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09-29-2007 01:28 PM


Only days ago the world was coming to an end and the system was crashing down if Congress didn’t pass the HBPA by the end of September.

Well, boys and girls, here it is the end of September, and whaddya know? Congress didn’t pass the HBPA? Even fact, Congress never even heard of the HBPA. What a wonderful, ironic 85th birthday present....

You know the rest.

Hmmm--what to tell the yutes this time? Lyn didn’t get elected President in 2004 and the world went on. Then Kerry didn’t get elected President in 2004 and the world went on. Then this didn’t happen, and that didn’t happen, and something else didn’t happen, and the world went on.

Now, the HBPA didn’t happen, and the world seems to be going on.

So what to tell the yutes?

Not to worry--LaRouche has it taped out. Jeff Steinberg tells us in the morning briefing Friday that this time, we have it nailed.

You can tell from the headline:


Uh, okay. Wow! Looks bad for Molly Kronberg and Karl Marx, eh? Being British agents and all....

Here’s where we’re going now kids (don’t look back, don’t look at the HBPA and the final collapse of civilization as we’ve known it--don’t look at the man behind the curtain).


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09-29-2007 01:32 PM


Writes Steinberg:

Back from the breakthrough European conference [they had one, I guess that was the breakthrough], Lyn met with the NEC and the LYM on Thursday night and had a thoroughly-composed [how many voices would that be? What is this, Adjectives R Us? You know in a meeting with LaRouche, the contrapuntal voices are all coming from one place] message for the international association, filling out the picture behind his intervention on behalf of Shimon Peres and those Israeli ``old hands’’ who are pushing for a peace treaty with Syria, as a means of outflanking those who are out to blow up the entire Southwest Asian region. [Ah--I get it now. The economy isn’t blowing up and Wall Street appears to still be there, so we’re back to the Mideast blowing up. An old standby. “Stop nuclear war! Give now before it’s too late!”]

Lyn started out by simply stating: ``The problem is entirely British. They are still an empire.’’ [We’re baaack! The international organization is on its feet again! We just remembered it’s the British!] The British got their imperial status fully restored in Aug. 1971, when British traitors led by George Shultz removed the dollar from the fixed-exchange-rate system [Lyn looks back nostalgically on the glory days]. Things have gone rapidly downhill from there, and the British enemy is now determined to destroy the United States altogether.

Since February of 1763, all warfare has been truly defined by the conflict between the American and British systems. [Excuse me while I take the long view. I always take the long view after one of my apocalyptic “forecasts” fails to erupt.] These are two completely different concepts of society--the difference between empire and republic.


09-29-2007 01:36 PM


We are at a particularly crucial moment now, [when were we not?] because the British are going for end-game--the final destruction of the American Republic. [When were they not?] They are banking on the help of traitors-within, led by people like Dick Cheney [and Linda de Hoyos, Uwe Friesecke, Fernando Quijano, and Molly Kronberg. Oh, also Gus Axios, Andy Typaldos, Ken Dalto, and --am I forgetting someone here?]. There are plenty of traitors in the Democratic ranks [Hillary has fat ankles--did I ever mention that?], too, so don’t think of this as a partisan issue. It’s the British versus the Americans. You see the British hand in Southwest Asia, where they are going for what some have called ``managed chaos.’’ You see it in the provocations against Russia and China.

Well, it goes on like this for quite awhile, about Israel being expendable to the British (but suddenly, miraculously, not they’re not expendable to LaRouche) and then--

So this group, acting through [Israeli] President Shimon Peres, is offering a peace deal to Syria. This must happen! Don’t talk about what will work. [Check. No problem.] Don’t be too clever, Lyn warned. [Not to worry. No danger of that.] Just get this crowd in Israel to join with a like-minded group in the Syrian leadership, around President Bashar Assad, and work together to screw the British. It is that simple. [It’s always that simple. That’s why Lyn’s interventions in world politics have always been so surgical. So precise.]

Lyn knows this game very well. Since the 1974-76 period, Lyn has been in the middle of this effort to screw the British in Southwest Asia [Translation: He went to Iraq in 1975 and met with a bunch of Baathists Saddam later murdered], through FDR methods of American System economic and political cooperation [Well, not in 1974-76. That’s when he was calling FDR a Mussolini fascist, remember?]. Remember, back in that period, Shimon Peres was one of the Israeli political leaders who hailed Lyn for his Middle East Peace and Development Plan of 1975.[Quotes, please. Citation, please.] In the mid-1980s, both Lyn and Shimon Peres were promoting the ``Oasis Plan,’’ already centered on the idea of nuclear-powered desalination. [Chapter and verse, please? Do we have that picture of the two of them together?] And now once again, at a moment of grave crisis, the collaboration [Lyn and Shimon forever] represents the only hope for averting a new dark age. [Ah, an old friend. The new dark age.] Things, of course, went sour in Israel when the radical right wing took power in 1977, with the Menachem Begin victory. [That was right after the “Oasis Plan of the ‘80s.” The only thing that went sour was that LaRouche opposed the Sadat-Begin peace agreement. Naturally.]

The key to the entire future of Southwest Asia and the world [this is the world we’re talking about, kids, so pay attention] lies in the Shimon Peres forces in Israel aligning with like-minded circles in the Syrian leadership, to set the precedent for nuclear desalination as one key to peace.


09-29-2007 01:40 PM


So what Lyn is out to achieve--in his name, and under his hands-on control, which is the only way it will work [There’s only one item on the agenda, and you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s Me Me Me]--is a different polarization of interests in the region. This is war, and in real war, you fight on the battle fronts that you must fight, in order to create new favorable potentials. [Translation: Forget the housing crisis. This is your new distractor.] Command in warfare is very personal. You never win a war by committee. You never win a war by democratic means. [This is why I run this organization and you’re a piece of lint on my sofa.] This is empire versus republic. There are no higher stakes. [There never are.] ...

Lyn mused, with some satisfaction [you remember what that looks like—that crazed, self-satisfied glint in his eye], that it is a novelty of history that this opportunity exists. Peres’s time has come. [Along with our time. Our time has come. Again.] He is at this point clearly on the right side, and we shall help him, and in the course, make the British suffer.

What we are up against with the Anglo-Dutch is the same Venetian system that brought about the dark age of the 14th Century. The Venice-sponsored Lombard bankers of northern Italy were the hedge fund managers of their day. They grabbed up the money generated by the productive economy, and they put it out as war loans. Then they went out and organized the wars, to perpetuate their system--until it blew out. [Stop me, somebody! My tongue’s run away with my brain again!]

Today, the Iraq war stands out as the basis for the system. The soldiers dying in Iraq are considered throw-aways. [By whom?] How do you destroy a professional army? [What professional army? These are volunteers, Lyn—or did you miss that development?] You kill it off in war. [That’s generally how you destroy an army.] The profits enjoyed by the private military corporations are just like the old British East India Company system--pure British. [Why would the “private military corporations” want to destroy the army on which they depend?]

Another thing that is pure British is the gibberish coming out of many leading members of Congress, like Barney Frank, who say that the central banks and treasury ministries of the advanced countries can hyperinflate a solution to the sub-prime crisis and all will be well, once again, with the world financial system. [Oops! I almost forgot the cataclysmic collapse of the world financial system. Luckily I have my buzzwords handy. “Sub-prime” and “hyperinflate” should do the trick.] We tell these people that what some people are saying and thinking is proof of what idiots they are. The system is doomed, very soon. [Check back with me—I have the date somewhere. I think it’s around Christmas….] We need a firewall [Don’t you love it when LaRouche learns a new word, and it appears in everything for weeks or months? So cute! Like a little kid], and only Lyn has the solution, in the form of the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007. [Just in case you’d forgotten. Unfortunately, it wasn’t passed before the end of September, so the world’s coming to an end, but at least I had the solution. And that’s what counts.]

09-29-2007 03:24 PM


Finally, a briefing that is readable!

That was fun, eaglebeak. Thanks.

09-29-2007 03:39 PM


Earnest one--Thanks. I notice it’s crawling with typos, but the creative urge overpowered me and that always brings typos in its train....

I think it would be VERY useful if you would write up the true history of Winstar, since it is one of LaRouche’s perennial rant-objects (as opposed to thought-objects).

Members and “periphery” and ex-members--Boomers and yutes--are always reading about it in the briefing or someplace, and no one has a clue what LHL is talking about. (He certainly doesn’t.) I was filled in a little recently on things I had never known. Most interesting--and of course, it casts the LaRouche org in its customary bad light.

So if you would, that kind of a write-up would be extremely valuable.


09-29-2007 04:31 PM


ATTENTION Earnest One and others: Do not use this thread, go to LaRouche Continued 3! at

This thread is embedded in LaRouche Continued 2, so ignore.

09-29-2007 04:49 PM



Yes, I will produce a definitive write-up about “Winstar”. (”Is it a bird, or a plane… or a locust?”)

In general, I have very little “inside” information about how the world works.

But I am VERY well positioned to explain Winstar: I have considerable inside info, as I was at “ground zero” for years.

And, of course, I can explain why LaRouche “went” insane about it all. His recent remarks are demonstrable lies.

I have my hands full, truly, with a few other things, but should post something substantial by the middle-end of next week.

It should be quite entertaining, and informative -- the story is wild.

Yes! Something definitive should be placed on the public record.

And Lyn: Call off the FROGMEN -- give me a chance to be One with God -- a chance to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

02-06-2011 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by ace
This crazy woman goes through LaR's writings sentence by sentence and adds the "molly-touch" to each.

How unfortunate for you that she can point out the insanities, lies, and total bull****. Some of the LYMers will read it and start to understand how stupid and crazy Lyn really is. Easy to see why that would bother you.

02-06-2011 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by ace
Aside from the 3-4 usual posters here where are they all?

Of course they are here. The part of them that isn't warped by Beyond Psycho crud-sessions is taking all of this in, and some of them are becoming aware of how diseased and unintelligent the cult is. Don't doubt that for a second.

Lots of truth here, which is the one thing Lyn can't afford to face.

02-06-2011 11:08 PM


Originally Posted by ace
One person is viewing this thread. Me.

Did you forget that is public information? You were at the moment you wrote it. Other people read it at other times. I guess you are so much of a solipsist that you don't believe that.

Anyway just keep pleasuring yourself, Ace Alpha. Just keep telling yourself, "I am an alpha male! They are a-scared of me!" LOL

02-07-2011 03:08 AM


Originally Posted by ace
Now back to my question: was Ken Kronberg on any psychiatric medication? Was he depressed?

Your mind is a toilet. You are spiritually diseased.

02-07-2011 03:05 PM


Originally Posted by ace
Of course, no answer because the answer would shatter your little dream world.
Oh yes, Alpha Male Ace, how very true. You are so brave and so potent. LOL.

The smell given off by your little dream world resembles sewer gas. That must be what puffs you up and makes you so scary!

02-07-2011 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by ace
Ken on medication? Depressed?

Who cares? He could have been electoshocked and pumped full of thorazine and he still would have been a lot smarter than that charlatan LaRouche.

02-07-2011 09:02 PM


Originally Posted by ace
What is "electoshocked" anyway? You mean electroshocked? Did Ken have ECT treatments?

Well good for you! You can recognize a typo, even at the cost of some mental strain. Of course you can't actually understand a conditional sentence, so you completely misconstrue the point.

Maybe living in the basement is making your brain rot?

Ken laughed at that stupid fraud LaRouche, as any highly literate person would. It's too bad he wasted many years of his life for the old fool. A mystery why anyone that smart would be attracted to such a phony, but people are a puzzle sometimes.
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02-07-2011 09:34 PM


In the spring of 1973, LaRouche gave a more detailed account of his 1952 ordeal. According to this account, he went through a harrowing bout of intense introspection, which involved "stripping away all the layers of my persona, like an onion. If you take this far enough, you get to the point where you become terrified that there's nothing inside all the peelings-that you're a nobody. This put me in a suicidal state. It was only my tremendous ego-strength, which my parents had provided me, that saved me from suicide."

02-07-2011 09:51 PM


Sorry, it is a secret known only to the inner elites. But it does explain everything. LaRouche spouts gibberish about his great "breakthrough" of 1952-53 but when you cut through all the garbage, this is what really happened. His great "breakthrough" was that he could resist the urge to kill himself.

When his first wife dumped him, he had another great "breakthrough" about "the particle-field paradox" or some such thing. Of course everyone knows how well he handled it when his second wife walked out on him, so chances are this was another "do or die" moment.

This is the core of all his fantasies about inducing other people to commit suicide. He is a sick man.

02-07-2011 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by ace
Does it explain why Molly and Ken stayed close to LaR for decades, at the cost of Ken's life?
Guess not.

So what is your point? Why do you think they stayed?

11-20-2011 11:45 AM


Why would I send money to someone who, allegedly, donates several thousand dollars to an organization that he is totally not affiliated with in any way just because someone he doesn't know said something mean on the internet?

Sounds like you're doing pretty well for yourself. Why are you hitting me up for cash?

I challenge you to send me an unspecified amount of money. My name is Todd Davis. My Social Security number is 457-55-5462. My bank routing number is 300000487. My account number is 8200004857.

Please send me free money because you were challenged to do so on the internet.

11-23-2011 12:02 AM


Did you get lost McDonald? We been through this dumb bank thing. U gave me wrong info or I'd have deposited two grand - "2 large" we call it down at the club - in your bank acct.

Nice try but u r just another anonymous hater on the net.



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