we have a situation where not only do people read the gibberish but can post their findings where anyone across the globe can read it.
Here is a great example yutes of the massive influence and hegemony you have shaken the world with.

The Queen is my dealer
Julianne at 7:42 pm, July 18th, 2007
If you've spent time in a large university recently, you have undoubtedly run across the LaRouche Youth Movement. Invariably you'll find a table hosted by earnest, good-looking college students, passing flyers to other less-interested-but-equally-good-looking college students. You'll find odd posters on bulletin boards, asking if you know about Al Gore's link to global warming. At first glance, it seems almost reasonable, but gets much weirder on close inspection.
Lyndon LaRouche, the head of the movement, was on my radar back in high school when his perennial presidential campaign was big. He was rather old even then, so I'd assumed he'd kicked the bucket quietly in the intervening years, while sitting in jail for mail fraud. He popped back into my consciousness, however, when our department lost a new grad student to him. The student showed up, started taking classes, and seemed to be integrating well into the department — at least until one day he dropped out to devote himself to the LaRouche movement full-time. I still see the former student occasionally, sitting at a table behind a stack of leaflets at the airport, or chatting up prospective new members on the main drag near campus. I've always wondered exactly how this apparently revived cult was operating, and thanks to a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed Inside Higher Ed, I now know quite a bit more without having to ask an earnest young cult member directly. Former cult members are also speaking out for themselves.
Now the bit that makes this whole thing bloggable on CV is that it turns out the LaRouche has a interest in physics. Messages from his followers started appearing on public blackboards in the UW Physics building, advertising a special seminar about the 3-body problem, about which apparently LaRouche has some deeply held beliefs. These beliefs seem to revolve around Newton being a plagarist, a failure of the world to appreciate the Socratic method, some gobbly-gook about time-reversal, and a devotion to the "LaRouche-Riemann Method" (which he graciously concedes should perhaps be called the "Leibnitz-LaRouche-Riemann Method". Frankly, it's all a bit hard for me to follow, and I don't think it's because I never took courses in string theory. Futher reading (click here if you dare) uncovers other obsessions with coulomb forces in nuclear fusion and a notion that space-time curvature sets humans apart as a species.


07-31-2007, 05:38 PM
The screeds are all very impressive if you happen to know absolutely nothing about the topic under discussion. They're filled with classical references and advanced literary and scientific vocabulary (to wit: "Is this merely the present author's conjecture? Not at all. It would appear to be merely conjecture, only if one commits the blunder of accepting Aristotle's fraudulent notion of the detached observer. Once we recognize that scientific knowledge is obtained, not by contemplating the universe, but by studying how we may generate those thoughts which enable us to efficiently act to change the universe, then the principles of cognition underlying the discovery of lawful physical principles, are the epistemological basis for defining the underlying determination of validatable physical laws."). However, they simply make no sense, and fall well outside of Sean's guidelines for a lternate science respectability.
Of course, I probably could have guessed that from back when he said the Queen was dealing.

The comments are great to read as well
Yvette on Jul 18th, 2007 at 8:15 pm
These guys show up on our campus on occasion, but I'm pretty sure they're not students actually from our campus. Come to think of it I haven't seen 'em in awhile, perhaps they were unsuccessful.
While I'm on the topic though, I once almost ran down one of the LaRouche people with my bicycle. Not my fault if he refuses to get out of my way while waving his fliers, is it?
Myhatma Gander on Jul 18th, 2007 at 8:29 pm
"It would appear to be merely conjecture, only if one commits the blunder of accepting Aristotle's fraudulent notion of the detached observer."
I hate to break it to you, but your local departments of english literature/women's studies etc etc etc are almost certainly propagating equally nonsensical propaganda to your students, and doing far more harm than these guys. Officially sanctioned crackpottery is far worse than this kind of random lunacy.
Ellipsis on Jul 18th, 2007 at 9:03 pm
so what about those college students who aren't good-looking, or are just plain ugly?
Could they be the ones over at the Scientology table, or something?
Zeno on Jul 18th, 2007 at 10:02 pm
LaRouche has amazing staying power. Who would have thought that college kids today would still be falling for his line of crap? I recall in the 70s that he was able to scrape together enough money to buy TV time to pitch his quixotic presidential candidacy. I failed to pick up any hint of charisma or credibility, but perhaps I'm just too obtuse. Back then he claimed to be a Socialist Labor candidate, as best as I can recall.
About half a dozen years later, when I was a government worker in Sacramento, LaRouche spent a ton of money sending one of his books to every state agency chief. My boss showed me the book and we had a good laugh. I recall that — in addition to exposing the Queen of England's drug operations — LaRouche had some supposed application of conformal mapping to economic theory. Pretty pictures, wacky equations, and not a lick of sense.
LaRouche has always been like a magpie, picking up bright objects while oblivious of their meaning, but dazzling his followers by heaping up the goodies in pretty piles. I guess it's a seductive technique to use on the woefully ignorant. It makes the followers think they're smart, because they're smart enough to follow a genius. (He must be a genius, or how else could he understand the gobbledegook that he spews out in his literature? The logical fallacy escapes them.)


07-31-2007, 05:38 PM
I read about the new coach of the NY (NJ) Jets using Mozart during football training because it reportedly raises people's intellectual capabilities and helps concentration. I wonder if LaRouche is going to either come out saying this is a reflection of his intellectual hegemony or that the <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> cult of dionysian football addicts is perverting classical music to prevent a true classical renaissance?


07-31-2007, 05:40 PM
This is some filter, to red star the word b-r-u-t-a-l as if it's a curse word. I suggest someone try and fine tune the program.


07-31-2007, 05:43 PM
Sean on Jul 18th, 2007 at 10:27 pm
I once poked fun at LaRouche-Riemann theory on a web page. It actually provoked a phone call from one of his supporters, trying to convince me to take Lyndon's unique geometrical insights seriously.
But they are nothing next to the menace of university English departments!
Julianne on Jul 19th, 2007 at 1:02 am
I once poked fun at LaRouche-Riemann theory on a web page. It actually provoked a phone call from one of his supporters
Yeah, I definitely was conscious that I might be taking on more than expected.
so what about those college students who aren't good-looking, or are just plain ugly?
As far as I can tell, they don't seem to exist. At UW, at least, all the students are above average.
Dave on Jul 19th, 2007 at 1:17 am
Whatever happened to LaRouche's efforts to save us from the conspiracy to suppress cold fusion? Something like 6 or 8 years ago I bumped into some LaRouche disciples trying to peddled literature on the cold fusion suppression conspiracy. I wanted to take some of their literature, but none of it was free.
I'll bet that vast cold fusion suppression conspiracy of multi-national corporations and governments must have managed buy off LaRouche!
Ellipsis on Jul 19th, 2007 at 1:51 am
At UW, at least, all the students are above average.
must be that Seattle sunshine
Julianne on Jul 19th, 2007 at 3:20 am
Whatever happened to LaRouche's efforts to save us from the conspiracy to suppress cold fusion?
If you wade through the screed, there is some scoffing at Coulomb repulsion at atomic/nuclear scales, so I believe the cause lives on.
Ben on Jul 19th, 2007 at 3:44 am
The Larouche crowd have always had a fascinating set of enthusiasms of unclear origin. Like, they were really into Friedrich Schiller, and their newspaper would go on about Schiller. Why Schiller in particular? Who the hell knows? I have to wonder how this movement will survive its Maximum Leader, although he seems to be hanging on just as tenaciously as Fidel.


07-31-2007, 05:46 PM
More comments for the yutes and deadenders at the card table shrines to ponder.

michael pierce on Jul 19th, 2007 at 8:28 am
As a former UW physics grad I can say that they also talk to those of us that are not so good looking. sigh… Too much time in the basement labs means no "Seattle sunshine" to give us that healthy pale complexion.
Anyhow, I always enjoyed a different tactic with the LaRouchers that would gather outside the library. My beloved game was to try and "out conspiracy theory" them. Among my personal favorites was moving the discussion to fluoridated water (thank you Dr. Strangelove) or jet-trails, before breaking down into a stream of utter non-sense technical terms.
Sometimes they'd be interested (sigh), but other times they'd be offended. When they got to the point of asking me about my rude behavior I would then turn the question around. fun (though perhaps callous).
matt on Jul 19th, 2007 at 8:47 am
While I don't know enough about differential geometry (though working on that) to comment on the Larouche/Reimann "stuff", I can say that the Larouche Youth Movement (LYM) invocation of Kepler's celestial solids is absolutely absurd. The conspiracy theories about world history, if you read them thoroughly enough would make any sensible person, even a college student, look at you askance.
Julianne, what's interesting is not that everyone in Seattle, including the LYM, is of above average attractiveness. Rather, how rather intelligent people can be sucked into a rather bizarre web of conspiratorial idiocy? I know it happens a lot, particularly with college students, but what are the factors that make a person latch onto LaRouche's economic pontifications. Mind you the attractiveness of cults is a whole other bag of beans.
And to my regular annoyance, they have those stupid flier waving idiots out here in Boston as well.
Theo on Jul 19th, 2007 at 9:13 am
Your "here" link is broken, missing a colon in http:// — Thanks for the article! fascinating stuff.
Ryan V on Jul 19th, 2007 at 9:14 am
I ran into a few of these nutjobs in Montreal last August, it seems they hopped across the border to try to convert a few Canadians.
Now, I must admit that we were on our way to breakfast and were feeling quite hung over, given that this was Montreal. But they had some sort of table set up in Old Montreal and were handing out booklets. They sort of stopped us, shoved one of these booklets into my hand, and then started ranting about Rumsfeld.
Since I was not in the mood to get into any political discussions with these crackpots I sort of muttered something and shuffled on, not realising I still had this booklet. Over breakfast I actually read some of it, and aside from blaming Harry Truman for all the ills of the world, it espoused the virtues of Kepler (IIRC it claimed he invented universal gravitation), while calling Galileo a greedy plagiarist
scherzo on Jul 19th, 2007 at 11:47 am
More than 20 years ago I attended a lecture-recital on a college campus. The subject was the J. S. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. When the performer took questions, a LaRouche disciple gave a 5-minute speech about music and conspiracies. The gist of it was that J. S. Bach developed "scientific" method of music composition that was passed on to Mozart. Mozart was then poisoned by Salieri at the behest of evil financial interests, whose descendents then went on to create a "rock-drugs" culture.
I wonder what will become of this movement after LaRouche is gone. Will it fizzle, or will it be the next Scientology?


07-31-2007, 05:49 PM
creeky belly on Jul 19th, 2007 at 4:11 pm
I showed up for work in the physics department at UW one day, and saw a couple of people trying to figure out what the rather large, peanut-shaped object was in our courtyard (everyone's favorite p-orbital). As I was walking in, they stopped me and asked if I knew what it was, and I like a fool, I told them. Immediately they began prompting me about whether or not I knew Newton was a fraud. I thought, "here we go." Now, Newton was into some bizarre stuff (his diaries from his later life showed that he was WAY into alchemy), but I politely explained that the majority of his scientific contributions were still in use today, and indeed Newtonian mechanics were enough to get men on the moon. Apparently, the Larouche people believe that all of Newton's work was done by a ghost-writing faculty committee at Cambridge, to which they have no evidence, but this is their trump card. Then, they began claiming that Newton was found chewing on Gauss's bones and some other nonsense, and that G auss and Kepler were the real geniuses. So I told them about his accomplishments in optics (mirrors instead of lenses and all your telescope problems go away), calculus (they wanted to give ALL of the credit to Leibnitz), universal gravitation, etc. This was not good enough, and since Newton was crazy, all of his theories were crazy, too. I told them about Tesla's accomplishments despite the fact that he was also quite mad as well (I love his theory of the resonance machine that could destroy the planet!), and that theories have to stand up to the weight of evidence: Newtonian mechanics was able to predict the motion of the heavenly and terrestrial bodies. Again, they wanted to argue about some theoretical meeting between Gauss, Kepler, and Newton (who aren't even contemporaries), in which they tried to predict orbits. Gauss, of course, got the answer exactly right. Kepler was close, but Newton was RIGHT OUT! I gave up at this point, since it was obvious that all they knew were ad hominem attacks that weren't even true. I thanked them for a stimulating conversation and went to leave. It was at this point that they asked me for my phone number and wanted to come up and see my lab. I respectfully declined, and went upstairs.
star fish on Jul 19th, 2007 at 4:49 pm
My favorite interaction with the Larouche people here (there have been several) went something like this:
Innocent-looking "student": (various pleasantries, then …) "Say, do you use Newton's gravity much?"
Me: umm, what do you mean? I do use newtonian mechanics from time to time. Why?
IL"S": Well, I just think it's interesting the way that everyone thought Newton's gravity was right, and then later we found out it was all wrong.
Me: errr. [naively continuing:] Are you talking about General Relativity? Because while it's true that Newton's laws were in some sense superseded by GR, they're still an excellent approximation in many, many different cases. For most of my research, Newton's laws work just fine.
IL"S", changing tack: You know Newton stole all that stuff from Kepler, right?
Me: […]
IL"S": Yeah, I mean, Kepler had it all figured out. Newton just got all the fame.
Me: well, okay. Kepler's laws are great, but the beautiful thing about Newton's laws is that they apply really generally to tons and tons of things. Not just planetary motion. What I mean is, the same equations that tell us, basically, how the Earth orbits the Sun also tell us what will happen when I throw this ball up in the air.
IL"S": Ah … you mean statistics.
Whaaa????? I don't remember how it went after that. But ever since, whenever someone says something I don't understand, I have gotten a sick glee out of nodding sagely and murmuring, "ah… statistics." I suggest you all try it.


07-31-2007, 05:54 PM
CMB on Jul 20th, 2007 at 4:30 pm
As an undergrad at Stanford, I remember a couple of years ago there were some Larouche pamphlets distributed on the seats in one of my physics classes, one pamphlet per seat. Since it was a while ago and I didn't pay much attention to the pamphlet at the time, I don't remember exactly what it was about. I do remember, though, that it didn't make much sense, and that I had a generally negative impression of it. Also, the trash cans were looking pretty full when I was leaving class.
anonymous on Jul 20th, 2007 at 5:41 pm
I remember one time reading this thing about a free summer study program run by Larouchies. The curriculum? A page by page group study of Gauss' "Disquisitiones Arithmeticae". The author of the article checked on their progress. The group leader said Gauss was more difficult than expected… you don't say?
Moody834 on Jul 20th, 2007 at 6:51 pm
Hand out fliers to the LaRouche people:
"Proverbs for Paranoids:
1. You may never get to touch the Master, but you can tickle his creatures.
2. The innocence of the creatures is in inverse proportion to the immorality of the Master.
3. If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.
4. You hide, they seek.
5. Paranoids are not paranoid because they're paranoid, but because they keep putting themselves, <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> idiots, deliberately into paranoid situations.
– Collected from Gravity's Rainbow, V237, 241, 251, 262, & 292&#8243;
Wish them a nice day.
Is this the same LaRouche et al who created the Riemann for Anti-Dummies pages? Best off familiarizing yourself with those through this much more measured page.
There's a nugget or two in the anti-dummies pages, but overall there a low signal to noise ratio mathematics wise. Some of it can be a nice trip through mathematical history, albeit in a slated way, but there is a lot of waffle. You can pick out the choicest portions, and a lot of other unrelated mathematical goodies from Lyle Burkhead's critique page.
Regardless, the groups essay on Gauss' determination of Ceres' orbit is definitely worth reading.
Dave/Bellingham on Jul 23rd, 2007 at 2:59 pm
While I was getting my AA at Seattle Central they really freaked me out. In almost every class there was one person who would try and derail everything in order to talk about LaRouche. That was mostly in Political Science and History courses, though reading this made me glad I didn't take physics there. There was a few times when I'd be walking by their table on the way to class and one of them would grab my arm and not let go until I was able to twist myself free.
Thankfully they seem to be more rare up here at Western. They've got a regular table outside the co-op and hand out leaflets at the farmers market, but none of the more aggressive tactics. I really don't like them.


08-01-2007, 08:13 AM
Hm. Was that Nick Benton article really a "first"?,150360.shtml (
In his weekly national affairs column last month, Nicholas F. Benton, founder, owner and editor of the Falls Church News-Press, an award-winning weekly newspaper in Northern Virginia, became the first person in the U.S., other than on the Internet, to openly and publicly describe his former association with political extremist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., during the 1970s and into the '80s.
Saying he became involved with LaRouche as a seminary graduate in the context of the political and counterculture ferment of the Vietnam War era, Benton wrote, "By the late 1970s, LaRouche's movement had turned decidedly ugly, into something existing only for the purposes of LaRouche's own aggrandizement and the twisted agendas of too many sinister forces that seemed to influence him. As undernourished members 'deployed' for 16 hours a day raising money, and were forced to have, collectively, hundreds of abortions to save their energies for serving him, LaRouche built up his ego, bully-lust and palatial estate."
He added that he "began a measured, phased exit in that era, the way a lot of former members left, completed in the 1980s."
The article is the first known high-profile published account on the subject by a former associate of LaRouche in the U.S. He wrote it, Benton stated, to clarify his personal and professional purpose for being the first news entity to write and publish the report in April on the coincidence between the suicide of a long-time LaRouche associate, Ken Kronberg, and a LaRouche memorandum circulated in his organization the same day. The memo assailed Kronberg's operation within the LaRouche circle, and stating that "baby boomers," ostensibly of the Kronberg ilk, are not "the real world ... unless they want to commit suicide." [...]
"Coincidence" is quite a word there. I suspect that his motivation is found in the next paragraph, though, a message to anyone in the cult.
"There are many people who were once associates of LaRouche who cut that off once the true nature of it became clear to emerge as highly accomplished and successful," Benton said.
He wrote in his column, "I and others who aligned with LaRouche in that period, like Kronberg, were generally well-meaning young people determined to follow through on their zeal to end the Vietnam War by bringing social and economic justice to the world. In that era, being a socialist, advocating the creation and re-distribution of wealth, was considered a meritorious vocation."
Since the publication of his column, entitled, "How I Explain LaRouche," in the June 28, 2007 edition of the Falls Church News-Press, Benton has been interviewed on the subject by Avi Klein of the Washington Monthly magazine and Chip Berlet of the Public Eye.Org.}


08-02-2007, 07:03 AM
Hey, Skull and Bones, why attack Benton? or Dreyfus? What's up with that? I've been admiring your courage in standing up to LaRouche, but what's this all about?
You are right when you say "And there is that hole of successful accomplishments after life inside the cult. Thus, a crucial part of the message is missed — and in a round-about Larouche is aided in attacking his enemies from an omission. Or so it dawns on me." Imagine a list of hundreds of successful people, scientists, journalists, lawyers, teachers, artists, healthcare professionals, company owners/presidents/executives, all telling their story of life with LaRouche. Imagine the impact of those stories on those still in the organization. Imagine that each woman who was forced to have an abortion could come forward and tell her story.
Imagine the fun LaRouche will have destroying each of those hundreds of people in order to convince his "captive" audience, his followers, that there is no life with out him ......
Every single time an ex-member has had the courage to put his/her name to an expose of LaRouche, LaRouche and company attacks that ex-member with the same sort of nasty, slimy invective that spewed from the young girl in the Exorcist. LaRouche and company did that to Ken Kronberg, and he was a loyal follower.
LaRouche is no "philosopher king." His attacks on his "enemies," i.e., truth-telling ex-members, or members that have fallen out of favor, is always "ad hominem."
As far as I am concerned, Skull and Bones is a hero, as is Benton, and any other person with the courage to tell the truth about LaRouche.


08-02-2007, 08:04 AM
I edited that page to try to get rid of of any sense of any ill will I miscommunicated toward toward Benton and Dreyfuss.
Seriously, it doesn't take any courage for me to carry on this topic. I say this not as an act of false modesty: It really and truly does not. It's a blogging lark of sorts.
At any rate, this has been a learning exercise of sorts, and I've come aways.
Okay. A list of Accomplished ex-Larouchites. Anyone?


08-02-2007, 02:52 PM
It is not so simple to just list former members without causing some problems of an ethical nature. Being in the groiup is not something most people wish to advertise who have long ago left and have persued new careers. In many cases there are children and friends who have no idea of the past of the person. Being in the LC for years and seeing first hand what was done and is still being done to people you can easily make someone become a victim again fo the cult.
In a sense, Lyn and the cult crazed cretins who occupy a few plots in Bizarro world have counted on that for many years. Most white collare scams , gypsy scams and bunko artists rely on that emotion to get away with their crimes. We learned first hand with our issuing promisorry notes and skipping out on loans that our victims who were older were afraid of telling their kids or authoaites of what happened to them. Our victims became victimized again when they would be yelled getting fleeced by us. I can not even begin to figure out how many people we screwed who just chalked it up and went on with out making a complaint.
With members it is the same thing. Before the internet, who could you make a complaint about to? What agency is in charge of cults? You also have to understand the sheer fear a former member would experinece knowing that our security staff and members ran many dirty tricks against ouir percieved enemies. Also take into account that many members made the mistake of having many late night sessions with thier local NC and have a lot of inner secrets and personal thoughts known by a group of psychos who will use this against you over and over until you are drained of every drop of self respect.
When people have left I viewed many an NC who shared all sorts of stories about the person and went on an on about how they were so and so and they always knew that they were . Lyn is a master at this and one just has to compile a review of every one who left who Lyn denounced to see that the greatest thinker of our time seems to have done nothing but recruit ADL agents, CFR agents, KGB agents, gangsters, Stasi agents , Greek agaents, FBI/CIA agents and general scoundrels whose only job in life is to stop Lyn from taking world power.
Of the people I have mentioned on this site, I hold back a lot of what I know for ethical reasons. It serves no usefull purpose to make someone who has blown decades into this lunacy to have their histories brought up. In fact, many people I know still in the LC are people I would very friendly with after they got out of this Orwellian nightmare they are now residing in. This is like knowing a battered wife or girlfriend where you hope they can make the move to leave the abuse, but you can only do so much. To say more about the lives of a battered person does more harm than good in some situations.
For the abusers, there is a point where they have witnessed, carried out and continue to enforce a state of harm to a degree which may never be forgiven. The members mentioned here who are still in after THREE DECADES of this lunacy may or may not have an idea of how much abuse, scorn and exploitment has been done against them. When you are now in your late 50s it is so hard to think of life outside the cult. Things like this have made me understand more clearly why many women stay in long term abusive relationships where everything from income, sleeping quarters, friends, outside interests are under the control of a domineering power which only knows hate.


08-02-2007, 02:54 PM
It can be pretty much guaranteed that if any of those above mentioned card table shriners decided to leave this minute and critique the cult, they themselves would soon be under an extreme and bitter crazy attack.
You see yutes, what you do is for the cult and Lyn. The real world continues without even a hiccup over your loss. Lyn and the cult have been though several generations of members, those remaining in Leesburg not only have seen thousands come and go but have seen a person like Ken Kronberg be attacked in a ritualistic fasion for years end in a leap off of an overpass down the street where they reside and work.
If you can't see Ken as the victim of this madhouse, then I guess you need to stay in because the real world is not for you.
You need to be in a world where lyn takes care of your critical thinking. A world where THREE DECADES ago you were busy calling for the impeachment of Jimmy Carter and had signs saying that Jimmy Carter was a 100 times worse than Hitler and now read Lyn praising Jimmy Carter. Your world is where you sold hundreds of thousands of USLP and NDPC pamphlets attacking Ramsey Clark as a KGB lackey who was a traitor and sold out the US to the KGB where now you oooh and aahh over him.
I would suggest to any budding psychology student to consider a study of this cult as a pure example of an Orwellian nightmare brought to life. The sight of Lyn as big brother is virtually complete as You are in the Larouche Organisation, the Larouche Youth Movement, consider yourself a Larouche organiser, use as your email, have devoted decades to Larouche, raise money for LarouchePac, think that LaroucheRieman means something . I am surprised Lyn has not yet made members wear a WWLD ( What would Lyn Do?) bracelet and sell them for fundraising.
For the people whom have left the org I know many over the years. I do not wish to name anyone unless they wish to. What makes the story of Nick Benton important is that he was a regional leader and an NC who knows a lot of what went on over the years. I suspect that he is like many who know that the problem is not that Lyn has influence or power over the globe, but has influence and power of you folks in Leesburg and the regions who tune into this site and read it more than you bother reading the present photocopied handouts .
Among the people who have left include:
-Several lawyers. A few do important work with a very large trade union. A few have written books with very high ranking officlas in Gov which have directly changed certian laws in the USA. The US Supreme Court has had some arguments done by our alumni.
These are real lawyers with real degrees and practices, not Leesburg paralegals. This is hilarious as in a 1/4 CENTURY members whom the legal staff knew in the LC have went to law school, graduated, passed the bar and have thriving practises. I have a few funny as hell legal comments from Judges/clerks of the court who have dealt with the Leesburg legal geniuses on a few occasions. After I clear the backlog of material I will post them. The scale of this is pretty depressing when you think of how a person in Leesburg spends a 1/4 century handling the lawsuits papers filed for non payment ,pretends they never existed and then see his or her former LC members become real lawyers instead of graduates from the Ed Spannaus school of Law.


08-02-2007, 02:57 PM
-A few in the televison and movie industry. We have a writer of certain TV shows and an award winning producer.
-A few accountants with advanced degrees who either employ many people or are with major firms .
-A few bankers who actually direct investments around the globe for very large banks.
-A few economists with PHDs. One has a book out on historical matters. Another runs a DC think tank and has written legislation for the House and Senate. Another is a PHD who has published a few books and is a highly respected professor.
-Several people are involved in finance and running investment firms or doing research. This is quite interesting in that many mutual funds and other investment firms use research done by these people to generate new wealth for shareholders. These are highly educated people who have studied history with experts instead of cowriting a semi comatose Larouchefied Chaitkin/Andromidas lunacy about Al Gore's Nazi Gardens.
-There is a former NC who is the head of a big firm which develops and markets pharmacueticals.
-Another NC holds patents in computer technology. Many former members entered the computer filed and found that unlike Lyn, the real world economy has grown and their skills are in high demand.

-Several people are professional educators. Many have entered special education and have helped thousands of students with special needs achieve remarkable lives.
Take note Leesburg, these are not P/T teachers who substitute but highly degreed individuals who right now are starting to retire with pretty good pensions and benefits from their respective school systems. Their students call in to give thanks unlike some of the Leesburg students who call the principal to complain about the crazy sub who has gone batty writing about economic collapse for THREE DECADES. These are masters and PHD level professionals.
-Some of the educators have won awards for their work and have gone on to become scholars, sent overseas by the US for their quality work. Many of the educators teach at schools with very high standards of advanced classes. One has a book on Milton published as part of the PHD program.
-Quite a few are in health care in many different fields.
-Many are professional writers and editors who have exceptional skills in language arts and are in high demand for their talents. Others are writers who have established their own newsletters in various fileds. We have people who have published books on historical periods and have done research to effectively ghost write other books.


08-02-2007, 03:00 PM
-We have a person who runs a company which is a recognised leader in solar technology . The company has provided employment for former members who have left. It is quite hilarious to think that in a major US city, a car full of yutes is driving past numerous buildings which are using this person's solar roofing to power the building and sell excess power to the grid. As the yute drive past the buildings they can regurgitate the latest Lyn rants about how solar power will kill dark skinned people and thus is fascist.
There are countless other stories Howie of post LC success. There are several very depressing stories about breakdowns and disasters which will wait for a better time to be discussed. In one way Howie I write this stuff for the benefit of the last remaing holdouts in Leesburg who are scared of leaving. I also wish that the yutes will consider that many people have made real decisons to be invovled in the real world and have changed things for the better. They worked for themsleves and have done a lot of fascinating things which amount to real work. No matter what people do, just enjoying your freedom and the life of not having big brother Lyn directing your economic collapse and desolation is worth leaving. People find what they want to do and persue it as best they can. Zubrin wanted to invent a real plan to get to Mars. Each month you can find his work on TV or in many magazines. The LYM can't even get to a deployment without the Larouchemobile unable to escape the orbit of a few city blocks. Passing out a few hundred cheap , soiled photo copied flyers at a Metro station do not get you to Mars.

I suggest that you toss out the Bach Cantatas and Mozart Arias for a bit and listen to a real intellectual giant of a composer and musician named Johnny Paycheck. Johnny Paycheck passed away a few years ago but he left a song which pretty much sums up what happens when you face crazy people every day for years. If not for Johnny Paycheck I would not be experiencing the daily freedoms of my family and friends.
With a few lyrical changes, let us get that LC/LYM chorus going.
Take This Job and Shove it.

Take this job and shove it
I ain't working here no more
My woman done left and took all the reasons
I was working for
You better not try to stand in my way
As im a walking out the door.
Take this job and shove it
I ain't working here no more
Ive been workin in this cult
From now on fifteen years
All this time I watched my woman
Drowning in a pool of tears
And Ive seen a lot of good folk die
Who had a lot of bills to pay
I'd give the shirt right off of my back
If I had the nerve to say
Well that NC , hes a regular dog
The NEC , they're a fool
Got a brand new flat-top haircut
Lord, he thinks hes cool
One of these days, Im gonna blow my top
And that sucker, hes gonna pay
Lord I cant wait to see their faces
When I get up the nerve to say
Take this job and shove it
Wow, it only took Johhny Paycheck 15 years to stand up and leave a bunch of dopes instead of sticking around for THREE DECADES.


08-02-2007, 04:29 PM
xlcr4life writes "I would suggest to any budding psychology student to consider a study of this cult as a pure example of an Orwellian nightmare brought to life"
How true:

1972 LaRouche: The FBI is out to get me [CoIntelPro]
1980's LaRouche: I was an FBI agent in the 1950's [SWP]
After 1986: LaRouche: The FBI is out to get me [LaRouche indictments]
1974: LaRouche: Support Ford over Carter [note: Cheney is Ford's campaign manager, then Ford's chief of staff]
1983: LaRouche: Reagan adopted my SDI program, [note: Cheney is the chief advocate of the SDI under Reagan]
2007: LaRouche: Cheney is evil, and I have always thought so.
In order to survive being in the LaRouche organization, one has to be like Julia in 1984, and say to yourself every day: "I always carry one end of a banner in the processions. I always look cheerful and I never shirk anything. Always yell with the crowd, that's what I say. It's the only way to be safe."


08-02-2007, 07:36 PM
Yeah,that list was roughly what I was thinking -- with a few specifics which I know are scattered on this message board already.
Actually the first problem I realized was simply -- most people are not famous and at the top of their fields, and are just living their lives productively and fruitfully, mistakes made every so often, fits and starts -- cult history or no cult history. Which is not entirely a Triumphantalism Story, and is a far cry from the fantasy Larouche claims as his goal / work.


08-03-2007, 04:00 AM
And now for something completely different

When this first popped up in the email inbox I did not know what to expect. Upon careful reading it appears that the the men in the Larouche household will even sue their own mother to get at the cash. Is it genetics which has the males living and sponging off of the women in their lives?
I have no idea of the whole story, but someone did a Lexis search and found this .

Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts
337 Mass. 772; 150 N.E.2d 526; 1958 Mass. LEXIS 801

May 19, 1958
COUNSEL: [*1] Michael J. Reardon & John A. Murphy ,
for the contestant, submitted a brief.
John J. Foley , for the proponent.
[*526] Order denying jury issues affirmed. This is
an appeal from an order of the Probate Court denying a
motion to frame issues for a jury in the matter of the
allowance of a will of Ella S. LaRouche, late of Lynn.
The decedent died January 22, 1957, leaving as her
only heirs a daughter Edith Preston, who was the sole
beneficiary named in the will, and a son Lyndon H.
LaRouche, who contests its allowance. The appeal is
prosecuted only in respect to the issue whether the
will was procured by the fraud and undue influence of
Edith Preston and her husband Herbert E. Preston. From
statements by counsel of expected evidence, it appears
that, although eighty-six years of age when the will
was executed on April 21, 1955, the decedent was a
woman accustomed to making her own business judgments,
competent to care [*527] for her property, and
unlikely to be subject to the influence of others in
her disposal of it. It is plain that the averments of
undue influence are based mainly on suspicion and
conjecture. Flynn v. Prindeville , 327 Mass. [*2]
266, 269. There was no error in the order of the
judge. See Neill v. Brackett , 234 Mass. 367; Fuller
v. Sylvia , 240 Mass. 49; Hannon v. Gorman, 296 Mass.

  • *
    It lools like Lyn's father, LHL SR sued his own mother! Lyn's grandmother was named Ella and she died in 1957 at 88. She had a daughter named Edith who was left the whole estate and LHL SR appears to not have recieved a penny and perhaps was disinherited.
    LHL SR. then challenged the will in court claiming that the daughter and her husband used "fraud and undue influence" on Ella. He lost because, as the court pointed out, his claim was "base mainly on suspicion and conjecture."
    This all may have taken place when the family was setting up its own soup/kitchen/church in Boston. HMMM, no wonder Lyn took a liking to Dupont Smith when he did not get the money .
    Today's yutes live in a virtual soup kitchen/sect/cult and Lyn has many women working the phones or hustling at card table shrines for over THREE DECADES.
    Buy yutes, notice that you do not and will not find Lyn's son doing what you do.

08-03-2007, 09:41 PM
Exhibit Z of LaRouche's dementia is his "book review" of a book I have recently completed, _Jesus of Nazareth_ by the present Pope Benedict the XVI:
This is not a review at all of anything in the actual book, so is not properly a book review. LaRouche imagines himself, Poe-like, using the book as a staging platform for his own obsessions du jour.
Before arriving at those, he baldly lies as to the origins of Vatican II thereby demonstrating that he has never bothered to take the time to understand the least thing about the Council:
"Vatican II was a response to the seemingly unhindered wrongness of the direction which the post-World War II world had already taken, almost from the very hour in which President Franklin Roosevelt had died."
Rather, Larouche uses the existence of this past event termed Vatican II as another brickbat to hurl at the untutored minds of his followers who know next to nothing of true history apart from how it may be used to conform to the current shape of LaRouche's worldview. Here is another such whopping lie:
"President Dwight Eisenhower referred to the expression of that "white-collar" constituency as a "military-industrial complex.""
Pure nonsense. Read Eisenhower's speech:
This wild-eyed statement is also entirely wrong on each point, especially the dismissal of the Frankfurt School as "existentialist":
"... the wild-eyed, existentialist dogmas of the "Frankfurt School," dogmas associated with the assigned role of the Congress of Cultural Freedom (CCF) in post-1945 Europe."
Of course, LaRouche freaks out at Fromm's, Arendt's, et al. critique of the "Authoritarian Personality" because the impotent-in-every-sense LaRouche has hung his hat, so to speak, since at least his twenties on using this type of Hitlerian model of interpersonal domination to hold his fragile self together. Without others to validate him, he fades away rather quickly. Once he is dead, of course, and people emerge from their fear, his ghost will quickly evaporate leaving only the aborted lives he has made.


08-03-2007, 10:17 PM
The obsessions new and old are introduced by this piece of gibberish:
"So, my emphasis here, is my own persuasion, as in reading his book, that Benedict XVI's emphasis upon the importance of knowing a real-life image of Jesus of Nazareth which would be as accurate as possible, is a key for today's better understanding of the Christian's mission."
Guessing at what he intends to say, I would ask in what sense at all has the life of the historical Jesus of Nazareth informed the daily practice of LaRouchians? Jesus like Joan of Arc or Martin Luther King, Jr. are bandied about as sentimental banners - no more. Then of course good-ol'-antisemite Lyndy can barely ever conceal himself as he attempts to accord something "good" to Jews and prove he is not in fact an antisemite:
"The belief in the God identified by Christians, as by Jews in the footsteps of the three great Moses—of Sinai, Maimonides, and Mendelssohn—has a scientifically objective basis, as Mendelssohn's Phaedon emphasizes this fact. Nonetheless, the nature of the God of the Christians and Moses, is also, essentially, a very personal, subjective issue."
Of the Christians AND MOSES? No Talmud? No gaonim? No sages? What a dimwitted bigot to think anyone can perceive this intended slight as anything but a slap in that face at millennia of Jewish tradition. He may as well dismiss Ken Kronberg's wife (Ken Kronberg being the man - the Jew - that LaRouche induced to commit suicide) as an erring Jewess. And a "scientifically objective basis" for belief? By which scientist? Where? In LaRouche national laboratories where the young LaRouches are studying the effect of rock music on mice, the science of check kiting, and the doubling of the contents of a cereal bowl?
"I usually associate the meaning of the term agape with the passion of creativity, as creativity is used in the more rigorous sense of the act of discovering an efficient form of universal physical principle, as typified by such actions as Johannes Kepler's discovery of the universal physical principle of gravitation."
Of course this is what John in his First Letter meant by stating that God was agape - not. Agape is best rendered in practice as selfless service, as paying people a decent wage, allowing them decent living quarters, providing them decent healthcare. LaRouche is just about the last person on earth who can be construed as an authority on agape: look at the way he has continued to treat his oldest and most loyal followers all because he is too cheap to conduct them safely into old age. And the gullible youths buy it that there is some definable problem with "baby boomers" when in fact it is just out with the old (slaves) and in with the new. That's the only thing this campaign against the older members is about is to save Lyn and Der Helga money. Don't kid yourself.
Lastly is the newest obsession:
"This infinitesimal expresses the power which moves the universe."
This is LaRouche's hope: that the infinitesimal amount of good he has done in over eight decades of breathing (pet a puppy, refrained from screaming at someone, not have that last bottle of Rheingau) is actually of world-historic importance, as he used to plagiarize Hegel and Marx (you thought only Adam Smith was a "plagiarist"?)
If a proper sense of shame could ever penetrate his "authoritarian personality," then LaRouche were prudent to commit suicide as the only just measure available to an individual who squandered his life in a petty stab at domination over others, many far more gifted than himself. People like Jeremiah Duggan and Kenneth Kronberg.
Make people happy, Lyn. You're old. Just do it. It would be the agapic thing to do.


08-04-2007, 04:54 AM
I guess that the witless yutes who return to the soup kitchen/LYM clubhouse after sucking in exhaust fumes for 12 hours can be excused for falling for Lyn's cheap parlor tricks. When Lyn writes lunacy like this the parlor trick done here is to convince a yute or a THREE DECADE deadender that Lyn is their version of Jesus since he was born to sue his mother, er to fight the evil oligarchy.
You can read this gibberish over the years and find that the only evil a LC/LYM member fights is whatever evil delusions happen to reside in Lyn's head that morning after staying up all night. Another of Lyn's cheap parlor tricks is to take whatever happens to be a popular past time for people to enjoy THEIR lives with and denounce it as either anti communist, Satanic, reactionary, non hegemonic, Rocky run, Tavistock developed , Aquarian, KGB influenced , anti humanist and whatever depending on who the new evil voices are revolving in Lyn's head and something else.
That something else is whatever last vestige of personal fun or interest a member has which connects him or her to the real world. Thus for older members from the 1960s it was important to denounce the Beatles as a British run operation. For black memebrs especially, any connection to jazz was taken away and attacked. AS you gothrough the years you will find that whatever struck Lyn's fancy while watching TV which was popular among THE YUTES HE WANTED had to be attacked as evil and somehting which if continued to be enjoyed or known about would cause the human race to spiral into the hands of the oligarchy and HELL.
In the LC you begin to develop somehting like an "approved" list of behaviour based on what Lyn enjoyed. When I would walk through any regional office or the national office it seemed that everyone was smoking a pipe like Lyn did at the time. Since your time was taken 24/7 by the cult, a rare day off had people sneaking off to do something they enjoyed like a movie. Even then you would hear about a movie which was on the approved list based on whether security said it was a movie Lyn enjoyed or revealed the oligarchy.
If you step back a few feet it becomes pretty clear that the whole intent of Lyn's cheap parlor tricks is to make you feel that by living a barren and abused life of squalor and lunacy this allows Lyn to carry on his mission to save humanity. The infinitesimal cheap parlor trick has been going on for decades. You can find it in many things where Lyn will say that 'Our tiny forces" or "my recently released _____ caused so and so to do such".


08-04-2007, 04:57 AM
Lyn actually is so delusional that he really believes this stuff after a while. So many of his all night sessions with himself involve writing screeds about some subject which is addressed to a specific person or country. This gibberish is mailed off to places where the blog I recently posted shows that it ends up in landfills. It then is released as some new breakthrough to the members in the briefing and then is ordered to be printed enmasse.
Since members hardly read the stuff they never notice how crazy it is over and over and over.
Since Lyn always preaches about crucial experiments, one has been developed for the LC/LYM and interested parties. What we have is the world's first Larouche-Rieman random memo generator !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every time you click "new memo" the cold fusion generator will take hundreds and hundreds of Lyn's actual sentences and paragraphs and create a new Larouche authored opus for the masses. As more and more of Lyn's own writings from different docs are added, the generator will develop an almost infinite collection of Lyn's writings.
Just try it for a while and see if you can tell if it is any different than the real Lyn.
Print some up and pass them out at the soup kitchen/LYM clubhouse to see yutes ooooh and aaahhh over it.


08-04-2007, 05:09 AM
Some of the readers here who were in the LC/LYM wonder if taking the time to register and post material here is worth it. I say yes since this is a fantastic forum for people around the globe to have a vast resource of information to use. For decades Lyn and the cult have hidden behind obsurity to get away with their Orwellian nightmare and I think it needs to be shared.
This internal memo was sent by a few loyalists who noticed an almost underground hobby in both Leesburg and local soup kitchen/LYM Clubhouses to read and discuss what we post here.

Internal Memo

The latest excretions from such sewers as Dennis King, the
American Family Foundation's FactNet website, a new website run
by Star Trek groupie and Robert Beltran stalker Christine
Wellman, and other droppings from John Train's salon, continue
the obsessive campaign of LaRouche haters to exploit the tragic
death of Ken Kronberg, a man they never knew, and whose life was
dedicated to fighting the stupidity they represent.
King and others who know nothing about the financial
relationship between the LaRouche political movement and PMR
claim that the movement "looted" PMR to ruin. As usual, bull
spews from John Train's overpaid plagiarist.
In the interest of dispelling such bull circulating
among gossip circles internationally, some simple facts are
provided here for internal informational purposes.
bProfiles? March 13, 2009, at 01:43 AMSimple Fact: PMR was founded to print the publications of
the LaRouche political movement and it was always dependent,
despite the wild-eyed contrary theories of such "business
geniuses" as Linda De Hoyos or Uwe Friesecke, upon the success of
the political movement for its own success.
bProfiles? March 13, 2009, at 01:43 AMSimple Fact: In 2000 and 2001, PMR made a disastrous
business decision by continuing to move forward with an expensive
and expansive move to new quarters when the commercial account
upon which the move was premised had already been lost, and
depression had already hit the graphics arts and mailing
industries generally. One effect of the move was to dramatically
increase PMR's cost of production while diverting capital into
debt service which otherwise could have been invested in more
efficient technologies. In the course of the move and other
events, supporters of the LaRouche movement stepped forward to
invest over $2 million dollars in the company in order to salvage
bProfiles? March 13, 2009, at 01:43 AMSimple Fact: Both the 2004 LaRouche campaign committee and
LaRouche PAC paid millions of dollars in premium prices for
printed materials from PMR because the entire LaRouche political
movement was fighting to save the company and the capacity it
represented. It is now clear, in the wake of PMR's demise, that
both political committees could have printed their campaign
materials for substantially less cost had they not utilized PMR
as their exclusive printer.
bProfiles? March 13, 2009, at 01:43 AMSimple Fact: The same AFF Factnet website which now stars
Dennis King, the pathetic sexually obsessed Paul Kacprzak, and a
host of LaRouche haters claiming that they represent Ken
Kronberg's legacy, targeted PMR for financial warfare destruction
in 2004, claiming that by destroying the company, the LaRouche
political movement would be destroyed.
bProfiles? March 13, 2009, at 01:43 AMThose wishing to honor Ken's memory should stick to the
truth, not the bull spewing from his enemies.


08-04-2007, 07:39 AM
Once again, LaRouche demonstrates that the law does not matter to him. There are so many elements of that memo that are admissions of illegal activities by the LaRouche political campaigns that I am sure the IRS and FEC are having a field day.....


08-04-2007, 10:05 AM
The fact that LaRouche's father (LHL Sr.) apparently sued his own mother (LaRouche's grandmother), or went to court after her death to charge undue influence in the matter of her will--all of this is not entirely clear to me, at least not yet--indeed suggests a most unattractive family trait--
It's partly men sponging on women, but even more central to the core of the LaRouches' personalities, father and son, is the OVERWEENING sense of ENTITLEMENT.
I have heard that LaRouche the younger, "our" LHL, kept a journal for many, many, many years because his mother told him he was special, unique, all-important, and should write down his every thought as of profound universal importance (i.e., world-historical, in LaRouche's lingo).
Sounds as if the apple fell right on top of the tree in this instance.


08-04-2007, 08:55 PM
Whoever this Kacprzak character may be (and the name sounds made up to me), even the most cursory reading of the Beyond Psychoanalysis series all the way up to the recent obscene harassment of Speaker Pelosi demonstrates that LaRouche is most manifestly one who is "pathetic [sic] sexually obsessed."
Just another instance out of many where Lyn condemns himself by pointing a finger at another, albeit a phantasm.


08-04-2007, 09:22 PM
A friendly reminder to the LYMers: read George Orwell's <u>Animal Farm</u> and compare it to your experience in the LYM. Note especially the pig Napoleon's tactics and compare them to the treatment in your organization of the so-called "boomers." If that book fails to generate at least a chill up your spine, then you may well be a sociopath like Lyn. One would hope that after reading it you get the hell out of this cult (to which I too belonged for far longer than any of you) and get back in school as quickly as possible. The world needs you to become a doctor, lawyer, scientist, teacher, or scholar - not a loudly babbling intellectual fraud, moral bankrupt, and senile con man.


08-05-2007, 01:43 AM
Whoever this Kacprzak character may be (and the name sounds made up to me), even the most cursory reading of the Beyond Psychoanalysis series all the way up to the recent obscene harassment of Speaker Pelosi demonstrates that LaRouche is most manifestly one who is "pathetic [sic] sexually obsessed."
A google search reveals that he was quoted in the Washington Post "No Joke" article of a few years ago with:
Becoming a faithful follower of LaRouche is like entering the Bizarro World of the Superman comic books, says Paul Kacprzak, 45, who joined LaRouche as an idealistic teenager in the 1970s and worked for him for about a decade. As long as you stay inside the movement, everything you are told makes a certain sense. But if you try to view it from the outside, he says, "it's Bizarro World."}
Maybe he is one of you guys, maybe not -- I don't much care.
Google also reveals Paul Kaczprzaks (whether or not the same man) as a "Polish immigrant who proved America still is the land of opportunity" and a professional wrestling fan.


08-05-2007, 07:42 AM
The point is that no matter who any of LaRouche's opponents may be, I have rarely known anyone as sex obsessed as LaRouche. Moreover, apart from actual rapists, I have never known anyone who uses sex as a weapon more than LaRouche. You will note that anyone who is a lower-level defector from LaRouche (such as Michael Winstead, who had the courage to openly report on his brief experience in the LaRouche cult) is almost invariably cast as some sort of pornography junky or worse. Look at how the AIDS epidemic was used as a pretext for a bigoted assault on gays while all evidence points to LaRouche as himself a closet queen. Lastly, look at this latest stuff over "Dick" Cheney: does this pun never get old for these people? Not in the Bizarro World of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. When it comes to perverting (and perverted) sex, no one does it better than this guy, the Greatest Mind since Al Goldstein.


08-05-2007, 07:56 AM
I remember well the idiotic "political" cartoon we used to run in New Solidarity called <u>Fearless Fuzzdick</u> which was supposed to represent an FBI agent and was a take-off on a long-defunct Dick Tracy like cartoon character. LaRouche always proclaimed that to run these politically pornographic cartoons would psychologically devastate our enemies. Of course we shamelessly did the same things to people like Mayor Ed Koch and Cong. Bella Abzug in NY. So this so-called humor was part of Lyn's stock-in-trade. Good to see though that these posts are having an effect.


08-05-2007, 05:53 PM
Tom Snyder just passed away and still remember his interview with Charlie Manson. What is frightening about seeing Manson and learning about Lyn is that both can run a cult of deception with a straight face and still believe what they are saying.
Case in point is the infamous Chris White brainwashing story which was one of the defining moments when the NCLC morphed into a cult of personality. That era was known as "January 1974" by older members, most of whom are gone. When i first came around I heard about this but never looked further as soon other apocolyptic premonitions by Lyn took place and the whole org was off in another endless tangential goose chase.
Since there was no internet at the time, one could not readily find material of a critical view. The one dominant theme in many criticques of the NCLC and Lyn was that he went bonkers when his wife Carol left him and joined young Chris White, an NEC member. Out of respect for those two , who long left, I do not wish to describe more, but over the years I have heard more of what Lyn had to say about Chris that curdled my blood.
The most frightening thing of meglomaniacs is not that they have delusions, but they firmly believe them and will act upon them with all of their passion and energy.
Here is something the yutes can ask their NC or fellow card table shriner about. For the fewer and fewer remaing deadenders, did anyone of you ever see this legal summary sent to me from 1974?

Lyndon H. LaROUCHE, Jr., also known as Lyn Marcus, Individually and as National
Chairman of the National Caucus of Labor Committees, et al., Plaintiffs Pro Se,
v. The CITY OF NEW YORK, et al., Defendants
No. 74 Civ. 150-LFM
369 F. Supp. 565; 1974 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 12606
January 24, 1974

JUDGES: [*1]
MacMahon, District Judge.
[*566] MACMAHON, District Judge.
Plaintiffs, in this civil rights action brought under 42 U.S.C. 1983, seek, pro
se, a preliminary injunction enjoining defendants from acting, under color of
law, to deprive plaintiffs of their rights, privileges and immunities, as
guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Defendants move to dismiss the
complaint for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. Rule
12(b) (6), Fed. R. Civ. P. We grant the motions to dismiss and, therefore, do not reach plaintiffs' application for a preliminary injunction.
Plaintiffs are members of the National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC), a
Socialist political organization with members in the United States and Europe.
They claim that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), in combination with a
"psychological warfare agency of the government of the United Kingdom," has
subjected certain members of the NCLC to brainwashing.


08-05-2007, 05:55 PM
Plaintiffs allege that the CIA's brainwashing activities, which allegedly
include the use of torture, drugs and electro-shock, are designed to compel
their victims to assassinate NCLC's leaders, including plaintiff [*2] Lyndon R.
LaRouche, Jr., National Chairman of NCLC. Plaintiffs claim that one Richard
White, an NCLC member and a citizen of Great Britain, was recently brainwashed
in England and travelled to the United States for the purpose of assassinating
Mr. LaRouche. Plaintiffs allegedly have de-brainwashed or "de-programmed" Mr.
White, a technique in which Mr. LaRouche claims considerable expertise.
Defendants New York Police Department (NYPD) and the City of New York are
alleged to have cooperated with the CIA by refusing to investigate assassination
threats against Mr. LaRouche and by "knowingly tampering with and suppressing
essential evidence in this case." Plaintiffs seek preliminary and permanent
injunctions enjoining defendants' activities insofar as they interfere with
plaintiffs' constitutional rights.
In the face of these bizarre charges, the various defendants move to dismiss the
1983 action for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.
The Municipal Defendants
The Supreme Court has held municipalities are not "persons" within the meaning
of 42 U.S.C. 1983 and, therefore, may not be sued under that [*567] statute, n1
and this is true even if [*3] a plaintiff seeks only equitable relief. n2 Thus,
plaintiffs have failed to state a 1983 claim against the City of New York.
n1 Monroe v. Pape, 365 U.S. 167, 191, 81 S. Ct. 473, 5 L. Ed. 2d 492 (1961); Moor v. County of Alameda, 411 U.S. 693, 709-710, 93 S. Ct. 1785, 36 L. Ed.
2d 596 (1973); Egan v. City of Aurora, 365 U.S. 514, 81 S. Ct. 684, 5 L. Ed. 2d
741 (1961).
n2 City of Kenosha, Wisconsin v. Bruno, 412 U.S. 507, 513, 93 S. Ct. 2222, 37 L.
Ed. 2d 109 (1973).
Similarly, political subdivisions of a municipality or state, such as police
departments, cannot be sued under 1983. n3 Therefore, plaintiffs may not sue
NYPD under 1983, and the complaint must be dismissed as to both the City and
n3 United States ex rel. Lee v. Illinois, 343 F.2d 120 (7th Cir. 1965);
Burmeister v. New York City Police Dep't, 275 F. Supp. 690, 695 (S.D.N.Y. 1967).
A complaint under 1983 must set forth more than vague, conclusory allegations
charging a defendant's participation in a conspiracy. Plaintiffs must "allege
with at least some degree of particularity overt acts which defendants engaged
in which were reasonably related to the promotion of the claimed conspiracy." n4
n4 Powell v. Workmen's Compensation Bd. of the State of New York, 327 F.2d 131, 137 (2d Cir. 1964).


08-05-2007, 05:58 PM
Here, plaintiffs have failed to make even one specific allegation of conduct
linking the individual defendants Codd and Finnegan to the alleged conspiracy.
The complaint merely states "that the defendants Codd and Finnegan are utilizing
their positions as officials of the NYPD in furtherance of this conspiracy."
Although plaintiffs allege specific acts which they claim were part of the
conspiracy, neither Codd nor Finnegan are alleged to have participated in any of
those acts. Even applying liberal pleading standards to plaintiffs' pro se
complaint, n5 it fails to meet the requirement of particularity [*5] set forth
in Powell v. Workmen's Compensation Bd. of the State of New York, 327 F.2d 131
(2d Cir. 1964), and therefore does not state a claim against Codd or Finnegan.
I wonder if Lyn ever located the Cuban frogmen who emerged from the icy Hudson river THIRTY FOUR YEARS ago? Start off the local meeting or webcast with that one for a good time yutes.


08-06-2007, 07:57 PM
Some Comments on LaRouche "Internal Memo"/Part I
First Comment: This memo was not written by LaRouche (not his style, for sure--and if LaRouche had written it, he wouldn't have listed Linda de Hoyos before Uwe Friesecke), but it was certainly ordered and shaped and guided by him. Who knows who the poor flunky was who actually got to write it? I have some ideas, but since they're only speculative, will not air them--at least, not now.
Second Comment: The target audience for this memo is the "yutes"--the LYM. Not the Baby Boomer members.
1. It was buried in the Operations Bulletin section of the Morning Briefing--Boomer members don't read this religiously, but LYMers do.
I'll wager any number of Boomer members missed the "Memo" completely.
2. It targets FactNet--which is also read by (and sometimes posted on by) LYMers. I doubt that any Boomer members post on FactNet, but more of them are reading it these days, as it gets more exciting. Still, FactNet is definitely a yute magnet. (It's not American Family Foundation, by the way.)
3. It carries on about someone stalking Robert Beltran--not a fact that would interest Boomer members, who don't give much of a hoot about Beltran. He is strictly a yute-related personage, elevated by LaRouche.
4. The reference to gossip circles who need to be quelled is instructive--because this is after all an internal memo. So we conclude that the gossiping going on is internal, and that some of the leadership is concerned.
Third Comment: The rather frenzied preamble is characteristic of LaRouche responses--totally over the top.
Where's the evidence that Dennis King is paid--let alone "overpaid"--by John Train?
Where's the evidence that Dennis King is a plagiarist? What on earth is he supposed to be plagiarizing? All these attacks mean is that he really stung somone with his :"Lyndon LaRouche and the Art of Induced Suicide"?
I won't even deal with the lunatic characterization of Paul Kazprszack (sp?) as "pathetically sexually obsessed"--anyone who's been following FactNet knows that the "pathetically sexually obsessed" individual is Lyndon LaRouche. If what's been posted on FactNet isn't enough, go read Christine Berle's resignation letter for more proof to that effect.


08-06-2007, 08:06 PM
Some Comments on LaRouche "Internal Memo"/Part II
Okay, let's go to the "Simple Facts."

bProfiles? March 13, 2009, at 01:43 AMSimple Fact: PMR was founded to print the publications of
the LaRouche political movement and it was always dependent,
despite the wild-eyed contrary theories of such "business
geniuses" as Linda De Hoyos or Uwe Friesecke, upon the success of
the political movement for its own success.
Comment: What is this about? Ken Kronberg certainly believed deeply that PMR was founded to print the publications of Lyndon LaRouche, and he believed deeply that it depended on the success of the political movement for its own success.
The collapse of a looted PMR and the suicide of Ken Kronberg are the starkest possible object lesson of what happens when you depend on the LaRouche movement for anything--success, impact, or even your mere existence.
bProfiles? March 13, 2009, at 01:43 AMSimple Fact: In 2000 and 2001, PMR made a disastrous
business decision by continuing to move forward with an expensive
and expansive move to new quarters when the commercial account
upon which the move was premised had already been lost, and
depression had already hit the graphics arts and mailing
industries generally. One effect of the move was to dramatically
increase PMR's cost of production while diverting capital into
debt service which otherwise could have been invested in more
efficient technologies. In the course of the move and other
events, supporters of the LaRouche movement stepped forward to
invest over $2 million dollars in the company in order to salvage
Comment: This has LaRouche's pawprints all over it, and his lies. The spring 2001 move of PMR and WorldComp into a new office had been discussed in advance with LaRouche--Ken Kronberg met with LaRouche, as a matter of fact--and Lyndon LaRouche Himself had signed off on it.
The account referred to, which I am not naming now, but all the details are known and available, was not lost before the move. That's simply a lie, but it is known to be one of LaRouche's obsessions, so we know where that lie comes from.


08-06-2007, 08:09 PM
Some Comments on LaRouche "Internal Memo"/Part III
The increase in cost of production? What did LaRouche ever care? EIR, 21st Century Science and Technology, and New Federalist newspaper were all billed below cost, and never paid for anyhow. (Two of three no longer exist as print entities, and it isn't because they paid too much--it's that they couldn't pay anything at all.)
What would LaRouche say if the books and records of PMR and WorldComp became public, do you suppose? Hmmm.
The cynical LaRouche touch about diverting money otherwise usable for new technologies is a joke from the World's Greatest Business Consultant. Money diverted to debt service--how much? to whom? What debt service? What capital? Where did PMR get "capital"?
Now--as to the "other events"--that would be a reference to the sale in the early 1990s of LaRouche's estate Ibykus to pay PMR withholding taxes (they couldn't pay them then, either, because LaRouche entities didn't pay their publishing debts).
$900,000 or so was realized to pay PMR's withholding taxes in the early 1990s--which was significantly less than was owed to PMR, by the way. And that's why LaRouche hates Ken Kronberg, Linda De Hoyos, Uwe Friesecke, and one other person still a member. They sold "his" house to save the printing company from his entities' refusal to pay it.
Of course, LaRouche had run around the country during the trials saying he had no house, was the "old grandfather in the attic," put up at the sufferance of friends--but don't you believe it. He considered it his house, with its swimming pool and horse riding ring and all the rest--and the whole organization could've gone up in flames before he would have permitted selling it--only he didn't own it.
After all, he intentionally had no visible means of support, even though he had very visible support--lived very nicely, thank you, on no income. That was one of the issues in the Alexandria Federal Trial, kiddies--as one of the paralegals said, there's nothing a jury hates worse than a guy who doesn't pay taxes.
Anyhow, that's the "other" events.


08-06-2007, 10:54 PM
The thing that is most disturbing about the internal memo is its rage against Ken Kronberg, and anyone who dares to mourn him. The tone and language of this memo represents precisely the kind of abusive, bullying invective that has been used by LaRouche against every dissenting member for the past 37 years.
Ironically, while LaRouche claims that others are exploiting "the tragic death of Ken Kronberg" the ENTIRE purpose of this memo is rip apart Kronberg and threaten those people who are grieving over his death--the same people in the organization who are in turmoil over Ken's death. Rather than memorialize Ken in a loving way, and respond to the turmoil and grief in a way that a loving person would, with compassion, LaRouche rampages against Ken, essentially saying, "you are idiots if you mourn him, those people writing about him on Factnet and elsewhere, don't know him, here is the truth, we will prove to you that you and he are losers." According to LaRouche's memo, Ken should have fallen on his sword years ago, but instead, according to the memo, Ken looted LaRouche by making the LaRouche PACS pay their bills for printing.
Whose demise is LaRouche really talking about when he says "It is now clear, in the wake of PMR's demise, that both political committees could have printed their campaign materials for substantially less cost had they not utilized PMR
as their exclusive printer." What a horrible statement--he clearly is talking about Ken's death.
Further, this statement begs the question: If PMR was so dependent on LaRouche, why didn't he make PMR lower its costs? Obviously, that wasn't the issue. PMR demanded LaRouche pay his bills, and to LaRouche that was betrayal of the worst sort.
This memo is so nasty and cold it could only have been put forward by a sociopath -someone who sees his victim as merely an instrument to be used, and dominated and humiliated.
I agree with the memo's conclusion that "those wishing to honor Ken's memory should stick to the truth" - those individuals still in the organization that are questioning LaRouche and his immoral, insane response to Ken's death, are the sane and moral human beings, and they deserve so much more than what they are getting.


08-06-2007, 11:46 PM
I believe that the current Larouche attack on Myspace falls into line with what is going on.
In addition to the correlating of various stories of sexual abuse procured through myspace, which in a previous decade I would assume is simply a jingling for change through the use of a real concern people have. And in addition to the new feature, the "Myspace Joke of the Day."
And then there's this, which simply must be read to be believed:
Yeah. There's something going on in terms of corralling the miscreant Internets Series of Tubes.


08-07-2007, 12:15 PM
Some Comments on Internal Memo CONTINUED
THIS business genius is the guy who gave lots of money to various spooks (Danny Murdoch, SoVa, and others).
LaRouche attacks the people he owes the debts to--how dare they ask for money?
This is the champion against "Schachtian economics" who never paid any of his supporters a living wage; balked on health insurance for years (and now what they've got is a joke); and got all creative with nonpayment of taxes and crazy theories about not having an income, and since 1980 has demanded to live in the high-rent district for "security reasons."
So much for LaRouche's "business analysis" of PMR.


08-07-2007, 12:56 PM
Thanks Eaglebeak for your perceptive analysis. Did anyone figure out what the hell LaRouche is talking about vis a vis MySpace. Other than the obvious point of linking it to Rupert Murdoch, I see nothing whatsoever in the way of facts to substantiate that MySpace is designed to create a nation of Orwellian zombies. Obviously it was solely written to keep potential recruits off the internet who may otherwise have some kind of life outside the org.
I have no idea whatsoever what the reference to Steve Colbert was, is he attacking Colbert, praising him, or just throwing the name around?
And finally as to sex-obsessed talk, who else but Lyn could write about Rupert Murdoch's "pouch"? This kind of stuff would keep a Freudian psychotherapist busy for years.


08-07-2007, 03:24 PM
The Myspace LPAC lunacy by Lyn is probably based on what happened when bright yutes decided to try to recruit using MySpace accounts. You see, when most of us were in college we would leaflet the campus or put up fleirs and try to build up to a meeting. In retrospect it seems so batty because the only thing the local office wanted was for you to drop out of school and become a cadre in the field.
This sounds so crazy becasue imagine running into a Clinton , Obama or McCain rep on compuse and them telling you that to support the candidate you need to drop out of school and sell campaign lit for THREE DECADES in exhaust fumed highway ramps.
Really yutes, do you think you are recruiting for politics or to make sure Helga and the endless court of scam artists keep enjoying the cash flow?
What happened back inmy day is that you would have some peopole from the local leftists counterorganise your meeting and they would pass out leafletts. In the end it really did not matter as what only counts is how many bodies you extracted from a campus for the cult of personality.
Some things never change yutes.
On Myspace and facebook the gallant LYM would post gushing testimonials to Lyn and try to ride anti war sentiment and people who do not like Dick Cheney.
BTW, did you yutes know that we worked with Dick Cheney THREE DECADES AGO ????? We will be covering that secret of how we were dirty tricksters for the GOP later.
This myspace campiagn backfired as any student who swallowed the bait for Lyn could also look up Larouche and cult and fraud and victims and discussion and ex member and eventually find this place along with many other articles. This then led to posts by young people warning others about the LYM cult and leaving URLs to this site, and other sites and blogs.
It got so bad that in the ops reports the LYM jabronis were upset that in LA college card table shrines, before they yapped about Cheney the students would ask questions like
"Why did you kill Jeremiah?"
"Isn't this a cult"
"Isn't Larouche a criminal and tax cheat?"
I would be sent these blogs mentioning this and then read more negentropic growth of coerage of this cult over and over.
Also, many memebrs posted such ridiculous thigns that they became laughing stocks of the blogs. In many cases they would sign up for a blog against Cheney and then bring in the Queen of England and the whole blog revolted against this lunacy.
This all culminated in this WARNING posted in several briefings a few months ago.


08-07-2007, 05:13 PM
LaRouche's senile ramble concerning MySpace is a generalized freak out at FACTNet et al. The LYMers - and the "boomers" - can no longer be kept as little bubble boys and bubble girls. The horse is out of the barn and it's too late to close the doors.
Hey, somebody invited little Lyndy to a party! And everyone was listening to him! Awwwww, how cute is that? He must have rung up mummy immediately afterwards to tell her all about it.
He then has to sling his little arrows at far better men than he. To say that Noam Chomsky is opposed to everything Lyn stands for is to say that Lyn stands for the Iraq war and against unionizing. Lyn's problem with Von Neumann is simply that the latter was one of the most natively gifted intellects of all time, whose speed of thought amazed such slouches as Fermi and Wigner. Lyn couldn't finish a bachelor's degree on the GI Bill at a mediocre college.
Turn on the gas already.


08-07-2007, 05:56 PM
This an example of why the cult issued the warning to its members to not respond to anymore blogs .
This is from a site we posted a while back.

  • "richard129 on February 28, 2007:
    There is an ongoing ( 3yr+ ) discussion about Larouche and his group at
    There are a lot of postings from ex-members there. It seems that the group is even more cultish and wacky than they appear in public.

    Anonymous on February 28, 2007:
    A 3year "on going" discussion concerning LaRouche? You state this after others on this blog claim they dont understand LaRouche's ideas?
    Do people really waste their time engaging in this kind of gossip about a man they claim is a rambling nutcase? It just doesn't jive.
    One of the leading agitators on this website you mention is former member Chris Curtis whom the "Get LaRouche task Force" pegged as the weak link and turned him out like a prositute. A role he still enjoys today. "

  • The real issue here is pretty simple. All the yutes can do is just talk honestly and repeat what they have mastered from Lyn. All I and many others can do here is just honestly report what we saw, heard experienced and went through.
    Both are very damaging to the cult in the age of web based communications. Both inform many people of what the cult is actualy about. People make an informed decision using their encounters with the cult and what they read from the simple things we have relived nostalgically here.
    The yutes and the Leesburg jabronis present a live informercial at a card table shrine for Lyn. We relive those magical moments from our LC tenure and present them here for eternity.
    You want Lyn, we give you Lyn. I fail to see what the problem some deadenders have . You just spent THIRTY YEARS of your life wanting Lyn to be known and this task is underway.
    All we and others wish to do is just fill in the LC history for the yutes. Thing of this as buying your first car yutes. You read reviews and get a "CarFax" report of the history before you put down your hard earned money. We are very similar in principal. Maybe you could call this "CultFax", but we are beyond faxing now.
    There are tens of thousands of pages of material just waiting for a new home and by golly you yutes deserve to see it all.
    Be seeing you.

08-07-2007, 10:56 PM
I don't think Larouchies quite realize how insane they sound to non-Larouchies when they throw out items like:
the "Get LaRouche task Force".
Or, actually the one that horrifies me in its implications and how it is processed in Larouche-land, the final question posed when I was having a free-floating discussion of sorts with a commenter to Skull/Bones February -- saying it was so much more than political, and (ahem) "Do you know the difference between man and animals?"
As for the Stephen Colbert reference in the myspace spiel. Your good is as good as mine as to whether he is praising or attacking Colbert and that correspondence meeting before GW Bush, but it may be beside the point. It is a name-drop, and a good one at that. I don't think you can under-estimate Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in the cultural zeitgeist for the pool in which Larouche is drawing from : liberal politically inclined college aged 20-somethings. (And mind you, the vast majority will encounter Larouche or Larouchites, view them as crazy, and go on to their Political Science class, their anti-war meeting, their Keg party, a trip to the movie theater to watch the new Simpsons movie... whatever). Now, think of it from the perspective of somebody caught somewhat half-way between "The Real World" and Larouche-land. Someone with such a mindset may well be impressed by Larouche sticking Stephen Colbert and that much celebrated mocking into a larger historical context -- which for Larouche boils down to a series of name-drops, and I might add -- cut and pasted. I swear I've seen that exact same Noam Chomsky reference several times already.


08-08-2007, 04:08 AM
Howie, the mention of Stephen Colbert is part of the mind control process for yutes. What Lyn has to do is denigrate Colbert who does more in a 1/2 hour to effect politics than Lyn has done in over THIRTY YEARS. Almost all college students who watch The Colbert report will have an interest in some aspect of politics. Lyn lusts for that young blood and neeeds to make sure that in the eyes of a new yute, he is the bigger star. The yute loses one more connection to the real world and takes one more step into the Bizarro world of Lyn's cult of personality.
Lyn does not want the children of his members to play Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh card games but man card table shrines with his face on every handout.
Same thing with video games. The whole world of a yute needs to revolve around Lyn and anything else which a yute enjoys or has memories of has to be purged.
THIRTY YEARS later, when you ask questions, you will be now purged by Lyn.
One can pretty much predict the entire life of a yute playing LPACMAN . Howie, it does become very creepy as you encounter them.

Be seeing you.


08-08-2007, 02:54 PM
We used to have a large local office in Chicago many years ago. The real value of Chicago was never in the the Schillerian fantasy of Shiela Jones which became a nightmare for her, but in our "specials" fundraising of Paul G. Chicago was generating huge sums for us and many investors for our REIT and promisorry note schemes. We even peaked in media coverage in 1986 when two of our candidates won a Dem Primary and the Dem party had to disavow us and run candidates under a new party.
Whatever misled dreams I had of us actually accomplishing something was quickly extinguished when our two candidates opened their mouths and began to speak like madmen . The more they spoke the more it hit me how absolutlely insane we were . Lyn blew his stack because he wanted them to only talk about himself, which they di over and over again. I had this feeling that I was the only one in the room wathcing the TV who figured that this really is crazy and leaving this nuthouse is the only solution. For years I harbored this delusion that we could expand our operations and become a pretty influential think tank of sorts . The problem when you are inside is that your mind edits the lunacy often and does present a semi coherent mish mash of things. What most people believe when they join may be fundamentally sound, but when you start to mix in Larouche a highly toxic concoction of lunacy is created.
Watching Fairchild , Hart and Lyn on TV was just that concoction which proved to me that whatever delusions I had of us being salvageable was never going to be. Based on how many people were leaving, I was not the only one who came to that conclusion.
Today, it looks likt the cult has established Chicago as a sort of boomer playground for ther multi decade veterans of the Bizarro world. Today we find another THREE DECADE member name Tony DeFranco .
Defranco has been around for a long time . Some people remember him from our Boston operations as he may have spent some time there. If he did, then he should be familiar with how we were under a grand jury investigation and shipped several of his fellow members out of the country to avoid questioning. Defranco would have known people like Michael Gelber, Chuck Park, Richard Black, Rick Sanders and maybe some others who vanished one day, never to be seen again for a few years.
We can now add Tony Defranco to the list of older members who can show the world that being at a card table shrine for THREE DECADES is what you yutes can look forward to.
What secrets, deaths, abuses and other things will you be holding in at the card table shrine in the year 2037?
"Questions are a burden to others. Answers are prison for oneself"


08-08-2007, 03:10 PM
It took several attempts at reading this lunacy
before I hit the magical formual to decipher it. If you were in the LC for the years I was in, it starts to make sense and if you have been reading the nearly 3,000 posts here it makes more sense. It did take some deep thinking to finally unlock the essense of Lyn's chatter and it all came clear to me last night.
I was sitting in the late afternoon, on the elevated river -block , looking across the boulevard into the streets of my downtown area. Suddenly, I was seized by the realization that I was seated in what might be the very spot, or a nearby location where "The Simpsons" movie masterpiece, written by Matt Groening himself was playing several times per day.
Just read the memo in the voice, tone and severely aged mental faculties of Grandpa Simpson and it all becomes clear.
The memo by Lyn for LPAC is a mishmash of several voices chattering in Lyn's head , each vying for attention and proof of importance to the yutes and the THREE DECADE card table shriners. One story from yesteryear is started with Lyn being the center of attention and soon leads to several stories from different eras, all melded togather in a slop of commas which can only make a yute oooh and aaahhhh like a college drop out who has complete ignorance of the cheap parlor game tricks of Lyn.
What is the funny in the memo is that Lyn and the cult think that a few people have written to so many web sites and blogs and have spread stories about the cult and Lyn. What Lyn and his kindred sycophant can not figure out is this. THREE DECADES agao when we sent out card tabel shrines and exhaust sucking crews to spread the gospel of Lyn, maybe one person a mnth in the whole USA would write a letter to the editor about how crazy we were. Today, almost anyone who runs into the card table shrines can type a few words about their encounter and many people have blogs who also write detailed descritions of this life changing experience. This leads to now thousands and thousands of comments and blog entries about the cult from many different cross sections of the public. The cult sends convicted criminal Don Phau to yap about video games without thinking that in one second tons of video game players who are computer savy and hearing a wackjo b can find his criminal record and history of articles about Rock Music . In a few minutes the fact that Don Phau is a Larouche prison pal and is out of his mind is now spread on all of the gamer boards.
The cult and Lyn do not understand that THEY ARE the cause of their own coverage as cult crazed cabbage heads. We learned our lesson decades ago when we stopped putting Lyn out for interviews as he went crazy in every one. Lyn then does the cheap parlor trick of telling yutes that the press is scared to cover Lyn.


08-08-2007, 03:16 PM
The "BeaverBrook" reference comes from some members who were in our Canadian operations who ended up in security for a bit while the other guy ended up in prison I think. Since Canada has money with the Queen of England on it, it must be part not of Britain but of the 6,000 year history of subversion of the human race. Lord BeaverBrook became the North American Labor Party version of the Rockefellers and part of a massive conspiracy. We just plopped Lord Beaverbrook into our delusions of intlell and made Lord Beaverbrook a far bigger boogieman for us to hate. After you leave the LC is when you find out that Lord Beaverbrook besides creating a newspaper chain was involved in both World Wars. His role as a WW1 Minister of information became a sinister plot as well as his being part of the Candian Privy council.
What you NEVER read or heard in the LC was the role Lord Beaverbrook had in increasing British aircraft production to defeat the Nazis in World War 2.
What came out of this is quite interesting and part of Lyn's delusions. The Canadian Privy council is quite open in Canada and is composed of advisors similar to how any head of state has advisors. Except, in Lyn's mind it has to be nefarious and part of the plot to stop him.
Now this is right out of Mission Impossible and I always think of the theme when I hear how Mr Ed, The Major, Frick and Frack , Carpet and others figured out how to seduce Lyn's delsuions and make tons of tax free cash. What they did was ingenius. The scam artists convinced Lyn that the USA is run by a privy council and he is part of it!!!
Lyn has been convinced that the USA privy council has been debating whether to adopt his proposals to save the world economy from ruin and everything he writes and does is debated by this privy council . This leads to Lyn writing jibberish proposals nightly for many years and making sure that thousands of dollars in income raised by the members is forwarded to these grifters.
Keep breathing in fumes yutes, that money has to be sent like clockwork. Lyn is perhaps more concerned over the adoration of the grifters than someone who spent, say THREE DECADES manning a card table shrine for him. As you can see by the LPAC memo, Lyn loves to be the center of the party and these guys know Lyn better than you or I do.
The security person was in for a while in Leesburg until he was allegedely tossed down some stairs in a rage by a security honcho. I was pretty happy to hear that he left and is employed .
As for "The Prisoner", I owe my freedom to that show and will post that later as I see I need another pina colada and the lap top batteries are going dead.
For the last remaining members who are in the village of Leesburg and still see Lyn as Number One, I offer you a quote from the episode "Free for all"
"Unlike me, many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment, and will die here like rotten cabbages."
Be seeing you.


08-08-2007, 03:35 PM
Some Comments on Internal Memo CONTINUED
Simple Fact: Both the 2004 LaRouche campaign committee and
LaRouche PAC paid millions of dollars in premium prices for
printed materials from PMR because the entire LaRouche political
movement was fighting to save the company and the capacity it
represented. It is now clear, in the wake of PMR's demise, that
both political committees could have printed their campaign
materials for substantially less cost had they not utilized PMR
as their exclusive printer.
Response: LPAC and LaRouche in 2004 paid premium prices (that is, not cost or below cost) because they were and are FEC-regulated entities which must pay market prices--can't get that old cut-rate magic for them.
Lyndon LaRouche now supposes he did this "for" PMR--but it was done because they wanted the printed material and they couldn't do the cut-rate/cutthroat rates of the other LaRouche entities for the FEC reasons just cited.
HOWEVER, EIR, New Federalist, Fidelio, 21st Century Science and Technology, the EIR books, etc. were a different story--notice they're not mentioned in this memo. That's cuz they didn't pay full price; they were billed at cost or below, as I understand it, and didn't pay that.
That's New Federalist and Fidelio don't exist anymore and 21st Century hardly.
The most LaRouchian touch of all is the "discovery" that after PMR's demise (that means, after Ken Kronberg's demise), they found they could do it cheaper elsewhere. Hey, maybe that "induced suicide" theory makes even more sense than I thought! Great way to save some money...
Of course, people report that they don't have much literature to sell any more... Lots of photocopied stuff. Fights in the office over EIR supplies, etc.
But now that's all clear--the message seems to be, Gee, it's a GOOD thing K. Kronberg died, because now we can save money on our LPAC pamphlets.
Honestly, ICLC, did you reall mean to imply that in your memo, or was it just the way it came out?


08-09-2007, 11:37 AM
For those who don't believe that troglodytes and other assorted trolls and toads have no sense of humor:
They succeed at the impossible, i.e. making Murdoch look like something resembling a human being.


08-09-2007, 01:38 PM
Yeah, they are quite pathetic jokes....
Some decades ago there were some "arcana" in the briefings and as far as i remember they were more sophisticated ...
Here are some "arcanas" for facnet:
What s the difference between Larouche, Hitler, Stalin and Mao?
Larouche never got to power.
|| |||| |||| ||===
Larouche: Everybody says I m suffering from paranoia.
What is this, some kind of conspiracy??
|| |||| |||| ||=
Who's there?
Larouche who?
How did you guess?...
|| |||| |||| ||
A LYM-er:
As Larouche said the most important thing in the Universe is non-linear creativity as Larouche said the most important thing in the Universe is non-linear creativity as Larouche said...
|| |||| |||| |||| |||| ||=
Larouche dies and goes to Hell (of course).
After a while, the angels are worried: they don't hear the usual screaming or shouting from Hell anymore. Instead, what they hear are people singing and talking...
St Peter asks the angels to enquire on what's going on.
When they come back they say: "You know this new guy called Larouche?"
"larouche who?" asked St Peter.
"Yes that's the one! Well, he has convinced them. They now all believe they live... in Heaven and that WE are the real Hell!!"


08-09-2007, 02:09 PM
Some arcanas...
(these are adapted from existing jokes, unlike my previous post)
|| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ||=
What was the nationality of Adam and Eve?
From Larouche-land, of course. Why else would they think they're in paradise when they were homeless, naked and had just one apple between the two of them?
|| |||| |||| |||| ||=
At an ICLC conference, a speaker tells his listeners, "The Larouche ideas are already on the horizon."
The audience silently wonders, "What IS a horizon?"
Answer: An imaginary line where the sky comes together with the earth; it moves off into the distance when you try to get closer.
|| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ||
Larouche summoned one of his security scam-artists and said, "I know you spread jokes about me among your friends. It's impertinent."
"I am a World Historic Leader, a Genius, I am influential and that's why they want me assassinated."
"No, I've not told anybody this joke."


08-09-2007, 02:43 PM
Q: Why is LaRouche against drugs?
A: To keep his wife from giving security so much blow.
Q: Why won't LaRouche commit suicide?
A: His head can't fit in the oven.
Q: Why does LaRouche hate Bush and Cheney so much?
A: Because Bush has one more Dick than LaRouche has.
Q: Why does LaRouche hate the American Friends Service Committee?
A: Because he has no friends.
Q: Why did Portillo and Gandhi meet with LaRouche?
A: They had a sense of humor.
Q: How many LaRouchites does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Three: one to recruit it, one to ego-strip it, and one to deploy it to a card-table shrine.
Q: Why does LaRouche hate Jews?
A: Because they are not permitted to worship false gods.
Given her husband's transvestitism, Helga started raging years ago against the "bloomers" which to the elderly crossdresser sounded like "boomers" ... and now you know ... the REST of the story. Paul Harvey. Good day!


08-09-2007, 02:44 PM
This sudden turn to humor suggests a new genre: LYMericks. I somehow feel this may beoome a cottage industry. Here's one to start us off, which took all of about 90 seconds:
There once was a yute from New Yaahk city,
Impressed by Lyn's blatant pomposity
Not a word made much sense
But the yute just felt dense
Overwhelmed by Lyn's massive verbosity


08-09-2007, 03:26 PM
and now for something completely different...
if you like Monthy Python's British sense of humour: at
it is a soccer international match of... Philosophy, between Germany (with players like Leibniz, Hegel, Nietzsche...) vs. Greece (with Plato, Socrates, Aristotle etc )
Have fun! (really)


08-09-2007, 03:37 PM
There once was a yute named Lyndy,
Whose talk one found rather windy.
He'd blabber all day,
In an irregular way -
He spoke in something like Hindi.


08-09-2007, 07:36 PM
Said God to old Lyn "You're not right,"
Intending to give him a slight.
"Old Man," Lyn replied,
"You're a Boomer," he lied.
"But I'll still let you sit at my right."


08-09-2007, 07:36 PM
Said God to old Lyn "You're not right,"
Intending to give him a slight.
"Old Man," Lyn replied,
"You're a Boomer," he lied.
"But I'll still let you sit at my right."


08-09-2007, 08:09 PM
Can anyone facilitate starting a new thread? This one is so long, it takes forever to load in all three browsers I've tried it in, and half the time it bombs out. Is it as easy as any one of us just starting one, calling it LaRouche IV or something, and putting one final message here pointing everyone to that one? I'm new on this forum, so I presume many of you are undoubtedly more familiar with it. Can we find a way to get this done?


08-09-2007, 08:11 PM
Can anyone facilitate starting a new thread? This one is so long, it takes forever to load in all three browsers I've tried it in, and half the time it bombs out. Is it as easy as any one of us just starting one, calling it LaRouche IV or something, and putting one final message here pointing everyone to that one? I'm new on this forum, so I presume many of you are undoubtedly more familiar with it. Can we find a way to get this done?


08-09-2007, 08:17 PM
Sorry for the double posts. My browswers kept hanging up as I was trying to post, and seeming to bomb out, and I would restart it, and apparently on two occasions, I was successful when my browser said it had failed. Another reason to start a new thread. Pleeeaase help with this.


08-10-2007, 06:52 AM
Thanks, Sancho. Please, everyone take note, Sancho has opened LaRouche Continued 1, effective as of Friday, August 10, 2007. Please, let's all switch to that new thread, and add no further comments on this one.


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