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Posted on Friday, September 28, 2007 - 2:54 pm:

new thread: 300 messages seems a good cut-off


Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2007 - 1:16 am:

"What is Male Impotence?"


Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2007 - 11:16 am:

Only days ago the world was coming to an end and the system was crashing down if Congress didn't pass the HBPA by the end of September.

Well, boys and girls, here it is the end of September, and whaddya know? Congress didn't pass the HBPA. In fact, Congress never even heard of the HBPA. What a wonderful, ironic 85th birthday present....

You know the rest.

Hmmm--what to tell the yutes this time? Lyn didn't get elected President in 2004 and the world went on. Then Kerry didn't get elected President in 2004 and the world went on. Then this didn't happen, and that didn't happen, and something else didn't happen, and the world went on.

Now, the HBPA didn't happen, and the world seems to be going on.

So what to tell the yutes?

Not to worry--LaRouche has it taped out. Jeff Steinberg tells us in the morning briefing Friday that this time, we have it nailed.

You can tell from the headline:


Uh, okay. Wow! Looks bad for Molly Kronberg and Karl Marx, eh? Being British agents and all....

Here's where we're going now kids (don't look back, don't look at the HBPA and the final collapse of civilization as we've known it--don't look at the man behind the curtain).



Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2007 - 11:18 am:

Writes Steinberg:

Back from the breakthrough European conference [they had one, I guess that was the breakthrough], Lyn met with the NEC and the LYM on Thursday night and had a thoroughly-composed [how many voices would that be? What is this, Adjectives R Us? You know in a meeting with LaRouche, the contrapuntal voices are all coming from one place] message for the international association, filling out the picture behind his intervention on behalf of Shimon Peres and those Israeli ``old hands'' who are pushing for a peace treaty with Syria, as a means of outflanking those who are out to blow up the entire Southwest Asian region. [Ah--I get it now. The economy isn't blowing up and Wall Street appears to still be there, so we're back to the Mideast blowing up. An old standby. "Stop nuclear war! Give now before it's too late!"]

Lyn started out by simply stating: ``The problem is entirely British. They are still an empire.'' [We're baaack! The international organization is on its feet again! We just remembered it's the British!] The British got their imperial status fully restored in Aug. 1971, when British traitors led by George Shultz removed the dollar from the fixed-exchange-rate system [Lyn looks back nostalgically on the glory days]. Things have gone rapidly downhill from there, and the British enemy is now determined to destroy the United States altogether.

Since February of 1763, all warfare has been truly defined by the conflict between the American and British systems. [Excuse me while I take the long view. I always take the long view after one of my apocalyptic "forecasts" fails to erupt.] These are two completely different concepts of society--the difference between empire and republic.



Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2007 - 11:25 am:

We are at a particularly crucial moment now, [when were we not?] because the British are going for end-game--the final destruction of the American Republic. [When were they not?] They are banking on the help of traitors-within, led by people like Dick Cheney [and Linda de Hoyos, Uwe Friesecke, Fernando Quijano, and Molly Kronberg. Oh, and Gus Axios and Andy Typaldos and Ken Dalto…. Am I forgetting someone here?]. There are plenty of traitors in the Democratic ranks [Hillary has fat ankles--did I ever mention that?], too, so don't think of this as a partisan issue. It's the British versus the Americans. You see the British hand in Southwest Asia, where they are going for what some have called ``managed chaos.'' You see it in the provocations against Russia and China.

Well, it goes on like this for quite awhile, about Israel being expendable to the British (but suddenly, miraculously, not they're not expendable to LaRouche) and then--

So this group, acting through [Israeli] President Shimon Peres, is offering a peace deal to Syria. This must happen! Don't talk about what will work. [Check.No problem.] Don't be too clever, Lyn warned. [Not to worry. No danger of that.] Just get this crowd in Israel to join with a like-minded group in the Syrian leadership, around President Bashar Assad, and work together to screw the British. It is that simple. [It's always that simple. That's why Lyn's interventions in world politics have always been so surgical. So precise.]

Lyn knows this game very well. Since the 1974-76 period, Lyn has been in the middle of this effort to screw the British in Southwest Asia [Translation: He went to Iraq in 1975 and met with a bunch of Baathists Saddam later murdered], through FDR methods of American System economic and political cooperation [Well, not in 1974-76. That's when he was still calling FDR a Mussolini fascist, remember?]. Remember, back in that period, Shimon Peres was one of the Israeli political leaders who hailed Lyn for his Middle East Peace and Development Plan of 1975.[Quotes, please. Citation, please.] In the mid-1980s, both Lyn and Shimon Peres were promoting the ``Oasis Plan,'' already centered on the idea of nuclear-powered desalination. [Chapter and verse, please? Do we have that picture of the two of them together?] And now once again, at a moment of grave crisis, the collaboration [Lyn and Shimon forever] represents the only hope for averting a new dark age. Things, of course, went sour in Israel when the radical right wing took power in 1977, with the Menachem Begin victory. [That was right after the "Oasis Plan of the '80s." The only thing that went sour was that LaRouche opposed the Sadat-Begin peace agreement. Naturally.]



Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2007 - 11:28 am:

The key to the entire future of Southwest Asia and the world [this is the world we're talking about, kids, so pay attention] lies in the Shimon Peres forces in Israel aligning with like-minded circles in the Syrian leadership, to set the precedent for nuclear desalination as one key to peace.

So what Lyn is out to achieve--in his name, and under his hands-on control, which is the only way it will work [There's only one item on the agenda, and you'll be surprised to learn that it's Me Me Me]--is a different polarization of interests in the region. This is war, and in real war, you fight on the battle fronts that you must fight, in order to create new favorable potentials. [Translation: Forget the housing crisis. This is your new distractor.] Command in warfare is very personal. You never win a war by committee. You never win a war by democratic means. [This is why I run this organization and you're a piece of lint on my sofa.] This is empire versus republic. There are no higher stakes. [There never are.]

Lyn mused, with some satisfaction [you remember what that looks like—that crazed, self-satisfied glint in his eye], that it is a novelty of history that this opportunity exists. Peres's time has come. [Along with our time. Our time has come. Again.] He is at this point clearly on the right side, and we shall help him, and in the course, make the British suffer.

What we are up against with the Anglo-Dutch is the same Venetian system that brought about the dark age of the 14th Century. The Venice-sponsored Lombard bankers of northern Italy were the hedge fund managers of their day. They grabbed up the money generated by the productive economy, and they put it out as war loans. Then they went out and organized the wars, to perpetuate their system--until it blew out. [Stop me, somebody! My tongue's run away with my brain again!]

Today, the Iraq war stands out as the basis for the system. The soldiers dying in Iraq are considered throw-aways. [By whom?] How do you destroy a professional army? [What professional army? These are volunteers, Lyn—or did you miss that development?] You kill it off in war. [That's generally how you destroy an army.] The profits enjoyed by the private military corporations are just like the old British East India Company system--pure British. [Why would the "private military corporations" want to destroy the army on which they depend?]

Another thing that is pure British is the gibberish coming out of many leading members of Congress, like Barney Frank, who say that the central banks and treasury ministries of the advanced countries can hyperinflate a solution to the sub-prime crisis and all will be well, once again, with the world financial system. [Oops! I almost forgot the cataclysmic collapse of the world financial system. Luckily I have my buzzwords handy. "Sub-prime" and "hyperinflate" should do the trick.] We tell these people that what some people are saying and thinking is proof of what idiots they are. The system is doomed, very soon. [Check back with me—I have the date here somewhere. I think it's around Christmas….] We need a firewall [Don't you love it when LaRouche learns a new word, and it appears in everything for weeks or months? So cute! Like a little kid], and only Lyn has the solution, in the form of the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007. [Just in case you'd forgotten. Unfortunately, it wasn't passed before the end of September, so the world's coming to an end, but at least I had the solution.And that's what counts.]


Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2007 - 11:32 am:

Earnest one--I think it would be VERY useful if you would write up the true history of Winstar, since it is one of LaRouche's perennial rant-objects (as opposed to thought-objects).

Members and "periphery" and ex-members--Boomers and yutes--are always reading about it in the briefing or someplace, and no one has a clue what LHL is talking about. (He certainly doesn't.) I was filled in a little recently on things I had never known. Most interesting--and of course, it casts the LaRouche org in its customary bad light.

So if you would, that kind of a write-up would be extremely valuable.



Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2007 - 11:52 am:

Duplicate of the misplaced post.


Yes, I will produce a definitive write-up about "Winstar". ("Is it a bird, or a plane… or a locust?")

In general, I have very little "inside" information about how the world works.

But I am VERY well positioned to explain Winstar: I have considerable inside info, as I was at "ground zero" for years.

And, of course, I can explain why LaRouche "went" insane about it all. His recent remarks are demonstrable lies.

I have my hands full, truly, with a few other things, but should post something substantial by the middle-end of next week.

It should be quite entertaining, and informative -- the story is wild.

Yes! Something definitive should be placed on the public record.

And Lyn: Call off the FROGMEN -- give me a chance to be One with God -- a chance to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2007 - 8:39 pm:

Passed a LarouchePAC shrine outside the Jewel on State St. There were 2 guys manning it, one looked to be in his 30s. He called out to me to impeach Cheney and I responded, let's investigate Duggan's death first. He said - good idea, and I shot back with Yeah, starting with Schiller. I left him standing with his jaw hanging. Don't know why they picked that corner, not my idea of a great place, but they apparently have cornered the paper market. The table was stacked high with copies of stuff. I had my hands full so couldn't stop to investigate further.


Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2007 - 11:05 pm:

ALERT: New "forecast" from Chuck (CBS):

He talked with a "very important/powerful" person today and everything is coming down on noon, October 11th.

The dollar will fall to ZERO at high noon.

BTW: He wants PITA bread for the package I plan to send him on the 16th. This is my backup plan in the "unlikely" event that high noon on 10/11/07 fails to produce the breakdown crisis of galactic proportions and the $=0 scenario does not materializes by 11:59PM on October 15th.

Oh, and he says that LaRouche has never been wrong with a forecast. I suggested that he think seriously about adopting a different approach (honesty!) come the 16th, as I will no longer tolerate this bullshit.

It was funny for a while but for Chuck and me the "end times" are fast approaching.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 1:08 am:

Earnest one, Chuck at one time was a somebody who had something to do. The endless strain of having to go thought this Orwellian nightmare in the insular world of Larouche will break anybody down.

Lets us take the WABAC machine to the last century and see what Fearless leader was writing for Chuck.

Read this closely yutes and you will see that your temporary residence in Bizarro world grows more difficult each day you take this lunacy as your gospel.

OK, last CENTURY 1995

Economic Advisory from Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Hoarding Crisis Signals
Doom of Financial System
August 14, 1995


Economist Lyndon LaRouche warns that the past several months build-up of a stampede from financial investments into hoarding of bullion, raw materials, and scarce world food-supplies, signals an imminent collapse of the world's financial system.

During the recent several months, the smart money of the world's super-rich families began to move out of the "derivatives" rotted financial markets, into hoards of gold bullion, prime-quality raw materials, and increasingly scarce world food supplies. This was prompted by the recognition of the fact that a general, unstoppable collapse of the world's monetary and financial systems was in progress. The failure of the governments to adopt any effective plan of action for dealing with that collapse, at the recent Halifax monetary conference, prompted accelerated movement into hoarding. The lunatic decision of the U.S. Federal Reserve System's Greenspan, among others, to adopt the same reflationary approach as the doomed Reichsmark-system adopted in 1922-1923, accelerated the stampede.

During the past two weeks, the stampede into two areas, gold bullion and metals such as tin and aluminum, broke the equivalent of the "sound barrier" in the Tokyo and London markets. Hoarding of increasingly scarce world food-supplies proceeds more quietly, but massively, through such massive speculators as Archer Daniels Midland's Bush ally, and Clinton adversary, Dwayne Andreas.

LaRouche has warned repeatedly, that the flight into hoarding shows the true opinion among the powerful families gathered around the Anglo-Dutch financier oligarchy. They have taken to the lifeboats, at the same time that the Wall Street Journal lies to the rest of the passengers, the suckers, by assuring them that the financial Titanic is not sinking.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 1:11 am:

Last CENTURY 1996

'Economic System Is Near Death'


In a commemorative meeting to honor Martin LutherKing, Jr. sponsored in Washington, D.C., Jan. 16, 1996 by the EIR News Service, Democratic presidential primary candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. called on Americans, to lead the world out of a doomed and dying global financial system.

We've come to a time," LaRouche said, "in which the world civilization is about to disintegrate," and is very near its death. "Nothing can prevent [its death] or prolong its life. The only question is: Will nations go to disaster with it?" In order to prevent that, LaRouche said, humanity requires, first, a clear conception of what the problem is, and second, a clear conception of the solution.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 1:13 am:

Last CENTURY 1997

Not only is the Second Great World Depression of the century fully on; like the 1930s, thoughout most of todays world, the spreading, leading new phenomena are an overlay of political mass inurgencies against IMF, or Maastricht austerity, added to the already ongoing, increasingly powerful, waves after waves of financial earthquakes.

Meanwhile, inside the U.S., a false, but temporary political calm prevails on the surface. Underneath that deceptive calm, a massive political eruption is building up.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 1:16 am:

Last Century Mid year 1997

At any time, soon, the second big financial blow of 1997 will bring a new round of temporary panic into financial markets around the world. If it has not already arrived by the time you read this report, you may expect it to arrive, soon. There are reasons to expect this next round to be worse than the blows which began to pummel financial markets this past mid-March. The question is: is this up-coming, next downturn likely to be "The Big One," that sinks the international financial system? That is a possibility, but, I tend to believe that relevant institutions could, and will contain the next crunch before it reaches the point of detonating the "Big One." How soon should we expect the "Big One"? Or, is that the wrong question?

During the recent weeks, most of those highly-placed sources, with whom EIR is in frequent discussion of these matters, have expressed agreement with my estimate, that the next international financial crunch is due soon, and that, when it strikes, it will be much worse than the crunch which hit beginning mid-March. A significant number of high-ranking sources, have made similar forecasts, independently of my own. Any reader who has had the opportunity to scan the news media of key countries in Eurasia during recent weeks, would have encountered published statements showing that highly placed insiders are warning of an oncoming financial downturn much worse than that which blew over a couple months back.

Meanwhile, an increasing number from relevant circles are coming to share my estimate, that the present international financial system will be extinct before the turn of the century. My point has been, that there is no way we can stop the international financial {Titanic} from sinking; but, that we can, and must act to save the passengers, before they go down with the doomed ship. The passengers we must pull off the sinking ship, are the United States, and other nations, and their people.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 1:23 am:

Last Century 1998

This interview appeared in the April 24, 1998 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Interview: Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
There Is No Possible Bail-out of the World Financial System
From an "EIR Talks" radio interview on April 14. The interviewer is Tony Papert.

Therefore, we're up to a situation where there's no possible bail-out. And this merger mania is more a reflection of this process than it is a remedy for it. Some people are saying the big mergers of banks are an alternative to the collapse. That's not true. The big mergers are a reflection of the conditions which are leading to this collapse, and people involved in these banking institutions are going into mergers, simply under these kinds of pressures.

Now, in any sort of levelling off of the rate of financial growth, you get into a situation where you continue to pump money into the system to try to keep the markets up--what's being done, for example, with Japan, what's being done, on a less intense level, in Wall Street, that is, the Wall Street stock exchange boom is a complete bubble. It's lunacy. Anybody who thinks that's prosperity, is the kind of guy who'd jump out of a balloon at 11,000 feet without a parachute. It's lunacy. There's no sense to it.

But at the point that someone realizes the threat to the financial system of continuing to pump liquidity into propping up the bubble, or to just decide it's not there anymore, or the hyperinflationary pressure gets too great, then they set into motion, immediately, automatically, a highly leveraged reverse financial leverage implosion.

Now, under these conditions, which we're verging very close to right now, the only solution is for governments to declare payments on the $130-odd trillion equivalent to be suspended, under bankruptcy reorganization arrangements. That is, the government puts the banking system, the financial system into bankruptcy reorganization, and freezes all transfers of payments, on account of this $130 to 140 trillion. Only if that is done, can you prevent a general blow-out of the banking system, including the entirety of the U.S. banking system. That means everybody's bank. It means their savings, it means their checking account, it means everything.

To prevent that from happening, the government must step in, put the entire Federal Reserve System and its ancillaries, direct or indirect, into financial bankruptcy reorganization: no transfers of funds based on these categories of obligations. Freeze it! Essentially, we're never going to pay the money anyway. these things are just going to be written off the books, they'll vanish. We're going to try to defend things that must be defended instead.

But, that's the situation.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 1:31 am:

Last century 1999

It is possible, that you and your neighbors might, personally, survive the epoch-shattering crisis now rushing down upon us all. The question is not, "Whether my money can survive?" The question is, "Will you and your family survive?"

In other words, that means, "Will I, my family, and our government, come out of this mess with the political power needed to create the needed new money-system, to replace the hopelessly bankrupt old one, the instant the crash of the present world system occurs?" People who ask the latter question, are sane; those who ask, "Then, where do I invest my money?" are probably not sane--at least, not at the present moment; we hope their mental health might be improved by aid of what I report here.

There are three things which you must know, if you are going to qualify as a potential survivor:

Why the global financial crash is now inevitable, and soon. Why the world is now overripe for the biggest bust in history, about now.

How you and the United States economy might survive the crash.

You must recognize and reject those popular delusions, those which have caused nearly all of you to continue to be fooled into acting as if you were political supporters of that mass financial lunacy which allowed this collapse of the system to become inevitable.
1. Why the crash is inevitable
Ask yourself, "Why is this crash inevitable?" There are two parts to the answer to that question.

First, in theory, an uncontrolled crash might have been prevented--last September-October, for example, if the President of the U.S.A., acting in cooperation with a significant number of other perfectly sovereign nation-states, were to have put the present international financial and monetary system, suddenly, into government-controlled bankruptcy reorganization.............

The crash is already on
That financial crash of which we are speaking, is already here.

Up to this moment of writing, there have been many recent crashes, including that of June 10-11, 1999. The new period of global financial collapse, which began with the outbreak of the Brazil crisis (which fools claim that George Soros helped to prevent), never stopped. It has taken the form of a series of increasingly frequent financial crises.

So far, overall, the new round of collapse of the world financial system which erupted in February 1999, has not yet assumed the form which people commonly associate with their more or less distorted image of the 1929 stock-market crash. Nonetheless, the real crash is already here. It has been here since February 1999........

Soon, that will change. At some point soon, you will recognize that we have reached a condition comparable to the verge of the Autumn 1923 disintegration of the Weimar Germany Reichsmark. When that comes, it is more likely to erupt in a form recognizable as more of a "nuclear-style meltdown," than the so-called "1929 style" of crash.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 1:35 am:

Year 2000

We're headed now, as I've said before, and we're on the edge of it still, for the worst financial crisis in more than 100 years, probably worse than in several hundred years. It's going to hit very soon, it's rumbling.

We're in the phase-shift, or terminal phase of a phase-shift, in which this is inevitable. The only thing that is uncertain in this respect, is exactly when, and in exactly what form will the blow-out occur? It could come as a deflationary collapse, such as a Wall Street collapse; it could come as a hyperinflationary explosion; it could come through crises, social or political crises, which are triggered by this globally. Wars and so forth.

But very soon, it's going to hit the U.S. population with the equivalent of what we experienced on Dec. 7, 1941, with the bombing of Pearl Harbor.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 1:44 am:

2001 A Lyn Odyssey to Russia

Lyndon LaRouche: I shall address three subtopics at one time: That is, the nature of the collapse; second, the possibilities of action to correct the effects of the collapse; and, thirdly, the indications now, of the possibilities that a successful transformation can be made.

The present world financial crisis is in its terminal phase. We can not predict the exact day on which the collapse will occur, because it will depend upon certain political decisions, which will accelerate or delay the point of actual collapse. But, the collapse is inevitable. The world financial system, the world monetary system, in its present form, will soon cease to exist, period.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 1:48 am:

2002 The end of a popular Delusion?

The economic collapse so induced, is not merely an economic collapse. It is not something the "outside world" has thrust upon us. It is a product of the delusion working from inside the minds of most of the population of the United States itself. What we are experiencing, is not an intrusion by unwanted events. It is a product of what have become our population's widely accepted beliefs. Therefore, what you are suffering today is, taken all together, the experience of living inside the f*g end of a popular delusion...........................

All in all, this will look to some like a new world economic depression, like that of 1929-1933. In fact, it is much worse than was experienced in such places as the U.S.A., Canada, or Europe during the 1930s. Presently, if we put the special cases of Russia, China, and India to one side for the moment, most of the world has clearly entered the beginning-phase of what some early Twentieth-Century economists discussed under the academic heading of an hypothetical general breakdown-crisis.

Quantitative and Qualitative Recovery Measures
When compared to today's crisis, the depression of the 1930s seems relatively a problem of more sharply reduced quantity of economic activity.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 1:52 am:

2003 When the LYM was born

The Weeks of Crisis Before Us
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
This statement was released by the LaRouche in 2004 Presidential campaign committee on January 1, 2003.

We have reached the point at which the institutions of the states of the Americas and Europe will either end their hysterical denials of economic reality, or those nations which have not already plunged into an already accelerating process of disintegration will begin to do so very soon. The statistic left hanging on the drooping Christmas trees sends a simple, plain message. The world in general has now been plunged already into the greatest economic depression since 1929-1932. Up to now, the Congress and Presidency have shown no interest in any actually competent measures for dealing with that reality.

This present world depression was no surprise to me, nor to anyone who paid attention to my published record as the world's most successful long-range economic forecaster.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 1:57 am:

2003 Lyn knows the LYM will be coming from homes with "issues"

A `No-Future' World

Your generation, as well as those among your parents' generation, who are still alive and viable, are confronted by the fact that your parents' generation gave you a no-future world. There's no way you can make a deal with this culture, which prevails today. No way. Because you can't survive! This culture cannot deliver you the means to survive. And you know from the broken-home background that your parents' generation created, in large degree, what kind of a psychological hell it makes for your generation.

How many mothers and fathers do you have, officially on the record, known and unknown? I mean, that's the condition of this generation, your generation...................................

On the other hand, a youth movement which is qualified to play a leading role, in renewing the society, will save the society, if there's the right leadership.

Now, my job is to ensure that the youth movement has the right leadership. Because, without a youth movement,

even though I may be the smartest man in America,

particularly on these kinds of issues, I can do nothing by myself. It's a youth movement which can strike the preceding generation, and revive them, and touch their conscience, which will enable this revival of the United States to occur


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 2:01 am:

2004 Back in Roanoke, a place familiar to Lyn. Get the transcripts yutes.

'A Very Severe Monetary Crisis'
LaRouche, on Roanoke, Virginia public radio station WVTF on Feb. 9, laid out his unique approach to the dollar crisis, to questions by news anchor Fred Echols:

Mr. LaRouche, what issues are being left out of this campaign, as it's being covered by the national media?

LaRouche: ...The thing which is of larger dimensions than even the war issue, is the fact that we're on the verge of the greatest financial collapse in modern history. It's now onrushing, despite the phony talk about growth, coming out of Washington.

This means two things, first of all, which I think Bob Rubin and some others in the Democratic Party would accept: that we're on the verge of a very severe monetary crisis.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 2:16 am:

2005 THE Great Crash of 2005

This presentation appears in the March 4, 2005 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Great Crash of 2005

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Here is Lyndon LaRouche's keynote address at the International Caucus of Labor Committees/Schiller Institute annual Presidents' Day conference on Feb. 20, 2005.

"Some people wonder why, at my not-really-venerable age, that I sometimes do the things I do, which they suggest might be left to younger people. And the rude answer I give to that, is, younger people are not qualified to do what I have to do.

My response is, that we are at the last chance to save civilization from Hell, a last chance which I have been forecasting with accuracy over several decades, and most emphatically, since the period 1968-1971, and there are some alive in this room today, who can remember that. That the system is finished. The United States saved the world, under Roosevelt—otherwise we'd been in Hell a long time ago."

Now read this yutes, you are being prepared to not notice the past of the cult and to gloss over history.

"The Real Nazis"

"Now, Nazism was not people wearing swastikas in brown shirts or black shirts. Nazism was a creation of a group of international bankers, like Felix Rohatyn today, and his co-thinkers today; like the co-thinkers of the Bush Administration in economic policy today. Notably like George Shultz, who qualifies, really, as a kind of Schacht of the United States: a real Nazi, a real banker behind Nazism, as Schacht was a banker behind Nazism in Europe."

Look again yutes as to what Lyn is doing here. Rememeber, he knows this is a cult and you do not.

"Look into the future, and say, "I know what the future holds." You have to know that. It has to be the truth. And once you know that is the truth, you have to act accordingly, whatever the short-term risks to the contrary are implied.

If you do not believe in truth, then you're incapable of immortality; you're incapable of a sense of what you would be willing to die for. And, if you don't have a commitment to a sense of what you would be willing to die for, what positive purpose, you have no morality; you are only a sophist, a sycophant of popular opinion.

And that's what I've had to fight against, even in the generation of Baby Boomers in our own association. Now, knowing this, and knowing the crisis we were coming into, I seized upon the opportunity to initiate a formal youth movement. You will observe in the formal youth movement, crucial elements which reflect my knowledge of the access to immortality: I can offer these youth nothing. We don't have any money. I can offer them nothing, except immortality: Access to immortality."

Ok yutes, you read in the beginning how Lyn thinks about Nazis.

Here is the tail end of your conference.

"Why Did Hitler Persecute the Jews?

You know, one thing about it, is the Jewish issue. Take the case of Hitler. Why did Hitler persecute the Jews the way he did? It wasn't his own idea. It was the idea of the famous, or infamous, Grand Inquisitor of Spain in 1492, on the Expulsion of the Jews......................
And what happened under Hitler, to the Jews in Germany and occupied territories, was simply a continuation of the legacy of Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada, and of the Spanish Catholic right wing. They were not the authors of fascism, but they were the tools of fascism, as Schiller refers to this, as Helga dealt with it yesterday.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 2:21 am:

2006 Iran is not a problem, the coming crash is.

This presentation appears in the March 17, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche: Iran Is Not the Problem;

We Must Defeat Globalization

Here are Lyndon LaRouche's remarks to a private seminar in Berlin, Germany on March 6, 2006.

Major Financial Crisis Under Way

"However, it goes much beyond that. At this time, we have already a major financial crisis under way, in terms of hedge funds, in terms of the things that happened in Iceland and New Zealand and so forth, and the world in general is going through a financial-economic crisis, headed toward a general collapse"


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 2:25 am:

2006 April and September is THE month yutes

"World System on Weimar
Collapse Curve
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

April 20, 2006

The fakery of the outgoing Alan Greenspan administration, in burying the "M3" report, was clearly intended to conceal the fact that the rate of rate of increase of world prices of primary materials has the world as a whole currently on the same kind of "least-action pathway" curve of hyperinflation which gripped Weimar Germany during the second half of the year 1923.

Comparing the present rates of rates of increase of primary materials prices with the pattern for Germany 1923, indicates the likelihood that, under present U.S. and European policies, the world system could reach a point of collapse of the monetary system by not much later than September 2006, if not earlier."


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 2:48 am:

2007 Now you can't predict anything

This article appears in the June 15, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Rules of Survival
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

May 24, 2007

"As I have repeatedly warned over the past decades, there are no "crystal balls" in any competent form of economics. There is no possible mathematical system, as such, which could predict the date the present world monetary system would crash. In every relevant crisis, there is a certain margin of free will, but only a margin. Therefore, forecasting must rely on a combination of two kinds of forecasting methods, which we must combine as one.

1.) "Mathematically," we should recognize that phase of the world system in which the economy was currently operating. For example, in 1998-2000, we had already entered what I had foreseen, in my 1995-1996 presentation of my "Triple Curve" schematic, as the area in which the detonation was ripe to occur, unless we acted as I had proposed, to stop it by a return to the model, of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Bretton Woods system. However, that presented us only the broad parameters of both the timing of the crisis, and its remedy.

2.) However, we can observe the relevant current state of voluntary disposition of relevant individuals and social strata, to •••••• whether or not the relevant institutions are actually on the verge of behavior which probably would, or would not trigger, or delay an already existing potential economic collapse, as now.

In Autumn 1998, action led by the Clinton Administration, postponed a general financial collapse which was already in progress then; but, the bills to be paid for that bail-out, have been piling up, with interest added, ever since, including the added, monstrous costs of Vice-President Dick Cheney's and Tony Blair's lying to us to get us into a seemingly permanent and also hopeless Mideast war.

Now, from the standpoint of the financial system itself, the present world situation is hopeless; from that standpoint, a new dark age were now inevitable unless we change the system itself. How soon? Who knows? What we can know, is the way we have already entered the current end-phase of that inherently failed system, a system which President Richard Nixon created in 1971-1972, a system which is soon to be gone forever, in one way or another. We can know the degree of ripeness for a crash, which is presently awful. We can •••••• the subjectively determined patterns of voluntary human behavior, which will determine whether or not a crash, already overripe in the tree, will be triggered, or delayed."

Gee, did Chuck read this one? Did he read the last 12 years of what I just posted here?


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 2:49 am:

Let me ask the yutes how many times have they seen "The Triple Curve" of Lyn's?

One day, just see what happens when you plug in real numbers from the US economy and then see what the graph looks like. We have, and it aint what you think and explains why after several shots or bottles of Rhingau you see a triple curve.

Another thing yutes. In reading all of these articles I found something pretty consistant over the DECADES by Lyn. Lyn uses the following cheap Parlor Trick on you (and many of us here). If you read any business section of a major international and US newspaper and/or magazine every year, a major bankruptcy takes place and/or reorganization of a company which has severe financial problems occurs. What Lyn often does is include THAT collapse and/or refinancing in his writings to state the the collapse is on because of that. The same patttern emerges where a chain reaction is to occur and the whole world economy is doomed, doomed I tell you.

What you yutes have not caught on is that the shut down and bankruptcy of that business is part of what prevents further collapse, bad debt and uses the market to correct bad management, risks and failures of a business plan.

In Lyn's world, you would not be reading this on an LCD flat panel via an Apple or HP, Dell etc, but on a Sinclair or Kaypro computer with a 9 inch B/W CRT monitor.

I bet going back to 1974 with Lyn would have him doing the same thing with the Penn Central bankruptcy .

We do this yutes so others from messed up homes do not have to rely on lyn as their father and Barbara as their mother with Chuck being the long lost cousin, hidden away.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 8:13 am:

Yutes, please help us in carrying out Lyn's directive of "Ending our Delusions". I was going to start the the beginnng date of what Chuck has been reading from 1974, howver, not everything is on the web yet. Please, please, please I beg you to put everything you can on the web for us to use to educate everyone around the world about this endless parade of charade.

Here is nother clue for the yutes and others to see how Lyn uses cheap parlor tricks on drop outs and yutes from homes with "issues".

If you go back to the first calamity in 1974 or so to the present day, what Lyn does is this. He will take any new economic tool, method or financial device and declare it to incoming yutes as to be THE reason for the regular economic collapse.

In other words, in the 1970s when floating currencies were in the news, THAT was the boogeyman. Maybe the yutes do not understand that for every tourist who goes abroad complaining about a lower value dollar, there is an incoming tourist who is happy as well as an exporter who now finds USA made exports more competetive in pricing. Yutes, try to research why most countries do not want extremely high values in exchange rates for their currencies.

Now as we progress we find that Lyn has scared everyone about the stock market, the bond market, the CMO market, junk bonds, mergers, derivatives, hedge funds, municipal financing, IRAs and 401Ks, liquidity in investments, banks, leveraged buy outs, futures, downsizing , outsourcing, globalization, digital economy,, the consumer economy and probably a host of other finanancial terms used since he started this whole Bizarro cult.

It really jumped out at me that whenever a new term becomes part of the lexicon of the culture, Lyn has to immediately make that the new boogeyman for yutes every year. All of this leads to the final collapse where the New Dark Ages is waiting in the wings.

If you ever attended old National Conferences you will remember Lyn attacking Jewish members for having sterotypical mothers who want to keep them safe from the outside world.

Lyn , in effect is not the world's greatest economist, but the world's greatest yenta who spends every minute of every day warning his "children" or yutes if you will about how dangerous the outside world is. It is so dangerous that you need to be protected from all of this and it is so complex that only he can interpret it for you.

Yutes, you will all be ending up like Chuck in this cargo cult of Lyn's.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 10:02 am:


Now my head hurts. Thanks a lot...

"This is your brain. This is your brain on Lyn/LYM/WLYM".

Soon Yutes will be eating Chuckles for breakfast.

Soylent Green: It's people too!


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 10:30 am:

Exactly what the doctor ordered! Thanks, xlcr. So much for any claim that LaRouche is any kind of successful forecaster.

If one carefully considers the foregoing, how could one possibly continue to support Lyndon LaRouche in any way, shape, or form? One would have to be entirely out of one's mind.

earnest_one, is that noon Eastern Standard Time? Just want to be certain so that I may call CBS at 12:01 and ask, "What's up, Chuck?" (pun intended.) Of course, by then I predict the old man will take the coward's way out like his hero Adolf and just off himself. I mean, imagine the embarrassment of claiming to be this great intellect and economist and continually forecasting events which almost never come true. It's enough to drive one to despair and sleeping pills.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 10:59 am:


Yes, sorry... I was a little punch drunk after reading XLCR's "summary".

With CBS I have started to be really careful. I now nail down the exact "forecast." Here is the deal:

On 10/11/07, the High Noon event is scheduled for 12:00PM in the Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST).

Note that the collapse has been moved up. The prior forecast was "by or on 10/15/07, 11:59PM EST, at the VERY latest". I'll give him till 12:01 AM on the 16th, just to be fair (I'm a humanitarian).

Align your clocks, kids. The dollar is going to ZERO. Either that or Lyn will redefine what zero really means... Perhaps a "floating" zero... (Hey -- but that's a pretty good definition of Lyn!)


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 11:00 am:

I always love those articles where Lyn pontificates that his predictions are in line with some highly placed world leader or financial figure, but he never mentions any names or produces any citations, but these people know that LaRouche is absolutely right about his financial collapse predictions. Who are these members of the inner elite that he always refers to but never names (for fear that they will be assassinated I suppose).
His allusions to these individuals reminds me of the old X-Files series where Fox Mulder would receive some crucial intelligence from some member of the inner cabal suppressing evidence about extra-terrestrial contacts over a meeting in some park in Georgetown, D.C.
Perhaps Lyn's actual inside source is the "Marlboro Man." (I'm not sure if the Yutes will get the reference but they can google it.)

And more particularly disgusting is how LaRouche continues to promote the despicable nonsense that only the British (and the Jews) are responsible for Naziism, that the German people had nothing to do with it.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 11:05 am:

Where is the hyperinflationary collapse? Granted the US $ has gone down to the level of the Canadian dollar which used to be worth less than 3/4 of the American dollar. But that hardly constitutes a global crisis that will rock the world's financial system to its core. Perhaps his good friends in China will start dumping US Treasury notes or buying Euros (which Lyn has called a worthless currency as well in his writings, probably because it violates his notion of national sovereignty), but in his world view China is among the good guys in the world, along with Assad of Syria, the rulers of Sudan who are just being maligned by the Anglo-Dutch conspiracy and of course the sundry other dictators in the Arab world that he proposes Israel will be signing peace treaties with.

In LaRouche's Strike Wave Campaigner, he predicted the deaths of millions of people because of a global breakdown in food production. This was in the 70s!


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 11:26 am:

Wow, this is what I call organizing! Two floating zeros greet two world leaders:

They handed them stuff! Go get 'em, yutes!

In an interview available on You Tube, the physicist Steven Weinberg says that as a physicist he has developed "the habit of truth" and is therefore dismissive of theistic claims. If you are a believer in Lyndon LaRouche, try developing the habit of truth and see how long your admiration lasts for this demonstrable liar, fake, phony, and fraud - as well as thief, thug, and convicted felon.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 3:45 pm:

Someone should tell CBS that on that day (Oct. 11, 2007), it will not be Eastern Standard Time, it will still be Eastern Daylight Time.

Can't LaRouche get anything right?


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 7:58 pm:

Hey, the dollar is going to ZERO and you are worried about the exact hour it hits bottom!

Give CBS a break. He is drinking heavily these days and barely knows the time of day let alone the zero hour of the zero arrival.

Besides, this is the zero to end all zeros. 100 trillion wheelbarrows of super crisp cash will not buy you a loaf of bread.

It will probably be televised. People will blog about it.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 8:35 pm:

Ernest1, send this emergency briefing generated by the Larouche memo generator to Chuck and see if he notices .

A7-40-1/BFG001]:BFG:L: ][06:1 ]AM BRIEFING, ENGLISH
| |
| |
| |
| | Sunday, September 30, 2007 | |
| |



We are now facing a potential new dark age. We must address that problem comprehensively and take the economic factors that portends into account.

At this point, the only action which would provide a visibly fair chance of preventing World War III, is the President's neutralizing his Vice-President's freedom of action, and firing Donald Duck's accomplices on the Principals' Committee.
How boring!
Had Donald Duck been paying attention to reality, he would have given serious thought to key statements I had just previously published.

The United Kingdom is operating currently below the breakeven level of tangible output : it is in fact gutting the constant capital of its industrial sector and infrastructure, in the effort to keep the decaying British economy from internal collapse.
Treat economic processes in their respect as an efficient interrelationship between man and nature.
So, we have to go to another dimension.
The added factor which makes a new World War possible, even perhaps probable during the years ahead, is the recent, sickening chant of 'Peace' by the governments and news-media of the transatlantic alliance. One is reminded of the wide-spread delusion of peace in our time, back during Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's 1938 and early 1939.
We can save the economy, we can do it with government intervention. We can stop this thing.
The conception must be sensuously actualized.
So, during the period from the sixth century into the latter fourth century B.C., a gigantic conflict raged between the allies of Amon and his forces and allies of the Babylonian Magi.
But Classical composition is important to us, whereas Romantic is not.
This is absolutely the key to the present situation. The principal cesspool from which this corruption pours into society in general, is popular culture.
This has been going on as a trend, which we resisted in the post-war period.

The ugly secret of the matter is that Donald Duck is almost totally sexually impotent.
So therefore, you say, 'It is self-evident!' What does it mean, 'self-evident'? The reality we face, is that unless we eradicate the power of Satanism from our society, this society is not going to survive. And what I raised Thursday, by using the example of the orbit of the discovery of gravitation by Kepler, as an example of the role of the infinitesimal: It is this conception of the infinitesimal, as applied more broadly, and the notion of principles of organization of society, as based on understanding of these infinitesimals, that is where the hopeful future of mankind lies.



Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 8:36 pm:

The LIM generator. This has to be one of the greatest breakthroughs in dynamis science so far, this century.

Who, who, who could have predicted such a technolgy would have come faster than a working fusion power plant?

Upon rereading Lyn's forecasting, maybe he is forecasting his ultimate death. Just reread those posts and use the phrase 'My eventual collapse and death of my cult system" and it becomes pretty spooky.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 11:51 pm:

That is an "uplifting" memo, XLCR. Thanks for the laughs. No wonder LAR rants against Jonny von Neumann and Norbert Weiner.

I'll print it out and include it with the bread I send Chuckles on the 16th.

Bread, water, and machine generated LaRouchian nonsense. CBS will be thrilled to (still) have the staples of life.


Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 - 12:59 am:

OK, we're gradually getting there, a complete, or nearly complete, compendium of all the LaRouche "the end is nigh" economic forecasts that have never been wrong, as well as never been right, that I proposed last month we attempt to assemble. Thanks, xlcr, for your research, which, incredibly, didn't repeat a single forecast that I came up with in my stroll down memory lane a few days ago covering in part the same time period--find it near the end of LaRouche Continued 2 for any of you who've joined us in the last few days, under the title of "Deja Vu All Over Again, and Again, and Again." So yours and mine need to be meshed at some point into a single document listing them all to provide an increasingly complete sequence from the mid-1990s to the present. Courtesy of LaRouchepub and LaRouchepac. And of course, try to work backwards as we can come up with the documents.

My favorite is still the one from the July 25, 1995 EIR, where he first states "That system is about to go out of existence. The worst financial collapse of the Twentieth Century could erupt within as soon as weeks, or, in the unlikely case, the disintegration of the system could be postponed until as late as early 1997." Then, referring to this forecast, a few sentences later he says "The present writer has forecast just this danger--repeatedly, consistently, and accurately--during the past 30 years;" Can you believe that the world's greatest economist, and history's grestest intellect in several hundred years, if not ever, has just penned such a self-condemning idiocy, that a crash that is obviously a one-time event, the "worst financial crash of the twentieth century," has been predicted by "this writer" not once, not twice, but "repeatedly...during the past 30 years," and that over these same thirty years, every one of these repeated preductions of a one-time event (that is still to happen even once) has always been "accurately" predicted. The mind reels, as the body gasps for air. Truly stunning.

I don't have the documentation for this one, if anyone does, please post it, but I remember it very, very clearly. Barings Bank declared bankruptcy on Feb. 25, 1995, which was at the end of the week. The New Fed for the following Monday or Tuesday proclaimed that the big "crash to end all crashes" was on, as did that day's briefing. The WGE's reasoning: this was the oldest surviving British Bank, the original premier bank of the British monarchy, and, at least he thought, still their bank. The logic was impeccable. Clearly, in light of its history, if it fell, the end was near and inevitable. By the next issue of New Fed that Friday (it was still being published twice a week, which beats not once a year today) it had fallen off the front pages, and the briefing was talking about how the other shoe had yet to drop. When it never did, this whole episode was quickly dropped from coverage. Of course, Barings was a relatively quite small bank on the world stage, and no one but the WGE anywhere in the world thought its bankrputcy, caused by an idiot named Nick Leeson who bet on the speculative side of some Asian stock indices consistently for 3 years, meant anything to the rest of the financial system. Hmmm. It seems, I hate to break it to you, Mr. LaRouche, but on this one, at least, all the other economists of the world got it right, and you got it, well, wrong. There's just no other word for it.


Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 - 1:21 am:

I need to also mentin that I was actually shocked at the item xclr quoted from from the March 4, 2005 EIR, on his, as far as I am aware, totally new take on Hitler and Jews, wherein he blamed Tomas de Torquemada, the 15th century Grand Inquisitor under Isabella and Ferdinand, who was in that post when the Jews were expelled from newly reconquered Spain, for Hitler's view on Jews. I literally had to look this one up for myself (and by the way, xclr's link doesn't work because he has an extra "http//" at the beginning that must be deleted, so the correct link is

I presume this means that all anti-semitism since 1492 has the same mother. The pogroms of Russia, all the incidents of anti-semitism in many countries of Europe from that time to the present, Richard Wagner, I imagine, must have been a follower of Torquemada, and so.

How can he continually make such monumentally stupid, lying, historically absurd, statements, and get away with it. There is definitely something very deep in his psyche about Judaism and the Jews. It's just not at all your garden variety anti-semitism, but boy, is it weird!!


Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 - 1:38 am:

On the triple curve, which you comment on, xlcr, this is a real hoot, as you point out. Actually, time was when they did attempt to put real numbers to it. I have to dredge up where I saw this, a few days ago, but about five years ago they tried to put some numbers to the graph. I think they used "M3" for the monetary curve, and some figure for total debt for the debt curve, and for the "collapsing" real production curve--they used the absolute number of manufacturing workers, which declined, but only very slightly in their graph. Since nothing in the article suggested they considered the productive work force to be an actual output of the manufacturing process, one has to assume they couldn't find any figures that actually showed a decline in any important manufacturing output category.

Sure enough, that's the reality. Productivity--that's physical output per worker--has been rising so steadily and so sharply, that it has significantly outpaced the rate of decline in the manufacturing workforce, such that total manufacturing output, by any measure, has increased almost every year for the past 25 years. Not as fast as if the percentage of the workforce in manufacturing had remained constant, but still a steady increase.

So, the triple curve would show, with real numbers, a significant, perhaps even worrying, but not astronomical, rise in measures of money and debt, and a somewhat more slowly rising curve for real production. Not quite the scenario this ridiculous, measureless, unitless meaningless graph is trotted out to illustrate.


Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 - 2:24 am:

Oh, this may come as a shock to some of us, it certainly surprised me, but Lyndon H. LaRouche is no FDR. At least not on the issue of banks, bankruptcies, and foreclosures, that he is now claiming to be copying. I decided, on a hunch, to look up what FDR actually did, both on the banks, and on foreclosures. I found the following:

FDR was sworn in on a Saturday, and issued a proclamation declaring a bank holiday that Monday, March 6, to last for four days, until a special session of Congress, to convene on March 9, could consider the measure and extend it. FDR, unlike LaRouche, knew he needed a legal basis for this, and it was provided for in a 1918 amendment to the Trading with the Enemy Act which gave the President the power to limit or stop all hoarding of gold, and of shipping it out of the country. Since this was happening as one aspect of the runs on the banks, it was not only legal, but the mechanism had been known to Hoover, who was about to do the same thing himself. Also, earlier in February, states had begun closing their banking systems and by the time of FDR's inauguration, about 20 states already had banking holidays.

When Congress met, it extended the bank holiday indefinitely, and also passed a bill mandating how the holiday was to be ended, which process had to begin immediately. Banks were classified by which ones were thought to be the soundest, and they were opened first, almost immediately, and then a second tier were allowed to open, and lastly the weakest banks. The point was to restore confidence, so that people would stop trying to take their money out of the banks. And the prohibition on withdrawing gold was maintained, and the U.S. soon officially went off the gold standard. Within a few weeks, all banks were back in business, and the immediately crisis ended.

Independent of that was the foreclosure crisis, which hit farmers especially hard, and of course about one third of households were still farmers back then. A provision providing for issuance of bonds by the Federal land banks and the purchase and refinancing of farm mortgages was added to the farm bill passed in May. Mortgage relief for the middle class was provided by the creation of the Home Owners Loan Corporation authorized to raise $2 billion in bonds, in order to buy mortgages from banks that were in serious arrears--the HOLC refinanced them at a 5% rate and allowed 15 years to repay.

So, very simply, Roosevelt dealt with the crisis of mortgages that people couldn't pay in basically exactly the same way that the Congress is now trying to respond, by empowering the FHA to take over some mortgages, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to also take over a lot of mortgages. Any similarity between this and what LaRouche is proposing in his HBPA is imaginary.

There is also no similarity between LaRouche's proposal to bankrupt the financial system, bankrupt the Fed, and issue huge amounts of credit. FDR created the Public Works Administration in 1933 which employed lots of people building public works, and the Works Projects Administration in 1935 which did similar kinds of projects, but both were funded by tax dollars--Roosevelt was obsessed with maintaining a balanced budget, and the last thing he was willing to do was just go out and create credit.

I know this will be news to most of you reading this, but "LHL, you ain't no FDR."


Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 - 7:58 pm:

What happened to the LYM trolls?

Where are the "vigorous" responses to the fine historical analyses of XLCR and LaroucheTruth?

Oh, these halcyon days...


Posted on Wednesday, October 03, 2007 - 12:23 am:

Hm. You never know what will be thrust out there. The Spartacist League, 1969, and their issues with the Labor Committee.

These days, college students are settling in for the term and the year, and are due to be greeted by the Larouchites with the mssion of fighting the evil forces behind Halo 3:

The reactions to the evidently competent, recently published LPAC exclusive "Halo 3: The 'Third Wave' of Destroying the U.S.", as received by its authors in the form of "Letters to the Editor" by swarms of agitated Internet-addicts, reinforce the simple points outlined, but not understood by its relevant audience, due to certain, cumulative effects of turning over the sovereign function of creativity to a Tweener-oriented culture of "groupthink", as typified by Ayn Rand's

The sacrificing of one's will to a higher commitment toward the Common Good would be appreciated by future generations. But to sacrifice one's will to the third-wave of the counter-culture fostered by DARPA, Microsoft, BAE Systems, and the new religious revival known as the Fools of Silicon Valley, is to submit to America's long-standing enemy—the British Empire!

I'm kind of okay with Larouche not really knowing what Halo 3 is -- I don't really know beyond it being a violent video game. But after that, it's just sort of a tossed salad. Wikipedia. Is the rather bizarre reference to "Ayn Rand" (who, last I checked, died years before the advent of wikipedia) simply a slur used to denigrate anything that is not tightly controlled and centralized?


Posted on Wednesday, October 03, 2007 - 1:01 am:

Soylent Green is a taste "sensation" compared to recent L-PAC releases.

The Pod People were taken to the wrong headquarters.


Posted on Wednesday, October 03, 2007 - 6:53 am:

What happened to the LYM trolls?"

Ernest One, for some strange reason I think some of the yutes are goose stepping between cars in Germany while shouting "Heil Helga" . Look at what is going on here yutes. When you decided to leave college you may have thought that you are now one step closer to resolving your personal issues and enjoying creativity.

No one told you about how you will be soon rewriting German history and joining Lyn in his delusions, except Lyn and us. When you signed over your lives to the cult, you take everything and you accept everything. The principal involved is "selective amnesia where you and the deadenders will filter out the lunacy and experience your veryb own delusions of creativity and accomplishment.

Well, let us use the WABAC machine and see what the yutes are slowly being groomed to accept as their DNA gets spliced with Lyn's DNA.

You do not see many Jews on the LC since most of them took off after raising objections about many things. We can probably assume that the current yutes (none of whom I have read or heard have ever raised objections to this history) are now very far from having any connection to WW2 and the Nazis . With this cadre Lyn prepared the yutes to accept one if his major delusions which is that Hitler was a British Agent and even more bizarre, that the Nazis were imposed on Germans by The Jews! Now in this bizarre world of delusions you are going to be swallowing more lunacy like how Germany can not be blamed for what happened since the Germans were fighting the British, who are of course the true evil in the world. This lunacy goes so far as to blame The Jews for screwing up the Germans attack on Britain because they created the Nazis to screw up the German nationalism if you follow his logic.

Just try to follow what Lyn has written over the decades and your head spins with this lunacy. Virtually every member who spent some time unraveling this ended up leaving. For yutes, you have to be run around 24/7 so you never have a solitary moment to actually read and digest what you have just signed your life over for.


Posted on Wednesday, October 03, 2007 - 6:54 am:

Yutes, everything we went through years ago is what you are being put through. Check out this masterpiece by Lyn in 1978.

We have showed you the words Lyn spoke to you in the 2005 conference and just last week we find Lyn saying this to you in Germany.

"I once had met a German general, who had been a colonel in North Africa; a distinguished fellow, a great man in international law. And at my first encounter with him, I said, "Well, General, would you agree with me that Montgomery was the worst commander in World War II?" And he answered me, and said, "Well, you can't say anything bad about Montgomery. He saved my life." He said, "I was commanding the rear guard for Rommel, in the retreat from Egypt, and if he had ever flanked me, I'd be dead!" [laughter]
Well, if you know what Montgomery was, you know what he was in "[Operation] Market Garden": He prolonged the war in Europe, for over a year, by moving a First Army operation through a field where the roads couldn't carry the supporting troops to rescue the parachuters that had jumped in there! And he continued the war for a year! The war would have been over, by the end of 1944, but for Montgomery. And he was stuck in there, not only because he was a very bad general, very incompetent, but he had provided precisely that margin of incompetence that Churchill wanted: Because Churchill took out competent commanders on the British side, for fear they would help to win the war too soon. So, this is the kind of problem we faced.

OK yutes, those of you left have accepted Lyn's nonsense for decades about economic collapse and you lost some brain cells with the selective amnesia. Now, you are in the process of losing some more brain cells as you slowly begin to accept his delusions about WW2, make friends with old Nazi's and maybe even work hard to host a dinner honoring some Nazi Rocket scientists who launched V1 and V 2 rockets at England which according to Lyn were no big deal.

To say this is all dejavu is an understatement yutes.

Maybe the next project the theater troupe will be working on will be called

"Springtime for Helga"

as Lyn's health deteriorates.

(Message edited by xlcr4life on October 03, 2007)


Posted on Wednesday, October 03, 2007 - 10:57 am:

What's truly amazing is that Lyn is heart-broken over the fire bombing of Dresden but says not one word about the holocaust committed against Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and others.


Posted on Wednesday, October 03, 2007 - 4:44 pm:

The After LaRouche

How to attain "immortality"?

In 2004 lhl wrote something very intriguying:

"Look back in the course of history. Now, my particular specialty has been the history of European civilization, since the time of Solon, and the Pythagoreans and Plato. These people, and their successors later, such as Eratosthenes and Archimedes, live within me. They live within me not merely as voices I have heard, because I never heard them speak. They live within me because they made discoveries. They presented to me, the challenge of re-enacting the discoveries that they had made. Not as something I repeated because they had told me, but an act of discovery I had repeated, because they had confronted me with it, and now they live, their living creative moments of mind, live inside me, and I can give you them alive, and speaking; not in their voice, but in mine. - Something Above Life - "

Ok. That sounds wacky but it makes sense for certain things he was writing some years ago: on the topic of the "Brunelleschi Dome" in Florence, the "Catenary" curve (which he - erroneously - ascribed to the Dome...), the "Time Properties" of this curve (least time, same time) and... to crown it all: how larouche, by "re*-discovering" this Brunelleschi's discovery, was "affecting the past"!
You have more details about this from factnet watcher B Director at

Now, what does this all mean, is this any relevant here on this discussion board?

Well, for me it indicates which route the organization might take after larouche's death.
To "re-live" past discoveries (creative ideas) is, according to St Larouche, the path that would secure his (and their) immortality...
Therefore, all the Kepler sessions could have another agenda: to get them used (trained?) to "re-live" discoveries of past geniuses.... like larouche himself.
Like in Jesus' "Salvation", to be assured of some "immortality", one has to re-live larouche's creative genius.
Thats the message he sent after Ken Kronberg's death... "The Immortality We May Share" (
Lar. concluded: "As long as I live, and hopefully, beyond, that banner, his banner, will remain unfurled." Ken still "lives" as long as lhl/God lives...
Is then Lar the path to... eternal life? Is he the Second coming of the Messiah?
Likewise, larouche would "live" as long as there are larouchites, and so forth and so on.

This "connection" is via what lar calls "creative ideas" (aka discoveries/"change"/"nonlinearity" etc), which are somewhat connected to some superior transcendental Higher Spirit, whatever it is...

That is the MYSTIQUE behind it all.
Creativity is being hijacked away from its social, political, artistic or scientific use and is being used to secure the existence/coherence of a cult.
The irony is : creativity there is NONE in this cult (or any other)...


Posted on Wednesday, October 03, 2007 - 5:17 pm:

Quite frankly, I think the automatic memo generator produces far superior prose/content. LAR is losing the technological battle. Norbert Weiner is pummeling him.

Irony double squared. Who needs creative mentation when you can simply click the mouse, again and again?


Posted on Wednesday, October 03, 2007 - 6:22 pm:

Eureka Earnest one!

Lyn's greatest fears which he used in his Beyond Psych sessions, rats, has come back to haunt him, the LYM and the deadeners.

Instead of rats, Lyn now faces millions of mice clicking across the globe who do web searches of himself and the Lym and end up at web sites like

skull and bones withe Larouche Challenge of Dennis King

as well as a mystery site.

The mice have a feeding frenzy when you enter
"larouche and cult" Larouche and duggan" "Larouche and mind control" "Larouche and anti semitism" , Larouche and Nazi".

Millions and millions of mice around the globe are being used to prove to many that their gut instinct that the LYM have emotional issues and Lyn is a cult leader are indeed true and well documented.

When the slow rotting carcas of Lyn descends into his final resting place (probably a plot someone else paid for) he can enjoy how millions and millions of mice are slowly nibbling away at this whole cult of personality and side show of cheap parlor tricks and very expensive delusions.

You can't stop the clicking, chewing mice Lyn. That dot com telecom collapse you yap about laid over 90 million miles of fiber optic cable across the land.

Badges? We don't need no stinkin badges to show what a hoax this has all been.

Predictions? We can and have predicted every cheap parlor trick you spring on the yutes.

We can even use a mouse to write better briefings than you could ever dream about. They are so good that we have fooled people with them and added the cartoon names and still fooled people into thinking that they are written by you.

Lyn vs the mouse is no contest yutes. The mice win.

For you members from the mid 1970s, maybe this phrase

"No sell can rat"

is now

"No sell can mouse"

  • hint* Chris White brainwashing caper.

The LIM has replaced the LYM as Lyn's immortality yutes.


Posted on Wednesday, October 03, 2007 - 8:34 pm:

Evidently Howie G will be looking for a care package of bread based on his response to this post. Poor boy, hate to see him starve.


Posted on Wednesday, October 03, 2007 - 9:41 pm:

XLCR wrote:

"When the slow rotting carcass of Lyn descends into his final resting place..."

Quite amusing, truly. And I like the revenge of the mice.

This has become the "cool place" to hang out, have fun, and investigate deep issues, such as "truth" (unlike that stodgy LYM site).

Too bad Jeremiah et al. did not make it to enjoy our fun.

But perhaps others will appear, and soon.

Meantime, the clock is ticking. 10/11/07 at High Noon or 10/15/07 at 11:59PM. Let's round the latter off to midnight.

High Noon or Midnight. Something for everybody.

Save for a thermonuclear event (always possible) the clock will surely strike. But will the yeast rise?

Let them eat bread, if not cake.

Kheris: I think I'll also send a loaf to EIR headquarters. No doubt they'll consider it a "suspicious" package.

But I'll include XLCR's special automated Lyn memo, posted above. Then they will recognize true genius! I'll even forward the link...


Posted on Thursday, October 04, 2007 - 6:08 pm:

I do know that a former NCLC couple are bread bakers in their community and are doing very well. I think they might even ship nice fresh whole grain organic bread over the internet. Perhaps we can all chip in and order a loaf to be sent to Leesburg or DC to feed all the LYM members. However, I can't promise any miracles of feeding the entire collective.


Posted on Thursday, October 04, 2007 - 6:43 pm:

Boy, based on the many times Lyn preached in THE Barn on Ibykus, I think there is another way to feed the LYM. You send one loaf and a fish to Lyn himself and soon he will multiply the loaf and fish into a connected manifold for the Lym to devour.

In other news, I think I have to side with Lyn on something here after finding some old info. Lyn is probable justified in throwing Ed Spannaus off the NEC to oblivion

He also has made Lonnie W a cruel joke in the LC as well for THREE DECADES. Lonnie was always called "Mr. NC" and ran his life accordingly. Worshippng Lyn around the clock in hopes of getting that coveted NC position was the dream of dreams. In doing some more research on the duo of Ed and Lonnie in Leesburg real estate, I can see why Lyn is furious as in it being his "Ground Zero" for his economic collapse. Those two were the big zeros while Lyn ended up worth zero and the LC was in the hole for a number followed by many zeros.

Please ask these two guys about how they financed Lyn's real estate empire in Leesburg.

For the yutes this an opportune moment to be seized. If a yute is confronted with a hostile person at a card table shrine who says that the LYM is a cult, here is what you say.

"Look here buddy, if we were a cult, we would not be losing money and lost lost all of our real estate worth a hundred million or so. Real cults make a profit and own stuff"

"Now give us a buck for this xeroxed paper"

Hey yutes, here is a money saving idea that will put you on the NC. Create a xerox brief of a generic speech by Lyn about the whole world economy collapsing. On the cover and in the issue just print "October 20__". Every year you just have to pencil in the year like 07, 08, 09, 10 etc.

You have a bright future in the LYM and after THREE DECADES, maybe you too can be known as "Mr. NC" as the years pass you by.


Posted on Thursday, October 04, 2007 - 7:05 pm:

10 October?

the thing is that our clocks ARE working when theirs aren't....
on larouche planet, it s been "five minutes to midnight" for the last... 30-40 years

remember the "catenary" from my previous post? Larouche called this curve the principle of "frozen motion"! ... This IS "larouche' time"!

time is indeed a very strange notion once you live on larouche planet: you have rejected your own past, you have no future... what's left? your daily morning briefing!

that's probably why this LIM is so appropriate and... why it works!!! You can click on and on ad infinitum Larouche = Artificial Intelligence incarnate! Maybe we should have called EIR; A.I.R.
(yes i agree, Wiener's back with a vengeance)

btw: I had a quick look at Bruce's article on the "catenary". What an idiot! To declare the "catenary" curve "physical" as opposed to the Aristotelean "abstract" lines... i m lost for words... I ve seen the abyss of Bruce's depth of mind. Scary.
A catenary curve IS as abstract as any other curves; they are all mere approximations of the (physical) reality. Some are better than others. Any scientist knows that.
Bruce: go back to school and leave the kids alone.


Posted on Thursday, October 04, 2007 - 11:00 pm:

The LaRouche Corollary to Descartes's famous dictum: "I BABBLE, THEREFORE IT IS."

Will this utterly incredible stream of nonsense never cease? Here is the latest example, from the LaRouchepac website:

Do Democrats Have the Guts to Stop Rohatyn's SS?

October 4, 2007 (LPAC)--Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki declared that Blackwater is "unfit" and must leave Iraq, exactly where the mercenary company has hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts. During a televised press conference in Baghdad on Wednesday, al-Maliki said, "I believe the abundance of evidence against Blackwater makes Blackwater unfit to stay in Iraq." His comments came after Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) released a 15-page report identifying Blackwater as the mercenary company in Iraq which had over 200 shooting incidents against Iraqi civilians on its record, in which the mercenaries fired first, without being fired upon. One member of the Iraqi parliament condemned Blackwater for being "above the law." Al-Maliki had banned Blackwater after a shooting incident 17 days ago that killed 11-20 Iraqi civilians (reports vary), but had been pressured to allow Blackwater to operate in the country until several U.S. government investigations were completed. But now Al-Maliki is saying the that organization must leave now.

"This outfit is an SS," said Lyndon LaRouche, "and Congress should say that. It's Felix Rohatyn and George Shultz's SS. But, do the Democrats have the guts to say that these killers are Rohatyn's SS? That's where the Blackwater policy comes from -- Rohatyn's Middlebury College."

I don't get it. I really don't get it. Let's concede a contrary-to-fact hypothetical, for the sake of argument, namely, that Rohatyn and Schultz actually have a close relationship to Blackwater and that their troops can in some sense be linked to them. If that were the case, how could anyone, even LaRouche, not recognize that the evidence for it would need to be presented before anyone could be reasonably asked to believe it.

But not for windy Lyndy. Amazingly, after making what everybody else in the universe would consider a complete non sequitur, that Blackwater's goons are really Rohatyn's and Schultz's "SS," he then chides the Democrats for lacking the "guts" to come out and say this. Amazing, truly amazing.


Posted on Friday, October 05, 2007 - 12:32 am:


There is a constant testing of loyalty to the cult-brand "LAR". Perhaps he simply does it for kicks or, on a deeper level, wants someone to step in and "stop the insanity".

Nobody who speaks/writes that way can have ANY respect for people who take it seriously of let it go unchallenged.

More to the point: If you don't speak up and oppose the obvious insanity (even if the posited linkages could be established) then you should be branded as infinitely pliable sheeple.

Yes, perhaps Rohatyn and Shultz are running their own SS via Blackwater, but as LaroucheTruth points out, far more is needed to make the case.

That this (key) step is passed over SO effortlessly only proves that LAR followers/worshipers are cowards. Or worse: His precious bodily fluids are entering and exiting all their available orifices.

Take it for the team. Learn to love your lubricants. Blah Blah Blah.

Wake me up at High Noon or Midnight. I have bread to bake and psychotic people to feed.


Posted on Friday, October 05, 2007 - 7:30 am:

All former and present LaRouche followers remember how greatly prized was the concept of Attention Span, that intense quality of concentration that LaRouche claimed was his, and demanded of his epigones--the god-like capacity to Concentrate, to Focus, to ....

What on earth, then, can we say about the kaleidoscopic "foci" of the "organizing" in, say, the last week?

On Oct. 1, for example, we had LaRouche's "Ground Zero" operation, as expressed in the following truly hilarious slug in the briefing:

Lyndon LaRouche Launches Operation Ground Zero

Oct. 1 (LPAC)--Today Lyndon LaRouche announced the launching of Operation Ground Zero in Loudoun County, Virginia. Loudoun has been the ground zero of the housing bubble in the United States
over the last several years. McMansions have arisen in every conceivable nook and cranny, and financed by every "creative" financial instrument imaginable, as well as unimaginable.
As the movement has grown throughout the U.S. on a state and local level in support of LaRouche's Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007, there is no reason for a resolution backing this critical legislation not to receive substantial support at ground zero of the crisis in Loudoun County. Plans are now underway to introduce a resolution in support of the HBPA
into the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, the Leesburg Town Council and other municipalities throughout the county. (wfw)

Current members are worrying that LaRouche's decision to throw himself all over Loudoun politics again will trigger the same fear and loathing that previous LaRouche local interventions did--recall how, shortly after moving the whole operation to Leesburg, LaRouche began attacking the Garden Club, for Pete's sake, and Dagmar Wilson and local politico Frank Raflo, as KGB agents.

And they called LaRouche crazy!

On the broader point, let's apply our powers of Concentration.

What is rallying the troops this week?

Is it the urgent vital critical necessity of passing the HBPA?

Is it the vital critical urgent necessity of stopping nuclear war in the Middle East through the alliance of LaRouche and Peres?

Is it the imminent, unstoppable, onrushing collapse to zero of the U.S. dollar?

Or what is it, exactly?

Well, in the Oct. 1 briefing lead it seems to be the Greenies. Yes.

Housing collapse! Dollar collapse! Nuclear War! Loudoun County real estate! Greenies!

Hmm. Sounds serious. Let's look at the opening paragraph of the briefing of Oct. 1.



Posted on Friday, October 05, 2007 - 7:33 am:

Now for the briefing, with that fabulous headline, "Mass Insanity Flops."

In the field of mass insanity, President Bush comes up second to the Democratic Party. He is playing second fiddle to the Democratic Party would-be's and wannabes, in the lunacy parade. We refer in this instance to the green insanity of going for biofoolery and climate change hokum--backed by leading Democrats--even at the time it's all blowing up! Look at the corn ethanol bubble--it's popping. Here we are at corn harvest time in the United States, but the corn ethanol boom has just bust. Ethanol prices have dropped 30% since May. Billions of gallons of the stuff have been gushing out of dozens of new distilleries, since the 2005 bi-partisan insane biofuels law, but because there is no transportation capacity, it can't get anywhere. The whole ethanol craze has just seized up. So much for the bipartisan put-a-cob-in-your-tank campaigns. As LaRouche said, "The Dance of the Biofuels."

No need for a comment, and it's hard to know what to say, except: what is WRONG with these people? What happened to nuclear war and housing bubble bursts?

Not to worry. After a paragraph on Schwarzenegger, the UN, George Shultz, and Lehman Brothers, and a paragraph on Harry Reid, Ed Markey, Nancy Pelosi, and emission caps, and a paragraph on the social chaos engulfing the U.S. as a result of the housing bubble, the briefing writer gets "back to reality":

All the while, the Cheney threat remains alive and menacing. Jeff Steinberg's EIR National Lead on this is included in this briefing. Go for maximum impact of the LaRouche Oct. 10 worldwide webcast.

"Check. Right you are, sir. Maximum impact. I'm all over it."


Posted on Friday, October 05, 2007 - 9:44 am:

Is the webcast on 10/11/07 before or after HIGH NOON?

If after, and if the dollar is not zero by then, I'll try to have a special messenger deliver bread directly to the podium.

Those lucky enough to have a fast connection with a real-time video stream, should tune in to see LAR "holding his loaf".

Wonder Bread, white and enriched. World Historical Bread for the WGE.


Posted on Friday, October 05, 2007 - 10:53 am:

Sorry for the mistake (it's 10/10/07 not 10/11/07).

I "projected" for a day early and a dollar late.

Still, LAR SHOULD hold his loaf in public.


Posted on Friday, October 05, 2007 - 12:45 pm:

Ground Zero/Ground Meat

Or: What Are We, Chopped Liver?

In examining LaRouche's newish "Ground Zero" gambit, please note that, according to WFW's slug in the Leading Developments of the Friday briefing (pointed out to me by Communication From the Inside), "Without the passage of the HBPA, Loudoun County would SUDDENLY, VIRTUALLY CEASE TO EXIST..." [emphasis added]. Holy cow, that sounds bad.

"Is this even linguistically correct?" the individual wonders. "And are we talking about the 'puff-of-smoke' kind of cease-to-existness, or something more like Brigadoon (for all you fans of musicals), where the whole village just sort of fades back into the fog, never to appear again--and the people with it?

"Gee, Will, this is worse than nuclear war!"

We also learn today that:

"The [Loudoun County] Board of Supervisors has (quelle horreure!) inexplicably cancelled the Housing Advisory Council meeting scheduled for Friday at 1:00 (perhaps they got wind that LaRouche was coming). Sources will not say why."

And Mr. NC/Mr. Real Estate is "back in business writing articles on Ground Zero" (for phantom publications).


I'm here to tell you, this is priceless. Loudoun County, VA--Ground Zero--is suddenly, virtually, ceasing to exist. Sounds like a security risk to me--has LHL considered moving?


Posted on Friday, October 05, 2007 - 4:59 pm:

I know that the Jehovahs Witnesses used to announce Armegeddon many times going back to 1914, although they relished it while LaRouche of course is preoccupied with stopping it. However, I think the JW sect finally realized after so many failed predictions to stop issuing predictions for the end of the world, at least since 1994.


Posted on Friday, October 05, 2007 - 6:20 pm:

In this case we have Lyn predicting a Leesburg Ground Zero crash in 2007, about 20 years after the REAL Ground Zero crash started in Lyn's Leesburg empire.

Yutes, please ask, email and beg "Mr. NC" himself. Lonnie W to show you how we bought real estate in Leesburg. Then ask him how we all lost it. If he feigns a memory loss, do not despair. Plenty of clippings from Leesburg local press will soon be digitised and you can see how this looked like one of those late night "No Money Down" infomercials you see every few years on TV.

This URl will show you who Sweetwater was bought from with some type of fakata deal.

From the articles it looks like we had some type of note with the owners and then , as usual, had some payment issues. At one time "Mr. NC" showed up with $13,000 to save the ranch so to speak from the cold cruel mortgage holders.

Later in the year, "Mr. NC" saw the whole farm be swapped for some debt owed to our lawyer who was owed $90,000. Since the article does not have the kind of details that we and the yutes need, "Mr. NC" needs to step up the plate and provide us with all of the details.

After all of this comes out, we can all have a good laugh and do some Riemanian math and calculate

-How much was paid over all in this note scheme?

-What is the value of the land now less the $400,000 we paid for it?

-How much money was lost in this one property?

-How exactly did Buck Private Ed Spannaus, Mr NC Lonnie W and Lyn figure out how to lose money in one of the longest real estate growth periods in the USA?

-Is Lyn justified in his busting Ed Spannaus to oblivion and never letting "Mr NC" achieve his THREE DECADE ambition for their follies?

Yutes, the collapse occured years ago. This is all another cheap parlor trick to get you to not ask what happened to all of our property, the radio station and above all, never , never ask about the property we bought for the Lyn's delusion grifters .

People around the globe read this stuff. Why do you think they laugh at you? 30 years ago, instead of a home debt relief we called up people for a debt moratorium for local city debt. We got signers and after people figured out how crazy we were, it all ended and the next mobe came about.

This a spastic cult of personality yutes.


Posted on Saturday, October 06, 2007 - 12:10 am:

I understand Avi Klein's article should be online in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to it and to the reaction that I know we'll get out of Leesburg.


Posted on Saturday, October 06, 2007 - 7:52 am:


I think the LaRouche folks may relish it too (Armageddon, that is, in the form of the final collapse of whatever they think is collapsing at the moment).

I say this because close reading of the HBPA indicates that every measure LaRouche proposes to "save the system" and "protect the banks," "save the dollar" and defend the whatever, would actually bring the world financial system to its knees, or flat on its face, in short order.

Some of my interlocutors say this is because LaRouche has always been a utopian socialist who despises private property. Others say it's because he's a fool.

Either way, it's certainly noteworthy that his measures always involve expropriation and nationalization--and he doesn't even seem to notice.

So, yutes, to paraphrase Mark Twain:

Supposing you were a LaRouche follower. Supposing you were an idiot. But I repeat myself.

(Message edited by eaglebeak on October 06, 2007)

(Message edited by eaglebeak on October 06, 2007)


Posted on Saturday, October 06, 2007 - 9:28 am:

The same verbissene spirit of envy that LaRouche savors for people of means and industry is the same he exhibits towards intellectuals. He fears the youths getting ahead of him by studying the topology of dynamical systems, so he has them squander their time on a sterile historical - not mathematical - exercise in repeatedly reinventing the wheel with all of these geometrical constructions from the distant past. At the rate they're going, they will never get an opportunity to contribute anything original to science or mathematics.

It's easy to feel creative by replicating the original work of others - especially when you already know the outcome and there's none of the ambiguity, frustration, and excitement from sailing in uncharted waters which characterizes genuine discovery. It is important to recognize that LaRouche is not a thinker at all, but rather a bizarre sort of feel good junky. He has neither the patience nor the high tolerance for ambiguity that a true thinker or creator has. Now especially that he has spent over thirty-five years building up a wall of sycophants between him and the real world, he already enjoys the reputation among some of not only being a genius but the genius and so does not have to lift a finger to prove it.

Note too how the youths are not encouraged to study biology or geology - those areas are much messier than physics and mathematics and far less easily adaptable to a rigid ideology.

Jessie did a real number on this freak.


Posted on Saturday, October 06, 2007 - 1:00 pm:

Great observations, Sancho. I would caveat that he doesn't really have them study physics or mathematics either, only highly selected portions of those disciplines that constitute infinitesimal portions of those domains--maybe this is what he really means by the importance of the "infinitesimal"--one should devote an infinitesimal amount of common sense and true intelligence to studying infinitesimal fractions of the broader domains of physics and mathematics, in order to reach an infinitesimal segment of the general population.

The observations about being unable to abide by ambiguity are right on. I would imagine that any good psychologist could give some insight into the underlying mental makeup of people who cannot tolerate ambiguity, who must see all things in black and white, and who must always see themselves as right. It certainly maps to the paranoid personality, on which topic I will be posting some more detailed information shortly. And paranoia would be a personality trait that most people would not have a particular difficult time of thinking might have some applicability to the WGI (world's greatest idiot). I just learned recently that when he would fly, in the halcyon days of the mid-1980s when money, actually, of course, other people's money, grew on trees for him, or at least, on other people's credit cards, his entourage of security people would buy out the entire first-class section, to ensure his security and safety, so nobody could be sitting around him who might seek to do him harm--I don't think anyone in the country, including presidential candidates, feels the need for this much security, outside of the pres and vp who use Air Forces 1 and 2. Oh, and for the transatlantic part of any trip, it was the entire first class section of the Concorde. You can stop wondering where some of the money, at least, evaporated to.

More interesting, I think, is how once upon a time, he used to talk about the importance of Socratic method. And rightly so, in that the Socratic method is the actual most effective method to induce critical thinking skills in others. Ooops, that didn't come out right. Surely, critical thinking skills aren't what LaRouche has ever actually wanted in his followers. Which may explain why it is in utter and total contrast to the other method that LaRouche has always claimed as his own, namely, "my polemical method," which, were his usage of "polemical" to be entered into a thesaurus, might be mapped to words like "insulting," "slanderous," "exaggeration," etc. Basically, the style he always uses, of accusing all opponents of the most vile motives, of claiming 100% monopoly on the truth, with no evidence needed, and you're an idiot if you don't immediately bow down, etc.

But I cannot restrain myself from extending something I wrote just above that just "came out." LaRouche, and the organization, gave a marvelous illustration of the principle of OPM--"Other People's Money"--in the '80s. Looking back on it, and I knew nothing of the inner mathematics of it, but I think Joseph Heller, if he is still alive, would be the best person to render the enormity of the stupidity, we need Heller to create a reverse Milo Minderbinder--the logistics genius who managed to make multiple losing trades, and end up with a surplus. LaRouche and his idiot minions managed to take huge, truly huge amounts of money--$34 million in loans alone, according to the court, plus whatever was raised as cash, surely many millions more--and couldn't even pay the $1 million plus for Ibycus, even less for Sweetwater, to own them outright. "Idiot" fails to capture the enormity of this studipity. From the greatest economist in history who, alone, can rescue the U.S. from the worst depression in history.


Posted on Saturday, October 06, 2007 - 6:40 pm:

BushCo have done worse, and they were "re-elected".

It's Pure Genius if/when you can get away with it.


Posted on Sunday, October 07, 2007 - 10:51 am:

One element of the hostile fantasy world of Linden Laroche: the Abba Lerner debate. It would appear that 1971 was the last time Laroche exposed his "ideas" to critical examination by the outside world. This iconic debate has become like a Kasparov vs. The World type of encounter where Laroche, by allegedly "winning" the debate (whatever that means), silenced the entire world, allowing him to go his merry way, right about everything. One will never find in his maggot-ridden mass of scrawlings over the decades the least acknowledgement of anything he has learned from a contemporary. The only way that he could collaborate with a Brainin or any other accomplished person was as guru to a gifted acolyte - nothing more.

If you are a follower of Laroche, young or old, just ask yourself honestly (if you have an iota of decency or intelligence left) how it is possible for one individual to pretend to infallibility on one topic - let alone all topics. It seemed so natural when I was in to believe that, but just try for your own sake to stand outside yourself and look in. If this act of self-reflection is performed honestly, you cannot avoid the absurdity of this trust. Linden Laroche is just another guy, and not a very good one at that. And Laroche has always been far less intelligent then Von Neumann or Wiener - and far less intelligent and benevolent than Jeremiah Duggan, whom he murdered.

(Message edited by sancho on October 07, 2007)


Posted on Sunday, October 07, 2007 - 12:25 pm:


larouche/lerner, kasparov etc

There is an interesting article by the Greatest Genius of All Times about the Game of Chess.
He explains us why, while he "mastered" chess game (during his teenage years), he never succeeded as the Greatest Chess Grandmaster ever ...
He writes: "Anyone who knows the secret of the game of chess, would understand why the game became, eventually, too boring for me to play with zest any longer,.."
then he finds some excuses : "My notorious lack of competitive spirit, then as now (sic!!!), meant that I was never the best across the board," BUT don't you worry, he s gonna show us off as usual: "(I) was able to excel on a relatively higher scale of performance in other ways, as in blindfold chess games, with fair performance at the Prussian game of Schachspiel, and with great success, relatively speaking, in dealing with up to eight tyros simultaneously, while I was blindfolded, but highly amused,"... WOW. These kind of skills are typical of Chess Grand Masters, and we didnt know about this?
So what happened?
Our unrecognized Chess SuperGrandMaster explains:
"But, I lost my zest for treating the game seriously when I discovered, a few years later, that the Eighteenth-Century Newtonian mathematician Leonhard Euler had discovered the mathematics of the knight's move in chess."
So, that was Euler's fault?
Nooo, it's worse than that. Here is his explanation:
"Did Euler take the life out of my game? On the contrary, I suddenly recognized that it had never really been there. (...) That kind of reaction against chess, prompted by the Euler case, had not been an isolated experience for me. In a closely related matter, I had already been an antagonist of Euclidean geometry since my first encounter with the subject in a high school classroom; on the matter of Euclidean geometry, " Pheew, now everything is clear!!!
And to conclude: "Chess, like the sterile game of Euclidean, or Cartesian geometry, is a game premised on a set of fixed, axiomatic, and actually arbitrary presumptions called "sense-certainty." "
"Sense-certainty" ? We must be talking of a different game! Isnt the same game he claimed to be playing blindfolded? Chess-game is probably the most abstract game ever and like any other games, it is based on a set of fixed rules (otherwise they wouldnt be games!)
But of course, larouche doesnt like to lose, he then finds excuses ("my notorious lack of competitive spirit") for his poor achievements (if any).
I bet everyone else was also blindfolded that day!!!, this is why we don't have any eye-witnesses of that great performance, eye-witnesses which are worthless anyway since it would be based on "sense-certainty"...
This "chess story" exposes so well larouche's attitude viz "intellectual authorities" other than himself, like chess players or Abba Lerner (aka the entire economists community), or all the politicians, all the scientists, the artists etc or his teachers when he was a little student: he is an un-recognized genius (which is the "real secret" behind the "secret known only to the inner elites")
I bet this "chess story" is as real as Abba Lerner's...


Intermediate Member
Posted on Sunday, October 07, 2007 - 1:44 pm:

For some reason of late (and this is an error to which he was not prone ere his decline into fatuous senility) Laroche conflates axiomatics with sense-certainty. Most of the rest of us recognize the two poles of Western thought to be the axiomizers on the one hand (broadly, Plato, Avicenna, Bonaventure, Descartes, Leibniz, ...) and the sense-certainty guys (more broadly Aristotle, Averroes, Aquinas, Locke, ...) I guess his confusion is another sign of genius.

Yes, chess, like nature, has rules. But the impulsive Laroche just likes to say any damn fool thing without regard to reality. (Rules just get in the way of his godlike brilliance.) And to an individual mind, chess can be as rich as nature and can entertain brilliant positional players (Capablanca, Nimzovich, Botvinnik, Smyslov, Petrosian, Karpov, ...), dynamic players (Alekhine, Tal, Nezhmetdinov, Kasparov, ...), pragmatists (Lasker), and universal players (Spassky.) (See, Lin, even we Mellon Scaife agents can toss names around.)

I wish the WGP (World's Greatest Patzer) could demonstrate the sterility in this game:

But I suppose he's too busy composing obscenities involving Rupert Murdoch, or is engaged in other such Promethean activity as setting up his IV with Rheingau.


Posted on Sunday, October 07, 2007 - 3:12 pm:

I remember that Bob Cohen, who did the Tavistock series was an actual chess master who did many articles in New Solidarity analyzing the Fischer = Spassky matches. Probably one of the more coherent and brilliant pieces that got covered in that paper. I don't really remember LaRouche having much to say about the match, except perhaps to say how good the Russians were in chess and maybe denouncing the brilliant but insane Bobby Fischer. Also, Bob Zubrin, who is now involved heavily in promoting the Mars Project was the inventor of three dimensional chess, for which I think he obtained a patent.
Wonder if LaRouche has the same opinion about that version.


Posted on Sunday, October 07, 2007 - 6:32 pm:

Danny LaRouche is a FIDE master, although I don't think he competes any more.


Posted on Monday, October 08, 2007 - 7:02 am:

One can ask how Lyn's own flesh and blood had time to play in chess tournaments when he was busy with the LC/LYM?

Oops, Danny's time with this lunacy is basically a visit to a National Conference maybe once as far as I remember. Yutes, how come Lyn and the cult want you to drop out of college and worship him and his lunacy for many decades while Danny escaped under the radar?

You can just email Lyn and ask some more questions here.


How come Lyn proudly danced his way through the national office announcing that he is a grandfather when Danny's wife had a baby while dozens and dozens of Lyn's cadre were taken to abortion clinics to "save humanity"? I was told that this was a particularyly sick visual when some of the women in the office while Lyn was dancing had to abort their pregnancies in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Molly Kronberg was not of those who aborted btw and earned many a scornful look as she grew bigger each day.

Yutes, ask Lyn how he allowed his only son to work on Wall Street in a high risk place since according to Lyn, the world economy and Wall Street were going to collapse each year that Danny worked there.

For that matter, how did Lyn allow HIS son to graduate college and start his own life and not worship him?

This all would make a great Halloween movie as we can film Lyn with an IV pole with a Rheingau bag feeding his veins as he asks Danny to call Helga "Mom".

This could be a real horror movie called

"My Goose Step Mom".

complete with walking LYM/Zombies singing in the backround while dragging their feet between cars. The streets littered with cheap xeroxes of Lyn's latest end of the economy brief. Danny runs away while the LYM/Zombies chase him to a front door in DC where he pounds the door to escape.

The door opens up and in the shocking end, it is a LYM house where there are 23 yutes packed into a 3 bedroom flat.


Posted on Monday, October 08, 2007 - 1:46 pm:

An enterprising reporter should ask the genetically linked wunderkind:

How does it "feel" to have a Philosopher-King for a father? Please describe your sensations.


Posted on Monday, October 08, 2007 - 8:11 pm:


Ron Paul, the sometime semi-sane candidate for Prez says that the dollar could go to "zero". And soon.

Perhaps Paul was the "important person" that CBS spoke with.

High Noon, baby. The yeast will rise as the dollar falls...


Posted on Monday, October 08, 2007 - 9:31 pm:

Ron Paul must be a sock puppet for Laroche. Ouch.

Or maybe they alternate.


Posted on Monday, October 08, 2007 - 9:53 pm:

This bread thing is going national.

Apocalypse Pretty Soon

The dollar will collapse no later than one week from today. As of noon on October 15, you will not be able to buy a loaf of bread for $100,000. That's the optimistic scenario. The crash may come sooner than that. It might be Thursday. It sounds like Thursday will be bad.

Yeah, things are heating up again in LaRouche-land. The Youth Movement kids haven't been out in force singing on Capitol Hill much over the past two or three months. But it's clear that supporters are now being pushed into a frenzied state, more even than usual. At the website where ex-members get together, plans are being made to send one true believer a loaf of bread as soon as the deadline for disaster passes.

No doubt it is an utter and total coincidence that The Washington Monthly will soon publish an in-depth article on recent developments in the organization.

What I've read of the article suggests that LaRouche's inner circle really has a lot to worry about, even apart from the onrushing New Dark Ages. Internal convulsions probably have a lot to do with why they haven't had the troops out yodelling at Congressional staff as much as they did in the spring.

Not sure how anyone will afford a copy when that issue of the Monthly appears on the newstand in a few weeks. But in the meantime -- perhaps in honor of LaRouche's 85th birthday a few weeks back -- someone has taken the trouble to scan the, as it were, seminal work by Lyn Marcus from 1973 known as "The Politics of Male Impotence."

It offers his comrades the blueprint for "a terrifying new weapon ensuring our victory." (This document ought to be brought to the attention of Slavoj Zizek. He could really go to town with it.)

Here's hoping LaRouche can get his "terrifying...weapon" up to the task of saving the world in the next few days. But right now I'm going to empty our change jar and turn it into cash and spend it real fast, just to be on the safe side.

Maybe the LYM will be dancing in the streets for spare change now. A sort of Apocylpso dance perhaps.


Posted on Tuesday, October 09, 2007 - 7:38 am:

Article in the Guardian about Hillary Clinton includes a paragraph-long swipe at the LaRouche org, bouncing around the streets of Oakland.

The org considers it a terrible slander, and of course believes that it, and the Clintons, are on the same Team, being attacked by the British Imperial Enemy.

Perhaps LaRouche's longtime lawyer should look up the words "slander" and "libel" in the lawbooks and advise his client as to their meaning. When someone says something bad about you, it ain't necessarily slander.

However, considering the things they are say about all sorts of people (including some new outrages--but said only privately--about Ken Kronberg), they may be doing what they accuse the Guardian of doing.

Ironic, this, when you consider that the Guardian used to be Mark Burdman's Bible, and that every time the Guardian attacked Bush, the Labor Committee drooled.

(Message edited by eaglebeak on October 09, 2007)


Posted on Tuesday, October 09, 2007 - 3:20 pm:

RE: LaRouchies

That Guardian piece contains a sad statement:

"Yes, there really are some people I'd trust even less to run the country than Bush and Cheney."

Hey, I'm preparing that breadbasket for my LAR-induced basket case friend Chuckles.

Sliced White Wonder. Enriched. This is the gold standard of breads, (still) available throughout our great country.

But I'm going to send Matzo (Kosher, of course) to EIR headquarters. Perhaps it should be addressed to "The World-Historical Breadwinners". Two or three boxes, and a half-dozen post-Oct 15th auto-memos.

Read, eat, and weep.


Posted on Tuesday, October 09, 2007 - 5:06 pm:

Doubtless, Chuckie can ask LaRouche to bless the bread so that it might be divided among all the LaRouchies. If possible, maybe someone can also chip in a can of sardines so that it can truly be a miraculous day worthy of LaROuche's 85th birthday.


Posted on Tuesday, October 09, 2007 - 5:13 pm:

The Youth Movement kids haven't been out in force singing on Capitol Hill much over the past two or three months.

Someone told me today that the last time he saw LaRouche folks in DC, it was Baby Boomers, not LYM, and they were handing out flyers for LaRouche's 10/10 webcast--and the flyers were home-produced.

Ah, for a printer....

And what happened to the yutes? Were they all shipped out someplace to "organize," to get over the well-known DC LYM morale problems? Or maybe the Democrats on the Hill got sick of having LaRouche on them like a limpet.

Are they wandering around state legislatures waving the HBPA in people's faces?

Well, good night, kiddies, wherever you are. Drop me a line.


Posted on Tuesday, October 09, 2007 - 6:02 pm:

For the bread giveaway extravaganza, I need help with the EIR address (Chuckles always gives me his coordinates, so I am all set for that shipment).

Is this a current address?

EIR News Service (sic)
60 Sycolin Road, Suite 203
Leesburg, VA 20175


Posted on Tuesday, October 09, 2007 - 6:17 pm:

There is a rumour that Lyn has decided that he needs a new security detail to replace the people who hooked him up with the CIA grifters. The best and the brightest yutes who are at least 6 feet tall will be trained in security techniques which will NOT include

-writing about thwarting a grand jury in a notebook with neat handwriting.

-testifying for the prosecution as a witness against Lyn.

-if you say you are out of the LC, then stay out and do not blab to everyone that you are the brains behind Lyn.

-don't propose that Lyn go to prison because it is the best way to keep him safe from another assasination plot.

-at least run a credit check on the CIA grifters and con men who you bring to Lyn who fill up his head with delusions.

-if you give out several hundred thousand dollars of LC income to grifters to buy a farm, at least have the title in an LCers name.

-don't try to make some side money away from Lyn by trying to sell Lyn's lunacy under different bylines to tabloids.

-don't tell Lyn that you are "in" when you are never around and your wife sells real estate.

It all boiled down to the one man that Lyn can trust and the odds on favorite is Zeke Boyd.

The new detail will be called "Lyn's Ninjas" and will another layer of protection for Lyn . Some think that the training is somewhat ghoulish and using Halloween as a cover. Lyn's 6 Ninjas are supposed to be able to carry an 8 foot coffin weighing 400 lbs from the trunk of a Pontiac Bonnevile to 6 foot deep ditch 400 feet away.

When asked how he came up with the tag line "Lyn's Ninjas". The interviewer claims to have heard the following from Zeke.

"Well, I was just sitting in my flat, staring at the walls for many years when I had to get up and go to the bathroom. I looked up at the mirror and said to myself: "What the F do I have to show after 35 years of this????""

"The mirror talked back to me and said "Your Zeke Boyd, you have no income, no job and no assets." . It repeated that over and over.

"No Income, No Job, No assets"

"No income, No Job, No Assets"

"No income. No Job, No assets"

until it all came clear to me that this was a divine Golden mean ratio code from the Gods of My Olympus about me an Lyn.

Check this out.



I am no longer a baby boomer, but someone who has new solidarity with many LYM members. I will train Lyn's Ninjas.

For I am one with the NINJA.


Posted on Tuesday, October 09, 2007 - 8:49 pm:


What's this about Zeke?

I have been delayed with that Winstar write-up, but it's coming.

Note that Zeke plays a role: He's a shining example of attempts to cheat and steal, and engage in "other" immoral acts. Sadly, he took advantage of a dying, blind man (Robert McLaughlin). The stunts he pulled were beyond outrageous.

And Bruce Director appears in a cameo performance!! -- brought in (through Zeke) to try and squeeze funds from McLaughlin (for LaRouche), when Bob was on his deathbed. Sick stuff, truly sick.

This is the group that, in the 80s, refused payment on monies owed and told Bob to go off and die when he became ill (he suffered from a rare lymphoma).

No money was available for his health insurance (needed to save his life) yet, at the time, various favored Golden Souls were getting gifts of fancy ceramic dishware worth thousands.

Other luminaries are part of the story -- even Steinberg's wife, Michelle, although she is actually bright (and competent!), and quickly learned that one needed to produce real work in order to receive real pay. (It turns out that there were some sane aspects to Winstar).

Indeed, much of Winstar concerned super-high technology (millimeter-wave digital radios) and a vast infrastructure buildup (construction of a nationwide telecommunications network). The technical issues associated with the coding of signals and the physics of terrestrial millimeter-wave propagation are staggering, and interesting beyond measure. This is Gauss and Riemann rolled into one (with an evil Maxwell mixed in, for fun).

LaRoach lies when he says that Winstar produced nothing. He was simply enraged because McLaughlin was stealing some of his people by offering them real, productive jobs – jobs that paid for food, rent, and health insurance. This was a huge threat and Bob got quite a kick out of it.

Oh, Herb Q. and Leo S. also enter the picture. Roger M. (McLaughlin's best friend) plays a huge role. And, of course, Chuck was around, because McLaughlin was very fond of him, and worried that he would starve otherwise (given all the LaRoach delusions).

The story of Winstar, absent the LaRoach connection is hilarious in and of itself (largest bankruptcy in US History prior to WorldCom's, with a dramatic stock price collapse to boot). The cult connection, personal stories, and behind-the-scene intrigues simply add icing to the cake.

It is all coming up, kids.


Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 - 6:19 pm:

There is a story I am trying to track down which involves Lyn using Zeke to browbeat Paul G, something Lyn has done for DECADES. I do not know the details, but Lyn basically said that you need to be scared of Zeke inetad of Paul because "Zeke can kill". This became sort of a running gag in the LC among people when you wanted to make a point that when Zeke comes to your office, you better be on your best behaviour because "Zeke can Kill".

Today Zeke drives sickly members to their medical appointments according to many who email email me from Leesburg. The guy even charges them which I wonder is reported as LC income for the grand weekly total. It certainly is more cash than some of the LYM card table shrines somethime make .

Zeke has an interesting past with radical groups and this was sent to me by someone who was looking up some Marxist history and found Zeke mentioned.


In a message dated 4/22/2004 8:03:08 AM Central Standard Time, MLause@.. writes:

>At the time, most radicals had the good sense to see it as good sign...not a diversion from the movement against the Vietnam War but a broadening of that dissent into new channels. Even the ideologically constipated SWP issued a rather nice election button with a factory belching out smoke and a caption "Capitalism fouls things up.If memory serves, the few exceptions on the Left at the time were groups like the LaRouche cult, which was heavily riddled with police agents and ended up defending the wonders of nuclear power.


Damn, I forget about this stuff . . . but then again you are the resident historical memory. The National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC) were flat out fascists. LaRouche called himself Lynn Marcus back then - Lenin/Marx. I believe it was 1970 or maybe 1971 when they attempted to recruit us. They send their resident black theoretic ian . . . a guy named Zeke Boyd . . . if memory serves me correct. This guy looked like he was on medication or dope and carried a copy of Marx "Poverty of Philosophy" in his back pocket. I think he was smart and we met with him a couple of times. He talked about what would become the NCLC "Mop Up Campaign." The "Mop Up Campaign" meant physically attacking members of the CPUSA. Our political "beef" - disagreement, with the CPUSA was basically their passivity. Factory life and a factory town like Detroit basically meant you cannot take to serious a disagreement with the guy you work next to on the assembly line, just because he understood the same book different. After a year or two no one remembers what the hell we were arguing about. Mr. Boyd explained why they were attacking the CPUSA and asked "what is your political position." He was asked to leave the office because we felt he was stupid. He returned about a month later, after their group attacked members of the CPUSA during a demonstration. We stated there was really nothing to talk about because their group acted like cops and fascists. He insisted on coming in and talking. He asked if we had really read the "Poverty of Philosophy." "Look brother what we read is none of your business. That •••• about jumping on people is going to get you in trouble. Y'all acting like the police and the Hitler squad."


Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 - 6:25 pm:

Boyd basically stated, "look, we like you guys and the black workers are important. You have to take sides in this dispute or get 'Mopped Up." I do not remember the exact flow of events, but at that point Comrade ***** said, "We are not very polite and accustomed to inviting people outside for a slug fist. Some people think we are rude. The only way I can make you understand our meaning is like this."

Then Comrade ********** slapped the sh*t out of Zeke. Zeke fell to the floor and I did not know what to do so I started kicking this mutherf*cker in his back and stomach with my size 12 foot, while t rying to avoid his head. I figured he was already suffering from traumatic head injury to come into our office threatening to "beat us down" because we did not have the "right" position on the CPUSA. What I remember next is getting him a wash clothe to clean his face. I was the youngest so I had to do all the grunt work - elementary task. (Pardon my lengthy explanation but comrades from other countries have written me and stated they were confused on my use of the English language. The King's English is a serious problem for me and everyone else because it is a language of economic discourse.) Comrade ****** handed him the telephone and demanded that he called someone to arrange a meeting with their "National Committee" to resolve the "Mop Up" issue and we were not going to debate Marx "Poverty of Philosophy." Two months later this same Zeke Boyd shows up at the office with an official statement. We look at each other and figure this guy has to be on dope. He states that the "National Committee" rejects our request for a meeting and that we are black nationalist but on the right side of the political curve. We figured that we kicked your ••• and that they did not want to fight anyone that fought back. Zeke never came back after informing us that we would not be attacked. Now, the NCLC were a group back then advocating a problem to sale tractors to the Third World as the path of development. As I understand events the NCLC evolved from the split in the SDS - Students for a Democratic Society. Then there was the time when some members of PL - Progressive Labor, attacked our comrades in Chicago. In Detroit we went ballistic and everyone signed up for early vacations at their respective plants. The Chairman wrote a long article about this insanity and called for a halt. In Detroit we understood events different because our party was female and mutherfuckers were attacking the women and too "punk" to fight men. Then there were a couple of assassinations of our me mbers. The events in the Steel Workers Union and in the United Mine Workers Union were at a feverish pitch. Max Elbaum's "Revolution in the Air" talks about our "secrecy."
Get this book.


I wonder how many members had any knowledge of this during or after Mop Up?


Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007 - 2:39 am:

Global warming may be in full gallop, but I do think the Ice Man Cometh for windly Lyndy. His latest webcast, earlier today, was a command performance of someone fast losing his last grip on reality in any form. He managed not to get to his banking bill until minute 26, but it was worth the wait, not to mention worth its weight in hot air. He "clarified" the previously very unclear meaning of a central point of the bill: what is meant by putting all the Federal and state-chartered banks under "protection." He stated today that, make no mistake, "protection" means, in his words, "bankruptcy protection." He intends to force every bank into bankruptcy, presumably chapter 11, where the bank is reorganized.

Anyone reading this who doesn't right off recognize the enormity of that is either a brainwashed LaRouche cult follower, or someone ignorant of banking. You, see, banks, like all other companies, have assets and liabilitities. In healthy companies, your assets exceed your liabilities, and you have positive net worth. If your liabilities comes to exceed your assets, you are technically insolvent, and need to correct that condition before it leads to collapse. If it starts leading to collapse, such companies can petition for bankruptcy, and if granted a Chapter 11, most of the liabilities are marked down to cents on the dollar, to where the assets again exceed liabilities. Hopefully, also, there is a business plan to prevent the problems from recurring. But the main service that bankruptcy does, for individuals as well as companies, is wipe out all, or a major portion, of your liabilities, typically in the form of debts.

So, if banks are put into bankruptcy, presumably a large portion of their liabilities will be cancelled, paid off on cents to the dollar. If that sounds OK to you, it will cease doing so the moment you realize that a bank's liabilities are its checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs and money market accounts--basically, all the money that depositors have deposited in the banks. So, by putting the banks into forced bankruptcy, LaRouche is arbitrarily wiping out at one stroke trillions in the value of people's checking and savings accounts. WHAT A GENIUS! WHAT A MARVELOUS SOLUTION! Boy, will this really sock it to the speculators and wipe out the overhang of "gambling debts" that LaRouche rambled on at length about this afternoon while dodging a number of very good questions the Hapless Debbie the Dunce was stupid enough to pass on to him.

And get this: if Congress fails to enact this bill, from first unveiling it in committee to passage in both houses and the president signing it into law, in about 2 hours from first hint to the public of what it proposes, it will be even more needed, as every depositor in the country will withdraw, or try to withdraw, their deposits and savings from the banks before the bill passes, in hopes of rescuing their entire savings, such that by the time the bill passes, every bank will in fact be totally bankrupt, destroyed by a universal bank run that will bankrupt every bank in the country simultaneously. Lyn, you have outdone yourself. You have had your eyes set on a crash for decades, and by golly, if your bill ever gets introduced in Congress, you'll have your crash.

I'll have a lot more on this webcast when the written transcript is available. But go the LaRouchepac website, start the webcast, and if you don't have the time, or the stomach, to listen to the whole thing, jump to minute 26 and listen for about five minutes on the banking bill, then jump to around minute 38, where Debbie starts the questions, and listen to his answers to the first four questions. What an idiot! What truly moronic, non-answers he provides to the good questions asked!}


Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007 - 5:52 am:

Webcast/Social Notes from All Over

As larouchetruth suggests, LaRouche was in rare form yesterday during his webcast, not least because he finally admitted that his HBPA--that's Homeowners and Banks Protection Act--proposes to force every bank in the country into bankruptcy. Some of us were wondering what he was "protecting" the banks from--now we know.

Certainly, future generations would bless his name as the father of a bill that would (1) bankrupt all the banks, (2) destroy all depositors' savings (as larouchetruth points out), (3) destroy the equity all homeowners have in their homes, and (4) destroy the entire financial system of the country, and then the world.

Whoa! Not bad for a day's work.

LaRouche also had that hilarious moment when he referred to "7/11, I mean 9/11."

Note that he is Back to Britain--the Return of the British Empire, destroying the U.S. from within or without or with-somewhere. Why? you ask--bless you, child, he doesn't know.

So, on balance, perhaps not the best week for Lindy and the gang.



Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007 - 6:20 am:

It started on the wrong foot with LaRouche's absolutely unfathomable briefing lead of Monday the 8th. You look at this, Constant Reader, and tell me whether he hasn't lost every marble he ever had:


Monday, October 8, 2007


According to the logic of the Baby Boomer generation, today, Monday, October 8th, is duly decreed to be the October 12th called "Columbus Day." This is to remind us, of course, that the
most solemn decisions, such as going to war on lying pretexts, used by the consciences of our Presidents or U.S. Congress, since the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, have been a manifestation of
kindred sorts of legislated sophistry.

It would be only fair, to compensate for official lies, such as calling October 8th "Columbus Day," by declaring October 12,
2007 as "James Fenimore Cooper Day." The designation of that national holiday is not intended to celebrate Cooper's actual birthday, but to have at least one day in each official calendar year, on which our nation returns for a moment to celebrate the name of a patriot who should be remembered for the literate and artistic expression of the principles of truth and patriotism.

Such a holiday would be a much-needed slap-in-the-face to corrupt Democrats who identify themselves with the Andy Jackson and Martin van Buren Tradition. This would be particularly
timely for the present year 2007, when we should be celebrating the way in which puppet Jackson and Wall Street swindler van Buren had crafted the infamous land-bank scam which plunged the
U.S. national credit into the disaster known as the Panic of 1837. For those with short memories, such a day could be called "Gore Day," the year the U.S. economy was turned into gore.
--Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Well, let's see. What do we take away from this?

Apparently LaRouche doesn't like the practice of celebrating holidays on Mondays, rather than on their original dates. Fair enough--we old crochets all dislike that. However, many of us are grown-up enough to know that the point is to give workers a three-day weekend.

What a thought! What a novelty! An extra day off! Who in LaRoucheland ever got that? (Except for Lindy, of course, for whom every day is a holiday.) Although LaRouche years ago passionately declared himself to be on the side of "labor power," in real life, not so much. In real life, a one-day weekend is a miracle.

We also learn that LaRouche wishes to celebrate the name of James Fenimore Cooper--okay, knock yourself out. I guess. And he wants to celebrate the Panic of 1837. Odd, but okay....

For those with short memories (why short memories? why just for them?), that day could be called "Gore Day." The year (not day, but year, mind you) the U.S. economy was turned into gore--get it? Get it? Snort guffaw chuckle wheeze guffaw.

Better yet, we could call it HBPA Day--after LaRouche's bloody-minded "bill." Talk about an economic bloodletting!

My real question, though, is what did the members do for "organizing" on Monday, with those "Marching Orders"? And how embarrassed was the NEC, at having to print it?

Game of the Week: Take a gander at the postings of one "revenire" over at Skull/Bones--all over the larouche challenge section--and let's take bets as to which Loyal Follower it is.


Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007 - 11:48 am:

It is 10/11/07 -- Do you know where your dollars are?

The end is fast approaching.

Last chance to buy a loaf of bread, before it becomes more valuable than gold itself.

The Loaf Standard is (almost) upon us.



Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007 - 1:22 pm:


Someone emailed me to say that they couldn't find "Revenire" at Skull/Bones--that's my fault. I didn't make it clear that "Revenire" is the author of a number of crazed comments on the most recent four or five posts at Skull/Bones--so use the URL I gave, but then explore the Comments for recent posts.

Speaking of emailing me--

P.S. I went to buy some lunch after noon and found that my dollar was still worth something. I was able to get a BLT.

Thoughts, anyone?


Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007 - 2:38 pm:

The Venetians ruined everything, including the crash.


Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007 - 8:36 pm:

Are you sure it wasn't the British who ruined it?


Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007 - 8:53 pm:

Revenire would like you to know that he is a fan of 1960s Marvel Comic books, RC Harvey, and -- in a comment to a post unrelated to Larouche -- Talking Heads. Which he would like you to know means that he is not cleaning the dishes for the LYM.

Of interest:

Since Australia is still nominally part of the British empire, doesn't this make the CEC traitors for inciting patriotic Aussies to help the Americans fight back against the Brits?

Also, the man who was defeated for Illinois Lt. GOvernor in the 1986 Democratic primaries has passed away.


Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007 - 9:55 pm:

Eaglebeak, on your critique of the Monday briefing lead, I think you're out to lunch. I don't care if you were looking for a BLT you could still afford. Anyway, after attacks by LaRouche since time Memorial [Day] on the Baby Boomers, have you not grasped their crime, which is totally reflected in their massive support for having Columbus Day on a Monday no matter what day of the week the real CD actually falls on? The BBers are out for nobody but themselves, they don't care about their children like all previous generations used to do, they don't think of anything beyond the extent of their sorry mortal lives, and above all they don't care what dead white male they insult the memory of by refusing to honor his actual special day, all in the hedonistic pursuit of a three day weekend so they can selfishly enjoy three contiguous days off to actually go somewhere and enjoy themselves, in total contravention of any dedication to mankind, the universe, and beyond.

I cannot help noting the irony of picking Fenimore Cooper for the first annual patriot of the year day. After all, Columbus came to destroy the Indians, while Cooper tried to keep their memory alive with his portrayal of Chingatchgook, the last of the Mohicans. And I also think we should marvel at LaRouche's ability to hit on something before he himself was remotely aware of having done so, in proposing Fenimore Cooper for celebration on the actual October 12 because he was a patriot. His choice of Fenimore Cooper is totally transparent, as the greatest patriot who doesn't yet have his own day, exceeding totally as he does the patriotic credentials of all of the founding fathers other than Washington, all other presidents, all generals, and in truth, all other Americans since 1783. And the brilliance of LaRouche's idea, which he himself has yet to realize, is that next year, having given Fenimore Cooper his due, we can celebrate the patriotism of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow on October 12, and every year thereafter find some new super-patriot whose unbirthday we can celebrate on the anniversary of Columbus's discovery of America--except for every year that Oct. 12 lands on a Monday, in which case we'll probably have to celebrate CC again, no matter how old that feels.

Oh, and finally, LaRouche's brilliance in equating a day with a year, as in his priceless, not to mention valueless (or is that worthless?) formulation "such a day could be called "Gore Day," the year the U.S. economy was turned into gore", revealing the ultimate genius of the Riemannian time continuum manifold where the syncronicity of history makes delimitations of time such as minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millenia, etc., etc. merely the products of mere sense certainty, as meaningless as the perennial pronouncements of an old man carrying a sign "the end of the world as we know it is nigh", must be noted.


Posted on Friday, October 12, 2007 - 10:28 am:

Kheris asked:

"Are you sure it wasn't the British who ruined it?"

No. I am probably confused. I thought the Venetians were the British, thrice removed (a kind of triple-threat front group).

I keep getting the enemies all mixed up.

Enemies Soup (Nazi).

What group represents the purest evil ever extant, on this earth?

I had lunch with David Goldman, in Leesburg, in 1985 and he proclaimed that:

"The people behind Well Temperament were the most evil people of the last 500 years."

This was when Equal Temperament was all the rage (generated by mathematically pure spirals on cones) and the idea of having different sounding key signatures was bad bad bad (it represented a base appeal to the senses, designed for savage beasts).

Of course all that changed. And, of course, David Goldman is now pure evil (party line).

Who is the evilest, ever?


Posted on Friday, October 12, 2007 - 6:23 pm:

I think Eaglebeak, LaRouchetruth and Kheris are all equally wrong, since we know that the real conspiracy goes back to the Phoenicians who created Baal who was the antecedent of Yahweh, and who created the mercantilist system (although maybe it's the Babylonians). Actually it may actually go back to the elites that brought to an end the golden soul civilization of Atlantis that Plato wrote about in the Timaeus. All in all the Venetians and definitely the British are parvenues nouveau elites.


Posted on Friday, October 12, 2007 - 7:43 pm:


The Laroosh yutes should turn their scientific eyes and noses to the gas laws, and start with Lynn as their role model, the (Platonic) ideal gas.

I haven't been able to read a page of Fenimore Cooper with a straight face after this incisive exercise:

I don't give a s--- what sort of patriot he might have been.

As to sightings, I happened to spot two Ron Paul leafleteers down by the Staten Island Ferry the other day. They looked a very discouraged pair in quest of a cult. (Note to Lorichites: recruit the Ron Paulists.) I was going to give them a dollar, but why bother.


Posted on Friday, October 12, 2007 - 9:35 pm:

Reading Twain's dissection of Cooper's writing, one can see how the master of dense plodding prose, overdrawn with high falutin words to impress the credulous would elevate Cooper to such stature. I guess Lyn was drawn to Cooper's lack of clarity and his ability to confound simple descriptions in the manner of a third-rate Hollywood writer of B Movies.
My question is, what happened to that great American patriot and super spy Edgar A. Poe?

Posted on Friday, October 12, 2007 - 10:08 pm:

Remember how the La Rushites used to extoll the cranks supreme Poe and S.F.B. Morse? Fearless Leader loved Poe's obscurantism (and androgyny) and the antisemitic (and anti-Catholic and Nativist) conspiracist Morse.

What the yutes should recognize is that the heroes drop off as their LC protagonists drop from the scene for one reason or another: Poe with Salisbury, Cantor with von Parpart, Dante with the entire Italian organization, Avicenna (and even much of the steam behind Plato vs. Aristotle) with Zoakos. What this suggests in reality of course is Len's dependence on the (largely anonymous) research of others to swell his turgid epic rambles. After Levitt and Bardwell left, the plasma news became a matter of cribbing press releases from national laboratories, and so on and so on. The fraud of LhL rolls on with the yutes' "commissioned" basement kite string theory exercises fueling the scribbles now.

P.S. To crib Maugham on the subject of the Trinity, anyone who can believe that Poe was an agent of Winfield (great) Scott is able to believe anything.


Posted on Friday, October 12, 2007 - 10:09 pm:

Sancho, bravo on coming up with the Twain piece. I read that many years ago, and recalled that Twain destroyed Cooper, and destroyed him again, but the only specific item that I have retained all these years is his discussion of "Cooper Indians." I tried to think of a way to work them in to my piece, but without success. All, if you haven't clicked on Sancho's link to Twain, you absolutely must, it is incredibly funny, especially the first third.

And Sancho, I hope it was clear from my post that I was mocking the notion that one would pick Cooper as an exemplar of a patriot above the hundreds of others whose names would naturally come to the mind of anyone whose familiarity with American history exceeds that of the idiots Jay Leno interviews in his Jay Walking episodes.

The point is, this briefing lead is a solid contender for being the least coherent thing LaRouche has ever written, or at least, caused to be printed, and, as we all know, that is saying a lot. I mean, what in God's name is he talking about? Does he think he's being facetious? Certainly if he were trying to be facetious, the fact that it isn't funny (except the way that a freak in an old-time circus was "funny") wouldn't be evidence to the contrary since the very phrase "a funny LaRouche joke" is oxymoronic, not to mention that a LaRouche "joke" is just plain moronic. But methinks that's not it.

But what is going on? This is beyond stream of consciousness. It is almost totally dissociated. There is no stream here, and precious little consciousness. How does he get from ridiculing the notion of having most holidays on a Monday rather than their actual date (not in itself a ridiculous notion--I'll bet there are any number of people who might agree with him), to proposing celebrating anybody, much less Cooper, on the actual CD date? I mean, what's the connection? What's the train of thought? And from there to the Van Buren depression of 1837? And then to "Gore" as in blood (not Al Gore, apparently), then to somehow celebrating a year with a holiday on a day? The whole thing is beyond imagining what could possibly have been going through his brain.

And then one has to ask? Did any deadenders even notice? Did any LYMers notice, and scratch their heads? THAT, I'd like to know.


Posted on Friday, October 12, 2007 - 10:26 pm:

Of course you were joking - and quite correct to do so - and to emphasize how a guy who hasn't worked for forty years would have no idea how important a three-day weekend is to people who work hard and are raising families.

I think La Louse should leave his castle (with or without riding gear) and himself discover America - unless of course that would interrupt his continued collaboration with Ronald Reagan on SDI which is just as intense as ever.


Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2007 - 2:02 am:

The Poe franchise in the LC was originally run by NEC member Allen Salsibury. He ended up passing away of a "Tell Tale Colon" in the LC. That means that there are tell tale signs of a medical problem which were not found as he became sick. I wish I could reveal the story of what happened to Allen S and what was initially thought to be his problem. All I can say is that it follows a pretty clear pattern in the LC.

Beleieve it or not time. Did you folks know that Allen S. went to meet James Brown after he met us at an airport card tabel shrine in the 1980s? We were trying to get some big oney off of him.

The Poe franchise rights semed to go to over THREE DECADE member Gerald Belsky. A nice bespectacled member who I think came from Chicago. Belsky has some Fidelio articles and set up a yahoo group site called "raven2000" a few years ago.

Belsky posted this on OCt23, 2003


Please see my new website about the Real Edgar Allan Poe at This website is dedicated to the real living Poe who was a Classical scholar, an intelligence agent of the "Whig" patriotic circles, and a cultural warrior who was dedicated to creating a new classical renaissance, based on the ideas of Plato, Kepler, Leibniz, and Schiller, as is statesman and Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche today. Poe, like all great artists, used
irony and paradox to create metaphors, so that his readers could experience the process of creative discovery. The "myth" of Poe the
neurotic is a concoction of his enemies to coverup the real significance of his life and the epistemological issues that Poe


Today, if you search that domain name you find that it is for sale and not active. I guess the few bucks to pay for the name were too much for a cult which rakes in a 150K in a good week these days.

People who signed up may have thought that they would be discussing Poe, but Belsky soon showed everyone how cult mind control works in making everything end up about larouche.

There is about a year and a half of an exchange between Belsky and a few people where the Belsky identity is swept away and he puts on his Lyn mask.

You can read it under yahoo groups, look up "raven2000". Now the site is like many other larouche projects where it is long forgotten and just filled up with spam from dating sites and ways to get a degree without going to school and how to borrow a lot of money with sub prime lender specialists!


Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2007 - 6:29 pm:

In watching the 10/10 webcast - is that Debra Freeman or Fred Flintstone in drag? - haven't seen anything like that since John Goodman as Linda Tripp.


Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2007 - 7:29 pm:

Fred Flintstone is the one with a job who takes care of his family and has made Bedrock a better place for all. Fred Flintstone's friends do civic work unlike Debbie's friends who were chased off the front lawn of US Senator Parren Mitchel while he was waving gun. Fred Flintstone also did not produce anti semitic stone pamphlets about said US Senator being a "House Ni**er for the Jews of Baltimore".

Fred Flinstone also did not abort Pebbles when Wilma became pregnant to "save humanity".

The worse that Fred and Barney ever did was do a cigarette commercial.

Fred Flintstone had years of highly rated 1/2 hour TV shows which attracted an international audience. Debbie appears on a poor man's cult version of Lyn's 1/2 hour broadcasts , now called web casts.

Fred Flinstone paid his taxes and his mortgage. unlike Debbie's friends, he was never convicted of credit card fraud, securities fraud and never bought and sold property with crazy financing.

Debbie is an over THREE DECADE cult leader.

Fred Flintstone was a member of a social club called the Loyal Order of Water Buffalos, Lodge number 26 . Fred may have been part of Lyn's enemies list since the original Lodge was the Loyal Order of Dinosaurs , a Free Mason styled operaton which goes back to one million BC.

Clearly Fred Flintstone represents the City Building faction of humanity long before Lyn's crackpot swiping of whomever or whatever his fancy deemed worth cribbing at the time.

Over all, Fred Flinstone has done more for humanity than Debbie Freeman in making the world a better place.

The facts are in and clearly yutes are better served by watching Fred Flintstone on TV for moral and civic virtue than a crusty, culty Debbie Freeman who after THREE DECADES and a few HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS, is still trying to start something besides a cult.

I would wager a loaf of bread over a uterus collapsing before the economy yutes. Fred Flintstone wanted his kid to go to college instead of joing a cult.


Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2007 - 7:54 pm:

Homer Simpson (1) works in a nuclear power plant, (2) does not contribute to Anglophilic public televsion, (3) believes in Jebus, (4) acknowledges that La Rash is "right," and (5) was not a Freemason like Fred Flintstone. So he's a hands-down humanist.

I still think Debbie "Mrs. Doubtfire" Freeman should paint leopard spots on her Elaine Bryan sale items. Of course with the Larouchemobile she already foots it around through the floorboards.


Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2007 - 7:59 pm:

Fred Flinstone was a world historical humanist, living at or near the time of the orginal beast-men.

Note that he also "took care" of Wilma, a truly sensual, special creature.

They were the "power couple" of Bedrock, with feet planted firmly on the ground. Their egos didn't get out of control.

LaRoach should write some case studies about that society.

I wonder: What evil group inserted Fred and Wilma into our culture? It was clearly a criminal attempt to destroy US industrial capacity?

It all began with that show... everything has deteriorated...


Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2007 - 9:17 pm:

Homer was also part of the worldwide conspiracy against Lyn. In one episode he joined the mysterious "Stone Cutters Society" and finds out what only the Inner Elites know. The Stone Cutters control the world just the way LPAC proveds it on their web site, via London.

Here is the proof. Just read the lyrics to the Stone Cutters song.

All: Who controls the British crown?
Who keeps the metric system down?
We do! We do!

Karl: Who leaves Atlantis off the maps?
Lenny: Who keeps the Martians under wraps?
Alien: We do! We do!

All: Who holds back the electric car?
Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?
We do! We do!

Skinner: Who robs cavefish of their sight?
Homer: Who rigs every Oscar night?
All: We do! We do!

This morning the LPAC site had a huge headline about how the British control the sub prime loan industry and by connecto, the housing market and using more connecto, will collapse the economy. The proof?

The LIBOR index is used to calculate ARMS!

Yutes, you have no idea how goofy this is. Here, read about the LIBOR index.

Yutes are sleeping 4 to one bedroom and Lonnie Wolfe has declared himself a Leesburg Real Estate expert in EIR!!!!!

Do the yutes have any idea of how to buy a house?

Go ask Lonnie cause he can tell you all about how we bought and then lost everything in Leesurg, TWO DECADES before today's sub prime mess.

I tried to find the LIBOR headline and now it is gone! Yutes, please oh please put it back. I beg you and I can't forgive myself for not copy/pasting it this morning.

What do you expect from a cult whose business model involving interest rates years ago put people in jail, screwed their supporters and had all of the real estate lost?????


Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2007 - 9:49 pm:

The LIBOR rate is also used often by hedge funds to determine the monthly hurdle rate above which investors pay incentive fees to the hedge fund; the fund would otherwise just receive management fees from investors. Nothing fancier than that.

Is it noon Monday that the dollar is going to zero? I just want to know so I can take an early lunch. Don't forget to send Der Helga etwas Schwarzbrot.


Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2007 - 10:16 pm:

Just happened to look back at La La's chess piece, and lookee here:

This is the crucial issue between the real-life scientific method of the successful sleuth, the Cincinnati society member and counterintelligence professional Edgar Allan Poe, and the silly synthetic concoction called Sherlock Holmes. Poe, crippled by chronic epilepsy, was retired from West Point on that account, but served as a U.S. counterintelligence operative in company with noted veterans of that service such as James Fenimore Cooper, with whom he, for example, participated in a Paris assignment on behalf of a project by the Marquis de Lafayette. He was much maligned on account, especially after his death, by the publisher and hoaxster Griswold and others, for reason of his intelligence role, by the American Tories who were greatly offended by his capable patriotism.


And Norman Mailer is a secret double agent for Gold's Gym and professional midget tossing.


Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2007 - 12:22 am:

No, Sancho,

CBS (Chuckles from Leesburg, an original FEF member) originally told me that the zero arrival would be by 11:59PM October 15th, 2007, at the VERY VERY latest. He said that LaRooooshhh forecast this -- that it was written in stone unless LL's Mortgage and Foreclosure bill was passed by the end of September.

Later (in September) he called and moved the date forward, to Noon on the 11th of October, claiming that the revision came during a direct conversation with a high level insider in the financial world, a "very important person" (obviously not LL!).

So... to be fair (and why not?), let's us take 12:01 AM on October 16th as the moment of truth.

I will send Chuckles some bread on the 16th, along with the receipts, showing the selling price. And I will also send Matzos to EIR headquarters along with a few of those fabulous auto-generated LYN memos.

Chuckles said that the dollar was going to absolute zero and, therefore, 100,000 of them would not buy a measly loaf.

He expressed a preference for Pita, but I will send Wonder Bread, enriched. Assuming, of course, that I am able to pull off the transaction on the morning of the 16th.


Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2007 - 1:48 am:

If you look at many of the business magazines and newsletter this week you will find that most of them are predicting a fall in the Dow Jones average. Barrons has an article about this being the 20th year after the 1987 decline. This really is not to exotic as the Dow is at a record high and everyone gets spooked in October. You throw in US elections and the war along with real estate problems in some areas and of course everyone will predict a drop.

I received some quarterly mutual fund guides from companies I do business with and one fund had an interesting perspective. It noted that commercial property values were constant and the losses in some of the home builders and loan portfolios was making an incredible opportunity for their managers to invest in.

What you see is paper being reduced to the proper value and this has happened in every industry where a long run up has taken place. When the only contact a yute has is with another yute and the Bizaroo world, you are not going to figure out how fluid the economy is.

My children have activities with other kids whose parents I meet up with all of the time. One is a developer of child care facilities based in of all places, Northern Virginia. Another guy is a commercial office developer. Both are now in a slow down, but not for the reasons you think. The child care person is in charge of developing and finding commercial space for his company to expand centers. Because of the rising value of real estate in certain areas, the rents and land prices have risen to a point where a day care center can't be built becasue the fees needed to be charged are out of the market place.

The commercial developer had a great 7 year run in developing properties but has slowed down since the asking price for raw land and existing buildings to remodel has risen to unsupportable prices. The owner may want a certain price, but the market will not support that price. Both are eagerly awaiting a market correction in pricing and will immediately start projects once a certain price point is reached. Near me are builders who priced their homes out of the reach of their target buyers. Everyone knew the prices were too high and asked how anyone could afford those homes. Among the people who will be hurt are speculators who cherry picked new condo and home projects by putting a down payment on a property and then trying to sell it a few months later for a higher price, before the project even broke ground.

If the yutes had any of their feet in the real world they would notice that those properties will be sold at the market price eventually.

I bring this all up because part of the Gospel in the cult was to always attack Adam Smith, free markets and free enterprise capitalism. It is not that you ever discussed this after reading about business, but , you just had an NC tell you that this stuff is all evil, British etc.


Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2007 - 1:58 am:

I have to laugh at all of the classes and endless end of the world economy Apocalypso dancing we did because I left before the 1987 decline and THAT real estate decline. What I did before hand was to save a few dollars every day for some time till I had enough money to drift away. We were then yapping about interst rates still being too high which got me thinking. Money market rates were at 10 % then and I began to squirrel away small amounts each week. We also were preaching against mutual funds, 401 K and IRA plans back then and I started to learn about them.

Each month I and my wife then took some of the money out of the money market fund to put into IRAs with mutual funds in sectors that I understood. This worked out real good as we were able to buy MORE shares after the 1987 crash and used dollar cost averaging to see our IRA money grow. Now in the LC this was verbotin to bring up any questions about retirement income or any concern about your financial health. The common answer an NC like Debby Freeman would give you is that the world economy is going to collapse and any talk about this is crazy. A real estate guru like Lonnie Wolfe would look at you crazy if you suggested that maybe we should buy up some liquidated properties. Now keep in mind that this was TWO DECADES ago.

Once I left the bizarro world I found that we had enough for a downpayment on a house with a 10% fixed rate mortgage. An ARM would have been a good idea IF we were selling within a few years. As it turned out, we were able to get an incredible deal on a new home as a recession was under way and the builder had to sell homes dirt cheap to clear inventory.

The moral of the story yutes is that when you drop out of college and join this bizarro band of losers your losses are not only going to be in time at the most valuable time of life. There will be pretty severe financial losses you will be undergoing in lost potential earnings and future investment earnings. You also will be facing a problem where your current education and skills may just become obsolete after a few years in the LYM. You will also be facing a steep learning curve to understand the culture. Indeed, this is not too unlike what a newly paroled prisoner faces once released. Many of us had to return to school to upgrade our education for employment. You will be in for a shock when you return to school and then find your self working for a younger person who has more experience and degrees since they did not leave college and waste a few years in Bizarro world listening to a madman tell people for the 35th straight year that the world economy is going to collapse .

The outside world is not perfect and needs help. Most things get changed by real work and not cults. One of the most common themes I recieve in emails to me is about the overwhelming sense of guilt that after running into us, you think that you are not doing enough to stop perceived world problems. This is part of how mind control works and is so strong that many members who leave will think that they are abandoning something when they exit the cult. This is one reason why I and everyone else in the LC would spend endless time telling prospective contributors and members why everyone else is impotent and only through the Larouche organisation will you be able to change ALL of the problems. Cause if you did not, then a new Dark Ages, Nuclear war, Drugs, economic collapse, the Russians and a whole universe of eeevil will take over.

Lyn is not unique and every cult or TV preacher knows this. It works and has worked for Lyn for decades by making you work for him instead of yourself or family.

Time goes by real fast as you age yutes.


Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2007 - 5:29 am:

Mark Twain, James Fenimore Cooper, and Lyndon LaRouche

Now that LaRouche has put forward an incomprehensible mare's nest about James Fenimore Cooper Day (see my original post of the morning briefing lead of Oct. 8, and the succeeding discussion), it's time for the Labor Committee mice and trolls to weigh in.

Recall that Mark Twain is a Bad, Bad Man in LaRoucheland, especially after Stan and Stephanie Ezrol heard about The Mysterious Stranger and manifestly failed to read Huckleberry Finn. (It got so bad that Larry Hecht once attacked Twain as a Civil War deserter, only to have it pointed out that he had deserted the Confederate Army.)

But never mind--these people can't be expected to be educated, or even literate, after 35 years trapped in the Head of LaRouche.

Now, perusing LC message traffic, we find yet another confirmation of the late Ken Kronberg's wise observation that in the ICLC, the inside and the outside are always confused, and the Enemy Within and the Enemy Without always the same.

Namely, the following All Users message on how Molly Kronberg promoted Mark Twain's attack on Cooper. Doesn't that just figure, British agent that she was? And this explains why Fidelio never did anything on Cooper? For those who knew Ken Kronberg, the answer is simpler. When he tried to read Last of the Mohicans, he found it unbearable.

Anyhow, from the heart of LaRoucheland, we have:


From:PGM:JLH (Judy Hodgkiss--ed.) 13-OCT-2007 15:54:11.89
Subj: Mark Twain: Mollified (that is, Molly-fied--the Enemy Without is the Enemy Within--ed.) American culture

A few years ago I daybooked the Mark Twain attack on James Fenimore Cooper that was discussed at the update meeting today. As Stuart L was saying (that would be Stuart Lewis, once a friend of the Kronbergs', but apparently no more--ed.) Molly was promoting Twain's sick slander of Cooper to anyone who thought that Ken and Fidelio should do something on this great American patriot.

Sick slander? Oh, Judy, has your sense of humor entirely fled?

If only Mark Twain had lived to take on Lucky Lindy--because after all, James Fenimore Cooper was a well-intentioned man, and Lyndon LaRouche is an execrable writer without a good intention in his body.

If only Sholem Aleichem had lived to do the same, we might have LaRouche starring today in The Great Panic of the Little People.


Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2007 - 8:01 am:

There's a general topic for you: La La and humor. Or how about, Loo La and "fun." By way of reference, see the MySpace jokes that fizzled out (just like BAE, Knights of Malta, what have you) by September 4 from once again lack of attention span - and such heaviness! It's like taking an Earth joke and telling it on the surface of Rigel. These people have no concept of humor, especially the old-timers who rue the years they've sacrificed for this madman. So no surpise they are frightened by Twain since they know that were he alive he would see right through them.


Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2007 - 10:15 am:

This mornings lesson for the yutes is to see what you get after Debbie Freeman spends over THREE DECADES of her life and Larouche via cult spends HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS promoting his delusions.

Professor warns that cults may target students
Many cults are said to operate under the guise of nonprofits and recruit on campus.

Janna Brancolini

Issue date: 10/12/07 Section: News

The list of problems plaguing college campuses is extensive: illegal drugs, alcohol abuse, sexual assault. But according to experts, there's a lesser-known, but equally-present danger: cults.

As part of Parents Weekend, the USC Department of Sociology presented "Sects in the City: Protecting Your Children from Cults" Thursday afternoon, with the aim of educating parents about how to help their children avoid cult recruitment techniques.

"Cults are known to recruit on college campuses," said the presenter, Doni Whitsett, a professor in the School of Social Work and an independent clinician. "Students are invited to a dinner, a retreat, a special lecture, and they may not know who's sponsoring it."

Oftentimes cults will operate under the guise of human rights groups, she said. Her lecture began with an anecdote about a female college student who attended a cult retreat, thinking it was an activist event to end poverty.

Whitsett prefers not to use the term "cult" because she says it's a loaded word fraught with controversy. She said better descriptions are "high-demand" and "destructive" groups. They require exceptionally high levels of dedication and sacrifice from their members, and they manipulate members by not disclosing that the group is a cult.

"The techniques are subtle," Whitsett said. "They use mind control techniques, and one hallmark of them is that you don't know it's happening."

People should be wary of groups that discourage questioning or discussion, convince members to sever ties with the outside world and refuse to let them leave, said Dr. Robert J. Lifton, a renowned psychiatrist who published groundbreaking work about cults in the 1960s.

Whitsett said experts agree that college students are especially vulnerable to destructive groups for a variety of reasons. They are transitioning to adulthood, searching for acceptance and direction, and are open to innovative ideas.

Although cults are prohibited from recruiting on many college campuses, Whitsett said these groups could be present at USC because their actions on campus do not violate university rules.


Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2007 - 10:18 am:

According to a 2006 article in The Boston Globe, the potential cult groups on and around USC are the two most prevalent groups on college campuses nationwide.

The LaRouche Youth movement, which was started by Lyndon LaRouche in 1965, handed out "LaRouche for President" literature last semester on the corner of Jefferson Boulevard and Hoover Street.
LaRouche members have been accused of recruiting people on campuses and influencing them to drop out of school to promote LaRouche's political agenda. Critics say those who try to leave the group are threatened.

In 2003, a British student named Jeremiah Duggan went to Germany for what he thought was a peace protest against the war in Iraq, but was actually what critics called a LaRouche rally with anti-Semitic overtones.

After calling home worried about his safety, Duggan's body was found by the side of the Autobahn. German authorities ruled it a suicide, but independent forensic experts have said he was beaten to death.

Another group on campus, the Los Angeles Church of Christ, has been accused of cult activity. In 2000, a USC student wrote an account of her experience with the church, which is a branch of the International Church of Christ, for a USC Catholic Community newsletter.

She wrote that the church expected her to give 10 percent of her money to the church. She also had to ask permission before making decisions.

The church convinced her that she would go to hell and would abandon God if she left it, she wrote. The article reported that when she left the congregation, its members shunned her and spread rumors that she was pregnant.

In a 2003 Daily Trojan article, Rabbi Susan Laemmle, dean of religious life at USC, said the group meets all guidelines described in the "Ethical Framework for Religious Life at USC," and therefore qualifies for recognition as a student organization.

Some students said they did not consider the advice too invasive of their privacy.

Amanda Rossie, a graduate student studying print journalism who attended Thursday's event, said parents have a right to be involved with their college-age children and the decisions they make.

"I think as a freshman coming in ,,you're still a child, whether or not you like to think so," she said. "If you're taking your parents' money for school, they have a right to know what you're doing there. They have a vested interest."

Eric Holmes, a senior majoring in business administration, said that although he doesn't know of any specific cult activity at USC, he wouldn't be surprised if it exists.

"If [parents] can help their kids make the right decisions, they should," he said. "Cults aren't what they're made out to be."

OK. Time for marching orders.

-Tony Chaitkin, get to work writing a few hundred pages about how the British Royal Crown ordred this article.

-Bruce, you get busy telling the yutes that this all because the Oligarchy ordered to eliminate yute hegemony.

-Barbara, you continue mothering the yutes since they are one step above having a cat as a substutute child for yourself. Instead of being the crazy old childless lady with a few hundred cats, you can be the crazy old childless lady with a few hundred yutes.

-Debbie, you can prepare the briefing for Lyn on how dangerous Fred Flintsone is.

-Lonnie, Mr.NC, you can brief people on why you have to drain water pipes when there is no heat in a house. Set up a seminar about how to buy high and sell low in real estate.

(Message edited by xlcr4life on October 14, 2007)


Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2007 - 10:25 am:

-Helga, OktoberFest is over and so should your legendary beer farts, give security a break.

-Zeke, flu season is starting and get the car ready to ferry members and medicare recipients around.

-Gerry Belsky, get a part time job so you can pay the bill for

-Jeff, send Michelle to buy new sheets for the master suite at Round Hill for yourself.

Hit the streets yutes. You need to raise 39 dollars for a new toner cartidge to print up the new leafletts in this mobilazation. To save money we will copy them on the Back of the BAE leafletts.

Oh, do that before mid week before those dollars are worth zero.

Here are a few words for the yutes from Lyn.

"God I love the smell of copy toner in the morning."


Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2007 - 10:45 am:

Good Job Debbie on briefing Lyn about the Fred Flintstone problem. The LIM has responded much faster than the LYM in getting out the latest info for the masses. Fred Flintstone and his Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes are nothing more than a Free Masonic conspiracy dating back to One Million BC to spread the new Dark Ages and to stop Larouche.

[A7-42-1/BFG001]:BFG:L: ][06:1 ]AM BRIEFING, ENGLISH
| |
| |
| |
| | Sunday, October 14, 2007 | |
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At present, the entire planet is caught up within an accelerating spiral of physical-economic collapse, aggravated by the rapid emergence, worldwide, of the worst famine conditions of the century.

You have a certified idiot, Fred Flintstone. The guy's a psychopath! The problem here is a cultural problem. Today, the names Fred Flintstone, imperialism, and fascism are synonymous terms. The United States and world economies are in the beginning of the most catastrophic depression in the history of modern capitalism. The ensuing deflationary collapse, destroying industrial production in the U.S. at an annual rate of almost 40 per cent will far exceed the levels reached in the depths of the Great Depression of the 1930s. That is the key to our economic problems. And that's what you have to understand. This represents the majority of humanity. And, the majority of humanity as represented by their nations, their national governments, is going to have the power to determine the economic policy for the future of this planet. That said, resume the principal line of argument in progress in this report: the psychological effect, especially upon the U.S. population, of the most recent developments in the global financial and monetary crisis. We also in the same period, we had another, we did another thing which provoked them very much, the pamphlet 'The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elite' which we know produced a very violent reaction in some top oligarchical, banking and other circles. Seeing that Israel has in fact really lost the wars of 1956, 1967 and 1973, they have not lingered to await the consequences. How'd we get there? The principle of mentation, the principle of creative discovery, changed mankind's character and behavior. This aristocracy pollutes every part of the world. 'Each doing his own thing' is the essence of moral imbecility, of human degradation to beast-likeness. Their next targets include the U.S. military and defense industries, and also the evangelical churches. Fred Flintstone is nothing but a thug. That's the general thinking. The President of the U.S. must accept this option. We are lurching at the edge of not only the worst global monetary-financial-economic crisis in modern history, but the enflamed preconditions for the spread of what must tend to become a global asymmetric, also nuclear-armed form of World War III. We must not fail this time, as the world failed at Munich 1938. The President must give up his glassy-eyed obsession. In that case, we're in for a new game, a game I like.


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Posted on Monday, October 15, 2007 - 4:09 pm:

Jeremiah Duggan case at the British House of Commons

since (that is the end of July) Bruce Director sent a letter to the British MPs to prevent them from signing this EDM (Early Day Motion) 1498 on Jeremiah Duggan, the number of signatures has jumped from 55 (in June) to... 96 now.
Thanks Bruce!


Posted on Monday, October 15, 2007 - 5:22 pm:

That's great news, Shadok. So typical of Bruce--always tying his shoelaces together.

Alas, Poor Nancy....

1. Tiny tempests in tiny teapots in that Lilliputan land that is LaRoucheland....

Today the old boy is carping about today's briefing lead ("not what I have been promised," he writes). The problems with the lead must be corrected immediately and repeatedly, if humanity is to have a chance.

Don't forget to use my preying/praying mantis image everywhere, he trumpets. That's our international line for the next day or so, until my attention wanders.

But poor old Nancy--she was the NEC briefing writer. Wouldn't you know it? [Ed no longer gets to write the briefing lead (that must be paniful), since he was thrown into Outer Darkness.] And now, once again, LaRouche is bashing a Spannaus. It's endless. It's like kicking the old dog traipsing around after you, hopeful, loyal, absorbing all your brutality.


2. But here's something more interesting Nancy wrote recently.

One to two weeks ago, an All Users mail message: No stipends this week because of a big tax payment. (I'm paraphrasing here.)

It's not the no-stipends part that's interesting--if there were stipends, that would be interesting.

It's the "big tax payment" part.... I'll bet you a dollar the IRS has come acreeping 'round their door about moneys owed to PMR.

Because PMR owed VERY LARGE taxes, and PMR had some customers who were, shall we say, remiss on their payments, so when the IRS wants to get its money, and can't get it from PMR, which is flattened, where do you suppose the IRS goes?

Already, a few months ago, LaRouche in 2004 (L04), the Presidential campaign committee, had to cough up significant dollars to the IRS as a result of its outstanding debt to PMR.

Betcha the same thing has happened with some "infrastructure" accounts out of which stipends are paid.

Now that's interesting. That's a Simple Fact, as B. Boyd so absurdly christened the list of lies about PMR, Ken Kronberg, and the org that she generated a few months ago under LaRouche's direction.

Gee, if Boyd was telling the truth in her claim about how scrupulously L04 and LaRouche PAC paid their bills, how come the IRS nailed L04 for such a bundle? How did it happen that L04 owed PMR such a chunk of change?


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 12:12 am:

A little help, please. The following is the lead "story" on LaRouchepac tonight, and I'ver read it twice, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out what he's saying. If any of you have better luck than I did, please post it. Methinks he's starting to lose it.

LaRouche's Rebuttal to Paul Krugman: Blood & Gore

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Leesburg, VA, October 15, 2007 (LPAC)--"Robby," otherwise better known to most of you as the New York Times' Paul Krugman [and the point is, what exactly? to show off that he knows a nickname?], should have known better. Honest Republicans and Democrats are placental mammals; Al "Possum" Gore, Joe Lieberman, and George H. Bush, Jr. [aren't we forgetting someone rather important in this pantheon, aka "son of satan #1," aka the Veep--or is impeaching Cheney already gone the way of all campaigns?], like Governor Schwarzenegger [and he is brought in here to make what point? Like, he is about as opposite to GWB as it gets in the Republican party--what's the connection?], are marsupials, at least in their pouches [If this is some sexual innuendo, as I suspect, I don't get it A little help, please?]. The confusion over this matter of political biology is understandable; it took President Bill Clinton about seven years to discover that Gore was not actually a member of Clinton's own political species [And the evidence for this is, exactly what, again? Last time I checked, it was Clinton who was chomping at the bit to help Gore get elected at about year 7 and 3/4, and it was Gore who didn't want his help--losing him the presidential selection]. The point, which Robby needs urgently to learn, is that it really made very little difference whether the Gore-Lieberman ticket did, or did not win election over Bush-Gore [Truly amazing. Like, one can hate Gore and Lieberman, and believe they would have made a terrible team, but surely no one who maintains a lifeline to the real world would think it didn't make any difference. That would require believing that G-L would have done all the SAME things--not just bad things, but THE SAME bad things. Like wasn't the Bush-Cheney admin rife with neo-cons and related nasties who wouldn't have been around G-L. and if 911 was an inside job, does LHL really think the same folks would have done this inside job for G-L? And with a Republican Congress, the evil that LHL thinks G-L would have attempted would have been thwarted]. GW and Gore may be of different species, but they are both, politically speaking, marsupials. [Well, at least in terms of GWB, he may be on to something here, in GWB's desire to replace our judiciary system with kangaroo courts, but I don't see the marsupial connection for G-L.]



Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 12:23 am:

If you know our "Robby," his mistake is pretty clear; despite his wild-eyed splash, "Gore Derangement Syndrome," in today's New York Times, Paul can often be sensible when he is sticking to the subject of U.S. domestic economic policy [Oh, really, even though he doesn't believe hardly anything in common with LHL about the economy, the financial system, the impending crash, etc., etc.?]. Not when it comes to essential issues of political biology.

Poor Paul. The two opening paragraphs of his piece in today's Times might have made you think he was about to say something sane. He writes: "What is it about Mr. Gore that drives right-wingers insane?" [
OK, LHL, I'm all ears. What, exactly, was it that "Robby" wrote in his first two paragraphs that was "sane?"] From that point on, Paul [Just can't call him "Krugman" the way anyone else would can you?] explodes in a continuing screaming fit, shrieking something which sounds like Chicken Little flapping around the barnyard squawking, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling." [OK, you've got my attention. Now, what did "Paul" actually say? I mean, if you're criticizing the guy, wouldn't it make some kind of sense, even to you, to tell us what it is that he said that has gotten you all hot and bothered?]

The point, which escapes poor Paul completely, is not whether Gore was a worse choice than GW, which is not a very significant issue. The issue is that neither Gore nor GW were, politically speaking, placentals, but marsupials. [And the political distinction--the point of your entire piece, is, what, exactly??] The marsupials, by reducing the campaign to Bush-Cheney vs. Gore-Lieberman, had eliminated all political placentals from the lead in the 2000 Presidential campaign. Gore and Bush may represent different species, but are both marsupials; either way, the outcome would have been approximately the same.

Paul closes with his whimpering adulation [whoa, did you say "adulation? I thought you just said that Krugman was debating whether Gore would have been worse than Bush] of Gore: "He's taken everything they could throw at him, and emerged more respectable ... than ever." Poor "Robby;" when it comes to science, he just can not get it right. Unfortunately, it spills over into very bad political judgment on many points.

So, am I missing something, or did LHL leave a few screws out of this one? What is he even criticizing? Krugman for not thinking Gore would have been no better than Bush? How fatuous? And this is the lead over at LPAC. Way to go, LYM webmasters. Hmmm. Unless whoever runs the website has already gone over the other side, and is making a point of posting all of the most absurd "utterings,", or is it "mutterings", of the WGE. I've got the title for Lyn's next book: "Mutterings of the World's Greatest Economist."


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 6:29 am:

La lush has just decided to take the high road with his titanic envy at Gore's receipt of the Nobel Prize. He has had a lifetime of watching all of his "enemies" receive public honors while he squats like a patient in dementia babbling curses at the TV in the psychiatric hospital dayroom: turn it off! turn it off! why are you staring at me? they're all coming to get me! can I have jello tonight?


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 6:47 am:

The reason LaRouche refers to Krugman as Paul is the same reason that he refers to Clinton as Bill, Bush as George, Martin Luther King as Martin--and would call FDR Franklin if he thought he could get away with it.

Namely, to demonstrate that he is oh so on the inside, to demonstrate his ontological superiority to all these individuals (giving him the right to speak of them by their first names), to demonstrate that he somehow knows and looks down on them (including, yes, Martin).

LaRouche is in the grip of a case of envy (as Sancho puts it,) so virulent and pervasive--aimed at everyone even remotely close to power--that he's toxic. This is just another of his ways of assuaging it.


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 6:58 am:

Ltruth, this another cheap parlor trick for yutes to see and ooh and ahhh over. What Lyn does is to make himself relevent as an "insider" to gullible yutes as he saws Paul Krugman in half. What Lyn always does is to position himself as above everyone else and to drop names endlessly.

This also serves a purpose in telling the yutes NOT to read anyone else or any other views since he has already done it and can save you time -so stay out all day at the card table shrines to make quota.

Oh, stay out there and breathe in some carcinogens and enjoy no stipends, just blame Nancy for Lyn's incompetence in finance.

Lyn has historically done this with everyone who he places in his public delsuion hit parade. One of the methods to free your mind when you leave is to read some of the authors and people Lyn has previously decided is bad for you. One will often find a completely diffeent view of the person or find out how much was NOT told to you so as to prove whatever Lyn needs the LC to believe at that moment.

The last thing Lyn needs is some yute reading the enemy and figuring out that Lyn is nuts and he or she has spent years in an insular world of Orwellian levels .

Raise more money yutes, it never will be enough. You finally get to epxerience Zeno's paradox, larouche style.


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 11:57 am:

As many of you know, my blog is currently being visited by a long time Larouchie, who is slipping out of the realm of Larouche-related posts to provide fodder such as:

You talked about Sputnik and whatever that rambling discourse was about Lord only knows. The only good thing about it was me mentioning Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier

Help me out here. He's referring to this post:

Noticing that the 50th anniversary of the launching of Sputnik was coming up, I had to ask myself:

Did I see Sputnik back in 1998? Specifically, hanging off the ceiling in a corner of Krasnoyarsk State University? My brother, who lived there at the time and who my parents and I were visiting, pointed it out. "Sputnik." So it was. Sputnik.

Showing the photograph of a Sputnik to a few of my peers in the following months, I would point to it and say "… and that's Sputnik." A strange location for Sputnik to be, and seemingly a little random. There was a disconnect, and the response would tend to be a little confused. The unasked question: Doesn't Sputnik deserve better?

Probably. But that wasn't the Sputnik, which apparently was incinerated on re-entry. I probably should have known that. What I saw was some other Sputnik. But maybe it is best to suggest that if you've seen one Sputnik, you've seen them all.

Am I missing something, or is he being pointlessly antagonistic?


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 12:39 pm:

You're not missing anything that I can see.

First of all, it's your blog, and you can jolly well say whatever you want on it. Second of all, you are remembering a time when, as a child, you saw "Sputnik" in Krasnoyarsk, only to find out years later that the "real" Sputnik burned up on reentry....

It's an interesting personal story about your relationship to Sputnik and its mythos.

The person in question, Revenire (who must be related to Odd Man and Brewncue and some of the types that bounce around here), is simply enraged--so enraged he can't read properly, hear what's actually being said, or think straight.

Above all, what he dislikes is any personal knowledge, memory, or anecdote. Personal is bad in LaRoucheland. (Unless it's LaRouche's person.)

That's why Revenire gets so bent out of shape when someone else (Rachel Holmes, e.g.) seems to have known Fred Wills, or this one or that one. He doesn't want ex-LaRouche folks to have any personal histories.

Also, in LaRoucheland, antagonistic means clever, satirical, insightful, etc. LaRouche has spent a lifetime shredding his followers in the name of Beyond Psycho, etc.

So Revenire is following in the Big L's footsteps--though I'm sure Revenire would be pained to hear that his ripostes are rather mean, in every sense of the word.


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 2:09 pm:

This may not be appropriate here but I have always had a theory about what may have happened with Jeremiah Duggan. I have to preface this by saying that I was not in the org at the time of his death nor have I spoken with anybody who was. I have two qualifications for posting this theory. One is that I was once a rank and file Larouchie and both remember and can conjure the mindset. The other is that I once ran crazily onto a busy road and nearly killed myself. I was being pursued by street kids in Rio de Janeiro and felt to be in physical danger. I instinctually and naturally ran through traffic because I wanted to live. If I was killed and there were no witnesses other than the drivers, my death probably would have been ruled a suicide.
Most Larouchies are not paranoid by nature but when one is in the org they are constantly being reminded that there are agents EVERYWHERE. Anybody that disrupts a deployment, we are told, is probably an agent. People that join the org for short periods and then quit were probably agents or influenced by agents. There was often a sense of frustration that we didn't decide that someone was an agent till after they had left and presumably inflicted their damage. One had the desire to ensnare one of these agents and somehow send a message to their handlers. I can imagine the glee in Wiesbaden when someone in the leadership there decided that young, articulate, Jewish, British, Tavistock influenced Jeremiah was an agent. For the life of me, I can't imagine anyone in the org that I knew deciding to kill poor Jeremiah but I can imagine someone in the org (even myself ) giving the order to scare the sh*t out of him. That could explain the frantic phone call and the horrific events that followed.


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Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 3:22 pm:

Haven't heard anything about the dollar crashing to $0 on the news. Has Lyn issued a retraction? That seems to be more significant an error in judgment than someone who misremembers the Sputnik satellite from 1957.


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 3:26 pm:

Thought that Lyn's article regarding Paul Krugman was bizarre how about this entry from the same time regarding the mating habits of Goldman Sachs (that's probably where the reference to sacs comes from, Lyn at his wittiest). This thing is totally bizarre and seems only to be for LaRouche's own self-titillation.

The Sex Life of Goldman-Sachs
Increase DecreaseThe Sex Life of Goldman-Sachs

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Oct. 13, 2007 (LPAC)--To understand the present state of the world's financial system, think of Goldman-Sachs as the financial equivalent of a male preying mantis, whose head is being eaten by its female partner during the male's merry act of copulation.

The relevant action between the mating pairs on this occasion, is not sexual, but financial, called "uttering." The female partner already engaged in consuming the head of its male partners, such as the Goldman-Sachs group, is British, presently disguised as the Bank of England.

The underlying principle is the same used by the Anglo-Dutch Liberal banking system's creation of the Reichsmark bubble which blew up in late 1923. Then, the act of uttering was performed through the hyperinflationary emission of currency-notes by the Weimar Reichsbank. Today, the emission of the utterings occurs chiefly through the issue of fraudulent financial assets through hedge-fund and related operations.

Pedagogical, adults-only showings of the relevant pairings of male and female mantises should be presented to all associates of the Goldman-Sachs group, and similar suckers, so that they might have a fair idea of the actually intended acme of their currently ongoing financial acts.


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 6:23 pm:

Dave72, every conference we put together has an underlying theme of us against the world oligarchy. The more the scam artists filled Lyn's head up with delusions, the more intense this became. Now understand that it was insanely high to begin with. In the USA the Jan 1974 conference wwas where Lyn unleashed the Chris White brainwashing hoax and we had members who were convicned that they were brainwashed. Bill E, I believe was sent to Belvue after he collapsed on the floor and yelled "Deprogram me, Deporogram me. Lyn in his bag of cheap parlor tricks knows that you can create a unique hold on people by makikng them beleive that what they are doing is so world historical that there must be an enemy operation against you. Thus, when you get a phone call from your parents or a bnirthday card from your siblings, it is all part of th eplot to get you out of the LC and your world historical mission idrected by Lyn.

In Detroit we had a conference before the 1980 New Hapnshire fiasco where I think Bob C was running down the hall sayign he needs to see Lyn. I was in the lobby of the Masonic Temple we had the conference in when he was tackled by Security and calmed down by Gus.

During these conferences any questioning of Lyn or the LC's sanity, common sense or anything which disagrees is met with hightened paranoia. In that Detroit Conf we had a kid from Queens who said that our bumper stickers werein bad taste. Immediately he became an object of concern as security had to know where he came from , who was recuting him, who is is family, why is he here, what is history in the region etc.

One of the most severe and intensive conferences I attended was in NYC at an East Side Hotel near Grand Central Station in the early 1980s. The "Our town"s eries of King may have been running, but we also had people from the Yippies who were demonstrating against us. This was elevated into a massive mobilization of the LC to "Keep Lyn alive". The conf was being run with a daily build up in the briefing that Lyn was going to be shot or several assasiantion attempts would erupt during the conference. We had many members talking among themselves and crying that Lyn was going to be shot . This was may have been arounf the time Hinkley shot Reagan.

The feverish pitch was so high that we were told that everybody who attends the meeting is a suspect and we had each of our members sit next to their contacts and others to watch them during the conference. The metal detectors were brought out and I rememebr one security guy crying because one of their security contacts told them that a small gun could be smuggled in with what was called a "crotch sock" that would hold a small caliber weapon between the legs and our metal detecting wands would not pick it up.

During the conference we had a few people faint and one woman I was told suffered a breakdown and was sent to a hospital.

If you are not in the LC you will not know what is going on at htese conferences. Your real goal is money and recruits. If you have some younger contacts, the goal is to get them to join the LC and quit their job and move in and deploy at a card table shrine. They may have been hemming and hawing, but this is the time to get them.

Older members with families your job is to get some bug money from them and any friends they bring .


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 6:24 pm:

These national conferences cost a good buck as you lose income for each day and then you have to transport and house people. So the phone team is expected to come up with some big bucks and you want new LC memebers.

The LAST thing you want at a meeting is a Jeremiah Duggan asking questions, not worshipping Lyn and taking pictures and notes. As soon as the backround is looked at you will see that in the crazy world of LC profiling, a British Jew who knows about Tavistock and just called your group crazy about Jews and Tavistick is not going to be high on the friendly list.

What disturbs many ex members is how the LC did what it did during the grand jury investigations with people leaving and being sent overseas and other things of this nature. I would not wish this on any famaily and reading the many releases by Jeff , Chaitkin and Lyn about Jeremiah and his mother show me how the LC is real creepy.

On many blogs one will find that the word "creepy" is what is used to describe the actual contact with a LYM or LC member.

Howie is perhaps, getting creeped out, which is what oozes from LCers after a certain period of time elapses.

Many people hee shoudl have their own memories of natianl conference fun.


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 6:26 pm:


I agree with you, it is a possibility. However, when you say "I can't imagine anyone in the org that I knew deciding to kill poor Jeremiah"... well the org is used to recruit all sorts of strange and deranged people with all sorts of background and psychological problems. As a matter of fact, the org IS responsible for recruiting anyone at any cost... with no apparent supervision or control. The trick is to let the LMers believe they are "free" when in fact they are like fishes in a bowl: they don't see the bowl!
The control comes from the top as usual. Lyn sets the agenda, he creates the controlled environment, the conditions which force his fishes to move in a certain direction rather than another one. That s his expertise. The "mind control" works by controlling the environment both physical and mental (ideological). Look at the hostile environment he created around Ken Kronberg before he committed suicide! Now if Lyn has decided to "take care" of "Jeremy" as he calls him now, he was in a position to do it. Bear in mind that the post-ICLC modus operandi of the org is different. The ICLC used to operate in a hierarchical, quasi military way. Now, with the LYM, lyn is playing the same kind of dangerous deadly game Mao used to with his Red Guards. And there were casualties!
The problem with your theory is that it is contradicted by the postmortem expertises: it appears that Jeremiah was beaten to death by a stunt object... Moreover, after Jeremiah's death many LYM-ers either were sent far away, or left or some were asked to stay out. He was also described by HZL as an "enemy of the org" and the LYM, especially the french ones, were ordered to shut up.
All what we need is a new inquest which the org so hardly opposes.

Note to Bruce: could you send another letter to the British MPs? thanks for your help!


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 6:46 pm:

On LaRouche's Rebuttal to Paul Krugman: Blood & Gore and other Sex Life of Goldman-Sachs pieces...

I wonder who is getting closer to whom/what, LHL or the LIM (Lar Internal Memo)? Is lyn trying to beat this simulator at its own nonsensical game or is this simulator getting better?
Both are so similarly non-sensical, it s a close call...
Maybe we should rename it "LIM 9000" in memory of HAL 9000.


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 6:55 pm:

In LaRouche's quixotic quest for James Fenimore Cooper Day (I'm sure Cooper would scrape LaRouche off the sole of his boot), the Big L, speaking at a combination NEC/LYM meeting at The House (they have those a lot these days--they must be a scream), characterized Mark Twain as America's Nietzsche.

It's almost not possible to imagine a more illiterate remark. But what do you expect from someone who hasn't read Twain and hasn't read Nietzsche? (The story of Lyn's life.)

Not a problem, though, because you can bet LaRouche's interlocutors haven't read them either, or if they have, they've diligently forgotten everything they once knew.

I doubt very much that LHL has read Cooper, either--the sentences are too long, and LaRouche is not good at sitting still for lengthy remarks by other people.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Jeff for this information. I notice he's taken over more and more as Lyn's Boswell. Tough luck, Tony.


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 7:19 pm:

I would like to characterize Cooper as America's Platypus.

What is Chuck S. saying today, October 16? I did buy a cup of coffee on Day 1 of the New Dark Ages that tasted like Sanka, but that was (likely) not the fault of "the British" (rather, the Egyptians.) I really, really would like to know what a La Goose specimen has to say while eating crow or if, like the JWs, he mumbles with eyes averted about going back to his Bible to recalculate.

Also, what's the status of this Washington Monthly piece?

Inquiring Mellon Scaife minds would like to know. (Some of these monikers I suspect Lun just likes rolling off his forked tongue: Mellon Scaife, Paolo Sarpi, Synarchist - ooo, how exotically sinister.)


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 7:59 pm:

@eaglebeak - that's interesting news about the tax payment, especially the reference to it being a tax payment. I agree it sounds like a levy was served, and you don't mess with levies because the next thing you know Uncle is coming after YOU!

@dave72 - the scenario you propose is plausible. Without a proper autopsy or investigation we won't know for sure if Jeremiah was beaten. However, deliberate harassment leading to his death in an effort to escape constitutes responsibility on the part of the players who participated, including Schiller leadership who endorsed it. Now if we could just get the evidence to prove it.


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 10:22 pm:

Kheris--absolutely right on Jeremiah's death. The other thing that would create criminal liability, responsibility, felonies, etc. for Schiller Institute leadership would be coverups--obstruction of justice.

It would be useful if Erica Duggan and the people helping her would brief the German authorities (and the British) on the LaRouche organization track record with regard to obstruction of justice, especially the famous case of the Boston Credit Card Three, Sanders, Gelber, and Park, who fled the country for five years or more, to avoid the Boston Federal grand jury probe into credit card hanky-panky in 1984.

All three did Federal time in plea agreements when they came back, in 1990 or thereabouts. No question the LaRouche org goes in for obstruction of justice.

Second, I think there's more on the tax front vis-a-vis PMR and the LaRouche entities, and other related government-oversight fronts too, perhaps.

Dear me, what a mess.


Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 - 4:25 pm:


When I read one of these fake Larouche Internal Memos generated by this program, I thought it was hilarious to replace names of villains by characters like Pingu, Harry Potter or Fred Flintstone... Sure it looked even crazier than the original One, lhl himself.


Let's have a look:

"Both "Pokémon" and "Harry Potter" are fresh examples of epidemic forms of mental disease akin to the "Flagellant" cult which rampaged during Europe's Fourteenth Century "New Dark Age," and to the "witchcraft cults" which spread during Europe's Seventeenth Century, as a by-product of the Venice-directed, Habsburg-led horror of religious warfare over the 1511-1648 interval. The recurring spread of such pro-Satanic forms of "New Romanticism" existentialist cults, is typified currently by the impact of the "family values" irrationalism echoed in the alliance between the lunatic "Christian Coalition" and the Gnosticism-riddled "Christian Alliance" in such U.S. states as Virginia today.
The spread of the influence of such forms of deranged occultism, as the existentialism of Nazi Party Nietzschean philosopher Martin Heidegger, Karl Jaspers, Theodor Adorno, Hannah Arendt, Jean-Paul Sartre, Martin Buber, et al., typifies the continuity between the New Romanticism of Immanuel Kant, G.W.F. Hegel, and their followers; the archetypical cultural pessimist Schopenhauer; the rise of the fascist parties of Hitler, Mussolini, and Jabotinsky, and the "New Age" lunacies of "information theory," "artificial intelligence," "Pokémon," and "Harry Potter" today. "

Now, let's compare this with:
"The proof I am describing to you here, is evidence that our nation, and all of civilization with it, is threatened with virtual extinction, as a result of a form of what is usually called 'mass hysteria.'
Pokémon is the guy you want to hang, if you want to do some good for the United States. This is reality. Take Harry Potter's case, for example. These guys were really pro-Nazis.
The writer's solution to the crucial problem of economic science exemplifies the same point. (...)
Well, Harry Potter is, a piece of rubbish. I don't know whose chewing gum it is, but it's sticking under the seat—so, check your seat for chewing gum. The ugly secret of the matter is that Harry Potter is almost totally sexually impotent. "

Well, the first one is from LYN (, the second one is from the LIM (

Hard call init? I still think LYN has the edge over the LIM in the field of "non-sense"...


Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 - 10:55 pm:

Will LaRouche's Wonders never cease (he's so far beyond the Seven of the Ancient World, it's no contest)? What a find, xlcr! You presented what fit your purpose to a T. What follows immediately in the same article is truly stunning for a totally different reason. Picking up the next paragraph of this Dec. 9, 2001 piece, we have the following:

Look at such clinically crucial evidence, as the widespread support for the Nazi-like fascist rampages of Ariel Sharon's Israel, as met within the U.S. today.

The Case Of 'Vladimir Hitler'

Israel under the current Sharon dictatorship, is a Nazi-like, fascist regime in the footsteps of Napoleon I, Napoleon III, the Carlists of Spain, Benito Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler. (And, this gratuitous attack on the Sharon government follows from, and relates in any way to, Harry Potter and Pokemon, how?) In the pre-history of modern Israel, the most notable roots of fascism are traced from the Odessa of the days of the Okhrana's Colonel Zubatov, the Odessa of the common associates of Alexander Helphand ("Parvus") and Vladimir Jabotinsky. Joseph Brewda, among others, has documented crucial elements of this history.

The principal immediate antecedent of political fascism in Israel is the influence of Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky's organization of his fascist movement is situated principally in the Italy of Jabotinsky's Venice associate Volpe di Misurata, Benito Mussolini, Ezra Pound, and Jay Lovestone's crony, James Jesus Angleton, et al.

Fascism, as fascists such as Napoleon Bonaparte defined his fascism, (So, let me understand this, it's not that we impute fascism to Napoleon, he was a conscious practitioner a century before fascism was created in 1920s Italy?? Isn't the asynchronicity of history grand?)and Mussolini and Hitler theirs, is a form of murderous tyranny created in explicit imitation of the Romantic tradition of the ancient Caesars. (I wonder if LaRouche has ever grasped the concept of an anachronism. The illigitimate and impossible projection of elements of one time period into other time periods. But poor Julius and nephew Augustus, part of "the Romantic tradition?" Pullease!) It ("It," don't forget, is fascism, now projected backward into the early 19th century, as a characterization of Nappoleon) was created out of the rubble of Immanuel Kant's empiricist "Enlightenment," as a counterforce to the impact of the American Revolution of 1776-1789, first in France. It was launched under the conditions that the world of the Habsburg tyranny was crumbling. The intent was always a rebirth of Roman Caesarism.

Within Judaism's ranks, fascism found its most immediate enemy in the Judaism of Moses Mendelssohn and the Yiddish Renaissance. In Israel today, a Nazi-like form of fascist tyranny is centered in the currently ruling, Bonapartist consulate of the ruling circles of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). In the background, we find that the corrupting influence of existentialism, as spread back into Israel by the arguments of Martin Buber (Oooh, this attack on probably the foremost progressive Jewish theologian of the 20th century is bound to go over well among Jews of all stripes), has been the corrosive, anti-Mendelssohn sickness, which made possible a widespread abandonment of everything precious which the Mendelssohn-led reform and the Yiddish Renaissance had contributed to European civilization at large.



Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 - 11:13 pm:

Today, any American Jew who wishes to know what Nazism was, and who supports the present rampage of Sharon and the IDF directorate, need but stand before the mirror, and look into his own hate-filled, enraged eyes. Take the case of wild-eyed Congressman Tom Lantos, for example. (OK, I'm ready, where do I take it to? Ooops, someone seems to have lost concentration again, it appears.)

All among those of us who understand the strategic implications of the role currently assigned to those Israeli Ceasars, know with certainty, as martyred Prime Minister Rabin knew, that the end result of what Sharon and his IDF masters are doing, will be the obliteration of Israel, with the construction of the Third Temple on the site of al-Haram al-Sharif as its crematorium, (Oh, this is rich--Sharon et al will build a temple as their crematorium. Wonderful symbolism, Lyn, you've done it again!) its "Masada." Is the Washington Post, for example, supporting Israel? Does one describe a man who throws a hand grenade as a supporter of that hand grenade? If Israel's Nazis did not exist, the haters of Judaism would probably have had to have created them.

The easiest way to destroy a selected victim, is to induce him to destroy himself. Send an assassin to kill, and remove all traces back to the man who sent him. Such is the role assigned to the self-doomed victims of "Pokémon" and "Harry Potter." Some say the fault lies with the legendary lemmings. In a certain sense, they are right. Any adult who joins a cult, (sic) such as the ranks of the Mont Pelerin Society's admirers, has no one as much as himself to blame for what follows. With children and adolescents, it is different; their parents, their schools, and, in relevant cases, the doctrine of "family values" are to be blamed for the murder of the mind of that dependent. (Oh, this is rich. So, to what parenting defect and school deficiency are we to attribute the propensity of a handful of college-age teenagers to hook up with LHL?)

If you think you admire "Harry Potter," please stand before a mirror, while saying to yourself, "I must be nuts, like Ariel Sharon, (Oh, at last, closure, the connection of the apparently disconnected rant about Israel, to the Harry Potter/Pokemon cult issue) or like the presently disintegrating personality of that modern 'Humpty-Dumpty' known as Henry A. Kissinger." (Whoops, where is the connection--have we mixed litarary metaphors here? How did HD get to stand in for HP/P? And what kind of an epithet for evil incarnate Kissinger is calling him Humpty-Dumpty? And, once more, help out this feeble mind, the metaphor of "Humpty-Dumpty" applies to Kissinger, how?)

This item is truly a work of art, especially the kind of "art" that has emerged on occasion from truly deranged minds. Xlcr, give it up. The LIM simply cannot compete. It gets old quickly, whereas the real LaRouche is always fresh, with new semantic, historical, logical and moral atrocities that, as I've said before, you simply can't make up.


Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 - 11:30 pm:

La Queue is like a thoroughly besotted, mallet-swinging sociopath in the "Academy of Fine Ideas," heedlessly swinging left and right to smash everything to bits on his careening way to arrive at a point no rational person can discern (whatever happened to the tyranny of reason? right, that doesn't apply to Stupor Geniuses like La Deuce.) I mean, to collate Jabotinski and Pound??? Or, to dismiss Kant as an empiricist (um, does the word transcendental mean anything to this guy?) and sneer at his "empiricist Enlightenment?" Wow, that's a left and a right jab. I'm also curious to know how Brewda "documented" anything given his rather simian level of intelligence (pun intended.) This piece is a dilly. You do almost have to shut your brain off to avoid being embarassed to have sacrificed everything to follow this wino.

By the way, still very curious to hear Chuck S.'s reaction to the nondeflation of the dollar. I guess since they're not paying stipends this week, no one has been able to test out the purchasing power of a greenback.


Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2007 - 2:52 am:

Quoting from LaRouche, as above: "Today, any American Jew who wishes to know what Nazism was, and who supports the present rampage of Sharon and the IDF directorate, need but stand before the mirror, and look into his own hate-filled, enraged eyes."

LaRouche does it (or did it) again--that is to say, equating present-day supporters of Israel with Nazism. Well, we know the UN General Assembly goes in for this sort of moronic race-baiting, and of course, the Labor Committee has long supported every backward, tyrannical, anti-Semitic government it could dig up.

Purely by coincidence, you understand.

Let's see, in Nazi Germany, were there Jews in the Reichstag? Hmmm, no. They were in the death camps (that's death camp, not labor camp). In Israel, of course, there are Arab members of the Knesset. Just ask Michele Steinberg; she and Dean Andromidas and Muriel Mirak are the resident Mideast "experts" these days.

(And that kind of takes your breath away....)

LaRouche's comparison between Israel and Nazi Germany, popular with the likes of Ahmadinejad, is beneath contempt for the morally sane. But why are we surprised?

Those hate-filled,enraged eyes--let's not lose sight (guffaw) of them.... Those might just be the eyes of LHL, peering at you through the Rhenish haze.

Poor old Lyn. No matter how many Jews or philo-Semites run or plunge into traffic, there will always be more, and some of them will surely be looking at him with enraged eyes.

[One thing in Brewda's favor: After years of "documenting" LaRouche's fantasies, he had enough sense to quit.]

Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2007 - 4:04 pm:

My Larouchite has done roughly what I thought he would do, which is a sort of "Declare Victory and Go Home". I haven't read any new comments from him or for him in a couple of days, and I doubt I've missed much. But it occured to me that some of his comments provide fodder as "FAQ"s -- (as with this: ) -- more or less in passing between other focuses, he referred to various credibility-enhancers: The Photograph of Ronald Reagan! Dukakis's polls slipped by 20 points after exposing his mental illness! All those elected officials in state legislators presenting those Larouche bills! Larouche's matching funds! Conference with Russian Scientists!

One other matter I pointed to: Larouche helped out the Neo-Con Agenda in their mission on behalf of Ned Lamont in that election. Asked about some Larouchites acting like buffoon, Lieberman responded smugly "Oh, those are Lamont supporters". An infinitsimal effect, I suppose, but a net positive for Lieberman, and so it goes.


Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2007 - 6:20 pm:

"Love thy Enemy"?
larouche and the "Nazi Jews"

I found this extraordinary exchange between one Bob Fow and a then jailed larouche.
Bob had problems with this christian "Love thy Enemy" thing in the case of Hitler.
So, what was christian humanist lhl's answer? Be ready.

"LYNDON LAROUCHE: The problem of Hitler, Bob, is that Hitler was not real, he was a golem. The evil of Hitler lay in the rabbi's wife, who turned this golem loose on society. The rabbi's wife in this case was Averell Harriman. (yep, the Jews are never far away, are they?) We always knew Harriman was a bit queer but that's the way things are. What is to be loved in this case is the principle of humanity, individual humanity.
Now what would we do with Hitler? What would I do with Hitler if I had him captured? Would I kill him? No! I wouldn't kill him. I might put in a cage. As I've said of Kissinger : I wouldn't want Kissinger dead. I'd want him in a pit to come out once a day to be pissd on by the widows and orphans of the world."

So that's his take on the "Love thy Enemy" thing. There is some confusion here between "love" and hateful sadism he proposes people to engage in.

Then he explains why:
"What we must do with Hitler or something like that is you express love towards humanity by using the ugliness, as it is used in the great tragedy on the stage, to make the audience to make the audiences better people."

So, that was like "Art"??
and he goes further:
"If I had captured Hitler, I would treat him very lovingly with my love directed toward the people, to use this living object lesson and his horrors as a way of uplifting people."


"By making clear how such a horror is produced and saying, "Here is Nietzsche! Who in the crowd likes Nietzsche? Here is Nietzsche! Here is the living product Nietzschism." Ah, but also here is the product of Martin Heidegger and his one time mistress Hannah Arendt – who didn't wear a swastika only because she was Jewish like her mentor Adorno who also failed to wear a swastika only because he was Jewish. Otherwise he'd have worn a swastika or like Martin Buber who like Jaspers and Heidegger was a Nietzschean existentialist Nazi, except he happened to be Jewish. And he escaped to Israel where he did untold damage in spreading his disguised version of Nazism in the forms of Ariel Sharon who is one of the approximate Nazis of Israel's history.
So when you get these guys (that is; these Jews...), don't kill them. Put them in cages and use them as historical tragic objects lessons so that people don't let the Heideggers, the Jaspsers, the Martin Bubers, the Hannah Arendts, the Adornos, and the other Nazis, in fact, escape the attention of the people. That is to love the human race. "

Wow! Remember the beginning of this "exchange"? He started with Hitler and he ended up against these (Nietzschean aka Nazi) Jews, proposing them to be treated the same way as... Hitler's!

Btw, after ww2 and the Holocaust, there were no acts of revenge from Jews against the Germans...


Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2007 - 6:41 pm:

Howie, your first hand meeting with a deadender provided the web audience a great insight into how a cult works. The first word which seems to pop into people's head when they meet cult members is usually "creepy".

The creepy meter went off the charts when this was written:

"Bebe, drop out of college and join LaRouche. Your friend had guts and cares about humanity, just like LaRouche"

Cult 101 says that you try wherever possible to seperate a recruit from their family, friends and regular life. Sending someone across country is part of the program.

When you join the cult yutes , you also are part of everything the cult does , including whatyou do not know. Our job is help you learn more about what you do not know.

Take for instance this little sentence or two in an article from Commentary Magazine by Max Boot on the Armenian Genocide bill.

"It's only a scandal, it seems, when the lobbyists in question are Jewish. In that case, their activities are denounced in odious anti-Semitic tracts, most of them published by groups like the John Birch Society, the Lyndon Larouchites, and the Ku Klux Klan, but some of which appear bearing the imprimatur of supposedly prestigious institutions like Harvard University, the University of Chicago, and Farrar, Straus, and Giroux."

In the 1980s Lyn went to Turkey and we began to write praise for Tiurkish history. At the time, some of our members found that we were not bringing up the issue of what happened to many Armenians. You do not debate this stuff in the LC, you just have marching orders to fundraise and recruit.

This got me interested in what has changed since I left many, many years ago. This popped up in a search and it leads to other things which I shall post later.



Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2007 - 6:43 pm:


[40] Not only the Armenians in Armenia but also some radical Armenians in diaspora and some other anti-Semitic groups argue that there is an 'anti-Armenian Jewish conspiracy' in the regions of Caucasus and Central Asia. Lyndon LaRouche, the American 'presidential candidate for 2004', who has close ties with the Armenian Americans in Los Angeles, claimed a Turkish-Israeli conspiracy in these regions. According to LaRouche's statement published by the Armenian press the conspiracy is organised by the US and the UK:

"Freeman asks: '… Several Arabian newspapers recently published articles, which confirm that Israel secretly delivers military technology to Azerbaijan… during the visit of the Israeli Premier Ariel Sharon to Ankara, both sides discussed the iss ue of rendering joint assistance to Azerbaijan… Please comment on this situation.'

Lyndon H. LaRouche replies: '…The Israelis are part of that. They show up as parts of this operation (an operation by the US and the UK). It is not an Israeli conspiracy, nor an Israeli-Turkish conspiracy… So, therefore, you have a Turkish-Israeli involvement in Central Asia, which should be looked at as an Israeli conspiracy, or a Turkish-Israeli conspiracy, but as a reflection, through these two entities, of a more general operation, of the type which is the Clash of Civilisations type… obviously, the Israelis and the Turks have conspired. Well they didn't really conspire; they were induced to conspire. They are simply auxiliaries of this Anglo-American, Utopian interest – the thing that I have to fight inside the United States… behind the Turkish operations, behind the Israeli operations there are larger forces.'" (For the details see LaRouche's Campaign site or


Whoa Boy! Is the LC part of a nest of people who wish to blame The Jews for the deaths of Armenians?

A few posts ago someone mentioned Joseph Brewda. He was in security and left the LC, I think the hard way down some stairs. If you recall the Dino letter, there is mention of Brewda being used by Helga for some intra LC intrigue. Brewda had a brother named Lee who I think left decades ago and went very far in his education.

I bring up Brewda's name because in looking for more info about this idea of The Jews being behind Armenian genocide I found every hate group styled web site uses his address to a 1994 Schiller Conference meeting as the basis of this.


Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2007 - 6:45 pm:

Check out this article from , who usually has the cult on between UFOs , holocaust arguers and assorted 9/11 crazies.

Jews, Zionists Behind
Armenian Genocide Holocaust
By Jack Manuelian

This shows up in many web sites . Here is the speech at the Schiller Institute conf in 1994.

Just read all of this and try to figure out how Lyn and his long term delusions and hatreds are used around the globe.

This is your life yutes. Go out and make more money because there may be a lot more IRS bills to pay. You may think that you are "volunteers". Lyn calls you that in public.

Repeat after me:

"Lyn knows this is a cult and I don't"


Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2007 - 7:22 pm:

isn't Muriel Mirak of Armenian origin?

Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2007 - 8:03 pm:

Yes, I believe Muriel is of Armenian ancestry. So also is Phil R.'s ex-wife who quit long ago.


Posted on Friday, October 19, 2007 - 6:42 pm:


Meet the newest face of the enemy that wants to sink us to the benefit of the British Empire: Lynne Cheney!

I kid you not. Would LaRouchepac lie? It says it there in black and white. Check it out for yourself.

White House to Paulson: "Throw the Switch, Igor!"

October 17, 2007 (LPAC)--Treasury Secretary Paulson's backing yesterday of the banking bailout scheme known loosely as the Master Conduit, can only have been the result of political pressure from inside the Bush-Cheney Administration, Lyndon LaRouche said today.

Paulson and the bankers are not so stupid as to not realize that the money-printing scheme puts the world into a hyper-inflationary spiral paralleling Weimar Germany in 1923, LaRouche said. This is political pressure, coming from the British onto the White House. They want to sink the American dollar.
Paulson is now playing the role of the perpetually worried Igor in the Hollywood version of Frankenstein, as the White House orders him to "throw the switch."

It would be a mistake to interpret this as a bankers' plan, LaRouche said. You have to take into account the Bush factor, the stupidity of the Cheney-Bush crowd. The President has gone bonkers. He's out of control, LaRouche emphasized. Paulson serves at the pleasure of the President. He is not so stupid as to believe in such a harebrained scheme himself.

This is not really an American initiative, LaRouche said. It came from Lynne Cheney and family. (emphasis added)

It is not some all-powerful "they," who has the situation under control LaRouche stressed. We've got to look at the political process, not the bankers. They know what hyperinflation is; they've talked about it. They're not that stupid. The Senate--yes they're stupid. The House of Misrepresentatives, with Pelosi and the excessively tight screws in her head, are that stupid. But the leading bankers are not. The origin of this is political.

Totally apart from the Lynne Cheney laughable, this piece is one more amazing example of LHL degenerating. It is semi-litarate at best, with ambiguous, or conflicting referents all over. Note the following:

Paragraph. 1: the Bush-Cheney administration made the bankers do it.

Paragraph. 2: Paulson and the bankers know that this new MLEC plan is hyperinflationary "paralleling Wiemar Germany in 1923", but they're still doing it because they are buckling to the "demand" of the weakest Administration in modern American history. (and LaRouche's knows this is how they view it, how, again? And of course, the reality is that this plan was devised by the big bankers such that, if it works, they will make a lot of money, and if doesn't work, they won't lose--its purpose is to calm markets, not pour lots of money anywhere. But oh, well.)

Paragraph 2: "This is political pressure." (What is? This illiteracy means to say "This cavein results from political pressure," but it doesn't. "Coming from the British onto the White House." "The British?" Your Honor, this is assertion of a fact not yet put in evidence." And the British influence on the White House is...what, exactly? And your evidence of same is, again, what, exactly? Not to mention the odd locution "onto" the WH. Suggests Brits landing on the WH roof!


Posted on Friday, October 19, 2007 - 7:10 pm:


Paragraph 4: Suddenly, it's not the British, it is, well, just garden variety "stupidity" of the "B-C crowd."

Paragraph 5: The douzy. And Lynne Cheney is what nationality, exactly? Not American, I have to conclude. Um, what happened to the British? And if it really comes from Lynne C., then must we fill in the missing links in the argument to assume that LHL is claiming that Lynne is dictating U.S. economic policy to Dick, who is foisting it on Bush, who is then foisting it on Paulson, who is then foisting it on the biggest banks in the country against their better judgment. THIS IS JUST TOO RICH FOR WORDS. As I have cause to frequently note, you just can't make this stuff up.

Paragraph 6: " 'It' is not...'they.' " Grammatically, this is the first sentence. "It is not some all-powerful 'they.' " (WHAT is not an all-powerful "they?" Limiting ourselves, at the beginning, to the already introduced cast (or is it caste?) of characters, the mystery identity of the "it" could be, let's see, the Bush-Cheney Admin, the British, or Lynne Cheney. That seems to delimit the options.

I give up. I keep looking at this paragraph, and I can't figure out how to even disect it? It shifts referents more dizzingly than a kaleidoscope, and just doesn't follow, phrase from preceding phrase (forget sentence from sentence). "We've got to look at the political process." And this follows from the first sentence, how? Did LHL actually lose concentration between these two sentences. They bear each other no relationship. "Look at the political process" for what? A clue to who "it" is? A clue to who "they" of the first sentence is? A clue to who doesn't have things under control? But didn't we already establish that British pressure "onto" the White House was the culprit, followed by the revelation that it was that nasty non-American, Lynne Cheney, who was the origin of the "initiative."

I'm getting dizzy. Let's see if I can stumble to the finish line of this post. So at least one thing is clear: IT'S NOT THE BANKERS. But, the Senate and the House ARE "that stupid." How stupid? And where did these new actors come from? Are they the new authors of the MLEC? Well, they obviously had nothing to do with it, and it's not clear that proposing the MLEC is the indicated crime here. But then, what is the connection? Why do the Senate and House come in for ridicule for being stupid, vis-a-vis the MLEC, which is what this article is, or at least started out being, about.

Not quite finally, what's with poor Nancy P.'s "excessively tight screws in her head." Wow, is that an epithet that wounds to the core! Really knocks her dead!

And finally, note this: who are the good guys here? The biggest bankers in the world, the heads of Citibank, and the other two banks that proposed the MLEC, plus Paulson, a top Goldman Sachs banker! They are smart. They know that the Bush-Lynne Cheney-British insanity of pumping quadrillions into the money markets is hyperinflationary a la 1923 Weimar Germany.

Hmm. If only LaRouche could induce just one of them to say what they believe publicly, the truth would out in no time.

Don't hold your breath on that one, if you want to live.

So, what is he smoking? Bizarro doesn't adequately describe this.


Posted on Friday, October 19, 2007 - 8:38 pm:

The Socratic Dialogue at Work

From today's immortal webcast:

[Flintstone] I'll ask you them, one at a time....

The first one is: "Mr. LaRouche, if you stop all foreclosures, how would you prevent some people from simply ceasing to pay their monthly mortgages? Or even just cutting back some months if their money is tight? If banks can't foreclose, how does one force people to continue to pay their home mortgages at all? The entire population could just skate home-free on their payments."

LaRouche: What a swindle! What a phony question!

Look: The provision is—as I made very clear, and even an idiot in the Congress can understand it—the way you do it is, once a property is in a state of threatened foreclosure, you come into negotiation, and it's a negotiation conducted under law. What's the law? I specified it very clearly. Didn't the idiot listen to what I said? He wants to criticize what I say, before the idiot knows what he's talking about?

I said, we will, instead of paying the scheduled mortgage as scheduled, there will be an agreement, an arrangement, under which the person who is the occupant of the property, will pay something per month, in the form, as if of rent; until such time as a resolution of the debt can be made. The object is to keep the people in their houses. And if you take them out of their houses, and if you take the extent of the evictions which are about to occur if this does not happen, you're going to have the United States going into a sinkhole of Congress!

Anybody who opposes this, should be considered as tantamount to a criminal mind.

Freeman: I figured that was a good warmup.

Takes one to know one.


Posted on Saturday, October 20, 2007 - 11:14 am:

I have got to give LaRoucheTruth credit for attempting to make sense out of the ramblings of Old Lyn. The only exercise he must be getting is his leaps of logic and feats of verbal legerdermain. I think that the metaphor he used regarding the screws in Nancy Pelosi's head was going back to the Frankenstein reference. So Lynne Cheney is Baron Von Frankenstein, Paulson is Igor and Nancy Pelosi is the Bride of Frankenstein.

Love the webcast commentary. Notice how calmly and rationally the curmudgeon handles even the most mild question that might unhinge his theory about how his so-called firewall will prevent mass foreclosures by socializing the credit markets.


Posted on Sunday, October 21, 2007 - 9:52 am:

The qotes from the webcast posted by Sancho show why Lyn has a deep and unconditional love for dictators around the globe for decades. How dare anyone question Genralissimo Larouche using reality in a public forum. If the person was there in public, he or she would be made and example of and the troops in the LC would become very quiet.

I saw that done to Richard Freeman in Crystal City in the 80s and to this day he knows his place and favorite soothing booze for his household.

In the LC the dynamics of how a cult operates requires Lyn to be like this. In the National Office you had seperate sectors and regional offices with the field hands. No matter what you knew, Lyn was considered the one with the overview who knew everything. This Wizard of OZ formula works as long as you can intimidate anyone from challeneging what you say or write. If any one dare challenge Lyn in a meeting, the response of Lyn is a personal attack on why you are wrong and "blocking". When Lyn has a good history of you via the Beyond Psych classes you had with him and others, you will figure out who is the boss in this tiny , crazed world you are in. In due time, a member will now have selective amnesia and ignore any evidence to the contrary of Lyn's position.

Basically, the job you have is prove Lyn's latest delusion, no matter how absurd it is if you want to keep your desk job instead of being thrown to a card table shrine. The LC has a system of doing that using what we call "connecto" to link anything to anything. This is what made that famous LPAC headline for the yutes how the LIBOR rate proves that the British control the housing sub prime business.

Over the years, dozens and dozens of members who were running and doing the research all left the LC because they found the limit of what they were willing to tolerate out of Lyn's delusions. You see, if Lyn attacks someone else or another sector, you can live with that because it is not your specialty. Lyn and the LC have you convinced that he knows more and has the "insider" info. This is nothing but another cheap parlor trick Lyn has you can read over and over how he has some mysterious knowledge from the Gods of Olympus to trump you.

In the real estate section of the web cast it really is funny to read because Lyn and the LC were the original sub prime borrowers who lost everything. Yutes, go on and ask Lonnie how we ran up a legal bill and paid it off by signing over the 68 acre SweetWater farm to our lawyer. Go on and ask him about how he had to rush soemthing like an 18,000 dollar payment to keep from being foreclosed on earlier. Pretty soon you will see the newspaper clippings about this Larouche Keystone Cop escapade by Lonnie.

Lyn used to have a ball making fun of Lonnie trying to fix the AC in his houses.

For you yutes, can you ask Lyn or even your local NC how you plan to deal with absentee investors who have mortgages on properties? If you were in the real world instead of the playworld of the LYM you would know that the housing market is cyclical and there is something called overcapacity. There is another whole class of investor which will buy up many of these properties to add to their portfolio.


Posted on Sunday, October 21, 2007 - 9:54 am:

Yutes, let me clue you in on a secret to use. When you leave the LYM, save up a few bucks like I did. Wait till you see some great buys on a condo, townhouse or home in an area with excellent schools. Make a real low ball offer to a distressed home seller or developer and see what happens. When you live in an overpriced area, something called "market correction" will work and the fire sale of a hurried seller will be to your advantage.

How do you think the people who own ALL OF THE CULT/LAROUCHE'S LEESBURG PROPERTIES own it today?????

Learn from Lonnie how to lose properties and find a local loser like that to buy your first house from.

While you are at it. Ask around in Leesburg among the deadenders who own houses about their total debts. You may be surprised to see how many Leesburg deadenders took out equity lines of credit to not build an addition, but to feed themselves as the stipends were cut to nothing. They also paid off their credit card bills to support the LC.


Posted on Monday, October 22, 2007 - 6:17 pm:

One of the many benefits of the internet is that a site like this is found and read by many people who wish to find out about the cult and confirm their gut instincts. This site is also found by many former members, who sometimes email me with fascinating tidbits stories of what they witnessed. I respect everyone's privacy and some people do not wish to post, but send me something they would like to see on

The personal side of this is very important because basically, the whole LC has left a few times and what is left are the deadenders and the yutes.

Today's email is from a former member who was quite a fundraiser in both the field and the office phones. What I found fascinating in his/her emails is how often the success of the LC was based on us NOT using Larouche's own lunacy, but our version of events which had the lunacy filtered out by us in presentation. Also swirling in everyone's head was this idea that one knows this is nuts, but maybe it gets better. In the meantime, you are caught up in endless mobilizations which go nowhere, money being shuffled to scam artists who fill Lyn's head with more delusions which ultimately come back to you to raise more money for.

Here is a message from a former high income field and phone team member who thankfully left after a few years. He/she worked with many of the THREE DECADE card table shriners we have posted in the past.


"Abandon all ye hope who enters here."

Never mind who wrote that originally as soon you'll find out it was Lyndon Larouche anyway. Now, I'm not of a present mind to say to the "Yutes" of today to abandon Larouche idolalltry. I'm more of a pragmatist mind not being a "golden soul" or whatever the buzzword of today is the cardinal call for cultlike ••• kissing and adhoration of the "Whore of Babblingon and on and on and even more babbling on"….But, I digress as is my want being of a non-linear nature…Perhaps the re-reading of copious Larouche documents over the past week has made me thus, maybe triggering some sort of LSD style flashbacks…I don't know for sure. But, I've always been "non-linear". Guess that's in and of itself a good thing right? Dunno. I'm just a dumb F, proletarian sort of human being after all who wanted to do some good once upon a time many moons ago in of all things the Larouche cult.

Now, I was a member back in the mid—seventies to early eighties in the Detroit region. I was a commy, labor organizing red and a yuppy wanna be as well, an anti-war protester extradanaire for my times who did have some impact, albeit minor in ending that insanity like thousands like me. I actually organized a union of folks, working class folks, misguided as we were in helping to educate folks who happened to be what we, in our impolitic way called "mentally retarded". Actually, to this day I hate that classification for those good folks taught me more then and now more about the true nature of goodly humanity than a million of Larouche's boastful, and thoroughly egotistical, vampiristic, paranoid, rambling, disconnected, innane, ludicrous, perveted, comical, ego swooning, pahetilogical…Hmmm…That's the word, the "God derived word"…Pathological that is here to define my trip down memory lane here so non-F ing-linear as it is….


Posted on Monday, October 22, 2007 - 6:18 pm:

Now where was I? Oh yes, not being insane I abandoned my work in the real world helping those unfortunate souls who were mentally retarded in Flint Michigan and I abandoned my work to fight, in the real world for workers rights to a decent standard of living doing so…(I was a para-professional after all, and organized teacher aides…)…But I digress again being again of that sort of non-linear ilk…Or ink if you care to print this out….

No I abanonded these pursuits convinced as I was at the time that there was a greater good to be had in a global revolution personified by one Lyndon "Better than God and Rocky the Squirrel" Larouche. Actually I didn't know him all that well but his street merchants somehow over time convinced me to abon the modest good I was doing, over time to serve a "greater good" or "God" if you will. While I stayed with my "para-profession" for some time I eventually did serve that "God" full time as a street urchin. Well, anyways this ain't about me this is about saving humanity and serving a higher power and I do freaking digress in this "way back machine"….

I'm F ing "non-linear" after all ain't I? Well, of course I am.

So, kiddies I'm not about to try to convince you to abandon your pursuits here for goodly cause or even idol worship. In fact, the purpose of this rant, such as it is is to advise you how to be a great "street urchin", or "card table" alter boy (or girl), or how to be an effective phone solicitor or whatever the F you call it nowadays.

You see I was good at what I did. Evntually I was so good that I had a four hundred dollar per day quota on the phones in the Motor City and I always exceeded that quota. I even did that without committing credit card fraud. How did I do that you might be asking yourself? Well, the first thing I learned after "Hilex" or one of the other "way back" reveries was to not make any predictions. That should be for internal consumption only. No internalize this utter BS kiddies but for "God's sake i.e. LHL'sake don't externalize it in the field for S sake! My God they'll think yu're mad after all.

No, give them suckers the noble lie or whatever neo-Platonic device you can pul out of your sleeve. Size the suckers up. If they are "right wing" then give them an anti-dope, anti-gay, anti-whatever rant. And if they are "left wing" or just disenfranchised give them some sort of other rant. It doesn't matter. Just give them a rant. The bottom line must be served. You folks are in good shape as I guess the successors of New Solidarity aren't out there. I had to personally in New Hampshire dump them all from my deployments if I was to be effective. You see some folks might have actually read that bull S and that wouldn't do would it?

No, we had to organize effectively on a sort of higher plane selling things like bumper stickers that said, "More nukes less kooks". Great F ing polemic that was eh? Evil genius of the noble lie after all right?

Meanwhile back at several ranches including a house or shrine in Birmingham Michigan lived the fabulous life of one Lyndon Larouch. Of course, I was shunned for being a "pragmatist" while I got a case of walking pneunomia in the early snow storm in New Hampshire a little more than 27 years ago. Still I and countless others were effective, but not in saving the world. We were effective in one thing and one thing only. We were effective in fueling the vanity and coffers at the alters of Mammon for one Lyndon Larouche.


Posted on Monday, October 22, 2007 - 6:20 pm:

Say why not do something really meaningful with your lives and set up some sort of modern day "Bonfires of the Vanities"?

Ladies and gentlemen of the good night go back to your tents and quietly contemplate or do something trully meaningful with your lives here. Just some suggestions for time well better spent of the top of my head…

-Fall in love or even in lust for that matter. If you ar straight find a partner in life who is likewise. If you are gay than do so as well.

-Raise babies or don't do so as is your want.

-Learn to teach or more importantly learn how to be a student, including being a student of life.

-Become a scientist, a teacher, a lawyer, a social worker, or whatever including being such mundane things as being an actual farmer, laborer, or whatever….But try to do it well and try not to confuse yourself and your identity with a profession or a job no matter what it is.

Maybe you can do some humble work of meaning (not to the other but trully for yourself btw). Maybe you can become a parent and change some diapers. Maybe you can discover that there is a lot of learning, true learning and true dignity in caring, really caring for some elderly parents, even changing their diapers or bathing them….Maybe you will learn something in the actual forming of raw shape into some useful form in woodworking or in growing a garden…

Maybe you'll learn to be a good crook on Wall Street….I don't know what you'll become…I'm not God after all….

I do know that you'll waste a whole F of a lot of time engaged in that Larouche thing. But don't mind the six years I personally wasted. If you're gonna do it do it well ok? Junk the BS and narrow it down to a message that the "suckers" can understand ok? Get the "noble lie" thing down pat for your own sake. If you don't then you won't even be an effective street urchin…

"Abandon all ye hope who enters here."


Posted on Monday, October 22, 2007 - 6:36 pm:

Boy, this really is a negative feedback loop which never ends as long as there is a new crop of yutes for Lyn and the deadenders to use the bag of tricks on all over again.

Now I can just hear the yutes saying to themselves "Hold on there xlcr4life, we are unique! Why Lyn loves us much more than he loved you boomers. We are doing something to save humanity , how dare you say this is dejavu."

For those who come across the LYM or some tired, beat up old deadender you are better off laughing at this folly of humanity than taking it seriously. Here is THE lead in yesterday's briefing.

| |
| |
| |
| Sunday, October 21, 2007 |
| |
| |


Lyn held a several hour discussion with the NC/NEC on Saturday afternoon, in which he kicked off a process of discussion for improving the functioning of the organization, which cannot be
adequately summarized here. Here are a few of the highlights of the areas discussed:


We are on the edge of something worse than fascism taking over the United States--the edge of the doom of civilization itself. If these Greenie idiots, typified by Gore, do what they plan, the world's population could go from 6.5 billion, to less than 1 b illion people. We are
already in a {breakdown} crisis, and if we don't get the United States to make a change in direction {right now}, we will have no chance to survive. That's the test of responsibility today.


You see yutes, it never ends. You will be chasing the same delusions for years and years. What Lyn gave you on Sunday is the same cheap parlor trick he has given for DECADES and DECADES. All this means is that YOU need to raise MORE money which will NEVER be enough. What you and the rest of the world just read is basically the whole parlor game trick played over and over for DECADES.


Posted on Monday, October 22, 2007 - 6:40 pm:

You will also begin to suffer from the commulative effect of Lyn's delusions as they will alter your mental grasp on things. Let me give you an example. I do not fully agree with Al Gore on every aspect of Global Warming. Many scientists and lay people also have a healthy bit of skepticism and are debating, cross checking facts and creating new technologies to deal with changes in the use of fossil fuels.

The problem is that no matter what factual work is presented by the cult, it always will end with some lunacy about Al Gore and the world population going from 6.5 billion to 1 billion in a New Dark ages. In a cult, Lyn can not just let you yutes talk about the pro and con of global warming. If he did, that would make you think independently and you wpoudl have no use for him.

However, once he introduces the New Dark Ages and you accept that premicse, then you have been cultified so to speak. Lyn now has you debating HIM and HIS DELUSIONS instead of the actual reality of differing opnions. It does not matter that everyone who runs into a card table shrine on a campus these days laughs at this lunacy, that is not the object. Remember, this is all designed to NOT do anything productive. You are wrapped up in Lyn's delusions and now his delusiosn are your delusions. As long as ypou coome up with the income and recruits to replace the ones burnt out, Lyn will be happy.

Ms. Lerner in the DC LYM. Lyn has been doing the SAME briefing, talking about the same build up the same way for 4 DECADES. Why does he need you, who was born when we were scamming credit cards to build an org which was supposed to have been built decades ago using the exact same formula?

Instead of a treadmill, Lyn has you on a street running past cars . Do you really think that you and your squads will ever make enough money? Read today's briefing girl, you are back like a hamster at the beginning of the treadmill for Lyn to watch you hop and jump around for some carrots and water.

The LIM Memo machine is the only machine Lyn has ever been successfully involved in, and it works around the clock like the yutes.

So get out there and breathe in those carcinogens and stock the card table shrines with cheap xerox handouts yutes.


Posted on Monday, October 22, 2007 - 7:20 pm:

Reading xlcr's remarks on the Eternal Return of La Rooch's Apocalypse Now and Sooner than You Think, it occurred to me how he conspires to engender that perception in the youngsters. First, of course, he engineers a financial collapse for all but himself, Der Helga, and a few others closest to the feedbag; so of course you are always sensing an impending Dark Age because you're already living the Malthusian dream. Second, La Rumpe has you studying a great deal of antiquated subjects and fills your head with all manner of fusty Night Gallery stuff from the attic of his addled head; thus, when you look at the contemporary world, you see it as strange and degenerate because it doesn't cohere with all of this alleged renaissizing to which you're repeatedly subjected. Whatever the quality may be at times, more knowledge has been generated, more things discovered to be true in the world, more things invented and newer perspectives gained on the universe in the forty-plus years since La La's set up of the West Village Independent Action Committee than in the entire prior history of the human race. And you're sitting there scorning it all (except nuclear power plants, which only a scant few of the "boomers" understand, and none of you, because you have never heard of the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom) while twiddlng with your (kite-) string theories and mauling slave songs. It would be no wonder at all that you see the New Dark Age rapidly approaching, as you already have one foot in it, and the other on the proverbial banana peel.


Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 - 10:57 am:

In the middle ages, the educated folk believed that only Latin learning was worthy and that the vernacular of each people was only for the plebes. That way, you can have an elite that possesses the knowledge of antiquities, who rather than than translating it to make it available to the masses once printing is invented, use it to be the ones with sole access to the "secrets of the inner elite." Isn't that similar to Lyn, although with far less actual scholarship. I remember reading Leibniz and others in the pantheon, and being completely unable to discern how Lyn postulated certain things he ascribes to the authors as coming from the authors themselves. Has anyone seen, for instance, anything on Poe's secret history of work for West Point and General Fremont? I do recall reading he left or was kicked out of West Point (to do secret spy stuff according to the LC) but that was about all I ever saw of his spy role.


Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 - 5:53 pm:

There are some technical difficulties with posting today. Our former Detroit member who was the big deal in both the field and the boiler room has relayed another message for the yutes.


"Yutes! Here's some reading to add to your list. It's a relevant section from George Orwell's "Animal Farm". You can get it online as I know none of you have a pot to p*ss in. Anyway Lucky Lyndy is now and always has been an unrepentant Stalinist at heart. And taking yutes away from their parents and school is a hallmark for forming a brainwashed cadre to do his every bidding. Think about this carefully for you are simply being groomed to dog any dissent from boomers and, of course to replace them. Some of you have already seen some purges. Oh, yes and is there even a "thank you" to those who sacrificed it all to keep Larouche set up so well? Of course not! Sociopaths never say, "Thank you."

Anyway happy reading. I suppose once a few do read this book LHL will have some sort of linkage of Orwell to some sort of synerchist conspiracy. No, actually I'm certain of that. How's that for a prediction eh?"


At last the day came when Snowball's plans were completed. At the Meeting on the following Sunday the question of whether or not to begin work on the windmill was to be put to the vote. When the animals had assembled in the big barn, Snowball stood up and, though occasionally interrupted by bleating from the sheep, set forth his reasons for advocating the building of the windmill. Then Napoleon stood up to reply. He said very quietly that the windmill was nonsense and that he advised nobody to vote for it, and promptly sat down again; he had spoken for barely thirty seconds, and seemed almost indifferent as to the effect he produced.

At this Snowball sprang to his feet, and shouting down the sheep, who had begun bleating again, broke into a passionate appeal in favour of the windmill. Until now the animals had been about equally divided in their sympathies, but in a moment Snowball's eloquence had carried them away.

In glowing sentences he painted a picture of Animal Farm as it might be when sordid labour was lifted from the animals' backs. His imagination had now run far beyond chaff-cutters and turnip-slicers. Electricity, he said, could operate threshing machines, ploughs, harrows, rollers, and reapers and binders,besides supplying every stall with its own electric light, hot and cold water, and an electric heater. By the time he had finished speaking, there was no doubt as to which way the vote would go. But just at this moment Napoleon stood up and, casting a peculiar sidelong look at Snowball, uttered a high-pitchedwhimper of a kind no one had ever heard him utter before.


Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 - 6:06 pm:

At this there was a terrible baying sound outside, and nine enormous dogs wearing brass-studded collars came bounding into the barn. They dashed straight for Snowball, who only sprang from his place just in time to escape their snapping jaws. In a moment he was out of the door and they were after him. Too amazed and frightened to speak, all the animals crowded through the door to watch the chase. Snowball was racing across the long pasture that led to the road. He was running as only a pig can run, but the dogs were close on his heels. Suddenly he slipped and it seemed certain that they had him. Then he was up again, running faster than ever, then the dogs were gaining on him again. One of them all but closed his jaws on Snowball's tail, but Snowball whisked it free just in time. Then he put on an extra spurt and, with a few inches to spare, slipped through a hole in the hedge and was seen no more.

Silent and terrified, the animals crept back into the barn. In a moment the dogs came bounding back. At first no one had been able to imagine where these creatures came from, but the problem was soon solved: they were the puppies whom Napoleon had taken away from their mothers and reared privately. Though not yet full-grown, they were huge dogs, and as fierce-looking as wolves. They kept close to Napoleon. It was noticed that they wagged their tails to him in the same way as the other dogs had been used to do to Mr. Jones.

Napoleon, with the dogs following him, now mounted on to the raised portion of the floor where Major had previously stood to deliver his speech. He announced that from now on the Sunday-morning Meetings would come to an end. They were unnecessary, he said, and wasted time. In future all questions relating to the working of the farm would be settled by a special committee of pigs, presided over by himself. These would meet in private and afterwards communicate their decisions to the others. The animals would still assemble on Sunday mornings to salute the flag, sing 'Beasts of England', and receive their orders for the week; but there would be no more debates.


This has me thinking about that silly plaque Lyn ordered for Ibykus Farms which was installed upside down. Maybe, if the plaque read "Animal Farm" instead of "Ibykus Farm" , the plaque would have been installed correctly that day for Lyn. Or maybe that is how Karma works .

Now who is a better "Squealer, Barbara B. or Debra F. ?

Hey , we even had a Big Barn on Ibykus for Lyn to prophesize the arrival of the "neurologically impaired" LYM to complete his Animal Farm collection.

Back to the card table shrines and carcinogen inhalation tread mills yutes. Napoleon awaits your riches.


Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 - 7:23 pm:

There is no better depiction in literature of the inside of the La Bouche operation than Animal Farm. For years now I have told people that if they want to know the felt quality of day-to-day life in the organization, you need go farther than that book. A similar thrill of recognition was afforded by Koestler's Darkness at Noon. Try that one out some time.

Well, I guess we should have guessed that this was in the making:

That's all the relatively good man and absolutely terrible writer Cooper needs is to have these know-nothings waving his banner around. Look at what they did to Schiller's rep: the Poet of Freedom being lauded by the crypto-Stalinist cult of La La Minimus (or Infinitesimalissimus.)


Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 - 10:32 pm:

Scaring What's Left of the NC

And then we had, of course, the operation in the United States, which was run largely run (sic) through various agencies, but most notably the private agency was Mellon Scaife, who was funding the operation against us from 1983, oh about I would say about March 1983 on, and in conjunction with John Train: Who is actually an Anglo-American agent, more than just an American agent, who runs a private company who specializes in this. And the most recent thing, with people like Molly, for example, was being controlled by those circuits, and had been controlled by them for some time. Although her husband, Ken, who had committed suicide recently, was quite loyal to the organization, she was an enemy, actually. So, there wasn't much loss.

But nonetheless, this mess had to be cleaned up....

Ah--as always, le mot juste! The elegance of phrase! The penetrating insight. The generosity of spirit--the love of fallen comrades.

It must be--it has to be--by Jove, it is: the words of Lyndon LaRouche!

Straight from the Monday morning briefing lead, in which LaRouche hilariously describes to someone or other in some tiresome dialogue how the special weekend meeting will make the National Committee function. Isn't it a bit late for that? (No mention of NEC functioning. Understandably.)

Stop the Presses! ICLC Leadership Taken Over by Aliens--Again!

In the same briefing lead (which, as mentioned, is actually a transcript of some L-riff or other), first LaRouche reviews how all the European leadership fell into the clutches of The Enemy, and therefore their dropping out a year ago was no loss. (There are persistent rumors that Helga's still in touch with them, but, oddly, Lyn doesn't go into that.)

Then he analyzes the situation in the U.S., pinpointing the combination of Richard Mellon Scaife, John Train, and Molly Kronberg that has been doing Something Bad for the past 24 years.

As for Ken Kronberg and his suicide? Well, he was "quite loyal"--Curb Your Enthusiasm, Lyn--even though his suicide didn't represent "much loss" (unless that's Molly he's speaking about. We all know how much Lyn valued Ken--immortalized in LaRouche's own words and frequent memos.) And it was a "mess" that had to be cleaned up (or, perhaps, "another fine mess." Oh, well said! Particularly in view of how Ken died. After 36 years of "quite loyal" service, that's all Kronberg gets? Wow! Aren't you glad you aren't on the NC? At least, not any more?)

Publicly, bad things are being said about Molly. Privately, of course, LaRouche's intimates (if that's the right word--ugh) are saying bad things about Ken, too.

Social Notes from All Over

Thanks to Labor Committee plug-pulling activities, the ranks of the relatively new social stratum of Members Without Alpha Privileges have swelled. But remember, guys, no matter how many you smoke out, there's always another Enemy Within.

Coming Soon

Some more interesting writings by Nancy Spannaus, and a curious chronology.

It's Later Than You Think

Keep an eye on the press, folks. Something's rumbling.


Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2007 - 1:30 am:

Keep an eye on the press, folks. Something's rumbling.

Something more than the Washington Monthly article?


Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2007 - 7:27 am:

In addition to the Washington Monthly article, there's that little-known publication Old Nemesis.... Or maybe, in deference to LaRouche's having once learned a Greek word, we should call it Erinyes.


Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2007 - 3:45 pm:


Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2007 - 5:59 pm:

There are some obvious inaccuracies in Avi Klein's article (Kronberg's funeral was in Leesburg, not Warrenton; Molly's maiden name is Hammett, not Hackett)--but on balance, this is a terrific piece of journalism.

Now ole Lyndon has an opportunity to see what his obituary will look like, because this is it.


Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2007 - 6:18 pm:

Despite a number of solecisms, this is a very useful piece, if only for the agita it will cause the few remaining Lorochites. The most insightful remark by Klein is to characterize PMR - and by extension the organization as a whole - as nothing but a vanity press for La La.

The whole thing for decades has all only been about a lonely crank with pretensions of varying sorts trying to get human beings to acknowledge his existence and importance. What a huge waste of time and energy.

By the way, check out the monumental expression of envy which constitutes his epic whine in the 11/2 EIR. I mean, here's a guy who turned his back on the world after 1971 and then expects that same world to be giving him prizes decades later for work he has never had published in refereed journals but only had issued through his own vanity press like any number of circle-squarers in the good old American crank tradition. Such a creep, this guy. More anon.

P.S. But go to the very end, footnote 23, and tell me Lum is not an unregenerate Stalinist after all.


Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2007 - 7:13 pm:

There's a rather painful (I mean for LaRouche, Debbie Freeman, Jeff Steinberg, and the gang) feature of the layout surrounding Avi Klein's article in its online version--namely, the over-the-top promo that James Carville gives to the Washington Monthly.

Notice that Carville says: "If you only get one subscription this year, buy The Washington Monthly. If you get another, buy two."

Gadzooks! Isn't Carville supposed to be a Secret Source? Doesn't he talk to Debbie Freeman morning, noon, and night? Isn't he the Clinton Insider who loves LaRouche, loves the Labor Committee, and keeps LYN, LYM, and LIM all Connected?

Well, sh-t. Now the Ultimate Insider is praising this dreadful magazine that has just printed this John Train-, Mellon Scaife-, Lynne Cheney-, George Shultz-, Nancy Pelosi-, Molly Kronberg-dictated SLANDER about LYN.

How'd that happen?

And think about the other side--if James Carville is so doggoned crazy about The Washington Monthly, what will he and all the Clintonistas make of this Avi Klein article?

Gee, guys, it would be much neater if LaRouche had been attacked in a rightwing journal. So awkward to have him attacked by the Insiders who are, Debbie and Jeff assure us, his Secret Friends.

Besides, how did Molly Kronberg, Lynne Cheney, and Richard Mellon Scaife get the Democrats to do this? Must be the long arm of Felix Rohatyn.

And of course, there's always the Mossad. Time to drop them another line, no? As LaRouche did so memorably earlier this summer, complaining about ... Avi Klein.

Doesn't sound as if they listened, does it, Lyn?


Posted From:
Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2007 - 8:31 pm:

The article is best read as an obituary of a crazed man who spent hundreds of millions of other people's money to become a joke for the world to laugh at.

The only success the LC had was when it DID NOT mention Lyn and hid him like a crazy grandfather in the basement.

Flash to today, and Lyn is THE crazy grandfather , hidden in the basement who only has drop outs, losers, hangers on and what ever Leesburg trash is left uncollected listening to his stories go in circles, endlessly.

Keep working harder yutes, I am buying Kinko's stock for my kids college fund.

Now about those FEC and IRS criminal questions???


Posted on Friday, October 26, 2007 - 12:44 am:

"There are some obvious inaccuracies in Avi Klein's article..."

"Despite a number of solecisms..."

I could add at least one damning critique of the article from the standpoint of an ex-insider who knows, but I will just say that this was a rather noteworthy attack. It obviously took some real effort.

I can't help to think that ex-members here could not feel at least a small pang of guilt when they read the article, particularly as it reads, "It is not [the members'] fault," he said, "if some things for which they have worked so hard, and sacrificed so much, did not produce the results they had the right to achieve."


New member
Posted on Friday, October 26, 2007 - 1:48 am:

That's a quote from LaRouche, of course--from his internal memo on Molly Kronberg, epxlaining that the reason everything went wrong that Molly was giving $$ to the Bush campaign.

Here's the whole thing:

FROM:LAR " Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. "
August 18, 2007 (7:34am) EDT

I had thought it had been agreed, that the documentation of Molly Kronberg's public filings of financial contributions to the Bush-Cheney campaign and the Republican National Committee would have appeared prominently in the Saturday AM Ops Bulletin.

Wha' happened, huh?

Members who have been suffering distress for reason of a lack of this sort of information bearing on the actual circumstances of Ken's suicide, deserve the reassurance which those facts supply. Once any among our associates have possession of those facts, the other available, crucially relevant facts tumble properly into their rightful places. Withholding circulation of well-documentation of firmly established, relevant facts, is itself a form of fraud when a
crucial issue is involved.

I, personally, am well aware of certain crucial other facts, bearing on the same matter, which, taken together would tend to console those who have worked so hard, against such frustration, for the really important issues of life, that they deserve access to knowledge of who is involved in cheating them of the facts which
assure them that it is not their fault if some things for which they have worked so hard, and sacrificed so much, did not produce the results they had the right to achieve.

It is now past time to clean up that part of the mess. Our honest members have no reason to feel any sort of guilt over the suicide. They have the right to know the facts, especially the public facts, wich assure them of that. They also have a related right, to know the name of the enemy who is guilty in contributing to that misfortune. Sometimes, just knowing supplies the needed balm of a sense of relief.


Now, Brewncue--I can't quite parse your sentence (quaint way of expressing yourself, "I can't help ... to think"--not quite English as a native)--what's your point?


Posted on Friday, October 26, 2007 - 6:26 am:

Don't misunderstand me: although Klein's article provides good background and a good timeline for understanding the Ken Kronberg suicide, he did not go far enough in exposing the HORROR of the LaRouche cult. He did however imply its absolute impotence and ultimate futility in the end, which is perhaps an understated and therefore more powerful way in which to express that horror.


Posted on Friday, October 26, 2007 - 2:07 pm:

Where was the Editorial Dept on this one???

Blackwater Nazis Aim Homeward: Kristallnacht in Virginia?
This article appears in the October 26, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.
by Anton Chaitkin

Greg Ahlemann is running for sheriff of Loudoun County, Va., by trying to incite mob anger against illegal immigrants. The Washington Post's Oct. 12 profile of the Republican nominee focussed on the weird tattoo on his arm: the logo of crusaders for an Armageddon religious war, showing a colonial American flag and an Israeli flag, joined by a cross. Ahlemann hurriedly convened a press conference on Oct. 15 to warn of illegal Hispanic immigrants as a crime threat—and to show off his tattoo. Ahlemann aimed his vitriol at the incumbent sheriff, Steve Simpson, for his refusal to join the anti-immigrant hysteria.?

Half a world away, mercenaries gone murderous-wild in Iraqi streets provoked the government there to demand that the firm Blackwater USA be expelled from Iraq. The Blackwater scandal ripped through Congress, as Washington was haunted by the specter of global warfare to be run by fascist private agencies.

This is the agenda of British System über-financiers Felix Rohatyn and George Shultz, as implemented by Dick Cheney's and Donald Rumsfeld's "Revolution in Military Affairs."

The Rohatyn Center for International Affairs (Middlebury College, Vt.) ran an October 2004 conference on "Privatization of National Security," where, in partnership with Bush Administration architect, George P. Shultz, Rohatyn advocated a future world of private wars modeled explicitly on the feudal dark ages and the conquests of the British East India Company....


Posted on Friday, October 26, 2007 - 2:16 pm:

"The Death of Kenneth Kronberg", the website of the Political Research Associates, has an article by Chip Berlet on LaRouche based on an interview with Ken Kronberg's widow, Molly. See below.

The Death of Kenneth Kronberg

by Chip Berlet

A 30-year member of the LaRouche organization, Ken Kronberg ran a typesetting and printing company that produced most LaRouchite literature, often at reduced rates or for free. When Kronberg told the LaRouche leadership he needed them to pay their bills to keep the company afloat, he was denounced in an internal memo ciruclated within the group. The memo suggested that older LaRouche members who couldn't adapt might as well just kill themsleves. Ken Kronberg committed suicide a few hours later....


Intermediate Member
Posted on Friday, October 26, 2007 - 6:18 pm:

Molly Kronberg's reflections on the antisemitism of LaRouche and his cult are the most insightful I have yet seen.

Experts on the history of antisemitism (not to mention LaRouche watchers) should perhaps begin to consider the LaRouche brand of antisemitism to be something sui generis. Elements for consideration might include:

  • his upbringing amidst sectarian right-wing Quakerism (according to cellmate Jim Baker, LaRouche was well versed in the Bible and a former member of security once told me that a LaRouche sister was a raving, old-school antisemite)
  • the fact that two of his three wives were Jewish plus deep involvement with the radical left for many years (so he wouldn't appear to be of the racial purity sort)
  • on the other hand both of these wives gave him the boot, so ...
  • Marx's own self-hating use of the epithet "dirty Judaical" in the Theses on Feuerbach and elsewhere as M. Kronberg points out was certainly a big part of the Labor Committe phase of his antisemitism
  • the pandering to the whacked-out right in the late seventies and early eighties seems to have necessitated for him use of the code language well explicated by Dennis King

Perhaps there's much more to be suggested by those more knowledgable about the history of antisemitism in general and more familiar with LHL than I. I seem to recall that Molly was an authority herself on Hitlerism, so perhaps that is why she picked up on LaRouche's hatred of Jews faster than most. In any event, her reflections are very touching - and harrowing.

Nick Benton had a point a few months ago in stating that LaRouche watchers who painted the whole cult as rabidly antisemitic made (and makes) it difficult for ex-members to talk about their experience at the expense of being pegged as mere Nazis. The most I recall having done is to have retailed the ashtray joke on several occasions, told more in the spirit of the off-color ethnic joke than anything else. As I have written above, I did in fact encounter a cell of hard-boiled antisemites within the organization back in the day. And now, largely thanks to Dennis King, I can see clearly that LaRouche was and is an antisemite. HOWEVER, apart from those yokels I observed, antisemitic behavior as conventionally understood was not at all a part of my experience in the Labor Committees. So again a more refined understanding of LaRouche's well-documented hatred of Jews, especially given the fact that at least a large minority of his membership was Jewish, is required which will also provide space for ex-members to come out of the closet as it were and talk openly of their experience, good and bad.


Posted on Friday, October 26, 2007 - 7:10 pm:

Another note to LaRouche watchers: motives for joining and continuing to participate. I can only speak for myself, but perhaps some of this will resonate with others. There are motives both unconscious and conscious: the unconscious motives played into the LC as cult and the conscious motives were animated by a selective reading of the LC basic platform.

On the emotive level, I was grossly immature, terribly insecure, entirely alienated from conventional society, and not in my right mind at the time I began to read LC literature. Therefore I suppose the options at that point in my life were a cult, the mental hospital, or suicide by some means or other. Cult it was.

On a more rational level I was highly intelligent and well read. Prior to joining the organization or having any familiarity with their platform I had already committed myself to the ideals of (1) socialism and social justice, (2) classical music (if not classical culture as a whole), and (3) the Idea of Progress in science and industry. So of course when I first read their literature it was as if this was a group tailor-made to advance my own commitments. I was young, too, so the bohemian lifestyle and intellectualism of the group appealed to me. Marx, Beethoven, Gauss, and Riemann were already in my pantheon, to which I now added Cantor, Plato - and LaRouche. The fly in the ointment was the pathological conspiracism which I choose to set aside, since nothing is perfect, I thought.

Now, after continuous reflection on LaRouche's opera over the past four years and after some considerable prior time out of the organization (during which time I continued to regard LaRouche as some sort of genius) I now know him to be an unadulterated FRAUD of the first order on all fronts. Of course in all these years I have learned a great deal more than LaRouche or his present followers and have made a number of my own genuine discoveries in various fields. I have also successfully addressed the psychological problems which once made me susceptible to such a con man. Nonetheless I remain committed to the ideals of my youth, but know now only too well that reality is much too messy to allow for easily absolutist solutions and one-stop shopping at anyone's intellectual or political house of cards. My method in all matters is now "guess and test," by which standard LaRouche is found out as just another lonely, doddering schoolyard bully and crank.

To the youths I would say reflect on (1) how you are treated in the LYM (that is why I eventually left, not because of any political or intellectual disagreement with LaRouche), (2) whether you think it at all plausible that one human being has all answers to all questions, an individual who has NEVER ONCE in his life admitted to be wrong about ANYTHING, and (3) whether you think that one person is right about everything while everyone else in the entire world is wrong about the same things (except of course for those who agree with him.) Those reflections would do as a start towards maturity.

For the "boomers," some of whom I once knew and are still some of the best people I have ever known in my life: why do you allow yourself to be vilified after years of your dedication? For you I feel the most sorrow, even though you may regard me as some sort of agent (although I know that in your heart you do not.)

I am now a happy, productive member of society with many friends and areas of interest. I wish the same for you too.


Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 12:30 am:

It just keeps on getting better and better. This item, the lead on LaRouchepac tonight, just couldn't be invented, or parodied. Where does he come up with such original, ever-more-cockamamie nonsense? This one requires no commentary. It's insanity speaks for itself.

LaRouche: "The Problem Here, is Pelosi is a Kennedy Asset"

October 26, 2007 (LPAC)--Lyndon LaRouche, who yesterday said, "the time has come that we must get Nancy Pelosi to leave," went more deeply today into what the Pelosi problem actually represents. "First of all," he said, "the problem here, is that Pelosi is a Kennedy asset. The Pelosi family is a Kennedy asset. This is well-known from the Maryland campaigns of her family, and her role in that. And she also, of course, is, among other things, an asset of the Shultz-Felix Rohatyn crowd. But,-- the key thing is the Kennedy angle.
"Remember," LaRouche continued, "Joe Kennedy didn't have any fascist sons. So, now he's got one! It's called Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger should be treated, by us, as a Mussolini, as I indicated. As a bad joke. You have to treat him seriously because he is a pestilence. But don't treat him seriously intellectually. He has no real intellectual capabilities worth mentioning. But, he is a Kennedy asset. Of Maria and Eunice Shriver. But the Kennedy family has put their name behind him.
"Pelosi is acting as a quasi-Republican spy, an agent, but she's actually acting as a Kennedy agent," LaRouche said. "And that's what has to be emphasized. The Kennedy family has to clean up its act. That's what has to be our understanding of this problem. That is the problem we're dealing with.
"Everyone in the Congress, everyone in the campaigns, knows this," LaRouche continued. "The campaign is to get a Republican such as Giuliani into the Presidency. And how to do that,-- that can be done only by keeping Pelosi in the position she's occupying now! She actually should be retired. And any Democratic Presidential campaign, should say, 'retire Pelosi now, before she does more damage!' But, that's the game. And the game is, the Kennedys have agreed, or at least the majority,-- some of the members have not agreed to that,-- but the majority have implicitly agreed to having a fascist regime in the United States, in the next election. A role which Giuliani would be a suitable agent for, if people actually know what his real background is.
"I think we should say these things right now," LaRouche said, "because that will clear the air. Because people don't think we have a serious fight, don't think there's any problem, think the whole Schwarzenegger thing is just simply a screwball event, just a failure. But it's not! It's a scheme.
"We have to understand what the reality is," he concluded. "We knew there was a change in Ted Kennedy's policies, a shift in his policies. This shift became manifest with the spring 2005 intervention against me, by Felix Rohatyn. This is the genesis of the problem. What the problem is, is a Kennedy problem. That is, the Kennedy family, essentially, has bought into, not just the Schwarzenegger campaign, but the Schwarzenegger campaign is buying into a deal with forces such as Shultz and Felix Rohatyn. And also, on the sidelines, is Soros. Soros is also a fascist, but he's of a little different flavor."


Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 1:04 am:

Let's face it: What LaRouche really doesn't like about Pelosi is that she's a woman.

Apparently he found this out only recently, because in times past he was wildly enthusiastic about her speeches about "infrastructure."

The Pelosi family in Maryland, of course, was in Democratic politics back when old Joe Kennedy was cooling his heels at the Court of St. James, FDR having gotten him out of the U.S. by naming him ambassador to Britain.

And somehow this all adds up to Pelosi, Kennedy, et al. conspiring to get Giuliani elected?

Once again, to put it mildly, LaRouche doesn't know what he's talking about.

He's right--he does have a perfect record.


Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 9:05 am:

Give us all a break, Lyn

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The NEC/LYM meeting with Lyn on Tuesday night began with a report given by [redacted--ed.], which appears in summary form immediately below, of a discussion on Monday among some leading LYM
organizers from around the country, to map out a serious upgrading of the political mobilization behind the HBPA. The report touched on the false dichotomy between ``student organizing and ``political organizing that has frequently come up as a roadblock to real political breakouts. [Translation: organizing isn't going well. For a change.]

Lyn took the issue up on a much higher, axiomatic level. [Of course he did.] The problem is, that the cultural environment in which the youth generation exists is dominated by My Space and computer games, which are both a form of British psyops, consciously aimed at trapping young people in total unreality. There are millions of young people who are literally not in the real world, as the result of their obsessive, compulsive addiction to My Space, video games, and similar things. So, if you get into the mode of ``youth organizing,'' you are walking into a trap. The key to political organizing is to get young people into the real world. [Translation: I fought the Internet, and the Internet won.]

True leadership, Lyn emphasized, is always about going against popular opinion, especially when popular opinion is such a mess as it is now. Leadership is going against the grain, but you have to be right. [Details.] MySpace and computer games are typical of the problem. These are British psyops, right out of the Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells, and Aldous Huxley crypt--aimed at rendering youth helpless. Computer technology, by the intent of the Russellites, is non-reality. It is a walk down the dark side of the British Empire. Why else would the likes of Rupert Murdoch, better referred to as Pooper Buttocks [Paging Dr. Freud! What is WRONG with this man?], be pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into these video and computer brain-eating monsters? [I dunno--to make money?]

Why post this, you ask? It was the Pooper Buttocks that did it. Because that's when you know you are dealing with the greatest intellect since Plato, the most agapic man since St. Francis, the wittiest man since, hmm, uh, Mark Twain.


Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 11:14 am:

If only the LYM were stupider than they are! If only they were stupid enough to actually tell all their contacts and people they are trying to get to sign the HBPA exactly what TOM ("the Old Man" to short-timers) has put in the piece on Pelosi! That would certainly do what TOM asks in the Wednesday briefing, put them in the real world--with laughter, non-comprehending stares, and the door (as in "being shown the door"). That would quickly end all momentum for new suckers to endorse this piece of economic insanity (the HBPA), and confront the LYM members with the closing off of contact with those they presently consider sympathetic, and the ending of the ability to make any new favorable contacts with anyone. Because no one, absolutely no one, not deep inside LaRoucheLand would find TOM's line on Pelosi the least bit persuasive, or containing even a smidgeon of rationality, much less accuracy or truth.

Alas, the LYM members are too smart to actually retail the slop, at least the most outrageous parts of it (which are a growing percentage of the total these days--are we looking at an asymptotic convergence where at the limit (hi, Cauchy) everything he says will pretty soon be as loony as only, what, 35% is today?) that Lyn keeps dealing them wholesale.

LYM members, you owe it to your allegiance to LaRouche and everything he stands for to forget what you think (that shouldn't be too hard, you have to do it on a daily basis already), and just go with what Lyn is asking you to say. Just go out there with signs about how Pelosi is a Kennedy front for a fascist takeover by Guliani. Go, on, I dare you. LaRouche is ordering it. What's holding you back?

Talk about crucial experiments. If you think LaRouche is not the nutter we all call him here on this website, then do what he says, and see what happens. Then judge him accordingly. And if you're honest, you'll find yourself knowing that every word you are saying is lunacy, and when you get the response back from people that confirms they agree, then, you will know what you have to do to regain control of your life.

Thank you, Lyn, for providing such a wonderful opportunity for your precious LaRouche Youth Movement to really know how absolutely bats you are--and how, if they really told people what you are saying, and saying they should tell the world, even the illusion that LaRouche, or his "movement" (we leave to the imagination what sort of "movement" this may actually represent) have any influence anywhere would be dashed.

Go for it!


Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 3:54 pm:

There's always a boogie man for Lyn, in the eighties it was the dopers behind Norml and High Times Magazine that was bringing the country on the road to perdition, along with the Beatles and the Satanic cult of rock and roll. NOw it's video games. Of course many people besides LaRouche think that kids are becoming addicted to video games, but if you look at things like who win the prestigious scientific scholarships and awards like the Westinghouse Awards, etc. you'll often find high schoolers and college students doing advanced scientific and mathematical breakthrus. And yet many of them also play videogames and have myspace sites, etc. The more perfidious influence of Myspace of course has been with the younger children who've gotten hooked up with pedophiles and other molestors and predators, but that's not even what LaRouche concerns himself with. Everything is his own imaginary bogeymen that are somehow connected to the British or Venetians, or whomever.


Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 5:48 pm:

Perhaps what bothers Laroche is the possessive adjective "my" - simply everything must be "his" ... HisSpace was Animal Farms - until his great economic prowess allowed him to lose it, so to speak ... and I'm sorry, but that riding gear story (which has to be true) shows that he is not so much opposed to "the British" as envious of their alleged wealth, power, and status (as the pig Napoleon vis a vis the farmer when the former tries on pants) ... maybe that's what all these conspiracy accusations boil down to, is just a lonely boy bitterly pointing fingers at various associations which do not want him for a member ... poor Len ... nobody wants to play with him or give him prizes.


Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 6:11 pm:

Let me translate the Wed briefing for the yutes. A while ago I posted internal memos on how the Low overhead yutes in LYM are worth investing in since they have a life span of 50 years of use. In Lyn's own style, he basically said that it is crazy to spend a dime on a current LC deadnender since they cost so much and have a limited uses.

Remember that Lyn is the creator of "The Larouche/Schacht Model" of economic growth. When you look at older budgets, the money spent on health care costs was rising with no end, unless you end the boomer members.

The yutes have been spending time under Lyn's spell and made to feel world historical and engauged in a sort Larouche Trivial Persuit game where Lyn knows it is a cult and they do not. They were relatively cheap to keep for many reasons which we will go over later. Among them is bypasing fair labor laws and tax consequences by classifying yutes as "volunteers".

(IRS, we will have more of this later as well for you, the FEC and Labor boards to persue).

Barbara Boyd functions as the crazy old cat lady who instead of having a few hundred cats to talk to and take care of has a few hundred yutes to talk to and take care. Just like the cats, the waste is piling up and eventually you have to spend some money to clean the mess up for the inspectors.

Lately, boatloads of cash have been going to the IRS instead of Lyn's hands to print up a million or so leafletts on Westphalian Mortgage brokers who are against FDR.

In this scenario, Lyn and his LYM has to compete against the LIM generator.

The net result of this is that Lyn's mind is trying to generate delusions negentropically while the LIM generator does it tropically.

Rheingau fuel vs a Margarita if you will folks.

As these delusions are being churned out by Lyn, he has no physical ability to spread the Gospel as Kinkos is not issuing credit that easilly after the sub prime mess effected M2 lending in the money supply.

Thus Lyn, is now breaking the news to the yutes that it is no longer fun and games in the basement since that create utility and food bills intead of dollar bills.

The yutes have to have one crisis created after another to force them into the card table shrines and carcinogen filled streets to raise money. Instead of boiling those cheap Raemen noodles the yutes live on, they are in the boiler room cooking contacts for money.

The Larouche inverse Square law is now in place as the more he writes and demands that he be upfront, the more the income declines. The yutes are now in the same dilemma many if us were in which is that to make some cah, you have to put Lyn in the basement since he scare normal people.

Being Halloween and all, Lyn rises like a vampire each night and demands green blood which the yutes have not been delivering. Lyn's fangs have drained the boomers and what is left is a rotting corpse of deadenders who have nothing more to give but excuses. The yutes have to be mentally whipped by Lyn to go out and get the money.

There are less yutes and those who are in are "the Neurologically Impaired" yutes whom Lyn prohesized in The Barn 20 years ago.

Lyn's genetics are such that he will go into his 90s and outlive many of the yutes who Crazy Cat/Yute Lady Barbara is taking care of.

When you enter the typical LYM clubhouse/soup kitchen, this explains the putridity as the Crazy Cat/Yute lady has the IRS in one ear and Lyn in the other and nothing in between to make her seek an exit to her Bizarro World.


Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 7:53 pm:

When is it going to be clear to the members how mentally ill LaRouche is/has become? I don't know whether some or any of the LYM recruits are mentally unstable. What is clear, however, is that LaRouche is increasingly mentally unstable, and no matter how far into nuttiness he goes, the leaders and the members are following him.

In addition, more and more, it appears that it takes a certain amount of self-flagellation, or even self-hatred, to remain in the organization. Sancho wrote recently: "For the 'boomers,' some of whom I once knew and are still some of the best people I have ever known in my life: why do you allow yourself to be vilified after years of your dedication?" LaRouche vilifies whatever is the most opportunist at the moment to vilify, and the members accept it because they have nowhere else to go, and, to the extent they can, they disassociate enough to believe that the attacks are not on them personally. It's the "other" boomer, [or whatever LaRouche is attacking that day] that is the "problem," not them. More likely, however, is the fact that the individual member believes that any attack on him/her is justified, like a dog that has been severely abused, they somehow believe that they are "bad" and deserve the abuse.

It's been said before, the meaner LaRouche gets, [and he is getting pretty mean in his dotage, i.e., his attacks on Ken Kronberg's widow, Molly, make Simon Legree appear kind] the more the situation in the organization resembles that of battered spouse/children. On the one hand there is the mean, angry, irrational [and increasingly nuttier] LaRouche, and on the other hand there are all of these individuals, leaders and members alike, scrambling to appease LaRouche's viciousness before that individual member becomes a target.

This is not sanity.


Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2007 - 1:21 am:

Indeed it is not sanity, but the Bizarro world after all Tuer07.

Cosnider this gem from last Monday's briefing. The backround for this is another cadre school address by Lyn for Houston and LA yutes. After a lengthy Grandpa Simpson style talk, Lyn tells the yutes that the whole point of the banking bill is to keep people in their homes and avoid evictions.

Now keep that in mind as Lyn decides that the NC slots are going to be expanded as the Boomers are stopping the yutes from making him king of the world, er universe.

Learn some Chinese slogans yutes because you are following a script right out of Mao's Little Red Book.

Now where were we????

Oh yes, Lyn is almost finished in shipping the boomers and their health care bills and problems out to the street like yesterday's trash. No matter what you may have done in the LC for Lyn for DECADES AND DECADES, you are expendable.

This next paragraph from the briefing shows how it works.

Let me do my impression of a yute:

"Lyn says"

"Now, we started in California, largely with Phil's influence, in doing the work on the Pythagoreans, and some other things as well. And Phil was acting as a key mentor, with long-winded efforts at explanation and so forth, to get something going, which did get going and it worked. But that was not going to work over all. So, what I did, is to get the continuity of this things started, so we started the Kepler project, because all modern science depends upon Kepler. That is, the actual development of modern physical science, depends entirely on
Kepler: If you don't know Kepler, if you don't understand Kepler, {you don't know modern science}. You may pretend you do, you may have degrees, you have Professor This, Professor That:
But if you don't understand Kepler's revolution, you have no foundation in modern physical science. You're just not competent."

So Lyn basically says FU Phil R., I am the master and do not forget it. Now Phil R. is a good example of how Lyn knows it is a cult and Phil does not.

No matter what Phil R has done to keep Lyn's fabulous lifestyle going, it does not mean a damn thing as in one paragraph Lyn can vanquish Phil R into LYM obscurity. What is amazing in the cadre speach is that Lyn is telling the yutes that HE intends to keep people from being evicted from their homes when Phil R's regions have historically been the number one regions for member evictions in the world!!!!

Phil R has sent every dime to Lyn whenever we made a phone call to his region. No matter how if the stipends were already paid, Phil r had the members give it back. Phil R also can tell you about all of the members he did not pay enough money to so they fell behind in their rent and were eventually evicted. It became sort of a running joke in Phil's locals to not unpack your boxes since you just might be moving in 4 months.


Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2007 - 1:40 am:

I thought this ended when the LYM was formed until I started to receive emails from recently departed LYM members telling me about how his local was trying to snare recruits with section 8 housing so they can pile in yutes for cheap. I also recieved a few emails from departing yutes who joined and were told by him that they will be evicted from their apt pretty soon, but do not woory as they will get another one eventually.

So we now have Lyn, a convicted criminal whose cult has lost ALL of the properties I know of in Leesburg lecturing yutes about Foreclosures. Then we have Lyn yapping about evictions to the region which is led by the NC with basically the worst record on getting members evicted from their homes!

To top it off, let us also examine how Lyn has use for Phil R as a sort of "Trojan Jew" for the cult. You see folks, when I recieve email from yutes who are perplexed about the anti semitic history of the LC, they often bring up Phil R's name as being a Jewish member. The logic is that since Phil R is Jewish, this proves that the LC and Lyn are not anti semitic and everything is all made up.


What it proves is how mind control in a cult works as Lyn has enjoyed a good laugh in every toast of Rhinegau that the Jewish Phil R has paid for him to drink when he pens his lunacy for something like Zayed Center speeches in Egypt, right after David Duke and other Holocaust evaders share the limelight days and months before and after.

Phil R may just have a copy of Dope Inc with The Protocals of the Elders of Zion in it.

Does it contain a "germ of truth" Phil like Lyn has stated?

Phil R certainly heard "The Jew Jokes" in the 1980's. He has read the Campaigners and NS newspapers with Lyn's version of the Holocaust. Phil R can give you a wonderfull presentation about Penumunde Germany and real nice Nazi rocket scientists too.

Not too bad from a guy who at one time was so smart that he was considered top Rabbinical School material and was going to attend John Hopkins as a young teenager.

Go on yutes, ask him about the Chris White brainwashing hoax and why he accepts that years after the participant explained in a personal letter that it was not what it was.

But he dropped out of college to join the LC in the early 1970s and he aint gonna like hearing some yute complain about dropping out of school to come worship Lyn to save humanity. If you think this can cause a man to have a short temper, you just might be right.

So after DECADES and DECADES of sacrifice, self denial, having members evicted in his regions, accepting every piece of Lyn and the LC's anti semitic garbage as Lyn partied in Club Ibykus, it all ends with Lyn having to do a public FU in the briefing for the yutes to read. Virtually all of the NCs and NEC members Phil R joined with, worked with and been with have left the LC over the years. Including his closest NC friends.

You do not get a gold watch after DECADES of loyal service to Lyn, you get a nice FU in the briefing as you near your 60s. The longer you are in, the harder it is to leave as you have to explain to yourself just what happened your entire adult life. People have done it, but that is why you have therapists and counselors when people leave cults after spending their entire adult life in them.

In the LC, someone like a Phil R may go through Beyond Psyche Sessions with Lyn in the beginning of the cult life in a sort of morbid reversal of exit counseling.

It is not sanity but the Bizarro world and when you read about things like how spousal abuse works and how abused people can abuse others, you get a glimpse of how this all works in a cult like this.


Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2007 - 1:41 am:

What strikes me is the decreasing degree of even the pretense of a thread of argument that anyone can follow. This latest on Pelosi takes the cake. He's been going after Pelosi as a shill for Cheney for awhile, but suddenly she's a tool of the majority of the Kennedy family (like, the family met in the family board room and took a vote, and the remaining non-fascist Kennedys were outvoted by the Kennedy's that have returned to old man Joe's fascism), and, well, where did that come from? The fact that she's from California, and so is Schwartzenegger--but from opposite parties, I might remind him--puts her in bed with him too, and is it the Shriver connection to Schwartzenegger that ties it all together--with the Shriver's suddenly implicating the Kennedys by connecto? And then, the purpose of the plot is to put Guliani in power as a fascist? And Democrat Nancy Pelosi wants Guliani to win and impose fascism, why? I mean, there isn't even the pretense of a thread of an argument that is the least bit intelligible.

In the original article, he ends my giving Soros an honorable mention, and then adds the phrase that Soros's fascism is a little different from that of Rohatyn. And that's the last word of the piece. It has no conclusion, no completion, just a footnote that corresponds to some imagined difference between the types of fascism that Rohatyn and Soros represent, in Lyn's fevered imagination. It is truly bizarre.

And then we have the "Igor" piece on Paulson where first "the British," and then Lynne Cheney, are responsible for the MLEC bank proposal. Then, we have the Columbus day insane article that is the opening salvo in the James Fenimore Cooper rehabilitation project. And then there was his ghoulish birthday gleeful hand clapping over the crisis that was about to destroy humanity.

One has to wonder what it takes for people on the inside to see how nutty this all is--nuttier in a more obvious way than in earlier years, because there is no longer a pretense of an argument, or a line of thought.

Oh, well.


Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2007 - 9:03 am:

Laroche at his Walter Mitty best:

If you don't know Kepler, if you don't understand Kepler, you don't know modern science. You may pretend you do, you may have degrees, you have Professor This, Professor That: But if you don't understand Kepler's revolution, you have no foundation in modern physical science. You're just not competent."

So Len IS a scientist after all. Hmm. I suspect Eric Kandel has not read much if any of Kepler, so I guess all of his groundbreaking work in neuroscience is just so much baloney.

What an ignorant, uneducated a--. Stick to what you do best, bankrupting your followers in every possible respect.

And by the way, the LYM Visigoths have taken to calling elementary plane geometry "sphaerics":

which concludes with that incredibly boneheaded tag

without even being able to see it!!!

with three exclamation marks, which I guess makes the statement triply truthy. Morons, the neutrino was hypothesized without having "seen it" for years, and much else in science. It's called hypothesis formation. Duh. These LYMers are truly much stupider than the young people who joined in the sixties and seventies - and who are now being denied health care and stipends.


Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2007 - 9:36 am:

If LaRouche is planning on expanding the NC to include the LYM'ers, how long before there really is a "palace" coup? LaRouche has never understood the fundraising process, never. Neither has his top level leadership [except maybe the German leadership that LaRouche kicked out]. The NC's ran the fundraising, and, probably, continue to do so. What fun it will be for the "boomers" to watch LYM'ers who have never raised a dime, taking over as fundraising "bosses." [Of course, if they fail, according to LaRouche, it will be Phil R's or Harley S's or the "boomer's" fault.] [On the other hand, given LaRouche's breathtakingly insane flip/flops in logic/history/politics, how long before the LYMers start raising money by selling computer games based on "Kepler" and "sphaerics"?]

Is there a countdown clock anywhere?


Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2007 - 9:39 am:

If LaRouche is planning on expanding the NC to include the LYM'ers, how long before there really is a "palace" coup? LaRouche has never understood the fundraising process, never. Neither has his top level leadership [except maybe the German leadership that LaRouche kicked out]. The NC's ran the fundraising, and, probably, continue to do so. What fun it will be for the "boomers" to watch LYM'ers who have never raised a dime, taking over as fundraising "bosses." [Of course, if they fail, according to LaRouche, it will be Phil R's or Harley S's or the "boomer's" fault.] [On the other hand, given LaRouche's breathtakingly insane flip/flops in logic/history/politics, how long before the LYMers start raising money by selling computer games based on "Kepler" and "sphaerics"?]

Is there a countdown clock anywhere?


Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2007 - 8:16 pm:

Comedy of Terrors

1. I don't get it, Lyn--if Molly Kronberg has been a neocon British agent since 1990 at the latest, run by Richard Mellon Scaife, John Train, and Lynne Cheney--how come she's hanging with the All Democrats All the Time Washington Monthly? Not to mention On the Left Chip Berlet?

Huh? Huh?

2. P.S. When are you going to tell the world how Molly Kronberg is an alcoholic, as you've been confiding to your inner circle since 1990 at the latest?

And could you tell the viewing audience why 1990 is the magic year?

And did you ever notice that Nancy Spannaus spiked your fabulous idea to print a pamphlet of your testimony--direct and cross-examination, yet--at the New York trial of 1989? Wanna tell us about the meeting you and Molly Kronberg and Ken Kronberg had at the Alexandria jail in 1989, right before the trial?

3. The reason LaRouche needs to get the NC functioning (what a leader! The NC has only existed for 40 years--what's your hurry?) is that the LYM has had some screwups lately. They have to be reined in.

What happened, do you suppose? Was it that they zigged when they shoulda zagged?

Was it that they attacked Hillary Clinton recently? Oopsy.

So someone needs to ride herd on them. Forget the NEC. Three "function," three don't (gee, I hope I haven't left anyone out), and I'll let you work out the details.

And thus we have the Return of the NC. Of course, there are very few left, and not necessarily the crackerjacks, either, but somebody has to control the LYM, before--

The Yutes Become a Bigger Problem Than the Boomers. Gloriosky!


Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2007 - 10:46 pm:

No Joy in Mudville

There's some distress in the org over Molly Kronberg's interview with Chip Berlet, along the lines of "How could she?"

Let's see--How could she?

Barbara Boyd knew this would happen. That's why in August she was at such pains to tell Kronberg she hadn't been expelled....

Nancy Spannaus probably gets it, as something she wrote in August suggests.

Let's see how she could:

1. First LaRouche issues a steady stream of attacks on Ken Kronberg over years.
2. Ultimately, LaRouche drives Kronberg to his death.
3. Then LaRouche blames Molly Kronberg for his death.
4. Then LaRouche announces that Molly Kronberg is a British agent, and he's known it for years.
5. Then LaRouche announces that Molly Kronberg is an Enemy run by Mellon Scaife and John Train.

Isn't it reasonable to suppose that Kronberg considers LaRouche an enemy too? I mean, she's been running around for the past six months telling everyone she could find that she holds LaRouche responsible for her husband's death.

So why is anyone surprised?

Now--just wait till Nancy "I'm Ted Kennedy's fascist b--tch" Pelosi reads the Washington Monthly article. Good luck, guys.


Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2007 - 8:20 am:

In Bergen County, NJ there's been an interesting uproar over the fact that a liberal Democrat Assemblyman donated to LaRouche for "anti-Bush" efforts. He is part of a group that's been fighting the Democratic Party bosses in Bergen County and had been attracting support from many liberals including Jews. Now his opponents in the Democrat Party as well as his Republican opponent in next week's election have been making hay.
I am copying a letter to the editor posted by nebbish Eliot Greenspan that shows how he has not learned anything at all from what happened to Ken Kronberg, from LaDuce's attacks on baby boomers etc. If the letter to the editor doesn't fit, I'll put it in another post.

Glad to see is up and running again.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Defaming Johnson, Lyndon LaRouche

I write today to express my outrage at the implication in "Lawmaker's donations blasted" (Page L-1, Oct. 26) that Assemblyman Gordon Johnson is in any way associated with people or organizations that are anti-Semitic.

I have known Johnson for more than a decade and have been honored to work with him on numerous community efforts. I can personally attest to a long list of activities in which he has been an active partner in interfaith and intergroup activities with the Jewish Community Relations Council of Northern New Jersey.

Johnson has not only joined the Jewish community on missions to Israel, but has been present at numerous pro-Israel rallies here in the metropolitan area. Moreover, both before and since his election to public office, Johnson has played both public and behind-the-scenes roles in promoting understanding and cooperation between the African-American and Jewish-American communities in Bergen County.

I respect the right of political opponents to challenge each other as to their policy positions and the responsibility of the press to report the same. But I would hope that in the future The Record, which is the newspaper "of record" for our community, would refrain from publishing defamatory comments such as those made against Johnson.

Neal I. Borovitz
River Edge, Oct. 26
The writer is rabbi of Temple Sholom in River Edge.

Regarding "Lawmaker's donations blasted" (Page L-1, Oct. 26):

Lyndon LaRouche leads a national movement to restore the Democratic Party back to the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt.

During the Great Depression, FDR mobilized a Democratic coalition to defeat the "economic royalists of Wall Street" and rebuild the nation's infrastructure and physical economy to defend the general welfare. LaRouche is doing that today.

I ran for governor in the 2001 Democratic primary under the ballot slogan, "Vote for a Sane Greenspan Instead." La-Rouche and I have been proved right. Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan's policies, hand-in-glove with British-controlled hedge funds, have caused a catastrophic mortgage foreclosure and banking crisis. Growing numbers of legislators and leaders nationwide are endorsing LaRouche's "Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007" as the unique solution to stop millions of foreclosures and evictions and to reorganize the banking system, à la FDR.

That's the origin of the disgusting slanders repeated in your article. No honest individual gives a moment's credence to these allegations. Of what corruption are our accusers guilty? The old admonition bears repetition: Don't attack LaRouche if you have something to hide.

Elliot Greenspan
Hackensack, Oct. 26


Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2007 - 7:15 pm:

Wait a Second

I don't get it--LaRouche et al. keep bellyaching about Molly Kronberg giving money to Bush ("undermining Ken's lifework," as some bozo posting as Masai Warrior said in a discussion page on Wikipedia), and yet the org is supporting every Republican they can find in Leesburg/Loudoun County ("Ground Zero" to you).

It's like when L. Wolfe's now-defunct EIR News for Loudoun County used to back all the Republican realtors and their marvelous "industrialization" (bringing in WorldCom and AOL....)

So now the org is backing Jim Clem for Supervisor and Steve Simpson for Sheriff and who knows how many other GOPers--LC members with big Republican lawn signs in front of their houses.

And LaRouche is writing a new text. Dialectical Opportunism.

How do these people keep a straight face?

P.S. I too am glad to see FactNet back.


Posted on Thursday, November 01, 2007 - 8:03 pm:

Well gang, we have so much to cover since was closed down for the few days. The in box is overflowing with new material and plenty of ideas for new fun are being hatched for the yutes to read.

The key issue for the yutes is what we have been warning you about for the past few years. Fun and games are over and YOU are now going to have the burden of financing Lyn's delusions as the deadenders just getting too tired . Lyn has ordered that the "campus" (ie, no income quota, just give out lit quota ) era is over and the 'Political" (ie, make some bread) era is under way.

To quote a great TV actor, Mr T, "I pity you fools". You see yutes, no matter what you raise, it will never be enough. There is no lit to just give out freely at campuses anymore and call it a success. On USA campuses, students now tell you to F off and swap jokes about jerking the LYM cult around. Lyn has done this many times in the past and you will be receiving many, many memos about how the lack of money (for Lyn's Final Delusion" is the root of all evil in the Larouche Gospel.

Speaking of bread. The bread basket shipments have been followed in the web world with interest and a column about that appeared during the factnet blackout.

I love the title of this piece "Loafing with Larouche"

Also notice that crank candidate Dean Templeton beat Lyn in running on the Siberia to Alaska tunnel idea. Run Lyn Run.

Loafing with LaRouche
Posted by Scott McLemee

As you may recall, the economy was supposed to have collapsed as of two weeks ago today. Right now, you should not be able to afford a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow full of $1000 bills.

I understand that bread baskets have been sent to headquarters in Virginia by ex-members. The sarcasm is tinged with philanthropy. LaRouche's true believers are in serious trouble; their economy is collapsing, anyway. The group is being forced to come up with money for the IRS, and facing renewed investigation by the FEC, in the wake of events described by Avi Klein in a major article appearing in the new issue of Washington Monthly.

How LaRouche drove one of his most devoted supporters to suicide is interesting not just as a case study in political pathology (that too) but for the mediological story there between the lines. Klein makes the point that one way to understand the LaRouche cult is to regard it as the support system for a vanity press. But Ken Kronberg, who ran the movement's printshop, also built it into a fairly successful commercial enterprise—among the top 400 in the country, at one point. The profits were looted on a regular basis to keep LaRouche in the lifestyle to which he has grown accustomed.

Posted on Thursday, November 01, 2007 - 8:05 pm:

All of this began to fall apart over the past decade or so—with the internet playing a fairly important role in the collapse both of the business and of the cult's ability to control interaction between current and ex-members. Efforts to recruit a new layer of youth have only complicated matters by adding to the internal tension. The group has lately been targetting MySpace as an instrument of diabolical forces. (The design is certainly evil, so they may have a point.)

As a supplement to the Monthly article, there is an interview at the Political Research Associates site with Kronberg's widow that discusses how they tried to deal with the movement's obvious strain of anti-Semitism. Molly Kronberg mentions that LaRouche "developed a theory that all the 'good stuff' in Judaism came from the (non-Semitic) Egyptians and that everything 'bad' came from those 'dirty Semites' from Mesopotamia." If this theory rings a bell, that's because it echoes Freud in one of his more peculiar flights of speculation.

LaRouche turned 85 just last month. Some ex-members think his recent proclamations are touched with senility, as opposed to the more cogent expressions of bizarre thought they were accustomed to hearing back in the old days. Maybe so. In any case, the whole story is just about over. Some of the followers must be looking forward to that, whether they admit it to themselves or not.

The comments are a blast to read/

posted on Monday, October 29th, 2007 at 2:23 pm

Barkley Rosser has some interesting thoughts on LaRouche. Apparently his Dialectical Economics wasn't bad, if that's your kind of thing.

Posted by lemuel pitkin • October 29th, 2007 at 3:16 pm
yeah, the final collapses of the larouchies will bring a marked increment to the total goodness of the world.

next up: waiting for the end of the elron hubbard cult. those people are really sick.

Posted by kid bitzer • October 29th, 2007 at 3:19 pm
Any thoughts on whether the LaRouchies (a) die out without LaRouche or (b) get stronger and messianic without LaRouche?

Posted by Rich B. • October 29th, 2007 at 6:38 pm
There are factions within the group in conflict with each other but trying to hold things together until the old man dies. One is headed by his wife, who is German and may be in touch with the group of European members who walked out (with quite a lot of money it seems) a few months ago. The other is led by a longtime American supporter who was recruited out of SDS, way back when.

It sounds like LaRouche is knocking some heads together right now—a couple of top staff people are being criticized, a process which can get really ugly. For a while there, the "youth movement" could do no wrong, but now the guy who was in charge of it is being denounced for not understanding LaRouche's astrophysics or some such thing. (You can't make this stuff up.) What that probably means in sublunar terms is that the happy days of singing German art songs and contemplating Keplerian mathematics are over, and how the kids better start bringing in some serious money or else.

In short, the following will probably fracture pretty quickly once LaRouche is gone. None of the contenders for the throne has his…uh, "charisma"? "Fuhrerprinzip"? On the other hand, the whole point of the special advanced classes for LaRouche Youth over the past couple of years has been to train them to be geniuses just like him. So who knows. A new generation of strangeness may yet be spawned.

Posted by Scott McLemee • October 29th, 2007 at 8:12 pm
Some ex-members think his recent proclamations are touched with senility, as opposed to the more cogent expressions of bizarre thought they were accustomed to hearing back in the old days.


Posted on Thursday, November 01, 2007 - 8:07 pm:

I don't know, this segment from his recent webcast – "Save the American Republic From the British Empire!" – is a veritable reverse St. Crispin's Day speech (timely too).

If we decide that we're going to defend the U.S. economy, in particular, against what is now an immediate and virtually inevitable collapse, disintegration of our economy, of our republic—if we decide to do that, and use the methods I indicated, that can change the world. It will break the power of the British Empire: the empire which gave us 9/11.

Posted by JP Stormcrow • October 30th, 2007 at 3:32 am
"It will break the power of the British Empire: the empire which gave us 9/11."

wt-bloody-f??????? I didn't know LaRouche wrote for Fafblog!

Posted by Andrew • October 30th, 2007 at 11:58 am
…. a process which can get really ugly.

Really? They seemed like such nice people when I talked to them

Posted by John Emerson • October 30th, 2007 at 12:26 pm
People always forget to mention the leading Dutch role in the empire, and the "free-trade" empires' ideological foundations in Grotius' neo-Achaemenid Arminian dogma.

Posted by John Emerson • October 30th, 2007 at 12:37 pm
That's where LaRouche went wrong, of course. He saw so much, but he did not realize the degree to which even the great Leibniz had been drawn into Grotius' Achaemenid web. LaRouche's contribution was enormous, as was Leibniz's, but the time has come for us to move on.

Posted by John Emerson • October 30th, 2007 at 12:46 pm
LaRouche also overemphasized public life and objectivity at the expense of subjectivity, an analytical philosopher (as it were) whose work contrasts with Elron Hubbard's more "continental" approach. Thus, the supposed liberation attained by Leibnizian, anti-Aristotilian deprogramming, while valuable and revolutionary, really is only a half measure, amounting to the supplanting of the original thetan parasites with a somewhat less crippling thetan.

Posted by John Emerson • October 30th, 2007 at 12:55 pm
I'm on a roll, folks. Send me all your money and nubile relatives. Get in on the ground floor while you can.

Posted by John Emerson • October 30th, 2007 at 12:56 pm
The building of the multimodal Bering Strait Tunnel-Rail link between Russia and the United States—a project long championed by American statesman Lyndon LaRouche

Setting the stage for the US to attack Kamchatka with multiple armies. A good example of foresight in applying "game theory" to real-life international politics.

You go Lyndon! The Anglo-Dutch Liberal outgrowth of Paolo Sarpi's Venetian financier-oligarchy must not prevail! Death to Boomers!


Posted on Thursday, November 01, 2007 - 8:09 pm:

Posted by JP Stormcrow • October 30th, 2007 at 6:41 pm
In 1972 the certifiable crazy crank candidate Dean Templeton proposed a bridge from Alaska to Russia. LaRouche picked it up. Templeton was later apparently murdered in circumstances unknown to me. His story is told in the very eccentric, rare book "From Asininity to Assassination".

Posted by John Emerson • October 30th, 2007 at 11:34 pm
What a shame that the LaRouche cult is being hounded in the man's twilight years. One supposes he'll be quickly forgotten when he snuffs it.

Posted by a very public sociologist • October 31st, 2007 at 6:55 pm
A "shame"? "Hounded"? What a strange thing to say. The guy spent decades turning idealistic but gullible college students into fundraisers for a deranged group with ties to right-wing kooks (and worse) around the world. He'll never suffer enough in the time he has left.

Posted by Scott McLemee • October 31st, 2007 at 9:39 pm

As you may recall, the economy was supposed to have collapsed as of two weeks ago today. Right now, you should not be able to afford a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow full of $1000 bills.

Are you sure this is an example of an incorrect prediction, rather than yet another example of disaster averted due to the timely warnings of LaRouche?

Who can forget that in 1976, a conspiracy involving the Clamshell Alliance and Noam Chomsky was on the verge of nuking Philadelphia during bicentennial celebrations until LaRouche blew the whistle on it?

Posted by Edward • November 1st, 2007 at 7:32 pm

Still to come:

NJ follies for the cult

Satan is NAMED by LYN to the LYM, and it aint who you think.



Posted on Thursday, November 01, 2007 - 11:45 pm:

By the way, at about the same time that the Avi Klein article was coming out and the Chip Berlet interview with Molly Kronberg, Dennis King posted the following on his website:


Posted on Friday, November 02, 2007 - 12:38 am:

It occurs to me that the problem with the Johnson man in Northern New Jersey is that if he wins -- even by , the Larouchies -- and Larouche's literature-- will think of it as a humongous victory validating their political work ("We kicked •••!"), when really it's just that the margin of the natural process of people pushing the "D" lever instead of the "R" lever in that district outperformed the depression of votes concerned with a man who'd donate money to Larouche. Oh well. Few elections worth noting next Tuesday, and I guess that is one of them.


Posted on Friday, November 02, 2007 - 11:23 am:

The comments to the page at Washington Monthly provide any number of "I remember" such and such a wacky encounter. But the ones I'm interested in are here, with so far the only two Larouchies I've seen commenting on this:

Molly Kronberg and 2 cult members.

res republica, "never been a member of the movement" (And why not? The movement needs some soldiers right now, goshdarnedit!) suggesting that this is an "interesting piece of journalism that shed real light on a truly disturbing event" by someone who has ingratiated himself into the "respectable anti-Larouche crowd" with highly emotive phrases ("cult") that avoid the real issues in hand with Larouche's marvelous ideas — and here's the kicker: LaRouche's personal behavior and often rhetorical style makes the critics' mischaracterizations an easier sell. That may be the true crime. That may be the true crime! THAT! As opposed to, you know… what was the first sentence, on what this article's positive points: sheds real light on a truly disturbing event.

Jump to Steve, and... There is this moment in the first paragraph where I can feel my brain go soft, losing brain cells. Basically right about here: The way you can tell that his insights and discoveries are real is that you can read his work, and that of his associates, figure out the underlying coherence for yourself, look at the world around you in that light, and find that the world now makes better sense.

And then there's...

I'll close with a capsule summary of one of Lyn's most profound and oft maligned works - "Beyond Psychoanalysis".

Hm. Really?


Posted on Friday, November 02, 2007 - 11:26 am:

State Rep. Charles Jefferson, D-Rockford, is lead sponsor of an Illinois House resolution, HR 761, apparently fashioned after the LaRouche language urging Congress to enact the foreclosure moratorium. The bill would allow homeowners in the interim to make the equivalent of rental payments.

Jefferson said he got the idea from Missouri Democratic State Rep. Juanita Walton of St. Louis, but "after I talked to her, then some of Lyndon LaRouche's people started to call."

"We do realize there's ties to Lyndon LaRouche, and that's why we're being very cautious at this point to make sure there's (no) undercurrent as it relates to some of the things that he might be trying to do. ... I think it's a good resolution overall. I think we're suffering through people losing their homes and mortgages and banks going under for whatever reason."


Posted on Friday, November 02, 2007 - 4:27 pm:

Ahh to be a fresh new yute these days. Throwing flowers at Lyn's feet as he showers yutes with adoration and praise for their leaving that thing called college and turning to him for eternal knowledge of good and evil . In the bizarro world of larouche and his cult, he never did anything wrong and was innocent of his crimes. The fundraisers never borrowed money and we paid everyone back with the sweet interest rates we promised them.

Right off the bat, any yute today who does not look up the cult and see what we did already has one foot in the Bizarro world because they make a decision to not examine what and whom they are about to sell their souls to. In this Bizarro world, morality is now determined by Lyn as to what is right and wrong. In this crazy world, Al Gore is a Nazi who wants to kill a few billion people because he had non native plants removed from his VP residence. Lyn, who enjoyed a tax free life worthy of a multi millionaire , drinking the night away in Ibykus Farm with Rheingau fueled delusions while members were paid 5 bucks a day is the saviour of humanity.

Thus, we come to another cheap parlor trick of Lyn which involves basic physics. In the old days Lyn would engale the recruits with tales of fusion power overturning the laws of entropy to create negentropy. We, the recruits back then, would unleash the power of the sun to transform the planet. God it felt so good to know that one could overturn the laws of the universe. Too bad that the LC could not turn back the laws of securities sales in the court room.

Today, Lyn has a sort of different spin on this as he gets older and reverts back to his father's preacher days of fire and brimstone. Now we have the yutes who dropped out of college and basic physics classes ready to view The Second Law of Thermodynamics as SATANIC EEEEEEVIL.

Here we have Lyn addressing a yute cadre school and giving us The Gospel according to Larouche.

Hello Lyn, it's Leandra.

LAROUCHE: Aha! How're they treating you?

Oh, they're treating me just fine.

LAROUCHE: Good, I wanted to make sure of that.

We have some of your friends from the Basement here.

LAROUCHE: I noticed that!

Yes, we do too, and we're very happy about it.

Okay. I have this question, and it's kept coming up since I
joined. And at first, I understood the rate of change, and then
the rate of the rate of change freaked me out. [LaRouche laughs]
And I worked on some geometry and kind of dealt with that. Then
it started again, with Leibniz's idea of {vis viva}, and then, I
was reading your papers, "History of Science" and "On the Subject
of God," and it's this whole idea of the transformation of A to
B, and B to C, C to D, and so on. And then it really hit hard
with Book 6 of the {Republic}, the question was a little bit
clearer there.


But how is it that you have a transformation, and it
doesn't--in the transformation from A to B, the assumptions of A
are destroyed, but A itself is not destroyed and it's necessary
in order to get to the higher level of B.


And, yeah--I don't quite know how to ask this question.

(Message edited by xlcr4life on November 02, 2007)


Posted on Friday, November 02, 2007 - 4:32 pm:

LAROUCHE: Well, why not pose the question backwards, from the way you proposed it. The problem here is the assumption, which is an indoctrinated assumption, indoctrinated, shall we say, by the legendary Olympian Zeus as the enemy of Prometheus: Who decrees that ordinary people shall not know the use of fire.
Now, if you think about that, and use, instead of fire, why not talk about thermodynamics, in the sense of the 19th- and 20th-century use of the term, thermodynamics. The argument as made, was started with Clausius, and Grassmann, and Kelvin, and so forth, the argument was made then, that the universe is fixed.
Now, this is the same thing, which I've often referred to of
Philo Judaeus, Philo of Alexandria, attacking Aristotle, on just
this question. And I think the theological argument, as posed by Philo, is quite relevant. And of course, Philo, in those times,& lt; BR was considered not only a leading rabbi among Jews, but also was
a leading figure in Christian theology; just the way the Apostles Paul and John were, for example.
So, on the question, here you have the Aristoteleans, who were trying to take over the Catholic Church {and} also the Jewish religion, at the same time. The Roman business, huh? And this was in the period of the Roman struggle against Christianity and Judaism. So the argument was, that if the Creator made the universe, and if the Creator is perfect, then the universe He made is perfect, and therefore there can be no change in the structure of the universe the way the Creator made it. Philo said, that's absurd: Because if you say that, you're saying that some other force can change the universe, in an imperfect way--and that became a form of Satanic belief, which is rather widespread among people who con sider themselves religious, and so forth.

So the point was, is that the idea, of a Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is exactly what Philo argued against in this case, is a SATANIC CONCEPTION in that specific sense of the universe. But that Satanic conception--in which case you can put the Olympian Zeus as the image of Satan, in this case--is to suppress the people's knowledge, that the universe {is not} organized according to a Second Law of Thermodynamics. But on the contrary, the universe is a {creative} universe, which is constantly going from a lower order of organization to a higher one.

OK Leandra, I guess basic college calculus is a bit hard. I think you would have been better off finding a tutor at the campus math lab than asking a fellow college drop out like Lyn for help.

Those Function problems are kinda hard.

Speaking of functions, what will a yute's function be? Since yutes are working for the cult and not in the real world, this is all sufficient for you to work a card table shrine or a carginogen inhalation station for Lyn when you graduate from the cadre school.

Later, we will take a look at Elliot Greenspan's cash cow asking for his money back in NJ.


Posted on Friday, November 02, 2007 - 11:21 pm:

From the above it is clear that LaRooch has no idea what science is. Let's say that Aristotle, Philo, Zeus et al. all had said and did what he claims they said and did. Nonetheless the world remains as it is, entirely independent of what we may think of it. The scientific method proceeds on the one hand by guess, then by test, and finally by specifying the criteria by which that provisionally verified guess might be falsified. The scientific method is not, I say any damn fool thing I wish and then pretend that it is so. In closed systems the Second Law of Thermodynamics has been repeatedly verified. On a large scale however, emergent phenomena like life would seem to indicate that negentropy (a term coined by the brilliant physicist Brillouin) exists such that the Second Law may not apply to the universe as a whole. Only by repeated, humble inquiries, hypothesis formation, and experimentation may further clarification be made.

All of this is obvious to even semi-educated people, and is hardly innovative. But to the self-educated crank with low tolerance for the frequent frustration that accompanies a life-long quest for truth it is all too painfully dull and uninspired. Ideas are to Larooche what cocaine is to the addict, and in taking one hit he's always thinking about the next hit, and the next, and the next, ... Laroche is not interested in thinking, only in feeling, and perhaps that is the biggest fraud that he perpetuates, that he is some sort of advocate of reason. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just read over that nonsense xlcr posted just above. How could anyone with any sense at all believe this drivel? Oh, right, (1) they've sacrificed their entire adult lives to this guy (aborted children, stolen from others, spent time in jail) and it's so hard to admit that their bourgeois families were right all along or (2) they're Visigothic moon calves who know nothing about everything by the light shining in the basement.


Posted on Saturday, November 03, 2007 - 6:31 am:

The cadre School, or Larouche U to the yutes is one of the funnier things to read today. Any of the college students and writers should copy paste this stuff for laughs to goof on the yutes when they show up with a card table shrine.

WARNING. The yutes will be really nasty and crazy because they have to raise a lot of money now and can't just chit chat. The old guy with bad teeth at the card table shrine will be eyeing you with bad intent. I guees that is why some students call the old , semi toothless members "Aqualung" for fun.

Now, lets us take a gander at some gems from Aqualung Lyn with young boys and girls.

Hi Lyn, this is Laura. The last couple of days, when you've been kind of kicking us in the butt, saying we need to be much more aggressive in getting this legislation through, and
dealing with what you brought up with Pelosi, etc., you said, very specifically, that the youth generation doesn't really get what we're facing, like what the collapse would really mean?


And beside being just a terrifying idea, what more specifically do you think it is about the way we're thinking, that isn't letting us really understand this?

LAROUCHE: The problem is SYPHILIS. And in this case, it's not the biological disease, although that may be coming along, but it's the mental disease, a quality of mental syphilis. It's
called "peer-group bonds," or "bonding" And you have a graveyard which is called MySpace, where you are buried in an unmarked, that is, your identity is actually concealed: you live in an
unmarked electronic grave, MySpace. Then you have Facebook, which is now taken over my Microsoft: You have the Australian dingoes who are MySpace, and you have now a new generation,
called Facebook, and Facebook is being taken over by Microsoft. As a way of mass control of youth! Especially between 18 and 25. So, these groups are control groups. You will find new groups are coming along to do the same thing.

Now we have an innocent yute who asks a funny question and sets Lyn off!

LAROUCHE: I've got a couple squeezed in--go ahead.

This is [name inaudible], the goal of the LaRouche movement was to make the next generation, the upcoming generation, change history. But yet, I don't understand why the
movement itself hasn't built an accredited university, so that the people in the Youth Movement can actually gain accredited degrees and then get into the higher ranks of office, or become teachers or something, to where they're effectively creating a massive movement, to in effect change the culture and stop the
damnation of our society?

LAROUCHE: Well, actually, our existing universities are failures. There're some people in there who are useful, but the universities as such are more purveyors of diseases, rather than
of culture. We are trying to build what will become the new universities, because the present ones don't work. They're failures, and I don't see any reason why people should jump into
a swimming pool to down themselves.

(Message edited by xlcr4life on November 03, 2007)


Posted on Saturday, November 03, 2007 - 6:38 am:

But, yet, wouldn't it be helpful though, if they could reform the system in such a position where they would actually have effect of changing it from within? These universities that
you guys are building are great. Why don't you make them accredited institutions?

LAROUCHE: They're failures, they're frauds, they're fakes. That's the problem. We'll build institutions that are needed. But these institutions are under police-state types of control, there's no chance that they will lead anywhere good. There may be people coming out of those universities who will be useful, but the universities as such, under present control, can not perform any necessary service for society.

Then why not a type of school system that would combine the LaRouche aspect, your system of actually learning from the primary resources, but yet, they still go into this institution
but they know it's fake, and they know it's wrong, and the only goal is to achieve a higher income power, a higher position in society, to where they could make massive changes through a
larger group of people.

LAROUCHE: Your assumption is false: The assumption is that
by going into those institutions, they are powerful, and we are not. Bull! I'm changing society, I KNOW HOW TO BE POWERFUL. Don't kid yourself. We need a new force on this planet, to move things. We need renaissance in history, including the birth of universities when they were functioning, was done exactly the way we're doing it. The people who have been working with me in the Basement project, have a rate of achievement in what they're doing, beyond the rate of achievement in universities today. Any university that wants to do that, can do that. They're perfectly free to do it--why don't they?

Repeat the last part?

LAROUCHE: Anyone who's competent in science today, knows that the work we're doing in science, is pioneering and it has a performance level, above what they're getting in the universities today. You have some people in university fields, who are perfectly capable of understanding what we're doing. But: They don't do it, so why don't they do it? I'm there. I'm providing the leadership. I'm providing the model, I've proved the case. We've proved it publicly: We are better than they are in what we
do! They're incompetent in economics: Why don't they do what I tell them? I'm better than they are. I watch their work in Classical work--it stinks! So, why should we endorse corruption? And what you're seeing in the universities today is corruption. It's not that they couldn't be revived--I'm all for reviving them! I'm all for
improving them. But right now, they're sinkholes of depravity.

MODERATOR: Well, I guess that's all we have then.

LAROUCHE: Okay: Have fun! Be good. [applause]

Well young yute, your lesson is pretty simple.

Lyn knows this is a cult and you don't.

This really is nothing but a cheap parlor trick Lyn has been doing for nearly 4 DECADES with yutes. The exact same words have been used over and over . After 4 decades of this and I am guessing somewhere near a 1/4 BILLION in total dollars spent by Lyn, he has 7,500 EIR web subscribers and 300 losers to show for it. We probably printed and distributed enough flyers, pamphlets, radio and TV shows for every one on the planet.

All it did was fill up landfills and be a running joke on youtube.

The way you will be told to stop "the damnation of our society" is by manning a card table shrine or a carcinogen inhalation station for Lyn with a quota which will be like a carrot in front of a donkey. You will never reach it.


Posted on Saturday, November 03, 2007 - 9:25 am:

Here's the thing: LaRouche flunked out of Northeastern after one year (one year)and he did it twice. He couldn't get past freshman year at Northeastern twice. (And that aint't Northwestern.)

So, among his many betes noires, one more is anyone who has a college degree. LaRouche's hatred of colleges, universities, degrees, professors, students, graduates, is a Freudian giveaway.

"I'm better than they are," he says stubbornly.

You have to realize that, in all his ravings about how lousy colleges and universities are, he has NO idea what they're like. He hasn't spent 10 seconds in the Groves of Academe. He has no experience.

Now, there are plenty of things wrong with American education, but don't turn to LaRouche for the critique. I remember when he started babbling about reading primary sources, as if he'd discovered the idea.

But the poor fool didn't know that there are many places that do that, and graduate schools that do that, and that his critiques were useful only for making fun of World Philosophy 101, not beyond.

Also, of course, LaRouche is almost entirely innocent of having read any primary sources. That's why he can say such stupid things all the time on a wide variety of subjects.

His mischaracterization of Philo and his relationship to Christian theology is one such (see above). Looks as if it's straight from a combination of Wikipedia and Bob Dreyfuss's not-so-hot Campaigner article.

Yes, early Christians were aware of Philo, just as they were aware of other Jewish philosophers and teachers (Hillel, Shammai, Akiva, Gamaliel). In fact (despite LaRouche's deranged footnote in the Feuerbach Campaigner, which I'm pleased to see hammered in Molly Kronberg's interview with Chip Berlet), Christianity did derive from Judaism, so there's no surprise there.

But to say that Philo was important in early Christian theology? Typical hysterical LaRouche overstatement. Scholars have noted some similarities between 1 Peter and Philo's writings, but the wild suppositiions of Dreyfuss's article are the result of inadequate scholarship, and LaRouche's fantasies derived therefrom are just pathetic.

(For example, the notion that Peter and Philo met at Rome, which has been a centerpiece of Labor Committee hagiography. It derives from Eusebius, but cannot have been true, because Biblical research shows that Peter didn't get to Rome till about AD 55, and Philo died in AD 50. Scholars know this. LaRouche does not.)

In other words, it's like everything with LaRouche: A little learning is a dangerous thing.

He hears a fragment in passing about something he does not well understand, or is entirely ignorant of, and off he goes, emitting dicta that become the dogma of his epigonoi.

So when his interlocutor above asks him about universities, he's off and running down a familiar path, relieving himself of some of that ever-renewed, unending, churning, boiling tidal wave of hatred and resentment which characterizes his inner self.

The solution? Get out of the way.


Posted on Saturday, November 03, 2007 - 10:27 am:

Thanks to a link by Skull-Bones, I read the talk page for Ken Kronberg's website at Wikipedia: It appears that all of the hysteria that has not come out elsewhere from Larouche et al about the news coverage of Ken Kronberg's suicide may be erupting on that page. I would be interested in hearing some comments from others on what is being said on that page. Thanks. Also, what is the story regarding "dead LaRouche jokes"? Is there credible evidence that members are actually telling these jokes?


Posted on Saturday, November 03, 2007 - 10:58 am:

As an addendum to my last post, one of the entries on the Kronberg talk page is the following exchange between an apparent Wikipedia editor and, I believe, a LaRouchie:

"Also, why did you change the text from "jumped" to "fell"? The headlines of the sources are "Rt. 28 Suicide Jumper Was Long-Time Associate of LaRouche" and "Man Jumps from Overpass". Do we have a source that claims he fell instead of jumped? •:• Will Beback •:• 23:21, 26 October 2007 (UTC) "

"We know how the document you cite7? was obtained -- Freedom of Information act. How was the supposed Papert document obtained? Exactly what are Dennis King's expert qualifications? And the fell/jumped question was prompted by the law enforcement source cited in the article, which said "apparent suicide." My view was that anything beyond the official source was editorial supposition. --Masai warrior 12:48, 27 October 2007 (UTC) "

Are the LaRouchies now claiming that Ken K "accidentally fell"?


Posted on Saturday, November 03, 2007 - 5:49 pm:

The credibility of the "Dead Larouche jokes" depends on how much credence you take from this comment from the summer, which elicited an eyebrow-arching "Really?" from me:

The big thing in one of the regions now is Dead LaRouche jokes. At least they are funnier than the MySpace jokes, which are stupid.

How will that halfwit Jeff Steinberg manage to exert authority when he doesn't have a spine? That's easy. Dead LaRouche will prop him up!

Who has a cure for the politics of male impotence? Dead LaRouche, of course. He's always stiff.

What's the stuffing for Dead LaRouche? Nobody knows, but it sure isn't old copies of EIR. We gotta keep those to sell at full price during deployments.


Posted on Sunday, November 04, 2007 - 12:32 am:

There are a number of LaRouche types--Marvin Diode, MaplePorter, Masai Warrior, and Niels Gade, among others--who seem to spend their lives on Wikipedia changing reportage on LaRouche, Kronberg, Jeremiah Duggan, etc. to cast LaRouche in a favorable light and any challengers, accusers, or even simply reporters who have said anything discreditable about him, in a bad one.

These are the geniuses who concluded that because Molly Kronberg gave money to Bush and the GOP, she is not a reliable source for information on Ken Kronberg's death because she has a "political axe to grind" and because by supporting the Republicans she was "undermining Ken's lifework."

They also contest the contents of the April 11 morning briefing, demand of the other editors (like Hexham, who seems to make sense) where they got their access to briefings--and then belatedly realize that all this material is posted on Dennis King's website and has been for some time.

They claim that every source is a biased source, dispute briefings and memos because they are "unpublished," and generally make a tremendous nuisance of themselves (see also the discussion on LaRouche's own Wikipedia page, and the debate between Chip Berlet and a few of these clowns).

Two things are to be concluded: (1.) Yes, Labor Committee members are in a great deal of turmoil over Ken Kronberg's death and its sequelae, and (2.) There are a lot of Labor Committee members with a lot of time on their hands.

The question is: Are they deployed to do this, or are they taking time out from their deployments (gasp) to do it on their own?

Curiously, they sound exactly like the LaRouche org members who post on this site and Skull/Bones and now American Prospect, always claiming that they have "never" been fulltime members of the LaRouche cult, but only supporters from afar.

I mean: Odd One, Time for Truth, Brewncue, Revenire, Res Publica, "Steve," and the Wikipedia crew. They all sound strangely like the same person. Maybe they are--or maybe the virus of LaRouchism has so infected their brains that their speech and writing patterns have been homogenized.

But the funniest thing of all is the uniform claim that they are not members. This, no doubt, is to make it look as if there is a groundswell of support for LaRouche across the country, instead of the Lyndon Who? reality.


Posted on Sunday, November 04, 2007 - 1:44 pm:

A few days ago I posted URLs for new Dennis King postings on his lyndonlarouchewatch site.

Here I just want to point out an interesting one on a reported LaRouche role in setting up death squads in Spain:

Heavens! What a busy little bee. I didn't see the word agape once in the El Mundo article either, did you?


Posted on Sunday, November 04, 2007 - 2:34 pm:

Oh, and another hairraising King post is this:

It's LaRouche's August 1982 jaw-dropping "commentary" on Kissinger, titled Kissinger, the Politics of Faggotry.

Read it and retch.


Posted on Monday, November 05, 2007 - 10:34 am:

Finding it of interest to try and do some fact checking on Mr. Mohamed Ali Seineldin, most of which was in Spanish and for which I did not have time to translate, I did find some interesting information that not only was this Colonel involved in three coup attempts against democratically elected politicians like Menem and others, but that, not surprisingly he was also known for his extreme anti-Semitic views. I have not confirmed if he was connected at all to the synagogue bombings in Argentina, but it would not be at all surprising. As LaRouche tells his minions when they go out to the intersections to raise money (not sing) HAVE FUN backing this sick anti-semite.


Posted on Monday, November 05, 2007 - 11:31 am:

Still astonished at the rantings found on the Wikipedia talk page for Ken Kronberg. Here is one discussing the family's memorial website for Ken:

"It is most emphatically not 'his family's memorial website' -- it is a propaganda site run by his cousin, acting as a meatpuppet for Dennis King. --NathanDW 01:04, 14 June 2007 (UTC)"

It seems that Lewis Carroll was thinking of NathanDW, Larouche et al when he wrote:

"The Duchess: Be what you would seem to be -- or, if you'd like it put more simply -- Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise.
Alice: I think I should understand that better, if I had it written down: but I can't quite follow it as you say it.


Intermediate Member
Posted on Monday, November 05, 2007 - 10:26 pm:

Checking out every day has replaced reading the daily Dilbert for sheer, laugh-packed entertainment value.

This kid they have coughing up a serialized hagiography to Cooper amusingly writes as poorly as his idol. Check out these whoppers:

At Revolution's end, George Washington works in New York plotting the route for a canal to Lake Erie, and in the middle Atlantic for routes to the Ohio River.

I searched out that daily newspaper, mentioned in this anti-Van Buren context, but otherwise unheralded in 20th-Century historical literature.

Holy cow, I assumed it was a kid, but I just looked at the author's name: Tony Chaitkin! Wow, how the mighty have fallen.

The timeline given below focusses on what was initially seen through the window of The Patriot, its general period and locus of action, only touching on certain available-to-hand aspects of the earlier and wider reality which will be the proper subject of historical inquiry.

Henry C. Carey, son of Mathew Carey, and later the principal strategist for nationalist politics everywhere, arranges the publishing of Cooper's The Heidenmauer. Cooper shows the oligarchical interest that pushes Luther's Reformation, while at the same time he spotlights the duplicity of the Benedictines, who manipulate superstitious public opinion.

And so fourth (as Tony might write.)


Posted on Monday, November 05, 2007 - 10:27 pm:

Gee whiz, Avi's article is all over the Internet, most recently at, a widely read site indeed.

No wonder the LPAC income is dropping (see Jeff's briefing lead for Nov. 5). I don't think carping about My Space is going to get you anywhere, folks. I think it's deeper than that. (You might consider losing the repellent graphic on the LPAC website, while you're at it. The one of Nancy Pelosi's head--couldn't be more offputting. How's that for "animation"? Straight out of Lovecraft's "Re-animator.")

(Also, did you notice that after fretting for ages about My Space, Lyn just discovered Facebook? How many years behind the times is that?)

Finally, did you catch that marvelously self-reflexive phrase in LaRouche's 1982 opus Kissinger, The Politics of Faggotry? I mean the line where he says (of Kissinger), "Most citizens have noticed about Kissinger, that he explodes into irrational rages very easily. He exhibits a distinctly unmanly testiness."

Well, I don't know about "most citizens," and I don't know about Kissinger, but I will say it sounds a lot like LaRouche. A distinctly unmanly testiness--I like that phrase. Whenever I think about LaRouche's venomous attacks on, say, Ken Kronberg, I'll think about LaRouche's unmanly testiness, too....


Posted on Tuesday, November 06, 2007 - 6:41 pm:

Got All That, Team? Then Let's Go Get 'Em!

Kapow! The Trifecta! Three briefing leads in a row that suggest the org is in a heap o' trouble. (BTW: Looks like Jeff is writing every briefing now.)

1. Sunday briefing, Nov. 4


JEFF: Let me first of all start out by making sure that everybody's attention has already been flagged to the LaRouchePAC website and the new animation which leads the website.[Everybody's attention flagged years ago.] And Lyn basically intervened against a certain flatness and went to the crew out here in the Basement and said, "Let's apply the animations technology that we're working with to really add some spice to the website," and I think you'll agree that the opening shot, the Nancy Pelosi Mask really is exactly what the doctor ordered. [Dr. Kevorkian.]
The other big challenge that we're going to have to take up and solve this week, is a certain disconnect[They're not making any money], between the LPAC income being generated versus the actual tremendous breakthroughs that are being made operationally, through the LPAC work in a number of different ways: Obviously, we've turned the country upside down already [Oh, swell], around the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act, and we know, without going into a lot of name, rank, and serial number detail [Because it sounds way better if it's secret knowledge], that the issue of Lyn's firewall proposal is being intensively studied and debated in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill, against an enormous counterorganizing effort....[Wow! What else is new?]

  • In Illinois, we got … two initial sponsors on the HBPA, as the Illinois legislature is also in emergency session, over the fact that they can't get a budget together. And those two sponsors--in the context of the Mark Fairchild's highly successful statewide tour, and then his direct intervention in Springfield with the press
    conference at the State Capitol, delivering a 20-year-long "I told you so" from Lyn….[Can you imagine anything more impotent?]


(Message edited by eaglebeak on November 06, 2007)

(Message edited by eaglebeak on November 06, 2007)


Posted on Tuesday, November 06, 2007 - 6:44 pm:

2. Monday briefing, Nov. 5


It is time to end the insanity of the persistent downward trend in LPAC income at the very moment that Lyn's political impact is on an upward trend, as never before.[The money's getting worse and worse.]

Look at what we have already done with the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act (HBPA). This is the only reality being debated, albeit behind closed doors, on Capitol Hill. [Claptrap.]

If we successfully prevent a bombing of Iran, it will have been solely the result of Lyn's persistent intervention against the Children of Satan….[Balderdash.]

Despite all this, many of our own people have not seized upon this reality, to drive LPAC. Face it: From 1976-2004, Lyn ran for President in every election cycle, and it was the impact of his Presidential campaigns, despite some internal sabotaging [Boy, Nancy, he'll never let you forget that—even though you didn't do a thing], that drove whatever outreach was achieved, and whatever successive boosts in income followed from it…. We almost pulled off a Kerry victory, through our efforts, in league with Bill Clinton and the Clinton team. [And the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and Amelia Earhart.

Ostensibly [What does Jeff think ostensibly MEANS?], Lyn is not running for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008, for obvious reasons of age. But that does not mean that we are not {running a massive intervention into the Presidential elections.}


(Message edited by eaglebeak on November 06, 2007)

(Message edited by eaglebeak on November 06, 2007)

Posted on Tuesday, November 06, 2007 - 6:49 pm:

3. Tuesday briefing, Nov. 6


The following is a paraphrase of Lyn's message to the organization, delivered on Monday night in dialogue with the NEC, the LYM and a group of Chicago organizers who have been tearing up Ground Zero in Loudoun County for the past weeks.

The organization has been in a crisis for months that must be solved right now. Up through March-April of this year, the organization was based on field deployments with mass-circulation pamphlets. [What happened in March-April? Anyone remember? It's on the tip of my tongue—it was—it was—I got it! Ken Kronberg committed suicide and PMR closed down!] That perspective was abandoned and now must be revived. [And strangely enough, from that day forth, the perspective of having literature was abandoned. Shoulda thought of that before, Lyn.]

From the mid-1970s to the present day, the organization's survival was based on Lyn's Presidential campaigns. [Just as you always suspected—all those FEC dollars were keeping the darned thing going.] Now, the country is going to hell [unlike all those other times, when we just SAID it was going to hell] and what is needed is a spokesman to articulate what must be done to change course and restore the American System and our tradition. Just because Lyn, for age reasons alone, is not running for President does not change that basic fact.

Lyn saw that a Bush reelection would mean the destruction of the legacy of the Clinton Presidency, and so we intervened. We succeeded, despite resistance from within the organization [He's at it again, Nancy], with the deployment of 100 youth to Boston, singing. This changed the course of history and saved the organization. [I can't top that one….]

We are going to redo a competent production of the Prologomena(sic). We are going to revive what we were doing through
the early Spring of this year [EARLY Spring—that would be before April 11]--mass organizing through an array of mass pamphlets, which give people an idea of what we are doing.[We want our literature back.] Then the Prologomena (sic), which gives the serious people an in-depth idea of our broad strategy for saving the nation and mankind.

You need a young adult movement to create a maelstrom. Define the wave of the future. That is what gets people of every age bracket truly excited. We must not have a Romantic notion of the youth, or of the tweeners. We know the weaknesses and the neurotic problems. [The youth have neurotic problems? When did that happen? Last I looked, they were marvelous in our eyes.]

Recognize what we are doing that is right. We have total authority, Lyn has total authority on the economy and the financial collapse. Look at what we are accomplishing around the HBPA, and now, around a renewed interest in capital budgeting. The HBPA firewall is the only thing that can avert total disaster. [If we could only figure out what we meant by "firewall."]


(Message edited by eaglebeak on November 06, 2007)


Posted on Tuesday, November 06, 2007 - 6:50 pm:

We have a package of issues. We have nuclear energy, and we are going to politically destroy Al Gore, as part of this drive. [By the way.]

So we are going to shift to a deployment policy that is a shocker. [I'm shocked. I've been shocked for years.]

[And another thing….] We must, in this context, destroy Nancy Pelosi. She is the market (sic), the test of politics. She is keeping Dick Cheney in place, and if Cheney, by virtue of Pelosi's sabotage, gets his Iran war, then more people will die than were killed by Hitler, and she will have that blood on her hands. [Plus she's a woman….]

(Message edited by eaglebeak on November 06, 2007)


Posted on Tuesday, November 06, 2007 - 7:12 pm:

Um. Huh. Hm. Huh.

Congratulations on the animations. I guess.

I have noticed the basic themes of this working their way into their LPAC postings. Somebody of some academic note says the not terribly unpopular idea that Democrats should emulate FDR, Larouche jumps on it as evidence of... um?

It is time to end the insanity of the persistent downward trend in LPAC income

Yeah, you go do that.

You need a young adult movement to create a maelstrom. Define the wave of the future. That is what gets people of every age bracket truly excited. We must not have a Romantic notion of
the youth, or of the tweeners. We know the weaknesses and the neurotic problems. [The youth have neurotic problems? When did that happen? Last I looked, they were marvelous in our eyes.]

You understand the problem is that the myspace and the facebook and the video games are blinding them to the genius of Larouche, right? The LYM, I suppose, are the exceptions.


Posted on Tuesday, November 06, 2007 - 9:38 pm:

It is time to end the insanity of the persistent downward trend in LPAC income at the very moment that Lyn's political impact is on an upward trend, as never before.

What upward trend in political impact? Didn't Avi Klein clearly show there was no impact? Oh wait, I forgot. Any small move off the cellar floor is an upward trend. In any case, the money is drying up, and apparently the org is reconsidering printed pamphlets. Wonder who'll they will get to pay for that since PMR isn't around to do it for free? Is Beltran around to help? Or did he finally bail out?


Posted on Tuesday, November 06, 2007 - 10:13 pm:

Thank you, eaglebeak, for today's daily Dilbert. Since they've only now discovered that the yutes have "weaknesses" and "neurotic problems" (watch out, kids, that means you're "blocking" and not raising enough money - the days of "intellectual work" are over and you are now seeing what we have been writing about here these past four or five years) perhaps the fundraising can be outsourced to Elbonia.

This recent twist on Pelosi is nothing but another illustration of LaRash's well-documented misogyny, by the way.

With no FEC funds rolling in and no lit, things are ostensibly a tad dour in the org these days.

Have fun, m-f-rs!


Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 - 5:06 pm:

Wow after reading some of the above insanity by Lyn I am so happy to be out of the org.

maybe you all could give me some of your own thoughts on this...

Even though I am overjoyed to see the difference in my life from when I was a member to now; I still have this obsession to see what they are up too all the time. I am constantly wondering what new thing they are up to and who is still in and what they are trying.

Its a bizaare moment I have each wek when I sense my mind drifting this way. Am I waisting my time?


Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 - 6:02 pm:

Venetian Spy, welcome to this site which explains the Bizarro world of Larouche and the LC/LYM for the world.

If you have a nice life going on, reading this site ant others wil only confirm your reasons for leaving the LC. People wander in here for many reasons, mostly to laugh at what they read about the cult and to see how much longer the deadenders can keep this farce going.

Along the way, if anyone can add some info to what was going on the LC, it will provide more of the picture for people. The way the cult was structured basically kept anyone from knowing the full story, like the abortions or the millions paid out to scam artists for example.

Avi's article has somehow taken ona life of its own as an obituary as it is apperaing in many blogs across the globe. In a sense, Avi is more read by people wanting to know about Larouche than larouche himself! There are probably more hits for that article than for LPAC now.

This is leading to many funny articles about the cult like this one.

Lyndon LaRouche, American political figure and economist who was sentenced to 15 years' jail for fraud has fallen hook, line and sinker for an April 1st joke on a Second Life blog. No, Rupert Murdoch did NOT pay $30 million for a Second Life blog that posted three articles in six months. This sentence on the blog should have been a clue: "Simon Lameth, owner of Metaverse Media before the purchase, was seen running from the press conference to the Ferarri dealership down the street". Especially since Simon Lameth wrote the post. Besides, would you believe a guy that can't spell "Ferrari"?

I've decided I'm not subscribing to Mr LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review.

This article continues the Avi article theme that after spending damn near a QUARTER BILLION DOLLARS , Lyn has squat.

"Still, I'm fairly certain that the big dogs on the GOP porch are thinking, "Yeah, sure, but Lyndon LaRouche has managed to buy quite a bit of TV time over the years…" in his erstwhile Democratic Party presidential campaigns. It goes without saying that LaRouche never made a dent in Democratic presidential politics (and that was even before he went to jail). "

The remaining deadenders can fight over who has the honor of shoveling the soil on a soiled larouche. Maybe Lyn needs younger bodies to carry his coffin as quite a few Leesburg deadenders have arthritis.


Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 - 6:03 pm:

Here is another in the "Goodbye Larouche" genre which Avi spawned.

Goodbye, Lyndon!

A great article on what hopefully is the demise of the Lyndon LaRouche movement. For those unfamiliar with LaRouche, a couple of hours of research on him might be worthwhile: this is the story of how deep and encompassing conspiratorial delusion can be. The man will surely go down in the footnotes as one of America's great political freaks with his work best categorized as "classic autodidact paranoid delirium."

I first made the acquaintance of members of the LaRouche Youth Movement when I was walking down Friedrichstrasse in Berlin in early 2005. They were holding up posters denouncing Bush/Cheney and looked like average ragtag college-age protesters. Then they handed me some literature: Children of Satan III (click here for a summary). Then two of the members began to describe to me how Keynes had been trained by Heinrich Himmler and instructed to create the Bretton Woods system to enslave the world. (And how Allan Dulles had arranged for Kennedy's assassination with the help of ex-Nazis.) This is only the tip of the iceberg. From well-sourced Wikipedia:

Journalist and LaRouche critic Dennis King wrote in his book "Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism" (Chaps 28-30), that LaRouche focuses his critique on a supposed "oligarchical" elite--an age-old conspiracy based on usury, tax-farming, banking swindles and the like, that is depicted as unremittingly evil. LaRouche identifies the ancient incarnation of this elite with "the anti-human bestialists" and "parasites," "Babylonians and other non-Jews" who "cooked up the hoax known as the Old Testament." He associates the elite's medieval form with Italian banking families, primarily Jewish ones, that he blames, according to King, for poisoning Popes and causing the Black Plague. As to the modern elite, LaRouche has connected it with a cabal of mostly Jewish banking families in London. According to King, LaRouche has described this elite in many of his articles as an alien race hostile to the human species.
This sounds a lot like another of my favourite political theorists, David Ickes, who believes the world's elites are a species of reptilian alien. X-files meets Protocols of the Elders of Zion?
What makes Larouche different from other maniacs is his longevity and indefatigableness. He has been doing this for four decades. He's run for president eight times. His theories and conspiracies have built upon one another (if that can be said) thoughout the years to a point of total convolution and impenetrability. But with the suicide of his printer earlier this year, and his lack of Internet presence, and his age (85), this Washington Monthly article suggests LaRouche's ideas may soon be relegated to wherever it is they put the refuse rejected from the dustbin of history.




Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 - 6:04 pm:

Then there is this:

End of an era

With a dozen candidates from both parties currently competing for their chance to be president, it's hard to remember all the names of the mostly interchangeable politicians. However, in the all the confusion, something important has happened. For the first time since the 1972 presidential election, Lyndon LaRouche will not be running. To anyone only familiar with his name, the wikipedia entry is a must-read. To roughly summarize, LaRouche's political views are another piece of evidence that fascism and socialism are matters of degree.

To get a fuller picture of the LaRouche empire, this article in the Washington Monthly is recommended. The most amazing aspect is the amount of money LaRouche managed to receive from the FEC as matching funds for campaign contributions. Due to massive amounts of fraud and faulty accounting, the U.S. taxpayers actually supported LaRouche's crusade to spew paranoid nonsense during every presidential election. For that reason alone, I'm happy to see this era end.


What Lyn and the cult have accomplished in all of these years is basically this for the LYM to inherit.

Larouche's Impact [Jonah Goldberg]

Not so fast, David. First of all the Larouchies perform a valuable function. On college campuses, once you find out a kid takes Larouche seriously, you no longer have to politely stand there while he lectures you. It's like a dye-marker of asininity.

Second, you may not have heard that some former (?) Larouchies are apparently thriving at places like The American Prospect.


Australia checks in with Avi's article here.

In NJ every thing which Elliot Greenspan left Rutgers for, including a promising journalism career 35 years ago is summed up in this paragraph from the Star Ledger"

"It's been painful to watch poor Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) try to explain away his repeated donations to psychotic anti-Semite Lyndon LaRouche.

"I knew LaRouche to be kind of a nut case, to be extreme," Johnson says. "But I didn't know about the anti-Semitism. I apologize for that."

By that logic, it's okay to donate money to a nut case, as long as he's not a bigot. "


Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 - 6:09 pm:

To sum up. Lyn in his Cadre School banter to yutes about setting up a college had him blowing his stack.

"Why don't they listen to me!!!!"

Lyn, you crusty criminal, people have read and listened to you and have mad it clear that you are a criminal with many problems. What is left are the people who DO NOT read your lunacy and fall for your silly, cheap parlor tricks. The others know this is all a bunch of crap and hang on for dear life as they have blown their entire lives in this lunacy.

Your pal Jeff Steinberg may be ready to set up his own operation for the 9/11 crowd like Tarpley has. Jeff can make some money and not have to worry about feeding a few hundred mouths each day. That is the job for crazy cat/yute lady Barbara to do.

Yutes, we told you that your future is either a card table shrine or a carcinogen inhalation station.

We are approaching the 30th anniversary of Jonestown yutes. Lyn has you on the path for eternal salvation. He has a few deadenders who have rewritten the LC history for yutes and people who need to be conned.

Unfortunately for Lyn, the mice keep on multiplying and double clicking him to his grave.


Posted on Thursday, November 08, 2007 - 1:53 pm:

Welcome Venetian Spy. Your post does not indicate what period you were in the org. You will find those who have been in or out for quite a period of time and others who got out relatively recently. For an interesting link to a site that monitors the LYM presence on campuses, especially if you came out through the LYM movement as opposed to one of the LaRouche org.'s earlier manifestions: i.e., NCLC, NDPC, NWRO, War On Drugs Coalition, FEF, Schiller Institute, etc. etc. you may find the link interesting as it discusses campuses events, the Jeremiah Duggan case, Ken Kronberg, etc.


Posted on Thursday, November 08, 2007 - 5:21 pm:

Larouche's rape of the minds

I have some thoughts regarding (most of) ex-members.

Ex-members played a role into building larouche criminal cult. How do they feel now about tragedies like Ken Kronberg's and Jeremiah Duggan's deaths? Do they feel any responsibility into not helping to expose the cult?

Most of them do not want to hear anything anymore about their larouchian past. Nothing happened, it was all a bad dream. Let's go back to what we learned so well: amnesia. Most of them feel embarrassed and sometimes ashamed.

I think that this feeling of silence and shame could be compared to... rape victims.
It is known that rape victims, especially when they are young, would keep their shameful secret for themselves and feel guilty for the rest of their lives. They don't want to talk about it. It's probably the same psychological mechanism for most of cult victims.

Does that mean ex members were just poor victims? No, they weren't. Unlike rape victims, the cult victims are also guilty as they were part of the offense... and enjoyed it!.
I plead guilty, unlike ex-members who would say "we only obeyed to the orders", which was the main line of defense of the Nazis tried at Nuremberg! This is, in my view, the real reason why many ex-members can't take it and would blame larouche watchers like D King or C Berlet; they aren't ready to face some facts and can't draw the lessons from it. Most of them feel ashamed and embarrassed. Embarassed because they were involved into things they now regret. Like a victim of a rape who drank too much that night...

Is the word "rape" too shocking? Well, not for larouche. Go back to his 1974 "Rockefellers'fascism with a democratic face" Campaigner, third part whose title was "Fascism' rape of the mind".
The conspiracy was that "rockefeller" forces had the project of a "1984" fascist society using mass brainwashing techniques.
As usual and as we all know, in larouche land reality is turned upside down, on its head: Rockefeller's "1984 fascist" project was in reality larouche/big brother's... and Rockefeller's "rape of the mind" was what the members were submitted to: a.k.a. the BP sessions.

Now this notion of the "rape of the mind" was the central subject of a 1956 study on totalitarian regimes: "THE RAPE OF THE MIND: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing", by Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D., Instructor in Psychiatry, Columbia University Lecturer in Social Psychology, New School for Social Research, Former Chief, Psychological Department, Netherlands Forces.

What this psychologist uncovered is shocking when applied to miniature totalitarian societies like political cults.

There are indeed striking, worrying parallels between this book, larouche's "Fascism' rape of the mind" as described in this Campaigner, especially regarding "mass psychosis", "paranoia", "local control" etc, and... his own Organization!


Posted on Thursday, November 08, 2007 - 5:28 pm:

Larouche's rape of the minds (2)

Here are some techniques totalitarian regimes use, according to Meerloo:

The Strategy of Terror : "There exist several milder forms of mass terror, for instance, THE STRATEGY OF NO POLITICAL REST."

The Purging Rituals : "Cleaning out the higher echelons of government is an old historic habit. The struggle between fathers and sons, between the older and the younger generation, became ritualized far back in prehistoric times. [...] In Totalitaria, the killing and purging ritual is part of the mechanism of government, and it serves not only a symbolic but also a very real function for the dictator. He must eliminate all those he has bypassed and double-crossed in his ruthless climb to power, lest their resentments and frustrated rage break out, endangering his position or even his life.
The purge reflects another characteristic of life in Totalitaria. It dramatizes the fiction that the party is always on the alert to keep itself pure and clean. Psychiatry has demonstrated that the cleanliness compulsion in neurotic individuals is actually a displaced defense against their own inner rage and hostility."

Wild Accusation and Black Magic : "The more fear there is in a society, the more guilt each individual member of the society feels, the more need there is for internal scapegoats and external enemies. INTERNAL CONFUSION LOOKS FOR DISCHARGE IN OUTSIDE WARS.
In Totalitaria, the air is full of gossip, calumny, and rumor. Any accusation, even if it is false, has a greater influence on the citizenry than subsequent vindication. Bills of particulars, made out of whole cloth are manufactured against innocents, especially against former leaders, who have been able to develop some personal esteem and loyalty among their friends and followers. "

Spy Mania : "Projecting blame onto others reinforces each citizen's sense of participation in the totalitarian community and stills the nagging internal voice demanding that he act as a self-responsible individual. The myth of external plotting also increases the individual citizen's feeling of dependence and immaturity. Now only his dictatorial leader can protect him from the evil world outside -- a world which is described to him as a vast zoo, inhabited by atomic dragons and hydrogen monsters. "

The Strategy of Criminalization: "Flowery catchwords, such as "historical necessity," help the individual to rationalize immorality and evil into morality and good. We see here the great corruption of civilized standards.
In his strategy of criminalization, the totalitarian dictator destroys the conscience of his followers, just as he has destroyed his own. "

Verbocracy and Semantic Fog -- Talking the People into Submission : "The multiform use of words in DOUBLE TALK serves as an attack on our logic, that is, an attack on our understanding of what monolithic dictatorship really is. Hear, hear the nonsense: "Peace is war and war is peace! Democracy is tyranny and freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength! Virtue is vice and truth is a lie." So says the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's grim novel, "1984." [...] Instead of aiming at true understanding, people listen to thoughtless repetition, which gives them THE DELUSION OF UNDERSTANDING."

Logocide : "The trick is to replace a disagreeable image though the substance remains the same. The totalitarians consequently have to fabric a hate language in order to stir up the mass emotions. "
etc, etc

Rings a bell...?


Posted on Thursday, November 08, 2007 - 5:53 pm:

Excellent, shadok. I posted something similar some time ago. As I cast darts at the Larooshites today, I must remain cognizant of my own past role in the insanity and that I did just about all of the things these people do today. On the other hand, that's the strength of our witness to members who haven't yet found their way out. We serve as examples that one can get one's life back on track at any age no matter how long we were members of a vicious cult. What gives my critique added bite is really a large measure of self-deprecating humor as I find it ever harder to believe I could have fallen for - and participated in - all of this nonsense for so long. Thank you for helping me to be humble and to have more compassion and forgiveness for both these lost souls still toiling in the darkness of their obsession and also for myself.


Posted on Thursday, November 08, 2007 - 6:25 pm:


to be humble, to rediscover humility and compassion is to become human again. Of course, from our former Inner Elites status back to everyday's reality, the fall could be hard. Some ex-members still enjoy being part of some select clubs, think tanks etc in Washington DC or elsewhere. This is just to keep their illusions and vanity alive.
The problem with cults in general and this one in particular is that there are no "help lines" for ex-larouchies, unlike for rape victims.
This forum could probably help.
I am very sorry for all these LYM-ers who come here to throw trash and insults at our faces. Sorry but not angry. How could I? This is probably what I was shouting when a member myself!
But I think that the analogy between a "cult victim" and a "rape victim" is a valid one and could help to understand better what most of ex-members had to go through after they left.
Unlike Socrates, Larouche rapes minds.

Posted on Thursday, November 08, 2007 - 8:08 pm:

To extend the analogy, the rapist is ordinarily impotent like La La, and thus one infinitesimal ball of impotent rage striving vainly to make itself felt on others.

One thing to recognize is that the good we saw in the organization was largely projected onto it from our own good nature, which is one reason I maintain that I knew many good people in the organization, some of whom remain. But while our minds and hearts were largely set on these grand ideals, we rarely looked down to see the evil our hands were doing or listened to the hateful nonsense that was coming out of our mouths.


Posted on Friday, November 09, 2007 - 7:15 pm:

I recieved this email from a former member who was in the Detroit operations for several years. It is posted by me for what reasons which will be obvious. many of you will know who this is, especially the THREE DECADE LCers.

For the yutes, well, you will be staying out pretty late until you hit quota. When you come back, ask some of the NCs who this just might be. If you think that the antisemitism of Lyn is just an isolated affair, then you are in the same boat many of us were when we spread this lunacy. You have your "locusts" and "Cabal" words to hide yourself after a Zayed Center rant by Lyn. In a few years, when many of you will be leaving, keep some of the lit hidden away for a bit. After a few years pass by, reread it and see how foolish this all was and how your idealism and youth were stolen to make you a Larouche Yute.


Dear All,

I have had problems in posting for some reason that is irrelevant as I hope and pray (not literally) that xlcr will post this for me. I am legally blind (don't know what illegally blind is…grin). Nonetheless I've read the posts on this list and have done other online research during the past month or so after several years of absence from this hideous cult. For, you might know I have recently celebrated the anniversary of the mass exodus from Larouche land in Detroit circa October 30, 1981.

I have been deeply touched by all those who are concerned about the youth being raped of the mind by this savage mind f**ker LHL.

Never more so has that come to light in my mind and soul as in the recent soulful exchange by Shadduck and Sancho for while years have peeled away guilt and self deprecation stay with me and are smacked hard upon my ears and my heart in every reading of posts here in this "fact land".

I love and admire the humility expressed by Shadduck and Sancho and others. It is after all else the road to salvation so to speak. Don't get me wrong, I'm not to this day "religious". I am a fervent agnostic. Why that is my best effort in "not knowing"; in true humility. While I respect all practitioners of religion I abhor the notion of "knowing the nature of God or gods". It is simply too big of an issue for my puny brain to grapple with and the LHL thing has left me with a most healthy sense of skepticism of anyone or any group which portends to know truth or the ultimate truth. Perhaps this goes to my truly healthy anarchical nature. By that I mean a healthy skepticism once again and a most healthy anti-authoritarian nature.

With these statements as prelude allow me some humble contrition and commentary here if you all will.

I was raised Catholic and one of my most formative and beneficial soul developing attributes in that upbringing was a recognition as a youth that anti-Semitism was simply a bad thing. I was raised upon the movie "Judgment at Nuremberg". I also viewed the newsreels of holocaust victims in a small Catholic School gym in seventh grade. And those images haunt me, and help shape my sense of social justice, of grand good and grand sin to this very day. In part, I joined LHL's BS because I abhorred such racially ascribed insanity as what led to the holocaust of not only Jews but so many other innocents ranging from homosexuals to those people with disabilities to Gypsies to Slavs to trade unionists to Communists. But, this does not mitigate the sorry and terrible offenses to Jews.


Posted on Friday, November 09, 2007 - 7:16 pm:

Now, bearing this in mind I think back to the late seventies when this b*stard Larouche started his revisionist BS on the holocaust. Perhaps the mindless Anti-Semitism was already there before he started his sexual escapades with the likes of Willis Carto but I didn't notice it. I was too busy raising money for this mind f*cking Fuhrer after all.

Regardless, I too, like Sancho and Shadduck and others must acknowledge my own sin for while I did not engage in anti-Semitic crap I swept it under the rug of my mind and my soul. For these sins of omission I was simply, morally wrong in my own mind and in my own heart. It is indeed heartbreaking to acknowledge this "evil" in myself to this date. But, it must be if I am to be self absolved or "saved" so to speak at least in my own heart or conscience.

Now, while I again eschew to this day religion being a person of both skeptic nature, a violated one myself, and acknowledging the hypocrisy of all organized religions I do note here a positive value of most of the great religious institiouns. That is the notion of "confession" or recognition of wrong and atonement or forgiveness. This is expressed in all of the great western religions including Judaism, Islam and Christianity. But, too often it is ignored by the rank in file member of all. Now, with this said I must confess to this day that I "Knew or should have known" in the Nuremberg Trials sense of that term of the evils expoused by the degenerate Larouch. Yes, as Shadduck suggests my mind was indeed raped to wharp me so, but I must humbly acknowledge my own guilt in this affair which is something very difficult to do. To this day I cannot reconcile in my mind how I suckered for the BS. But, I cannot ignore the fact that I did so. It is simply a stark realit y; an event born in my personal history of five years in the cult.

For those of whom I've offended by this I humbly ask for forgiveness.

Now, with this said I've been able to build a new life over this quarter of a century. It has been far from perfect. I've made my own share of mistakes in my personal and even public life. But, for the most part I've been a loving person both in my domestic life and in my public affairs.

No, I am not perfect, I'm far from that and in fact I don't even really know what "perfect" is. I am a flawed vessel after all; but one striving to just be good not great.

Now, it is most sad and pathetic that Larouche will be condemned to a sort of hell of his own device. By that I mean I won't be the one to send him there. He will go there of his own sad and sickly device.

I've contemplated recently in my mind what level of Hell he'll abide. I've come to the conclusion after the great Avi Klein piece that it will be a recogniton that he spent so much in both human and monetary terms for a "vanity press" and yet knot a one reads his puke and there won't be anyone who remembers him after he dies. He is even pathetic in his evil as it is just impotent except for the spell he somehow cast upon the likes of me. For actually he will be less read than even Hitler or others of intense infamy.


Posted on Friday, November 09, 2007 - 7:17 pm:

Now all of this doesn't mean I don't have opinions and belieis. I do. I believe in the intrinsic goodly nature of humans and abhore the evil expressed most often with violence, silenceing and force. Force after all else is the weapon of the weak in my mind and opinion. Now, all this goes to Shadducks notion that we who followed this fool and degenerate wre indeed victims of rape, but that we too must acknoledge our wrongs and try to right them if to ever be absolved even in our own minds which, in my mind is the most important place for such things.

I, humbly recognize how difficult this is to actually do.

I mean, after all else this is why I've been so obsessed and alternately appalled by reading and such over the past month. It pricks me hard in my own soul and to the core. Still, this venture, again in humble opinion must be gone through if I am to gain peace of soul and mind.

I thank one and all for the venue for this voyage and hope I've not opprossed a soul with my own rantings herin.

Of "the yutes" I say only this: "Please leave as soon as you can do so from this thing that is raping you." I don't ask this for any other reason than you will have a greater peace of mind in your departing from this evil thing. You will eventually reconcile the good and the bad within you once out of the raping of your well intentioned minds. It won't be "perfect" for such is not the thing given to human beings. But, you'll have a shot at the attempt if you leave. You don't have a sick ghost of a chance if you stay.




Posted on Saturday, November 10, 2007 - 11:18 am:

Nonlinear1, thank you for your honesty.
I am not religious myself and to "confess", that is to acknowledge our responsibilities, our errors, is the path towards if not "salvation", at least towards some peace of mind. This is known in psychology as well, no need for religion here.
More importantly, before being able to ask for "forgiveness" to our victims, it is important to be able to forgive ourselves first, to have mercy for ourselves. Yes, we are only human, yes we are not perfect, yes we do mistakes. What is important is that these mistakes not to be repeated. This requires humility and I consider humility as the ultimate cure to desintoxicate ourselves from any remnants of larouchism (it works for me). Of course, it doesn't prevent us from being proud of what we do or have done, even as a member of the LCs! I would go as far as using this painful experience positively: after all (and unlike Jeremiah and Ken) we survived! We know the way out of this prison.

In 1993 there was a very moving film called "The Schindler's list" by Steven Spielberg. I wrote then an article defending it for EIR which in fact went against another one... attacking this film (obviously). As a result: no film review was published. I left the org. months later.
What moved me in this film, apart from the obvious empathy with the jewish victims of the Holocaust, was much deeper and only recently can I formulate it: I was unconsciously identifying myself with... Oskar Schindler!
Who was he? He was a top Nazi leader, an ambitious, an opportunist BUT who... had enough conscience to risk his life to save... Jews! He partly redeemed himself. Cynics (and they may be right) said he tried to save his neck. Those who were saved by him don't agree. Schindler received the title of "Righteous Among the Nations" by the State of Israel. This title is given to non-Jews who risked their lives during the Holocaust in order to save Jews from extermination by the Nazis. More than 20,000 received that honour.
Like Schindler we have a conscience. And it is even harder for us ex-LCs because the distance that separates our ideals and moral standards from larouche's is abyssal! Like today's LYMers, we joined for wonderful, generous moral ideals. It is therefore important to understand larouche's real nature: he has nothing to do with the ideals we embraced then. There is therefore no "guilt" for leaving the org. or larouche. In fact, leaving the org. was the only way for me to remain truthful to my ideals, my integrity. But of course, this feeling of "guilt" has multiple layers: once the "guilt" associated with "betraying" the cult (aka larouche, "mankind" etc.) is lifted, you 're hit by another more personal one. You'd say to yourself: "My God, what have I done? What happened?" And this feeling of guilt is, I think, similar to a rape victim's who realizes he/she drank too much the night before... We later realize we were used and abused by this "mind rapist" called lyndon larouche.
So, how to lift this last layer?
I think that we as ex-LCers have a responsibility.

This comes from the Talmud:

Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world.
And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.
Jerusalem Talmud, Sanhedrin 4:8 (37a)

I wished I could have helped to prevent Jeremiah's or Ken's deaths. This is too late now, but any LYM-er I/we can help leaving this criminal cult would be like "saving Mankind". For real this time.


Posted on Saturday, November 10, 2007 - 3:01 pm:

That is an interesting list Shadok, and rape is definetly a good way to put it. Everytime I hear LaRouche come up I make sure to let them know that it is okay to be interested in some of the stuff they say, but that is as far as you want to get involved. Any further involvement beyond reading their articles is a bad idea.


Posted on Saturday, November 10, 2007 - 10:19 pm:


While marginally more coherent than his standing trilogy of completely unintelligible ravings (his birthday "Millenium" statement, his Columbus Day rant, and his "Igor" item against Pelosi), the following definitely should join the Pantheon of recent, really ridiculous, anti-logical screeds. This is, verbatim (with annotations), pure New LaRouche, fresh from today's front page on Feast your eyes:

Giuliani Was Set Up!
by Lyndon LaRouche

November 10, 2007 (LPAC)--If you wish, you could ask Senator Chuck Hagel; but, I do not think he would wish to answer at this time. (Ask him what? The article never answers this hanging question.)

If statistical analysis means anything (statistical analysis? what this means, or what relation it has to the rest of the piece, is nowhere explained), the build-up of former NY Mayor Giuliani as a "hot prospect " for the man to beat Hillary Clinton in the coming U.S. Presidential election, was a crafted set-up, designed to clear the decks for the present New York Mayor to emerge, as if "miraculously, " as Senator Hillary Clinton 's really intended Republican challenger.

All of the relevant Republican king-makers had known fully in advance of the scandal which would bring Mafia creation Giuliani down (And LHL knows this as a fact, how, exactly?), using the case-in-preparation against Bernard Kerik to spring the trap being set against Giuliani. To make Mayor Michael Bloomberg a serious contender, Giuliani had to be brought down, but only after "Queen for a Day" Giuliani 's brief trip to euphoria had cleared the deck for the operation which would use Giuliani as the way to weaken other Republican contenders sufficiently to make Giuliani 's fall the opportunity for Mayor Bloomberg to become (at least apparently so) a virtual shoo-in for the Republican nomination. (And how, precisely, is it that Giuliani has so weakened everyone else that Bloomberg can now waltz in and take the nomination as a shoo-in? I mean, just because Giuliani is leading in a majority of states in the polls doesn't mean that he has in any way destroyed the candidacies of the other contenders should he suddenly get knocked out.

So, let's take stock. LHL has here made multiple overlapping predictions. First, that Guiliani is finished. He is surely hurt to some degree, and it could spell the beginning of the end, but I dare bet that nobody has a crystal ball except LHL on this one. Second, that Bloomberg will decide to run once Guiliane has fallen. Third, that he will have a cake-walk to the Republican nomination. OK, and also, who are the Republican puppet-masters pulling the strings on this one? And, oops, where are the British? What is their role?)

Briefly, therefore: The Republican option for defeating Senator Clinton, is to put a "white horse " in the position of the kind of "People's Choice" which would be a politically saleable product under the presently shattered reputations of both the Republican Party, and a Pelosi-discredited Democratic pack.



Posted on Saturday, November 10, 2007 - 10:26 pm:

To come close to accomplishing that sort of political coup d 'etat in the present U.S. Presidential race, Giuliani must be built up to the degree that his sudden, disastrous fall into a political "Black Sox" scandal, would wreck the presently on-going Republican campaign sufficiently to discredit both Giuliani and all his leading current rivals for the Republican nomination. (Oh, so it's not that Guiliani directly destroys his rivals, as previously implied. It's that somehow the Kerik scandal will of itself wreck all the Republican hopefuls, despite none of them except RG having any connection to Kerik. Hmm, could you please explain that one. How, exactly, does that work?) That is exactly what has been done, as (obviously) pre-scripted. (Obviously, to be sure.)

The standard, expert method for bringing a dictator, such as Mussolini or Hitler, to power by popular acceptance of a duped electorate, is to stun that electorate with a shocking scandal against the leading, existing party systems. (What politicians were suddenly disgraced in such a fashion to bring Hitler and Mussolini, or any other fascists, to power? Oh, excuse me, this is not the same concept of "standard" that we are familiar with. This is the kind of "standard" that is defined at the point that something first occurs. Perhaps in the old days it might have been called a "pre-standard," or a "standard-on-the-make," or some such locution.)

The implied plan behind this hanging Giuliani up high enough to drop him, is: "Suckers of the world unite, if you have actually already lost your brains!" (What?? Suckers, if you have already lost your brains, now is the time to unite? What does this mean? and how is it the "implied plan" behind the Guiliani-Kerik caper that LHL things is unfolding? I thought I could play Connecto as well as the next LaRouchie, but this one has me stumped. What is the proverbial connection here??)

So, read the New LaRouche and laugh. This stuff is truly hilarious. To repeat my standard refrain, "you simply can't make this stuff up."

What's the difference between the New LaRouche and the Old LaRouche?

The Old LaRouche would put you to sleep at night. The New LaRouche will keep you up late laughing.


Posted on Saturday, November 10, 2007 - 11:37 pm:

You know, the Kerik affair made me think likewise, that Giuliani was being set up - I could even buy the Bloomberg angle.

But what this piece lacks entirely is PROOF, even of a probabilistic kind. What Lalaians want is a desire for truth, intellectual rigor of even the most pedestrian kind (the kind, for example, that keeps one from walking over a hole lacking a manhole cover), and humility before the world, a world which has been famously defined as all that is the case. This is what draws many to La La: he has lots of sexy sounding, exciting "ideas" to account for things for which sensible people have only largely humdrum explanations (e.g., Newton's Second Law of Motion, Poe was the plagiarist he accused Longfellow of being, the well-documented fact that Kerik IS a crook) or for which they have the honesty to admit that they have no explanation at present for lack of evidence, say. This goes back to the point that La La is actually ANTI-reason, that he uses "ideas" as a drug, that he is only interested in "ideas" that jazz him up and make him feel his centrality in a universe oblivious to him by virtue of his hidden Gnosis on all subjects.

Such people who shell out their hard-earned dollars for EIR subscriptions or for special mobilizations (what happened to BAE? the Crash?), are the same types who "think" that the name Roswell is something to make one go "hmm," who believe that there must be something to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion after all, since why do so many hate the Jews, who also had a rough time with high school plane geometry.

Cranks in other words, ladies and gentlemen. Ah, the international freemasonry of loyal and fraternal crankery ... all gathered under the nurturing wing of Mama La La.


Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 1:14 am:

Politics in the Real World

1. I believe the notion that Michael Bloomberg could get the Republican nomination is absurd. First, he started as a Democrat, switched to Republican only to run for Mayor NYC in Giuliani's wake, and has recently switched to Independent.

That's not the kind of party loyalty the kingmakers are looking for.

Second, what on earth has Bloomberg done to recommend himself to the GOP? Being Mayor of New York isn't the answer--the only reason Giuliani has a chance is that he was a gangbusters prosecutor, a gangbusters mayor, and then the Mayor during 9/11.

Third, why would either party think Bloomberg could win anything in the general election?

And it's not obvious to me that Kerik's troubles mean the end of the line for Rudy. It's certainly not the shocking scandal that stuns, as alluded to in LaRouche's latest.


Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 1:18 am:

Politics as We Know It

2. I'm afraid Leesburg has lost its marbles (or marble) again.

I invite you to contemplate a recent slug hilariously titled:


Nov. 7, 2007 (LPAC)--Loudoun County, Virginia Sheriff Steve Simpson won re-election in a contest shaped by the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC)'s mobilization against his Republican opponent, Greg Ahlemann. LPAC's beefed-up campaign squads in Loudoun, called "national `Ground Zero' of the real estate bubble" by LaRouche, got a warm popular reception for LaRouche's Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007. But with a special mass leaflet, they also skewered Ahlemann's anti-immigrant crusade as a fascist front.
Sheriff Simpson ran as an independent, defeating both his Democratic challenger and Ahlemann, despite the Democrats winning most local races, in the voters' rejection of GOP race-baiting and immigrant-bashing.
The hyperinflationary housing `boom' of the last six years, especially intense in Loudoun County and areas of Virginia and Maryland near Washington, D.C., helped draw large numbers of Hispanic immigrants to the region. Now that that bubble is collapsing fast, some Republican factions are trying to whip up voters against immigrants as the cause of economic problems, a hoary fascist-populist tactic in economic collapse periods.
LPAC leaflets circulated widely in the county's neighorhoods and churches. Close observers of the sheriff's race said the
LaRouche intervention had created a strong dynamic against the attempts to generate anti-immigrant hysteria. This made the difference overall and, unexpectedly, in Eastern Loudoun precincts targeted by the fascists, where Simpson had little resources or campaign activity.
After Ahlemann's October 15 press conference showing off his Armageddon tattoo (Israeli and pre-American Revolution colonial flags linked by a cross), EIR exposed his campaign as "part of an international theocratic, fascist underground, connecting the Blackwater corporate leadership to armageddonist Protestant and Catholic operatives." [ahc]

Well,obviously, the author should be hospitalized. But apart from that, if the Republicans were such race-baiting, anti-immigrant fascists, how come the LaRouche org was supporting them?

Because Jim Clem was one of their darlings--a Republican incumbent running for Board of Supervisors who signed onto LaRouche's stupid HBPA and who was trounced in the race.

Despite all the Labor Cttee lawn signs.

And the GOPers thrown off the Board of Supervisors were the very ones who were supported for years by the LaRouche org thru its erstwhile local paper, EIR News for Loudoun County, as "pro-growth" against the Democrats' supposedly "anti-growth" (anti-developer) position.

All this may be unknown to "ahc," who seems to have an attenuated grip on reality--but surely the folks putting up those Jim Clem lawn signs knew, and didn't they know that Steve Simpson was a Republican the first two times he was elected Sheriff, moving to Independent only when the GOP at its nominating convention refused to give him the nod this year?

Just a small, pathetic measure of the stupidity and hypocrisy whose name is Lyndon.


Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 1:35 am:

And Now For Something Completely Different

Did everyone notice that the Wall Street Journal picked up on Avi Klein's article?

They may not get every little detail right, but hey! still bad news for Lindy.

Also--just in case any of you has been living at the South Pole and missed this, the Washington Monthly didn't just publish Avi Klein's article, and Kevin Drum didn't just promote it in his blog, but the Editor in Chief commented on the story and its significance in his letter, and he said, in effect:

Kronberg's death marks the death of the LaRouche movement.

Yes indeedy, the org has been in crisis since March-April of this year. Yessirree.


Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 1:50 am:

Larouche's political analysis is absurd and not worth taking seriously. Try another "Bread to Leesburg" deal in the event that Michael Bloomberg does not win the Republican nomination, as certain as these things get.

Aside from that, the recent postings of comparisons to Rape actually brought to mind a tact employed by revinire, the long time Larouchie who provided me with a few dozen comments at skull/bones a few weeks ago. To the post of excerpts from Younger Than That Now, a memoir which included a few chapters of experience in the NCLC, revinire posted this:

Where do you come up with this stuff? It's too wild to be true. It reads like some bad novel. Really — I am quite interested in all these anecdotes. You get a lot of mileage out of LaRouche and more power to you but these stories are top!
[...] It's all the LSD Lyn puts in the gruel.

"Too wild to be true".

This model of public denial, claiming something as just too absurd to be true, actually strikes me as about effective as any possible, and I'd venture to say has to have a name in Criminal Justice psychology.


Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 10:06 am:

Lyn's rants on Giuliani and Bloomerg are nothng more than another cheap parlor trick for people. Time and time again one can go throught LC briefing and local meeting whre Lyn declared that such and such was going to bring down so and so because it was a scandal which the "elites" either set up or can't control. Lyn did the same thing in NYC about Ed Koch a few times . At that point he was also predicting the end of Ed Koch to build up the mayoral race we entered.

The joke for all of you here is that we worked with the eeeevilll Ed Koch to find dirt and run tricks against his opponent Frank Barbaro at the time.

The cheap parlor trick always has to combine a nationally known individual, a secret part of the oligarchy and some campaign that we have just started to creat yet another mobilization.

No matter what the combination, raising money seems ot be the only way to stop this delsuon which erupted from Lyn's head. After a few weeks, that mobe is quickly forgotten as yet another combination of thses ingredients will be mixed together for yet another financial mobe.

It never ends folks. This is Lyn's perpetual money machine.

Speaking of money and dopes, Jeff Steinberg's name has popped up here. A few years ago Jeff ws in the LA LYM office. You know, LA, the office run by Phil R who had his buttt reamed by Lyn at the last carde school. Anyways, Jeff gave a talk to the LYM yutes giving them exciting news about how there will be many new openings in Leesburg for yutes to apply for!

Mamma Mia I almost fell of my chair when I heard that on the LYM web briefing. That was too much. Jeff was telling the gullible college drop outs to get their resumes together casue Leesburg is going on a hiring spree! Keep in mind that this was a year BEFORE Lyn went on an anti LC Boomer rant in the briefings.

If you look at what these underlings of Lyn are doing, one finds that on many occasions a prospective yute is told that they are "special" and that they could have a future writing for EIR and other print publications. I had a few LYM members email me about this seduction process for those who complain about ending up in the streets.

In Germany a lttle while ago we had this hilarious situation where recruits who attended a Euro LYM conference actually came in with resumes and asked questionsof the cult about wages, vacation time, health insurance and retirement plans! God I smell a great SNL or MAD TV skit in this.

For you yutes who think that that you end up in a nice comfy office desk job, Lyn has plans for you. One guy in Boston fell for this and had one EIR article with his byline appear and for the last few years has been a regular card table shriner. Lyn studied the Papacy and converted so to speak. In the LC, if you raided your parents trust fund, you could buy an office position with a wink and a nod. Today, when ever I think of good ol Steve, I think of how much that works to make a person think of themselves to be above the card table shrine when in fact, he could disappear and no one would give a rat's ••• in the LC about him, just his monthly fund milking.


Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 10:07 am:

Now Jeff shows up in the briefing and DEMANDS that the LPAC income go up. Yutes, Jeff has a supposed paid for townhouse in Leesburg where the story is that the parents or inlaws bought it for them. I guess that is a better story for the members then telling how tens of millions of dollars were travelling through his sphere to the various friends of his who scammed Lyn over and over.

Was Jeff "In" on the millions going to Murdoch, Carpet, FLick and Flack etc,,. Or, was he as delusional as Lyn is? That is a question for the IRS to figure out.

Ask Jeff to mortgage his town house to the max and give it to LPAC. Or, let him do a refi and let the yutes raise the money each month to repay the note. Jeff has extreme confidence in the yutes and the cult. It is just a rumour that he has built up his contact base like Webster Tarpley did before leaving so he can launch his own operation when Lyn kicks the bucket. Just becuase Webster makes money and has a benefactor in his 9/11 lunacy does not meant that Jeff is now big on 9/11 to get his gravy train rolling.

The rumour you WANT to believe is this. A new LPAC fundrasing contest has started for the yutes. If you can make top money on the phones, you just may get to spend a few days at Jeff's time share in an idyllic part of the USA.

If enough yutes can go over quota, they all get to go to the timeshare. After all, it is not like having 8 to an apt is something the yutes are not used to.

In case you wonder why I like to use the word "delusion" a lot with Lyn and the LC, I got the idea from a movie with Jeff Steinberg in it. Rent the movie "Control Room" about the Al- Jazeera network and go to middle where an anchor interviews people for the network. In one scene he interviews Jeff Steinberg and after the interview he becomes livid at his staff. He tells the producer to be more carefull in hwo he books on the show.

The anchor looks at the camera and says thus about Jeff:

"That was not an interview, that was a delusion".

If anyone can find that clip and put in on youtube, you will be forever thanked by many.


Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 10:36 am:

LaRoucheTruth wrote:

"So, read the New LaRouche and laugh. This stuff is truly hilarious. To repeat my standard refrain, "you simply can't make this stuff up."

But what about the LIM generator? (Point, Click, Point, Click, Point, Click, Point, Click... .)

It has been proven -- you CAN make this stuff up!

LT: You have presented a fine analysis (as always), but your brain must surely hurt from these exercises. No?

Either that, or you have some truly fine pharmaceuticals assisting you in your all important work, exposing this nut/fraud so that some young human beings (WLYM) have a chance to break free and live productive, happy lives.


Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 10:55 am:


the link to this video clip is at (at 7 min of the clip) where the Al-Jazeera journalists try to figure out the name of "Jeffrey Steinberg from Washington"... Then the next clip at
shows the interviewer after an exchange online with JS saying : "I don't think he (JS) was the right guest... I have to talk to our interview producer to tell him that this was a very bad choice..." Then unfolds an argument with his producer (in Arabic)


Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 11:12 am:

Lyn always had a flair for throwing obscure references into his various screeds without having any context, factual or otherwise, like his obscure reference to Chuck Hagel, his references to Igor when talking about Pelosi, etc. Of course trying to find any factual underpinning is like trying to find a pearl in a pile of pig manure, but to Lyn these are meant to show that he has secret knowledge or codewords that will be immediately recognized by whoever it is in the "inner elites" that he thinks he's addressing and he imagines is interested in what he has to say. These expressions are meant to be above the "masses" reading his article but would mesmerize the ignoranti that believe they communicate hidden agendas, kind of like the DaVinci Code.

As for Bloomberg, while he may or may not run as an independent, to think that he would ever be put up as a Republican candidate is truly incredulous. The only connection he can have to LaRouche's fantasy world is the fact that he's Jewish. I would say one thing, though, despite the fact that he does many things I disagree with, he makes a far better mayor than Giuliani ever did, and he got the City out of the fiscal disaster it could have been in after 9/11.


Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 11:13 am:

Thanks for the compliments, earnest_one, but I disagree on both counts. Real LaRouche, or New LaRouche, is funnier than the LIM generator. New LaRouche is characterized by stream of consciousness, but even though it defies logic and normal connections, there is a stream meandering through his latest species of literary droppings. But LIM generator is too abruptly disconnected as it goes from one particle to the next, to be truly funny. It illustrates an important point, that LaRouche, New or Old, is always saying the same general things, and that you can simply plug in particles from different speeches and get something that rings true.

But that is different than these New LaRouche items I have flagged. They plow new ground. They go beyond just plugging and playing familiar themes like adding different shapes of lego pieces to the same structure. They are the source of new particles for the LIM. The LIM can only recycle. New LaRouche is highly inventive of new items. And that's where the hilarity comes in. You simply cannot believe that a non-insane person could have written such inanities, with such dodgy logic, even dodgy Connecto. I mean, think about it, he can't even play Connecto right any more! And he invented the game!! (Oh, did I say that no "non-insane person" could write this. Hmmm. Gets one to thinking, doesn't it?)

Anyway, that goes to the second point. My brain doesn't hurt because it's all so hilarious. And I am just exercising the inate human drive to share with his fellow man and woman, in this case, to share the humor with the Factnet Community. So, it's more a labor of love, with a side perk of a belly ache from excessive laughter, than something that hurts my brain. Because I am definitely not a pharmacological type of guy or gal, never have been.


Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 11:44 am:

Look, we're all missing the point about TOM (The Old Man). Actually, the references in several posts today about Gnosticism and secret knowledge are spot on, we're only missing the following piece of the puzzle: TOM is a secret Cartesian. He absolutely agrees with DesCartes as far as it goes, about "I think, therefore I am," only he has "improved" DesCartes with a simple two-word insertion/substitution to open up a whole new vista of revealed truth. TOM lives by the precept that "I think it, therefore it is." 'Nuff said on that.

Yes, the Bloomberg thesis is ludicrous on the face of it. If you think Guiliani is a social liberal, wait till you see Bloomberg's credentials. This is Guiliani's weak spot. The issue has always been, at least in recent election cycles, how to appeal to enough of the religious right and social conservative wing of the Republican Party, who tend to vote disproportionately in primaries, to get the nomination. Only then does one have to swing to the "center," or at least appear to do so, to win the general election. So how well would Bloomberg play in this Republican primary arena?? I don't think for a moment that Bloomberg has even contemplated entering the Republican primary, for all of these, and more reasons.

However, that's not what strikes me as so funny about this latest hilarity from TOM. It's the combination of his certitude that he knows exactly what the Republican "kingmakers" (hell, I don't even know who the Republican "kingmakers" are, much less what they are plotting--I don't even know if they exist at all) are planning, and his hilarious non-fathomable justifications for how knocking Guiliani out of contention, should that happen, would bring down all the other candidates, and clear the way for Bloomberg.

Also, vis-a-vis another interesting item from today's crop of posts, I don't know if LaRouche is consciously writing for an audience of other presumed Gnostic elites within the "elites" generally, whom he thinks will understand his arcane references. Actually, though I've never thought of that before, it certainly would be in character. In which case, the DaVinci Code comparison is spot on. Wow, what a tasty additional way to understand TOM. Because I was, once I finally caught on, of the belief that the phony erudition was just part of the psychological warfare against members, to keep them thinking that they were hopelessly stupid and uneducated and hence had no standing to in any way ever question anything TOM would ever write or say. But perhaps there is also this other dimension, I don't know. Does this mean we now have five dimensions (not counting string theory)--the 3 spatial dimensions, time, and the Gnostic dimension? Can anyone direct the LYMers in the basement to take this one up? And when they have finished, to contribute a new final chapter to Gulliver's Travels?}}


Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 11:48 am:

LIM generator

It is true that lyn adds new elements that this LIM generator doesn't have, but if you look at the code, it is the most basic randomization program you could possibly imagine!, nowhere near "artificial intelligence" logarithms. I am sure that if some IT wizz wanted, with help of some linguist expert, they could guarantee us a very fine and convincing result. Lyn has his own embedded logarithm which re-processes the "information" from the outside and outputs it his way. There is a larouchian logic through which new information is being re-processed. And any formal logic can be replicated. This is far from the reach of AI today. Feed its database with new info, play the "connecto" engine and voila! What is impressive with this LIM generator is that despite it is so elementary, it works not too bad! I would have expected far worse results! It demonstrates clearly that lyn's logarithm is very mechanical (aristotelean?), repetitive with here and there bursts of "creativity". But again, this is a matter of refining a script rather than an impossible (n+1) hurdle. This LIM demonstrates that larouche's mind is mechanical, his "creativity" is only apparent, superficial, and not fundamental.
In other words, I m sure this same LIM script wouldnt work with say... William Shakespeare!


Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 12:30 pm:

It isn't knowledge Lem uses so much to browbeat others, it's his allegedly superior "method." Remember all that Hegelian self-consciousness and negation-of-the-negation blather, which was succeeded by the "hypothesis of the higher hypothesis"? (And LaRouche is an Ur-Cartesian, that is true.) NCs and above would pretend to be as so many Plotinian emanations from the nerdy, pipe-sucking godhead, but if you questioned them to actually understand what was meant by any of these high-falutin't terms, you would get some slur tossed at you. What then happens in the organization is that you become either (a) anti-intellectual and start to derive your private pleasures out of a bottle or TV or (2) intellectually dishonest and pretend to understand this rank nonsense by talking the talk compulsively so as to silence any of the qualms of a much vitiated conscience.

Take that question the yute posed to TOM regarding identity which xlcr posted a few weeks ago, and then TOM's glib response wherein he just lets out one of his typical jets of gas that makes absolutely no sense and has absolutely nothing to do with the question asked. I used to see this happen all the time when TOM or one of his demigods, usually one of the Greeks (who were equally full of it), when a question would not be answered at all and all the rest of us would marvel at somehow the "real" question being asked was being addressed through their superior powers of Reason.

What's funny too is to see these same people now out of the organization trying to generate that same high level of regard for themselves by starting websites and think tanks. It's pathetic. TOM is a master of BS and the build-up of BS organizations - no one can match him for blarney. Zoakas et al. must miss all that grandiosity for which the real world provides so little scope in comparison with that generated within a tiny, lunatic cult of personality. And a word to those ex-members in Europe: stop trying to play LaRouche sans LaRouche with all of your geopoliticizing: the WHOLE, ENTIRE LaRouche project was a FRAUD. Dump the Solon, the Plato, the Schiller: get out there and see what's going on. Get a f-ing 9-5 job and cut out the febrile self-importance. In five years you will be in a good position to then appreciate the true virtues and concepts of Solon, Plato, Schiller and others highjacked by LaRouche once shorn of the last thread of larouchitis.

Face it: our time in that cult was a 100% WASTE. Move on - if you have the courage.


Posted on Monday, November 12, 2007 - 10:19 am:

Reading the posts of LIM versus Lyn, I can't help but be reminded of the old saw that if you locked a million chimpanzees in a room with an endless supply of typewriters (nowadays computers of course) the chimps would one day produce the colected works of William Shakespeare. However, in Lyn's case I think you could limit it to a 100 monkeys typing perhaps for one hundred days to produce the collective wisdom of LaRouche from Centrism as a Social Phenomenon (maybe one of Lyn's last semi rational works) to BP and Beyond BP.


Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 1:18 am:


My opinion of the superiority of the LIM generator versus Lyn (in terms of humor) is a bit unfair, because LIM does not exist in a vacuum; the humor arises only when LIM output is juxtaposed against 35 years of Lyn's written madness.

So the comparison is unjust. Taken alone, LIM is not that interesting. Humor arises, at least in me, because I have read far too much of Lyn's maniacal prose (as a non-member and semi-public enemy, I've had far more "free time" to study this material than the average boomer member).

Then again, I am not at all convinced that Mr. LaRouche -- the living human (sic) being -- actually writes his own material. It is extremely hard to fathom how anyone would actually devote time to an end "product" that is so obviously fraudulent and inferior.

Note to Yutes: You can compute "inferior" quite precisely by simply taking the ratio of (genuine) thoughts to words. It is infinitesimal, at best.

Thus a more likely hypothesis is that LC material is simply "code" (based on the one-time pad or some other, fine, cryptographic method), and that the real content of this stuff is completely obscured (hidden).

Running a close second is the idea that LaRouche himself is using an advanced form of LIM. Here he simply posits some initial parameters, feeds it to the algorithm, then has the machine generate raw prose. Finally, perhaps he cleans it up a little by hand, depending on his mood, OR on the (precise) position of Ceres.

Avi Klein's "Vanity Press" hypothesis is reasonable, but no one has computed a realistic bound on the actual effort (hours of typing, proof-reading, etc.) required for LaR to produce weekly 30 page rants. How can ANYone continue to do this, week in, week out, year after year after year?

Then again, perhaps Lyn is the one on the pharmaceuticals... and I don't mean wine.


Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 7:02 am:

"How can ANYone continue to do this, week in, week out, year after year after year? "

If you go back to Lyn's SWP days you find that his wife made the money, raised the kids, did the grocery shopping and took care of everything. That leaves a lot of time for typing endlessly when you have nothing else to do but prove to the world that you area genius.

Once Lyn got the cult idea down, every single part of his life was taken care of by someone else as part of an army of sycophants disguised as waiters, butlers, cooks, chauffers, proofreaders, typists etc.

In short, a typical Lyn day has nothing to do with every day living experieces, but writing the proofs to convince the globe that you are the saviour. Ultimately, that globe is just the LC and outside forgotten people who needed us to boost them up.

The method in writing by Lyn is pretty easy to decipher. In fact, we used to joke about this all of the time in the LC. You simply take a new initiative (New Lyn delusional enemy) and start a few pragraphs about how the present situation is THE end of the economy or begining of nuclear war , take your pick. Throw in the New Dark ages and then you take a basic 50 page opus about the last 6,000 years of the oligarchy and add something for the audience locally like US history or some other locale.

If you read Lyn's centerfolds and opuses long enough you can see how one large central portion is a running copy/paste from the last one.

When a member finds something interesting, Lyn takes the summary and then declares it as his own by always adding a little bit to show that only he can fiind the hidden meanings based on his vast knowledge and big head. The memebrs are kept in awe as they never have time to read this mularky and hope that Lyn will "discover" them like a little kid and his father with some praise.

What Lyn does next is to both praise the member and then quickly shoot them down to show that he is the master and they are no where near him intellectually.

This stuff works in a cult of personality pretty easilly. Basic L.Ron Hubbard or crazy preacher stuff.


Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 8:03 pm:

I have a somewhat different take. I think writing for Lyn is addictive. I don't believe that he ever literally recycles, by cutting and pasting, from previous writings. I think he probably must go into some kind of trance, and constantly, in his longer pieces mainly, just continually recreates the same argument, adding whatever new dropping of new information he may have acquired by plagiarizing from some member's "research," but otherwise weaving it in like a bird weaving a new piece of something into a new nest that is otherwise very much like the previous one. There is a certain gradual evolution over time in how he makes the same argument, and I'd be willing to bet one could do a sort of archaeological investigation, if one stacked up every major "theoretical" piece, starting with the oldest on the bottom, and worked top to bottom, one would get a picture of the accretions on the basic theme, with a few larger breaks, such as when he first discovered the Round Table and the "British," and later, when he discovered the "secret of the inner elites," namely, the millenia-long battle between Platonists and Aristoteleans.

The joke is that Lyn spends all his time either writing, or talking to a small coterie, and most of the time is not watching the store in terms of what is actually happening with anything he has called for, even in the recent past. The present fixation on the HBPA is actually unusual--he hasn't shifted focus for going on three months now, since this all started at the very end of August. The BAE scandal lasted, how long was it, 2 weeks, if that? I imagine that the obvious reason is the correct one, that this one has actually caught fire and been more productive of more support from outside the org than anything since the 1980s. So it may stay around for as long as it continues to function. But Lyn seems generally to be more interested in producing one "theoretical" tract after another than in having his minions actually do anything other than raise money.

So, he has no attention span for having a sustained effect on the outside world, but an extraordinary attention span for continually spinning out the product of his self-imagined genius. Avi nailed it by calling it Lyn's "vanity press." But I do think that when he is writing, Lyn must be self-hypnotized, in some sort of a trance, and that he must get a self-generated pharmacological high as he continually turns out tract after tract saying the same thing--I think it must be a clinical addition. He is addicted to himself!


Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 10:03 pm:

"I think writing for Lyn is addictive"

That is pretty much on the money in my view. When I write "copy/paste" I don't mean with a computet but his brain. If you read what th eopuses in a chronological order you get a dejavu feeling over and over. The same lines, the same cast of villains and delusions voer adn voer with maybe a new discovery er delusional enemy who is now after Lyn.

I noticed in the LC that almost everyone stopped reading whatever we published and especially whatever new opus Lyn spent all night typing. The common reason by people was that they heard it all before and just skimmed the beginning to see who we have to use in the fundraising that morning.

The real wacky members, almost all of whom are still in, would go ape sh*t over the latest opus. One person did a class on some Breshnev brief Lyn wrote and drifted to the ceiling in his description.

"This is Lyn, standing next to Breshnev at this mountain range, overlooking the European border. Lyn is in an intenseive Socratic dialogue with Breshnev, organising him to the hypothesis of the higher hypothesis. Leonid, we two can change the course of human history and reverse the conflict the evil oligarchy has sent our nations toward."

In many opuses Lyn writes in a first name basis with the person in a delusional way as if to imply that he is now the reason that person has said so and so. You can do this with a few third world dictators and ex nobodies by just buying them a plane ticket to a conference and giving them some spending money.

I think we have something with the idea of the writing being an addiction as the cult is a ready made audience who will clap on command. IN the SWP days, they used to describe him as a basic loser who would hand in hundreds of typed pages of text on a regular basis.

Since his wife made the money and raised the kid, Lyn had penty of free time for this addiction.

The amazing part is that if you total up the whole amount of money the ICLC raised from the start, I think it would approach 250 MILLION dollars!!!!!

Add up the pages of leafletts, newspapers, magazines, books and such, maybe a billion pieces of paper have lost thier lives for Lyn's addiction. After spending millions, Lyn is basically a bad joke with a few hundred yutes and deadenders after 40 years of this lunacy.

The scam artists really know Lyn's addiction. Like a good supplier, they know how to get Lyn to fork over millions and millions to have delusions fed to him.

This makes the role of Jeff and Paul more quizical it seems. Since these are all people introduced by Jeff and Paul, one wonders how much they knew about these scams and if any cash went their way.

Yutes, please ask Jeff about Mr. Ed, Carpet, Danny Murdoch and ask about what happened to nearly 13 million dollars. If you can't find Jeff, ask Rick M since according to the trial transcripts, he carried the cash.


Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 - 1:05 am:

I think the difference between BAE and HPBA, so far as I can tell is, simply there is a little more meat in the mortgage crisis than the BAE Scandal, and it has more Americans' attention, such that Larouche's ruse with it can be carried on for longer and with more effect -- there is more mileage that can be had with it, ie: convince such and such a city council to consider it ("Kicked ••• in Leesburg!", the copy went), deride Congressional bills as creatures of Royatin, motivate the true-believers that this is another Economic Collapse they are staving off, blah de blah.

Maybe there's more to this ruse and I am missing something, but that's what I take from it. BAE thus seems like a stop-gap: you need something at that moment -- particularly at that moment-- and that was the obscure British object that can be glommed onto.


Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 - 1:13 am:

And it perculates further on the Internet. has picked up the Washington Monthly link.

13 paragraphs down on November 13

Then go to the 12th, 2 paragraphs down and note the ex-Larouchite Robert Dreyfuss is getting better press here.


Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 - 6:01 am:

Speaking of Robert Dreyfuss... he was one of the three authors of the infamous revisionist and antisemitic 1978 Campaigner "Zionism is not Judaism".
Here is what he wrote about the "Myth of the Six million" (p.10):

"If the worship of the fortress at Masada by the modern Oxford- and Cambridge-trained Israeli elite is bad enough, the stench of the Big Lie emanates from the current propaganda about the Nazi holocaust. This point the U.S. Labor Party has documented elsewhere; the point need only be recapitulated here.
Among the strongest backers of the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement to power were the Zionist financiers of the City of London, the Hofjuden who had been deeply enmeshed in the "Return to the East" cult phenomenon since the rise of the official Zionist movement in the 1830s and afterwards. The Zionists viewed, the role of Nazism in Europe a process of race purification of the Jews, whereby the Jews that survived the holocaust would have passed through a "selection" process and would be fit colonists for Palestine. "

Does he still agree with it? If not, would he apologize?

The two other authors were Mark Burdman (who died three years ago) and Paul Goldstein (who escaped US Justice in 1987)


Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 - 7:00 am:

the link to this video clip is at (at 7 min of the clip) where the Al-Jazeera journalists try to figure out the name of "Jeffrey Steinberg from Washington"... Then the next clip at

The version I watched of the movie "Control Room" had subtitles. In the second clip I think what the Anchor said to his producer about Jeff Steinberg was :

"That was not an interview, that was a hallucination"

So Lyn is the man of delusions while Jeff is the man of hallucinations!

Robert Dreyfus has had endless meetings and phone calls with Jeff Steinberg for years. He probably has a better relation with him now than when he was in the LC. They both have the same friends .

In the book "Secret Warriors" one can find the name "Karen Kwiatowski" being described as a "Larouche Mole". I have not seen the book and can't verify that yet.

Here is something on one of Jeff's friends.

A step up from Michelle, with a better pension.


Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 - 9:24 am:


found it!
The complete "control room" doc with english subtitles is at

Go to the 38" mark to see Al-Jazeera journalist and producer Sameer Khader having an argument with his colleague about the choice of Jeff Steinberg as an "analyst". He said:

"That was s*it.
He's just a crazy activist... That wasn't analysis. That was hallucination. It was all nonsense - no logic, no balance. "

If we search for JS on Al-Jazeera website, there are no mention of his name, nor of lhl. So much for their world historic impact on the muslim world...


Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2007 - 1:11 am:

Now that I know what Jeff said, I have to say, I agree with everything he said, which was nothing more that the U.S. was in Iraq as part of an operation to act as an empire, and to control the oil, both of which I believe to be true--the neo-cons who conceived, pushed for and got this war startingin 1992 all but say as much. The complaint from the one guy was that it "wasn't balanced," "didn't show both sides." THAT, actually, was what really surprised me, coming from Al Jazeera--what, did that guy want Jeff to also list some reasons why attacking Iraq was a good idea? The other guy, who lined Jeff up, actually stuck to his guns, by the way. So, curious, but not an attack on Jeff or the Org that holds any water in my book.


Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2007 - 9:35 am:

Al Jazeera was paid by Steinberg to act this way, thus showing the world (WLYM) that only Lyn can be trusted to speak and act on the great life and death matters that fully occupy ALL world-historical individuals.

It is clear: Lyn alone occupies the position of galactic genius du jour (at night, he does other things).

It was all a set-up... Besides, Lyn Cheney's wife works for Bin Laden; and "Been LadleMan" was at the infamous Train meeting, taking notes for HIS boss -- Gauss's second cousin's fifteenth grandson, thrice removed from reality.

Go ahead and block. Meantime, the Crash is on and all Aristotelians will be burned at the stake at high noon CST, November 27th.

Be there or be squaring the dare.


Posted on Friday, November 16, 2007 - 7:41 pm:

"I think the difference between BAE and HPBA, so far as I can tell is, simply there is a little more meat in the mortgage crisis than the BAE Scandal, and it has more Americans' attention,"

Howie, the meat is what ever money the cult can get out of this and a mortgage crisis is easier to shill than BAE. Ask Jeff how much he puts into the cult's piggy bank dollar wise compared to what his close contacts have taken out of the cult. I am still surprised at how Lyn swallowed that hook line and sinker from Jeff and Paul.

A good example of how the hook in fundraising works is in NJ where a NJ State Assemlyman named Gordon Johnson , who signed on to the cult's home bill was found to have given a good chunk of money to the local NJ office.

Gordon gave money as follows to the Larouche campaigns. Hey, he switched to Obama in 2007. Whats up with that Elliot? Keep in mind that we do not know what other money Gordon may have given.


Obama, Barack

Lyndon LaRouche PAC

Lyndon LaRouche PAC

DNC Services Corp

Lyndon LaRouche PAC

Lyndon LaRouche PAC

Lyndon LaRouche PAC

Lyndon LaRouche PAC

Lyndon LaRouche PAC

If you notice, he was giving money in the fasion of a cow being milked on a schedule. I have a good hunch the milker was THREE DECADE NJ member Elliot Greenspan who wrote a letter whining about this expose to the NJ Record. What Gordon also contributed was a name to be used by the cult in calling other people for money. Believe me, you give us a dime and we will use your name over and over to raise money. Even after you tell us to stop we can use your name to call people about why you no longer give money to us.


Posted on Friday, November 16, 2007 - 7:43 pm:

Elliot is an amazing guy as he and his wife, with what the cult pays in stipends, which is about a few bucks a day can give money to the campaigns just in time for matchcing funds. Not only that, he has a brother some people know about, and has milked him for money as well. If you know about his brother, this stuff should churn your stomach.

What you will be reading now are the URLS and exerpts from the NJ media about how Gordon is now demanding the RETURN of his money from the cult and had no idea of what he was supporting. Gee, that sure sounds familiar and he never even had the whole story about the cult.

This article here will show how the cult uses what we call a "Trojan Jew" to divert it's anti semitic history from the table.

"Republican Senate challenger Clara Nibot assailed Assemblyman Gordon Johnson, D-Englewood, on Thursday for seven contributions he made in 2005 and 2006 to the political action committee of eight-time presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.

Nibot pointed to allegations of anti-Semitism against LaRouche and called on her opponent, Sen. Loretta Weinberg, D-Teaneck, to distance herself from her running mate's actions.

"He's giving to an individual whose anti-Semitism is more than clear," Nibot said. "He shouldn't be representing the 37th District."

Johnson said he gave the money, which totaled $1,850 between August 2005 and November 2006, to the organization to help it expose corruption in President Bush's administration.

He said he has heard the accusations but has never seen anything to convince him that LaRouche is prejudiced. He also said the young person who first approached him in 2005 on behalf of the group was Jewish."

"Assemblyman Gordon Johnson apologized Friday for his contributions to the political action committee of perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, who has faced allegations of anti-Semitism.

The Englewood Democrat's mea culpa came amid a chorus of criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike – including Johnson's running mate, Sen. Loretta Weinberg, D-Teaneck, who said she was "embarrassed" and "disappointed" by Johnson's lack of an apology when news of the donations surfaced Thursday.

"Had I been aware of the LaRouche record of anti-Semitism I obviously would not have made my contributions," Johnson said in a statement. "I am asking for a full refund of those contributions. I have spent my entire life opposing anti-Semitism, racism and all forms of hate; this regrettable episode only furthers my resolve to fight bigotry of all stripes. I sincerely and humbly apologize to those whom I have hurt."


Posted on Friday, November 16, 2007 - 7:45 pm:

This article shows how everything is backfiring on Gordon as his capacity to make a sound decision is now questrioned for getting hooked up with the cult. The end of the article has many great quotes from Lyn himself to show Gordon what a fool Elliot is for prostrating himself in worshipping Larouche.

This is from a local Teaneck NJ blog and of all people, Howie G shows up. This blog has some fun comments in it as Howie thunders and becomes a "Trojan Jew". Thankfully, adds some more info for Howie to ponder.

Anonymous said...
Howie G. was a member of the local NJ office of the cult for many years. In fact, since Howie G asks about general welfare, let us ask him about all of the money the cult borrowed and never paid back from the boiler rooms run by the cult in Northern NJ.

How about it Howie?

How much of the money did the cult via it's many shells ever pay back to the fine citizens of NJ who lent your cult masters money in exhange for promisorry notes which were never prepaid?

The standard answer the cult has for it's zombies to spout is that it could not since the Feds shut down the offices.

Really Howie G.

How come the next day you were back in business and the next month you were in the new office in Ridgefield Park with the boiler rooms back in businesss, except with new accounts to cash the checks in?

If you put on a Larouche mask for Halloween and went door to door, you would get candy worth more than what the cult was paying you back in the day Howie .

Larouche was having a ball each night in his mansion while you were sent to off ramps to hand out flyers about "The end of the Economy ", every year for a few dozen years.

Whe you finally see that this is all a cult Howie, you will ask yourself why it took you so long to figure it out. Don't be scared to face this. Your family needs you more than the Larouche cult needs you.

Monday, October 29, 2007 4:06:00 PM EDT
Howie G said...
Note that "anonymous" is some type of paid operative, probably of a law firm. And why does the coward never use even his "internet" name?

Saturday, November 3, 2007 7:52:00 PM EDT
Post a Comment

On October 30th, Elliot Greenspan writes to the Record about the Gordon mess. Gee, I wonder if Elliot wrote a letter to the Record 20 years ago being outraged by how so many people in NJ lost money to the cult and never recieved a dime while Elliot was busy in the boiler rooms with many others making millions for Lyn.

Elliot's letter worked as it convinced a few other people that the cult is nuts and Gordon has lost his ability for sritical thinking. Maybe he is ready to join the LYM?
"IT WAS MIND-BOGGLING. Jaw-dropping. A Democratic assemblyman running for reelection in the most liberal district in New Jersey admitted donating substantial sums to Lyndon LaRouche, the nutcake, allegedly anti-Semitic, perennial presidential candidate and convicted felon."


Posted on Friday, November 16, 2007 - 7:46 pm:

Now the mayor of Englewood, a town near Teaneck enters the fray. Larouche sure has made the Democratic party unite for a common cause.

Wildes Call on Johnson to Resign from from City Council

Michael Wildes
Release Date: October 29, 2007
I, along with many in the state, in District 37 and especially in Englewood, the city where I serve as Mayor, have been waiting for a coherent explanation from Assemblyman and Englewood City Councilman Gordon Johnson regarding his reported contributions to Lyndon LaRouche PAC.

As most of us who are remotely aware of politics in the United States know, Mr. LaRouche has espoused divisive and hate filled charges and conspiracies against homosexuals, Jews, the Royal family, leading Democrats, and more throughout his three decades on the national stage. I found it difficult to comprehend how Mr. Johnson would somehow have been unaware of any of that at age 57, especially as a politician.

Because it seemed incomprehensible, when Mr. Johnson was first accused of this by his Republican opponents, I waited for his response, assuming there was a good possibility it was mistake of some sort. On Friday, through news reports it was, by his admission, true.

Now the NJ Jewish Standard enters to comment about Larouche. Gee Elliot, maybe you can get the Rabbi from your Temple and everyone there to swap some of Lyn's Jew jokes and relive the good times at Penemunde to support larouche.

"The news surfaced last week that Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-37th dist.) had contributed under $2,000, over two years, to the certifiably weird Lyndon LaRouche's political action committee.

LaRouche is a convicted felon (for mail fraud regarding fund-raising), a world-class bigot, and an anti-Semite. He also seems more than a tad cuckoo."

One of the largest newspapers in NJ , The Star Ledger enters with this great comment which shows Elliot has accomplished in spreading the Gospel of Larouche for THREE DECADES.

"It's been painful to watch poor Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) try to explain away his repeated donations to psychotic anti-Semite Lyndon LaRouche.

"I knew LaRouche to be kind of a nut case, to be extreme," Johnson says. "But I didn't know about the anti-Semitism. I apologize for that."

By that logic, it's okay to donate money to a nut case, as long as he's not a bigot. "


Posted on Friday, November 16, 2007 - 7:52 pm:

Here is the moral of the story yutes. After spending almost 250 MILLION dollars and distributing hundreds of millions of printed material Lyn cannot complain about the world not listening to him.

Lyn, the world has listened to you very closely, and except for about 300 losers, the world has decided that you are nuts and a very sick, demented individual.

Yutes, go see a grey haired Elliot and his matching wife. She is a talented pianist whose life has been nothing more than a nightmare of seeing her brother go to prison and come out crazier than before. She may have given up a family of her own to follow this lunacy. The best reason the two of them should love FDR is because after DECADES of this lunacy, they will have a meager SSI check each month to keep them from starving. Just think, a dead and buried FDR will do more to keep the Greenspans from living in filth and poverty than a living Larouche.

Even Howie G. with all of his thrashing, was smart enough to go get a job. To think that after so many DECADES have gone by, Howie G ends up with more brains than the local NJ office.


Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007 - 1:49 am:

suggesting that the NJ state senator was being torpoedoed for future political career endevors by the rival faction in the state party, nothing at all -- including the Larouche donations -- could stop his re-election for that seat.

Interesting enough. Not the mechinitions that Howie G or Elliott Greenspan imagine are going on behind closed door, because they center on Gordon Johnson as opposed to Larouche


Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007 - 8:49 am:

Howie, in the 1970s in every town we could find we began to call up municipal elected officials, employee unions and citizen groups about budget crisises which were effecting them. In every way this is the saem thing going on today where the cult takes a problem and reates it's own reason for it to happen , proposes some fakata solution and then finds the one or two people who will support the cult for the next round of phone calls.

In the 1970s many US cities were experiencing urban flight, corruption, kickback deals, goldbricking union scandals and other urban problems. There is only so much corruption and kickbacks taxpayers can take and many were upset that cities were now refinancing debt in peculiar ways and raising taxes, contribuitng to further urban flight.

What we did was pretty simple using connecto. Since cities borrowed money from banks and banks were our enemy, all we had to do was to link each bank to either Wall Street or a bank run by our then delusional enemy, the Rockefellers.

We churned out millions of pices of paper and took it to the next Larouche insanity level by now saying that the Rockefellers were sytematically dismantling and depopulating cities in a new dark ages conspiracy, running up debts, creating a work force of lumpenized methedone addicts to work shale oil fields and ultimately delivering the USA to the Rockefellers.

During the course of this I had to laugh whenever we ran USLP candidates because in debates a reporter would ask us a question about something in the real world, like what is a defined pension benefit and we would first look like a deer in the headlites. In a few seconds, the Larouche training kicked in and we would go off about the Rockefellers and fascism and whatever else Lyn's multiple delusions could be churned out in 30 seconds.

The net result of this was that we did make some long term contacts in Boston and a few other cities which we used for further work in getting people to worship Lyn.

Now here is the fun part for people. In almost every city we operated in, we did dirty tricks for candidates by issuing leafletts and crashing candidates forums. You see, Lyn's insanity and the cult's insanity is actually a plus if you really want to screw someine. What we could do is to meet with either the candidate or his or her people and fanagle a few hunred dollars and more imprtantly, whatever dirt they had.The candidate could not release this because their would be slander suits and complaints filed. However, what do you do IF a cult shows up and prints 15,000 fliers about how so and so is sodomist of young boys, gay, a drug dealer or part of the New Dark ages? In addition, you can send members everywhere to harrass the person at meetings until being thrown out.

If you yutes read any filth from Lyn about how Molly gave a few hundred dollars to the GOP and was a treasonous thing, consider the fact the LYN has deployed millions in org funds and manhours doing dirty tricks for many Conservatives and GOP people.


Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007 - 8:50 am:

Finally, I swear I could write better briefing s than Jeff or Nancy in my sleep. I was reading my latest issue of Fortune magazine and noticed that there is a lot of money being positioned to buy real estate and raw land from languishing home builders as well as complete portfolios from mtg companies.

Among the two names I spotted setting up big REITS for this is The Rockefeller Fund and the Carlyle group. My God, I could write some crazy stuff about how the media forced people to become mortgage brokers to sell bad motgages to people who were brainwashed to speculate as well as destroy their credit rankings BEFORE they fille dout an application for a loan so they could not pay anything and casue the banks to foreclose so that the evil rockefeller Brothers and the Bush connected Carlyle group could evict people and then buy up US real Estate for the British and creat a new Dark ages since Al Gore will kill of 2 billion people and who needs that extra housing and with it being torn down, the taxe revenues for cities will drop out further putting them in the hands of the bankers.......

Yutes, we know the script you are following. It always ends at a card table shrine or a carcinogen inhalation station. Ask your THREE DECADE fellow traveler about "Debt Moratorium" campaigns for cities in the USLP daze, er days.

Ask Elliot and Margaret how many times they had to move their piano after the rent came due to see a real urban crisis.


Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007 - 10:33 am:

Two low-brow items:

(1) Showtime is airing the second season of Dexter which is a well-made series concerning a Miami blood-spatter analyst for the Dade County Police Department who also happens to be a serial killer. To try to throw his colleagues off the trail, in the last episode he is shown issuing a thirty-two-page manifesto that he's cobbled together arbitrarily from various people's blogs. (He does one thing Lyn never managed to do: drag the Pittsburgh Pirates into his rant.) It made me wonder if this so-called scattershot approach is Lyn's actually purpose in writing, to keep rival intelligence services from "profiling" him. I therefore further wonder if he takes himself seriously in churning out this rank nonsense.

(2) Why not toss a bone to the "boomer"-hating LaRashites for the holiday:

(Go down to the November 7 animation.)

Lastly, will this be the first Thanksgiving on which the yutes will all be deployed? Have fun, morons!

Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007 - 11:52 am:

This just in: LaRouche and minions have termed the rest of the world "clinically insane" for casting doubt on his 30-plus-years of warnings of the imminent and total collapse of the world financial system.

No comment necessary.


Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007 - 12:06 pm:

Thought Thinking Thought

1. What To Read

There's an interesting discussion going on over at Skull/Bones between Rachel Holmes and some guy named Steve who fits the "I was never a LaRouche member, just a faraway supporter" profile. (He also got into an exchange with Marielle Kronberg on American Prospect, I believe.)

Anyhow, Rachel's latest lengthy response to ole Steve has some interest:

2. Dennis King on LaRouche and the Art of Induced Suicide

Dennis King recently posted the full text of LaRouche's 1974 Manchurian candidate speech with
the most bizarre sections highlighted. It's at

Note at the top the quote about inducing suicide in brainwashees. Also note that as early as 1974, LaRouche was focussing on Jews as a Feinbild ("Automatic crematoria...No gas chambers required"), or his favorite image of The Victim.

3. Otherwise

Otherwise, I keep meaning to post a few phrases from last week's top briefing leads--one by Tony Papert, one by Nancy Spannaus.

Haven't gotten around to it yet, but will do sometime this weekend.

And I haven't forgotten Nancy's curious writing of August or the interesting chronology....


Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007 - 1:00 pm:

For the past few years I've become increasingly focused on LaRouche's FRAUD: the Dennis King posting cited above powerfully reminds me of his EVIL.

Didn't anyone on the scene at the time note the irony (to say the least) in that the target of all of this deprogramming was the very guy that stole LaRouche's woman? And that that guy was being used solely as a helpless target upon which LaRouche projected all of his own homosexual fears and coprophilia?

Wow. Small-time Hitler indeed. With the accent on the Hitler. At least Hitler wasn't a drunkard.


Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007 - 6:57 pm:


This LaRouche's 1974 "Manchurian candidate" speech (which I didnt know) illustrates clearly that with him, it's all about the "rape of the mind".
To quote him further: "What induces the victim to submit to brainwashing is his conviction that he is in the hands of an omnipresent, omiscient power which can effectively and promptly take possession of him anywhere. Thus, the world is made into a controlled environment by the victim's terror of the CIA. "(Campaigner feb 74)
Omnipresent?, omiscient? mmmmh let me guess who s talking about, really.
The BP method is about brainwashing someone into believing he/she's been brainwashed by the enemy and therefore needs to be de-brainwashed...
Brainwashing (to quote lhl again) is about "how to turn one's 'sense of reality inside-out'" (Campaigner april 74) Quite indeed.
So, this disgusting "Manchurian candidate" speech informs us better on what the "deprogrammed" victims could have been subjected to: A rape of their mind...
Reading this speech turns my stomach inside-out.


Posted on Sunday, November 18, 2007 - 10:11 am:

Uh-0h. This just reminded me that I posed the question, to which this is the answer, several months ago, and then never gave the answer I was looking for. If you can recall my posing just the queestion, what happened to Larouche between about mid-1972 and the launching of Mop-Up and the Beyond Psych assault on the membership starting in early 1973, leading into the "brainwashing" conference of New Years time, 2003-2004, I pointed out the real sea-change in how Lyn led the organization. Prior to that point, Lyn was merely the pares intra pares, the first among equals, he was approachable, one could argue with him publicly in a conference and live to tell the tale, he was on a relatively small pedestal, and there was none of the cult-like aspect to the internal life of the organization. With the launching of BP and Mop Up, which (Mop Up) I believe is integral to it as well, since it was Mop Up with both tempered the future Gestapo, er, I mean NKVD, er, I mean Security personnel, and forced everyone to either rationalize and justify criminal behavior (a classic method of tying people to criminal enterprises--force people to participate in a crime--look at the initiation rights of any gang, look at what Nazis and Communists had to do in Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia had to do), all that changed. And the change was really dramatic, as we all know, leading by January, 2004, to a dictatorship where any internal dissent from anything called down on the dissenter the rallying cry of the new thought police, "you're blocking." And Security, mostly a younger, greener generation than the "Old Guard," had prertty free reign to do what they wanted, despite being the politically least developed, in many cases utterly non-political, like Phillo Torres (Juan, to his credit, his brother who initially headed Security, never bought the "de-brainwashing" of Chris White, argued that position in real time during the sessions, and quit a few months later for the right reasons).

So, the question posed by me was, what triggered this sea-change in the modus operandi of the organization? In the summer of 1972, Carol left Lyn to start a relationship with Chris White. I am utterly convinced that was the whole ball of wax. Some of us will recall Lyn's ranting attack on Chris and Carol at a special NC meeting which the membership was allowed to attend, I think it was in the fall of 1972, at a room in Columbia University, in which, guess what, Lyn never attacked them for having a relationship, but for every other political crime under the sun. How obvious should that have been?

Anyway, I am convinced that that triggered an explosion of Lyn's until-then latent "issues," centered on sexual issues, in which I concur that the preponderance of evidince suggests suppressed homosexuality that he couldn't acknowledge. That explains his fixation on people's sexual identities at the core of BP, and his ego-stripping attacks on people's sexual identities. And it explains his hideous use of sexual epithets and other sexual references in his public attacks on public figures ever since.

Anyway, it is ironic, if "lawful," that an event that directly attacked Lyn's own sexual identity led this obviously sex-possessed sicko to portray himself as the most potent individual on the planet, including sexually. And tragic in that it sealed the doom of the organization, preventing it from playing the positive role that I still believe it could have played had this turn not occurred from 1973 forward. Oh, the vagaries of history, and life.


Posted on Sunday, November 18, 2007 - 10:21 am:

Some of the people who find this site are having difficulty getting OKd to start posting. It is frustrating, buy keep on trying. The effort many of you put into this site is of a value which far greater than what you think.

As we go into the Thanksgiving holiday many of us have families, children, careers and so many things to be thankful for. Among the many things one can be thankful for is no longer being in the Bizarro world where none of the things I mentioned are available.

Oh, you can have kids, but their future is at a card table shrine from the moment of conception. The days are getting colder and the LYM will be facing their first winter of card table shrining in the cold. The quotas are going to go up since the election is now heating up and you will be getting colder. I have to think back to a LA LYM memo about how great the weather is in LA for being outside all day!

If anyone has any doubt about just how valuable your posts are, I offer this tiny exerpt from something we will be posting soon from a recent LYM Basement memo. it has so many fun things that I do not knwo where to start.

Here is what is driving the cult wackier and wackier as it finds people , gasp, laughing at the LYM and calling Lyn psychotic, or a Nazi and usually a convicted criminal and cult leader.


Nick: Most of the folks who drop out, and don't come around after a decent conversation, is because of this stuff. Something as happened to these people, after they get on the web and do a search etc. They've become a thing, organized by a bigger thing."


That's right Nick, everyone you talk to at a card table shrine googles Larouche or "Larouche and anti semitic" or "Larouche and Duggan" or Larouche and cult" or "Larouche and fraud" and a host of other combinations once they get to a computer.


Posted on Sunday, November 18, 2007 - 5:32 pm:

This from the LPAC site:

Nov. 17—Lyndon LaRouche addressed "Global Summit for China's Peaceful Unification" held at the University of Maryland conference center in Rockville, this morning. Over 200 leaders from around the world participated. Lyn was a featured speaker in the opening session, and the published title of his presentation was "A New Pacific Relationship Emerges." The conference is taking place Nov 16-18.

--I couldn't find any reference to this "global summit" outside of Larouche's site. Was it just made up ?


Posted on Sunday, November 18, 2007 - 8:49 pm:

Just a note--the head of security was Jose Torres, not Juan Torres (who was a member recruited in Philly, and then sent to Cleveland, Detroit, and then Chicago). Jose Torres' brother was Fio Torres.


Posted on Sunday, November 18, 2007 - 10:00 pm:


The University of Maryland at Shady Grove has this information about the China Unification conference, and it isn't much aside from the expected attendance of 300. Of course that is also the capacity of the Auditorium. LPAC said 200 leaders were in attendance. It was scheduled from 8 AM - 5 PM on Saturday, 11/17/07. Nothing on the schedule for Friday or Sunday. The center's address is in Rockville, so this is it.

If this is all he said I think it might set a record for brevity.

(Message edited by kheris on November 18, 2007)


Posted on Monday, November 19, 2007 - 8:03 am:

The Literary Critic's Notebook

1. First, the Graveyard Scene



Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stay Tuned for "Extreme Events!"

The vibrant and brilliant campaign of our Danish cothinkers, which has electrified (virtually levitated) that tiny but very important country [Duck! Here comes Denmark!], went into a new phase after the conclusion of yesterday's elections. [They lost.] Our great Danes [Stop--you're killing me] sent Lyn the message that they had had a lot of fun, and that, whatever the vote with which they will be credited [They didn't get any votes] they are far better known, and more widely known, than they ever were before. This signal success [what success?] for our method [what method?], should serve to remind us in the US of all that we have lost since March [he means April 11]. It was about then that the LPAC mass organizing campaign, through which the "new politics" triumphed in the 2006 elections, was wound down and terminated. [We destroyed our printer; we ran out of literature; we freaked out the Boomer members.] Perhaps some Boomers thought we should be doing "infrastructure" instead. [Must mean paying the printer.]

Now we must regain the ground we have lost, and move forward from there. [Uh, Tony, maybe if you hadn't written that April 11 briefing lead, you'd still have a printer. Speaking of which—I see they have you writing briefings again. Who are they trying to kill this time?]

An indispensable part of that mass campaign now, is the defeat and discreditation of the Internet brainwashing of MySpace, Facebook and video games. [We just found out the Internet is lethal to us.] In that connection, Lyn is working to complete a paper on "Extreme Events." The first pages of his draft invite a comparison of that sequence of monstrosities from Michael Milken, through last week's Myspace murders in Perugia-- that sequence, to those "portents" of disaster which featured in the final scenes of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" and other tragedies,-- the dead rise from their graves, strange shrieks rend the night, and so forth. [Not so fast, Einstein. Back to the Cliff Notes for you].

Along those lines, a new feature is in advanced preparation for the LPAC website, which will raise howls of terror among those who merely more-or-less politely objected to the relatively very tame, "What is in Nancy Pelosi's Head?" [Translation: They took down Nancy Pelosi's head. Some of the yutes didn't like it.] Stay tuned! When will it appear? Maybe at the midnight hour, some few days ahead! [Maybe Caesar's ghost walks abroad and turns his sword in Tony's very entrails. Anyhow, it's on the LPAC site now.]

Apparently the yutes are now being accused of psychosexual impotence--for complaining about the Nancy Pelosi "animation." Watch out, kids! Once he starts in on your psychosexual impotence, it's time to go. Next thing you know, you'll be deploying at the bus station on Christmas Eve.



Posted on Monday, November 19, 2007 - 8:13 am:

2. A Way With Words


Monday, November 12, 2007


We cannot afford to tolerate the delusion that the United States, and humanity, can survive, without immediately moving to replace the bankrupt, collapsed, current world monetary system, along the lines proposed by Lyndon LaRouche and his political movement, for another day. [And you say she's an editor?] The crisis itself is impelling people toward accepting LaRouche's proposals, especially as the dynamic of mass organizing by the LYM and LPAC accelerates. [I thought we hadn't had any since March/April.] But, our leading political institutions are still caught in the grip of British Imperial thinking--and driving the United States toward self-destruction.

Nowhere is this clearer than in the case of the financial blowout, which was nowhere reflected in major media coverage and commentary Nov. 11. [And I do mean nowhere.] After the dramatic collapse of the dollar, rise in oil prices, declarations of bankruptcy, etc., etc., this last week, the boys in the back room decided this was ``not news.'' So, they are whistling past the graveyard--while rushing to follow in the footsteps of Germany 1923, by pumping money out in unprecedented amounts. Remember the praying mantis image? This is self-destruction. [This is metaphor madness.]

[Let me see if I have this straight. The boys in the back room are whistling past the graveyard while rushing in the footsteps of Germany to pump out money like a praying mantis--. Sounds about right.]

...Our job is to transform the political environment, so that the American people can throw off this British imperial control. The change will occur IN THEIR MINDS [in your dreams], as we get them to understand themselves as actors in the long-wave drama of a "transformation from the form of human cattle recognized as persons who are merely voters, to those who think and act as true citizens of a republic like our own." [Let's see—long-wave-drama actors changing from cattle to … Even if you had twice as many catchphrases, Nancy, Lyn still wouldn't bestow his approval.]

Too bad all your editors left. Or died.


Posted on Monday, November 19, 2007 - 6:29 pm:

"MySpace Induces Suicide of Young Girl: Who's to Blame?"

One doesn't even know where to start ...

LaRouche and Tony Papert induced the suicide of a longtime and trusted supporter, have told Dennis King that he should commit suicide, and are documented having used this tactic decades ago.

Could it be that the recent campaign against various internet venues is designed to keep the LaRouche youth from investigating their hero via the search engine?

MySpace doesn't kill people, people kill people, to borrow a phrase. Another illustration among many of LaRouche's fallacious reasoning. The Power of Reason, I guess.

P.S. Hysterical, eaglebeak!


Posted on Monday, November 19, 2007 - 9:47 pm:

"Could it be that the recent campaign against various internet venues is designed to keep the LaRouche youth from investigating their hero via the search engine?"

Absolutely as seen by Nick's creative mentation in the basement. I guees he is a Lynatic now.

Part of this came about because the cult, as usual, did something which backfired on them. Lyn issued an order that he needs to see 10,000 hits a day on LPAC to prove that he is running the globe. At the time this lunacy was issued by Lyn, the cult had a few thousand hits a day. Immediately the LYM/LC went into another mobilization to hit 10,000, now "unique" hits if you will. The plan was to put into the briefing a daily "quota" of how many hits a day they were recieving.

Some genius decided that a great way to hit quota was to send some LYM with laptops to college campuses and to have phone boiler room people ask people to look up the LPAC site while on the phone with them.

After a few days of this, the Laptops are back in the LYM Clubhouse/soup Kitchens.

Soup Kitchens? I wonder if what I hear is true where every local office has an older LCer who prepares the evening meals and is called the "Soup Nazi" by the LYM.

Well, you know what happens when you put a laptop in a college campus WIFI area and have the kids who dropped out of college let the kids who stayed in college have a shot at looking up LPAC. Soon, many questions were being asked as sites like this came up, came up and numerous other blogs and sites which proclaim Larouche a crazy man and the LYM a bunch of unwashedup losers.

The same thing happened on the boiler room experiment when larouche credit card fraud and tax evasion started to appear on the search engines.

In the old days, an AVI article would just appear and we would send out people to pick up copies of newspapers with it like King's Our Town series. Or, you just wait it out and never mention it in the briefing until AFTER it came out. In the print world of yesteryear, you could keep members blind about this.

Well today Lyn, here is what happened. An obscure blog can run Avi's article and get 10K hits in a few hours. Multiply this by several hundred blogs and user groups and the collective readership is now a hundreds of times what Lyn can issue his quotas at. Next, you get even more cross posting like at the Wall Street Journal and other big time outfits where the readership is now in the millions of Avi's obituary.

Crack open a bottle of Rheingau Lyn, you are being read by millions every day. More people know about Ken Kronberg and the sick, demented lunacy of you and the cult than would have ever known if this happened before the tech boom.

You spent close to a 1/4 BILLION dollars just to be known as a Kooky Krazy Kult Leader on computers across the globe. The webcasts get more howls of laughter on blogs than anyone would have ever imagined.

This is worse than when Jeff and Paul introduced to you to the blind date known as Danny and frieds who took you for several more millions.

The weather is getting mighty cold yutes. Tomorrow I will have the crystal ball ready to show you what a member does in the cold, freezing snow as they approach 60. If you guess "card table shrine" than you may be on your way out the door to freedom.


Posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 - 4:34 pm:

Happy Thanksgiving, to friend and foe alike.

Be well.


Posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 - 10:10 pm:

Thanksgiving is here and most of us are with our families and enjoying life. We care about things and do productive, real actions to make life better instead of promoting Lyn's endless delusions.

I still can't stop laughing at Nancy Spannaus's intro to the briefing "The end of our delusions".

Yo Nancy, you say that AFTER you leave the cult. We have some 33 year old internal memos about how nuts you were back in 1974 when Lyn solidified his cult of personality and you jumped right on that crazy train. If you yutes have any idea that what is being fed you is unique, wait until you read the resignation letters sumbitted to the LC and how Lyn handled them and solidified the cult.

You are getting a carbon copy of words, memos and action from that era. The only difference is that the enemy was Rockefeller and Lyn wrote that hundreds of BILLIONS would die if anyone questioned him about brainwashing plots and other hoaxes.

(We have Lyn's original type written memos copied yutes)

Now we are going to relive a great bit from a great American on TV, Johnny Carson. Carson did this bit where he put on a big turban and called
himself the Great Carnak.

He put up an envelope to his head and answered the question in the envelope and then Ed opened it up to read the question.

Here we go.

The answer?

She will be still be freezing at a card table shrine after THREE DECADES in this cult"

The Question????

"What will Judy Acheson (Clark) be doing THREE DECADES later after falling for Lyn's cheap parlor tricks over and over?"

The pictorial proof?

What the cult does now is a real hoot. The yutes get clasified as "volunteers" and a whole bunch of tax, labor and state laws disappear. Some of the yutes are told to go home for the holidays and hit their parents for warm clothes and some cash to live on. The perpetual crisis machine never stops and Lyn can get the yutes bundled up for the winter without spending a dime.


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 8:43 pm:

Happy Thanksgiving to all -- friends and frauds alike.

I am going to stink up the place a bit by cross-posting material that originally appeared on, at:

By "stink up' I refer to the length of post(s) and, of course, the subject matter: I return to a tired old theme, proving, once again (albeit via a different route), that LaRouche's claim of making a "fundamental discovery" is fraudulent – that he is scientifically dishonest, that he never made any such discovery.

My original posts were directed toward "Steve" (a Yute, a LaRouche plant, J. Steinberg… god knows whom). But they were inspired by Abraham Lincoln and his famous lecture on "Discoveries and Inventions" (a brilliant piece, something that will outlast anything Lyn has produced by at least ten billion years). If I remember correctly, Lincoln was responsible for making Thanksgiving a national holiday, so it's apropos that I post this today.

As always, the goal here is threefold: 1.) to contribute to the historical record; 2.) to reach a Yute or two, naïve about history and science -- these kids are susceptible to LaRouche's lies, especially during at cult "initiation" -- ; and 3.) to possibly spur a boomer or two to speak out – to come clean about their own role in propping up this fraud, this self-proclaimed scientist named Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Jr.

What follows is a slightly edited version of the original posts that appear on the link, posted above. To help reduce visual (etc.) fatigue, I've split it up into sections. And, please forgive the obvious lack of polish and errors; I simply don't have the time to clean this up more.

End Introduction


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 8:45 pm:

Begin Section #1.

Dear Steve (and others, if extent and interested),

To reduce visual fatigue, I am dividing this large post into sections.

The main theme here was prompted by my specific question to Steve (posted above) and the general question of whether Lyn has ever contributed a truly original idea – ever made a genuine, important discovery. My request was:

"Please explain the intellectual content of his "fundamental discovery" and the concrete essence of Lyn's (personal) contribution."

Steve responded:


I think that Lyn's "fundamental discovery" is that human creativity is at the center of political economy. Rachel suggests that most philosophers and economists know this, but I can't regard that assertion as well supported, at least with regard to currently practicing economic authorities. Certainly Lyn has elaborated the point to a greater degree than found elsewhere. There are echoes of it in earlier thinkers. I believe it was Lincoln who wrote that "the animals labor, but only man improves his labor" (quote approximate). But even though this clearly foreshadows Lyn's viewpoint, I don't think Lyn's views can thus be regarded as derivative. Henry Carey, who I have not read, may have made comparable points. However, Lyn came to his views some years before his discovery of Carey.


Forgive the duplication, but I am gathering this together, in one place, simply for ease of comprehension.

I replied by acknowledging that, to my knowledge, Steve captured the essence of Lyn's major claim; I promised a "nontrivial and serious" response. Note, too that Steve thought I was unfairly critical of Lyn, writing:


I am puzzled by the accusation, which I have also heard elsewhere, that Lyn repackages the ideas of others as his own. What I have seen of Lyn's writing is generous in referencing his antecedent thinkers.


I claim that Lyn is an intellectual fraud -- that he is entirely disingenuous in his references to previous thinkers (on the subject of his purported "fundamental discovery") and I will now prove this to all.

End Section #1.


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 8:50 pm:

Start of Section #2

I am heartened by Steve's reference to Lincoln. The thrust of this post, demonstrating that Lyn is an intellectual, scientific fraud concerning HIS most precious assertion – that he's made a "fundamental discovery", a discovery that grants him permanent status among the elite thinkers of all time. Note that this claim vanishes into thin air in the presence of a famous lecture by Lincoln. More on this below.

But problems are already clearly visible. If, as Steve asserts, Carey "may have had comparable points," but "Lyn came to his views some years before HIS [emphasis added] discovery of Carey" then what exactly is Lyn's contribution? Is it that he discovered that Carey discovered the fundamental discovery (and earlier)?!

Years ago, scientists discovered that the earth wasn't flat. Suppose some (intellectually isolated) child discovers this on his/her own, now. It would be a fine discovery, something original (to him/her) and something that demonstrated scientific talent. But it would be odd indeed if later, as an adult, the same person (now a public figure) claimed that this was his or her own original, fundamental discovery. Worse: suppose the person built a vast reputation based on this discovery, insisting that it was his/hers, without reference to all previous scientists who proved that the earth wasn't flat.

I note a subtle slide toward equivocation in Steve's response. Many laymen rediscover things that are well known to specialists. And many scientists rediscover things that are relatively unknown, yet already published elsewhere. When apprised of the facts, it may hurt, psychologically; but the process is actually a good sign. It shows the universal nature of discovery and man's ability to master the laws of the universe. It also shows that creativity is in all of us, at least in principle. In short, this part of my argument is already too long, as no HONEST scientist would EVER make a big deal about a rediscovering something that has been well known for a long, long time, unless they were making an educational point, NOT propping themselves up as an original, creative thinker.

Worse, the claimed "fundamental discovery" that "human creativity is at the center of political economy" is obvious. It may not be talked about much now, during the lifetime of the present Yutes, where such things are VERBOTEN, but not too long ago, this concept was firmly embedded in the culture as a core principle, something widely regarded as the basis of human progress.

End Section #2


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 8:52 pm:

Begin Section #3

To see the absurdity of it all, simply attempt to argue otherwise. Where would humankind be without discovering fire, the wheel, electricity, and radio waves? Who could write a book about economics and neglect the role that creativity plays in the history of humanity? It isn't simply the discoveries, but all the truly creative inventions, accomplished by hundreds of thousands of people. These lifted humankind up and increased our standard of living. Decades ago, every SERIOUS person was talking about technology and how it increases our standard of living, talking about how human creativity was the key, how science and technology were essential (along with humanism).

These themes pervaded our culture. More importantly the basic ideas were discovered and widely discussed LONG before Lyn's claimed breakthrough. LaRouche simply changed the words. It was always acknowledged that the carrying capacity of all animals, except humans was fixed, and that humanity alone was able to increase their carrying capacity. LaRouche simply repackaged this and introduced a new measure, "relative population density" It is a fine measure, but it is NOT a discovery, nor has enabled anyone to do anything useful.

Again, I asked Steve, "Please explain the intellectual content of his "fundamental discovery" and the concrete essence of Lyn's (personal) contribution."

End Section #3


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 8:53 pm:

Start Section #4

Now, some PEDANTS may argue that there is some "formal" difference between human "creativity" and "discoveries/inventions". Here is where simple honesty enters the picture. To me and to every sane person I have every met, invention is essentially synonymous with the creative part of the human mind. Discovery is a bit more complicated. Mathematical Platonists view some objects as having an independent existence: in this world, one can "invent" a concept (or a contraption), yet one discovers mathematical theorems and proofs, as if they already existed (because they actually do exist, independent of us). The same holds for physical laws.

Here, in this note, we do not worry about such issues. For us, invention and discovery exist at the highest levels of human thought. In short, invention and discovery are not divorced from creativity.

Now, politicians, by definition, take positions that they themselves do not believe in. This is well known, obvious. Therefore, POLITICIANS ARE, AT ROOT, ANTI-SCIENCE.

The above, possibly rancorous attitude, is designed to thwart various word game responses. For example, Steve: Your definition of Lyn's contribution contains wording that might be used to equivocate and to bypass the common sense, sane meaning that one usually ascribes to "discovery".

Someone who promotes a product may or may not be the real inventor. One can write TRILLIONS of words about the discoveries of OTHERS, without making the slightest original contribution of one's own. And one can write about other people's discoveries without staking ANY claims about one's own originality, other than possibly asserting that one is given a novel exposition. One can promulgate the work of others and honestly say: "These are NOT my discoveries, but I believe that the core ideas are the most important issues of the day – issues vital to the survival of mankind."

Here, vast credit should be granted to the person who stands up for truth, who demands nothing short of justice for all -- irrespective of whether or not they themselves had the original idea. But here, I still would not give LaRouche much credit as he is a terrible expositor and, in my view does far more damage when he writes than if he were simply to shut up. This is documented, widely, on FactNet, where it has been shown that, historically, the LC's success has been inversely proportional to quantity of LaRouche's public "contributions" (speeches, writings, and press releases). .

End Section #4


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 8:55 pm:

Begin Section #5

Promotion, advertisement, promulgation and explication are useful – indeed, often essential – aspects of human progress. I do not denigrate the activity; indeed, one can surely use one's mind to full advantage and can be extremely creative in the role of promoter, advertiser, promulgator, and expositor.

But this is quite different from claiming to make a crucial, fundamental contribution to science, or political economy, or physics, or XYZ. In short, advertisements and promulgation do not constitute "fundamental discovery". It is BASE FRAUD to claim otherwise, even if the discovery in question was never neatly summarized in a single location but educated people (not naïve young kids) are well aware of the ideas and concepts.

Again, I think Lyn's case is worse: His claim is so obvious, so thoroughly embedded in the history of humankind that it is difficult to point to a single date or origin where the discovery was made (but this is often the case with such things). If true, however, one can certainly point to dates where various people promoted, advertised, promulgated and/or gave fine expositions of the core idea, the core discovery.

A KEY POINT: The fact that this "discovery" is not widely promoted in today's textbooks is NOT evidence that Lyn made the discovery. Look at the textbooks under Stalin or Mao. Whole sections of human history were re-written. In such an atmosphere (where people know nothing and have lost the ability to think critically), various frauds often appear on the scene, making claims of all kinds. But, given the conditions, such claims take work to either verify or refute, because almost everyone is lost.

Finally, to end this section, I note a possible "out" embedded in Steve's assertion; he's produced a built in opportunity for equivocation. Steve says:

"I think that Lyn's "fundamental discovery" is that human creativity is at the center of political economy."

Political economy? What is that? Perhaps your definition rests on Lyn's definition of "Political Economy" and on the assumption that he is the true founder of the subject and or the only one who can properly interpret the work of others. And "Center"? This has many interpretations. In short, I see wildly wide wiggle room, AT THE CENTER.

End Section #5


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 9:04 pm:

Start Section #6

Back to Lyn's claim.

Of course, if a clear exposition of the discovery exists, and it PREDATES, by a hundred years, or even a thousand years, the repeated assertions of Lyndon LaRouche that HE made the discovery, then we simply MUST question his veracity, his integrity, his basic honesty. Fairy tales are nice, but only children believe in them.

Given all the above, I hope everyone takes the time to read the following lecture by Abraham Lincoln, titled Discoveries and Inventions". The complete text can be found here:

Until recently, I never read the entire lecture (I assume the above is genuine) but only studied -- and carefully -- extended excerpts that appeared in an abbreviated and condensed two-book compilation of Lincoln's collected works, his letters and speeches. These are two books that I own and cherish.

Note, of course, that Lincoln is not an obscure historical figure and the lecture in question is famous, known to anyone and everyone who bothers to look at Lincoln's writings.

For those in a hurry, anxious to get to the meat, here are some key excerpts, written well before Lyndon LaRouche appeared on this planet. My comments are in brackets. Please note that Lincoln's spelling is taken from his original text:

"Man is not the only animal who labors; but he is the only one who improves his workmanship. This improvement, he effects by Discoveries, and Inventions."

[Given the entire speech, and the context of the times, I take this to mean that through creativity, man alone improves his standard of living. Lincoln again]:

"Transportation -- the removal of person, and goods -- from place to place -- would be an early object, if not a necessity, with man. By his natural powers of locomotion, and without much assistance from Discovery and invention, he could move himself about with considerable facility; and even, could carry small burthens with him. But very soon he would wish to lessen the labor, while he might, at the same time, extend, and expedite the business. For this object, wheel-carriages, and water-crafts -- wagons and boats -- are the most important inventions. The use of the wheel & axle, has been so long known, that it is difficult, without reflection, to estimate it at it's true value."

[Again, the emphasis here is on discoveries and inventions that are "labor saving" (this led to the oft-used phrase "labor saving device"). But "labor saving" is simply a discovery or invention that frees people to do other things -- it produces "free energy" (in Lyn's schema), including freeing people to make additional inventions and discoveries, thus increasing the standard of living for all. We assume, of course, that the benefits are shared throughout the society. And this was another "problem" that Lincoln worked on! But let the master speak for himself:]

"The idea, being once conceived, of riding one species of animals, would soon be extended to others."

End Section #6


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 9:06 pm:

Start Section #7

[And now he explains the machine tool principle:]

"Of all the forces of nature, I should think the wind contains the largest amount of motive power -- that is, power to move things. Take any given space of the earth's surface -- for instance, Illinois --; and all the power exerted by all the men, and beasts, and running-water, and steam, over and upon it, shall not equal the one hundredth part of what is exerted by the blowing of the wind over and upon the same space. And yet it has not, so far in the world's history, become proportionably valuable as a motive power. It is applied extensively, and advantageously, to sail-vessels in navigation. Add to this a few wind-mills, and pumps, and you have about all. That, as yet, no very successful mode of controlling, and directing the wind, has been discovered; and that, naturally, it moves by fits and starts -- now so gently as to scarcely stir a leaf, and now so roughly as to level a forest -- doubtless have been the insurmountable difficulties. As yet, the wind is an untamed, and unharnessed force; and quite possibly one of the greatest discoveries hereafter to be made, will be the taming, and harnessing of the wind. That the difficulties of controlling this power are very great is quite evident by the fact that they have already been perceived, and struggled with more than three thousand years; for that power was applied to sail-vessels, at least as early as the time of the prophet Isaiah.

In speaking of running streams, as a motive power, I mean it's application to mills and other machinery by means of the "water wheel" -- a thing now well known, and extensively used; but, of which, no mention is made in the bible, though it is thought to have been in use among the romans -- (Am. Ency. tit---Mill) [.] The language of the Saviour "Two women shall be grinding at the mill &c" indicates that, even in the populous city of Jerusalem, at that day, mills were operated by hand -- having, as yet had no other than human power applied to them.

The advantageous use of Steam-power is, unquestionably, a modern discovery.

And yet, as much as two thousand years ago the power of steam was not only observed, but an ingenius toy was actually made and put in motion by it, at Alexandria in Egypt.

What appears strange is, that neither the inventor of the toy, nor any one else, for so long a time afterwards, should perceive that steam would move useful machinery as well as a toy."

End Section #7


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 9:08 pm:

Start Section #8

[Our genius (Lincoln, not LaRouche) continues:]

"The great difference between Young America and Old Fogy, is the result of Discoveries, Inventions, and Improvements. These, in turn, are the result of observation, reflection and experiment. For instance, it is quite certain that ever since water has been boiled in covered vessels, men have seen the lids of the vessels rise and fall a little, with a sort of fluttering motion, by force of the steam; but so long as this was not specially observed, and reflected and experimented upon, it came to nothing. At length however, after many thousand years, some man observes this long-known effect of hot water lifting a pot-lid, and begins a train of reflection upon it."

[I include this because Lincoln's lecture includes a vast number of concrete examples, showing that he had thought through the process of progress, and understood something deep about how discoveries often take a long time to mature; then again, they can happen in any instant. Back to our Hero]

"The inclination to exchange thoughts with one another is probably an original impulse of our nature. If I be in pain I wish to let you know it, and to ask your sympathy and assistance; and my pleasurable emotions also; I wish to communicate to, and share with you. But to carry on such communication, some instrumentality is indispensable."

End Section #8


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 9:10 pm:

Start Section #9

[Later, we arrive at sublime beauty, proving his sincerity and authenticity – his "Earnestness" forever:]

"But speech alone, valuable as it ever has been, and is, has not advanced the condition of the world much. This is abundantly evident when we look at the degraded condition of all those tribes of human creatures who have no considerable additional means of communicating thoughts. Writing -- the art of communicating thoughts to the mind, through the eye -- is the great invention of the world. Great in the astonishing range of analysis and combination which necessarily underlies the most crude and general conception of it -- great, very great in enabling us to converse with the dead, the absent, and the unborn, at all distances of time and of space; and great, not only in its direct benefits, but greatest help, to all other inventions. Suppose the art, with all conception of it, were this day lost to the world, how long, think you, would it be, before even Young America could get up the letter A. with any adequate notion of using it to advantage? The precise period at which writing was invented, is not known…"

[Continuing, brilliantly, with the same example:]

"When we remember that words are sounds merely, we shall conclude that the idea of representing those sounds by marks, so that whoever should at any time after see the marks, would understand what sounds they meant, was a bold and ingenius conception, not likely to occur to one man of a million, in the run of a thousand years. And, when it did occur, a distinct mark for each word, giving twenty thousand different marks first to be learned, and afterwards remembered, would follow as the second thought, and would present such a difficulty as would lead to the conclusion that the whole thing was impracticable. But the necessity still would exist; and we may readily suppose that the idea was conceived, and lost, and reproduced, and dropped, and taken up again and again, until at last, the thought of dividing sounds into parts, and making a mark, not to represent a whole sound, but only a part of one, and then of combining these marks, not very many in number, upon the principles of permutation, so as to represent any and all of the whole twenty thousand words, and even any additional number was somehow conceived and pushed into practice. This was the invention of phoenetic writing, as distinguished from the clumsy picture writing of some of the nations. That it was difficult of conception and execution, is apparent, as well by the foregoing reflections, as by the fact that so many tribes of men have come down from Adam's time to ours without ever having possessed it. It's utility may be conceived, by the reflection that, to it we owe everything which distinguishes us from savages. Take it from us, and the Bible, all history, all science, all government, all commerce, and nearly all social intercourse go with it."


"I have already intimated my opinion that in the world's history, certain inventions and discoveries occurred, of peculiar value, on account of their great efficiency in facilitating all other inventions and discoveries. Of these were the arts of writing and of printing -- the discovery of America, and the introduction of Patent-laws."

End Section #9


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 9:12 pm:

Begin Section #10

[More Lincoln:]

"When man was possessed of speech alone, the chances of invention, discovery, and improvement, were very limited; but by the introduction of each of these, they were greatly multiplied. When writing was invented, any important observation, likely to lead to a discovery, had at least a chance of being written down, and consequently, a better chance of never been forgotten; and of being seen, and reflected upon, by a much greater number of persons; and thereby the chances of a valuable hint being caught, proportionably augmented. By this means the observation of a single individual might lead to an important invention, years, and even centuries after he was dead. In one word, by means of writing, the seeds of invention were more permanently preserved, and more widely sown. And yet, for the three thousand years during which printing remained undiscovered after writing was in use, it was only a small portion of the people who could write, or read writing; and consequently the field of invention, though much extended, still continued very limited. At length printing came. It gave ten thousand copies of any written matter, quite as cheaply as then were given before; and consequently a thousand minds were brought into the field where there was but one before. This was a great gain; and history shows a great change corresponding to it, in point of time. I will venture to consider it, the true termination of that period called "the dark ages." Discoveries, inventions, and improvements followed rapidly, and have been increasing their rapidity ever since."

[Next to final quote:]

"The capacity to read, could not be multiplied as fast as the means of reading. Spelling-books just began to go into the hands of the children; but the teachers were not very numerous, or very competent; so that it is safe to infer they did not advance so speedily as they do now-a-days. It is very probable -- almost certain -- that the great mass of men, at that time, were utterly unconscious, that their conditions, or their minds were capable of improvement. They not only looked upon the educated few as superior beings; but they supposed themselves to be naturally incapable of rising to equality. To immancipate the mind from this false and under estimate of itself, is the great task which printing came into the world to perform. It is difficult for us, now and here, to conceive how strong this slavery of the mind was; and how long it did, of necessity, take, to break it's shackles, and to get a habit of freedom of thought, established. It is, in this connection, a curious fact that a new country is most favorable -- almost necessary -- to the immancipation of thought, and the consequent advancement of civilization and the arts."

[Lincoln then ends with the appropriate, spectacular flourish:]

"The patent system changed this; secured to the inventor, for a limited time, the exclusive use of his invention; AND THEREBY ADDED THE FUEL OF INTEREST TO THE FIRE OF GENIUS, in the discovery and production of new and useful things." [emphasis added]

End Section #10


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 9:14 pm:

Start Section #11

Above, I make the case that Lincoln, almost a century before Lyndon LaRouche, not only had a complete conception of the crucial role of creativity in political economy, but also possessed a mastery of the details (or at least enough to give interesting examples to his audience – examples bursting with the flow of ideas, not simply a hollow dead laundry list of the names of famous people).

Again, I say that Lyndon LaRouche is an intellectual fraud. Test me. Search his writings and speeches for references to Lincoln's great lecture, available as part of his complete works and, in abbreviated form, as part of a standard two-volume compilation. Lincoln is supposedly one of LaRouche's great icons. But does he give credit where credit is due? Does he quote ANY of the great sentences, ideas, phrases, and paragraphs above? Does he implore people to read the original material, the true genius (who doesn't even claim to have made a discovery!).

Can any HONEST person say that Lincoln has not grasped the essence of the role of creativity in an economy?

As the final stake in the coffin (and why not? – because fraud, should be exposed and opposed at every level), I have the perfect measure of Lyn's sincerity. Lyndon LaRouche talks and writes and farts about "universal physical principles" stating, correctly (and obviously), that no ape can discover these things. This is a major theme --- it is no minor issue.

But where are the examples? Look at Lincoln's great lecture. It is filled with examples, beautiful examples. Now show me where Lyn lists and explains the ten most important physical principles. He rarely gets past gravitation, sometimes drifts into Fermat's Principle of Least Time", but rarely goes further. Are there only two or three "universal physical principles" or are there ten or twenty or twenty thousand? Nobody would know anything about this, by reading LaRouche.

Is LaRouche interested in educating the reader or listener? Here is my measure: Look through all of LaRouche's vast output, his life's work. Count the number unique "universal principles" that he specifically mentions, let alone explains, let alone explains coherently. Now divide this by the number of times he uses the phrase "universal physical principle(s)". I claim that this ratio is infinitesimal. This, to me, precisely measures his sincerity. It is an objective computation (evil and mechanistic)!

LaRouche has no interest in science, no interest in education, and no interest in people.

He is a fraud. The only discovery he's made (till now) is how to run a cult of personality without having a genuine, human personality.

End of Section #11 and the original long post by Earnest One on


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 9:16 pm:

Start Section #12

Steve responds:


I apologize that I was not able to read your discussion in thorough detail, but I think I have grasped the gist of it. You seem to be saying that Lyn's most important points, though perhaps true and admirable, are not original with him, and that he is a fraud on that account.

I don't think that Lyn would deny at all the existence of views on the part of historical figures which foreshadow his own views. It was through Lyn, for example, that I myself discovered Lincoln's commitment to the Idea of Progress and the industrial system. I had previously known him only as the wartime President who saved the Union and thus laid the groundwork for the eventual abolition of slavery - in short, the conventional view taught in school. It was Lyn who introduced me to Lincoln in greater depth.

And, in general, this is a recurring pattern. Lyn consistently and repeatedly seeks out historical examples of those who have taught, argued and fought on behalf of the principles which he himself now champions. And he repeatedly identifies himself as in their tradition. To paraphrase a quote from Newton, who is not at all beloved of Lyn (but when he's right, he's right) - if Lyn has seen farther than others, it is because he has stood on the shoulders of giants. And I doubt Lyn would disagree at all.

Lyn himself identifies his "discovery" as a reaction against the "cybernetic" school of thought, as exemplified by Weiner and Von Neumann in roughly the 1947-53 period. One can debate whether a systematic critique of that school - applied to the issues of political economy in the current historical context - qualifies as a "discovery". It matters less to me whether we call it an original discovery than that it was and is a critically significant piece of intellectual work, of historic importance. I am simply glad that we have his contribution - not only as a piece of academic knowledge, but most importantly as the centerpiece of a mass effort of socio-political organizing. Henry Ford did not invent the automobile - but his name, above all others is associated with it in the popular mind - and I would say justly so.

I think it is probably not unfair to call Lyn an egotist - but I would not see that as a bad thing in this context. He has a powerful intelligence, and a far reaching vision of what he might accomplish with it. And, like Spider-Man he seeks to use his power for the Good. Far from being somehow depraved or immoral, I think that is admirable.

(And the Spider-Man reference is not intended to be flip. The comic in which Peter Parker rededicated himself to the Spider-Man role in the wake of Uncle Ben's death has always had powerful meaning for me).

Bottom line - the prior thinkers in Lyn's school - and their followers today aside from Lyn, are nowhere to be found as effective fighters for those views in the current historical crisis. But a movement to fight for progress and creativity, in the most profound sense - not mere superficiality (e.g. "Progress is out most important product") - is precisely what is needed today. I know of only a handful who attempt this at all, and none who do so with Lyn's comprehensiveness and coherence.

To paraphrase another quote, which I've entirely forgotten the source of, Lyn is a hero - not necessarily a saint.

I hope this reply is well targeted to the thrust of your discussion.


End Section #12


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 9:18 pm:

Start Section #13

Now it gets truly interesting, as the bad conscience of the LaRouchies emerge for all to see.

Steve chimes in again:


Further, as to whether Lyn gives credit to his predecessors, here's what I found on Lincoln's speech in particular. The speech is excerpted at the link given below. I quote the introduction here.

"Abraham Lincoln's favorite speech of the 1860 presidential campaign, sets forth the basic philosophical principles of the American System of political economy."

"Abraham Lincoln once described this speech as his favorite stump speech of the 1860 presidential campaign. Lincoln uses the Bible to demonstrate that by use of inventions and discoveries, man has made successive advancements in his culture. More importantly, he locates the fundamental distinction between man and beast in man's continuing ability to change his mode of labor through such discoveries and inventions. We reprint it From The Civil War and the American System, America's Battle with Britain, 1860-1876, by Allen Salisbury, Campaigner Publications, New York, 1978. The book is now out of print; this particular speech has been omitted from all widely available collections of Lincoln's works."

For any reader who may not be aware - Allen Salisbury was a member of the Labor Committees and Campaigner Publications was the LaRouche affiliated publishing company. I think it's safe to conclude that the Lincoln speech was excerpted there with Lyn's blessing.

End Section #13


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 9:19 pm:

Start Section #14

I now reply to Steve's first response to my long post, reproduced, in Section #7. His nonsense about Lincoln is addressed in my final comment, further below:


Your words are fine, but they do NOT address my original request or the main point:

"Please explain the intellectual content of his "fundamental discovery" and the concrete essence of Lyn's (personal) contribution."

Your initial reply was:


I think that Lyn's "fundamental discovery" is that human creativity is at the center of political economy."

Now, did he make a discovery or not? If so, was it "fundamental"?

If no discovery was made, if Lyn is only rehashing other people's work, then the claim of "discovery" is fraudulent. Note that this accusation (fraud, fraudulent, etc.) is something that Lyn hurls at others daily, and without reservation.

Now, perhaps you or Lyn wish to "debase" the meaning of discovery, wish to debase the essence of language, if not the human mind itself. If so, then what is the point of this discussion?

Finally, you made the following claim:

"What I have seen of Lyn's writing is generous in referencing his antecedent thinkers."

My long post above, containing a few minor errors, gives a concrete example of an "antecedent thinker" who produced a brilliant exposition on the subject of creativity, without making ANY claim about his own contributions.

Now, I suggest that you read my post very carefully. I promised that I would take this seriously and I devoted considerable time and thought to it.

Given that Lincoln made the lecture on "Inventions and Discoveries", given that Lincoln is on the list of good guys, I want to know why Lyn himself has not quoted extensively from this very piece.

Find me a published article or speech where Lyndon LaRouche himself, not some underling or associate, discusses this great lecture and encourages people to read it. Better yet, find me ten or a hundred places where Lincoln's masterpiece is acknowledged, discussed and promoted by LaRouche himself..

Absent such a "discovery" it would appear that Lyn is trying to hide (or ignore) a great, lasting contribution to his OWN field. This would be akin to someone promoting, for 40 years, his own contribution to the theory of gravitation without mentioning Kepler or Newton or Einstein's Field Equations. I view the analogy as just.

Again, I claim to have proven fraud, and at many levels. I suggest that you think this over, and reply with far more honest fervor. At minimum, you should read the post in its entirety.

End Section #14


Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 9:21 pm:

Start Section #15


Your link brings up a page that purports to give the speech but only gives a small section of it.

Worse, it OMITS what Lincoln himself, in the speech itself, regarded as man's greatest discovery/invention (writing!).

So much for promoting Lincoln, promoting discovery and invention.

Moreover, the introduction on the American Almanac (sic) states the following:

"this particular speech has been omitted from all widely available collections of Lincoln's works."

This factual claim can be compared to the evidence. I am in possession of one of the most widely available, definitive collections of Lincoln's speeches, letters, and miscellaneous writings; it includes the speech, in abbreviated form, BUT does NOT OMIT Lincoln's marvelous exposition of the history behind man's greatest discovery (phonetic writing).

My collection was first published by "The Library of America" (October 1, 1989) and was, therefore, available when the American Almanac statement — pure lies, pure fraud — was issued. And, of course, the Lecture on Discoveries and Inventions appears in Lincoln's complete, collected works. (This is the obvious place to look for anyone serious about history.)

Further, the two-volume set that I own is still available. Indeed, here are excerpts from two (establishment) reviews (from

Christian Science Monitor:
"The best selection of Lincoln's writings available today, perhaps the best ever … the English language at its finest … turn to this handsome set."

Alfred Kazin, New York Times Book Review:
"A momentous and thrilling addition to any private library."

Given the above facts, a reasonable hypothesis is that LaRouche et al, are the ones running an operation against Lincoln, not the Venetians or the British or the Jews or the Chinese, let alone the Trilateral Commission. And Cheney probably doesn't enter the picture either.

Perhaps "LaRouche" is a simply a club that people join where truth has no meaning and people are allowed to bullshit about any subject, day and night. Truth and honesty and integrity appear to be non-existent.

But self-promotion rules."

End of my recent posts.

Finally, the Lincoln/LaRouche situation first aroused my curiosity many years ago. As ex-members know, LaRouche has his own views about language and punctuation. But he is also insistent on preserving original texts and producing translations of major intellectual works that have long been neglected. This is a good thing, obviously.

But the New Federalist once produced Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address (a masterpiece of English prose, something that Lincoln later commented on, and in writing, as his best work -- the one speech that would last the test of time). Note that the final paragraph should produce chills in any normal human being ("With malice toward none; with charity for all…"). But New Federalist butchered Lincoln's original punctuation, removing semicolons and the like. In short they took wild license and destroyed the intended cadence.

Here, of course, my interpretation is immediate. These people HATE real talent, real science, real ideas. Of course the problem flows downward from the top, with the rotting head of Lyn. He •••••• on everything of value, especially the sycophants who devoted their entire adult lives to propping him up as some sort of important person – a world historical figure.

End of Section 15 of Earnest One's long, long post on and


Posted on Friday, November 23, 2007 - 2:09 am:

Earnest One, thanks for that. I missed this colloquy between you and Steve on Skull & Bones. You have thrown a lot out here, and I hope to find time in a few days to spin off some other observations. But I do want to throw out just the following immediately.

LaRouche's "method" for many years has been to arrive at his conclusions, and then to seek "sources" that prove it, or rather, to send others to find sources that prove it. I think it improbable that he has learned anything from any historical figure in at least the last 30 or more years, if ever. I think it improbable that he has even read anything more than a few sentences from any historical figure, including Leibniz, Gauss, Plato, Franklin, Lincoln, or even Kepler, which sentences would have been available to him only because some member of other had done the research that uncovered these sentences--the member him/herself specifically looking for things that the historical figure said that could be used to bolster one of LaRouche's pet points. Anything the historical figure said that was not on the critical path of LaRouche's own points, was ignored.

That Lyn plagiarizes from member's research ferociously, virtually never with attribution, is so well established, LYMers, if you don't believe this, find an old-timer and most will, if they have any honesty left in them, confirm at least this for you. And he undoubtedly plagiarizes only those portions that suit his needs of the moment. Witness, he constantly cites Kepler, but how much of Kepler's vast work is ever actually so much as mentioned. LaRouche's use of Kepler has nothing to do with anything that LaRouche learned from Kepler. It has to do with LaRouche's using Kepler to show that LaRouche is standing on the shoulder of giants. In short, it is to validate LaRouche's own quirky (if that isn't the most understated adjective in human history, here) theses that he "uses," as in "someone is using someone else," Kepler, Leibniz, Gauss, etc. Take Leibniz. What out of Leibniz's incredibly vast opus of writings has LaRouche ever mentioned. I'm certain that if quizzed by an expert on Leibniz, LaRouche would be lucky to get a 5 (on a scale of 100) on even a simple graduate level exam on what Leibniz represented as a philosopher, scientist and mathematician. On Kepler, has he ever mentioned the First or Second Laws. He only references the Third because it relates to the harmonics of the orbits theory, which was one of Kepler's biggest flops--a speculation which was widespread then, but has not stood the test of time. How ironic to make such a big deal--deservedly--of Kepler, but then to narrow it to basically ONLY something that the progress of science has proved was not true, and had no utility for later science.

All of this is by way of responding to Steve's assertion about LaRouche's "generous" mention of progenitors. Yes, he references a relative handful of great thinkers in previous history, and all ARE great, positive giants of history. But he doesn't reference them because he mastered them, and then built something new on their foundations. He uses them simply, and only insofar, as they can be represented to agree with what LaRouche is saying. They are his "cover," his "proof" that he is right: "See, the greats agreed with me." Yeah, right. And what about all the other things these greats said, that either don't agree with you, or that are in areas you don't have anything to say about? What they really said, how they really contributed to history, and science, and mathematics, is of no interest to Lyn. His use of them is purely to bolster his own credibility.



Posted on Friday, November 23, 2007 - 2:10 am:

All of which relates to the Lincoln speech. I am willing to bet that LaRouche has never read the speech, and probably doesn't even know about it. Which would come about because no one ever pointed it out to him. Perhaps it was, once, at the time the Lincoln book was put together, but likely he's forgotten. Quite frankly, I think that if Lyn had been aware of it, he would have quoted it, and used it as proof that Lincoln agreed with Lyn. So in this sense, I think the issue here is misplaced about whether LaRouche is a fraud because he knew about earlier statements of his present points, and wanted to cover up that they weren't original. He actually is liberal in "giving credit" to alleged progenitors of any of his ideas--because he wants to bolster his credibility--while always saying how he has improved on them, as well. The real point of interest, for another time, Earnest_One, you rightly identify in examing what is meant by Steve's statement of LaRouche's fundamental contributions. For another day.


Posted on Friday, November 23, 2007 - 2:49 am:

Carpet Tax

Whoops. Looks like JS's main man (or one of them) is about to go on trial.

Why should you care?

Well, Farzad has been a major "source" for org "intelligence" since the early 1980s--when he was about 23 (yes, the CIA always uses 23-year-old Iranian exiles to pass important info to important people like Lyndon LaRouche).

And the word is that he has been a major recipient of major money from the org over all those years. Lots and lots of it.

Anyhow, looks as if LaRouche wasn't the only sucker wearing a "rob me" sign as the $$ flowed out, loans went unrepaid, stipends went unpaid, and PMR went unpaid.

Here's the URL

And here's the story....

Former Islamic Center Money Manager Headed to Trial

Posted by Joe Palazzolo

November 19, 2007 at 06:21 PM

The BLT - the blog of Legal Times

The former money manager of the Islamic Center of Washington, charged with embezzling more than $400,000 of the mosque's money, is destined for trial.

Farzad Darui was indicted in June [2007--ed.] for allegedly altering more than 200 checks to divert money from a special account into companies he owned and controlled. But his lawyers say that the money was fair compensation for housing and feeding several of the director's mistresses in apartments Darui owns in Virginia, and that the [Islamic Center] director, Abdullah Khouj, used the account for such personal expenses.

"There was all kinds of money coming out of this account that was not for the Islamic Center," Victoria Toensing of diGenova & Toensing, one of Darui's lawyers, argued today in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth struck Darui's motion to dismiss last week, setting the stage for a trial that could expose deep divisions in the center's culture. Darui, an Iranian-American, alleges he is facing retaliation for trying to keep Islamic radicals out of the mosque, which is one of the country's oldest and largest. Khouj, who is Saudi, has been its director for more than 20 years.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ronald Wesley Sharpe, addresing Lamberth, called Darui's allegations "unfounded" and "irrelevant." He said that the government has strong evidence to support its claims that the money was intended for the center's use and that Khouj had not authorized Darui to dip into it. ++++++++++++++++++++++++

The Feds' own press release on the case can be found at:

(Message edited by eaglebeak on November 23, 2007)


Posted on Friday, November 23, 2007 - 4:48 am:



I have other interesting (and embarassing) quotes from texts written more than 2,000 years ago!
A condemnation of financial speculation and a defense of "real goods" (aka physical economy):

"The acquisition of goods is then, as we have said, of two kinds; one, which is necessary and approved of, is to do with household-management; the other, which is to do with trade and depends on exchange, is justly regarded with disapproval, since it arises not from nature but from men's gaining from each other. Very much disliked also is the practice of charging interest; and the dislike is fully justified, for the gain arises out of currency itself, not as a product of that for which currency was provided. Currency was intended to be a means of exchange, whereas interest represents an increase in the currency itself. Hence its name, for each animal produces its like, and interest is currency born of currency. And so of all types of business this is the most contrary to nature. "

Now this one, from the same author, suggesting that slavery would disappear when "tools" could move/act by themselves (aka "techonoloy", robots etc) :

"For suppose that every tool we had could perform its task, either at our bidding or itself perceiving the need, and if - like the statues made by Daedalus or the tripods of Hephaestus, of which the poet says that 'self-moved they enter the assembly of the gods" - shuttles in a loom could fly to and fro and a plucker play a lyre of their own accord. then master-craftsmen would have no need of servants nor masters of slaves."

This was written by... Aristotle! (The Politics Book I, x and Book I, iv)

Bear in mind that not only Aristotle, but also Plato (The Laws, Book VI), St Paul (Letter to the Ephesians, 6,5-9) or St Augustine (City of God, XIX, chap. 15) defended slavery! So, Aristotle here, although very poetical in his argument, was pointing in the right direction (unlike Plato in this case btw) ;-)

Lyn never made any "fundamental scientific discovery". It is a myth. Gurus are known to invent, make up fake biographies where they proclaim to have achieved great things, all of them unprovable of course. To believe in these myths is part of the recruitment. It is an act of faith and doesnt require any proof or demonstration. I am even surprised that such a Steve is willing to discuss what is otherwise considered in the org as an un-questionable FACT: "Larouche is a genius" (and is "always right").


Posted on Friday, November 23, 2007 - 10:42 am:

Larouchetruth, Shadok,

Thanks for the reading the long post and for your responses. I simply wanted to "port" some of the back and forth that appeared on, because this forum reaches far more people.


Your point is well taken -- that if Lyn had actually read Lincoln's speech he probably would have given attribution, using it to his advantage (at least in his mind). I think you are spot on, actually.

But I hope that other readers (if extent) don't dwell too much on this detail, in the sense that I am not claiming that Lyn directly plagiarized Lincoln, only that Lyn's so-called contribution vanishes in the face of historical evidence. As you say,

"The real point of interest, for another time, Earnest_One, you rightly identify in examining what is meant by Steve's statement of LaRouche's fundamental contributions. For another day."

I look forward to that other day, Larouchetruth, as I have studied the "technical" side of Lyn's purported discovery and, quite frankly, I think there is little to it.

Worse, he and his "co-workers" completely f.cked up explaining (what could have been) a marvelous analogy between Cantor's transfinite ordinals and economic theory -- how new technologies allow societies to jump to new stages of development.

None of the "fancy" people in the FEF (Bardwell, Parpart (sic), Tennenbaum, etc.) produced a short, readable exposition where this analogy is made crystal clear. Of course one must know something about Cantor's work, but it only takes a page or two to give the main ideas (and examples) about transfinite ordinals. If I have some time, I will write it up and put it here, in the next month or two.

(Then again, I promised Eaglebeak that I would write up a definitive statement about Winstar. Perhaps both will be forthcoming.)

More to the point, analogies are useful tools, but a true discovery is an altogether different beast -- it opens up new vistas. LaRouche throws around analogies like he uses connecto theory.


Thanks again for reading through the long post and for your contribution. I think it's helpful (to the Yutes) to puncture the heart of Lyn's claim and to expose the fraud. The more examples, the better. Bravo.

The appearance of people like "Steve" and others, here on FactNet and's Skull and Bones, is an interesting phenomenon. Are these different people or has a single individual, inside the group, been charged with responding to "attacks" on Lyn?

These characters seem to come and go like the wind. They all claim to be outsiders but their behavior belies their claims.


Posted on Friday, November 23, 2007 - 1:01 pm:

Earnest One--

I was just going to ask you about Winstar...

I think these characters, who come and go like and with the wind, are perhaps a couple of people assigned to waste their time trying to make LaRouche look good in Internet discussion venues.

The only reason to think that they might not be longtime, dedicated, fulltime-deploying members is that they seem to have had time to read LaRouche's endless product. But actually, thinking more about it, they discuss only a tiny percentage of the effluvia that has flowed from LaRouche's lips and pen.

I think your Winstar history is sorely needed.

Meanwhile, on Farzad's legal adventures (see my post above), I think perhaps I should have titled it

Carpet Bombs.

Does this mean that Lyn is off the "National Security Watchlist" of U.S. national security assets that the Blues Brothers ("they're on a mission from God") had the org pay to put him on?

Guffaw. Only a kindergartner would have believed that pitch--a kindergartner and, strange to say, Lyn.


Posted on Friday, November 23, 2007 - 2:59 pm:


My apologies about Winstar. The true reasons for the delay involve life and death issues.

My IP address is listed and anyone minimally competent can easily find my "basic" location. In any case, higher up LaRouche operatives (if they are paying any attention) surely know my identity or can find out easily enough. I am not pleased about this.

By life and death, I mean that I am dealing with a major illness. My sweet, kind wife has an essentially untreatable, rare ovarian cancer – a rare cell type. She's had multiple recurrences within the past year. We've found a gynecological oncologist to treat her (others refused, because the prognosis is so poor and they don't wish to inflict chemo without good reason). The first attempts failed (four cycles of the standard stuff). Now they've pulled out the super heavy duty poisons (chemicals that have a nontrivial chance of causing near-term fatal leukemia). She is fading, badly, from the treatment, if not the underlying disease itself.

I have become an expert on the cell type (have read more original papers than any of the oncologists) and so I am managing this crisis.

Note too that, in the past month, I was hospitalized for an emergency gallbladder operation. It was the most extreme case the surgeon had seen in twenty-five years. Hundreds of stones, inflamed, infected, filled with fluid, blocked, and huge (over 8 inches long). FURTHER, it had become fused to my liver! They gave me the big long incision (the night of the long knives) and slowly cut this thing away from my liver (an organ that looked healthy, luckily).

So... in the midst of all this health madness and pressure, I post here. Note that prior to my Thanksgiving flourish, I had been relatively absent.

I am NOT asking for sympathy (we are still blessed in many ways, no question) but I do wish to give the true reasons for the Winstar delay. I promised the write-up and have failed to deliver, on time. My word means everything to me, and so I am not at all happy about the delay.

I take this forum seriously. As stated before, and often, I am NOT an ex-member. But a close relative is/was for 30 years (current status is uncertain to me, as it takes a while to extricate oneself, physically and psychologically).

The LaRouche situation caused my family THE nightmare of nightmares as there were threats issued at the first stages of my relative's recruitment (threats directed toward me and my family).

The Duggan tragedy and Erica's statement to me that if I had only spoken up earlier perhaps it would have helped save her fine son, touched me deeply and so I have slowly begun to speak out, here and there, about LaRouche et al.

I have far more to say, however, but am still constrained. Michael Hudson has warned me that these guys are (or used to be) quite dangerous. They are certainly wacked. This is obvious.

So... please forgive the delays. Further, please don't tell me to forget Winstar, given my wife's illness. The story is important, and my knowledge runs deep, because I had close relationships with key players and was in the middle of many things. True, I came aboard rather late (early 1998), but I lasted longer, as an employee, than anyone else with any LaRouche-type connection. Note that I was part of the last 10% of employees, kept on after 6 brutal rounds of layoffs. I know something about crashes!

But recent quotes from LaRouche about Winstar are demonstrable lies and it's important to document this and to place certain things "on record".

This will be done and the true story will be told. Please bear with me.


Posted on Friday, November 23, 2007 - 3:13 pm:

I look forward to that other day, Larouchetruth, as I have studied the "technical" side of Lyn's purported discovery and, quite frankly, I think there is little to it.

Worse, he and his "co-workers" completely f.cked up explaining (what could have been) a marvelous analogy between Cantor's transfinite ordinals and economic theory -- how new technologies allow societies to jump to new stages of development.

None of the "fancy" people in the FEF (Bardwell, Parpart (sic), Tennenbaum, etc.) produced a short, readable exposition where this analogy is made crystal clear. Of course one must know something about Cantor's work, but it only takes a page or two to give the main ideas (and examples) about transfinite ordinals. If I have some time, I will write it up and put it here, in the next month or two.

This statement by earnest_one is exactly what is meant by the World Famous "fundamental discovery" - with one caveat: L. Marcus intended this identity as explanatory, whereas earnest_one correctly states that it is a mere analogy.

At the age of twelve I invoked Riemannian manifolds to account for poltergeists, so perhaps that is some indication of the usefulness of such analogies in the real world.


Posted on Friday, November 23, 2007 - 6:06 pm:

Farzad, aka "Carpet" has a fascinating connection to the LC for more than 20 + years. He would call up the DC EIR office and speak to our people claiming to be an Iranian exile who had important information about Iran and the Mid East via his contacts and family. At the time he was dismissed by a few upper level members as being a con artist who wanted some cash for this.

A few years later, I think Carpet figured out that the way to take the LC's money was by feeding Lyn's fantasies and going through Jeff and Paul in security. I would guess that this is a way of bypassing the people who before called him a scam artist and get cash via the black hole called security.

Carpet had this all figured out real good as he came up with this story which security and Lyn swallowed hook, line and sinker.

Carpet was now not only an Iranian exile, friends of the Shah's family, he was also a CIA operative who offered a secret plan to Lyn. For 200 K, Carpet could get Lyn placed on a CIA Protected Assets List" ! This meant that Lyn was no longer on any assasination list and was now safe, sort of a "do not assasinate list" I guess the NSA, KGB, MI5, Shin Beth etc must check before rubbing some one out.

What the people who read this have to understand is that at the time we were now in Leesburg and Lyn was viewed as not a great world histporical figure, but as a pigeon by a few people . This bunch had Lyn profiled better than anyone else and knew that by feeding him stories of delusionsary enemies, Lyn would have his ego filled to the brim and overflow like a Phil U poured Rheingau wine glass. Lyn and Security had a real hard on for the CIA mystique and would do anything to rub shoulders with spooks and crooks who can claim to be in the CIA. In this environment of Rheingau fueled creative mentation and endless money being raised by 5 dollar a day members, there were no questions being asked. If you did ask a question, then you were told that you were blocking by Lyn and security would sneer that you do not know what is really going on behind the scenes.

From what has been told to me, the 200 K was approved and Carpet soon found himself receiving cash each week in sums from 2 to 5 K. Dino writes about this in a memeo we posted a while back.

Since this started from the 1980s, the IRS can quickly do the non Euclidian math and calculate :

-How much Carpet may have received yearly.

-Did he claim this as income?

-How was this written off by anyone of the myriad of companies and campaign committes we had going on during all of this.

-Is there any hanky panky with business fronts we had where money was being spent on Carpet that should have been reported and has FICA taxes and witholdings been paid?

-If Carpet is a Va resident or DC resident, then shouldn't there be similar tax questions being raised by those localities ?

-What did Carpet do with this money? Was it for personal use or forwarded to fund something else?

Ig what Dino, a long time leader wrote is true. then Carpet alone can account for a few million in cash while the rest of the scam artists had millions more given to them by the Jeff and Paul show.

Lyn, shouldn't you be asking questions of where the millions are that Helga should be enjoying after you decompose?

Yutes, are you still falling for this lunacy? I have a DC blog coming up which expresses what all of your card table shrining ammounts to next. Hope mom and dad bought you a nice warm coat and some boots for the winter .

Yutes, go ask Barbara to show you the books to see how this was handled for tax and accounting purposes. As a boomer, she is one of "them".

(Message edited by xlcr4life on November 23, 2007)


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 4:11 am:

Earnest One--

I am so very sorry to hear about your wife's illness, and yours.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Take care.


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 11:11 am:


Thanks for the kind words and thoughts. No need for anyone else to chime in on this matter.

I have now fully recovered; the deep trouble, the extreme risk, was fleeting. My wife's situation is altogether different.

I am loath to give unsolicited advice, but life cannot be taken for granted. Time is precious. Few among us know when or where their number will be called. But when one sees the end coming or possibly coming, and soon, it produces sober pause for reflection. The question arises: Have I spent my time wisely?

Yutes, take note. The experience of the older people here is precious. They are giving warning, fair warning. Do you want to wake up one day, with the end close at hand, kicking yourself for wasting the best years of your life serving the whims of a fraud, a colossal bullsh.t artist, a self-centered, completely impotent leader?

I am going to take my own advice. To this end, I have issued my final response to "Steve" who appears on:

Perhaps he is a genuine young man, eager to contribute to the world. Perhaps he is already a LaRouchie. I cannot decide with certainty. I can only say that for me, our "discussion" is not productive. I am, therefore, re-posting my "final" words here: possible entertainment for the older people (everyone needs a good laugh) and, perhaps, some sanity for Yutes who still have a chance to lead productive, happy lives.

Goodbye Steve, Part 1 (with extremely minor editing)


What has happened to your soul? When and why did you sell out? What happened to honesty, evidence, and truth?

Of course, "It is entirely possible that the writer of the intro paragraph was simply unfamiliar with the collection you refer to."

But the WRITER claimed that,

"this particular speech has been omitted from all widely available collections of Lincoln's works."

Therefore, the onus is on him. But the statement is demonstrably false; this can be easily verified. The two-volume set that I previously referred to is a STANDARD Lincoln reference. Therefore, either the writer is lying or he is simply incompetent. No big deal, except that LaRouche and his followers constantly accuse OTHERS of lying and/or being incompetent. Any sensible person can smell the hypocrisy from a galaxy away.

Again, it was the writer who "posed" as a Lincoln expert. Why did he have to say "all widely available collections"? Why not simply say "many collections" or "most collections" or "some collections"? His claim is extreme and, therefore, should have been verified, carefully. Scholarship requires work. As it turns out, Lincoln's lecture is famous and it appears in one of the most important and most widely available collections of his works.

This is an altogether MINOR issue save for the fact that the writer ALSO omitted the most important part of Lincoln's lecture – Lincoln's explanation of what HE himself regarded as man's most important discovery/invention (the discovery of phonetic writing!). So the writer of the introduction makes a false claim of omission by others yet HE himself commits a major omission!

End Part 1.


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 11:13 am:

Goodbye Steve continued (Part 2):

I warned you that I was growing weary of this discussion. Why should I devote time and energy communicating with someone who has no regard for evidence, who equivocates about everything serious, and who cannot acknowledge simple, clear truths? Previously, I presented multiple lock-tight examples of LaRouche's fraud, his wild insincerity. These are staring you in the face. Your bizarre responses now force me to question your sincerity.

Your continued obfuscation about LaRouche's "fundamental discovery' is even worse. Again, you have not produced the SLIGHTEST evidence that he has done ANYTHING original. As a child, I noted that when I dropped a rock it fell to the ground. Big discovery. LaRouche's great discovery is about on this level. The difference, however, is that he has ordered the production of millions of pages of flyers, speeches, and articles that consistently claim he has made an original contribution, a "fundamental contribution".

Everyone re-discovers previously known scientific work. But who would attempt to build a worldwide reputation based on other people's work, material that is well known to educated individuals. LaRouche repeatedly claims that he has made an original, creative contribution. Bullshit.

I have proven fraud yet you continue to equivocate and defend this fraud. Perhaps you are truly that naïve. Can you engage in genuine, independent thought, or do you simply spout the party line, like a robot?

The evidence, to-date, is that you are wasting my time, spouting an inane and insane party line (like a machine). My participation is quickly coming to an end. Your responses lack thought, lack reflection, lack any respect for the truth.

You write:

"Asking Lyn to deny that he discovered what he discovered just because elements of that discovery turned out to have been previously known seems a little unreasonable.

Is this really your fundamental criticism of Lyn?"

I am NOT asking Lyn to deny ANY act of re-discovery of other people's well-known work. I am, however, asking for an explanation of his SPECIFIC creative contribution. If no such contribution exists, then what is the big deal (why is HE making a big deal out of it)?

The issue is this: What work of his, in economic science (or political economy), warrants millions of pages of self-promotion?

End Part 2


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 11:16 am:

Goodbye Steve, (Part 3, final):

As a child, I discovered that when the temperature of water was raised high enough, it began to boil. This was a genuine observation, a real discovery, something fundamental to science. Nobody would or should deny me the right to say that I made this discovery on my own. But nobody in his or her right mind would take seriously claims that MY discovery, made in the 20th century, was original or that it had ANY bearing on the development of physics. Only fools of the highest order would fall for a con this extreme.

My arguments are based on common sense. I grant that LaRouche may have re-discovered ALL of the major scientific achievements of the past 20,000 years. So what? Show me some ORIGINAL work, something concrete, not simply a string of loose analogies or truly mediocre renditions of other people's clear and original ideas.

If concrete work does not exist – if it is all a fairy tale, sold to naïve youngsters — then we can fairly classify LaRouche as a genuine fraud and simply note that he is engaged in self-promotion, deception, and base advertisement. Period. There is no science, no interest in truth, and no personal integrity.

That you cannot see this — or are so far gone as to argue the case that he deserves credit for observing obvious facts — is a sad sign, a bad sign.

What happened to your soul? Why and/or when did you sell out and lose your ability to think independently?

[The above is addressed not simply to Steve, but to the Yutes.]


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 3:07 pm:

Induced Suicide

Lyndon LaRouche and his LaRouche Jugend Bewegung are now admitting that suicide can be induced by vicious words. (When the vicious words are coupled with vicious actions, it would seem to be a slam dunk, as Jeff's favorite ex-CIA chief might say.)

It's part of Lyn/LYM's My Face/Spacebook campaign, to be encapsulated in the soon-to-be-published LYM-authored pamphlet, Is the Devil in Your Laptop?

No, but Satan's in My Schoolyard.)

For example:

1. From the Nov. 18 briefing lead, LYM member Aaron gives a report.

AARON: Well, the incident that occurred was the death of a 13 year old girl last year, but the incident itself is not the problem. [Unless you're the girl or her family.] The problem is the tragedy that Lyn was talking about in the recent papers, and picked up with this recent thing where he's talking about Paulson as a product also of this problem that exists, tragically, in the United States, and worldwide.

And this girl, it's a very confusing report [Not really--see the recent AP story which appeared in the Washington Post this past week, datelined Dardenne Prairie], but the girl herself committed suicide because a fake personality was created by another family, who was her friend's family. Her friend's mother and father created a fake personality, through MySpace, and there was a full interaction through the existence of MySpace, which this girl was interacting with. And therefore drove her to commit suicide, because of this problem.

She was a rejected kind of person, because she was chubby, and stuff of that nature, and she gets into a situation where she thinks she has this friend, this fake friend on MySpace, which then she gets rejected eventually by this fake friend. But not only is the fake friend involved, but you have multiple personalities around the fake friend act on the girl. And this is the kind of thing that's been occurring, most of the time on MySpace--and Facebook too. [See how if you avoid the Internet, your coherence of expression increases.]

And it's not particularly, what I think the problem is not particularly the family that was involved, although they are part of this problem, but that as was reported by the Missouri paper, the St. Charles Journal, there's this mob mentality that's building up around these kinds of incidents, where people on this internet world--within MySpace and Facebook--see some reports about these kinds of incidents, and really react, and do the same kind of operation that occurred to the girl, to the family that were supposedly the main perpetrators of the fake personality.

So, you have a complete driven tragedy that's occurring in the United States, that is reflected not in the suicide itself, but in the mob reaction ... So, there'll be more on this. We're putting reports together of other kinds of incidents, and of these characters, and it'll be in the pamphlet, which will soon be out.



Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 3:09 pm:

2. Nov. 18 briefing, slug by "lym" on the same topic, with sizable contribution from LaRouche in the form of gibberish.

MySpace Induces Suicide of Young Girl: Who's to Blame?

November 17, 2007 (LPAC)--LaRouchePAC has been sent multiple emails regarding Megan Meier, a 13 year old girl, from Dardenne Prairie, Mo., who committed suicide on Oct. 16, 2006, after being rejected by fake personalities on Murdoch's death chamber, MySpace. The tragic incident itself wasn't known by the internet mobs, until the SSuburban Journal released a report by Steve Pokin, on Monday, November 12, 2007. Pokin's very objective report leaves the reader to judge the problem, but also lays blame for the suicide on the parents of a friend of Megan's.

To summarize Pokin's report: Megan Meier, who had social problems, was given access to MySpace by her parents, and through her image of herself, became friends with a 16 year old boy named Josh. Josh, who pretended to like her, was a fake personality created by the parents, not named in the report, of a friend of Megan's, who wanted to see what Megan was saying about their daughter. Megan had gotten into a fight with her friend and sought refuge in the fake personality Josh, on MySpace. A dialogue then occurred, between Josh, Megan and other MySpace personalities. During the dialogue, Megan called her mother, and told her, "They are posting bulletins about me.... Megan Meier is a ••••. Megan Meier is fat." These multiple attacks on Megan's self-esteem, caused her to commit suicide later that evening.

Pokin's report was later picked up by several other internet news wires, on November 16, 2007. One report from Tim Jones of the Chicago Tribune said, "`People are just totally shocked ... They can't believe that an adult would have done this,' said Pam Fogarty, mayor of the town of 7,000 people.

"`The scary part is that when you look at the blogs and listen to the phone calls we're getting, it's very quickly becoming a mob mentality,' said Fogarty, who has arranged for additional police patrols in the neighborhood."

This crazy mob, generated by the reports, has the same tragic mentality as the MySpace dwellers who caused the suicide of the young girl. The question should be asked: Why is this countergang operation being organized, by a tragic incident, at this time? Also, do you think that this incident would have occurred if MySpace didn't exist? [Emphasis added--ed.] Why do you think violence and death are permitted in Murdoch's World of MySpace? Do you think that Beastman Murdoch really cares what happens to the United States population?

It should be known that this isn't the only incident being used to create mobs within the United States population. Other incidents, like the death of the English girl, Meredith Kercher, in Italy, have been used to create mobs of crazed MySpace dwellers to yell and scream "Justice! We want justice!" But, if you study your history, you'd know that the British Empire, like the Spanish Inquisition, has always used these types of incidents to create the Jacobin mobs which become the murderers of Justice.



Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 3:13 pm:

2.1 Slug continued.

To quote Lyndon LaRouche from ``The Mask of Nancy Pelosi: The Force of Tragedy:''

"Contrary to induced popular belief, Classical tragedy since Aeschylus, has one clear, unchanging definition in the legacy of the best among the examples of leading poets, playwrights, and other relevant composers, such as Aeschylus, Shakespeare, and Friedrich Schiller. Typically incompetent, current academic views on this subject, have been sometimes associated with the teaching of the subjects of Shakespeare by Romantics such as Coleridge and Bradley. Crude, but relevant, nonetheless, is the witless and vulgar practice of attaching the rubric "tragedy" to almost any misfortunate occurrence. Contrary to popular illiteracy of today, the civilized use of the term, tragedy, has a precise, very important, and scientifically rigorous meaning, especially for those in the terrible grip of the threat to today's presently real-life consequences. [Some day I'll tell you what it is.] This notion of tragedy, is the subject of a strategic-intelligence assessment which must now be considered by any seriously competent viewer of the present U.S. situation.

Purpose of this needed reflection, begin now with two excerpts from Act I, Scene 2 of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Shakespeare does come to the point quickly, in his fashion.
First: Cassius to Brutus: (answering Brutus' question concerning the influence of Julius Caesar):
Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world
Like a Colossus: and we petty men
Walk under his huge legs, and peep about
To find ourselves dishonorable graves.
Men at some times are masters of their fates:
The Fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings....
Second: Cassius: Did Cicero say anything?
Casca: Ay, he spoke Greek.
Cassius: To what effect?
Casca: Nay, an I tell you that, I'll ne'er look you i' the face again: but those that understood him smiled at one another, and shook their heads; but, for mine own part, it was Greek to me...."



Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 3:15 pm:

Earnest One, Eaglebeak express the sentiments of myself and many others.

The critiques people write here as well as the outlining of the lunacy of the cult are well read around the globe by many. There are many, many students who have used these posts to slap them back to reality and avoid an extended trip to the Bizarro world of Larouche.

It is not just the deciphering of the cult and Lyn done by people here which is valuable, but the way in which this all circulates over and over to the point where a yute today is more laughed at than respected. Lyn is viewed as nothing but a fool who spent close to a 1/4 BILLION dollars to end up as a footnote for the most unproductive delusionary individual of all time. In the modern vernacular, the name Larouche is now a modifier and adjective to use when describing a complete idiot who is engulfed in conspiratorial lunacy.

Here is a DC blog which is typical of what one finds.

posted by Brownpau at 2:25 AM on November 21, 2007
Here's something we just don't see as often as we used to in DC: LaRouchies handing out their Master's literature, singing baroque choruses and casting the requisite aspersions on Cheney, Gore, Rohatyn, and the British monarchy. The night I took this photo it was just one guy, giving out EIR magazines muttering something about Pelosi and the British.

Not all has been well in the strange, conspiracy-ridden world of Lyndon Larouche since the head of his print house tragically jumped off a bridge last April, driven to suicide by an internal memo castigating the organization's "boomer" followers for lacking the vision of his youth movement's wide-eyed, wild-eyed younger members. Comrade Lyn is getting old, not running for president this year, barely able to keep his cult together as he rails against the internet for leading his flock astray.

This of course bodes quite well for those of us who are tired of seeing those "Sexual Congress of Cultural Fascism" and "Al Gore - the Naked Truth about Global Warming" blowup sandwich boards and "card table shrines" at schools, Metro entrances, protest marches, and along Connecticut Ave NW. As that particular herd wises up, thins out, and loses ever more funding, the DC streets stand to gain some respite from at least one source of incessant conspiratorial catastrophist ranting.

If you like rubbernecking this particular train wreck as much as I do, you'll love these links:

"Publish and Perish" - Avi Klein's Washington Monthly article
Scott McLemee's InsideHigherEd profile of the LYM
FACTNet message board for former LaRouche followers
The LaRouche Challenge
Larouche Watch
Journalist Chip Berlet's LaRouche collection
Kenneth Kronberg Memorial
Talking to Lyndon LaRouche's Youth Movement

This person describes it well yutes. There is no John Train conspiracy, but you are in a Train wreck. On this blog you can see "The End of Our Delusions" which I guess is an inside joke done on the cult by someone in Leesburg.

You do not have supporters, but rubberneckers at the endless crashing of Lyn, deadenders and yutes.


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 3:16 pm:

3. LaRouche Memo of Nov. 21 on the topic, castigating misuse of phrase "social phenomenon"--he may mean sociological phenomenon. Or not.

From: PGM::IF_ 21-NOV-2007 10:08:28.99
Subj: LHL correction

FROM:LAR " Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. "
9:19 PM 11/21/2007 EDT

The events must not be SIMPLY identified as either a "social phenomenon," or as "not a social phenomenon." The issue is: "What kind of a social phenomenon?" Are we employing the term "social phenomenon" in the sense of a mechanical-statistical effect; or, are we referring to an explicitly "dynamic" process. Emile Durkheim's book "Suicide" emphasizes what is fairly, approximately regarded as a dynamic, rather than a mechanistic-statistic process.

...The normal political activist seeks to integrate society through dialogue; the pathological type, such as Myspace, Facebook, and computer killer games "desensitize" the victim's engagement with the parts of society with with [sic] he or she may disagree. E.g., "outreach" in the form of a dialogue aimed toward a broad common understanding, whereas the desocialized groups such as Myspace and Facebook, seek to destroy, rather than persuade. [Emphasis added--ed.] The worst among the religious "fundamentalists" converge upon the sociology of both the Ku Klux Klan lynch [mob] and the killer-terrorist syndrome, albeit in different forms of expression.

In 1960, I wrote a critique of the relevant work of Emile Durkheim et al. [?] (a copy of which might turn up somewhere), which addresses Durkheim's thesis from my standpoint of Riemannian dynamics, tracing a case in European culture which can be precisely located in the relevant evidence from early lower Mesopotamia from about the 4th Century B.C. The Sumerian-Akkaddian, "bow tenure" models of organization which I examined from the vantage-point of my work in the field of Riemann dynamic models of physical-social organization and the influence of their specifically Semitic sequels, was my principal
point of reference.[Memo to self: The 1975 first and only edition of Lyn's chef d'oeuvre, "Dialectical Economics," does not mention Riemann once in the index--15 years after he was writing from his "Riemannian" standpoint; but of course, Ken Kronberg prepared the index, so maybe he was already scamming LaRouche?] I concluded, by the close of the 1950s, that the general use of the idea of "class" must be put aside, to focus on the more significant "sociological category," the socio-dynamic, physical-economic notion of caste.



Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 3:19 pm:

4. More on Durkheim, from Nov. 22 briefing. Note the obsession with Durkheim.


Nov. 21, 2007 (LPAC)--Fragmentary reports emanating from European news sources covering the statistically-related events which have followed the school shooting in Finland, clearly avoid the most important issue. So far, what every other leading report on the Finland shooting and its allegedly related incidents fails to indicate, is the role of dynamics. By this omission, the readers of these reports are left to connect statistical discretes to form a meaningless picture, which corresponds in no way with the overview needed to actually address the issue. From the standpoint of dynamics, we might return to these incidents with a competent treatment.....

Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized the dynamic approach taken by Emile Durkheim, in his book, "Suicide"....

Durkheim compared the number of total voluntary deaths (suicides) of a given society, to the population of every age and sex, and found that this ratio tends to remain constant for long periods. Furthermore, its variability was less than that of general mortality. This supported Durkheim's location of the cause of this particular kind of suicide in society, rather than in the individual [Emphasis added--ed.]:

"It is not true, then, that human activity can be released from all restraint. Nothing in the world can enjoy such a privilege. All existence being a part of the universe is relative to the remainder. Man's characteristic privilege is that the bond he accepts is not physical but moral; that is, social. He is governed not by a material environment brutally imposed on him, but by a conscience superior to his own, the superiority of which he feels. Because the greater, better part of his existence transcends the body, he escapes the body's yoke, but is subject to that of society.

"But when society is disturbed by some painful crisis or by beneficent but abrupt transitions, it is momentarily incapable of exercising this influence; thence come the sudden rises in the curve of suicides which we have pointed out.

In the case of economic disasters, indeed, something like a declassification occurs which suddenly casts certain individuals into a lower state than their previous one. Then they must reduce their requirements, restrain their needs, learn greater self-control. All the advantages of social influence are lost. So far as they are concerned, their moral education has to be recommenced. But society cannot adjust them instantaneously to this new life and teach them to practice the increased self-repression to which they are unaccustomed. So they are not adjusted to the condition forced on them, and its very prospect is intolerable; hence the suffering which detaches them from a reduced existence even before they have made trial of it." [Emphasis added--ed.]

[Editor's Note: In other words, yes, the society, or the organization, or the cult, imposes the conditions which make life intolerable for the individual. Hmmm.]



Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 3:23 pm:


1. A short campaign of vicious verbal attacks apparently sufficed to drive Megan to suicide.
2. What would a 13-year campaign of vicious attacks, written and oral, against Ken Kronberg personally, and his wife, and PMR and its ICLC employees more broadly, coupled with a refusal over decades to pay gigantic organizational bills, to the point where Kronberg was unable to pay withholding taxes and keep the plant running—what might such a campaign do?
3. Forget LaRouche et al.'s various alibis—such as (not an exhaustive list):
a. Kronberg's "clinical depression" (Dr. Boyd and Dr. Rosinsky at the ready—apparently the good doctors have not heard of situational depression)
b. Kronberg's alleged numerous bad or legally problematic business decisions (fed through organization as a rumor; problematic because there are slander issues involved)
c. Kronberg's wife's donations to the Republican Party in 2004—absurd to anyone who knew the couple, but Labor Committee members believe almost anything. Clearly.
4. Forget LaRouche's claim that induced suicide is a feature of the Internet, and would not have happened in Megan's case if not for the Internet. His very own Ken Kronberg case of induced suicide gives the lie to that.
5. LaRouche's obsession with Emile Durkheim is pretty suggestive too. And Durkheim seems to make it plain that the society, or the organization, creates the conditions of intolerable life in which suicide becomes the solution.
6. P.S. Did you catch that reference to "Semites" in Lyn's maunderings about his 1960 "Riemannian" whatsis? What a guy!


LaRouche and the Labor Committee have admitted that induced suicide is possible. QED.

Listen closely, yutes (and oldsters, although your fear of Dennis King may be too great to allow you to focus): King had a point with all those posts on induced suicide.


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 3:39 pm:

And Another Thing...

One more comment on the above.

LaRouche has lately been declaring that Hamlet's father's ghost, the initiator of all the action in the play, is a Satanic force.

How odd. For years Lyn believed that the murder of the old king should be punished. Suddenly, the most vengeful man on the Eastern Seaboard is opposing revenge, even punishment for murder.

Makes you wonder, eh?

Then we have the confusion over Julius Caesar, what's at the beginning, and what's at the end. For you yutes who don't know what's at the end, here's a tip:

It's not portents and sheeted dead (portents are usually at the beginning of a play, Tony and Lyn), it's that chilling moment before the battle of Philippi when the ghost of the murdered Caesar shows up and tells his murderer, Brutus, that he came "To tell thee thou shalt see me at Philippi."

At Philippi, of course, Brutus meets his fate. Revenge, or justice? Either way, not surprising LaRouche and his amanuensis Tony are blocking on it.

So once again, the bitterest man you'll ever meet is shying away from thoughts of justice or revenge.

How can that be? Wasn't Lyn the guy who was always crowing about the Erinyes, the Furies, coming after Henry Kissinger or Felix Rohatyn or one of his other numerous Feinbilden?

Lastly, there's good old Helga. In a Nov. 17 speech to a LYM cadre school in Argentina, she said the following fascinating thing.

So, just to mention it, in Classical art, naturally, there is also sometimes ugliness discussed. For example, if you read the poem The Cranes of Ibykus, when the Erinyes are coming, they look like Furies with snakes around their heads, and so forth, it's also ugliness. [That may be because the Erinyes ARE the Furies, Helga.] But ugliness is never a purpose for itself. In the case of this poem of The Cranes of Ibykus, Schiller uses the ugliness to bring about the feeling of eeriness, to have a metaphor for the presence of the deity, of the supernatural, for that which causes man to recognize that there is natural law, and it's not used as a purpose in itself. So, the ugly and the dreadful is never used for its own sake, but only to create a prescience of the supernatural in man.

What makes this so very interesting is all the years Lyn spent raving about the Erinyes and the Cranes of Ibykus. I mean, for Pete's sake, they named their zillion-dollar spread Ibykus. And now, suddenly, he's not so keen.

I wonder whether the old boy is feeling haunted these days. Guilty? Nah! Couldn't be--. And yet....


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 4:06 pm:

(1) The sole contribution of the whole five-decade La Fou phenomenon will emerge when xlcr's term "card table shrine" pops up ten years from now in the Oxford English Dictionary.

(2) It's amusing that the octogenarian is dredging up his ancient musings on Durkheim. The sociologist's actual work cannot be discerned in these ramblings, so I suppose Fearless Leader is addressing the work of Emily Durkheim, the sister and sometime Amherst poetess.

(3) What in heaven's name does this mean:

Fragmentary reports [of course the reports are fragmentary, as the Europeans live in ruins] emanating [via the electromagnetic spectrum] from European news sources covering the statistically-related [this from a guy who (a) has only ever exhibited scorn for statistics, (b) cannot even understand the rudiments of the calculus, and (c) flunked elementary plane geometry] events which have followed the school shooting in Finland, clearly avoid the most important issue. So far, what every other leading report [as opposed to the lesser reports, all of which the Omniscient One has examined in the original Finnish - this type of locution, so frequent in LaRouche's scribbling, supplies further relevant, competent evidence of his compulsive bloviating - perhaps that is his B.A., Bloviators Anonymous] on the Finland shooting and its allegedly related incidents [more fluff: what related incidents and alleged by whom?] fails to indicate, is the role of dynamics. [which role is always supplied by the Old F-rt fortissimo] By this omission, the readers of these reports are left to connect statistical discretes [hmm, one discrete, two discretes, ..., n discretes] to form a meaningless picture [tell me about it], which corresponds in no way with the overview needed to actually address the issue. From the standpoint of dynamics, we might return to these incidents with a competent treatment..... [three discretes do not a dynamic make - or do they?]

(4) Lest anyone think for one moment that LaRouche is a morally upstanding individual, here are more of his profound statements on the subject of suicide:


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 4:37 pm:

Briefer Madness

What follows is just some high hilarity from a round-up of recent briefings. The serious stuff went before.

1. Helga to Nov. 17 LYM Cadre School in Argentina.

HELGA ZEPP-LAROUCHE:… So, basically, because Argentina is really a country which I admire from a distance, and I find very fascinating [What I wouldn't give to be Evita Peron--only alive, of course], because what I read about it, is that at the beginning of the 20th century, Argentina was the third most developed country in the whole world! [Wow! Kinda makes you wonder what the first two were.]

…And if you take the virtual reality of the internet, the video games, the Second Life in virtual reality, and the much more degenerated pop music as a totality, I think that the present youth counterculture is even much, much worse than that of the Baby-Boomer, and it's also--in a certain sense, it's easier to recognize because it is so atrocious. [Look out, yutes! You're toast now. Mr. and Mrs. Big just discovered you're worse than the Boomers.}

2. Nov. 21 briefing lead.

Lyn re-emphasized two primary demands of truthful organizing at this turning point, relevant to the two powerful flanks we're driving on. First, we insist, in the HBPA drive, that protecting the chartered banks is saving the national economy, with no pandering to any lower common denominator around simply "stopping foreclosures"….[That's why, as larouchetruth points out, he wants to put them all through bankruptcy, whether they need it or not.] …HBPA is an essential first step--we've said it many times--with that firewall [Lyn's favorite new word] erected, the following steps to a New Bretton Woods are uniquely Lyn's territory [balderdash—Lyn opposed New Bretton Woods for years; decades even]. He is involved in important and sensitive international steps toward that new system [yes indeedy. Sensitive. Important.]….

The most effective lobbying for legislation is recruiting to the LYM, Lyn said, and that's where our leverage has gotten weak, at times, on the actual dynamics of the mobilization for such as the HBPA. [Translation: LYM recruiting's down. Not so long ago we heard the money's down. Again. Still.]

(Message edited by eaglebeak on November 24, 2007)


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 4:44 pm:

2. Lyn's New Word. Nov. 22 Briefing lead.


…In discussions today with the Intelligence staff and LYM editorial and the Warroom, Lyn stressed that we now have a national movement in the making and that we must approach all of our organizing on a synchronized basis in order to compound our effect to make the necessary breakthrough. This applies not only to the organizing inside the United States, but he also developed how we should approach the organizing in Mexico from this same standpoint. There are no local solutions. Nor should there be any events which are not synchronized.

Lyn developed this organizing perspective in response to questions which were posed to him regarding a planned event in Detroit and a cadre school in Mexico. He emphasized that we have to create a nationwide and even international synchronized set of events in various parts of the country and have them reinforce one another. You have what has happened in Pennsylvania already. You show a process. We are getting a landslide started. You have to give the population a sense of this. Play the fact that we have activities going on at various points around the country. And synchronize activities. In that way you will not substitute the event for raising income and will not have an income raising effort getting in the way of the impact of the mass organizing.

The point is to synchronize and augment these organizing drives by compounding them. Make sure that our events are synchronized and presented during the course of the events as ongoing. You want to convey the sense of a landslide which is building up. Rather than try to build on a local issue and pound on a local issue, which will fail, build up the organizing on the basis of a national movement in the process, in the making. Join the bandwagon now. That is where you will get the result. And we should synchronize our efforts in various parts of the country to create that effect.

The key thing is the field deployment. That is where we have not had the emphasis. The national center has had too much of a focus on event driven success. We must have a coordinated effort where there is interaction. And you have to cause the interaction to occur.

What can I say? The guy's an organizing genius.


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 4:52 pm:

Nov. 20 Briefing Lead, courtesy of JS_.

First, it has a FABulous headline:


During a long dialogue with the NEC and LYM on Monday night, Lyn returned again, and again, to the central theme: We must get the HBPA passed through Congress and implemented now. This is the first phase of a series of successive bankruptcy reorganization steps, leading to a New Bretton Woods conference and a return to a fixed exchange rate system. Lyn is the only living human being who fully understands this process and how to pull it off.

People in government who want to save the United States and humanity … have got to deal with Lyn directly. [Good thing he's immortal and easily accessible.]

…This whole approach is Lyn's baby. Nobody else has a clue as to what to do. We need the Four Powers to get on board, starting with Russia and China. Then India will join in, Japan will come on board, South Korea, Germany and others. The euro will break up, as the result. [That was fast.]

…Lyn reiterated that we are going to pull off the biggest policy change in history. It must come now, as a series of phased bankruptcy reorganization moves, leading from the HBPA to a New Bretton Woods System. We need to get the Four Powers on board, and Lyn has to engineer it, personally. People who are scared to death to talk to Lyn are going to have to grow some balls, because direct talks, direct negotiations are going to be needed. We can create the shock effects to scare people into acting. [Lyn's forte, no question. Especially the scare part.]

Second, we are about to come out with the first shot across the bow against the video game/MySpace/Facebook madness. This is going to cause a real freakout. The text of a 64-page pamphlet is completed, kicking off with Lyn's ``Extreme Events'' and then going into a very hard-hitting counterintelligence dossier on the people behind the mass brainwashing of the youth generation--written exclusively by LYM members. [Oy.]

We are going to carefully craft a series of EIR features, also appearing in other publications. [We HAVE other publications?] We are going to shape it around a series of questions: Evidence points to a suspicion that these crimes, these suicide killer incidents, are being provoked, probably wittingly by certain groups and people. We are going to demand an investigation. Where does Fred Thompson stand on this? Tell people: Don't complain about Middle Eastern suicide terrorists. The same phenomenon is being created right here in America and Europe. It is already happening, and it is being run through social networking methods. This is an operation with a total lack of morality. We are going to plumb the depths of this new terrorism issue. How deeply involved is Microsoft in this new terrorism? [Wow, good question.]


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 4:54 pm:

Nov. 20 Briefing lead continued.

Third, we are also now moving into production of an interim report, from the crew in the Basement, on the Gauss discoveries. As Lyn reiterated last night, the big challenge he posed to this Basement crew was that Gauss never truthfully revealed how he made his discoveries. He never lied, he made it clear what he
discovered, but just never let out the secret of how he actually made the discoveries. [Translation: Lyn doesn't get it.]

After Riemann, all there really is is Vernadsky and Einstein… [Glad to have cleared that up.]

Lyn took as an example the threat of a U.S. war with Iran. As of now, it will occur, and there is nothing stopping it--unless we stop it. Unless we do something appropriate, Cheney will get Bush to order the 8th Air Force to attack Iran, and this will unleash Hell on Earth. We don't need to get more of picture of this. We know it. Our job is to do something about it, by hitting harder and harder on the Pelosi front. She
is the complete fascist animal on Felix Rohatyn's leash. She is too dumb to be a real fascist, so she is just a fascist animal. By being nastier and nastier to Nancy Pelosi, we do more to stop
an attack on Iran than anything else. She is the vulnerability of the Cheney crowd, because the Cheney crowd includes Shultz and Rohatyn, the Rohatyn of fascist Pinochet coup infamy. Pelosi
should resign in shame, in shameful shame. Lyn thought there was a lot of potential to do some more dramatic things in California on this, given the drama work with Robert. [That would be Beltran....] Do the things that
make the most efficient difference. Convey the sense of Classic tragedy, the way the Greeks, Shakespeare and Schiller did.

Make the feasible possible. Always kick against the pricks. Everything that we have accomplished over the decades has been accomplished because we kicked against the pricks. [Always kick against the pricks? Could he BE any more illiterate?

[Seriously, yutes, this guy's a moron. The phrase comes from the Bible, Acts 9:5. On the road to Damascus, the risen Jesus speaks to Saul (later Paul) and says "I am Jesus, whom thou persecutest; it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks." –Translation—King James Bible.

["Kick against the pricks" means kick against a sharpened goad—a stick with a sharpened point which animal drivers of the 1st Century used to use to prick, or direct, their animals. For an animal to kick back against these pricks was an act of futile rebellion that only caused it pain. That's how Jesus characterizes Saul's activities against the earliest Christians, and by God, that's what LaRouche and his crowd have always done. So he is right after all, through the eeriest of ironies {see Helga's musings, above).]

End of Briefer Madness....

for now

(Message edited by eaglebeak on November 24, 2007)


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 5:36 pm:

Here is a LYM basement memo exerpts which is hilarious to read. Just read this to get an idea of what happens in the Bizarro World and how the thought process works.



[As the ambassador of basement I made these running notes of the meeting. I was fairly successful as far as these tend to go. My notes start when I came in the room, which I believe was not too long after it started. The little I wasn't able to make clear with my notes or what I couldn't capture in time I have left out. A few other's were also taking notes. I have made bold the sections where specifically refer to the compositional structure of composing the pamphlet.

Lyn: "The oligarchy has always sought to make people Human Cattle. The plan is to eliminate creativity. This is Russell etc.
An interesting thing about Wiener and Von Neumann, is that they were both kicked out of Gottingen for Fraud. They brought in Von Neumann, because he was good for calculating, but he was also good at plagiarizing! They were both students of Russell. Then with Mach you had a conception of physics to avoid Riemann.
Machian waves don't exist.

The way the Principia was written brings together the whole arc of that science.
With him, you see a revival of earlier efforts, first against Kepler, by Sarpi.
Sarpi had a male whore, called Galileo. He was a fraud and a hoaxster, a gambler. Noble families were all gambling. He said, "I'll do a study of how games of chance work." He was the architect for Sarpi of what became systemically empiricism. He committed a fraud against Kepler.

Then you have the horror show that ended in 1648. The process after that led France to be the centralized area for science. Leibniz became involved and then became the driving force in science from them on. 1672-1676 he was at French Academy. This continued until the death of Queen Anne. Then that collapsed.
The campaign against Leibniz went as such. De Moivre and other's, were a real operation until Conti's death in 1749. Conti had set up salon's to continue an attack against Colbert etc.
Leibniz was going to be chancellor. The idea was to get rid of Leibniz, as he was seen as key to the Cusa, Colbert, Fermat tradition. The object was to reduce science to simple mathematical schemes. This was a continuation of the Descartes attack, as opposed to Leibniz' revival of dynamics. The Anglo-Dutch discovered Newton to be the gaseous center of the universe.

The war is on against Leibniz, from early 1700's until Kaestner, born in 1719, comes on the scene. When he graduated from the university, he dedicated his life to defend Bach and Leibniz.
(On music you get the Pro Rameau music streak which is the parallel to empiricism in science.)
(Euler begat Lagrange Langrage begat Laplace who begat Cauchy.)
Kaestner was also the founder of modern classical drama, by reviving Shakespeare! His work and his two friends, Lessing and Mendelssohn, were the basis for the modern classic. This intersected the development of the U.S.
Nation state.


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 5:40 pm:

1789 is a turning point. By the time the U.S. Republic is being formed, Britain is moving to destroy France, via Lord Pederast Bentham—the Committee of Rape and Incest. Then creating Napoleon, etc. The point is, the U.S. was depending largely on the scientific networks from Europe centered in France, which was then destroyed. You then had the German Renaissance, until the duke of Wellington, the enforcer for the sexual Congress of Vienna, where most officials were entertained with young ladies. This period 1789-1815 this classical movement in Germany and elsewhere was destroyed. So you had a takeover of Europe by Romanticism, first the Jacobin form of France, and on to the Anglo Dutch liberalism.

Thus, the problem with Gauss is, that he is living in a dark age. This environment continued until 1848. But in this period, you had a Renaissance of type blooming with Riemann and Gauss' later work.
Then you get Clausius, and Kelvin, et al. Everything became fakery again. The attempt to consolidate this fakery led into the appearance of Russell, as a key figure in British oligarchy to present this view.
Every evil in mathematics and mechanics since that time. every evil is congruent from Russell.
He is the Epitome of liberalism. There is no truth, there is no principle.
Liberalism-Al Gore the same thing.

Delante: he almost verbatim discusses the ideas of Sarpi, no principles, no discovery.

Lyn: yeah same thing.

So we have this problem, the human qualities are suppressed. Now creativity is innovation. 'Creativity' becomes masturbation. Instead we get a pagan idea.
There is no recognition of creativity
Do you believe in human beings? If not, you join the animals. Where is it? In the architecture? No. Its' a special principle infecting only a certain kind of being. Human beings. Only mankind can change their potential relative population density. Only man can do it, from the spillover of creativity.

Creativity can not be fond in reductionist mathematics. This is where all the nuts in silicon valley, or "Happy Valley" come from. All their mathematical architecture is reduced to nothing.

It's like the knitting expert, who can do complicated threading, but it is all reduced to thread and string. Reductionism. So people come in with 'the new thing'. Fads. This is how people are controlled like cattle.

Look at Myspace etc. It represents a wrong kind of power. Arbitrary--This is the new thing! This is now what we will all do! Method's of social control reducing people to animals. People are divorced from reality, into a perpetual game. A floating island like Gulliver's travels, walking around hitting people on the head with balloons to keep them from falling off the island, the island of Legado.

When you have people removed from active responsibility in society, you get something like Myspace. The night of the living dead. Purgatory, divorced from reality.
What do you have? White collar employment, people part of an offshoot of boomers, they are responding to the controlling aspects of the boomers as their reality. They find themselves in a pathetic society playing children's games.
They have no use. 19th century sociology is this anti-science of figuring out how to organize children's games.


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 5:44 pm:

...................................................Video games, lead to suicide. There is no other way out. Look at the Suicide
Club, by Robert Louis Stevenson, for an example of this.
Most sociology and anthropology is derived from things like this.
Most of it in US was derived on faking the lifestyles of mythological Indian tribes.
The other side in France was the model of sociology. You begin to develop synthetic models. Clever, but all wrong. With these models, you begin to operate on that, which is what most Universities use.
It becomes systematic teaching. Networked behavior, mass psychology.
Organizing mass psychology around games. It all comes down to games. Here are the rules, here is what people want etc.

So what you have is a situation, where the boomer culture was created by a bunch of fascists.
The 68ers destroyed society. This was done. This was their mission. Now, these anti culture freaks have had children. Now, the children of 16-25 are coming. In total desperation. Society offers them nothing, no real life, only boring routines. So they get into retreats, including computer games. One kind is shooting games. The other kind is social networking. What you've created in effect is a Nazi ovement.........................

So the combination of computer games, which always leads to existentialist Suicide
Philosophy of Suicide by Durkheim read this. "I go out, and I fight and I die, this is my reality." A Nietzschean purpose.


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 5:45 pm:

........Everyone can now be a killer. Like in the kid in VA, sure he came out of bad social conditions, but they were merely the fertile ground in which these seeds are killed.

Nick: I have put together a package of what some of the ideas would be for the pamphlet.
We could start with the two foundational pieces. Matt's and Dave Christie's.
I could go over some of the points, Delante has some points, etc.

[Nick did an overview of Dave's Article.]
Dave Christi's is going over INSA. In the beginning he goes through Tavistock.
Some of the quotes by Russel He mentions the Seattle attack on us. He points out that INSA is one of the key groups pointing out many intelligence groups, and that they've found a new means of control through Myspace etc. Then through prisoner's without tears. shell shock, feed forward, feedback. He quotes Lewin on control. So he develops that, and then gets into Lazersfeld, and Jacob Moreno. Sociometry. Sociograms.

Lyn: this is cultural anthropology

Nick: Good thing about it, is he then goes through British control networks.

Lyn: school of race relations.

Nick: He goes the Mau Mau rebellion;
Lyn: How they created it, then they turned them loose with the Mau-Mau. They took all the people who had been the leaders of Mau Mau, living in London They turned them loose to run the Mau-Mau rebellion, and then put them in a prison camp, the leaders of the rebellion put in prison. Now the people really revolted. Then the British went to South Africa groups for a counter Mau Mau.
The British said, as a result of this operation, to the population of Kenya : "We tamed them!" All these operations in Africa were organized by the British They were controlling all sides, through the London school of race relations.
Too many people take the bait, inside the trap, while thinking they are free, "We're gonna win!" but are really being controlled. It's all run through the race relations office. They ask people "who do you hate? When you defeat them, then you'll be free". That's the trap.
Getting out of this trap was how Europe got out of the 30 years war.

Nick: the third party destroying the other two.

Lyn: this is what the British do. What happens? The war is essentially, the US
versus the British. The break starts in 1783. Treaty of Paris gives India, and
The first move was to destroy France. If you look into the League of Armed
Neutrality, all countries that had been allied to the U.S. turned away. You'll
see how France was destroyed. Then in1789 they orchestrated fall of Bastille. By
that time the King had gone crazy over the threat to his wife in queen's
necklace. Joseph II of Austria went wild and attacked his brother in law over
the threat to his sister.

All history since then, has been dominated by this British system. For example the King of England manipulated world war one by manipulating his relatives, the Russian Czar against the Kaiser William, to destroy each other. Then the second war, meant creating Hitler. Once you understand how that was done, and acted on you understand this process. This is the anthropology question.
This is versus the classical tradition which looks at how do you get rid of these problems of war etc., since they are the enemy of mankind.
Then they play on the Asian model, where you have to beat someone. ...................


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 5:46 pm:

Take Myspace, killer games etc. Which is a Zoo, it should be called a Zoo.
So now you have groups with cultural conflicts, where everyone is playing the same game.
Murdoch takes care of the unmarked graves of Myspace.
A fascist takes over FaceBook. Since they bought out Facebook. Then Google Google comes in with its own, to make Facebook people easier to contact each other

Nick: Dave then goes through how the Internet was used to control people.
Electronic exchange network. INSA developed some of the software for social networking. They developed the foundation of software for second life, and also multiple frame working for Face book etc.

Brent: How do we convey this to a young audience? I was wondering if we present the technology in an ironical way. There was some kind of freedom for experimentation. Today you get everything defined to digital circuits, where as before it was designed with Tubes. I was thinking we should look at the personal computer, and go back to the time of Curie etc....

Lyn: You have to go back, look at the control circuit. How you get the vacuum tube use of creating a radio transmitter, then look at the other technique, the silicon model. Different techniques. You can't make it so direct.

Brent: with the the tubes it seemed you could still act within physical chemistry

Lyn: the problem is, you were dealing with physical transmitters, but then the mystification came in. Microsoft is a menace compared to Linux. In Linux you can trace what you are doing, but in Microsoft you can't know what you are doing., everything is sealed and kept from you by patents and other things.
Bill Gates's way of taking over the world. The secret is to control people with a machine that they don't know how to use.

Aaron: it seems a lot of people got attacked in the 40's

Lyn: what happened was, that the physical technology was directed to accounting.
The question of a device became what does it do, what does it do? No longer, how does it do it? And you put this device and that device together, and then Weee! Some work and some dont.
Everything is reduced to number theory, there are no physical characteristics.
All one system, no types.

Matt: I looked back at H.G. Wells. He has a paper "Idea of a world brain, idea of a permanent world encyclopedia." All of it is already in Wells that you'd think about Wickipedia.


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 5:47 pm:

Lyn: You may notice, that I've been doing things about this. How does the mind and the universe work?
It's important to get away from trying to find answers within the crap. Get away from the prism of answers within the crap. We must refine our ability to view the inside of the crap, from outside the crap. I do it from economy, creativity. Creativity, start from that issue. If you deny the existence of creativity, you are in the trap.

Matt: the way I framed it in my mind was, the Blogosphere vs. the Noosphere.

Lyn: You should start with that title. You can't start the other way. Make your thematic title that, but make the noosphere upfront. What is upfront must be, what is reality. You want to get to that.
What are people doing with these games, "you are tired of playing with your Pecker, and you now want a mechanical toy." We should go up front with this approach—use rough language with people, direct. What are you doing, by playing this game?
We've got a lot of good material here with what you've put forward, but the question is, how to get a coherent picture, to get in the mind of the reader a singleness of effect.
What is creativity? Create a counter point. I'd say, make it, "instead of doing this, do this." "Instead of doing this, do this." Counterpoint of creativity to the other ••••. A coherent picture with a singleness of effect.

I've been thinking about Microsoft They created the first counsel, that came from off the shelf parts, a bunch of companies that were falling apart.
They created the game playing world etc. Sony got nugged out by Microsoft because they used that technique. They created an empire.
The second thing I was thinking about is the social networking. That you have one group that is the enemy of some other social style. Adults are not stopping to use Myspace and Facebook. After there college, their first job, they can't give it up. They don't outgrow the problem.

Lyn: That's why this is scaring people. Like this thing in Italy. Its part of this.
Look at the last couple weeks. The take over from Australia, the takeover by Microsoft and face book. Google Google. They've invented a disease to infect Facebook.

Google has all your search and emails saved. Google knows what people are coming to websites. They have a huge profiling operation.

Nick: Most of the folks who drop out, and don't come around after a decent conversation, is because of this stuff. Something as happened to these people, after they get on the web and do a search etc. They've become a thing, organized by a bigger thing.


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 5:48 pm:

Lyn: Why don't you just say that? Just say it; this will solve the problem.
We don't counterattack enough. Look at the Pelosi thing. A lot of the stuff got groans, but this Pelosi thing caused immediate reaction because it was effective. You have to get this ••••• out of there. You have to induce people to change what's destroying us. Once I knew about the 11%, that the issue was, that no one had the guts to stop Pelosi. If you can't stop her you are not qualified to be a leader. Leadership is stopping people from doing something that's going to destroy society. You have to make her a piece of crap rather then something to fear.

Aaron: The hollow sound when the Mask hits the ground is what makes it work.

Lyn: The mask on the website is how you do it. Make the Hitlers impotent and disgusting. Ridicule them. The problem is in the people who are not dealing with the problem, and that is what you have to convey. This animation is going to save civilization.

You see, in the1930's I was getting reactions from members of German companies, different firms, saying, "I'm not a Hitler fan, but....." The same thing with Pelosi. I'm not a Pelosi fan "but..........." We will get a guaranteed war if we don't get rid of her. We need to stop people's addiction to her. She is an instrument being used to destroy us. The problem is the damn fools who don't do anything about the problem. They don't mind if you attack her, but when you make them the damn fools for supporting her, then they go wild, when you prove they are an idiot for supporting her.

"I'm not for Hitler, I'm for Goering"--Joe Kennedy style. This is the Brits.
And fools sucked in by the Brits.

Look at 1923: Imperial British king, had gotten two of his nephews to go to war with each other, catalyzed by German kaiser. British orchestrated mass murder to get rid of the U.S. influence of rail building.
Then, after Versailles, Lansing, American Secretary of State, said, "No one is guilty but the Germans." Germany had to pay reparations. They did what Citigroup did, the Weimar Republic flooded Germany with Reichmarks. Like the sub prime mortgages. The Germans go bankrupt, and the anglodutch bankers move in, and take over the German firms. The Brits then go off the gold system, and create a new currency based on the Basel Bank for International Settlements, which is now credit used to control all Germany. Through this the whole Hitler apparatus was set up. Everyone was laughing, Hitler was merely an appointment by Hindenburg. People said, "Oh, he'll be out the next election, nobody supports him." Then the Reichstag fire, and February he was dictator.

Those are the lessons of history you must learn.
Like when you deal with a joke, like Pelosi, if you don't make her an object of
contempt, you lose civilization.

Kunle: there was an article today in Roll call attacking Pelosi.

Lyn: thats the issue right now, we can break it. She is the tool. If we break that tool. We can do it.
We are moving in directions which can do it. The firewall had support, and then a lot of effort went in to sabotage. Although it continues to get support

Nick: Pomona passed the HBPA. Our new motto should be, "If Pomona can do it, you can too!"
Cody's working on Wiener. He's looking at Wiener's long-winded attacks on Leibniz,. He brings up this thing, where Wiener claims Leibniz as the patron saint of cybernetics, because of his development of the ratio machine.


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 5:50 pm:

Lyn: the first calculator is by Kepler, then Pascal creates calculating machine based on Kepler, then Leibniz adds the factor that makes it a calculator. Then you have Babbage. The only way he couldn't build the right machine was that the factor of precision in the machining wasn't there.
Univac was the pioneer. You had the IBM Univac design and the Remington Rand.
And IBM had the simple calculating machine-where the computer element was simply inserted into a system of the holonith (ph.) machine, which operated on the 90 column punch card system. The principle design emerged in the 50's. It was a 16-30 bit structure, carried over into a new system of design. You'd have 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit Both had the punch cards. It was all based initially on mini tubes etc. But the principle design was based on Babbage.

Matt: Tony Papert was mentioning the difference between a flat organization, or hierarchy.

Lyn: I was involved in designing these things for economic studies. There was a stacking. One, the programming which sits on the top is compartmentalized. So you have two compartments 1) Direct the Operations 2) simple math calculator.
Basic calculation structure and the program structure. Basic method is using the calculator, and then the program structure to steer the thing. It all comes down to the underlying structure. You had a block diagram—different blocks, the calculator, and then the control structure. The idea was then you'd get a higher and higher frequency, 32 bit, was it for calculating or for control?
So, once you design the universe, numbers approximate the design. You're not inventing a new state of nature with the design. Philosophy, economics deals with designs. Russell explains everything in simple numbers. This is the error of Scholes: It doesn't work! The more they perfect, the worse they get. The more insane, the more removed from reality. Money becomes numbers! Now you have a credit system , and number values based on leveraging debt. So now money is not money, but a percentage of what you intend to leverage. Meanwhile, the physical bottom is shrinking. They say now, the rate of capital gain of China is great! But it's not.
What do you measure? Not in Cartesian terms.

So, on this work you've done, we should ask the question: Why do people believe
in ideas that are absolute crap?? Then show clinically why it is
pathological/suicidal crap. Instead of treating this thing as an enemy, treat it
as a disease. And then ask, where is the psychiatrist?
So define the umbrella as a disease. Here is the disease, what are its symptoms,
how does it spread?
So we have the right stuff, the question is how do you come to a coherent
picture, how do you get a diagnosis? You have to ask, what works? How does it
work? The FDR system worked, and was the most successful ever. It was
destroyed by Kennedy's assassination, etc. The U.S. was destroyed. By the time
Carter left office, all the essential features of success were destroyed.
And now, the only reason the system hasn't collapsed was by surviving off eating
the soviet union.


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 6:05 pm:

So you just have to put this picture into focus. Start from the disease.
Subtitle it "Disease called the Blogosphere" [later said "Goebbels on your
Laptop," or "Satan in your Laptop," or "The devil is in your laptop!"]
Title it "Noosphere vs. Blogosphere"
Who are the actors, how does it smell, etc? but all viewed from the standpoint
of reality. Because you want to break people into reality.
So that's how we should approach this.

Mark: How do we laugh at this, how do we use Rabelaisian humor with something so

Lyn: Don't try to make the negative negate itself, you have to introduce the
positive. You have to assert the positive, not prove that you have to get away
from this. Otherwise you have reform in hell.


Yutes, always remember that Lyn knows this is a cult and you don't. What you are reading in this memo is the same thing rewritten for a newer audience. Just look at the old campaigners and where ever you find the word "Environmentalism" or "Rock Music" or "Liberalism" or "Anti Nuclear" put in "video games" and you get the same thing, right down to the Mau-Mau.

Where ever you find the word "Rockefeller" , just put in "British" and you have the same effect.

I was rereading some early memos and resignation memos from the early 1970s and Lyn is saying the exact same thing to yutes today about the field work (raising money) and how it has to be centralized with no local concerns as he did back then.

The joke in all this is that Nancy Spannaus is there in 1972 yapping about building a movement in the same way Jeff S is yapping about today. If you want to see what this all means to you yutes, find Steve Komm. We had his picture here a while ago at a card table shrine. He was one of THE founding members from the SDS Labor Committees and was this close to Lyn. Now, almost FOUR DECADES later, he is a card table shriner.

My God Steve, you have been through almost 4 or 5 generations of recruits. I think you would have figured this all out by now. Still think the brainwashing stories are still true and not hoaxes?


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 9:11 pm:

What an day. Funny stuff, truly.

Larouchetruth was right: this beats the LIM generator.

But now my head hurts.

Am I simply "blocking" or does the pain prove that I'm (still) a Human Being?


Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 10:22 pm:

I reread that memo by the LYM and still can't stop laughing. Someone in NYC has to write a play and use that memo as a dialogue.

A sort of "Spring Time for Larouche" off-off Broadway show that could become a "cult Classic".


Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 1:28 am:

Earnest_one, hopefully LaRouchetruth IS right, not WAS right, that realLaRouche beats LIM LaRouche.

Eaglebeak, great pun, "Briefer Madness." That, and about 37 other things posted today, cracked me up, I'm with you there, E_O.

Wow, way too much worth commenting on for the time I have alotted tonight. What nuggets to pick. I think I'll start with Eaglebeak's quote from Lyn on his 1950s "Riemannian" studies of Mesopotamia: EB quotes as follows:

In 1960, I wrote a critique of the relevant work of Emile Durkheim et al., which addresses Durkheim's thesis from my standpoint of Riemannian dynamics, tracing a case in European culture which can be precisely located in the relevant evidence from early lower Mesopotamia from about the 4th Century B.C. The Sumerian-Akkaddian, "bow tenure" models of organization which I examined from the vantage-point of my work in the field of Riemann dynamic models of physical-social organization and the influence of their specifically Semitic sequels, was my principal point of reference.

What a howler, truly. One barely knows where to begin. I am racking my brains for any recollection that Lyn ever mentioned Durkheim in the early years, in any context. Without success. Does anyone else recall his ever mentioning him? Anyway, from the standpoint of what this paragraph ends up appearing to have intended to say, the reference to Durkheim is in any case a throwaway—what Durkheim had to say about the appropriateness of describing societies as based on caste rather than class is not even hinted at. It's one thing to drop names. It's another to drop them without providing so much as a hint as to why you are dropping them, to what the dropped name has to do with the point being described. But let's let that pass.

The point is, Lyn wrote a great deal in the early days about his claimed studies in the 1950s, on cybernetics, on caste systems (I DO remember reference to this), on the Greek archtypes (Dionysian, Appolonian, Promethian). If he had done anything on Durkheim, I think he would have mentioned it. Oh, well. Even if I should read the entire corpus of Durkheim over the next month, odds are good I would never know what he is referring to by "Durkheim's thesis." So, I think I shan't bother even trying, despite the intense curiosity I now have on the topic.

Then we have "Riemannian dynamics." I must have slipped into the wrong time-warp. I thought that the dynamis was from Leibniz, that the proper provenance was "Leibnizian dynanics." Whence did Riemann dislodge Leibniz from his proper pedestal as the discoverer, if not inventor, of dynamis? All of which prompts the question, what IS "Riemannian dynamics." I don't believe Lyn has ever used this precise locution before. Searching this page of Factnet turns up only "Riemannian manifold(s)." No dynamics. Did Leibniz suddenly do something wrong to lose his title to this prestigious title of the inventor/discoverer of dynamis? Boy, is nothing sacred in LaRoucheLand?


Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 1:34 am:

Next, we come to the doozie, "tracing a case in European culture which can be precisely located in the relevant evidence from early lower Mesopotamia from about the 4th Century B.C." First of all, it is not clear whether the reference for "tracing a case," i.e. the "tracer," is referenced by Durkheim, or by LaRouche. Beyond that little issue (LaRouche basically doesn't do referents, so this ambiguity is par for the course), I am still trying to figure out exactly what he is trying to say: "tracing a case…located in the…evidence from…(ancient) Mesopotamia." In English, is this equivalent to "based on evidence from ancient Mesopotamia?" "Never use 6 words when 25 will do," advice Lyn certainly follows, except when he applies the hyper version "never use 10 words when 100 paragraphs will do."

Now, from Lyn's concluding sentence about the caste system being a better descriptor of societies in general than class, one must infer that this is his point—actually, one of his claims to fame, that he superseded the "Marxist" notion of class to discover "caste," together with hundreds of sociologists, anthropologists and historians around the world. But, he is evidently trying to derive a general from a very narrow specific. Just because ancient Mesopotamia may have had a caste system, rather than a class system, is relevant to, well, exactly what, in the modern world? Lyn's quote as supplied by EB doesn't provide this context, and it is unclear if there was a subsequent section EB omitted, or if the paragraph just hung there with no connection to anything before or after. But how is the existence of a caste system in ancient Mesopotamia supposed to function as THE reason to dump class for caste in understanding every society in all of human history. But this is Lyn's reasoning here: "I concluded, by the close of the 1950s, that the general use of the idea of "class" must be put aside, to focus on the more significant "sociological category," the socio-dynamic, physical-economic notion of caste."

Next, we have the wonderful historical time-frame. The 4th century BC was approximately 1800 years after the Akkadian Empire ended, and 2200 years after the Sumerian era came to an end with the rise of the empire based on Akkad. Could LaRouche have meant 4th millennium? Well, that would place him in the pre-dynastic period of Sumer, and a millennium before Akkad, and I would be willing to bet that the caste system was not the social basis of early Sumer, though I am just guessing here. I associate that with larger-scale social structures, not with relatively tiny city states. Unless he really does mean 4th century BC (in which case we are looking at a Mesopotamia under Persian rule about to be conquered by Alexander)??

Then we have "bow tenure." It brings up about 15 hits on Google, every one of them that isn't something else entirely, based on LaRouche's use of the term, mainly from an 2000 article in EIR. It appears to mean a socio-economic system based on some sort of corvee labor and obligation of military service of the common people. But not content with throwing out a term that nobody, but nobody, can even look up to know what it might mean, much less can be expected to already know—raising the suspicion that he made it up—LaRouche has to talk of not one, but multiple "models (note the plural) of organization" based on this "bow tenure."


Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 1:38 am:

Then we have the way that LaRouche examined these "bow tenure" models of organization from the standpoint of Lyn's understanding of "Riemannian dynamic models of physical-social organization." Perfect! Wonderful! What the f- -k does it possibly mean? Pure gibberish. First of all, Riemann didn't create any models of physical-social organization, dynamic or static. So at best this is shorthand for LaRoucheSpeak "dynamic models based on my adaptation of Riemannian principles to the domain of societal organization," or some such other. But that's not what we get here. And what, precisely, did the "Riemannian" aspect add to the simple observation (let's assume, for the sake of argument, that Sumerian-Akkadian culture WAS based on a caste system) that they had a caste system (though being subject to corvee and having to do military service do not a caste system make, BTW, which is all that Lyn adduces in his 2000 article), not to mention the Riemannian "dynamic" aspect? Of course, this question, like all such vis-à-vis LaRouche, will remain unanswered.

Oh, and of course we have the most grotesque anachronism of its type I can remember, as EB points out, that Riemann simply was not in Lyn's pantheon until the mid 1970s, specifically, when Uwe Parpart "educated" him on Riemann's existence. So, this entire passage becomes a total lie in any case. LYM members, if LaRouche represents to you that one must speak the truth, how do you square that with his oh-so-blatant lying that he applied "Riemannian" anything to anything prior to the mid-1970s?

Anyway, finally, we have "and the influence of their specifically Semitic sequels." Grammatically, this is a conundrum. It's those pesky referents again. Like I said, LaRouche doesn't "do" referents. It must not be in his blood. It's the question of who the "owner" of the "their" is in this phrase. Grammatically, it appears the he must be saying that the "specifically Semitic sequels" are sequels to the "bow tenure models of organization." Well, amazingly, there may be a true fact hidden here, though it's not relevant to any point he is trying to make. The Akkadians were Semites, the Sumerians were not, so there was a supercession late in the third millennium from non-Semites to Semites. Could this succession be what he is talking about here?

Not likely. This phrase defies analysis. If he is talking about a sequel form of social organization to the "bow tenure" caste system, then it wouldn't fit Lyn's point, which requires that the "bow tenure" caste system NOT have a sequel, unless the sequel were functionally no different than the original. And then he speaks of the "influence" of the sequels (not the plural)—influence on what, precisely? How did the influence manifest itself?

I'm sorry, but my head's spinning. I really, really do not believe that meaning can be teased out of these three short sentences. How can any one man create such incredible semantic and ideational confusion and destruction in so few words? LaRouche definitely has a talent in this direction. Now, if high school English teachers were to compile a rogue's gallery of LaRouche's 100 most incredibly poorly written and argued pieces, and use them for target practice in their classrooms, having their students critique them and identify the semantic, grammatical, logical, factual and reasoning flaws in them, it could elevate the basic critical faculty of an entire generation of youth sorely in need of such instruction. This would be a truly valuable legacy for Lyn, that he (albeit unintentionally) helped improve the literacy, thinking skills and writing ability of an entire generation of young Americans. At last, we may have a seriously socially redeeming use for LaRouche, or at least, for his "best" writings.



Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 2:07 am:

The other possible use is more problematic, because I don't know if compiling the best douzies in a book to be advertised as a book of humor would work outside the circle of former members. But we could test market the idea, and see if it flies.

Wow, that took much more time and real estate than I imagined it would. So I'll just mention a few other quick things.

Xlcr, way to go on that amazing scream of consciousness from the basement. Admittedly, it's notes, not validated quotes, but it's notes that they obviously published for internal use. So it is all approved. Boy, there are tons of gut-wrenching sources of hilarity in these lines, and really, really do not have time to do any of it justice. I will just pick out a couple of my favorites, and perhaps pick out a few day for awhile.

Somewhere buried in this, we have a discussion of Leibniz, in which the following appears: "The war is on against Leibniz, from early 1700's until Kaestner, born in 1719, comes on the scene." Who?? Who is Kaestner? And, of course, Lyn can't be bothered to even provide a first name. It turns out he's Abraham Kaestner, a mathematician. But so Lyn to just dump a totally unknown reference in without explaining it.

The second is Lyn's discussion of computers, in Xlcr post 671, as follows: There was a stacking. One, the programming which sits on the top is compartmentalized. So you have two compartments 1) Direct the Operations 2) simple math calculator.
Basic calculation structure and the program structure. Basic method is using the calculator, and then the program structure to steer the thing. It all comes down to the underlying structure. You had a block diagram—different blocks, the calculator, and then the control structure. The idea was then you'd get a higher and higher frequency, 32 bit, was it for calculating or for control?
So, once you design the universe, numbers approximate the design. You're not inventing a new state of nature with the design. Philosophy, economics deals with designs. Russell explains everything in simple numbers. This is the error of Scholes: It doesn't work! The more they perfect, the worse they get." This not only defies comment, it needs none. Just laugh, and enjoy. At best, he's regurgitating bits of poorly digested knowledge about computers c. 1955, merely a half-century ago in the fastest developing technology in human history.

And Sancho, great job dissecting the piece you analyzed. Among myriad gems, what in particular is a "statistically-related" news story about anything? Can anyone help me out here?

If LaRouche could ever again open an enterprise like a store, obvious names pop into one's mind immediately. "NutsRUs," "Idiots Unanonymous," "Open-Source Insanities," come to mind, for starters. Other ideas?


Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 4:32 am:

A few more comments.... In the spirit of the day....

1. Durkheim: In the mid-1970s, for awhile, it became de rigeur for ICLC members in New York to read Durkheim's "Suicide." Discussion was limited, however, and I remember no LaRouche references to Durkheim per se.

2. Not only was Riemann not in LaRouche's lexicon, on his horizon, etc., till the mid-1970s, but Leibniz was barely there. If one consults once more Ken Kronberg's index to "Dialectical Economics"--the published, D.C. Heath version--one finds four references to Leibniz, all four of them inconsequential one-liners, and one (the last) a tipoff to the level of LaRouche's Leibnizianity in this period (I say this for the benefit of yutes or Boomers who may actually believe LHL when he says he was a Leibnizian at 12).

Here's the final reference to Leibniz in "DE"--remember, this was published in 1975:

Neither Kant nor Hegel could muster the hubris to push aside Euler, Lagrange, Leibniz, et al. and say, "No! The fundamental laws of the universe as you define them do change!"

Whoa, boy! "Euler, Lagrange, Leibniz, et al"??? Gee, Lyn, your slip is showing.

3. On the Semite question--Quite true that the Sumerians were not Semites, and were taken over by the Semitic Akkadians, but what interests me is Lyn's absolute inability to talk about Akkad (or the later Babylonians) without reminding us all that they were Semites.

Of course, his hostility towards Sumer is also long-running and profound, like his related vituperation against the "black-headed Dravidians" and his excoriation of Harappa.

In Lyn's eyes the Dravidians' fatal flaw was ... not being the Aryans.

4. On how Lyn has now abjured the seeking of justice or revenge.... Note that in the "lym" slug I posted above on the induced suicide of Megan Meier, we are told by the LYM slugwriter of the danger of:

"Mobs of crazed MySpace dwellers to yell and scream "Justice! We want justice!" But, if you study your history, you'd know that the British Empire, like the Spanish Inquisition, has always used these types of incidents to create the Jacobin mobs which become the murderers of Justice."

Never mind the idiotic reference to "history." But to take the cries for justice for Megan (or for Meredith, the English girl murdered in Perugia) as the principal problem is an odd interpretation.

Maybe Lyn hears in the distance the cries for Justice for Jeremiah, or for Ken. Maybe that's why he's suddenly so spooked by the Erinyes in whose sinister qualities he once reveled.

Maybe he hears the hounds of the Bacchae baying, the cranes of Ibykus calling out. Eh? (as he would say.)


Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 7:44 am:

A quick search of three early Campaigners reveals two of them with a few references to Durkheim: the Counterculture Campaigner (p. 54, 73) and the first Anti-Kritik Campaigner (p. 25.)

When I joined ages ago, much was made of The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life, and scant reference was made to Suicide. Durkheim had rather the status of Feuerbach or Freud, i.e. guys who made a contribution to the line of Marxist development though they were hobbled by bourgeois notions of historical development.


Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 4:08 pm:

I think Eaglebeak is correct in tracing Lyn's sudden fascination with caste to the early "studies" on the Dravidians and the Aryans. I remember the early sessions when Lyn and others started expostulating about the significance of Sanskrit as the origin of all modern languages including Attic Greek. I think it was around the time of one of his and Helga's first trips to India.
Of course, Eaglebeak was dead on about the racial characteristic descriptions of the inferior "dark" Dravidians and the superior "white" Aryans. The time frame was relevant, since Harrapan culture reportedly was flourishing about 2000 to 2500 BC or 4000-4500 yrs ago.
The points about Lyn's new look at suicide is interesting and may reflect his own thoughts of mortality. Wasn't he the one who mentioned he contemplated suicide in the 50s? And yes, Sancho seems right when he points out the only mention of Durkheim I recall had to do with reading the Elementary Forms of the Religious Life not his book on Suicide. I remember reading Elementary Forms in the 70s at about the same time I was reading German Ideology and other pre 1848 Marx and the writings of Fuerbach.


Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 6:19 pm:

The Dialectics of Style Content, Part II

Good heavens--they are really not in good shape. Check this out (a recent offering from the always-entertaining LPAC site):

I am reproducing this exactly as it was posted on the LPAC site, except I can't get the hyperlinks on the footnotes.

Forget what's inside Nancy Pelosi's head. This gives a perspective into the disturbance inside the LYM's collective head.

Also: Paging Editorial! Isn't there ANYone left there? C'mon, guys.

The bold emphasis is added by me. No need for comments. If ever anything did, this speaks for itself....

Overview Conception of the Day: USA and China, 11/24/07

November 25, 2007 (LPAC)--There is nothing to fear but fear itself. A mortal once lived who famously said these words. He was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and though he has physically perished from the Earth, his immortality, his greatest humanity in fact, lives on in the guise of Lyndon LaRouche most notably, but also in the hearts and minds of others, whose years may not have overlapped with his. Were the cumulative events of these past two days to attest to anything, then a sensible economist, perhaps even you, might forecast a rapid increase in the number of living souls who have taken Roosevelt's life mission as their own; yes, this quantity might excel into the billions!

The legendary folly of our 109th Congress can be demonstrated again by their Nov. 21 "U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission" (1), which has been written in the tragic mode of Henry Paulson and the youth suicide-killers being fomented in the West (2). The commission report only instigates China to further crumple the value of our wheezing U.S. Dollar. Therefore, LaRouche, knowing a thing or two about history, again, intervened in history. He did so knowing that there are people in China today, "wise old men"--and surely many young ones, who are thinking two-hundred years into the future.
Consequently, what leaders of that country most require, is a grounding in the concepts of the Treaty of Westphalia; that sovereign nation states acting together, in concert, for the "good of the other" has been the foundation of all great developments among societies. From this vantage point, of the nation state vs. colonialism (ie. the British Empire), and with some of the practical solutions proposed by LaRouche at the conference, China can come to understand the potential "value" of the U.S. Dollar, by employing it to purchase, from the U.S., those high-technology capitol intense goods required to build their nation's needed infrastructure. This idea of "value" as productive potential, differs diametrically from the monetarists' medieval offering, which at this point, is about as appealing as a plague corpse thrown by catapult.


(Message edited by eaglebeak on November 25, 2007)


Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 6:21 pm:

Strategy for Socialism

Lyn's message, both from the Press Conference (3) and his subsequent Keynote Address (4), stands on its own without need of further resuscitation. But one point that should be stated here for clarity, is that this intervention was not made in some 'dark room' for a few Chinese underlings. If this is your thinking, then you too are not living in reality. The system is over and nobody knows what to do; some people would like to do something. What LaRouche has done is to make it clear that nobody should think they can run away from the death of the system; they will find it rotting anywhere they go. Let it be a wake-up call to our unfortunate Congress, and the world; LaRouche has been right.

Don't be shocked: Our Congress will not save you. They have been either dead-wrong or impotent on every single matter of crucial policy, virtually since the Democrats were elected in 2006. They assumed the existence of an isolated "housing crisis" and then proceeded to "solve" it by bailing out the creatures that created it. Now, we have to show them, kindly, that they were idiots on this topic, and that LaRouche was right (5). They assumed the Anglo-Dutch war against the nation-state was a " U.S. conflict with Iran", and vainly hoped it would be avoided without having to remove Cheney or his plastic prophylactic, Pelosi. Now, many "leaders" who proudly said "it won't happen", are protruding their chests and preparing for identity make-overs so they can appear "strong" through these "inevitable" and apparently, endless wars.
In his "Prolegomena for a Democratic Party Platform: The State of Our Union: The End of Our Delusion" (6), LaRouche writes: "Tragedy is not limited to a case of death or suffering which could have been avoided; in it's strict, Classical meaning, it treats the case in which the victim, which may be an individual or an entire society, destroys himself, or itself, as a result of a generally accepted belief, or, the same thing, a habituated tradition. In that strict sense of the term, 'tragedy', the recent behavior, or, lack of appropriate behavior by the campaign-money conscious U.S. Congress, has been truly tragic in the full meaning of the term."
As sure as gravity pulls, the tragedy persists.

So LaRouche has boldly, dangerously, placed himself, once more, in the middle of the world's most pressing battle, a battle against something evil, which he declares must be led personally, at least initially. Just as Johannes Kepler was the only man of his age who had formed in himself, by God, the unique capacity to uncover those truths of underlying, universal principal that, still, act as from behind the curtains we have drawn about our eyes, LaRouche may be the only man, now, who can solve the global crisis that threatens us all. He has, "put himself on the line"; his message will resonate brilliantly over oceans and epochs to both friends and foes . But what are you afraid of? Where is your immortality?

'Nuff said, wouldn't you say?

(Message edited by eaglebeak on November 25, 2007)


Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 6:34 pm:

Ah, the Edited Version

Later in the day, someone from Editorial must've weighed in, because here's the current version. Not much better (riddled with errors), but some of the crazier stuff has been lopped off. Almost a shame...

November 25, 2007 (LPAC)--There is nothing to fear but fear itself. A mortal once lived who famously said these words. He was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and though he has physically perished from the Earth, his immortality, his greatest humanity in fact, lives on in the guise of Lyndon LaRouche most notably, but also in the hearts and minds of others, whose years may not have overlapped with his. Were the cumulative events of these past two days to attest to anything, then a sensible economist, perhaps even you, might forecast a rapid increase in the number of living souls who have taken Roosevelt's life mission as their own; yes, this quantity might excel into the billions!



Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 6:36 pm:

The End of the Affair

The legendary folly of our 110th Congress can be demonstrated again by their Nov. 21 "U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission" (1), which has been written in the tragic mode of Henry Paulson and the youth suicide-killers being fomented in the West (2). The commission report only instigates China to further crumple the value of our wheezing U.S. Dollar. Therefore, LaRouche, knowing a thing or two about history, again, intervened in history. He did so knowing that there are people in China today, "wise old men"--and surely many young ones, who are thinking two-hundred years into the future.
Consequently, what leaders of that country most require, is a grounding in the concepts of the Treaty of Westphalia; that sovereign nation states acting together, in concert, for the "good of the other" has been the foundation of all great developments among societies. From this vantage point, of the nation state vs. colonialism (ie. the British Empire), and with some of the practical solutions proposed by LaRouche at the conference, China can come to understand the potential "value" of the U.S. Dollar, by employing it to purchase, from the U.S., those high-technology capitol intense goods required to build their nation's needed infrastructure. This idea of "value" as productive potential, differs diametrically from the monetarists' medieval offering, which at this point, is about as appealing as a plague corpse thrown by catapult.

LaRouche's message, both from the Press Conference (3) and his subsequent Keynote Address (4), stands on its own without need of further resuscitation. What he has done however, is make it clear that nobody can run away from the death of the system; if they try they will find it rotting anywhere they go.

Members of Congress, who, months ago stubbornly refused to believe the gravity of what was happening, have been wrong where LaRouche has been right (5). And why were they so wrong? Is it because they didn't know any better? No. Mainly they have been wrong because they have allowed themselves to be contained by corrupt party leadership. For too long this Congress has tolerated Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who is run by Fascist financier Felix Rohatyn (6). As such she is effectively an accomplice to Dick Cheney's war plot against Iran. Thus, having lacked competant or moral leadership, the Democratic party has lost almost all of it's credibility with the United States population, a fact which is shown by the Congress' ultra-low, almost single digit, approval ratings.

At this point, the only choice of action for those Members willing to regain sanity for their nation, is to draft a sweeping economic recovery greater than anyone has ever seen, based on the model enacted by FDR in his day, and now by LaRouche, who has boldly, perhaps dangerously, placed himself, once more, in the middle of the world's most pressing battle.

More than enough said, by now.


Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 6:38 pm:

This sounds like something a severely emotionally disturbed gradeschooler with overexposure to Wikipedia would turn out for a Veterans Day essay competition thinking to out wow the competition.

I definitely think the young recruits of the sixties and seventies were at least fifty IQ points ahead of these know-nothing Visigoths - assuming this piece wasn't written by a "boomer" (a) with tongue firmly embedded in cheek or (b) deep into the sauce.

More resuscitation, please.


Posted on Monday, November 26, 2007 - 6:59 am:

I see a future for Lyn on late night TV. He needs to go back to buying 1/2 hour late night TV spots around the dial and set up his own version of Psychic Predictions like Miss Cleo. He could call it:

"The Beyond Psycho Friends Network"

Lyn can show up with "amazing predictions" about the end of the world economy, nuclear war, currency rates and what happens 200 years into the future. Between his delusions, er visions, Lyn can channel FDR through his body. If Lyn kicks the bucket, so what. You stuff Lyn like a turkey and put him in an old wheel chair like FDR with a shawl covering his lower half. The webcasts and speeches get reedited and with the LYM animation brilliance, the words can mysteriously come out of a Lyn mummy.

The yutes, instead of manning card table shrines sit in their flats wating for the incoming phone calls on the 1-800-Lyn-Crazy numbers flashing on the screen. When a person calls, they get an intial screening of whether the person will be effected by the mortgage problem, nuclear war, the dollar, the Euro, the convertible Ruble, a Maglev running them over, The Jews bothering them , will Rocky enslave them and will Al Gore rip up their garden to kill a billion people for $9.95.

For 3 easy credit card payments of $39.95, Lyn or the Lym Mummy will channel the spirit of FDR and predict what will happen to your family in 200 years.


Posted on Monday, November 26, 2007 - 12:59 pm:

Larouchetruth wrote:

"Earnest_one, hopefully LaRouchetruth IS right, not WAS right, that real LaRouche beats LIM LaRouche."

Indeed. The "mind" will always beat the machine!

But Lyndon LaRouche wrote:

"In the simultaneity of eternity, in which all ideas are universal, they live in the past, they live in the future, whether we know them or not. All efficient principles that govern this universe live in the past, and they live in the future. We live with them, simultaneously."

Given my head pain (described earlier) I NOW write, "I was, am, and probably will always be, tense about tenses."

Your view of LL's possible contribution – that High School teachers could use his bizarre, fractured prose/reasoning/logic as examples for students to analyze – that this would improve literacy (transport it to a new stage of development) is, was, and will always be, hilarious. Fine work, Larouchetruth – both the idea and the exposition. Bravo.

I think, however, that you should shift direction slightly and concentrate on LaRouche's psychological "breakdown crisis". THAT crash is now flourishing, in full view.

I envision you leading a team of analysts. The psychiatric literature would benefit from the addition of a truly solid case study. Surely you agree that Lyn's current breakdown crisis is well "Beyond Psychoanalysis". Here you (and others) could make a lasting contribution. Many of the analyses posted here could be incorporated.

Further, it appears that this "systemic crisis" will only worsen (as he ages). It would be wildly ironic if the "forecasted" financial crash finally appears at the very moment that LaRouche's mind (sic) implodes. Given the damage that he's caused, this would be a weird form of poetic justice.

I hope, of course, that a worldwide financial collapse never occurs. As for Mr. LaRouche, however, when he (finally) meets his maker, justice will be served.


Posted on Monday, November 26, 2007 - 1:13 pm:


Your latest proposal is hilarious (obviously) but you might consider pitching the idea directly to the LYM.

Instead of inhaling carcinogens all day long, working long hours to meet quota, they might opt for your idea. Compared to their current fundraising approach, your scheme is brilliant and it holds great promise.


Posted on Monday, November 26, 2007 - 6:55 pm:

What the LYM can do is to take a few paragraphs from a Larouche speech or pamphlet which has a prediction of the end of the world economy for the past 52 years or so. Each exerpt which "predicts" the future is now on a card. Every card now has a prediction of Lyn's from a given year.

52 years of Lyn's delusions = 52 cards in a deck.

Some one from the TV viewership calls 1-800-LYN-NUTS and asks for a prediction for $9.95.

Our yute shuffles the cards and picks any card at random .

"Wow, the world economy is going to collapse this year Mr. Jones. You need to send us all of your money before it is worthless. The cards do not lie mon".

This is better than what Galileo passed as a game of chance research before he became a male whore for Scarpi.

Part of the Beyond Psycho Friends Network can be accessed by your telephone.

Press 1 for Nancy Spannaus about the sex of your new born and their life expectancy.

Press 2 for Jeffrey S if you will be introduced to CIA shysters to give all of your money to.

Press 3 for Ed Spannaus and hang up on him.

Press 4 for Barbara B for your IRS predictions.

Press 5 for Zeke B to predict when his cab will pull up to your door.

Press 6 for Gerry Rose to psychoanalyze you if you question the Bizarro world.

Press 7 for Debbie F. if you are a cute LYM male , over 18 and want to know if you will get lucky.

Press 8 for Tony P. if your age is, well.....

Press 9 for Tony Chaitkin if you want to see what your future looks like after spending 4 decades in this lunacy and never seeing the anti semitism.

God this stuff has to be written as a play for off Broadway.


Posted on Monday, November 26, 2007 - 7:40 pm:

Great idea, so let's start working on prospective titles. How about "Springtime for LaRouche." Or "Bedtime for Bonkers." Or "Last Tango in Round Hill." Or "Analyze Whooo?" How about "American Piper?" (Get it, American Pie-per?) Or "Lying in Winter...and Spring, Summer and Fall" (from "Lion in Winter") Or "Innocents at Home."

That was fun. You all should try it. The fecundity, not to mention the fertility, of devising candidate names for this off-Broadway play, should be very high. We could have a contest for the best title, and the prize would be that the winner wouldn't have to peruse LPAC for a month, that all the losers would have the responsibility of keeping the winner abreast of all the "winners" LaRouche et al sow on their website from now till the New Year. That should be an enticement!

So, have at it, friends. You have nothing to lose but the pounds you will shed from laughing so hard.


Posted on Monday, November 26, 2007 - 8:04 pm:

A musical about LYMers in their one-room flat:

Stalag Seven Teens

A racy film to entice the yutes starring Debra Freeman:

Debbie Does Deployments

A film wherein therapist Gerald Rose helps LaRouche with the latter's alcoholism:

Daze of Whine and Rose

A drama based on the alleged assassination attempt against Lyn in prison:

Oedipus at Colonoscopy


Posted on Monday, November 26, 2007 - 10:44 pm:

I went to my local town Mayor-Council meeting in Bergen COunty today. Lo and behold a bunch of young LYM members were there trying to push their Home Owners Bank Protection LaROuche Corporativist economic package leaflets. There was an older gentleman there with a "Go With LaROuche" hat. I didn't recognize any of them.
FOrtunately they chose not to sing but tried to talk about the sub-prime mortgage crisis. They seemed curiously quiet and meek.

I asked one of the kids about whether he knew what happened to Ken Kronberg and he had no idea of what I was talking about. He said he had heard about an incident of someone dying in Europe. After telling the guy to investigate the organization the older guy came over to tell me that only five people own the media in the US. I mentioned to him that I had thirty years experience with LaROuche lit.

Anyway, the time at the meeting came for public comments. The kid I had talked to (a young black male from Paterson, NJ) said he had a great program by LaROuche to solve the mortgage crisis. The mayor simply said okay if you have some information please leave it with us. THey left the leaflets and the Mayor thanked them, and that was it. No polemics, no shouting down with Nazi Rohaytan, etc. and fortunately no singing. They left, and I doubt most people even realized they were there.
I would love to see how the briefing writes this up.


Posted on Monday, November 26, 2007 - 11:25 pm:

Briefing headline:

"LYM Takes Over World and Order LaRouche's Head to be Preserved in a Bottle (for all to see and admire). Road Show details to follow."

It is an N+1-type world historical development.


Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 6:53 am:

I got some ideas for the play, but first let us read this basement memo to see how Lyn and the yutes have a mind meld of sorts.


We have good news this evening. Lyn has received the draft copy of "The Devil In Your Laptop: The Noospherevs. The Blogosphere." The third attachment of this evening's e-mail is the draft itself. The fourth attachment are all the different cover proposals (usesome of these for sign!)

As of now, here is the proposed table of contents: The Noosphere vs. the Blogosphere, by Matt OgdenWhat Is Wikipedia? by Brent BedfordINSNA: Handmaidens of British Colonialism, by DaveChristie MySpace: Murdoch's Nuremburg Rally, by Delante BessFacebook, A Tombstone With a Picture Attached, byOyang TengVideo Games and the Wars of the Future, by Oyang Teng. From LSD to Cyberwar, by Gabriela Arroyo-ReyesThe New Cult of the Teenage Suicide Bomber, by NickWalsh Where Your Computers Really Came From, by PeterMartinson

---Also, The Disease of Information and Its Attack onPower, by Cody Jones, Analog and the Transcendental,by Sky Shields, and The New Astronomy vs. Liberalism,by Jason Ross (Jason's is the 3rd attachment--separatefrom the zip folder), were all part of the workingprocess for the pamphlet, and should be read, althoughthey may not appear in the pamphlet itself.

Also, we have a number of other fun things: --Canon from Europe on Nancy Pelosi, the whore goddessmother of Al Gore!

--A link to a Stanford University speech by PeterThiel, the Collegiate Network newspaper starter, andtoday the initial founder of Facebook. The speech gets across his political, econonomic and cyberneticsinsanity. Keep in mind, when he talks of a "virtualspace" where reality exists, he's not only talking
about a personal perverso fantasy, but also, as you'll notice, the unregulated free trade domain of theBritish Empire. Is there really a difference?

--A re-send of L.A. canons on MySpace

--A cartoon from our Montreal artist --A MySpace Nuremburg Rally. Who knew?

--The entire article on the video game-trained
teenager who was a hired assassin by the Zetas terror
group in Central America (slugged in briefing)

Kick some •••, the war room



Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 6:29 pm:

Wow, this here internet thing works very fast. As much as I like "spring Tine for Larouche" , "Spring Time for Helga" seems to work better if this is a musical within a play.

All day I was cracking up at Sancho's idea of 7 LYM in a one bedroom flat called "Stalag Seven teens".

In the middle of the day I received not just a name for a play, but a complete Euro style play .

Check out "Dinner for Three":

Titel: Dinner for Three

Helga Z
Jessica T
Köter von Helga Z
ein zum Butler verkommener ehemaliger Security-Mitarbeiter

Die Szene:
Ein Saal in Ingelheim. Alles ist verstaubt, Spinnweben hängen von der
Decke und den Lampen.
Eine Tafel ist für eine größere Anzahl Gästen gedeckt - mit lauter

Erster und letzter Akt:
Handlung ähnlich wie Dinner for One - nur mit kleinen Abwandlungen:
Helga und Jessica sitzen an der Tafel am linken Ende und fressen die
Portionen zweier herausgeekelter Ehemaliger auf.
Dabei erzählen sie sich gegenseitig wie überflüssig die Ehemaligen
waren, das es für die Organisation besser ist, daß sie weg sind.
Der zum Butler verkommener ehemaliger Security-Mitarbeiter füllt
entzwischen die Gläser - und stolbert über den Köter von Helga Z. (heult
laut auf).
Dann setzen sich Helga und Jessica einen Stuhl weiter und fressen weiter
(induktiv sozusagen).
Die Geschichte wiederholt sich bis an das andere Ende der Tafel
(Knochen, Essensreste und angebissene Tortenstücke liegen auf dem
Es bleibt nur noch ein Champagnerglas für jede übrig.
Helga schau Jessica in die Augen und sagt:
"Aber wir, wir haben alles richtig gemacht!!"
Sie stoßen an, leeren das Glas und PLATZEN mit lautem Knall.


Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 6:33 pm:

I took the liberty of having this translated and this is what the English version is.

The title of the play is "Dinner for Three"



Jessica T (guess her crony)

Helga's cur (her dog)

A down and out butler who had been a former security member.

The Scene:

They are in a big hall in Ingelheim. Everything is covered in dust and cobwebs hang on the ceiling and lamps. There is a table set for a large number of guests with different delicacies.

First and last act:

The action is similar to "Dinner for One" but with a few changes.

Helga and Jessica sit at the left side of the large table and devour the portions of "herausgeekeiter" former (members). [ members who are no longer with the organization.]

They talk with each other about how superficial the former members were and that the organization is better now that they are gone. In between, the former security member turned poor butler fills their glasses and in so doing "stolbert" [stumbles or steps on or
something like that] Helga's dog.

Loud howls.

Then Helga and Jessica again sit down on chairs and continue eating ("inductively" so to speak). [ This is play on some LaR jargon when the AUTHOR really means something like "instinctively" since they are food gluttons.]

The story repeats itself at the other end of the
table. (Bones, rubbish. and bitten pieces of tortes lie on the table). [In other words a real pig sty.]

Finally there remains only a champagne glass for each one.

Helga looks Jessica in the eye and says: "But we, we have always been right!"

They toast each other, empty their glasses and FART (PLATZEN) with a loud bang (explosion).


Helga's legendary beer farts are now a multi continental phenomenon.

I like the short, to the point, EuroStyle here.


Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 8:07 pm:

The tale of PMR is retold in this remake of

Pulp Fiction;

Phil Rubenstein stars in

One Flew over the Cuckold's Nest;

Zeke hits it big in the redo of

Taxi Driver;

Math and finance whiz Bruce Director struts his stuff in

Good Bill Punting;

Abortion-promoter Nancy Spannaus appears in

The Unborn Ultimatum,

while her male consort slinks through the animated


Cody and all the top LYMers hit Washington in the film

Bad News Bores

followed by a harrowing group performance in

The Unbearable Lightness of Leftovers.


Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 8:22 pm:

Lastly, this Hemingway classic will be filmed in 2008 starring Lyn and Helga LaRouche:

The Old Man and the C


Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 10:53 pm:

Is Hitler in Your Outhouse?

Note on the play XLCR posts above: Jessica T is Jessica Tremblay, nee Jessica Primack, daughter of Bob Primack and Mary McCourt and stepdaughter of Mark Burdman.

Meanwhile, in the Truth is Stranger Than Fiction Department, we have an offering funnier, more chilling, more unbelievable, than any of the above.

I refer, of course, to the Latest from LaRouche, the gamesters from LPACman, with a title none of us can top. I give you, unedited, scarcely annotated:

The Noosphere vs. The Blogosphere: Is the Devil in your Laptop?

November 27, 2007 (LPAC)--The cover 9-11 provided for the continuing world destabilization, led by the FDR-hating British Empire, has, by no accident been exposed by Lyndon LaRouche and the continuing institution of the American Patriot. It is no coincidence, either, that as erupting warfare threatens the potential peaceful alliances of the United States with Russia, China, and India, and, as the U.S. dollar collapses, taking along with it housing, banking, and the dollar-dependent countires of the entire world, many Americans are still sitting at their computers asking 'how' or 'why?' [Or even 'What?']

But the unleashing of Dick Cheney's Permanent War Permanent Revolution [You can take the boy out of the SWP, but you can't take the Trotsky out of the boy] was always missing something crucial--the quiet support of American youth. Thus, Mrs. Beastman, Lynne Cheney, deployed to ensure an effective political silence at home, and private armies thrived abroad and our own nation's military was shredded. The last pamphlet produced by the LaRouche Youth Movement, 'Is Goebbel's [Goebbel's? Goebbel's what?] On Your Campus?' exposed this Lynne Cheney campus operation, that was in full force at the time trying to suppress the youth turnout for the crucial November 6 Congressional elections. The mighty Lynne Cheney failed at her mission, but the war is far from settled. And Lynne Cheney was forced to turn to others, to get the American people to accept Hitler. The way the British Empire would have it, the intended self-destruction of the United States could occur by a new form of terrorism, the 'suicide bombers of the West', mysteriously emerging from the otherwise promising institution, historically--the nation's youth generation.

We invite you to study our introductory expose of this operation, with well-placed focus on Rupert Murdoch's MySpace, Microsoft's Facebook, and the latest generation of insanely popular violent video games. The new pamphlet of the LaRouche Youth Movement, 'Is the Devil in your Laptop?', is not an attack on computers. This pamphlet continues to unravel the active operations of the British Empire to destroy the United States, and at the same time elicits the participation of the nation's youth in the rediscovery of the principles fought for by Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, and FDR.

No wonder these kids work in the Basement.


Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 11:02 pm:

Sancho, bravo, I can't stop laughing. Every time I stop, I reread one of your movie titles, and I start all over again. "One Flew Over the Cuckold's Nest," "Bad News Bores," humor doesn't get any funnier than this.

But the rest of you, don't be intimidated, there are undoubtedly hundreds of more movie titles equally hilarious just waiting for one of us to discover (using creative mentation, of course).

Lyn will be the sole actor, by the way, in the forthcoming James Bond remake, Dr. No Nothing.

Oh, he is also starring in a remake of American Psycho. (Yes, that was a real movie title in 2000, made 8 years before its time.)

Helga will, of course, be the star in "The Fart of Whore."


Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 11:20 pm:

Beyond the beyond. It just keeps on getting better and better.

The following gem is advertised on the home page of LPAC, a website that puts Comedy Central and Air America to shame in the humor department. Look at the lower left, under LPAC In Action, it's the item for October 27, "Astronomical Series." Click the "More," and enjoy. However, since more people will read if it I copy it here, I have done so. What pops up is the following headline, followed by the following copy.

I intend, hopefully later tonight, to annotate it, but it is so dreadful, as in dreadfully funny, that to chop it up with comments before you've all appreciated it just read as a whole would be to rob you of half the fun. The semantic, syntactical and grammatical howlers that pervade this piece defy description. The confused thought behind it is such that one cannot even say that this is, say, 5th grade work, or even 3rd grade work, because no self-respecting third grader would think so sloppily and use language so badly.

I thought the LYM is being recruited from college drop-outs. Are we sure they aren't recruiting drop-outs from elementary school? I mean, read this, and you'll see what I mean. I was about to call this drivel, but that were to insult drivel. Compared to this, drivel is as Shakespeare. So, enjoy, from the multiple inanities and absurdities just in the headline alone, through the rest of this piece.

I can't resist one pre-annotation. Don't jump to it, that would spoil it, but when you arrive at the last word of the second paragraph, you will be rolling on the floor. I cannot believe that anyone actually wrote this, much less let it go up on their website. This is truly beyond any epithet I can think of.

PEDAGOGICAL: How to Reanimate our Economy; Why Video Games Can't Do It

To the United States Citizen and friends from abroad,

With the onrushing collapse of the global financial and physical economic system, the need for intellectual and moral leadership is desperately needed, which is why Lyndon LaRouche has continuously come to the forefront of the battle, as the voice of sanity, typified by his latest October 10th international webcast. Because of the unfortunately immoral gutlessness of the top layer of the United States Congress, the quality of leadership, right now, will come from you, the "base" of the population.

In order for you to competently move this gutless Congress, the quality of thinking necessary to replicate the effects comparable to our American Revolution, is to engage ourselves in the very same acts of discovery, that created the ability for this Republic to come into fruition—Sphaerics!

This, therefore, gives reason, why Lyndon LaRouche has challenged young adults to master the unique original discoveries of physical science and classical artistic composition, i.e. the science of physical economy.[1] This, also, gives reason, for the LaRouche Youth Movement to communicate those rediscovered challenges to you, our future collaborators.

Since the Universe is so gigantic, this could never be restricted to just a single strata of people, therefore, if you, Congressman or Congresswoman, are not engaged in any immoral or senseless leisurely acts, feel free to join your constituents in this fun pedagogical experiment.

And that's the base motive!


Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 11:24 pm:

Mars' Retrograde Motion

According to the National Aeronatics and Space Administration (NASA), Mars brightens and appears larger in diameter in the month of October, as it approaches its December 24, 2007 opposition (A great Christmas Delight!). June 2007 through April 2008 is the prime Mars observing period, although the Mars retrograde runs from October 1 to December 9, and should form an interesting curve. It is now possible to see some features on the planet through amateur telescopes. If you begin looking toward the East, approximately around 10:48pm EDT you will witness Mars rising above the horizon, in Gemini.

This bright red warrior will appear higher in the sky than it was two years ago and will serve as a great mapping experiment for a star chart. For a simple experiment, you can choose a time to go out each night, (it could perhaps be in your backyard, although it is much more fun with groups of people) you can draw out the motion and changes that occur over time. Do this for the next four months and see what you get. What is shown below are the maps from NASA's website, of the previous years.

[not reproducible: two graphics, one plotting Mars' retrograde motion in 2003, one in 2005]

What will it map out to be this year? What is really going on with the planet? Do planets really do that? This is not for any formal academic matters, but the history of civilization rested on resolving fundamental paradoxes of this type. Take a brief look back to Plato, Eratosthenes, Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, et al.

Kepler is Still Laughing

"The testimony of the ages confirms that the motions of the planets are orbicular. It is an immediate presumption of reason, reflected in experience, that their gyrations are perfect circles. For among figures it is circles, and among bodies the heavens, that are considered the most perfect. However, when experience is seen to teach something different to those who pay careful attention, namely, that the planets deviate from a simple circular path, it gives rise to a powerful sense of wonder, which at length drives men to look into causes." [Emphasis added] "It is just this from which astronomy arose among men. Astronomy's aim is considered to be to show why the stars' motions appear to be irregular on earth, despite their being exceedingly well ordered in heaven, and to investigate the circles wherein the stars may be moved, that their positions and appearances at any given time may thereby be predicted."

This is the famous lunge that Johannes Kepler utters in the opening paragraphs of his ground breaking anti-Aristotlean anti-empiricist work— The New Astronomy. This intentional concept, which is very much elaborated through his major works, has easily refuted the absurd notions of radical positivist "gamers" such as Bertrand Russell, Norbert Weiner, John von Neumann and their nut-job followers at M.I.T.'s Media Lab. [2]

The kind of scientific method developed by our friend, Johannes Kepler, is a true example of a sane mind that would never have tolerated the forty year disastrous economic policy imposed upon the United States, nor would he agree with the cultural degradation of perverse ideas that created such a dehumanizing process of video game fanaticism, such as "information theory." He would have intervened in the same way the LYM attempts today.


Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 11:35 pm:

The Base on Mars

In 2003, Earth and Mars were the closest they have ever been in 60,000 years. The next time the two planets will be that close will be August 28, 2287! NASA's website even asked the following questions: What will Earth be like when people marvel at the red planet nearly three centuries from now? And will there be people living on Mars by then, when an unusually close and large-looking Earth rises with the morning sun? These fundamental questions are crucial, if we are thinking on a long term basis for the future of the human race. However, with the collapse of the global financial and physical economic system, Lyndon LaRouche has proposed the only viable remedy to move the United States and the world out of this existential crisis. Dear citizen you may not have listened to LaRouche's proposal twenty years ago. Will you do so now?

Submit your ideas, images, and solutions to, there will be monthly updates and challenges to keep you in motion, but get started observing for now.

And, thus, we will begin reanimating our economy!
Thank You,

LaRouche Youth Movement

[1] See: The LaRouche Youth Movements Educational Curriculum at
[2] The absurd idea, by this idiot savant, that without Tycho Brahe's statistical analysis, there would have never existed a mind like Kepler, is such a fallacy of composition, which demonstrates the lack of understanding the human mind and the universe.

Sweet Jesus, as a piece of writing, could anything be worse expressed? Is this possibly the worst piece of writing in human history? I certainly do not think I have ever read something so bad in my life, at least. And it is advertised on their front page. "IlliteracyIsUs," must be their latest breakthrough. Only this goes beyond illiteracy. If illiteracy is lack of knowledge of how to read, and innumeracy is inability to think mathematically, is the word we're searching for here "incognacy," the inabilty to think, period?


Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - 1:35 pm:

I read this quote above and actually see it as a general characterization of the field.

So I thought I would make the entrance into the "valley of the shadow of death" (SYNONOMOUS TO THE MESSAGE BOARDS ON FACTNET CONCERNING LAROUCHE)
in order to once again make a brief challenge to see if anyone did some ORIGINAL SOURCE work they could challenge me with?

Here is the aforementioned quote:

"That Lyn plagiarizes from member's research ferociously, virtually never with attribution, is so well established, LYMers,

if you don't believe this, find an old-timer and most will, if they have any honesty left in them, confirm at least this for you.

And he undoubtedly plagiarizes only those portions that suit his needs of the moment. Witness, he constantly cites Kepler,

[further proof of complete ignorance]
but how much of Kepler's vast work is ever actually so much as mentioned"

When something said such as this goes uncontested one knows the beings in the general area of activity are less than dead!

What needs to be done here so the brainwashing generally reflects itself less aggregiously in this "DUNGEON for the WALKING DECEASED" is for a "magnum opus" of sorts to be collugated from all the scraps of "written waste" secreted on these posts!

Google can not be used at all handicapping 100% of the zombies here but it will more than suffice to strengthen the intillectual aptitude image reflected here!


To show if any here have any credibility to their assertions!

If you have not guessed timmie's BAAAACK!


Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - 1:41 pm:

Can anyone show me an intelligent find from some original undertakings in any of the works Lyn cites in order that I may test the field?

Any DUMBASSesments will be handled accordingly!

Please be prepared for such!



Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - 2:18 pm:

I hope I can come back to some progress....


Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - 2:21 pm:

At least a semblance of it...


Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - 3:07 pm:

I see that Time for Truth as returned as Time for Repentance, but instantly recognizable by his peculiar writing and spelling techniques.

What can I say? Hard to know if this is the A Team or the Z Team being trotted out, if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, Time for Truth or whatever, last time you posted here I thought you were kidding, and I still do.


Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - 5:47 pm:

Classics remade starring Fearless Leader:

Bonnie and Clod (mit dem Helga),

The Best Fears of Our Lives,

The Wizard of Odd,

It's a Wonderful Fraud (his fave), and

The Non-Graduate.


Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - 10:04 pm:

The Odd Couple (FL mit fraulein)

LaRoucheland: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

12 Hungry Men (about the LYM)

Fart Wars (Inside Helga)

Drek (an animation of LaRouche's original ideas)

Dr. StrangeHate

The Silence of the Lambs (about 4 decade card table shriners)

Mission Preposterous (about saving civilization from a New Dark Age)

The Drivel Wears Dada (a dramatic reading of LaRouche's 'best' writings)

The Bad Shepherd

We Are Martians (about LHL and followers)

Apocalype Now, and Last Month, and Last Year, and the Year Before That, and the Year Before That and ...


Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2007 - 12:16 am:

The Man and the Moment

The LPAC site is way better than the briefing these days. And who cares about the Hollywood writers' strike? Because tonight we have...

"We're Winning... Not Things that We Possess... But a Battle"

November 28, 2007 (LPAC)--Lyndon LaRouche's remarks to the membership of the LaRouche Youth Movement in Los Angeles on Nov. 26, following his participation in the Nov. 24th "Forum on U.S.-China Relationship and Peaceful Reunification of China," sponsored by the Institute for Sino Strategic Studies are excerpted here.

LAROUCHE: [to thunderous applause] "Thank you, all!

"Okay, well, as you know, on the 25th of this past July, I announced that we had already entered the closing phase of the great collapse of the world economy. As of Sunday, and Monday morning, as you know, the concession was essentially made in most parts of the world: The system has now collapsed. It's in the death agonies. Now, it's going to flop around on the sand a little bit, and in the swamps and wherever it inhabits, splash around, but this thing is now finished. [And I'm just tickled pink about it.]

"Now, as of Sunday, and as of Monday, as you know, various dates,[this--that--whatever] China has responded to the event which occurred in this location, here. And it has shaken the world [Not just Trotsky but John Reed]: At the same time that China was announcing the significance of the conference we had here, and the address I gave here, at the same time, all over Europe, and in many parts of the United States, the admission is: The system is dead. We are in the final phase, the closing phase of a world monetary system, which died, effectively, between August 15th-16th, 1971 and 1972 [Get it straight already, would you?]: The system is now dead. It's just flopping around, the way dead things sometimes do. [Ah, the scientific mind.]

"So now, this means that we are entering a complete new phase of history. [Such a relief. The last complete new phase of history was getting old.] It also means a great psychological [change] in the climate, of the world and of the United States. No longer are people going to be able to react, the way you found them reacting in the recent period. And you don't have to be panic stricken, you don't have to be anxious, you don't have to terrified. You don't have to be hysterical. [Is it me? Is it something I said?]


Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2007 - 12:19 am:

The Man of the Hour

"We're winning! ...

"That's the really significant thing: We have won. We have won--not things that we possess [You yutes, for example, don't possess anything]: we have won a battle. The battle was, I've declared for some time that this system as it put into shape in 1971-72, the post-Bretton Woods system, was doomed. And it was just a question, would they wake up to that fact and change back, reform, in the direction of Roosevelt's conception, of what I proposed? [Well, actually, in 1971 I proposed worldwide socialist revolution, but hey!] Or would they go to doom? They chose to go to doom. They have reached their destination. There's no hope for their system, and we have no reason to compromise with their system.[I should say not! With it flopping around like that since 1971!]

"Our concern is twofold: We have to be concerned with the human race. Because, if this thing goes the way it's going, with no change from the direction in policy, which you get typified by the Presidential campaign out there ongoing now, in that case, then the whole civilization goes into a dark age. And when you consider what will collapse, a world population of over 6.5 billion people, and a collapse of the system, a dark age means a collapse of the world population down to levels of somewhere under a billion people, within about a generation or so [If I'm lucky]. They can't tell exactly how face [In Your Facebook], but in general, the idea's there; the idea's clear. [And it's mine, all mine, my pretties.]

"So it's our duty to save humanity from that scourge. What we have proposed will work. You saw a sample of this in the reaction from China, on what happened here, my address here. That is shaking up the world, and it coincides with what is coming out of Europe and elsewhere, with a general admission of leading banking institutions that the system is finished. That this is not a short-term process. For example, you have the members of the Congress (I don't know what kind of Congress it is, but it's a Congress; I don't know what they do in that Congress sometimes. What if they take any diseases--any prophylactic preparations for the diseases they get in that kind of Congress, huh?)[Heavens, but my rapier-like wit is sharp tonight!]


Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2007 - 12:22 am:

Man of Destiny

But they all came back from their little vacation, their Thanksgiving vacations, and the turkeys had eaten them, huh? [Huh?] They came back and ... the world was no longer the same! [Well, jeez, no, not if they'd been eaten by turkeys.] There are special ways of avoiding the act we're pushing, the housing and banking protection act--they tried something and it didn't work! [What AM I talking about?] They said, "Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are going to bail out the banks. We don't need to listen to you--we've got a little solution!" They came back and the announcement is, the "little solution is in trouble!" It doesn't exist any more! Now what're they going to do? ... [I dunno--get eaten by turkeys?]

So that is essentially the situation there, and here. [And everywhere.] We're at a turning point in history. And you're in a position where you're part of a leadership of a bunch of frightened sheep who just lost all their dreams and all their confidence. It's all spoiled. The important bankers and financiers, the ones who really talk, in Europe and elsewhere, are saying "the party's over. This system is finished. This is the long one, this is a big one, this is a deep one" [cue psychosexual impotence theme music, please] and there is no solution in sight from their standpoint. The party is over. The party is ours. [Like the skunk at the Sunday School picnic.]

So, that's what I've been working on for a long time, and so, I can speak in the terms I've spoken here, because I can sit back and say, "Okay-- that is settled. Who is right and who is wrong, that's just been settled in reality." [Ahhh.]

Now, that means something for you, and your age-group: You have to grow up. [Raise some money already.] You are no longer young people, going to your parents to bail you out. You are responsible for the consequences of your actions, because people are listening to you--they may scream at you, but that means that they're listening to you, that's why they're screaming. [Well, that's certainly why I'M screaming] You don't even have to speak: They hear your voice inside their head. [Screaming isn't the half of it.]

"I know what you're going to say! I know what you're going to say! Don't you dare say it!" That's the kind of world we're living in!

And so--Good night, Mr. and Mrs. America, and all the ships at sea.


Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2007 - 6:52 pm:

The Self, The Center, and the Self-Centered

Creative Mentation for Doubled Dummies

Conical Action Gone Awry

I Can Talk for Miles and Miles and Miles

One For All and All for N+1

Fusion and Presidential Delusion

Fraud, Lies, and Deceit uncovered for all to See and Admire

Inner Elites versus Outer Limits

Your Thoughts are My Nightmares

The Fate of Hate To-date


Posted on Friday, November 30, 2007 - 12:27 am:

Action at a Distance, Impotence in my Hand

256 Ways to Blow Your Cult Leader

Fakers of the World Unite

Fool You Once, Fame on Me; Fools Again, Please

Bend Over and Take It Up Your Soul

Eat Soylent Green, Talk Trash

Speaking Falsehoods to the Powerless

Dr. Moon Invented Moonshine

LaRouche is a Noose without Senses

Posted on Friday, November 30, 2007 - 11:48 pm:

Sometimes I look back at this board. Yep, you guys are silly.


Posted on Saturday, December 01, 2007 - 12:17 am:

Silly Putty solved the banking crisis and prevented World Wars III thru XI.

Silly Putty is the World's Greatest Economist and Statesmen.

Every Silly Putty forecast has come true. Silly Putty is a universal genius.

Silly Putty is potent and never blocks.

Silly Putty for President.


Posted on Saturday, December 01, 2007 - 3:59 am:

For a price, you can make Silly Putty

Democrat or Republican

Democrat or Tyrant

Great Leader and/or Great Mind

Plunderer of young and/or old

Economist, Scientist, Chairman of philosophical association, Doctor, Lawyer, or Indian chief;

but do not return to manufacturer if/when product fails to think

think clearly

cough up commas

pay bills or in a timely fashion

or when it compulsively emits sounds upon squeezing like "presently onrushing" or "relevant, competent."

Let's all move on to "LaRouche Continued 4," "hmm?"


Posted on Monday, December 03, 2007 - 12:10 pm:

Thought as much au revoir...

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Page last modified on July 25, 2012, at 02:54 AM