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10-28-2006, 08:57 PM
OK -- Got my final answer from Carl. ( You guys must really frighten him. In any case, if you're interested in my response you can read it here. ( I did leave a response at his blog, but don't really expect it to be posted, it is identical to the email I sent in response to his. The LJ post is a much longer and detailed piece of writing.


10-29-2006, 03:56 PM
Thank you for profiling Carl Osgood for my entertainment. His blog (including choice of typeface) looks disarmingly cozy and affably agreeable, if not downright avuncular. He too needs to attend comma school, however. I am certain that you have not acknowledged "the fundamental issue" as "the difference between man and monkey" because of course the difference is one between human being and ape. If Mr. Osgood truly found this such an important issue, one would expect him to at least be able to distinguish among the primates, of which he is one (though it is not clear which.) I would award any monkey who could make "linear projections into the future" a prize, perhaps a bottle of Rheingau from Lyn's warehouse. The laugher obviously is that "LaRouche despises no one." As you correctly indicate, a piece entitled "Children of Satan" might suggest a tad of acerbity in one's make up, so to speak. Further, I don't see how being a jailbird makes one heroic since by that standard Jim Baker would also have made the Pantheon. Breathlessly, Mr. Osgood - who hasn't a milligram of originality - concludes with a decidedly nonlinear (because insane) um, argument?: "The real danger we face isn't the issues you raised in your comment, but rather, Nazi economics. LaRouche got into trouble, in the first place, for challenging the Nazi economics that has reined [sic] in our country since Nixon took the dollar off gold in 1971. The Anglo-American-French financier interests that backed the rise of Hitler in Germany in the 1930's were not dismantled after the war, and those interests, today, are running the Bush Administration, with a perpetual war policy that intends to plunge the entire planet into a dark age that would wipe out 80% of the world's population and leave most of the survivors living in a state slightly better than beasts. The premise of your question has no basis in reality whatsoever." Mr. Osgood, please wipe out 80% of your commas.
Of course LaRouche sympathizers will scorn this microscopic look at the language of Fearless Leader and his spokesmonkeys as academic in the extreme. But as the rest of us know, "God is in the details." If someone can't compose one coherent sentence and thus not express a single cogent thought, why should the rest of us take out our wallets or stand on street corners bereft of our respective monkey grinders, dancing to our own tune?
Oh, and as to LaRouche despising people: a young man lay dead. Hardly an academic point at all. (


10-29-2006, 04:27 PM
Sancho -- I confess I did address the human/monkey comment, albeit like this:
I am very much aware of the difference between human and monkey, and unlike the monkey I also know that drama workshops and Bach chorales will not solve this problem.
As I suspected, he didn't put the response up at his blog, which speaks for itself regarding his statement at his blog -
I admit that I have a lot more to learn.
If it ain't from the lips of the Great One himself, Carl isn't interested.


10-29-2006, 04:59 PM
Perhaps they could do O'Neill's <u>The Hairy Ape</u> - but they're all bananas anyway. Good job scratching the surface of that genteel-looking blog and provoking the irrational, cultic beast beneath. EIR correspondent indeed. Just another crazed Moonie who has sold his soul to LaRouche.


10-31-2006, 03:42 AM
hi all...i'm a subscriber to EIR, and think that it's an excellent publication...interestingly, despite the fact that each issue regularly arrives a month or so late, it rarely seems dated, maybe because the news and information, filtered through the unquestionably unique larouchian prism, are not readily - as far as i know - available in any other print subscription is due to run out shortly, and i am thinking of resubscribing - i would really miss the EIR not arriving in my mailbox!...i am wondering if any of you would
recommend another weekly publication that you think compares favorably with EIR...thanks


10-31-2006, 04:05 PM
As you probably know, in the real world there is no one-stop shopping for news and opinion such as cult publications offer. One's political preferences also come into play. <u>The Economist</u> is well written and well rounded, but once you start reading it, you realize the various axes they have to (tediously) grind. <u>The Wall Street Journal</u> features well written and well researched articles - but their opinion page is barbaric, and so forth. The best thing is to collect through My Yahoo! or some such other vehicle a set of links which answers your particular information needs. Whatever EIR may once have been in terms of original intelligence gathering twenty-five years ago, it now is just largely a copy-paste job from various fringe elements.
Hope that helps.


10-31-2006, 06:23 PM
I got directed to Tom Weiss' blog entry from 8/31 (, which features LHL and rips him apart. This was after I read his 8/02 entry ( regarding a complaint he filed against Fulani and Tasini, again referencing Larouche. I wonder how far that will go. The 8/31 entry was priceless, even though Weiss buys the 9/11 conspiracy theory. He certainly isn't afraid of taking on Larouche's friends, not to mention Larouche himself.


10-31-2006, 07:48 PM
From that blog, the Yutes should note:
"The implications of a LaRouche infiltration into the 9/11 truth movement are scary. Lyndon LaRouche, despite his anti-Bush rhetoric, has high level contacts with Cheney/ Bush. How else would LaRouche have become an invited guest at the 2005 White House Correspondents' Association dinner as reported in The New York Times? LaRouche is known to have over a lifetime of lies, deceit, violence and criminality, enjoyed associa- tions with the KKK, mobsters, drug traffickers, rabid, Maoists and Nazis. And, consider- ing his recurrent speaking up for terrorist regimes like the ones in charge in Iran (where they torture political dissidents, hang gay people, and call for the destruction of Israel) and China (where they commit Genocide in occupied Tibet), I would not be at all sur- prised if Lyndon LaRouche, like Dick Cheney, was part of the "inside job.""
(emphasis mine)


10-31-2006, 07:54 PM
Joe6pack, you are luckier than most LYM since you are not in the cult. We would have decades of people (still do) who never read anything other than org lit.Even then, they never fully read it, which explains why they are still in.
Sancho has some good advice with The Economist and the WSJ. What is important is to sample many different publications to get opinions and articles which assist you in doing more research and reading. In the age of the web, this is both fun and much easier than ever.
I myself kept busy reading outside magazines as much as possible. There were so many instances where in the org one would read two sentences about something and consisder it part of the conspiracy against Lyn. This is no accident. The 24/7 insular world is designed to make you fully dependent on Larouche for every bit of your life.
I would do this Joe. You can find any blog or org on the web which will satisfy your political interest pretty easy. Go to a Borders Bookstore and just read through all fo the different magazines around to see what you think is well written and researched. Most of the News weeklies have been dumbed down though.
Sancho is right about our intell. It was massively downsized when Will Wertz came in and made it just a boiler room. Fusion and EIR jst became house organs for Larouche and we just reedited Lyn's lunacy over and over to fill space.
Most of the good people left during Lyn's "Jew Joke" campaign. Interestingly, many of our researchers now publish their own newsletters, contribute articles to insider newsletters or write research for think tanks.
Like anything else, the agendas of some writers makes the articles worthless. One thing I have found since leaving the org is I am far less interested in hidden opinions, self hype and fawning articles than in critical analysis.


10-31-2006, 08:10 PM
Since this is Halloween in the US, I competely forgot about this. Someone emailed this to me and I wonder if Charles Osgood has figured this out yet?
Larouche is having a web cast today from Berlin. What could be more horrific than having another anti semitic small time Hitler (proven in a NY court in the Irvin Suall case) addressing his youth group on Halloween?
Funny how a poster here asked about the cult and Larouche and Halloween a little while back.


10-31-2006, 10:02 PM
Perhaps I have of late been overdoing the posts, but in reading this evening new pablum by the Fearless One, the World's Greatest Economist and Sometime Pipe Smoker I have become enraged that at several points he drags in Albert Einstein to endorse things with which Einstein would have no truck at all in any possible universe. These are perfect examples of what I noted above, viz. that "the LaRouche method" consists primarily of lying, name dropping, and using great names as mouthpieces for LaRouche's own stupidity:
"These universal physical principles, are known by their effects, but they, as provably efficient forms of objects of human thought, can not be experienced as finite, discrete objects of sense-perception. They are, seemingly, relatively "infinite" in their extent as objects; hence Albert Einstein's argument for a finite, self-bounded universe, without any externally imposed bounds."
These considerations had NOTHING to do with Einstein's argument for an infinite and bounded universe. A big lie.
As Einstein emphasized, the essential argument implicit in the questions posed by Cusa, Kepler, Leibniz, and Gauss, was perfected by the work of Bernhard Riemann on the subject of physical, as distinct from merely formal hypergeometries.
Every school student knows that Gauss had encouraged Riemann to present his habilitation paper on the hypotheses which underlie geometry. I would be very surprised to find any reference anywhere in Einstein's papers to Nicholas Cusanus. Another lie.
So, Albert Einstein traced the history of modern European science to the combined legacy of Kepler and Riemann.
Another baldfaced lie.
Notably, as Albert Einstein reported the circumstances of this morally disgusting development, the turn to a radical view of Machian ideologue Boltzmann's dogma, occurred, in Austria-Hungary and Berlin, after Boltzmann's curious suicide, during the period of World War I.
This makes no sense at all. However, Einstein was a close student of Mach, and credits his work as instrumental in the development of special relativity. He also had high regard for Boltzmann.
So apparently poor Albert has to be drawn into the web of mendacity LaRouche is weaving for the uneducated Yutes, who are kept busy with recreational mathematics and told they are doing something fundamentally creative. LaRouche really has no shame in his total disregard for truth, whether personal, social, or intellectual.


10-31-2006, 10:16 PM
friends sancho and xlcr - thank you very much for taking the time to post your suggestions; sancho, i am familiar with " the economist " - not a bad magazine, in its way, but far too mainstream for my tastes...and the WSJ?...i will hardly find articles about the dismantling and destruction of the united states economy in the WSJ, will i?...i mean, i'm sure they cover negative economic news but it would hardly be in their interests to emphasize it...and let me remind you sancho - i am a believer in conspiracy theories...not all of them, to be sure, but there are some that explain things better, to my mind, than official, mainstream accounts...i just read a fascinating article in an EIR about the synarchist bankers role in the german invasion of france, in 1940...i truly enjoy this kind of thing...the idea that financier interests from different countries work together to further their own interests over those of their respective homelands, well that just seems like common sense
...and xlcr, i thank you for your suggestion, and i have indeed gone to borders and barnes and noble and searched the magazine racks, looking for something of interest...really, it seems that there is nothing quite like the EIR - i had sincerely hoped that someone would suggest a reasonable alternative...i thank you both for trying...
(Message edited by joesixpack on November 01, 2006)


10-31-2006, 10:50 PM
i want to say something here about the blog article that sancho quoted from...the idea that larouche might have high-level contacts in the cheney/bush administration is not inconceivable...but the notion that he would need high-level contacts within the cheney/bush administration to cadge an invitation to the white house press corps dinner is simply preposterous...larouche is the editor-in-chief of the EIR, whose correspondents regularly attend white house press briefings - in fact, if any of you watched stephen colbert's appearance at this year's dinner, you saw him ask william jones, EIR correspondent, a question, in his ( colbert's ) " audition tape " is far more likely that mr. larouche was extended an invitation in his capacity as editor, rather than from some sort of nefarious link with bush or cheney...furthermore, the article that sancho quotes from, also states that webster tarpley is a " major figure in LaRouche's Germany-worshiping Schiller Institute " and " a disciple of the nazi LaRouche "...neither one of these statements are correct...the facts are that tarpley and larouche had a falling out years ago, and neither one of them have anything good to say about the fact, in larouche's recent appearance on iranian radio, the interviewer mentioned tarpley to him, and larouche quickly said something to the effect that he knew tarpley, and that tarpley was not a good fellow...pardon me sancho, but i find it ironic that you denigrated the EIR, and yet quoted from a blog that appears to be both sloppily researched, and at least as moonbatty as
anything coming from the larouche organization...


11-01-2006, 02:55 AM
Thank you, Joe. Good points. I was aware of the Tarpley thing, but uncritically swallowed the whole. I am also unaware of a time when the organization consorted with Maoists, unless it was for a brief time in the late sixties with the PLP, of which Dennis King was a member. And much as I dislike Fulani et al., her cult under the direction of its founder Fred Newman actively worked with LaRouche so far as I know only in 1974, so over twenty years on it is rather dishonest to continue to associate them with LaRouche.


11-01-2006, 05:53 PM
i will hardly find articles about the dismantling and destruction of the united states economy in the WSJ, will i?...
If that's your preference, allow me to recommend The Oil Drum (, which is tracking peak oil production and discussing the impact on the global economy, not just the good old U.S. of A. If you are interested in the dismantling, and potential destruction, of the US economy, these guys might just fill the bill for a while. Mr. Osgood seems to think LHL has it all solved. I wonder if you will agree.


11-01-2006, 07:21 PM
A few things about Fred Newman and larouche. They were briefly together in the early 1970's before I joined. Each had a cult of personality start up. Both of them working together is like two mafia bosses working together. They went their seperate ways and crafted their bunko lifestyle.
it is the nature of cults that you will never find two seperate cult leaders working together. There is too much money, food, mansions, broads, cars and control to be shared. Splits are more in what happens with people taking their share somewhere else.
Lyn learned his lesson with Newman and with Ken Dalto whoran the Detroit operation. Never, ever let someone get as powerfull or influential as you and never let members view anyone else as having control over people and money.
Lyn would rather purger over and over his loyalists and keep the left behinders on a leash of insult and attacks.
Larouche's name is usually brought up in articles about Newman as both run cults. I really have not seen any thing credible where they continue to contact each other or maintain a relationship.
Larouche does not collaborate, he must dominate from the minutia to the universe. If I think back to every single initiative we thought of involving labor, drugs, fusion, Marxists, Reaganites, military etc.. it always boiled down to Lyn demanding to be named the boss of bosses. When that did not happen he always used the old "They got harrassed away trick". In other words, Lyn would claim two things, so and so is working with us and he can not name the Gods of Olympus who are working with us. When things did not turn out our way and Lyn was denounced as a madman, he had the story ready for us.
This usually entailed him issuing a memo about how the ADL, Kissinger, pixie dust ro whatever harrassed and threateed with death anyone who worked with Lyn or made an overture for him to be supreme ruler. When Jimmy Carter was president we told the members that there was a a large contingent of CIA and military people who would conduct a coup against Carter and name Lyn as their leader.
EIR recieves tickets to the annual WH dinner for back of the room tables. Lyn usually shows up and people have a good laugh at him. Lyn then shows up talking to Joe Wilson and other people in the room which shows up on blogs. Paul Goldstein left because he never got credit for doing anything for making the contacts with whatever spook show was running in DC at the time and needed us to do some dirty tricks.
Lyn then proclaims that he is running everything to the LYM who have no idea how the show works.
Tarpley is deserving of a seperate post later.
More Larouche Warped Tour reviews are coming.


11-01-2006, 07:41 PM
This is from Michigan and gave me the creeps. Let me explain.
In the 1970's when I was on a field squad we usually had another squad drop us off at a supermarket with a card table shrine. One evening we saw a real nice van show up at a K Mart we were at to pick up two Moonies. In the van were 6 other moonies. Someone in our car commented at the local meeting about how the Monnies had a nice van with heat to pick them up from their deployment. The NC vlew his stack and yelled that the Moonies are a cult while we do deployments to save humanity, BTW, how much did you raise tonight? The local member was yelled at bythe NC and was then told to show up at his house for a late night session to figure out why she is blocking so much.
As mentioned earlier, the LYM cult is the most aggressive at getting people to leave school and worship Lyn. This article is frightening.
I have to get back to the kids homework and will post it later.


11-02-2006, 10:45 AM
Sancho, you don't have to go too far to see the org's Maoist connections ... Helga was one in her pre-LC youth and one of her "official" biographies early on (we're talking 1975-76), before the right turn, actually reported her activities as a journalist, including a tour of Mao's China. Naturally this bit of info disappeared from later bios.


11-02-2006, 04:53 PM
October 31, 2006
Political group accused of cult-like practices; LaRouche Youth Movement said to brainwash, manipulate
Gloria Stamat
Contributing Writer
Members of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) whisked Ed Capps and his friend, Katrina Fenton, away to their headquarters in Redford near the end of winter semester 2006. They were returned only after a six-hour indoctrination to get them to drop out of school and join their cause.
Brainchild of political activist Lyndon LaRouche, the LYM is a cultural movement that embraces Marxism and a reemergence of the classics. Though accused of being cultish in nature, the LYM has thousands of followers around the world.
How it all begins
Katrina Fenton, a political science and philosophy major at Wayne State, was approached by LaRouche Youth members. These members told Fenton that she had no respect for education or for thinking in general, and that her education did not equip her to solve even simple math riddles. She was urged to reconsider her education foundation. Being cold and hungry, Fenton pressed that she wanted to get some food at a restaurant, La Pita. A group member walked with her to the restaurant where she was meeting her friend, Capps.
After lunch, Capps and Fenton got into a van with six LaRouche members. Capps thought they were heading to the philosophy office on campus. Neither knew they were going 30 minutes away to Redford.
"So is this the part where we get locked in the garage and killed?" Capps asked. The LaRouche members emphatically denied being a cult.
The headquarters visit included reading LaRouche literature aloud in chorus, a general tour and listening to a LaRouche radio program. Capps was told that the group alternates between days recruiting at Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University and University of Michigan. There was a discussion that LaRouche's politics are the only way to save the world. Then the members pitched dropping out of school for the special education there.
Capps and Fenton were returned to campus afterwards. Capps didn't give the LaRouche group his phone number. However, Fenton did, and has been receiving calls from the group ever since. She received about 20 phone calls last month urging her to come back.
How it can end
Jeremiah Duggan lived in England with his family. According to his mother, Erica Duggan, his school, the renowned Christ's Hospital, called him a renaissance man, because he enjoyed science, math, literature, drama and so many other subjects. He later attended the British Institute in Paris. Then he decided to get two degrees at once by studying English at the Sorbonne and French at the British Institute. Duggan fell in love with a French girl in Paris who was a classical singer. He loved The Beatles, cinema and animals.
Despite studying history, and being part of a liberal Jewish youth group since he was 8, Duggan knew little about politics. After Sept. 11, 2001 Duggan became more interested in reading news and politics. In early 2003, Duggan came home for a visit and to introduce his new girlfriend. That was the last time his family saw him.
Erica Duggan wasn't worried about her son because he was so independent.


11-02-2006, 05:06 PM
According to his mother, Duggan bought a newspaper from a LaRouche recruiter outside of his school at the British Institute. He called her on the telephone and told her how impressed he was with the organizer, Benoit Chalifoux, and how he would like to write for the LaRouche publications. Duggan began to fear that the Iraq war would lead to a world war. So he believed he needed to go to Germany for what he thought was an anti-war conference to protest the war. Erica Duggan was unable to protect her son because the LaRouche movement was virtually unknown in England.
Duggan had no idea where he was headed with the group. He gave his girlfriend the names of three possible towns in Germany where he might be. Around March 22, 2003 Duggan attended the conference in Wiesbaden. Later, Erica Duggan found among his belongings, materials showing that week he was exposed to conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic statements. The last thing he wrote was, "Jewish leads to fascism leads to Bush leads to Cheney."
On March 27, Erica Duggan said he called her for help, telling her he was under too much pressure and asked her to rescue him. Not an hour later, his body was found on a roadside near Wiesbaden.
German authorities concluded it was a suicide — that Duggan had jumped out into traffic. However, no proper investigation was conducted. The case was promptly closed with the evidence discarded.
The circumstances leading to his death are still unknown. Duggan had no history of mental illness.
According to his mother, there was a lot of blood seeping from his head, which got on to his clothing and pooled on the ground around him. Yet, there was no blood on the cars or on the roadway where he was supposedly dragged. She said she wonders whether her son was mentally tortured and driven to flee in front of cars, or even murdered and left by a roadside.
"They've taken from me my life. They've destroyed everything. I'll never have any more joy in living. And not only have they taken my son, but on top of that, they've imposed on me the British, the German, the French, and perhaps even the American authorities — the fact that I have to investigate the death of my own son," Erica Duggan said.
Erica Duggan is campaigning at for funding to pursue legal means to a legitimate investigation into her son's death.
How they do it
Chip Berlet, journalist and LaRouche researcher, believes that the main targets for LYM recruits are college campuses, urban inner cities and black communities. Students are attracted to the anti-war, anti-Bush and anti-Cheney rhetoric.
"They're masterful at preying on the guilt of people, if you believe in helping the working class," said Berlet.
Berlet said that the LaRouche group is a cult because a democratic or progressive group is not heavy-handed with indoctrination. But with LaRouche, his followers think he is the answer to all problems and is listened to without question.
"LaRouche is a crackpot," Berlet said.
Dennis King, author of the book "The New American Fascism" about LaRouche, believes this group should be banned from college campuses. He feels they are deceptive and recruit aggressively, and that colleges should have orientations to warn students.


11-02-2006, 05:21 PM
Paul McClung of Richland, Wash., is a former member of the LaRouche organization from 1978 to 2004. He dropped out of school to join the group. He said that young people are told that LaRouche is their only hope. They are told a dark age is coming and only LaRouche can lead them out.
"A young person who doesn't know history would fall for this," McClung said.
McClung had to change his phone number and move in with a friend to get away from the group. He warns that members are relentless in trying to reclaim those who leave.
"What most people don't understand is that LaRouche sees himself as a God, and that he knows more than anybody, including his hero, F.D.R.," McClung said.
Phil Fisher, a charismatic local organizer for the LYM, was told he could not give any official comments on the group. When asked basic questions like, "What are the group's goals?" and "Why campaign so heavily on campuses?" he had no answers. Instead, the group released an advanced copy of a pamphlet against campus media, with sensationalist subheadings like, "The Campus Gestapo," "Cheney's Campus Stormtroopers," and "The Bottom Feeders."
According to Lt. Dave Scott of the Wayne State Police, he hasn't heard any complaints about the LaRouche Youth Movement.
"We're not going to stand around to screen people as to where they're going, if it's against their will or not. It's a common sense issue," Scott said.
Scott said that if people come forward about being taken off campus against their will, documentation would be needed to determine if a crime was committed or not.
And the answer as to which students are targeted lies with Katrina Fenton. Despite being harassed for over six months, she's not ready to say, 'down with LaRouche' because she feels at least they are trying. She said she is tired of the general disinterest and apathy of young people today and feels that reform is necessary with our society. Yet, she is still unsure as to what LaRouche's group is about. She wonders what LaRouche would put in place of the current political and economic systems

sometimes the links get shut down after a certain elapse of time. I hope that everyone who looks upo the cult can easily confirm their gut feeling that they are dealing with something strange, very strange.
Not just a convicted tax dodge, swindler, kook and cult leader, but, a "Small Time Hitler" who gives marching orders to his youth group from Berlin on Halloween. The youth group then announces proudly that it is conducting a "blitz" on college campuses.
This stuff is too funny, except for the soon to be broken down yutes who are being ramped up for a version of Mop Op 2006.


11-03-2006, 07:45 AM
Despite being harassed for over six months, she's not ready to say, 'down with LaRouche' because she feels at least they are trying. She said she is tired of the general disinterest and apathy of young people today and feels that reform is necessary with our society.

One of the truly heartfelt criticisms of us who have left the LaRouche cult and now criticize it is, "well, what are you doing?", i.e., to improve the world. The background to this question has been supplied by LaRouche for forty years: the world is on the precipice of disaster. If one accepts that, then helping the homeless, raising a child, promoting Mars colonization, conducting scientific or economic research, teaching (some of the things we ex-members do to improve the world now that we can think and feel straight - and for ourselves) must look very insignificant. But if you read history, you learn that there are always critical issues confronting the whole of humanity at any given time. Things at any point in time are generally better in some areas, worse in others. That is REALITY, something one gets little of in an organization where you are forcibly cut off from family, friends, and other elements of sane human life. However once one believes that the sky is falling (which it always is, in a sense), then I suppose one logically and morally is compelled to adopt radical measures to stave off disaster. I understand that very well, because I did so myself. But slowly I opened my eyes to see clearly what the LaRouche organization was doing in fact to improve the world. What do they do in reality? They gather information from various sources, filter it through the perspective of an alcoholic, tyrannical intellectual mediocrity and moral bankrupt, and publish this material and attempt to get others to pay for it. THAT'S IT. Not a single person has ever been fed by the International Caucus of Labor Committees (though many have been starved and rendered penniless and homeless by them), no one has EVER made ONE SINGLE creative discovery, NOT ONE war or fascist policy has been prevented by them. After forty years of LaRouche's bellowing, he and his followers have accomplished NOTHING AT ALL of value. If you are now in that organization, try to take a step back and a deep breath and look with your own eyes at what you see about you, e.g. the emotional abuse for not making your daily quota and being made to feel that you are inadequate in the heroic task of "saving humanity." Start by saving yourself. Now. If you are a YLM member, take a good look at your comrades in their fifties and how the organization treats them. THAT is your future - or worse.


11-04-2006, 12:39 PM
Hot off the presses from Conneticut Bob ( complete with a YouTube video. Bob appears to be a Lamont supporter. LYMers got themselves arrested, and it wasn't for their singing.
Here is another post ( complete with YouTube video by Bob. He really, really, really does not like the LYM.
And finally, an OU' student's rant ( that the campus police weren't being diligent enough in evicting a card table shrine.


11-05-2006, 09:07 AM
xlcr - in your post of 11/1, you mentioned webster tarpley of deserving further discussion in a separate post...i would be greatly obliged to you should you write something about him, as
neither tarpley, nor larouche, will speak publicly about their former association...i am a regular listener to tarpley's radio show "world crisis radio "
and i have noticed that tarpley and larouche appear to be in complete agreement on many issues, and in their analysis of current much so that i have wondered who is copying whom...thanks in advance...
and kheris - thank you for your suggestion of " the oil drum ", but i was interested in a weekly print publication, which the oil drum is not...and no, i don't think " LHL has it all solved "...


11-05-2006, 02:11 PM
Joe6Pack, the silence of both Lyn and Webster is a bit strange. Some members question this arrangement going back several years when Lyn had a meeting with what was left of the org's leadership and told people to think of new ways to spread his gospel. A few members left and set up their own operations. One European Member ended up as a wrieter for Lemonde I think who was so nuts with LHL material that the publication puuled his articles after 9/11.
If anyone is interested in oil, look up another member named Bill Engdhal (sp?) who has his own web site. He was out "oil editor" who left to start up his own newsletter. The story he gave to some members was over copyrights to his writings. His material has the Larouche DNA all over it just like Tarpley.
I myself think that some people are so damaged by the org that they can not get Lyn and hte org's way of thinking out of their heads. In Webster's case, you are right about his writings. Many a time I swear I read the saem material with EIR and see the same sources and body.
Webster started off as one of the original memebrs of the European org. He was some scholar of sorts who attentded Grad school in Europe when he met us. Webster, Helga, Muriel Mirak and a few others went under intensive Beyond Psych sessions with Lyn in Europe. Tom show how crazed you can become in the org consider Webster and Muriel's marriage. Muriel supposedly wanted out of the marriage as she found a true European who put Webster to shame. She had a funny nick name for Webster that I have to dig deep in my memory to remember. it was along the lines of Elvis and Little Elvis in German.
The story I heard was that Webster actually petioned the NEC to review the marriage and to vote on forcing Muriel to stay with him! The NEC voted no and Webster did the Larouche thing and claimed vote fraud. The marriage did disolve and Webster ended up in the US in the 1980's.
Webster was always a site to see as he always wore a gray three piece suit and smoked a pipe, even if it was a 100 degrees. His father owned a gas station and Webster made the mistake of wearing his dad's Oil co jacket which caused some wags to make fun of in NYC. Webster was always viewed by Lyn as a wannabe European Baron and Lyn would cut him down in front of everyone to keep him in line.
It worked because Webster eventually did this for Lyn. One year, I think Webster's mother passed away. He was left some money and a house in Freeport Long Island. The story as relayed to me was a mighty fine example of what happnes when lyn does Beyond Psych sessions on you and knows about your sexual pecadillos. Since the economy was going to collapse THAT quarter, it was imperative that Lyn get on TV and his campaign be revved up to save humanity. This is another way of saying "Go raise some money fat boy". Webster was given some leeway by Lyn to write endlessly about the Venitians and how the enemies of mankind are no longer the Rockefellers or the CIA, but the Grand Doge of Venice and Venice runs the world instead of the British.
This tom foolery went on for a while with Webster speaking at Natinal Conferences, having a Campaigner written by him and being a new star in the org. It did not get him and chicks ,but it did make him lose a bundle of money.


11-05-2006, 02:14 PM
You see, the house was in a nice part of Long Island within walking distance of the LIRR. Sine Lyn was predicting a real estate crash, it was imperative that Lyn be on TV and the golden calf to slaughter was Webster. Webster believed Lyn so much that he dumped the house far below the market value to give the money to the org which then shuffles it around the world where it ends up feeding Helga's dogs and horses.
Old Webster then dumped everything in the house for nothing and ended up with a few things like a desk and his mother's bedroom set. People who were there at the time were furious because for a guy who claimed to be an educated historian, he had no idea that he gave away antiques and treasures his mother worked her entire life for.
FOr all of this Webster was rewarded with being named an EIR director for the Washington office. He all of the money to the org and spent the few hundreds he was allowed to keep to rent a truck to haul it to an apt which we we eventually fell behind in rent anyway.
No money, no girl and your ex is now bragging about how her world rocks each night. Do not expect Webster to relive this stuff. The next thing I heard was that some one else passed away and Webster kept this pot of gold secret until Lyn demanded it to save humanity. Soon after this, Webster left.
Webster is a swacky as Lyn and if you think the US and the Israelis planted charges on the WTC to detonate it, then he has an audience. What makes me look all of this with a big qustion mark is that Webster has a much larger audience than Lyn does in this conspiracy world. Lyn is considered bad news by many since he has a history of wrecking anything the org comes in contact with. If you look at the many twists of how Lyn and former enemies like Ramsey Clark become reunited later, people wonder. Most of the advice Lyn gets via people like Webster is to lay low on his meglomania and just spread their message. Webster gets into a lot places that Lyn can not. Webster also is very friendly within the wildly anti semitic kook world which says that the Jews are behind 9/11.
There are a few European writers and TV show makers who jointly work with Webster on this
If you look further you will see that some people just take the org's material and erase Larouche and call it their own. A guy in England whose name I can't remember has a very lucrative career doing this.
A good model of this is the UFO industry and most recently, the Y2K end of the world industry. Everyone steals from everyone and it doesn't matter what is real as along as you can make a buck from it.
Webster never did anything to harm me in the org. Now that some people have told me these stories I feel a little sorry that he lost a few hundred thousand. Well, Lyn was right about the collapse hitting people.
There is obviously more to the Webster story as anything in the org is usually bizarre. You do not go through what he went through with out some damage.
Webster found a guy to bankroll him in this venture. It makes you wonder about how victims of some crimes go on to do the same crimes when they are older.
Good find on the LYM Kheris. This is deja vu. The anger will escalate and now your legal life depends on Larouche. Baaaaaad decision yutes.
Ask the deadenders how their job searches go when they have to answer questions about having a record.


11-06-2006, 09:57 AM
thanks xlcr for responding in detail...pooooor webster...i had not considered the possible blackmail angle to explain webster's silence about larouche...i wonder if today's LYM members are similarly interrogated to provide information to hold over their heads should they become critical of the organization...


11-07-2006, 06:09 PM
If Irish Trojan's information ( is an indicator, the LYM has just about worn out its welcome in Connecticut.


11-07-2006, 07:28 PM
I wonder how the LYM members and heirarchy would react if the young Republicans or Democrats used these same childish tactics at a LHL speech? This isn't political comment, street theater or drama: It's infantile foot stomping.


11-08-2006, 05:32 PM
All that infantile foot stomping didn't stop Lieberman from winning. And not even the alleged voting irregularities ( stemmed the Democratic tide. So of course Lyndon is calling for impeachment ( while forecasting the Crash of 2007. Does anyone know what label of Rheingau he drinks? There has to be more than grapes in it.


11-09-2006, 01:46 AM
Interesting question about the Rheingau. They used to drink the stuff produced in the vineyards (that's right, his own personal, I believe) of Uwe Friesiecke, EEC member and ex-boyfriend of Helga (both before Lyn and during various intervals since ... I heard tell even while LHL was in prison).


11-09-2006, 04:28 PM
Not only is the wine just for Lyn and Helga, they have their own wine steward too.
Many moons ago I was sent a very sad email about our staff photographer, Phil Ulanowsky. We had two people who took photos at event, Stuart Lewis and Phil Ulanaowsky.
The story is sad because it seemed that Phl cracked open his trust fund in the 1970s. We had many of our college yutes back then with rich parents do this. Lyn smelled money and we had everyone use what ever means possible to get into the trust funds early. The money was used for setting up offices and purchasing some printing equipment. That was some of it. The rest? Who knows. Based on simple math done by this person it seems that Phil U would have been quite a millionaire by now just letting the money grow over 35 years while waiting for the world economy to collapse as Lyn always predicts.
I have no idea of the amount, but, Phil did end up in a new career in the org. Doing photo work is a neat way of getting out of the card table shrine work. Decades later Phil and his family are reportedly using public assistance to keep the family fed.
It gets worse. Phil had a gig at Lyn's mansion as a wine steward who opened up the bottles for Lyn and Helga and did the pouring. One night, a drunken Lyn did not like the particular vintage Phil picked for the evening feast. Lyn backhanded the glass and bottle with a cataclysmic fury and it splattered on Phil and the floor. Lyn yelled "You call this wine? Go get me something much better, right now!!!!!"
There is more to this story, but, I want to spare Phil the pain he endures daily. Helga is the type of person who on many occasions would make sure her dogs ate handsomely on the leftovers. The staff got the scraps and a few milliliters of wine per bottle to make a glass.
I was not there for this particular marathon of drinking, but it was not unusual to see plenty of bottles scattered around the premises. Maybe Lyn thought there was a bottle return deposit law in Leesburg and NYC and that is how his staff was paid.
As the fall turns into winter in Leesburg, the deadenders just see another year pass before them. Each memo from Lyn is about how useless they are and how the yutes are now running the show. The deadenders have given their life savings, the savings of the parents, their kids, their kids future for this monstrosity.
If they are real thrifty that week, a little bit of money is left over from their jobs to buy a 5 dollar bottle of booze at the local Food King. Just look in the booze section of the supermarket for someone wearing a 15 year old Kmart shirt with a bad haircut.
This stuff is real depressing after you leave sometimes.


11-12-2006, 06:48 AM
Well some emails have been recieved which shed more light on Webster Tarpely. The series of events over his marriage dissolving with Muriel Mirak was during the era of hightend lunacy in the org following Lyn's break down over NEC member Chris White stealing his wife Carol. Lyn learned a lot over this episode of how you can manipulate people within the org by running their personal lives. We in the USA had no idea that Lyn was now having an affair with the then Hegla Zepp while still having a girl in the US.
In Europe we find that Muriel deicded that she wanted to dump Webster. Webster then went to the EEC and NEC to plead that she should not be allowed to to leave him. Of course this sounds culty folks, we are a cult.
Muriel for those who remember represented the extremes of nose job surgery in the LC. She was considered th have the worst. Harley Schlanger's wife Suzie is considered to have the best nose job in the LC.
Webster became very dejected after the leadership upheld Muriel's decsion to leave him. Muriel was reported to be singing the song
after the meeting in Europe.
When the now broken up couple returned to the US, Muriel was singing the song up and down Broadway around the corner from the W 29th st NYC office. Lyn was able to use this event in a way which shows how he works members. Lyn spent hours and hours with Muriel and Webster in Beyond Psych sessions in Germany when the org was being set up there. In these sessions, Lyn became privy to every bit of detail in their lives, from birth to their getting it on.
As the EEC was discussing Webster's reasons why Murile should not leave him, Lyn was now working over Muriel on how she should leave since Webster is suffocating her intellectually. None of this was said to Webster who thought that Lyn was his friend and would want Muriel to stay with him.
Muriel had a pet name for Webster that I never knew until last week. Muriel used to call Webster
"Der Dicke" which means "the fat one" in German.
When the smoke cleared, Lyn had Muriel fully in his control while Webster sputtered around only being mentioned in memos by Lyn as a worthless academic. When Webster came into some big money in his mother's house, then we saw an avalanche of Webster's writings on Venice beocme vogue in the org.
Der Dicke's mother's house I have been informed was either in Rockville Center or in Freeport Long Island. Webster was always considerd a penny pinching tightwad who never picked up a check, bought a drink or tipped unless he was shamed into doing it. His excuse was that in Europe the org picks up his tab. Well Der Dicke, that was when you were higher up on the ladder, not dropping rungs every month as Lyn bad mouths you in every briefing.
Webster's cheapness was noted by a person who emailes me who helped Webtser empty his mother's house that summer. Webster had a U Haul trailer hooked up to his mother's Cadillac which was loaded up with her bedroom furniture, living room furniture and various odds and ends for him to take to his DC apt. It seems that after using some local members for free to help him move a house, Webster barely offered them a drink and did not wish to let the guys take anything for themselves unless he was throwing it away.
Well, Der Dicke sure learned the Larouche Method during his tenure in the org.


11-12-2006, 06:50 AM
I often wondered about how it is that victims of abuse often repeat the abuse later in life. In Webster's case we can see some of this in him. Webster supposedly left the org after he came into some more money. Lyn called him a "Uriah Heep" at conference in attacking him and Fernando Quijano. But, if you do searches of Webster in his new life you see that he often will have almost verbatim material from EIR. His new book mentions EIR but does not mention a word of his being a founder of the org with Larouche.
In addition, there are events where Webster appears with Jaque Cheminade, the French LC leader in 9/11 conferences as well as with other Euro members. Webtser seems to have his own brand of lunacy about 9/11 not too far from Lyn's lunacy. It just seems that Webtser can go places where Lyn's reputation is real bad with leftists.
Der Dicke also copied Lyn's ability to get a guy with too much money and too few brains to back him. Where Lyn had Wiliam Dupont Smith ready to sign over 10 million , Webster has a millionaire named Jimmy Walter who has 11 million dollars.
Another think Webster has in common with Lyn is that if you are a respected journalists, your credentials seem to vanish when you take them seriously. Webster was a guest this summer on Air America's Mike malloy show. Webster and Malloy eagerlly discussed the Zionists plots against the world for hours. Malloy lost his job while Air America cringed when They both put Soros in the conspiracy while Air America was trying to get Soros to back a bailout of Air America.
The next day Malloy is fired and Air America declares banruptcy a few weeks later. Webster does have the Larouche touch.
So from Webster telliing lyn about his sexual life in Beyond Psyche sessions 35 years ago to Zionist plots to run the world, Der Dicke and Larouche seem to have a lot in common.


11-12-2006, 09:11 PM
The shamelessness continues unabated:
"Duggan Hoax Rewarmed Again

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

November 8, 2006

London sources tied intimately to both U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney and his wife, Mrs. Lynne Cheney, have once again launched a press campaign on behalf of a repeatedly discredited hoax concerning the causes and circumstances of the suicide by a young, emotionally troubled British national, Jeremy Duggan, who, as the official forensic evidence showed beyond doubt, threw himself repeatedly against moving automobiles on a highway near Wiesbaden, Germany.
The reason for both the original, and the now repeated circulation of that press hoax, has been personal hatred of Cheney and his wife against a person, me, whom they continue to fear as a troublesome political adversary associated with a leading, high-ranking faction within the U.S. Democratic Party scene. The significant electoral success the Democratic Party has just achieved will inevitably increase the rage expressed by both Cheneys, and will probably accelerate the circulation of the fraud into corruptible elements of the European press.
Investigation of the press-hoax which was conduited into continental Europe from certain British press-circles, showed a long-standing association of both Vice-President Cheney and his wife, with sometime Blair Cabinet-associated Baroness Liz Symons. Symons has figured significantly in the earlier production and international circulation of the press hoax about the Duggan case.
Persons familiar with the bitter warfare between me, on the one side, and Vice-President Cheney and his wife, on the other, should have no difficulty in understanding why and how this hoax is being spread into various parts of the European continental press at this time. The fact that the Bush-Cheney Administration has just received a jolting setback from the Democratic campaign in which I have figured, should assist Europeans in understanding the motive for the rewarming of the Duggan press-hoax at this time." (


11-13-2006, 02:08 AM
La Louche is obviously a man without either
heart or honor.
My sympathies to Jeremiah's family for this continuing traversty.


11-13-2006, 04:52 AM
What Lyn does have is a standard M.O. of where you blame your personal, legal and criminal problems on whatever boogey man is twirling through his brain cells at the moment. The yutes then will view this as to why they are viewed as baffoons instead of saviours of humanity as Lyn builds them up to be.
Whether it is the cold hearted fleecing of the elderly or a dead son's mother, Lyn and the cult are masters at ignoring the harm they cause and portray themselves as the victims.

Rechtsanwälte Becker & Conen
Rechtsanwalt Nicolas Becker
Rechtsanwalt Philipp Stucke
MeinekestraĂźe 3
10719 Berlin
Telefon: 030 - 8847220
Rechtsanwälte Schultz & Reimers
Rechtsanwalt Hans-Eberhard Schultz
LindenstraĂźe 14
28755 Bremen
Telefon: 0421 â€" 66 30 90

PRESSEKONFERENZ am Freitag, dem 10.11.2006 um 11.00 Uhr im Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte zur Verfassungsbeschwerde der britischen StaatsangehĂrigen Erica Duggan
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
aus Anlaß der Erhebung der Verfassungsbeschwerde und des Geburtstages des unter ungeklärten Umständen verstobenen Studenten Jeremia Duggan laden wir zu einem Hintergrundgespräch ein.
Ort: Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte Greifswalder Str. 4
Vorderhaus, Konferenzraum, eine Treppe
Zeit: Freitag, den 10.11.2006 â€" 11.00 Uhr
Es werden sprechen
1. RA H.-Eberhard Schultz zur Verfassungsbeschwerde;
2. RA Nicolaus Becker zu dem vorangegangenen Ermittlungs- und Klagerzwingungsverfahren vor dem Oberlandesgericht Frankfurt;
3. Frau Erica Duggan zu ihren Bemühungen um die Aufklärung der Todesumstände;
4. ĂĽber die "LaRouche"-Jugendbewegung, deren Publikationen und Antisemitismus.
Der getĂtete 22jährige britische Student Jeremiah D. war ein positiv denkender, lebensfroher junger Mann, liiert mit einer Kommilitonin, und beliebt bei seinen zahlreichen Freunden. Der Tod des Jeremiah D. wurde nicht untersucht, obwohl die BeschwerdefĂĽhrerin im Laufe der Zeit eine Vielzahl von neuen Tatsachen und Beweismitteln, darunter Sachv erständigengutachten, vorlegte. Staatsanwaltschaft, Generalstaatsanwaltschaft und in letzter Instanz das Oberlandesgericht Frankfurt waren nur daran interessiert, das einmal gefundene Ergebnis „zu halten“ und ignorierten den Vortrag der BeschwerdefĂĽhrerin. Die Staatsanwaltschaft stellte das Verfahren mit VerfĂĽgung vom 2. Juni 2003 nach § 170 Abs. 2 StPO ein, weil es keine Anhaltspunkte fĂĽr ein Verschulden Dritter gebe und untersuchte den Todesfall Jeremiah D. nicht, obwohl die Mutter des GetĂteten frĂĽhzeitig erhebliche Zweifel an der Selbstmordthese der Polizei vortrug. Auch der AGPF e.V. (Aktion fĂĽr Geistige und Psychische Freiheit Bundesverband Sekten- und Psychomarktberatung) stellte eine umfassend begrĂĽndete Strafanzeige, in der vor allem der Hintergrund und die Gefährlichkeit der antisemitischen "LaRouche" Sekte und ihre Methoden der psychischen Indoktrination dargestellt wurden.
Deswegen haben wir Verfassungsbeschwerde erhoben.
gez. H.-Eberhard Schultz&nbs p; gez. Nicolaus Becker

I have lost my son. Have I also lost Justice? states Erica Duggan. (
Proposed Berlin Press Conference 10th November 2006
Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte Greifswalder Str. 4
Vorderhaus, Konferenzraum, eine Treppe
Zeit: Freitag, den 10.11.2006 â€" 11.00 Uhr


11-13-2006, 04:53 AM
Mother brings proceedings under the German Federal Constitution, because 3 years ago, her son, who was a student, died under suspicious circumstances whilst participating in a conference and youth seminar run by the LaRouche Schiller Institute in Wiesbaden. The circumstances of the death were not sufficiently investigated as required by law.
The failure to investigate the full circumstances was because the Police Officer used the excuse that this was suicide and therefore there was no need to investigate further.
The Coroners Court in the UK declared that this was not sui cide and that prior to his death Jeremiah was in a state of terror.
This will be the first time we make public in Germany our new evidence that raises doubts about the alleged road accident.
Too many questions remain: Why did Jeremiah die?
On the 10th November would have been Jeremiah's birthday.
He was 22 years old.
At 4pm on the 9th November Erica Duggan will travel from London to Wiesbaden to lay flowers at the place where the body was found.
Place: The B 455 towards Wiesbaden town center just past the Berliner Strasse slip road on the grassy verge.
CONFERENCE : For the concerned and open to Press:
JUSTICE FOR JERMIAH: This week should have been my son's 26th birthday.
This is my cry to all the good people of Germany to hear my voice:
Come to our meeting and listen to some of the evidence we will put before you which has never been presented publicly before in Germany.
Why after three and a half years have I not yet been granted an investigation of the full circumstances of a suspicious violent death?
The legal team will outline the case being sent this week to the Federal Court as the County of Hessen who have refused all applications..
Erica Duggan will speak about how she has been investigating the death of her own son . Consider the evidence for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories she found in her son's bags. Specially invited persons will speak on the cultlike practices which in the mother's view, placed her son in considerable danger.
Mobile 07870 581 510 or Thurs,Fri,Sat; 0049 1623558255
Erica Duggan "Why did my son phone me shortly before he was killed, telling me he was frightened and in danger and begging to be rescued?
Why do the authorities allow anti-Semitic conspiracy theories to be preached to the young at special recruiting schools?
Why did the Manager of the LaRouche network have Jeremiah's passport?
Why do I the mother have to investigate the violent death of my own son ?
Why do the German authorities still refuse to investigate the full circumstances which is a fundamental prerequisite of article 2 of the European Convention of Human Rights?


11-13-2006, 06:19 AM
Just to zero in on one profoundly delusional statement: LaRouche "whom [the Cheneys] continue to fear as a troublesome political adversary associated with a leading, high-ranking faction within the U.S. Democratic Party scene[.]"
What faction might that be, pray tell?
I have never known anyone so lacking in honor or candor as this twisted octogenarian. He is complicit in the murder of one youth, and is now angling to mold others into an increasingly violent band of churls.
(Message edited by sancho on November 13, 2006)


11-13-2006, 10:53 AM
xlcr - i wish to thank you again for the replies to my questions about tarpley...however, your account of his appearance on mike malloy's air america program is far off the mark, as can be easily verified by listening: ...far from "eagerly discussing zionist plots against the world", tarpley actually states that israel tried to warn the u.s. about 9/11, and rather quickly dismisses the notion that the mossad had something to do with the attacks...curiosly, it is malloy who thumps the zionists - not when tarpley is on, but in the segments prior to the intereview... i do believe, xlcr, that you posted an article in one of these forums regarding larouche's take on the matter, and, if i am remembering correctly, larouche appears to feel that the mossad was one of the players involved in the attacks on 9/ this then may be one area where tarpley and larouche part ways regarding analysis of historical and current events...for anyone seeking an introduction to alternative theories on the events of 9/11, i would NOT recommend this interview; as in his own radio show, tarpley
presents so much information, in so little time, that the effect is's something like watching a train rush by you and trying to remember what each car looked like...for those new to the scene, here's a handy little debate on 9/11, presented, interestingly, by democracy now's amy goodman, who tarpley denounces as a " left-gatekeeper "...
(Message edited by joesixpack on November 13, 2006)
(Message edited by joesixpack on November 13, 2006)


11-13-2006, 03:24 PM
I stumbled onto this list and have scanned the posts all weekend.
Warning young people away from LHL is a fine purpose, and I agree with the cautionary advice to parents to be supportive of their kids
because it's pointless to tell them that they're in a cult run by a megalomaniacal intellectual fraud and phoney, inter alia. However,
this list itself has a tendency to lapse into demonizing rhetoric(hard to avoid I grant, in his case) easily parried by the credulous
minions and their watchers. As a member from 1972-74 I think that a better tack is to show the trajectory of increasingly severe mental
deterioration of both LHL and his org going back to his days in the SWP, a process which though linear, has been uneven. Not that LHL wasn't always a misfit, and a pathetic eccentric even in his SWP days. But the devil has to be given
his due if he and his gang are to be understood in a contextual way that can enable his captives to reason their way out from under his
spell. For instance, LHL est'd New Left creds in debates w/heavyweights like Abba Lerner and Paul Mattick. In the Lerner case, Sidney Hook conceded that LHL has won the debate (it was about Schactian economic policy in the 3rd Reich with Lerner crediting Schact with successful employment boosting public works projects, and
LHL arguing that the whole Schact project was a disaster, among other things). Paul Mattick was a leading unorthodox Marxist scholar best
known for his book, Marx and Keynes. These efforts, among others, led to a favorable plug for Dialectical Economics to D.C. Heath by Monthly Review editor and Marxist economist, Paul Sweezy. There was a post to this list re Beyond Psychoanlysis which led me to write this.
The post pointed up that the document would be tough sledding for readers today because it was written for academically gifted, elite students steeped in serious Marxist scholarship. This is exactly right.
I was in the SWP from 1970-72, and though LHL was considered a sectarian ranter, the "economics" specialists took the rough draft of DE (quite different than the published version BTW!!) seriously, while disagreeing with it as "Luxemburgist" and catastrophist.
As I look at who's still with the cult I see names like Paul Gallagher and Anita Gretz. There has never been any doubt in my mind that people
like them were at the level of very advanced Ph.D. students and I still find their submissions useful. I watched Paul G take Harvard
Sovietologist Marshall Goldman to school in a debate at MIT-- No small feat.
My take on what happened in brief, is that in the wake of Op Mop-up there was an influx of New Left orphans into the NCLC, incl the Newman group, and LHL couldn't handle the growth-- he was being challenged for the 1st time since the fight with the Fraser faction. He imploded totally, his mental breakdown focussing around Chris and Carol White. The security apparat moved in and put the entire membership in lockdown, extending all the way to the kidnapping of Alice Weissman which made the front
page of the NYT ("Proof of the Conspiracy!" of course). At this point anyone with sufficient indedendence of mind left bolted-- I mean
frogmen hit squads surfacing in the East River! (BTW Cuban, not Puerto
Rican as I recall). In Boston, a woman asked if Carol White was the former Carol LaRouche and she was told to "go join the Spartacist
League." Anyone with a question was labelled a "Trotskyist"-- testament to the social and political milieu the cadre had come from.
Shortly after, LHL announced the "Rockefeller turn" which began a wild shift to the right in the mid-seventies. It also marked the start of
LHL using "Reimannian" mathematical schemas to justify every bizarre
twist and turn.


11-13-2006, 06:34 PM
It took me a long time to wean myself of the notion that LaRouche was brilliant. The last shoe to drop was a recent rereading of DE, which I heretofore maintained until relatively recently was Lyn's one genuinely original contribution to civilization. But now as I look at it, it was just one colossally associative stringing together of names and arbitrary ideas which again may or may not have been expressed by the individuals cited. Though he was nuts as a Marxist, at least one could say that he was in the Marxist camp. But where it all started to unravel was with all of that American System crap which I could never reconcile with his leftism to which I was initially attracted - just could never make head or tail of all of that later elites business, nor even the earlier Rocky stuff. I think at some point he just decided to write (in his own demented way) material to appeal to whomever he wished to pilfer. But I truly have no way to account for the twists and turns in his so-called thinking. I would agree that he snapped when Carol dumped him for a younger guy, and that he couldn't brook Newman's challenge to his intellectual hold on the LC.


11-14-2006, 12:10 AM

Anyone who has anything to do with La Rouche would be wise to leave the sinking ship.
Fraud Lyn? Transference, says I. Your organisation was responsible for the death of a young man. Your guilt indicated by the PR campaign you now feel is necessary to cover up your guilt.
If the cap fits, wear it.
Isn't this the same tap-dance you did when your guilt was uncovered before your last prison jaunt?
I doubt either German or US law allows for joint jail cells so you and Helga will have to learn to be celebate.
You wanted to be head honcho so let's face facts, your name is on that news release. You're where the buck stops.
Otherwise, your minions might like to consider just who you are going to point the finger at when the police come calling again.
I'm betting that this time, you're the one who is going to be left holding the baby. Your faithful are going to point the finger right back.
Loyalty is earned not forced. And you're an old man: It wouldn't be a long jail stay, regardless.
Whatever happens, you're in your own jail cell. You already know you're responsible or you wouldn't be squealing like a stuck pig. Live with it. Your "sentence" won't be as long as J's mother's: She's younger than you.
Any airfares left for Cuba? If news reports are right, they might be looking for another megolamaniac soon.


11-14-2006, 04:29 PM
Madam Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister of Justice
Federal Justice Ministry

9 November 2006

Madam Minister,
The Simon Wiesenthal Centre is an international Jewish human rights
organization with a worldwide membership of 440,000. Established in 1977,
with headquarters in Los Angeles, it draws the lessons of the Holocaust to
the analysis of contemporary issues of prejudice and discrimination. The
Centre is an NGO in consultative status to the United Nations, UNESCO, the
OSCE, the Organization of American States and the Council of Europe.
Our Centre has received many messages of concern from our membership
regarding seminars held at the Schiller Institute in Wiesbaden and the
activities in Germany of its parent body, the Larouche organization.
These expressions of apprehension come, particularly, from parents of
students recruited internationally to the so-called Larouche Youth
Attention has closely focused on the case of the then 22 year old Jeremiah
Duggan, a British student recruited on a Paris campus by Larouche
representatives in France, who died in mysterious circumstances while
attending a Larouche seminar in Wiesbaden in 2003.
Ostensibly, this was a seminar on the Iraq war but Jeremiah's
lecture-notes, found in his bag after his death, apparently point to
stereotyping and antisemitic conspiracy theories to explain the background
to that war and other global problems.
Jeremiah was Jewish, the grandson of Holocaust survivors, who would,
tomorrow 10 November, have celebrated his 26th birthday.
The Wiesbaden inquest suggested that he had fled the seminar shortly after
4 am and was hit by a passing car while attempting to commit suicide. A
British Coroner subsequently rejected this conclusion. Despite Jeremiah's
panic-stricken phone-call to his mother in London a few minutes before his
violent death, the Coroner concluded that the student was in no way
Madam Minister, we respect the investigatory procedure of German democracy,
but in view of new evidence and increasing parental fears for young people
lured, whether to cults, political organizations or youth movements, our
Centre urges:
- a public reopening of the investigation of this case at the highest
Federal level
- an enquiry as to whether Jeremiah Duggan's Jewish identity played any
role in his death
- the full application of German law to the supervision of the Larouche
Youth Movement and its network of affiliates.
Youth movements have obligations to protect the lives of their members.
They must be held responsible for any act of omission or commission that
might endanger their followers or recruiters.
Madam Minister, on this 68th anniversary of "Kristallnacht", the prelude to
the Holocaust and, ironically, Jeremiah Duggan's posthumous birthday, the
Simon Wiesenthal Centre feels it appropriate that your Ministry ensure
total transparency in the resolution of this enquiry.

Most respectfully,
Dr. Shimon Samuels
Director for International Relations

cc: Rabbi Marvin Hier, Dean and Founder, Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Los
Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean, Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Los


11-14-2006, 04:31 PM
The Wiesenthal Centre supports British Mother.
Case put before German Federal Court
Press release from Justice for Jeremiah Campaign.

The important decision was made during last week to file the case concerning the death of Jeremiah Duggan with the German Federal Court as all three previous applications to the Hessen authorities for a full investigation had been turned down.
The Wiesenthal Centre has now given support to the Campaign for Justice and has written to the German Federal Minister of Justice Madam Brigitte Zypries.
See ( for Press release.
Last week British mother Erica Duggan, whose son Jeremiah died in suspicious circumstances in March 2003, travelled to Wiesbaden Germany to lay flowers beside the road at the desolate spot where her son's body was found.
On the 10th November it would have been Jerry's 26th birthday. Erica Duggan honoured his memory by speaking publicly in Germany, at a special meeting to which the Press were invited.
This meeting was held in the House of Democracy in Berlin. Erica Duggan spoke about how for the last three and a half years she had been expected to do the investigative work of the police in order to get an investigation and yet so far her case had been turned down. Private investigators and experts had produced a considerable amount of information that raised serious doubts about the theory that Jeremiah died as a result of being hit by one car and run over by another.
The legal team outlined the case that has now been sent to the highest constitutional court in Germany.
It is as follows: There has been a violation of citizens rights as well as the denial of an opportunity to have a public hearing.
The lawyer Hans- Eberhard Schultz spoke about how the Strasbourg Courts clarifies that the state has an obligation to protect its citizens. There is an obligation to investigate and determine how a death comes about even where agents of the state are not implicated in the death. The lawyer Nicholas Becker spoke about how the police assumed suicide too early and therefore only carried out a very superficial preliminary investigation. The Lawyer Philipp Stucke spoke about the failure by the authorities to carry out a post mortem even though this was recommended by the doctor certifying death. Therefore there was no medical investigation to establish whether the injuries that caused the death were as a result of a traffic accident or not.
Extracts from the new commissioned reports were presented including the results of a forensic photographer's report which suggest that Jeremiah's death may not have been caused by being hit by cars and that his dead body was placed on the road to make it look like a traffic accident.


11-14-2006, 04:32 PM
The fact that the cars had been moved prior to the German Police traffic expert writing up his report raises the question what else was moved?
Erica Duggan described her shock at finding evidence in her son's bags of the LaRouche youth cadre teaching her son anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.
Pastor Thomas Gandow , related more facts about the LaRouche Schiller Institute using cult-like methods of recruitment.
A German mother whose son has joined the LaRouche youth movement spoke out publicly for the first time about the scandal that families find themselves alone trying to rescue their children from destructive youth cults. Hugo Duggan spoke about how even following the death of his son still nothing is done to enquire into the possible dangers to the youth of the LaRouche Youth movement.
Guenther Jikeli ( Internationalen Institut für Bildungs Research Group on Anti-Semitism) raised questions about the indoctrination of young people into anti-semitic viewpoints.
See ( for more information.
Contact the legal team for more information:
- Nicholas Becker: Berlin 0049 30 884 72222,
- Hans Eberhardt Schultz at Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrecthte Berlin: 0049 (0) 421 662747,
For further information and details of professional photographs of the Berlin meeting and the Wiesbaden contact :
Erica Duggan at or phone mobile 07870 581 510
Donations to help with the campaign to : Jeremiah Memorial Fund. BM Jerry. London WC1N


11-14-2006, 04:34 PM
SWC News Items
CENTRE SIMON WIESENTHAL - SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTRE - CENTRO SIMON WIESENTHAL 64, avenue Marceau - 75008 Paris - Tel. +33 (0) 1 47 23 76 37 - Fax: +33
(0) 1 47 20 84 01
Wiesenthal Centre Appeals to German Justice Minister: "Reopen Investigation into Death of Jewish Student Attending Larouche Movement Seminar on Iraq War"
Paris, 10 November
In a letter to German Justice Minister, Brigitte Zypries, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, noted "the many messages of concern from our membership regarding seminars held at the Schiller Institute in Wiesbaden and the activities in Germany of its parent body, the Larouche organization", adding that "these expressions of apprehension came, particularly, from parents of students recruited internationally to the so-called Larouche Youth Movement."
Samuels stressed that "attention has closely focused on the case of the then 22 year old Jeremiah Duggan, a British student recruited on a Paris campus by Larouche representatives in France, who died in mysterious circumstances while attending a Larouche seminar in Wiesbaden in 2003."
The letter continued, "Ostensibly, this was a seminar on the Iraq war but Jeremiah's lecture-notes, found in his bag after his death, apparently point to stereotyping and antisemitic conspiracy theories to explain the background to that war and other global problems", and noted that "Jeremiah was Jewish, the grandson of Holocaust survivors, who would, tomorrow 10 November, have celebrated his 26th birthday."
Samuels also pointed out that "the Wiesbaden inquest suggested that he had fled the seminar shortly after 4 am and was hit by a passing car while attempting to commit suicide. A British Coroner subsequently rejected this conclusion. Despite Jeremiah's panic-stricken phone-call to his mother in London a few minutes before his violent death, the Coroner concluded that the student was in no way suicidal."
The Centre emphasized "its respect for the investigatory procedure of German democracy", but "in view of new evidence and increasing parental fears for young people lured, whether to cults, political organizations or youth movements," it urged the Minister to:
— " reopen the public investigation of this case at the highest Federal level
— to hold an enquiry as to whether Jeremiah Duggan's Jewish identity played any role in his death
—to impose the full application of German law to the supervision of the Larouche Youth Movement and its network of affiliates."
The Centre called on the Minister, "on this 68th anniversary of 'Kristallnacht', the prelude to the Holocaust and, ironically, Jeremiah Duggan's posthumous birthday, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre feels it appropriate that your Ministry ensure total transparency in the resolution of this enquiry."
For further information, please contact Dr. Samuels at +33 6 09 77 01 58.


11-15-2006, 03:21 PM
In line with my previous post re demythologizing LHL by tracking his political history I am submitting what I think is a very relevant piece by the late feminist-socialist, Clara Fraser.
Co-founder of the Freedom Socialist Party, Clara wrote a bit of an essay on LaRouche which was re-printed in her book "Revolution, She Wrote."
LaRouche: Sex Maniac & Demagogue
"Something salient is missing from the reams of media exposés about Lyndon LaRouche, the ultra-reactionary demonologist, millionaire
entrepreneur, and terrorizer of radicals, Jews, and now Democrats.
The pundits are intrigued and puzzled by his amalgam of right and left politics, a tangled web of KKK, Freudian, encounter therapy, Populist, Ayn Rand-like, and Marxist notions. They needn't be.
His is the prototypical face of fascism, which is classically a hodgepodge of pseudo-theories crafted for mass appeal and calculated to bring about the glacial-age law'n'order coveted by imperialists and impoverished super-patriots.
As a middle class movement designed to make the world safe for giant capital, fascism has no theories of its own. It is by nature an
intellectual pillager, derivative and vulgarized, a patchwork of illusion and reality, of myth and madness, of truth and absurdity.
LaRouche is not Mussolini or Hitler or Franco-but he is all of them, in American garb and speaking the jargon of the '80s. Beneath the jargon, the commie- and Black- and Jewbaiting essence is clearly heard.
What caused his turnabout from Marxism? Mainstream analysts are ever fascinated by this phenomenon, and smug in their assumption that his was a logical jump from leftwing to rightwing "extremism." But this kind of wild jump isn't ever logical and it isn't typical. However, it happens.
LaRouche is not the first former Marxist to turn inside out.
Mussolini started as a revolutionary socialist. Thousands of ex-Stalinists, of course, have become avid apostles of conservatism and witch hunts. (Whittaker Chambers comes quickly to mind.) What is interesting about LaRouche's metamorphosis is that he is a product of Trotskyism, not Stalinism, and I can think of no similar apostasy of such melodramatic proportions, although Professor James Burnham, who became William F. Buckley's right-hand man on the National Review,
came damn close.


11-15-2006, 03:25 PM
I know what hit Lyndon LaRouche. I was in the Socialist Workers Party all through his 17 years of membership, from 1949 to the mid-60s.
What knocked him off his underpinnings was the good old Woman Question. Feminism undid him, and Radical Women played a role in the bizarre scenario.
He called himself Lynn Marcus back then. He never seemed to belong to any SWP branch; he was a loner. He was never active, never involved
in any mass movement or internal organizational work. What he did was write-and write and write and write, until we all wished he'd be stricken by digital rheumatism.
Marcus wrote thick, dull, endless Internal Bulletins, which were dutifully distributed to the membership by the obliging National Office. (It was probably the memory of his super-prolific effusions that eventually helped destroy the vaunted internal democracy of the
early SWP!) For years and years his eternal Bulletins appeared, on one of two subjects: the United Front or Economics.
I never understood any of them. Neither did anybody else. Nobody ever responded to any of them, either, but he couldn't care less. He would
appear at national conventions every two years, but he wouldn't take the floor. I know he was there because I never recognized him and would ask who he was; he had that kind of non-presence,
They said he was an economist, but nobody seemed to know where he worked or what he did. Sometimes I would feel sorry for him and go up and say hello; he never replied except in a mumble or a curt rejoinder. Once I mustered the audacity to ask him to explain his latest document. My polite interest evoked nothing but a look of utter contempt.
I gave up on Lynn Marcus. Just one of those fringie eccentrics.
I left the SWP in 1965. He left soon afterwards with Jim Robertson and the Spartacist League, but I heard nothing about him. Then in 1968, Students for a Democratic Society spawned a mammoth strike at Columbia University, and who should turn out to be one of its spokesmen but Lynn Marcus now Lyndon LaRouche-and his group, the SDS Labor Committee. I couldn't believe it-Lynn Marcus, a popular leader?
Soon there were LaRouche people, known as the National Caucus of Labor Committees, all over the country, including the University of Washington. My older son Marc was a fervent SDSer, editor of its paper, and an editor of the University of Washington Daily, and he was buddies with some local NCLCers. I was in Radical Women and the
FSP, and the NCLC worked harmoniously with us, because we, alone on the Left, connected our labor background and workingclass orientation
with what was fresh and valid in New Left and campus politics.


11-15-2006, 03:28 PM
And NCLC, virtually alone among New Lefties, respected trade unionists. They also enjoyed observing traditional socialist holidays
like May Day and the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, so we jointly sponsored commemorations, as well as forums, fund-raisers,
and mass actions against the war and racism.
And NCLC didn't oppose our feminism. They didn't support it either-they were neutrals.
By 1970 the women's movement was in full sail. And the male Left, new and old, didn't like it. We were demanding,that they change their ways and learn to share power with the second sex. They didn't want to change.
We were denounced: we were divisive, subjective, pettybourgeois, off-balance, off-side, unable to differentiate between "primary" and
"secondary" questions, etcetera and ad infinitum. The campus male charismatics were particularly affronted; they secretly agreed with Stokely Carmichael that the "proper position for women in the struggle is prone" (except for secretarial and organizing duties).
Some of the men got pretty hot under the collar as our movement burgeoned and theirs trembled or decomposed.
LaRouche got hot all over. Feminist radicals were competing with him!
LaRouche developed such an acute case of political sunburn that all his Marxist skin peeled off and his quivering Napoleonic nerves were
painfully exposed to an incredulous world.LaRouche went ape.
Feminism is <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font>, roared New Solidarity one day. Mothers are <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font>,
the enemy, witches. Women are the Achilles heels of revolutionaries, the cause of IMPOTENCE. Women turn men into deviants, queers, and schlemiels.
And then in an explosion of Nietzscheanism that made Wagner look like a matriarchist, Lynn uncorked his piéce de résistance: the Leader
must be Superman, Siegfried incarnate, and the Superman must be served by good girlies who appreciate the honor and know how to bow and scrape. Superman is the hope and salvation of the revolution; woman must cast off her intrinsic sinfulness and restore VIRILITY to her Master. And on and on like that.


11-15-2006, 03:29 PM
A young Radical Women leader ran into the office waving this issue of New Solidarity and crying. She had never read anything like it, and
she was frightened. "What are we going to do?"
I tried to explain. He's gone off his rocker. He's on a new road, to Nazism. He's a misogynist, a sex-role egomaniac. You don't dump on women and gays like that unless you've jumped the socialist ship and clambered aboard with the pirates to preserve your puerile penile prerogatives. The man is a menace, I said. In a few years he'll have
storm troopers to beat up on workers.
She didn't quite get it and promised to study up on fascism.
Within a year, LaRouche's old guard members were gone and his newly recruited troopers were in the streets. We got some telephone threats at our headquarters, Freeway Hall. Just try it, we said, out-machoing them. They beat up Communists, and SWPers, but left us alone.
Nevertheless, they caused a casualty in our ranks; one of our leading female comrades was married to an NCLC admirer (famous John Chambless of the UW Philosophy Department, who organized the first Sky River Rock Festival and became a theatrical producer for the city of Seattle Parks Department), and she was so disoriented by his growing hostility to us that she faded away from politics.
In 1973, LaRouche provided the following advice to the ladies: "Be a rat! Be a sadist! If you are a woman, find a susceptible man for your
female sadism. You feel better; you are one of the rats; the rats, therefore, may not attack you, especially the gigantic, awful rat of a mother-image inside you!" And this man was still calling himself a socialist.
What better illustration of the centrality of feminism to socialism:
you simply can't have one without the other.
Newsweek speculates that "a romantic setback triggered a change in LaRouche's personality and a shift to a more authoritarian style."
Come on. Let's don't Hollywoodize, let's not trivialize and obscure a simple law of politics: Once someone starts unraveling one key thread
in the complex of programmatic embroidery the whole pattern falls apart. Romantic, roshmantic -- it was feminist rage and dynamic organizing that triggered Lyndon LaRouche's counter-rage and sent him hurtling pell-mell into an ideology more compatible with his comfort zone. (You'll notice I didn't say his glands or genes; some of my best friends and comrades and kids are men!)
LaRouche was sorely challenged by the anti-sexist revolution and he reacted not only wrongly, but paranoiacally. His own history and character determined that reflex, and that obsession with
stereotypical gender behavior and with male sexual power as synonym for the driving force of history. The fullest expression of male-power dominance, of course, is fascism. LaRouche, like all sex maniacs, is a clear and present political danger.
Lyndon, we hardly knew you, but we learned about you and know you now, while others thrash about in the effort to decipher your "mystery" and clout. For every man whose vile fantasies you express,
another man, and almost every woman is revolted by your fascism A la mode. When push comes to shove, the women and the workers, the ethnics and the gays, the anti-fascists and the Jews, and folks with a decent respect for humankind will return you to your origins -- as a loner."
- Clara Fraser, 1986


11-15-2006, 05:37 PM
Originallc, welcome to this site. Your memories and insights are very welcome as many people who went through the LC have quite a story to tell.
Most people in your bracket describe an LC in the beginning which had many factional debates voer issues with members actually being able to have different opinions.
I started reading material from around 1974 off an on for a few years till I joined full time. Mop Up, RYM and the Chris White brainwashing were things you would hear about, but most of the work was in USLP candidates leading up to the 1976 presidential run.
In my simple and naive mind, all of economics was reduced to the famous S'/C+V formula which explained everything and did not require attending school anymore.
From the manmy people I have talked to over the years, your version of the quality of certain people is correct. We had recruited many pretty smart people from college. They were so smart that they often finished their degrees like Dave Goldman.
Paul and Anita Gallagher went from the level you described to running the NYC local on W29th st for a few years. Paul ran as a NY state USLP candidate for governor. He was constantly whittled down by Lyn who usually praised Anita to get at Paul. Paul was thrown out of running the local and placed in the science office in FEF.
FEF had some problems where people like Moe Levitt and a few others kleft the org. In that era I remeber the issue being that Lyn wanted the FEF as his piggy bank and the FEF crew were wooried about legal probelms since they had a tax exempt status. Lyn did what he does best and created such a mess that many FEF people left rather than go to prison in the future for this lunacy over the money. FEF was making HUGE amounts of money and not spending it on the magazines with the usuall black hole of finance working overtime.
Anyone left was then purged and FEF was now Lyn's cash cow.
Paul was sent in and he showed his newly beaten ego would do anything for Lyn's grace and approval. If you knew Paul and Anita back then you would be very sad to see them later.
There whole life was reduced to rasing money for Lyn any way possible. That included our funny money promisorry note schemes with the elderly which resulted in Paul and Anita's conviction. They spent a few years in prison and emerged greyer than ever.
Today, you hardly hear a peep out of them as Lyn has basically written the old off as dead wood to redo the same scheme with the yutes today.
35 years of following Lyn has made them ex cons, broke, childless and now just another footnote for this site.
Thanks for the Fraser tract. I wonder if you ever read the description of Lyn by Tim Wohlforth? I thought it was very insightfull.


11-15-2006, 06:03 PM
Joesixpack, the description of the Tarpley interview was from some web sources which note that when people start talking about international bankers, zionists, the Mossad warning Israelis to leave the WTC that it all leads to the Jews being ever so conspiratorial.
Tarpley had some of this rub off on a teacher named Jones at BYU university who when asked about anti semitic code words used by right wing groups said that he used Tarpley as his source.
In Germany there are people like ex SPD member Bulow and a guy named Wisnewski who have had TV shows on 9/11. All of these people show up in conferences with each other.
The "Jews did it" is much more intense in Europe where it is swallowed up by many. In the Mid East, this stuff is eaten up to the point where the Arabic translations of Mein Kempf and the Protocals of the Elders of Zion share shelf space with 9/11 conspiracy and the Jews books.
I looked at some of the many 9/11 sites and found Kennedy conspirators with their books as well. It seems like Tarpley hit a home run for a career as UFo, Kennedy and Big Foot conspiracies are no longer money makers.
Reading some of Tarpley's material is quite funny as he uses mush of Lyn's materials and then adds his own spin. One thing I thought was funny was a sppech where he says that 9/11 was done to keep the British monarchy alive!
The other guy who does a real good job cribbing Larouche is David Icke. Icke has his own operation and I can read his stuff and see a lot of it straight out of EIR as well.
Lost of things seem batty to people. People can buy what ever they want to buy, joining a cult is another story though.
I sort of look at this as the difference between reading something about UFOs while thinking about life in other galaxies vs a cult like the Hale Bopp group which had the mass suicides. When you are in a cult like the Larouche outfit and then you take a look at it when you leave, you see way too many crazy things. Many people went to prison for Lyn and it was just like suicide when I saw it happen.


11-16-2006, 11:09 AM
Thanks xlcr4life. You make me wonder why some were able to break free when the sham got obvious and others were not-- after all, the Gallaghers, Graham Lowery etc were recruited from the same milieu as the Bob Dillons's and those like myself. A complex question but one thing that stands out which is of relevance for youth today is whether a comrade had ties to the "outside" world. My own partner would have nothing to do with LHL; we had 2 people working at GE Lynn as machinists; a lawyer who did poverty law; a H.S. teacher. All but 1 of this group quit after things went nuts. Those who did nothing but scut work for the org, and those who had some personal tie to LHL (like the Gallghers, Lowery and Paul Arnest)couldn't break away. So it was the reality principle I guess. Also remember that we all were recruited away from other left groups, or out of mass struggles like at Columbia and the antiwar movement etc. So we were aware that there were alternative perspectives, even if we disagreed w/ them.Very sad about the Galaghers. Bobby Primack, too-- a guy so quiet and sweet that I had actually wondered if were a cop. In these cases, obviously the NCLC had become a surrogate family. They were the really doomed with LHL as pater familia. There's lots more here though. For now, those in the LYM: Stay connected; get a real job; talk to people; anything but remaining isolated w/in the cult.


11-16-2006, 02:53 PM
Lyndon Larouche is a verbose,
and confusing speaker who misleads
peoples well-intent & twists it into
a futile enslavement cartel.
LL's rhetoric is anti-Empiricist
thus anti-human. The mode of operation
of a real renaissance team would be
very much empirical. Empiricism is the
development of Human Potential in
realizing their place in the universe
is at the present time quite limited!
We need to recognize what to do next,
is get very close to those that we love -
and speak with them as true Golden Souls.
That is the next step,
beyond Larouchie


11-16-2006, 03:10 PM
I found originallc's posts very informative as coming from a time even before my time (1969). Certainly the days of Fraser, Dillon, Milkman, etc. were a far cry from what the NCLC later became although probably Lyn had seeds of the same mentality way back when (see my earlier post on a 1930s attack by Lyn's local Quaker house on his divisiveness where they had to expel him. Interestingly his parent's also quit in support of their son.
I remember the LHL line on the ERA. Not only did we not support it, I remember campaigns actively opposing it. Of course there was also his anti-gay philosophy, but then again, Castro's anti-gay as well as many others who call themselves leftist.


11-16-2006, 03:36 PM
For some of the interesting reports on Lyn's ouster from the Quakers go to (
By 1940 the Lynn Monthly Meeting of Friends (Quaker) was discussing censuring LaRouche for spreading libelous material and gossip about other members and in 1941 the Lynn Meeting agreed to expel him, removing him from the group: "We believe Lyndon H. LaRouche [Jr.] is guilty of stirring up discord in this meeting; that he is responsible for circulating material injurious to the reputation of valued Christian workers; and believe that his conduct brings the Christian religion into public disrepute. We recommend the appointment of a committee to deal with him and to endeavor to reclaim him in a spirit of Christian love." [16] His family all resigned in sympathy, asking to be removed from the membership of the meeting in October 1941.
His parents later formed and led their own independent congregation in Boston, the Village Street Monthly Meeting, which met from 1964 to 1979, and in which LaRouche was an active member. [17] According to New England Quaker documents, "this was ostensibly as a Quaker meeting, though its relations with New England Yearly Meeting seem to have been decidedly unFriendly. They were never listed in the Yearly
September 8: Lyndon LaRouche was born in Rochester, New Hampshire, the son of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Sr.,
a shoe salesman immigrant from Québec, and Jessie Weir LaRouche. He would grow up in Lynn,
Massachusetts. This family was Quaker.
February: The LaRouche family, made up of the parents Lyndon, Sr. and Jessie and three minor children
Lyndon LaRouche, Jr., Lenore Ella, and Caroline Shirley, transferred from the Dover monthly meeting of the
Religious Society of Friends to the Lynn MA monthly meeting.
3 mo 13th: A letter was discussed in Lynn Meeting for Business, that the clerk had received from the Reverend
Edward E. Aiken, about the communications of Lyndon LaRouche, who at that point had reached the age of
seventeen. It was recorded that a committee of the Quarterly Meeting's Ministry and Oversight Committee was
recommending that:
1. Friends make no statements to reporters.
2. Appoint committee tonight to meet with Lyndon LaRouche after 23rd — disown if no change.
Attached to this record, in the Lynn box of records now stored at the New England Historical Society, there is
what appears to be a mimeographed sheet about some sort of financial dealing (it is not clear on the face of the
document, what the dealing had been or what the argument was about or who was arguing with whom), full
of obvious smears and angry innuendos some of which seem to have an antisemitic cast.


11-16-2006, 11:11 PM
Some new stuff on my website.


11-17-2006, 12:05 AM
Hi erin_b,
Tried to see your site but got an error message. I'll check again later.
Welcome matteristheenemy.


11-17-2006, 02:18 AM
hello all...ran across this article on larouche, and the LYM and thought i'd share's unusually fair and objective in its depiction of larouche, and it gives what seems an accurate portrayal of the mindset and circumstances of a member of the larouche youth movement:


11-18-2006, 03:32 PM
Fair, well yeah. And it certainly notes the lack of transparency regarding the way they conduct business. As for the LYMers, I'd say that portrayal doesn't seem accurate, it is accurate. It also supports what XLCR has been saying all along about the way the LYM operates and the way the students are basically left in poverty. They don't notice because they are so taken up with the revolution, yet they are being cynically exploited by Larouche. I keep reading he is a millionaire. If that is true, then he is truly despicable.


11-18-2006, 04:49 PM
I have an obvious question. Where is Lyn getting his millions from? You don't make millions out of selling a few vanity publications.
Where does he have his investments and long-term interests? And what happens to them once he's gone?
I'm guessing they're safely hidden out of America. From the amount of time he's spending in Europe, I assume there's a stash there.
If he can't scam little old people any longer, who is he scamming? What are his plans for the future of his dosh?


11-18-2006, 06:46 PM
There is a whole other part of the org which you will never find about. Over the decades we sent millions to a dark hole called security where no questions were allowed as this meant that you were putting Lyn's life in danger.
We also sent millions overseas to Europe where the dark hole of Helga ran the same operation with weekly assasination stories, plots and schemes which could only be solved by wiring huge sums of money into various other acounts.
Millions were blown on Lyn's 1/2 hour TV spots. Millions were blown on legal cases which we lost anyway. More than one defendent became public enemy # 1 of Lyn when he/she pointed out that the legal bill for the caes was 50 times the amount of money disputed by the old lady. WE could have paid the money back and ended this lunacy. However, Lyn is also the world's greatest legal mind besides the world's greatest economist.
Lyn is even a better legal scholar than the world renowned Ed Sapannous.
Millions were sammed by scam artists who played lyn like a fiddle by feeding him one phony assasination plot after another.
More millions were lost when we had all of our real estate holdings taken away for nickles on the dollar by diverting mortgage payments to Lyn's lifesytle. Besides beiong the world's greatest economist and legal mind, Lyn is also a grand master of real estate.
Even with this kookyness, there is a waiting game for Lyn's death by the ex wives, son and Helga over rumoured "offshore funds" . Lyn has an original wife who supported him named Janice Larouche. Lyn's whole life time has been living off others labor while being an expert on
This life style has never changed for Lyn, and neither will it for the yutes who are now carrying the torch .
Money gets diverted through either security or European vectors. We print stuff on cheap newsprint and have the parents of LYM members keep them alive. We also were masters of getting credit and then skipping out on vendors or members pay backs. Figure that 30 million a year for 10 years is over a 1/4 billion! You can afford to do wacky stuff and lose money if a percentage of that is then hidden .
It was told to me a long time ago that LYM sleep 4 to a one bedroom flat while Helga has her own castle in Germany.


11-18-2006, 07:21 PM
Next obvious question. What makes Lyn and his cronies think the LYM are doing what they want them to?
From my observation, they're behaving like rebels not children. They're seeking a rebellion and Lyn is giving them neither a fight or justice. They're tilting at windmills and these young adults know it.
Who is the authority in their lives? La Rouche. Who is the establishment? La Rouche and Harley et al.
What makes these father figures assume the LYM are doing what they're wanting and instructing when they're not watching? From recent doings and proceedings, it looks to me like they're pretty much acting out.
In other words, are the scammers being scammed?
The LYM aren't stupid. Where's the money Lyn? How many LYMers are going to take court action once you've gone and claim a percentage of Helga's hide?


11-19-2006, 12:36 AM
LYM yute who are fully immersed into the cult will act the same way we acted. We think we are doing something because the morning briefing tells us so. Over time, the outside world is no longer a factor and one can be quite content in the insular world Lyn has created for them.
Those who have asked critical questions and have done some research like this forum drift away or leave outright. I should know since I have recieved plenty of emails from members thanking me.
The article which Joesixpack mentions was from a few years ago when the war was a hot issue which was the crisis Lyn needs to recruit. The LYM proudly set up public forums for people to log onto and find out about the org. "The Academy 2000" was one which lasted a while until former members found it and raised questions which caused a melt down in the Glendale office when Leesburg saw what was beibg raised. The next set up was a Yahoo site which has been vacant for years with only spam on it now.
You see Wanderer, this is like the crazy emails people recieve about Nigerian banks and how to get rich. To a naive, yet innocent person who wants more money, it is a real life saver. Here you can get a lot of money without doing much except using your money to get "it". "It" is what the yutes want. "It" is the sense of worth that means you are doing something real. You will seem to be highly educated without actually going to school or reading multi faceted works.
To most of us, the Nigerian scams are laughable, but they do work. You only need a few recruits out of the thousands of people you contact to make a Nigerian internet cafe scammer happy or Lyn happy.
The yutes who do not know the history of Lyn and the org are just repeating what we did. Once you have established that a crisis exists in the yutes minds, Lyn will keep that crisis repeating for ever. Think of this for a minute. I can hear pr read every speech Lyn gives on the web casts and it will be based on a simple formula. USe the pwhateve is the present crisis in the news, use the present political landscape and White house as ineffective and place Lyn as the only person who can solve it. Now, make sure that this is ALWAYS is linked to and end of the economy talk as well as nuclear war.
The Messianic delivery is important as you need a Messianic person to solve it. OriginalLC came in when we had the tail end of Vietnam, a disgraced president, economic uncertainty with the dollar and gold and campuses filled up with anxious students.
The LYM thinks that they are being world historical with their singing at Lieberman events and disrupting Arnold Schwarzenneger in Mexico. Well, Joe Lieberman won the election and Arnold was relected Gov. We called this stuff "interventions" when we sent out squads of my generation yutes to disrupt meetings of whatever we hated at the time. "Operation Nuremburg" sent us to every psychological meeting to denounce psychiatry as a Nazi war crime. AS our fundraising base changed, our enemies changed for the interventions changed. Next we targetted environmentalists, drug reformers/legalisers, Democrats, Hospice, WICCA and what ever else fit the needs of raising $500,000 to $750,000 per week.
The next step for the yutes may be more violent as more yutes become more crazy over what they percieve to be an end of the world scenario to them. Reading the coverage of the LYM fights with Ralph Nader and AL Sharpton supporters as well as Ann Ryand book clubs shows how this is getting more scary.


11-19-2006, 12:38 AM
If someone wants a good laugh, look up the videos Kheris posted from youtube. The guy doing them is hilaroius as he even has subtitles in them.
The LYM think they are building an org based on classic books and history. What they are doing is building a legacy and testament to Lyn who knows how to run circles around them. Lyn even writes in the briefing what their future is. Which is raising money for him. Every article I have read about a local student writer who attends a meeting in the office writes about how most of the office is on phones raising money. A year ago Lyn issued some memos I posted exerpts of which clearly tell the LYM that the old members are not worth spending money on and the future is with them. Lyn is quite good at setting people, spouses and now generations against each other and does not care if he loses people along the way due to a purge or dropouts. Lyn will use that for the remaining members by denouncing the recently departed as either agents, cowards or victims of the conspiracy against his fixing the world. He will now tell the remaing that they are so potent that the evil oligarchs are sending everything they can to disrupt the org and keep them from saving the world.
I could have written the recent EIR release by Lyn that Sancho posted. No where is there is there mentiuon that Duggan was being heavilly recruited in Paris and was sent with other recruits to Wiesbaden for what they thought was an anti war conference. Now where does lyn tell you that Jeremiah was with the org around the clock being recruited. Now here does Lyn tell you that Jeremiah was sent to accompany a card table shrine to see what it is like to organise. No where does Lyn tell you that Jeremiah was told that he could write articles for EIR. This is all garnered off of the site. and news reports.
Instead, Lyn is telling the yutes that Jeremiah just popped in right out of the Tavistock Institute to set Lyn up by jumping in front of three cars at 4 AM. Of course the world's greatest economist, real estate investor, legal mind is also an expert on psychiatry and now diagnosises Jeremiah as being mentally ill.
We did the same thing when we were doing financial fraud in the 1980's. We told the members that we did nothing wrong and it was all a plot to stop Lyn from winning the White House. We flew many members out of the country and shipped people around to avoid lawyers and investigators.
The people who lent us money and asked for it back when we did not pay them were then denounced as conspirators, agents and then pure evil in trying to send us to jail for fraud. Up untill we stopped paying them, they were our supporters.
The only thing I can remotely see is some illusion among the LYM that they will be able to run things differently once Lyn kicks the bucket. Maybe it will be like Scientology with things polished up. In the local offices the yutes get telephone briefings by Jeff Steinberg, Debbie, Harley or Helga. The world is insular and they are just like somebody wiring money to a Nigerian bank these days. Evverybody knows it is a scam except the victims. They really, really want to beleive that it will work. Lyn and security funnled millions to scammers who fed them what they wanted to beleive. We fed Lyn nonsense about plots to keep him from doing press conferences in 1980 New Hampshire because the media was making a mockery of him.
That hope is what Lyn and the org live off of.
We did have a case in Baltimore where a member dropped out and we stopped paying his rent and did not pay him his owed stipend and credit card bills. I was told that he had a lawyer ready to sue them and may have contacted the labor board voer mimimum wage violations. He did get his money in the end.


11-19-2006, 02:52 PM
That thing about LaRouche predicting 9/11.
If he and his supporters knew about it ahead of time, I have a couple of questions. Where were they when it happened? If they're such humanitarians, why didn't any of them rush to the scene and help the survivors? Why weren't they at the towers on that morning telling people not to go in to work, if they knew there was going to be an attack? I seem to remember some of them talking about where they were that day when I was in the cult. They were watching TV like everyone else. They could have made themselves useful for once.
My website again.


11-20-2006, 12:27 AM
This is a very theraputic site, thank you all.
Some of you older ex-memebers tell me all you know about Phil and Harley. What they were doing before they joined, how they joined, how they operated, how they became the front-men, personal experiences with them.


11-20-2006, 12:45 AM
Oh... and do they live in destitution back in Texas and New Jersey or do they live comfortably in houses of their own?


11-22-2006, 04:29 PM
Check out the new tactic:
"Organizing Recovery from the Great Crash of 2007"
[emphasis added]
Since the great crash of 2006 did not occur as predicted, we can stipulate a future crash (which of course is like the old sea battle tomorrow conundrum) - and for which Hopalong Lyndy has the solution! Ta da! Watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat ... I think this s--- must be even more absurd now than when I was in. Now we can expect a cascade of such organizing events, all designed to rectify disasters which have not yet struck: "Patching the World Together after WW IV," "Establishing the Post Mortem LaRouche Renaissance" -- oops.
So thankful I won't be out this holiday making a damned fool of myself ...


11-22-2006, 06:46 PM
RCheney, welcome to this site. Any memories you have as an LCer are always welcome. There are plenty of stories and info about Phil and Harley in these posts. IF you have the time, just start reading from the beginning and you will find them.
I may do a summary for people later, after I enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. This is a day in which I like to explain to my wife and kids how they have been blessed this year. Despite the ups and downs of life, we move forward. Silently, I always give thanks that I had enough brains to escape the cult and enjoy life while making the lives of others better.
I truly enjoy hearing from ex members who have left and restarted their lives. You really can not understand the hate, falsehoods , manipulation and damage done to people until you leave.
As for Phil, here is something that the yutes can think about and maybe OriginaLC may remember. Phil is a pretty cold blooded guy who was a student at John Hopkins Univ at 17. He has almost 40 years into this lunacy and is at a point where he can't admit that his life has been wasted following and carrying out the wishes of a deluded and court proven "Small time Hitler".
Phil was in the Seattle local with other members who would drive cross country to attend a "Strategy for Socialism" national Conference.
One day in the National Office, we were figuring out how to fly members in for a meeting vs having them drive. Seattle came up and of course we would fly them in. Phil commented that since he drove cross country, why not have the local drive and see if they would lose money by not deploying each day vs spending money on airline tickets.
We were surpised by this nickel and dime approach and then Phil commented, "The worst that can happen is that you drive in a snow storm and end up like Roger Chamberlin".
I had no idea who Roger Chamberlin was until I found out that he was a 21 year old member who was being sent from Seattle to the old office in NYC to do production work. As he was driving in a beat up larouche mobile he crashed the car in a storm and was killed.
That was the last you heard about Roger Chamberlin. He no longer existed in the LC and Phil viewed him like some old trash to throw out and never think about again. This was so cold hearted that it made some people understand why Lyn and Helga had Phil use his stored up rage in yelling at people to raise money for Lyn. Phil had members evicted to the streets and had people empty their pockets in the office to wire Lyn cash.
In Leesburg he was known as a time bomb for throwing chairs at the desks of fundraisers who did not hit quota for Lyn. He has the LYM in LA living on less money than our 5 bucks a day in the 1980's when you adjust for inflation.
One of his old friends from Boston named Michael Gelber died in a snow storm hustling money one late night. Both of these members are long forgotten and the yutes will also have their stories to write about later.
Phil is a guy who had members call up their parents and feign illnesses so they could send cash for a doctor or dentist. We took the money and then turned it into larouche campaign funds to get matching funds.
God forbid if you really had to see a doctor, dentist or got sick. Then the Beyond Psyche Mumbo Jumbo about psychosomatic illnesses began.
Phil and Harley also were quite aware of the Jew Jokes being told by security to "toughen up the Jews for Lyn". These two skeevosas then portray themselves as Jews to the members to skirt questions about Lyn and the Holocaust, Nazi Rocket Scientists, the Zionism Campaigner and whatever else erupts like Jeremiah Duggan.
No shame, no guilt no worry.


12-01-2006, 04:29 PM
A wild week in laroucheland as Lyn has a new enemy to blame for his failure to seize world power to save humanity. A member in Leesburg is sending me some new memo by Lyn which names a high ranking labor Committee executive member who Lyn is purging.
He/she did not mention a name, but wrote that the person has been named as a new villain for the LYM, "The KingPin".
When I receive the memo I will post it here so we can all uncover the mystery of who The KingPin is who has thwarted Lyn's master plan .


12-02-2006, 07:00 AM The KINGPIN Revealed***

[Letter to ICLC]

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Windy Hill Farm
XXXX Round Top Lane
Round Hill, VA 22141
November 29, 2006
To All Whom It May Concern
Re: Suspension of Mr. Uwe Friesecke
Dear Citizen:
A written communication uttered, in Germany, on behalf of ICLC associate Uwe Friesecke, obliges me to notify both associates and the relevant parts of the general public on the suspension of Mr. Uwe Friesecke from all official decision-making in the name of organizations associated wth the ICLC. He shall
remain in that status until such time as investigations may warrant placing him under a different classification.
The notable moral issues which have prompted this timely suspension of him from official positions of authority, are,
chiefly, the following.
1. Misconduct in Office
Uwe Friesecke has been operating as what is termed technically a "kingpin," a practice against which I have warned him, urging him to desist from this practice, twice in the
presence of a business associate, Anno Hellenbroich.
Under these conditions, no accounting report premised on the misguided assumption that said Friesecke is not operating as a "kingpin" has no presumptive competence, until after the role of said Friesecke as a "kingpin" has been exhaustively investigated, and appropriately discounted in detail.
In positions of responsibility which he occupies, he has abused that advantage to control, positively, or negatively, elements of the flow of income and disbursements among several of these entities as from above, in the manner generally known to fit the description of a "kingpin." I have specifically warned him that were such continued practices to culiminate in one or more insolvencies among the relevant entities, a creditor of one or more of these might wish to seek a remedy for the creditor's
threatened losses from among any or all of the entities and assets with which said Friesecke is personally associated, and, or beyond his role as a "kingpin" within the domain of the ICLC
as such.
For example: Since said Friesecke has controlled both the financing of Bueso campaigns, and the sources of funds for
meeting attributed debt-obligations of the Bueso, said Friesecke's "kingpin" role implies that any failure to meet timely repayment of such debts, is a result of discretionary
action of said Friesecke, in his not merely adopted, but preempted role as a "kingpin" in fact.
The nature of this specific situation in Germany itself, is illuminated by said Friesecke's conduct as a "kingpin," with
respect to relevant operations in both Europe and the U.S.A., in fact, during the interval 1989-1998. Notably, in the year 1997,
he intervened personally to sabotage my conducting an audit I was legally obliged to conduct, concerning certain financial
transactions and reports in the U.S.A. He intervened in this matter in a "kingpin" fashion, and in numerous other matters in
the U.S.A., sometimes in what was, frankly, a morally disgusting way.


12-02-2006, 07:02 AM
2. The Related Political Issues:
There are numerous instances in my knowledge of relevant "kingpin" types of actions by said Friesecke.
The financial aspects of said Friesecke's "kingpin" activities, have been aggravated by his witting association with
known fascist elements, centered on the figure of one Fernando Quijano, whose beliefs and practices are antipathetic for everything which the ICLC and associated entities internationally
is committed morally and politically.
A certain cowardly, former associate of the ICLC, this Fernando Quijano, betrayed the ICLC's association, and into the arms of known fascists, out of his own fear of the attacks on me and my associates by certain corrupt but powerful interests; he put himself at the mercy of fascist elements associated with the
Chilean dictator Pinochet, and related Synarchist elements, including "death squad" coordinator and and Quijano confidante
Nestor Sanchez. Quijano boldly announced his moral degeneration on this general account at a U.S. public conference in September
1990, and, repeatedly, thereafter.
Said Friesecke, while functioning as a de facto "kingpin" in operations conducted simultaneously in the U.S.A. and in Europe,
during 1990-1998, maintained an active alliance with said Quijano. Even after said Friesecke's control over U.S. operations were ended, by me, as soon as I was permitted, beginning
1999-2000, Friesecke organized a savage cover-up of this information concerning his ties to Quijano, from the members of the association in Europe. At the same time, said Friesecke,
whose long-standing, unconcealed personal hatred of Helga Zepp-LaRouche, has motivated vicious campaigns of lying defamation and kindred personal actions against her, and against
me, within the European association, at the same time that he has organized a campaign of lies in defense of his complicity with said Quijano.
3. The Youth Movement
All viable political associations are either based on what are broadly classed as "movements of young-adult youth," or they
are merely private clubs, or sects. It is outreach aimed at future generations' advantage, which is the mark of the sane and moral adult person and his or her organization within society.
On that account, the reaction of the circles around said Friesecke to the appearance of a viable youth movement, from 1999-2000 onward, has been functionally insane, and destructively hostile. Said Friesecke's claque is, by the intent expressed in his design of it, a collection assembled from among history's
dead ends. We might be reminded of the fictional "Struldbruggs,"the intellectually and morally dead living creatures, from
Jonathan Swift's allegorical "Gulliver's Travels."
The manifest hatred against young adult volunteers, by the persons who associate themselves as devotees of a cult of the
said Friesecke, marks the relevant moral and mental illness.


12-02-2006, 07:03 AM
4. Management Under Said Friesecke
The lesser, but related and serious fault of said Friesecke's role, has been his relevant incompetence in knowledge and administration of business operations.
The ICLC, and its daughter, the European Labor Committees, have been committed by intention, from the outset of their
existence, to the present date, to the politics of ideas: ideas first, and election-campaigns in furtherance of the campaign of ideas, second.
For example, in the matter of income and expenditures associated with the distribution of literature, he has created an artificial "corporate" separation of costs and income from marketing of literature and costs and income from sales of literature. A similar incompetence is shown in the marketing
philosophy of the weekly German newspaper, where the silly assumption reigns that sales of such literature, which depends predominantly on political campaign activity, can be an
economically self-sufficient function. Witness, the stagnation of marketing of Neue Solidaritaet over the relevant passage of time:
zero growth.
That sort of evidence of incompetent management under said "kingpin" Friesecke, runs on and on.
In the main, the revenues gained by operations conducted by associates of the ICLC have been chiefly financial support for
the promotion of these ideas.
Under Friesecke's role, which he himself has identified as his concept of his role as "the boss," he has acted more in the
likeness of a "mafioso" boss than that of a marketer of the kinds of ideas associated with the ICLC. In fact, as the lack of growth of the German weekly newspaper publication attests, money from subscribers and similar contributors as such, has supplanted the broad political outreach which is characteristic of any
institution committed to propagation of ideas. The policies of the agglomerated association of entities under his "kingpin" style of management control "as from above," have tended to be
shaped more by who pleases, or is "fired," or simply dropped from payroll, by "kingpin Uwe" than a virtually non-existent deliberation respecting ideas of the type associated with the
It is not business expediency which has dictated said Friesecke's "kingpin"-style policy, but, rather, his own neurotic
compulsions. Herein lies the core of the incompetence shown by his management policies and practice over the recent twenty-six
5. Extenuating Considerations
Said Friesecke has expressed a significant personality problem, that known to me over a span of more than thirty years.
However, those of us with qualified experience in management recognize that society, and, therefore, the ranks of business and
other organizations, contain a significant ration of people with more or less comparable personality problems, even problems of
the sort encountered on "the dark side" of the said Friesecke's personality. Competent management is, thus, confronted with the
task of managing such problems, with due consideration for interest of the enterprise, the community, and the afflicted
I do not doubt that, but for this personal problem of said Friesecke's, the disgusting things he has done to injure this
association might not have occurred. That was the issue of policy before me earlier; that is the issue of policy under which I act now, as I have done here.
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
International Caucus of Labor Committees (ICLC


12-02-2006, 07:55 AM
From what one hears, the "kingpin" to the "queenpin" (Helga), in the words of Catullus: "Odi et amo" (I hate, but I love.) Not the first time "the greatest mind since Leibniz" has been cuckolded ...


12-02-2006, 10:45 AM
Is there a possibility Friesecke could be set up to take the fall for Jeremiah Duggan's death?


12-02-2006, 04:16 PM
is this Uwe Friesecke the same as the former Uwe Henke von Parpart? If so, this is a pretty major development as it seemed to me from a distance that Henke exercized enormous influence over LHL as far back as the early 1970s. If anyone knows please respond.


12-02-2006, 05:48 PM
I will explain the two Uwe's for you and others in a moment. This memo is truly vintage Larouche. You have to read it a few times to harvest the multiply connected manifold of nuggets for disection and analysis.
For exampple, this line is a classic:
"The manifest hatred against young adult volunteers, by the persons who associate themselves as devotees of a cult of the
said Friesecke, marks the relevant moral and mental illness."
Sancho one wrote that one characteristic of Lyn is to write about what he does to people and place it on another person. This line is absolutely convincing of Lyn's mental hygiene.
Here Lyn blames the whole cult of personality and lunacy of the LYM on Uwe! Before that, Lyn describes his self named, impvoverished band of minstrel singers and jabronis as "adult volunteers".
Now onto the two Uwes. I admit that when I first joined, I too often got them confused. It was even more confusing because Uwe Parpart was also writing articles as Uwe Henke for the publications.
Uwe Von Parpart I believe is his real name. He was a professor at Swarthmore University where for some reason the SDS Labor Committees had an active cell. Parpart has a footnote for the readers here in that he was a student in college taught by a Professor Tannenbaum. Tannenbaum SR. who I do not think had anything to do with Lyn had a son named Jonathon who is the science guy for the European operations.
Henke/Parpart became an NEC member and lived in NYC with his wife. Parpart was doing classes in Rieman for us and wrote the Cantor Campaigner. We used to jerk him arouud by sending his wife to the NYC local where she had to raise money while breathing in auto fumes on the Queensboro Bridge and then get yelled at by paul Gallagher.
That came to an end and she went on to the corporate entities while Uwe Parpart became the head of finances in the national Office.
That title as head of finances was really a phony job as the real head of finances was, is and will allways be Lyn. Uwe Parpart's main job was to send money wherever lyn told him to send it and do the dirty work of squeezing the membership. This way, Parpart took the calls as members and vendors were getting screwed while Lyn guzzled Rheingau in either his W58th st Penthouse or the Sutton Place Town House.
Parpart was getting burnt out by this as all of his knowledge of German critical philosphy, math as well as being the son of a Prussian Military officer was nothing in the eyes of Lyn. Parpart was eventually sent to FEF and basically just faded away in the org after a divorce. He went on many trips to Thailand and brought back intersting stories as well as a wife.
What is funny is that while Uwe Von Parpart may have believed Lyn that the world economy was going to collapse when he joined, he now works to expand the world economy. Parpart's present job I believe is as an international investment banker for one of the larger banks. His analysis, research and decisions are used to fund many projects around the Asian perimeter.


12-02-2006, 05:50 PM
Uwe Friesecke was an original founder of the European LC when Lyn conducted Beyond Psych sessions with Helga Zepp, Uwe F, Webster (Der Dicke) Tarpley, Fiorella Operto, Muriel Mirak and maybe a few others. This is very important when you reread the memo. Lyn in this memo and every other memo like this for three decades claims that he alone knew the weakness of Fiesecke. Lyn ran Beyond Psysh sessions with Uwe Friesecke and had Uwe spill every psycho sexual secret to him. Lyn uses this against people like an axe to keep them in line. Lyn also uses this to set the spouses against the person when required.
Lyn never has to say that the org is a failure, only that failures like Uwe Friesecke have kept Lyn from running the world.
Uwe Friesecke became a bigger cheese in the org because of two things I can think of.
First, he dressed well, mingled with the top US fundraisers and was not as Germanic as most of Helga's posse.
Second, he was banging Helga for a loooong time.
Uwe Friesecke's main job the past years was to fly to the Muslim world and do interviews with media about how the US is run by the Israelis who also were the bankers who also ran terrorism. Friesecke may delude himself into thinking that he was concerned about Darfur, but go to the Youtube site and see what his value was to that part of the world. Friesecke also travelled a lot with Murial on these trips. He was a well liked guy by the ladies because he was pretty clean looking and had access to org money. In the USA he knew how to schmooze people by taking them out for drinks and food while picking up the tab. Considering that the fundraisers who were raising millions were treated like dirt, yelled at by bums like Will Wertz and Phil/Harley, they loved whenever Uwe Friesecke came to town.
As for influence on Lyn by Parpart, understand what Lyn wrote in the memo. No matter what Parpart said to Lyn, this was his cult and not Parpart's. Parpart wrote the articles which had enough of his PHD knowledge to make us look pretty smart to people. Eventually you never saw Parpart write anything while Lyn filled up the publications with his version of everything. No matter what Parpart gave to Lyn, Lyn would write some new opus and claim that he alone did the work.
You have no idea how much that burned Parpart and so many other people. The real joke is that Lyn could not even plagiarize material without screwing up the original work so much that all of the work became nothing more than a vanity project for Lyn.
Both Uwes got into trouble the second they objected to not giving Lyn every dollar in the bank account when demanded. I will go over this later for people to understand that this memo is one of many Lyn has wrote when it is time to purge over the decades.
The bottom line for the yutes is that after thirty years of devotion to Lyn, Uwe Friesecke can be tossed aside just like an empty bottle of Rhiengau after is has been drained.


12-02-2006, 06:28 PM
Now that I think about it originaLC, I just thought of what put Uwe Parpart into the downward spiral with Lyn.
The beginning of the end was in March of 1983 when Reagan gave his famous "SDI Star Wars" speech on prime time TV. The idea for space based weapons was around for decades and we picked up on it as we sniffed money among the military industrial and nuclear venue to fundraise from.
Lyn had presented himself as the SDI candidate and we actually got him to meet with people like General Danny Graham and other people who were into this. The problem was this, and this problem permeates EVERY single venture we did.
The FEF team of scientists we had did the calls and meetings with people around the world. WE hid Larouche like a crazy aunt in the basement and made a ton of money with FEF. Lyn did not like two things going on, even though this was by far are greatest money maker .
First, the money was kept seperate from Lyn's paws as people like Moe Levitt would do things by the book with following tax laws for non profits. This cash cow was for Lyn to milk, not a bunch of educated scientists who look rationale to people.
Second, that ratinality was a problem for Lyn. He demanded that the whole FEF be run around him and pretty soon he wrote most of the articles and his name was everywhere. Before, our card table shriners in the Airports used to ask the FEF editors to make the covers and content devoid of Lyn so they could make money. Lyn wanted nothing to do with that.
Every sector had the same problem in that after developing a realtionship with some person or group. Lyn would read the reports and demand that a meeting would be set up. This was the kiss of death as everyone knew that as soon as Lyn showeed up for the meeting he would go crazy on them and the meeting would end with the person telling the person that they were nice to talk to , but, "That Larouche guy is F'n nuts".
Well, right after the Reagan speech, Uwe Parpart was featured on CBC news I think on the AM TV show. This made Lyn blow his stack. Lyn was like a drunken Elvis, ready to shoot the screen out with his pistol when he saw Uwe. Lyn called up the NEC and told them HE was supposed to be on TV , not a bum like Parpart. It was HIS organisation and they need to have HIM doing these interviews, not a Parpart.
The truth of the matter is that if you tried to get Larouche on any shows you barely got past the laughter. Then, if you got Lyn on TV, the first question was always about the Queen of England and that pretty much made us look like a cult of fools, which we were.
Lyn was very po'd over Parpart being in demand for interviews as his name and credentials were being flashed on the screen. He was "Dr. Von Parpart" instead of "Cult leader Lyndon Larouche". Lyn has no use for someone having actual credentials overshadow himself. We completely lost the whole SDI operation when the people finally met Lyn and realised what a crazy cult was behind the FEF.
Lyn in turn went off on these people as being KGB agents and that pretty much ended our meetings with scientists, except for old NAZI rocket scientists.
For many in the FEF, this was a turning point as Uwe would meet with people in the NYC office who were going to drop out. We had entire sectors leave after a meeting with Uwe. According to what went on in the W58th st office, Uwe Parpart basically asked people why they were still around as they all knew Lyn was nuts and get out before you find yourself in jail or broke.
Hmmm, I guess the name Uwe for two different people has a lot of similar things going for it.


12-02-2006, 07:11 PM
Reading all of this, it should be clear that the time one spends in this outfit is generally inversely proportional to the amount of real education one has. If you are a young person in school who supports LaRouche, make a deal with yourself: I will wait until I get at least a Master's degree before I even consider giving myself full-time to this. You could even argue that you will ultimately be more useful to the organization with a degree. You will also be a bit older and have more experience of the world, a world which by the way will still be around five years from now in pretty much the same shape overall. I returned to school late in life because when young I foolishly threw everything overboard for Lyn, and believe me it's a lot harder to study with a few grey hairs in your head and a lot of emotional baggage than now when you are young. The world doesn't need you to save it, but it does need your educated intelligence and principled idealism to contribute something of value to it, which is the most one can do in life. Note that Gauss didn't paint masterpieces or foment revolution; nor did Garibaldi help out Levi-Civita with tensors. But LaRouche would believe you can have it all by spending twelve hours a day out at a card-table shrine, scaring people with your untrained "singing."
Stay put in school.


12-03-2006, 12:09 AM
Kheris, anything is possible in the cult world of larouche. Money is usually the main reason Lyn leaves his lovers.

While we are waiting for more of Lyn and Helga's very young (and cheap) LYM recruit security detail to email friends with further info, check out this BBC production on Jeremiah Duggan which just went up on youtube.


12-03-2006, 08:24 AM
Thanks XLCR. Very interesting timing on the release of the videos, which are from 2004. socratesdaemon should send copies to the court that received the latest appeal. And how convenient for Herr Helga that no one from the Schiller Institute was at the autobahn when Jerry died. Otherwise the German police might have had to do a real investigation.


12-03-2006, 10:49 AM
hi guys! I think this link could interest you all as well... It is the same video but in one go on Google video - about 15 minutes. And please get in touch with his mother Erica, she needs your help (i am doing my bit)
<a href="">Jeremiah Duggan's death and Lyndon LaRouche - BBC


12-04-2006, 02:37 PM
The LaRouche organization has become the "Orwellian 1984 fascist nightmare" it was supposed to combat in the early 70s...
In 1976 (Italy Lectures: WHAT ONLY COMMUNISTS KNOW), Lyn wrote: "Labor Committee and allied Communist forces within the capitalist sector generally are working overnight, constantly, to bring into being a new Marxist International throughout the capitalist sector."
The next year he wrote in "The ABC of the "The ABC of Socialism": "I never had the conception of founding a "true Marxist" association. […] We have never been Marxists, except as regarding Marx as the highest preceding advancement of essential human knowledge. […] More profoundly, as we change we do not change."
Orwell wrote in his "1984" novel:
"But by far the more important reason for the readjustment of the past is the need to safeguard the infallibility of the Party. It is not merely that speeches, statistics and records of every kind must be constantly brought up to date in order to show that the predictions of the Party were in all cases right. It is also that no change in doctrine or in political alignment can ever be admitted."
When I read "1984" after my departure from the org, I was shocked... Yes I know that... I've been there...
His so-called "predictions" (the "LaRouche was right" myth) were a rewriting of the past just as his various biographies.
LaRouche IS Big Brother, and his organization is a nightmare....


12-05-2006, 01:21 AM
To me, the Friesecke affair has the same odor as the Gus/Computron/Detroit split in the '80s, and there, I can assure you, the issue was who was going to control all the loot. Friesecke began to set up his empire during the same period (the vineyards, Dingus+Frick printing, who knows what else there is now). Having been in Wiesbaden in the 80s, I can assure you that members were living much, much better than those in the US. Stipends were paid regularly and people had a livable standard. During that whole period, one of the major criticisms against Helga by the US organization was that she used the US members as slaves to feed "her" European organization, and Uwe was "her" man on the scene. Remember they were a couple when Lyn recruited them in 1972-1973 and at least once, even after Lyn and Helga were married, Lyn had to return to Europe to pull Helga back because she had returned to her first love (or so the wags of the day had it). My guess is that while Lyn was in jail, Fernando and Uwe were juggling to take power of the org on their terms. When Lyn got out, Fernando decided to leave, but Uwe, having his own semi-independent turf in Europe, was able to ride out the storm. Now, to finance his LYM (i.e., to keep the money flowing in to HIS coffers), LHL is putting the squeeze on Uwe who is not willing to play ball, probably because he is not all that convinced about LHL's successors waiting in the wings.
I'm probably off base, but this is what it smells like to me.


12-05-2006, 03:05 AM
Uwe's departure? to me it s all consistent with the LYM/Red Guards strategy, to get rid of the old guard and make Lyn's succession of power to helga all easier. The "red guards" will be promoted to thank them for their loyalty and total dedication to Lyn and helga and when lyn's gone, she will reign with her "court" of younger devotees and create a real cult this time, to turn lyn into a pure "myth" and hoping for "immortality" (they are lots of talk about "immortality" and how to access it in the org... basically through connecting with lyn's "ideas")
Let s face it, how could she reign with guys like Tarpley or Frieseke around? So i m expecting even more cases like Uwe's. I know Dino is p...d because Helga forbid (!) him to work on Herbart and she wants to do it. etc


12-05-2006, 04:22 AM
Yeah, but unless she's changed dramatically, Helga would never stay in the US after Lyn's gone. And if she throws out the money bags in Wiesbaden, what court will she have left? A real conundrum. She needs the LYM slaves to keep her serfdom in place economically, but culturally she would prefer Germany (not even Europe, the German org always made fun of the Italians and French, for example). Fun watching how it all plays out from the outside, isn't it?


12-05-2006, 08:37 PM
I had always taken the LaRouche movement at its word that it was promoting renaissances: but a cursory examination of the first issue of the youth movement's <u>Dynamis</u> is frightening in its obscurantism and truly Dark-Age mentality as well as in the authors'/editors' demonstrable inability to reason. These young people turn their back on conventional education to follow a madman, partially in the belief that they are somehow getting a "true" education. I would ask what any sane person makes of the following statement from Vol.1, No.1 which, to be fair to the yutes, was made by their Fearless Leader:
"So, once you have the idea and you demonstrate by construction that you can generate that effect--which is what a machine-tool designer does, if they are really good at it. Particularly in research, test-of-principle work: You actually say, 'Does this principle work?' 'Okay. How can you generate an effect, that shows that this principle works?' Now, you've proven it. That's called a proof of principle, a unique experiment." (p.11)
(Sad to say that for this nonsensical gibberish young people are giving up legitimate careers in science and philosophy.)
As I have frequently noted above, these profound young thinkers often cannot distinguish between "its" and "it's", have a precious predisposition to use the conditional subjunctive ("it were important to buy string for the card-table shrine"), and don't even seem clear on what Lyn's "fundamental discovery" of 1948-1952 was.
A few more howlers:
"The ability, not simply to publish scientific papers, but to oeverthrow axioms, inspired the Bernoulli's [sic] and others to join Leibniz' attack on the Cartesians" (p.12)
"W: ah [sic], yes. Another name for what you just figured out is called a tangent.
L: Are you saying black boards [sic] are not necessary for tangents?" (p.15)
"W: ... In Euclid's brain, shape is described by a priori directions.
L: Its [sic] good Euclid was so smart, he probably used more than ten percent of his brain." (p.16)
I tire of typing. Check it out for yourself:
Stay put in school.


12-06-2006, 01:32 PM
In 1971, Helga travelled for many months through China, as one of the first European journalists, at the highpoint of the Cultural Revolution. (this is from their official website)
As you all know the "Cultural Revolution" in the People's Republic of China was a struggle for power within the Communist Party of China. It was launched by Mao Zedong in 1966 to regain control of the party after the disasters of the "Great Leap Forward" (an estimated 38 million people had died from widespread famine).
Between 1966 and 1968 (from wikipedia), Mao's principal lieutenants, Lin Biao and Mao's wife Jiang Qing, acting on his instructions, organised a mass youth militia called the "Red Guards" to overthrow Mao's enemies.
Lin Biao said in a speech that "Chairman Mao is a genius, everything the Chairman says is truly great; one of the Chairman's words will override the meaning of ten thousands of ours." Thus started the first phase of Mao's cult of personality.
The "Red guards" began by passing out leaflets explaining their actions to develop and strengthen socialism, and posting the names of suspected "counter-revolutionaries" on bulletin boards. They assembled in large groups, held "great debates," and wrote educational plays. They held public meetings to criticize and solicit self-criticism from suspected "counter-revolutionaries."
The authority of the Red Guards surpassed that of the army, local police authorities, and the law in general. China's traditional arts and ideas were ignored, to praise from Mao. People were encouraged to criticize cultural institutions and to question their parents and teachers, which had been strictly forbidden in Confucian culture. China's historical reserves, artifacts and sites of interest suffered devastating damage as they were thought to be at the root of "old ways of thinking". During the Cultural Revolution, young people from the cities were forcibly moved to the countryside, where they were forced to abandon all forms of standard education for the propaganda teachings of the Communist Party of China.
Sounds familiar? I can t help drawing the parallel with the LYM... that this youth mvt is Helga's idea from her Chinese experience in 1971. So now, who's brainwashed by Tavistock? Who is a "counter-revolutionary" etc ?
However in late 1973, a campaign was started by Mao's wife and several backers (the so-called "Gang of Four") aimed against Premier Zhou Enlai. Five years after Mao's death in 1976, the four deposed leaders were subjected to a show trial and convicted of anti-party activities...
Well Helga knows that history repeats itself for those who have no memory...
Since Uwe's departure... are we going to witness such a "Gang of Four" internal battle for power?


12-07-2006, 09:13 AM
Again, with the "principle":
"The answer to that question is elementary, as I shall show over the course of this present report; but, like all valid, truly elementary discoveries of principle, the process of getting to the essential truth of a matter of principle is never really simple. As in what became, ultimately, the successful performance of a great contrapuntal choral work of Johann Sebastian Bach, the simplicity of the truth appears only after the sensuous actuality of the true principle has finally been discovered."
I challenge ANY LaRouchite to explain what this means: it is on the face of it sheer nonsense.


12-07-2006, 04:00 PM
There was a break in the German press on Monday as this article appeared on a German news site.
2259447%2C00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf,,,2259447,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf (
Here is the article as it appeared. The article in Germany has provoked Lyn to a new hight of barbaristic bile and vileness not seen since Chris White started to bang his then wife Carol.
Some yutes who overheard an NEC meeting about the German press coverage have promised to send in some quotes from the nightly meeting which scared the hell out of them.
Be scared LYM, very scared, you may be asked to take a prison cell for Lyn instead of world power.
Here is the article which caused the further mental breakdown.

Germany | 05.12.2006
German Court Considers Investigation Into Student Death
Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Jeremiah Duggan was 22 when he died
Jeremiah Duggan was a young British student who met a mysterious death in Germany in 2003. The Constitutional Court is currently considering whether to order a new investigation into what happened.

In the early hours of March 27, 2003, the body of a young man was found on the B455 freeway outside Wiesbaden. After questioning motorists, local police concluded Jeremiah Duggan had committed suicide by running into traffic, and the case was closed.
But in the last three and a half years, Jeremiah's mother has amassed evidence which she says proves her son did not take his own life -- and also suggests that the perfunctory police investigation was badly flawed. Even so, despite the fact that the coroner at the British inquest in November 2003 said there was nothing in the German police evidence to suggest Jeremiah's death could be suicide, German courts have refused to reopen the case.
"The police investigation was incomplete," argues Erica Duggan's lawyer Hans-Eberhard Schultz. "No autopsy was performed on the body, and no witness statements were taken from the drivers of the cars. At the very least, these people need to be questioned again thoroughly."
Erica Duggan is haunted by questions no one seems willing to help her answer. "Why doesn't Germany want to investigate the full circumstances of his death?" she asks.
A search for clues

Bildunterschrift: Jeremiah was described by friends as a happy, well-balanced young man
One report she commissioned from former Scotland Yard forensics expert Paul Canning earlier this year suggests that nothing less than a cover-up may have taken place.
According to his findings, the tracks on the road did not match the police version of how the accident happened, and there were no signs of glass, tire marks or crushing of the body to prove it had been run over.

After examining photographs of the scene of the accident taken by German police, Canning concluded: "I do not believe that the images depict how Jerry came to meet his premature death. It is possible that Jerry lost his life elsewhere, prior to being placed at this scene."

In November, Erica Duggan filed the case with the German Constitutional Court. "I lost my son, but unless the Constitutional Court supports my rights, I have the added trauma of having lost justice," she says.
With her fresh information all pointing to an unsolved mystery, it is now up to the court in Karlsruhe to decide the next move.
"Who knows why the investigation was so inadequate, but it was, and it's high time it was reopened," says Schultz.


12-07-2006, 04:03 PM
The facts

Jeremiah was a 22-year-old British student who had been studying in Paris. In early 2003, he fell in with a group of young people who sold Nouvelle Solidarité, a newspaper published by controversial US millionaire and political campaigner Lyndon LaRouche.
The group invited Jeremiah to Wiesbaden to attend a conference organized by the LaRouche Youth Movement and the related Schiller Institute run by LaRouche's German wife Helga Zepp, which has been described by Britain's Metropolitan Police as "a political cult with sinister and dangerous connections."
But Jeremiah knew nothing of this. Believing he would be attending a seminar critical of the imminent war against Iraq, he left for Wiesbaden on March 21.
On March 27 he rang his mother in London in the middle of the night sounding terrified. "I am in terrible trouble...I'm frightened," he managed to say before being cut off. Minutes later, he was dead. To the German police, the call indicated he was suicidal. To his mother, it sounded as though he feared for his life.
LaRouche and BüSo woo idealistic youths

Bildunterschrift: Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Lyndon LaRouche on the campaign trail
According to Pastor Thomas Gandow, Sect Commissioner of the Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg, Jeremiah's involvement with the Schiller Institute might well have taken a sinister turn, especially after he revealed he was Jewish.
Lyndon LaRouche's group and its political German wing, BüSo (Civil Rights Movement Solidarity), have long been accused of propagating a virulent brand of anti-Semitism.
Lecture notes found in Jeremiah's bag after his death apparently pointed to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories to explain the background to the Iraq war and other global problems.
"We know very little about this institute," says Gandow. "It appears to operate as an intelligence service as well as a youth religion. Opposing the Iraq war is one of the ways it recruits idealistic young people.
"Despite being known to operate like a cult, for some reason it is not monitored by the government – even though other sects such as Scientology are," he points out. "Basically, the fact that the Institute has not been investigated is a scandal."


12-07-2006, 04:05 PM
The Simon Wiesenthal Centre is equally alarmed by the LaRouche Youth Movement and the Schiller Institute.
Last month, its director for international relations Shimon Samuels wrote to German Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries urging her to "reopen the public investigation of this case at the highest Federal level, to hold an inquiry as to whether Jeremiah Duggan's Jewish identity played any role in his death, and to impose the full application of German law to the supervision of the LaRouche Youth Movement and its network of affiliates."
In 2004, a former member of the Schiller Institute told the BBC that "people tend to be drawn into it who did not want to be drawn into it -- who did not want to join a cult or sect." She added that conferences entailed immense psychological duress.
"I was freaked out and I experienced that other people were freaked out. I saw people who went out of their mind," she said.
Jeremiah might have experienced similar pressure.
"Perhaps these people exerted such psychological pressure on Jeremiah that he panicked," says sect commissioner Gandow. "Perhaps they wanted to make an example of him. Who knows?"
Standard practice

Bildunterschrift: Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: LaRouche has run as a presidential candidate several times
Even though Jeremiah's passport was found to have been in the possession of the Schiller Institute when he died, police failed to question any of its staff.
Hartmut Ferse, press spokesperson for the Public Prosecutors' Office in Wiesbaden, still insists there was nothing amiss with the way the case was handled.
Then as now, police insisted the activities of the Schiller Institute played "no role" in the investigation. "This was a cut and dried suicide," said Ferse. "It is not our job to explore the motives for why someone should take their own life."
"There was simply no evidence of any third party involvement which would have necessitated further investigation. Clearly, no one pushed this young man onto the road."
He argues that it is standard practice not to take formal witness statements in a case in which the facts are unequivocal. "The drivers were questioned and let go, because there was nothing unusual in their statements," he insists.
Lyndon LaRouche, meanwhile, has dismissed the case as a "hoax" masterminded by his sworn enemy Dick Cheney.
"London sources tied intimately to Dick Cheney have once again launched a press campaign on behalf of a repeatedly discredited hoax," he wrote recently in his newspaper The Executive Intelligence Review. "This concerns the causes and circumstances of the suicide by a young, emotionally troubled British national, Jeremy Duggan, who, as the official forensic evidence showed beyond doubt, threw himself repeatedly against moving automobiles on a highway near Wiesbaden."


12-08-2006, 05:04 AM
If this is acccurate
My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It took a few days, but the LYM came through in Leesburg. No wonder they were aghast at what they overheard. Keep in mind that the following slug in the breifing is but the mere summary of the thought process which constitutes and "NEC meeting". All an NEC meeting is basically Lyn at one end of the table looking everyone over with the evil eye while the poor saps try to lick his boots, praying and hoping that they will not have some psychosexual babble of theirs not be introduced to the meeting.
I have been around since 1974 reading or in the org. This is by far the most horrendous and sickening thing I have ever seen, and I have seen the worst that the org can babble or do.
Forget that I was an accomplice to this lunacy when young. I am a parent now and can only, only imagine the pain the family of Jeremiah Duggan is going through reading this as Lyn's marching orders and mental status.

| |
| |
| & nbsp; |
| Wednesday, December 6, 2006 |
| |
| |
+---------------------------- -----------------------------------+
.................................................. ......................................

Last night's NEC meeting discussed the fraudulent campaign
using Erica Duggan, after a new smear broadcast in Germany by
Deutsche Welle. Jeremy was a deeply disturbed youth, who had
already been treated by the London Tavistock Clinic as a young
child, after the break-up of his parents' marriage.
It is significant that it was immediately following a
telephone conversation with his mother, Erica, that Jeremy Duggan
became actively suicidal for the last time. His companions tried
to watch him, but when one of them left for a cigarette, he
killed himself. What did his mother say which drove him to
suicide? What ugly secret did she know about his past and the
break-up of her marriage which drove him to suicide? What is this
guilty woman trying to cover up?


12-08-2006, 06:01 AM
This is typical larouchian psy-warfare. Bear in mind that Erica, Jeremiah's mother, is obviously jewish and remember what the org used to say about "jewish mothers"... dont be surprised if they come up with some "chicken soup" campaign. Dont be surprised if they ll try to use lar "anti-circoncision" stance (ie as a "symbolic castration" by "jewish mothers") etc... What is also intersting is the fact they blame HER for his suicide and that she should feel guilty...
As usual, the best way to "decrypt" a larouchian mind is simply tto take the "reversed" view, ie like looking through a mirror... They are so often what they blame others to be (attack is their best defense)... in other words some may know that THEY (ie the org) are guilty, and that there is indeed an "ugly secret" somewhere... Psychologically speaking this is very revealing.
It is also interesting they need to up their campaign against her. It shows they are feeling the heat right now and if they get nastier and nastier they ll make mistakes that will cost them dearly, including among their membership.
What the new members dont understand is lar past... I just saw a pic showing a recent campaign with a banner against (jewish banker) Felix Rohatyn labelled as a "nazi"... with these naive LYM new recruits.
The new members dont know that this comes straight from the infamous antisemitic and revisionist "zionism is not judaism" campaigner and especially from this killing quote from lar: "The impassioned sophistry which the Zionist demagogue offers to all foolish enough to be impressed with such hoaxes is the "holocaust" thesis: [...] in memory of the "six million. […] This is worse than sophistry. It is a lie. True, about a million and a half Jews did die as a result of the Nazi policy of labor-intensive "appropriate technology" for the employment of "inferior races," a small fraction of the tens of millions of others, especially Slavs, who were murdered in the same way that Jewish refugee Felix Rohatyn and others of his ilk propose to revive today. "
As lar once wrote in an internal memo... "as we change we dont change"... Indeed...


12-08-2006, 01:21 PM
What this suggests to me is that Lyndon is personally responsible for Jeremey's death.
He's squealing like a stuck pig. Jail time for Lyndon and Helga ahead. Unless he can stick it to someone else.
You're a sad old man Lyndon La Rouche.


12-08-2006, 02:06 PM
They are sticking to their script. If we could only find someone who will stick to the truth.


12-08-2006, 02:49 PM
I am twisted and admit it. Scanning other blogs and came upon a post regarding the fact that a Grove of Druids adopted the highway running by Jerry Falwell's Church!! ( Scroll down to see the picture. You may need to zoom it to see the text in it.
Ah the rich irony in that act. The poster said Falwell was fuming.
Can we find a pagan or Jewish group to adopt the road running in front of LHL's house in Leesburg?


12-09-2006, 08:55 AM
Kheris, everyone knows where the Windy Hill farm house is except the clueless yutes who are given the smoke and mirrors treatment by him.
Consider this funny post by a DC based blogger who runs into the cult weekly.

"Last comment, I promise. Did you know LaRouche lives on a million dollar farm property in Virgina? My long lost friend who "found" Larouche and disappeared, was once bragging about how when he went to a so-called National Conference (LaRouche) he and a bunch of other wide-eyed new coming youngsters where invited to his property for his birthday party. Anyway, he told me it was nice but that on their way there, they where BLINDFOLDED so they could not see the exact location of Larouche's property! How paranoid can you get? This man thinks "They" are out to get him. Folks, I cannot stress enough how much time and sanity you'll save by not even bothering to argue with them. Just overturn their literature table like the students so often do at the local college! "
I would post more but the latest rumours from Germany include the abandonment of the "Larouche Productive Triangle" in favor of the "Larouche German Love Triangle". Uwe Freisecke, the infamous Kingpin, arch enemy of Lyn has had a fun time with Helga for decades while he is busy saving humanity. Think of a "Germans gone Wild" video.
There is more purging going on in Weisbaden by Larouche than a Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan luncheon date. Don't bother with the world greatest economist saving humanity as these fights seem to always revolve around money , the house, er castle and who gets custody of the kids (yutes).
I admit I was fooled by Uwe Freseicke for years as he would tell the stories of Helga's "legendary beer farts" while buying rounds of beers for us. No wonder people in the USA loved when the KingPin came to their region.


12-09-2006, 01:11 PM
I saw a post at a blog that was repping itself as part of the investigation into Duggan's death, and asking for folks to contact them. One guy did post, with a name and email, saying he was there and had info. Then an Anon showed up with the usual noise that it was all fake. This was within the past few days. If Mrs. Duggan gets enough info she might be able to mount a wrongful death suit, assuming German law accommodates that kind of allegation.


12-09-2006, 01:42 PM
why dont u simply inform erica duggan? then she can maybe do something about it... now if people are stupid enough not to contact the official jeremiah's website i would personally doubt about the validity of their info... it s so basic.


12-09-2006, 03:30 PM
I did. And I also checked out the firm behind the blog, they appear to be real. If they are in fact working the investigation they are being PAID to follow up on leads including, I would presume, any that showed up on the blog. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised, since it is Blogger, that they got an email notice when that comment went up.
The blog invited people to provide information, and that is evidently what this person intended to do, although why he didn't just email them I'll never know.


12-09-2006, 04:58 PM
Based on the recent briefing of hate which appeared against Erica, I would be pretty cautious of anything I see about the case now. The Euro org is in shambles with purging, multiple resignations and people scattering.
In my experience with security they will try to send in people to express sympathies with the Duggan family to both find out info and to counter organise. Spreading maliscious news is in Lyn's DNA as he thrives on creating hate. He must have the LYM hate Duggan and erase any questions a member might have about what may have happened. The fingerprints were being left when this first happened.
Security will conduct "probes" to see what people know and spread false stories as needed.
The USA org was not told anything and had no idea why all of a sudden these European members were being flown out of Europe to US locals.
On the Academy2000 web site the LYM at first denied that anything took place at all. Later, Harley Schlanger gives a LYM web briefing where he says this is all a hoax by the British and Dick Cheney to stop Lyn from winning the white house. The Academy2000 web site is shut down and the yahoo site "AntiDummies" has a post by the moderator where everyone is told to never talk about Duggan and only Lyn can talk about it. These posts are then removed from the site.
Jeff Steinberg and security release elaborate article which now tie Duggan to the British gov and British murders of agents and so much lunacy I can't describe it. It is on the web site.
Jeremiah is now turned from a potential recruit to the LYM to a depressed guy who Lyn and the cult now diagnose medically and is part of the Tavistock conspiracy Lyn used in the early 1970s to run the org.
Over the years many members have not been able to avoid the Duggan case and have heard so many versions by the org that it is remindign them of the 1980 money scam investigatons and trials and convictions.
In this crazy world, who can blame people for jumping ship? The role of the Kingpin can be just the excuse needed to get out before the subpoens come.
For Lyn, this is nothing new as he always had multiple sectors in the org to play one against the other. Both sides would be worshipping Lyn and fawning for attention. He can blame any side for why the org has not taken power yet. In the Detroit defection, Computron the trials he says he always knew waht was going on and tried to save the org, but was too late. The only thing he knew was how to loot and harm while making himself the saviour of the org.
It is a standard Larouche operation and he told the deadenders last year in the Nov briefings I posted that there is no use in paying for an old member when you can get 50 years from fresh yutes.
Lyn will run the conf. and explain that because of the world historical mission of the youth, they have been chosen to save the human race as others have failed. Becasue of their strategic importance, they will be under attack by the lies of the Duggan family.
I could probably write Lyn's speech and give a web cast myself for the yutes.
Maybe the Uwe F gang can wear jackets with bowling pins on their back to signify the "KinPins" of the org to make it easier to see who is who. The deadenders will usually have teeth missing and wearing clothes from 25 years ago Kmart bins. The yutes will be in their "hoodies" which is the jacket of choice for the Glendale Lym. Helga will be in Saks 5th ave dress while Lyn laughs all the way to the hidden bank accounts.
It is so free to be outside this lunacy now.


12-10-2006, 10:57 AM
Good news! Pinochet just died. Old dictators eventually disappear... Let s hope it ll inspire someone we all know too well.


12-10-2006, 02:39 PM
So that's what wannabee actors wear these days.
They're a good match. The fake actors and the fake leader. Too cheap to even pay for drama lessons, they sell themselves out to get the classes for free.
Harley's achieved what he wanted. He's become part of Hollywood. He's just another dream and rip-off merchant, otherwise known as a con man.
But we already knew that.
It was Beltran who called the L.A. LYM "Hollywood" and he was right. Think he was trying to tell us something?
Check out Vecchiola last year. LHLs'll manipulate anything. This is straight propaganda.
(Message edited by wanderer on December 10, 2006)
(Message edited by wanderer on December 10, 2006)


12-10-2006, 03:10 PM
I have a question that maybe the ex-LYMers can answer. Has Harley's dream of taking over Hollywood evaporated?
I've listened to Beltran's on-line workshops and even the LYMers regard him as an un-La Rouchie La Rouchie. For one thing, he tells them to think for themselves and not to just listen to anyone else.
The impression I get from listening to him that he has found them all resoundingly disappointing. Totally lacking in any sort of dedication. They come to workshops without rehearsal or even reading the play they're supposed to be working on.
So much for their much vaunted dedication to the cause of Classical Renaissance.
It's obviously just more smoke and mirrors Mr. Beltran. Sorry that another clown college has let you down.


12-11-2006, 02:35 PM
The silence seems to indicate that my informant may have been right. He claims Mr. Beltran has "outgrown" the "toughener". He says Mr. Beltran has moved on and is seeking to clarify his own position on politics as he does not agree with La Rouche.
Looks like you've failed Harley: False advertising never works. Seems to me you shouldn't try copying Scientology in the future and should stay in Texas, out of Hollywood and away from artistic communities.
Can anyone shed any light on this? Is my informant blowing smoke?


12-12-2006, 11:15 AM
From "Henry Kissinger's Hell" LaR:
Although Kissinger's appearance, even at his least worst, was never exactly that of a "Dorian Gray," the evils of an ill-spent life in public service afford viewers today a portrait of the man's lack of humane character drooping from his dew-laps. Perhaps Sister Lynne Cheney has an extra leash or two, for both Dick and Henry, next to the tethered dogs on the hillside of the Naval Observatory. Perhaps the fashion-conscious Secretary of State might bring out her famous high boots, and, grasping a blacksnake whip to match, march up to the Observatory to administer a relevant lesson in diplomacy to the snarling pair of Dirty Dick and rumpled Henry: "Thwack! Thwack!..." rings out into the night, until the ugly snarls simper into silence.
Thank you, LaR, for this ever-so-interesting bit of commentary. Is this how your mind works, really?


12-12-2006, 03:39 PM
Not only "the greatest mind since Leibniz," but the sickest perv since the Marquis de Sade.


12-12-2006, 04:32 PM
You'll notice that the last line of this particular statement was edited out by the office staff to make it sound slightly less INSANE. Osgood's, however, has what LaRouche actually wrote.



12-12-2006, 07:15 PM
Good work, xr71. Osgood blew it for his Fuehrer. So to speak.


12-12-2006, 08:27 PM
I'm sorry, but this is also just too weird:
(From Larouche, "A Weird Case from Berlin")
[Just skim it or skip down to the arrow.]
""I have just received a copy of a weird item written in Berlin. The author of that piece shall be identified only as a nameless German of the grim species which the French call "BoBos." His name shall thus remain, in the Biblical sense, "Legion." He is very grim, gruff, given to explosive fits of rage, and, given the opportunity, cruel. Like a real-life Jekyll and Hyde personality, he is sometimes intelligent, but known by some relevant persons on both sides of the Atlantic, as also brutishly immoral in dealing with any vulnerable person he has chosen as a suitable target of his venomous intent to destroy yet another young citizen. He is, therefore, of a type not to be trusted with any position of authority over other persons. He is, in short, a thug."
"In the concluding paragraph of the written item to which I refer, he launches a savage, threatening attack on what he alleges are the tyrannical tendencies of young adults, a species which he implicitly dedicates himself to destroying. Pity the poor young adult (or even women of his own generation) who falls undefended within the intended sweep of his murderous paws!"
-->If he thinks he is writing about Uwe Friesike, the 26-year Euro org veteran who just got the boot, and the rest of the collapsing Euro organization, he should look in the mirror.
It is apparent that Uwe F. or someone else just wrote him a letter which he did not like, and to which he is responding on the front page of his political action committee (top left). How DO you have time for this sort of indulgence, Mr. Larouche?


12-12-2006, 08:29 PM
P.S. How DO you have time for this? I thought the world economy was supposed to be collapsing.


12-14-2006, 02:38 PM
Extra piece of information.
My informant tells me that Mr. Beltran was thrown out. I like this man more and more!
Wonder what he did?


12-14-2006, 04:09 PM
Finally found his way out of the Delta Quadrant ...


12-14-2006, 06:20 PM
How could they Throw Out beltran?
(this is a serious question...)


12-14-2006, 08:27 PM
I would venture to suggest a few things may have gone on with Beltran. Harley may have had visions of rolling in dough when Beltran called in off the late night infomercial we ran with Lyn. Looking up records you will see that Beltran gave a $1,000 in 2004 and 2003.
That can run the LA LYM officefor a few months of oatmeal and chicken drum sticks, but it aint paying for Lyn and Helga's taste. The only other money a Hollywood "name " gave was Ed Asner who did a few hundred. That is funny because Phil would be on the conference call screaming that we have to stop "super Liberals" like Ed Asner many years ago.
We made a lot of enemies in Hollywood when we ran our Proposition 69 campaigns and Lyn's pure hate of gays came through real clear.
Webster Tarpley picked up the Hollywood franchise with his 9/11 lunacy as Charlie Sheen has appeared with him.
My guess is that Beltran may have been like the many "former this" or "Ex that" which we would often pay a few bucks for showing up at meetings and letting us use their names to raise money and make phone calls.
After the first few checks, we often scaled them back and gave them the end of the world hysteria when they asked why their checks bounced. Harley probably sicked his wife Suzie on him to shake some money off him.
Beltran also may have wondered about how come each year the economy is going to collapse. He has been through 4 of these and may just be smarter then the average yute in the cult.
He could have had a real in depth discussion with a member about something he was familiar with and the light bulb went off over his head that the cult is full of s**t.
Betran may have witnessed a deadender mentally break down in the Glendale office. This was a BIG NO NO in the regions. You were strictly told that you never reveal a problem or org dirty underwear when we had our hired guests in the office. You saved that for the midnight sessions in the NC's living room.
See yutes, graduate from school and your powers of observation improve. BTW, has anyone noticed that Lyn has now started saying that the "Crash of 2007" is under way?
Beltran may also have picked up some star struck yutes who may have split from the cult. It would not be the first time this happened. You see we have had many memebrs who had brains be hired by contacts who would say "You are a smart person, Lyn is crazy. Why don't you set up your own consulting firm, work for me or see this person for a job". a LOT of members left this way.
I sorta lean towards this hypothesis of the higher hypothesis. Beltran finally read his email from people who asked him to read, and/or just look up "Larouche" and "cult" "fraud" "anti semitism" "crime" "brainwashing" on any search engine.
The next step is to either ignore and pretend that he never existed or tell members that he was either captured by the ADL or was an agent or some enemy of humanity. I think it all depends on how much money we are talking here.


12-15-2006, 05:40 PM
RE: Beltran
I want to see an LHL rant a la the Uwe Friesecke affair and the letter from Berlin. It would be priceless, especially if Beltran walked but the claim is that he was booted. Any bets on Beltran walking and the org spinning it as a booting?


12-16-2006, 01:44 PM
sorry to disappoint you few nuts about beltran...he still supports larouche and the lym and their work with beltran is even more intensive...kheris...looks like you've found another venue to spout your anti beltran crap and it started long before he supported larouche...and it looks like your psychotic dyke lover has now joined the fun at bat, i mean factnet. org...don't you guys ever leave the basement of your granma's house....oh well, most of the world supports lyn so you quartet of crazies can come here and pretend someone actually gives a flying <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> about your pretentious and pedantic opinions...have fun pretending to be important and useful.


12-16-2006, 02:28 PM
Well hi to you too Harley!
Thank-you for confirming that what my informer told me is right. They pre-warned me about your rant.
It's called transferance and has nothing to do with reality.
As usual, you've got it wrong and you are not going to find anything out this way.
I'll tell you one thing Harley. This proves the member of the LYM I last talked to was right. You're hanging around here morning, noon and night.
We must really be doing some good here if the LYM are openly told never to visit this site.
Find some other axe to grind and although you won't take this advice, get yourself another life that actually does do something to help humanity. Other than feeding your fantasies, that is.
Obviously, we are important or you wouldn't be here, squealing like a stuck pig.

(Message edited by wanderer on December 16, 2006)


12-16-2006, 02:44 PM
BTW, Harley, snookums.
Which "Beltran" are you speaking about?



12-16-2006, 02:49 PM
The entire German leadership has left Larouche two weeks ago. These are people who have been around from day one, 30 years or so. We all have lives, families, children and actually accomplish something in life.
Perhaps you need a refresher about what your recent activities have accomplished? The first thing you have accomplished is keeping the cult of personality going for another round of suckers and victims.
Let us assume that you have worked intensely for the past decade or so and have seen your hard work yield a collapse in the physical production, mailing and subscriber base of EIR and New Federalist along with 21st Century being so far behind they use a special calender now.
While you have intensely slaved over a hot card table shrine, Lyn has had quite a bundle shipped over to Germany while many deadenders lost their teeth, apts and sanity. Uwe Friesecke and friends had several million dollars shipped to them which was supposed to be handed over to the worlds's greatest economist.
We have virually the entire European membership who you loved and read over the years now gone while Lyn is crying over who be got the money.
Of course you are angry. Lyn has a conference going on in Germany with the leftover yutes who need to be whipped up to go out and raise more millions. Someone's rent has to be paid on time for God's sake.
There is even a betting pool going on among former members over what trick Lyn will use to whip your <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> into high gear.
Maybe another Chris White brainwashing caper.
Maybe a Konstantin George brainwashing caper since this is in Germany.
Maybe another assasination plot from the Queen of England.
Maybe the old "end of the economy as it will collpase this quarter" routine.
How about the old "A nuclear war may erupt any minute " spiel.
Perhaps a good ol "Civilization is doomed unless we win" collage?
The side bet is over how many people "freak out" if Lyn really does all of the above.
You are in the cult, we are not. You are missing nearly 10 million dollars, our money is with us. We put food on the table, you put 2 year old pamphlets on the card table shrine. We sing holiday songs and enjoy the seasons, you sing for spare change year round now for Larouche.
Lyn is like the Emeril of cult leaders. You have to be "kicked up a notch" so to speak to accept the disgusting section of the briefing about the Jeremiah Duggan family.
Oh, I hope you enjoy how Lyn was welcomed by the Zayed Center for his views of the Jews. Care to compare Holocaust numbers with Lyn and David Duke?
I have some choice morning briefing tid bits to show how the LYM are being bamboozled by a charlatan.


12-16-2006, 06:57 PM
"oh well, most of the world supports lyn"
Psycho. Note, too, the patented "Greatest Cuckold since Socrates" sexual dysfunction and clinical fright at gay people. C'est a rire.


12-16-2006, 07:27 PM
I'll tell you what Harley.
Why don't you stop threatening and harrassing the Beltran family, friends and fanbase? Then we'll see whether they really want to be involved with you or not.
If this is the only way you can get someone to support your cause then you've got bigger problems than us.


12-16-2006, 08:04 PM
Why don't we allow Robert Beltran to speak for himself!
Are these the movies that would win LaR's approval? Now, I ask you!
Isn't this the dreaded *popular culture* LaR is trying to stamp out?
Straight off the IMDB:
A comedy
A vampire movie
Scifi spectaculars etc., and etc.,
And all of them made for TV! That opiat of the masses!
Seems to me Robert Beltran has been doing this a very long time. He's been waiting for everyone else to figure out what has been going on.
Patriotville (2006) (post-production) .... Joseph Sleeping Bear
Cry of the Winged Serpent (2006) (TV) (completed) .... Father Juan
Dance with a Vampire (2006) (V) .... EMT Mikey
Alien Fire (2006) (TV) .... Cooke
Manticore (2005) (TV) .... Sgt. Baxter
Roddenberry on Patrol (2003) (V) .... Shirtless Man
Foto-Novelas II: Broken Sky (2003) (TV)
"CSI: Miami" .... Judge Ojeda (1 episode, 2003)
- Tinder Box (2003) TV Episode .... Judge Ojeda


12-16-2006, 09:46 PM
sorry to disappoint you few nuts about beltran...he still supports larouche and the lym and their work with beltran is even more intensive
Really? When will it amount to anything more than one giant rehearsal after another? What happened to the traveling theater group that was originally discussed?
...kheris...looks like you've found another venue to spout your anti beltran crap and it started long before he supported larouche
The ever popular ad hominem attack, and it isn't even accurate, imagine that!
...and it looks like your psychotic dyke lover has now joined the fun at bat, i mean factnet. org
Well this is news. And here I thought the man in my life was really, well, a man! But don't worry, I won't tell him what you said, as I am sure he won't take it too kindly.
don't you guys ever leave the basement of your granma's house
Got a hall pass for today, so been busy traveling the city, attending a book signing, a play, going to dinner. You know. Real socializing. Beats thinking up tendentious attacks disguised to be clever.
....oh well, most of the world supports lyn
That explains his overwhelming performance during the 2004 election. No, wait!! Cheney stole it from him. Sorry, I forgot.
so you quartet of crazies
Quartet? tell me who it is I am conniving with. I really would like to know. By the way, how many people are in there with you?
can come here and pretend someone actually gives a flying ••• about your pretentious and pedantic opinions
I bet they give as much of a flying *** about me as they do about you. Pretty much makes us even ya think?
...have fun pretending to be important and useful.
Scary thing is, I have a work assignment that is just that. I don't need FACTnet to be important and useful although I suspect you need Larouche in order to feel important and useful.
What kind of Kool-aid are they serving these days?
Oh and do send Xmas greetings to Gerald Pechenuk and tell him Kheris says thanks for the carols.
(Message edited by kheris on December 16, 2006)


12-16-2006, 10:10 PM
I will believe Beltran is really out when either he surfaces and says so, or LHL publishes a rant against him. And I fully expect any rant to "spin" the facts. That said, there are couple of events that suggest wanderer's informant is being truthful.
1 - The investigation into the Duggan Affair got a shot in the arm when the German attorneys appealed to the German court for a hearing. I have yet to see anything at justiceforjeremiah as to a decision. Judges deliberate very slowly, so I suspect it will be well after the New Year before a decision is rendered. That said;
2 - we have the information obtained by xlcr regarding the 12/6/06 briefing, which clearly suggests that LHL is back on the warpath and intends to smear Erica Duggan as the trigger for her son's death.
3 - wanderer then appears with this information about Beltran either walking out or being booted out. Either way, the timing of wanderer's informant is interesting. Could there be a connection or just serendipitous timing?
BTW, I don't think that is Harley posting. He's capable of much better than that. My money is on an overwrought fan out to curry favor.
(Message edited by kheris on December 17, 2006)


12-17-2006, 05:12 AM
This is from last Friday's briefing. What people should understand is how the demented mind of Lyn works. He has a probelm in which the LYM are laughed at and viwed as a cult across the world. Almost the entire German org has left or been purged. A sum approaching 10 million secretly transferred from the USA to Germany is missing. More and more members keep on doing surreptitious meetings and interviews about the death of Jeremiah Duggan with investigators.
sir would ask WWLD? or What Would Lyn Do.
What Lyn does is basically create another cult within the cult to replace the people who are dying off, leaving or just not showing up.
What Lyn does is take whatever is the current event which is in a member's mind and link that to his problem where he is the victim. The cadre are told that humanity will die unless they act quickly (raise mo money) to save the org from the last set of members. This is important because you have to explain why everyone you read about or heard before is no longer there.
Lyn will tell the new yutes that he would be in power and the world would be saved if not for the failures of the old yutes who sold him out. To make this work you need a crisis, which is never in short supply in the bizarro world of Larouche.
This segment of the briefing links everything into one big world wide plot against Lyn. If ypou reread the "KingPin" memo of Lyn , he is sayng that Uwe F ran a cult, screwed the members, lost the circulation of subscribers and abused people, not Lyn!
Lyn then declares that he too was a victim. This really is no different than what happened with Computron, FEF, Detroit adn the money scams we ran. Lyn is able to declare his innocence, victimhood and leadership in ons stroke to the remaining few who now feel special.
What this memo does is take several completely unrelated events around the globe and with a little bit of we used to joke in the org was called "connecto", Lyn has a new grand conspiracy revolving around him. HE is the victim, not Jeremiah Duggan.

| |
| |
| |
| Friday, December 15, 2006 |
| |
| |

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
The carefully composed, following report, by our Scott
Thompson, (see Documentation Section) is a chronology of the
associated events surrounding the strange death of British
intelligence officer Dr. David Kelley, in England, and the
suicide of Jeremy Duggan, in Germany, all in the same short
time-frame. This investigation has led investigators to the
crucial connection of these deaths to the family circle of U.S.
Vice-President Dick Cheney and his independently notorious wife
Lynne Cheney.


12-17-2006, 05:13 AM
The pivotal facts which link all of these and related
developments, is David Kelley's role in exposing the British
Blair government's role, as having had done a "sexing up" of a
pack of alleged facts used to create the hoax, led by
Vice-President Dick Cheney, which misled the U.S. Senate into
endorsing the launching of the U.S. into the currently
still-escalating catastrophe in Iraq.
The attempt by certain high-ranking British and U.S. circles
to distract continued attention from the very-high-level
implications of David Kelley's death, has led back to the scene
of the actual crime, London, where the attempt to cover up the
Blair government's complicity in launching the presently
disastrous crisis of Southwest Asia, shows how far, and how long,
the high-level British and U.S. cronies are willing to go, in
trading in the corpse of a poor suicide, Jeremy Duggan, who died,
far from home and friends, tormented by a legacy of his past, on
a highway, alone, at night, in a torment which had haunted him
from childhood.
The root of the hoax crafted around that suicide, began with
my several interviews on the subject of this war, interviews
which appeared on BBC during this period. Those BBC interviews of
mine, are key to the role of Cheney's circles, including Baroness
Liz Symons, in using Duggan's suicide, later, as a distraction
from the issues of policy posed by the death of British
intelligence office Kelley. The fact that I had played a notable
part, internationally, in launching the exposure of Cheney's role
in lying to the U.S. Senate and others, in sending the U.S. in to
disastrous Iraq war, was the setting in which certain British
circles with the mentalities of Burke and Hare elected to shop
the corpse of poor Jeremy.
The complicity of the government and person of Prime
Minister Tony Blair in this matter, involving Baroness Symons,
through her husband in Blair's office, on one end, and the
Baroness herself on the other, has led the world up to the
threshold of the present crisis of the British government, and
also of that U.S. Bush administration, a crisis which presently
threatens to bring down the present Bush administration,
including Cheney, even very soon.
A case of that sort, with all the complexities, high and
low, which Scott Thompson's chronology logs in his report, should
be recognized as illustrating the typical, dynamical character,
reaching to both the highest and lowest, the more immediate and
also most remote aspects of the social process which are swept up
to common effect, in any nasty little conspiracy of the sort
toward which the official attempt to promote the contrasting,
fraudulent views of the Duggan and Kelley cases leads. The
British effort to continue the hoax now, will only unveil the
dirty scheme of the Blair ministry the more fully, the longer the
attempt is made to keep the hoax of the alleged Duggan case
From all the evidence accumulated thus far, we must presume
that Jeremy Duggan himself was, essentially, a well-meaning
innocent, a likeable fellow, if with an awful psychological
burden. He sought peace from the noises which had been dwelling
within him for longer than he could continue to bear; his
suicide, awful as it was as a way of dying, had earned him a
decent and peaceful interment. His poor corpse should not have
been sold on the open market of strategic lying, all for a
political swindle in which Baroness Symons and other sullied
connections of Lynne and Dick Cheney came forth to play their
disgusting part.


12-17-2006, 06:54 AM
More and more members keep on doing surreptitious meetings and interviews about the death of Jeremiah Duggan with investigators.
XLCR - Are you hearing this from inside the org? Are you getting any sense as to the number of Wiesbaden participants now coming forward?
we must presume that Jeremy Duggan himself was, essentially, a well-meaning innocent, a likeable fellow, if with an awful psychological burden. He sought peace from the noises which had been dwelling within him for longer than he could continue to bear;
Ah yes, Dr. Larouche at work diagnosing from afar. Very much in the mode made famous by Bill Frist in the Shiavo case. Frist was wrong too.
His poor corpse should not have been sold on the open market of strategic lying
It takes one to know one.
What is truly interesting is that the briefing comes across as a primal scream, as it were, from a very upset, frustrated, old man. I almost feel sorry for him. What a wasted life.


12-17-2006, 01:40 PM
Kheris, if you were to personally see Larouche and see what has happened to members, the idea of feeling sorry is replaced by wondering why this madman was let out of prison. Many members are whooping it up to see the Germans fight Lyn for the control of money, secretly pirated out of the USA.
One reason the cult does not want members to be aywhere near a computer is because they are truly reading a "Conceptual History of the Labor Committees". Those who have been around will know what that means.
The LYM in many cases were not born when we committed crimes and were just born when we went to prison. Before this site, the yutes were given a hocus pocus job comparing Lyn to MLK and his prison sentence was because of how crucial larouche was to stop the oligarchy.
Never a word or promisorry notes or credit card double billing and phony charges were mentioned. When I brought this up on the old LYM forums, one group of members would email me asking me to provide more info because they never heard of this stuff! After some posts, Harley and Phil decided that there is no need for members to ask questions like "what did Lyn say on the witness stand about paying taxes?"
The history I mentioned about Phil and his amazing temper and throwing out members into the street for larouche hit something among some yutes. One yute emailed me that he was told by Phil that his apt would be shut down as they did not pay the rent for a while. On his way to his deployment, Phil allegedly said "don't let that discourage you from recruiting people on campus to the movement.
You see yutes, there is no fine print which says that by "movement" they mean 10 million over 5 years moves to Germany for Lyn and Helga.
What has caused much grief is the fact that members on campus have been taking breaks and going to the library computers to look up Larouche and have found During their reading of this continuing saga, drama, tragedy and comedy they see that quite a few members were indicted, shipped overseas to avoid the law and spent several years in prison.
Believe me, meeting Mike Billington in person does not make you want to be a prison bXXch for Larouche. As members start to ask questions, they do what many memebrs did in the 1980s. They quietly leave or tell someone , anyone that they have nothing to do with a possible criminal/civil problem and will offer a brief summary of what they know.
In Europe this is much more intense as seen by recent actions. Thus, the screams of Larouche beegin to sound like the last days in a Weisbaden bunker as even the beloved self named larouche Youth are the final last stand.


12-17-2006, 02:35 PM
What I would give to be a fly on the wall right now in Germany and Leesburg.
If anyone suspects or has evidence of federal tax fraud by Larouche or others go to this URL, it won't set up properly as a hot link
id=106778%2C00.html,,,id=106778,00.html (
Heck it doesn't even set up properly as just a link, so copy and paste from http and onwards.


12-17-2006, 03:22 PM
Heard from my informant that Robert Beltran saw matters for himself and then did his own research via the Internet.
According to my informant, THIS Mr. Beltran is fully computer operational and recommends sites like this so people can know the truth.


12-17-2006, 04:26 PM
According to my informant, THIS Mr. Beltran is fully computer operational and recommends sites like this so people can know the truth.
Well if that's the case then it's long past time for THIS Mr. Beltran to stand up, speak up, and be counted. Given all that has been recently claimed about his affiliation with LaRouche, I can't see the value in his ongoing silence. If it continues much longer I think the skeptics will conclude, and understandably so, that you have been set up, including the prediction of a post by a pro-LaRouchie like sir_ehk_rerednaw. If he is fully computer operational and knowledgeable about this site, then he can certainly speak up for himself and set the record straight.


12-18-2006, 12:10 AM
Ask that ye may receive. Well, I sure got it. Beltran speaks (, just not the way I wanted him to. The file date is 12/14/06. Guess that answers my question.


12-18-2006, 08:56 AM
To see how evil the organization is, we need to look at its continued cover for the gov't of Sudan's genocide by the janjaweed militias against black African muslims in southern Sudan. Reading some of the nonsense peddled by LaRouche and associates at the Khartoum conference from 2001, where they blamed the British and IMF for the genocide and refused to make one mention of the Arab racism and genocidal intent against black Africans which has gone on since the days of their involvement in the slave trade.
I post something from a conference the Schiller Institute held in 1996, but the LC position hasn't changed a fig since then as far as I know.
On April 20, 1996, a Washington D.C. conference sponsored by the Schiller Institute exposed the "Big Lie" tactic being used by the British Empire against the nation of Sudan. Speakers included Angelo Bamgbaru Beda, a member of Sudan's National Assembly, who is a former governor of Equatoria state and a Christian from the South; Adbel Mahmoud Al-Koronsky, press attach&#38953;n the Embassy of Sudan in London; and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
"We are finally making inroads" to ending the civil war between the Islamic North and the Christian South, reported Beda. A consensus has been reached to exempt the South from sharia (Islamic law), a consensus built over the concept of citizenship, over and above religion. Another change, a sharp break with British colonial policy, is to allow Christians to evangelize in the North, and Muslims in the South."
Concerning what Baroness Caroline Cox and her Christian Solidarity International call government-sponsored "slavery" in Sudan's South, Beda reported that numerous delegations have toured the Nuba Mountains and other areas where Cox claims slavery is practiced, and found her charges to be baseless. These have included a delegation from EUSAP (European Union-African-Caribbean and Pacific) headed by Lord Plum of the British House of Lords.
Beda emphasized the necessity of economic development in the South, without which where can be no real solution to the conflict.
The presentation by Lyndon LaRouche was focussed on what empire has meant historically, and its disguised form today as the British Commonwealth, with its plans to incorporate the United Nations mechanism.
LaRouche said that the actual "crime" of Sudan was its determination "to provide food supplies adequate for its own people, not to be in the position of Egypt, which by IMF., London, and U.S. dictation is not allowed to develop its own food supply because that would free Egypt from London's control." The vehemence of the attacks on Sudan, and also on Nigeria, stem from these nations' participation in the British Commonwealth, since "any nation which is part of the British Empire, cannot escape without British permission!"


12-18-2006, 09:39 AM
You re right borisbad.. there is even more about their sudan dealings and their collaboration with Turabi, who hosted osama binladen while the larouches used to visit Karthoum....
Muriel is behind this operation. (before that she was handling a "save the children" op in Saddam's Iraq... hoping some funding from him)
The org always got it wrong in Africa... starting with the attack against the ANC (i remember an eir art saying the anc have no popular basis!!) and then the "briliant" tactical move towards chief zulu Buthelezi, involving Uwe the kingpin... and designed by frau helga (she was so thrilled and proud at the time!)... When Mandela was released, he was hailed as a new martin luther king by the org... people had even the nerve to compare his release from prison with... the then expected release of Lyn's !!!
Amnesia, amnesia...
and of course, the Rwandan genocide...
where uwe the kingpin sided with... the genocidalist hutus while lyn accused the queen of england (sic) for the genocide...
rings a bell?


12-18-2006, 02:00 PM
The organization got nothing wrong on South Africa: the Afrikaaners were forking over money for EIR Special Reports; the ANC had no use for EIR's intelligence. Lyn's politics since the seventies have all been oriented toward the buttered side of the bread. (Just occurred to me that his eventual rants against the English may have something to do with having been cuckolded by an Englishman. Just a thought. Let's see if the Germans as a whole end up being so vilified.)


12-19-2006, 04:06 AM
According to Ballot Access.Org Larouche is unlikely to run in 2008. ( Anyone heard anything along those lines? Nothing jumped out at me over at the PAC site.


12-19-2006, 03:40 PM
Here is how I look at this as far as a Larouche presidency campaign.
In 1976 we ran as the US Labor Party and took advantage of the low ratings for Carter. This let us pick up support from the right wing, even though we were communists back then. Carter gave us a way to raise money and get our first taste of fundraising and matching funds.
In 1980 we now declared ourselves Democrats and ran against Carter while getting a lot or money from the right wing and GOP operatives. You see, we can do dirty tricks and people learned that if you have some dirt, let Lyn and his cult do it. Even though we made a lot of money, we also spent money. Lyn and Helga's taste got very expensive and Lyn was getting fleeced by security scams which exploited his lunacy and paranoia. In this campaign we made GOP contacts and did a lot fo dirty tricks form people.
In 1984 we ran as Dems and began a massive increae in fundraising for TV ads. We had more and more matching fund money and spent more and more on Lyn and Helga's lifestyle while stil sending money to Europe and still losing millions to scammers.
Now in all of this, the membership was being starved and bankrupted. You have to think the way a cult of personality leader would think. The 1976 cmpaign was a joke as far as votes went. Lyn figured out that the best thing to do is to say that we did in fact recieve a gazillion votes, but the enemy stole it. We lost mebers after that campaign and becoming Dems and changing the org to an "American System" footing swept the losses of a third party out and like a bankruptcy, you start all over again.
In 1980 we sent everyone to New Hampshire and built up this beleif that Lyn would be a "Native Son" and win the primary. Instead, the good voters of New Hampshire recognised a kook when they see one and we got nothing. We also a few million or so to the mob and other scammers who actually promised Lyn that they would fix the election for us. After the election Lyn declared that we in fact did get a large vote but the oligarchy stole it.
People were both depressed and physically detroyed by this and we lost members and entire regions. Lyn had no trouble losing people since this is a cult and not a movement. We then go into high gear and whip up the members into a frenzy over Mondale handing over the US to the Soviets and get people to work more and more for less and less. We secretly wanted Reagan to win and this was the winning combo to raise money and appear to be players.
In 1988 we continue this but we now face legal problems with our frauds. lyn and security have this delusion that they are immune to prosecution becuase we are tight with the right, or so it seems. By this time we have people leaving in droves and now facing jail time.
In the next decade we have Lyn in prison and running for congress and the White House, but not with the huge TV ads but as an independent with two VPs who represent a secotr we will fleece. James Bevel as a Black Minister and Billy Davis as a farmer. Bevel ran out the door once the checks started bouncing and ended up with some Moonie offshoot I think. Davis ended up broke and lost his family and farm and scrapes by today somewhere in Leesburg.


12-19-2006, 03:42 PM
In 2000 Lyn needs a new gimmick as the org is now just a handfull of people who are pretty old and dying off. There is money being raised , however, nearly 10 million is sent overseas to Germany after LHL is out of prison with all of the publications being decimated and turning into cobwebs. Lyn does what he does best which is to find somethng peole do not like, get some students and start the game all over again with a fresh batch.. The 2000 election and 2004 election see the LYM formed as a cult of personality right out of the box and going straight to campuses. Now that you have had 2 elcetions, most mebers would wonder why they spent so much time and raised so much money and Lyn is not even recognised as a candidate but as a kook cult leader by the media and the electorate.
The main job of the cult is to use Lyn's lunacy to say and do things against people for a small price when others can't. In this model Lyn and the cult can be useful for people with agendas and enemies.
Sensing this, Lyn figures that if you fool them once , you can fool them twice. Seizing the hatred of Bush and the Iraq war creates an opportunity for recruitment and a different spin this time. Now, Lyn proclaims that we are working with unnamed big Democrats as consultants to the party and we are now big players. When the Dems lose th elections Lyn can say that because they did not listen to him, they lost. Dems won big this year so if you send a few yutes to a district and the voters elect a Dem over a Rep incumbent, than you take the claim of being the deciding factor. In the 2006 elections Lyn declares that his yutes won the election, regardless of how the independent vote and other sectors changed. Where the yuites recieved thei biggest coverage and media exposure in CT, Lieberman won over Lamont. So no matter what happens, you can issue a reason why such and such happened and make the yutes feel like they did sopmething rather than just be the butt of j okes on campus blogs around the country.
The move underway now is to have Lyn proclaim that John Kerry is tight with him and that the LarouchePAC is how to do it. This way, the org can raise money for LPAC, spend it on it self and claim to be the deciding factor in everything without having members loke at 1% vote totals for Lyn. If you look at the FEC records for LPAC you will see that the LYM and the Deadenders were financing a lot of the money which inturn went back to PMR for the printing and various local LYM expenses. Out of 7 million raised maybe $1,500 went to a candidate, and that was Larouche.
Lyn wroite on the first day of the new LPAC site that the Leesburg deadenders are gone and the yutes will be running the show. See the 3rd and 4th paragraph.


12-19-2006, 03:48 PM
In this model you can keep a campaign going every year to save humanity as there will be an election every year that LPAC can claim that it is mobilizing for. You also no longer have the same constraints on spending and raising money. Rather than a 4 year mobe which can lose people over vote totals you can keep the yutes on high alert with weekly LPAC quotas which have to be filled. If you look at the brieifngs from a few weeks ago, Lyn made it clear to Harley, Phil and Steve Douglas that the boiler rooms will be revamped, quotas changed and a new LYM based org in place to replace the deadenders who have been kicked out the door.
The yutes wil find that they will be deploying a lot more at money raising card table shrines instead of campuses, have more calls at night when they return to the office and will still be broke. Phil, Harley, Steve, Larry, Debbie and the rest of the leadership's main job is to be clueless when the millions are siphoned off for scams and are sent to Europe.
They are also to be clueless when more people leave who spent 3 decades with Lyn and Lyn urges them.
It really does not matter what the issue is or what the platform is because the agenda is for making money and getting bodies. Look at our 1976 campaign. Lyn ran for years against Jimmy Cater and spent millions sayiong that "Jimmy Carter is a 100 times worse than Hitler". For 6 years Carter was the grinning monkey, Carter was CFR and TRILAT, Carter was a drug president, Carter was brainwashed,Carter will lead to Nuclear War. Out TV spots were based on that and all of our efforts led to raising more money from people who were against these things and we linked him to everything. Now, Jimmy Carter writes abook which many Jews do not like and Lyn sings the praise of Jimmy Carter. It is if the 1970s never happened. Which for the LYM never did since they were not born yet.
See how it works?


12-19-2006, 03:51 PM
In this model you can keep a campaign going every year to save humanity as there will be an election every year that LPAC can claim that it is mobilizing for. You also no longer have the same constraints on spending and raising money. Rather than a 4 year mobe which can lose people over vote totals you can keep the yutes on high alert with weekly LPAC quotas which have to be filled. If you look at the brieifngs from a few weeks ago, Lyn made it clear to Harley, Phil and Steve Douglas that the boiler rooms will be revamped, quotas changed and a new LYM based org in place to replace the deadenders who have been kicked out the door.
The yutes wil find that they will be deploying a lot more at money raising card table shrines instead of campuses, have more calls at night when they return to the office and will still be broke. Phil, Harley, Steve, Larry, Debbie and the rest of the leadership's main job is to be clueless when the millions are siphoned off for scams and are sent to Europe.
They are also to be clueless when more people leave who spent 3 decades with Lyn and Lyn urges them.
It really does not matter what the issue is or what the platform is because the agenda is for making money and getting bodies. Look at our 1976 campaign. Lyn ran for years against Jimmy Cater and spent millions sayiong that "Jimmy Carter is a 100 times worse than Hitler". For 6 years Carter was the grinning monkey, Carter was CFR and TRILAT, Carter was a drug president, Carter was brainwashed,Carter will lead to Nuclear War. Out TV spots were based on that and all of our efforts led to raising more money from people who were against these things and we linked him to everything. Now, Jimmy Carter writes abook which many Jews do not like and Lyn sings the praise of Jimmy Carter. It is if the 1970s never happened. Which for the LYM never did since they were not born yet.
See how it works?


12-21-2006, 02:07 PM
Interesting to read the diatribe of sir-ehk-rerednaw. How frightfully clever. Funny he didn't add efil4crxl but perhaps he ran out of room. I love the "most of the world listens to LaRouche" line. I guess he figures that if Lyn meets with some bureaucrats in China, who can meet when they're not too busy suppressing Tibetans, threatening Taiwan and buying US military technology cheap, that means that 1 billions Chinese support Lyn. Or when he meets with some of the uberpatriotic faction in Russia that also means widespread love of LaRouche. I'm sure many leaders do get excited when they see any political figure appearing to take interest in the monetary and economic affairs of the Third World in dealing with institutions like the IMF, and maybe some even think Lyn is some credible figure in the US (behind the scenes of course) but my bet is many just use him to get out their views here to cover for operations like Darfur, etc. Can't tell if the post is from Harley or not, since my forensic investigation talents aren't that deft, but I would tend to think it's some LYMer trying to get in tight with those leaders Lyn is still propping up.


12-21-2006, 02:20 PM
Sancho, I definitely remember the days when Buthelezi was being trumpeted as the sole rightful fighter against apartheid when the Kwa Zulu were factional opponents of the ANC and often taken to be collaborators of the white regime. Of course who can forget others in the LaRouche pantheon of Platonic heroes, Juan and Eva Peron, Trujillo and Noriega, and other assorted "anti-British" supporters of national sovereignty. sometimes they would back a seemingly decent person like Fred Wills or Alan Garcia of Peru, but sheer opportunism would be the leading motivating factor, especially if funding is involved.
ANyone remember our famous boycott of Mexican tourism in the 70s because Lopez Portillo did something allegedly against the fledgling Mexican LP (how many of those members have left?) but later Portillo was hailed as an enemy of the IMF, Kissinger, etc.
Strange bedfellows!


12-21-2006, 02:24 PM
Sorry, my last reply was to Shadok not Sancho.


12-21-2006, 03:34 PM
borisbad, yes of course its about opportunism BUT there is also a deadly logic in lar madness. Take the case of Rwanda. It s a catholic country, considered at the time as a success story for Africa by the Vatican. And on the other side, "british" Uganda... So no matter what happens, they re going to support Rwandan gvt against Uganda even if the rwandan gvt are genocidalists. Period. No morality... or rather their so-called "higher" morality.
As for the "most of the world listens to LaRouche" illusion... when these guys will leave the org, they will be hit by this hard reality... People will ask them "Lyndon who?... never heard of him!".
The thing is that, like in George Orwell's 1984, the larouche org have their "newspeak"... fascism means something completely different than the historic fascism, and the word "world" means the "lar organization" when "mankind" means "larouche himself." (he always equates his fate to that of mankind's)
So when the youth believe they campaign to "save mankind", or that "the world listens to larouche"... larouche smiles at their naivety... that s why he loves youth


12-23-2006, 03:50 PM
Speaking of Beltran lore, I just saw one of my own cult favorites from the 80s, Night of the Comet, where he must have been in his early 20s, playing a truck driver who befriends two Valley Girls who are possibly the only three survivors of an attack of some mysterious dust dispensed by the aforementioned comet. Good movie, but hardly classical culture.}


01-01-2007, 06:24 AM
A few things to cover.
Happy New Year to everyone who posts here and to the incredible response of people around the globe who find this section for their research. Yutes are included because we know you are sneaking a peak when you have a chance.
In 2007 we have a lot of great info for people including a larouche guide to no money down real estate investing.
For the yutes and anyone who discovers this site. We will have a free, I said free guide to how to really make money in the Larouche Cult. Once you know these powerfull tools, you too can profit off of Lyn's insanity. These methods are proven to work and have been carried out by many people voer the years.
A message for the moderator here.
Can you lock this thread, and /or combine the other threads so we can start anew one? After 400 posts, it takes a while to load up for people. Some of the yutes have only enough time to fake a bathroom break from a card table shrine to log on and read the latest.


01-04-2007, 04:45 PM
I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed their families . School was closed, people had days off and could enjoy their lives and children. Well, everybody except the LYM who had to deploy daily to make the money to save humanity. Since the campuses were closed, the card table shrines had to be unpacked at other areas and someone has to make up the 9 million or so which is missing in Germany. Get used to it yutes, the deadenders are being put out to pasture and you are Lyn's new hamsters.
The funniest story I was sent comes from Germany where there was a big bruhaha at the new Euro org meeting. it seems that for some time the old guard has been telling the yutes that there are openings for new writers, researchers and security people to replace the old timers who are getting the boot. Well, some of the yutes actually thought that this was for real and tried to apply for a position complete with resumes. Things got real crazy as some of the yutes I was told actually asked about pay rates, vacation days, health coverage and retirement plans.
People blew their tops because this was an assinine thing to ask when the economy is going to crash in 2006, er 2007.
Yutes, you retirement plan is right next to you at the card table shrine. See that old guy with 20 year old clothes and a few teeth missing? He was told that the economic collapse of 1976,77,78,79...06 made such questions an insult to Lyn.
For some of you deadenders reading this. A few of your friends who left in 1982 became teachers and are retiring now with pensions and going into new careers.
The best Email I recieved was also the most disturbing. I wrote the following last year:

  • Posted on Monday, May 22, 2006 - 6:53 pm:

    xlar, we once posted here a comparison of stipends between LYM and the 1980's. Adjusting for inflation, the LYM are paid 50% less.
    How do members survive in a high cost area like LA? Did you get a check from ASDI with taxes taken out?
    Phil has a great history of squeezing members dry. He would be selling your blood if he could cash instead of cookies and an apple juice.

    • A former member Emailed me and told me that in 1975 the local in Syracuse was not doing well in fundraising and may have had some bad weather which cut into organising. They asked for some money to be wired to them .Phil was the head of the region and told the local that if they are that hungry, then they should go sell blood for food money. Now back then this was before AIDS and you could sell a pint of blood at a blood bank for some cash. The local members actually went to the blood bank and sold blood for stipend money.
      Yutes, ask your local NC who is getting 5,000 dollars a month for years while you get a few bucks a week. Hint, he is not a member and you will only find out here.

01-09-2007, 02:45 PM
The previous EIR has two interviews done by Muriel Mirak: one of the Representative of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and another one of a close associate to former Iranian psdt Rafsanjani... These interviews were conducted in TEHRAN between Dec 4th and 7th.
A few days later, ie on 11th Dec, the Iranian authorities organized in Tehran this infamous International Conference to deny the Jewish Holocaust... It would be so unlikely that she wouldnt be tempted to attend it...
Maybe they need a new venue to replace the now closed Zayed Centre which used to invite Holocaust denyers... like lhl
It s such a long way from the times of the "Hostage to Khomeiny" book where (now-lhl lawyer) Ramsey Clarke and the Khomeiny regime were baddies.


01-10-2007, 10:10 PM
Probably not a coincidence.


01-12-2007, 02:52 AM
Yutes, wondering about Frau Helga's castle in scenic Germany?
Take a peek here: 59lo.jpg
Well, she moved out when her hubby went to the slammer, but for a couple of years it did provide much-needed security in the face of sinister assassination plots.
Ironically, the place is now operated by an internationally renowned psychiatrist, psycho- and family therapist who thus describes the services offered:
"Intuitive thinking is the heartbeat of the Thinkclinic philosophy and program. The art of intuitive perception and thinking provides a uniquely sensitive method to detect unconscious trauma, to decipher patterns of communication, to study processes of understanding, to recognize hidden thinking potential, to inspire the development of thinking abilities, to foster dormant talents, to catalyse emotional growth, to teach the constructive self-management of creative resources and to stimulate a fertile mindset keen on producing imaginative solutions.
The programme is designed for individuals of various professional backgrounds searching to overcome psychological problems, to uncover hidden potentials and to enhance their insights into their thinking processes.
Placed in a cultural and historical landscape of profound change, Thinkclinic aims to contribute to an awareness of the art of thinking."


01-14-2007, 04:31 PM
I wonder if our LYM visitors are up to some basic math regarding growth and the depletion of fossil fuels? ( They should like the good Dr. since he wants people to think.
Given that our boy LHL insists technological progress is what we should be aiming for, perhaps they will take on the problem of a problematic electrical grid ( in between shifts at the card table shrines, singing bel canto, and auditioning for Beltran's Traveling Bombastics.
Oh wait, I forgot. Refilling LHL's bank accounts is a top priority. Guess the LYM won't be the savior of the world after all.


01-14-2007, 06:36 PM
Hi, I found this discussion group by searching for LaRouche and Pavel - Pavel is the brother of a friend of mine - we were all concerned when he joined the LYM... Last year my brother joined the same movement. My parents struggled to get him to leave and after a month or so they succeeded. But I guess it was only temporary since a few days ago he left out of the blue and left a letter stating that he wants to go back and join the LYM in LA. We currently have no idea where he is and whether he is safe. My parents are really worried. Do you have any ideas about what we should do? Should we try to search for him and try to bring him back or is it a lost cause? Thanks.


01-14-2007, 06:56 PM
I am sorry about your situation. If you search for your brother, don't assume that you will be able to talk him home. Don't force the issue either, as I believe it will just drive him deeper into the cult. Your best bet is to leave the door always open for a return, although I would recommend refusing to cover any shortages in funds your brother may face, since you don't know if the money will wind up in pockets other than your brother's.
I am sure some of the former members who post here will offer better advice, but that is my dos centavos.


01-14-2007, 09:31 PM
Excellent advice; just to reemphasize, as a former full-time member:
(1) stay in touch always and be positive and accepting - never preach or criticize - and remain patient - it may take years (believing one has the answer to everything and participating in the solution is a powerful drug);
(2) NEVER give any money - not one dollar (though you may invite him to dinner, but offer no saleable goods) even if tempted after you see the squalid condition in which he "lives";
and, I would add, if so inclined,
(3) pray for him.
Best of luck.


01-15-2007, 04:49 AM
To Virgi
I ve been in the same situation as yours - I confirm all the previous posted msgs to your question-
bear in mind this is a cult.
They are paranoid to the extreme and therefore everything that would reinforce their paranoia will reinforce their attachment to the cult. Therefore behaving in a hostile way wont help. Show him your family still loves him (unlike his "new" family), the "him" you used to know before his "conversion" to the cult. Talk about his past and the good time he used to have before the lym... and have a good time with him so he will associate "good time" with being with his real family- Maybe he ll be proud of all he s doing with the lym, dont pay attention to it- ignore it.
One day reality will strike him in the face, he will have doubts about the cult etc and then be ready to help the person you love-
My brother at some point got fed up (it took years) and the "reality principle" was that his partner and him wanted a family and children which is HIGHLY incompatible in the lym... Talk about that sort of things: the family, the sort of career or the holidays he could have had, etc
and be patient (but NO money!!! only love of the person he used to be before)


01-15-2007, 05:01 AM
Haven't been around for a while, have had a busy period. In the September general elections in Sweden, the Swedish branch of the LaRouche movement (European Workers Party) got 83 votes, less than 0.0015%, their worst result ever! Yet, the party calls this a success. I think the Swedish branch is down to three people now!
It saddens me to read about Virgi's brother. I am no ex-culter myself, so I have no personal advice to give. I think that what Sancho writes really makes sense. But I might have an idea: What made the ex-members of this discussion group leave the org? Would it be possible to accelerate the process that made you leave the org? Could such an acceleration be helpful in the case of Virgi's brother?


01-15-2007, 02:24 PM
When I left the organization finally, I still supported it in my mind and heart 100% for years. The tipping point came when the level of personal abuse became absolutely intolerable. So to anyone now in the organization I would just suggest that you take a good look around and ask if the amount of emotional abuse you suffer is at all commensurate with your humanist ideals or even at all necessary to attain your goals. If you are honest with yourself - and if you have any dignity left - the course is instantly clear, no matter how great you think Lyn and the organization's ideals are. You are a person of worth and do not deserve this kind of life. (It helped also that I had never bought into much of that conspiracy crap to begin with.)


01-15-2007, 04:27 PM
So here are some more questions I wanted to ask:
1. how does the organization get its members to become so alienated from their family? Brainwashing tricks??
2. what is it that makes lym members want to go back? It can't be just humanist ideals?
3. sancho: what do you mean when you say emotional abuse?
Thanks so much for your input!!


01-15-2007, 10:10 PM
1) Isolation. In addition to brainwashing tricks like so-called "ego stripping" sessions, they - like all cults - make your family and former friends appear an enemy. The current shibboleth is the mantra "boomer." This is used not only against the middle-aged parents and family of the recruit but also against the older members. As the enemy, they should be avoided. Thus it is vital you maintain friendly contact with the recruit no matter what he or she says or does. Remember that he/she is ill, so be patient. Also, when you are in the cult, you are not permitted to socialize with any non-LaRouche people at all - unless you can hit them up for money.
2) Again, this cult - like almost all - claims to have all the answers to life's problems. This is a powerful intoxicant, especially to an idealistic, often intelligent youth who probably has difficulty connecting with his/her peers. Ordinary life, which entails persistence, hard work, and daily ups and downs never seems anywhere near as exciting as belonging to a group of people fighting daily for Truth and Justice, as they conceive it.
3) The emotional abuse is on many levels (a) demanding one man a card-table shrine or phone bank or knock on doors for at least twelve hours a day six to seven days a week (b) being personally attacked and humiliated if you do not meet your daily fundraising quota (c) being ridiculed for your personal foibles (d) not being permitted to think for yourself at any level (e) paying a pittance which keeps you tied to the organization since you have no financial resources to leave or have any independence of action (f) meddling with your love/sex life, usually charging you with impotence/mother-domination/homosexuality (g) being provided with little or no time to read or even attend to one's most basic needs. There is much more, but that gives you some flavor of the texture of daily life in the LaRouche organization. It is sheer unremitting daily horror to any self-respecting mature human being.


01-16-2007, 09:54 AM
Thank you, sancho. Actually, we know all these things from reading and from my brother's experience last year when he spent a very short time with the organization.
The one hing that we cannot understand is, why, after spending one year at my parents' house where he received all their love and support, he still decided to run away from there and go back to the movement.
He does not seem to believe that he has been emotionally or otherwise abused. He believes that Larouche is a genius and nothing helped to open his eyes. He had a whole year to contemplate, think and read and be fully independent and yet he decided to go back to them again.
It seems that material life does not interest him; he is obsessed with saving "humanity". This is ironic because whether he will save anyone is uncertain, while he certainly is destroying our family.
Can you make any sense of this? Have you heard of similar cases?
What happens to ex-members when they finally decide to leave? How do they manage to continue with their lives?
My brother dropped school as a freshman, so he will not have any formal college education when (if ever) he leaves, he does not have a girlfriend to give him support. It seems like a dead end for him. What do you think?
Thanks again. I would appreciate all opinions/advice.


01-16-2007, 11:02 AM
sects are like the army in a way. It gives people a "safe" framework... you dont have to think, or take personal responsibility. Larouche plays on this vulnerablity, this anxiety that a young person may have: the anxiety of becoming an adult and be accountant for what you do or dont do... It is easier to "save mankind" than help your neighbor, it s more abstract, more distant, it is safer and makes you "feel good". That s why the lym targets the 18-25 yrs old. They are legally adult, not always psychologically so... I know, i ve been there.


01-16-2007, 01:47 PM
It's been many years since I left. I had a few things going for me, I had already reached my thirties, so I realized there was more to life than the grueling grind of deploying and engaging in the so-called intellectual life of the organization. Also, I refused to give up my part-time job, so at least I had some outside skills which enabled me to work right after I left (fortunately in the old days most of our members had completed college, some even completing graduate schools).
Obviously, with the Iraq War going on, and the threat of terrorism, etc. people are sometimes looking for something that provides them with answers. A lot of college kids and others certainly have gripes with this Administration. So LaRouche can come along and say he has all the answers. Maybe your brother will be one of the lucky ones and see there are other ways of addressing these problems besides finding a personal "savior."


01-16-2007, 04:34 PM
Peopel here have given advice and you can read other posts here to have a plan of sorts. Never stop having contact, do email, post mail and telephone calls for holidays, birthdays and whatever. There should always be an open door to return with a clear way for you to be contacted if someone needs a plane ticket.
However, never give money, period. Part of the way the cult has structured itself is to have the parents of the yutes pay for Lyn's parties by supporting them. The cult will wlays have a mney problem becuase THAT IS THE WAY IT IS DESIGNED.
Lyn is on top of every dollar and has the NC trash ready to grovel for a smile and cup of coffee by sending money for the endless emergencies which arise.
By keeping the yutes in poverty, they have no ability to do anything without a decision made by a superior. The cult wants yutes to get money from their parents.
Remember that we are dealing with dopey college drop outs who have no idea of how cults work or how a schemer like Lyn works.
One thing people have done which keeps that question of how they are being fooled is by printing up posts here of relevent topics and mailing it to them. A piece of paper can be folded up and placed in a pocket and is easier than finding a computer and looking this site up away from other memembers.
For 2007 I plan to post a lot more info about the many ways the yutes and members have been screwed while Lyn has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to crackpots and schemers who took security and Lyn for a ride.
You will crings when you see how to this day, thousands of dollars each week go to feed Lyn's many delusions.
The cult works on people in a way that provides a teeny bit of real info with a ton of lunacy. That teeny weeny bit of info is what keeps you in since you think you were an insider. After uyou leave, unless you get your social skill sback and find other sources of news and info, you will feel like somehting is missing form your life.
The yutes are built up to think they are changing the world which is an aphrodesiac of sorts.
You insiders will understand this. While the yutes are sleeping now 8 to an apt on carpets, 5 thousand a week or so was being sent to "Carpet".
Ask your friend who carpet is and what he does for LHL. You will find out later.


01-16-2007, 06:25 PM
Real life is difficult and requires one delay gratification, oftentimes for years. If one wants to work on fusion energy, one must study physics for eight years and perhaps engage in two further years of postdoctoral work; if one wants to rise through the ranks of the Democratic Party, one must pay one's dues, make compromises, and hang in for at least ten years to begin to have any power to effect meaningful change; if one wants to be a composer, a similar time frame of study and composition is required. LaRouche appeals to those like him: the SLOTHFUL. They want to have it all, and he gives it to them. From day one in the cult one can see oneself as a Gauss even if he or she cannot define a prime number; one can be a veritable FDR out in front of a post office all day like a lunatic; one can imagine oneself as a Bach by singing offkey in one of these motley choruses after a day spent being Roosevelt at the Yalta post office; one can be all these things without having worked for it, without having any talent for it, without actually being it in any recognizable sense. LaRouche indulges himself and his acolytes in magical thinking: I was a consultant to the shoe industry while being the greatest economist of the twentieth century. Not Plato, not Leibniz, but Walter Mitty. He is the world's greatest fantasist since Walter Mitty. All that fake excitement is what draws these kids like moths to the flame. Reality entails too much hard work and frustration for these cheap thrill junkies. I know, because I was one.


01-17-2007, 06:52 PM
The best example of what Sancho is wrting about is the case of former member Bob Zubrin. He joned the org and blew a few years of his life till he figured out how crazy the cult was.
He really wanted a space exporation program which is based on building vehicles to go to Mars. He returned to college, graduated and then earned his Masters and PHD . He really worked his butt off and within a few years, had an organisation set up to promote Mars Space flight. He has been on countless TV shows, news magazines and science foundations as a recognised expert on space flight and colonization.
The dopey yutes are busy building a vehicle for Lyn to travel between estates in Leesburg and Germany. To show you how Lyn has the yutes wrapped around his finger via feeding them hogwash and starving them of a life see what happened in Europe.
In Germany some security yutes sent a few memos by Lyn which were puzzling. Since they are part of Lyn's posse, they know that not one thin dime gets past Lyn when it comes time to feed the beast. The memo has Lyn in full crying mode comlaining about how Uwe Freisecke starved the LYM by not paying for food.
The whole org functions like a mob enterprise with money from the bottom going to the top. The only time you can remotely say the org finances were semi legit was when Lyn was in prison and couldn't shake down everyone.
Lyn has the same bag of tricks for remaining members after each crisis of missing millions. Lyn tells you that he has no idea what was going on as the org has been run by the CIA, Brits, the ADL, the Mob, Greek KGB mothers and whatever without him knowing about it. This lunacy is fed to the yutes and the few still alive deadenders to explain why the org after 40 years is smaller than ever.
The yutes now have the recent Webcast to swallow another Lyn doozy which appears avery year like a national holiday.
This quote is routine LynSpeak for dopey yutes to get fired up and man those card table shrines for a few more years.
"Now, what has to be done to save civilization, global civilization, not just here, must be done largely within a span of the coming 90 days, or less. Of course, the first thing we must do, in order to do the other things which we must do, we must put the Vice President into some form of retirement, involuntary or otherwise, and we must put the President of the United States under compassionate care. Because, without the removal of these two impediments, civilization will not continue. You see this madman, who's the unshackled husband of a terrible wife—they have such things in history—you're going to have war. You're going to have a war spreading throughout the entire region from Turkey and so forth, into Somalia, and beyond. The whole world will blow up."
You can go back to posts on this thread from years ago and read the same thing, with the same end of the world gibberish.
Only a college drop out who no longer is part of the daily real world will think this the most imortant thing in his or her life. After telling the yutes he has spent his life building a movement, the 100 or so yutes can look at each other and proclaim victory before reverting back to their group meals and 8 to an apt living.


01-25-2007, 06:39 PM
Justice for Jeremiah has this 1995 article ( about Larouche. A lot of references and comments that I am certain XLCR will recognize, as well as former members.
I read stuff like this and remain boggled that well meaning adults like Beltran can be so snookered.


01-26-2007, 11:02 AM
I read the article with fascination, because, while I was in the organization, and knew European members that lived here, I had little knowledge of the inside workings of the European organization. Of course, most of what the article describes was the US side that had been gone over many times by Dennis King and others, but there was some interesting info on the European side,including about fraulein Helga.


01-26-2007, 11:57 PM
There is a day of reckoning coming.


01-27-2007, 06:43 AM
The yutes in the LYM are never told about the real history of the cult and for them, their delusion is that they are somehow using a pure LYN to further humanity.
In reality, the dopey yutes are keeping a convicted tax criminal awash in self adoration and income comparable to any TV preacher and MLM marekting guru today.
That piece that Kheris posted is not by some outsider, but a Larouche insider who people on tghe security staff know very well. That piece appeared before the German org was declared a sect and shut down. Like typical con men, the cult simply renamed itself the Bueso and went on its business.
We did the same thing after the USA raids in Leesburg. The next day we opene dup new bank acoounts, renamed New Solidarity New Federalist and Fusin became 21st Century. Larouche even wrote back to a supporter who wanted his promisorry note money paid to go get it from Henry Kissinger. That was then used against Lyn in court to send him and others to prison.
Yutes, read the piece and figure out why you support anti semitic people and regimes. Then , except for the handfull of old "Trojan Jews" in the cult, ask where all of the Jewish members went in the 1980s?
The whole Euro org has left after either quitting or being purged by Lyn. The yute , about 30 in German and a few in Cheminade's flat in France are all that is left. They now are running card table shrines at train stations with a 9 million dollar quota. Ask Phil and Harley what happened to the 9 million dollars Lyn thought he had in Europe.
Ask Bruce Director what happened to the 30 year German veterans of Lyn like Liebig, Dino, Uwe F, Hellenbroich, Tennenbaum and others.
Bruce may be next if he doe not start bringing in money for Lyn.


01-27-2007, 12:18 PM
he won't say


01-28-2007, 10:37 AM
We still do not have any contact with my brother. He left my parents' home 3 weeks ago and left a letter that he will "sooner or later" (depending on circumstances he did not explain) join LYM. My parents called some of the probable LYM places to ask for him but they all decline he is with them. Do you think they are lying and hiding him?


01-28-2007, 05:33 PM
There are only so many offices on the West Coast. If your son went there, then expect him to be staying in someone's apt and be moved around till he is placed in a local. People reading this should understand that inside the cult you have a constant state of hysteria and apocolyptic frenzy. Each week brings yet another mobilization over another end of the world via economic collapse or nuclear war.
In addittion, the cult has just lost its entire senior German membership due to mass resignations or purges by Lyn. The entire Hannover office has left as well as every "name" member you know of. One of the few who remain is Muriel, who seems to take her boot licking lessons of despots as woman are to be seen and never to question their master.
On top of this you have daily briefings of even zanier conspiracy plots against the LYM by college academic writers, Ann Ryand followers and Frosty the Snowman all the way up to the Queen of England. This stuff is real as I and others went through it. The psychological conditioning of people in a cult is to always create a paranoia where members are always suspicious that the oligarchy will be using their friends and parents to steal them from larouche and saving humanity.
I would not expect a straight answer from anyone you talk to since they will be told and are told that operations are underway to take LYM members via personal contacts. You can look up on the Larouche web sites for the last several months and see how this mental environment is crafted.
Your inquiring phone calls just prove the plot to these gullible yutes who should read the old Campaigners to see how Lyn needs a crisis for the members to become more internalized about their lives.
If your son is of legal age, there is not much you can do. If you suspect that your son is in harm's way and has a medical issue or has done something illegal to fund his change, that is an issue for legal and law people. People here can only give you advice and what we went through.
The local NC will probably know more about your phone call inquiries than your son. The people there will work over your son to inflate him in that his importance in saving humanity is more important than his realtionship to you. That is why you can read endless memos and articles by Larouche on "Mother's fears" and why world historical leaders do not succed if they listen to their mother.
I wish I was joking, but Lyn has 50 years of experience in doing this on young people and the org has went through several versions of itself as people are recruited to replace the broken down members.
Keep trying to contact him and always keep in touch. Do not send him a dime unless he needs a way to come home. For new recruits it is very important that the relationships with family be ended and the realtionship to the Larouche, the local NC and then the members be the new family.
It may be hard to keep in touch with your brother since they will move him around as needed.
People here know what you are going through as we did the same thing to our parents and friends. Other people can also add some words as well.


01-29-2007, 10:31 AM
Thank you, xlcr4life , sancho and others for your insights and advice. sancho's posting about the SLOTHFUL some time ago was an eye opener. It may sound offensive to many but I guess the truth is that those who are attracted to organizations like LYM, are the the ones with the big ambitions and the small potential.
It is very attractive and soothing to the parents' mind to think of people like my brother as victims of brainwashig; from what I read and what I saw, in my opinion these people WANT to be brainwashed. They want to believe that they are getting an education by the biggest geniuses of all times (like Larouche and co.); the truth is, this "education" is an easy one: there are no midterms, no deadlines, no grades; nothing to spoil your good feeling about your own self's inability to do consistent hard work. You read a little, you sing a little, then you go run around places and stay at tables to use your energy. Action is the enemy of thought.
One other question though: I see from some of the postings that LYM centers have alcohol problems.
What about drugs? Is there evidence of Larouches using drugs?


01-29-2007, 04:31 PM
Virgi, booze is the choice to forget the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and now decadely pain people go through. Lyn himself was a guzzler of Rheingau in quanities that would keep liquor stores solvent while the whole world economy collapse as we know it.
One of our biggest money machines was foriming the National Anti Drug Coalition and selling tons of magazine subs which were never mailed out. As thd money was being diverted we owuld tell the members that some Kissinger/ADL/Drug lobby master conspiracy was keeping the issues from being printed and mailed out.
our anti drug work also got us into Balck Churches adn later into White churches once we added video games, rock music and Satan to the pitch.
This is from section 3.2 of the German document Kheris posted. it is quite to the point.

Absolutist Claims

Extremist thought structures need absolutist and exclusivist claims "like addicts need their drugs".[12] The claim to be an exceptional elite with an intellectual and moral apparatus superior to that of others and capable of solving the world's most urgent problems is very pronounced in the Larouche Org and forms a constant in its development. This also explains the group's inherent inability to realize its potentials strategically in the long term because the self-appointment as savior of the world and of Western civilization sooner or later scares off even sympathetic supporters.

  • Lyn is a good example of the addict being described. Lyn has himself surrounded by scam artists who understand that Lyn's ego needs to fed and watered daily. They present simple plots against him and how he is influential to the wrold. This is never enough as once Lyn started paying these guys tens of thousands of dollars each month, they fed him more and more. Like an addict who can't get high off of the same fix. these guys simply upped the assination plots against Lyn to involve more and more groups and countries. Later, they had Lyn covninced that the oligarchy really wants to use his ideas but is afraid it will lose its power to control humanity if Lyn's ideas are adopted.
    This explains the crackpot memos Lyn churns out nightly why after 40 years of building a mass movement, there is no mass movement. Every failure is blamed not on this being a cult of personality, but outsiders who came in and took the org from his control.
    Talk to a junkie and ask him or her to explain their actions, and you get every one blamed, except the junkie.
    There is a need of importance for members to feel as they freeze in the cold at card table shrines and slowly lose their health and brains.
    Lyn knows how to supply that.
    Most members who have been with Lyn on his all night binges soon drop out after seeing and hearing the real larouche.

01-30-2007, 05:01 PM
There are so many things we can post here about the LYM cult that our calender will be filled up for 2007. Time for some funny stuff.
There is a yahoo group site called "antidummies" which is like the former LYM public forum. As soon as you bring up the dirty laundry, fraud, phony brainwashing caper, Nazi rocket scientists and the protocols of the Elders of Zion, the forum comes to a grinding halt.
The Antidummies site has grown with a few new members who somehow have read our posts and have finetuned offers for the LYM.
These are from the LYM yahoo site.

For the savvy real estate investor that Larouche is comes this:

hey! check this out.. ..basically it's saved me a ton of money, you're placed up for auction and financers outbid each other on getting you a better deal on your current home and repayments

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  • For dopey yutes who drop out of school and still want a math degree without going to class comes this:

    Took me just 2 weeks to get my accredited Masters in this course. Already in
    line for an interview on monday to hopefully get a better position within the
    place I work at. Didn't even have to buy and books, go to any classes, or take
    any exams. Honestly, if anyone here is looking to move up in this world and get
    something like I did I suggest you use the same people I did; here is the
    details 801-697-0461

01-30-2007, 05:06 PM
If a yute needs a science degree, why bother with larouche U when you can get this:

Just got my masters in Science and didnt even have to turn up to class...
how good is that? Just phoned these fellows 1-801 697 0461 and they got me fully
accredited at an overseas uni in less than a month! Very happy right now.

  • *
    When the banks collaps after waiting 3 decades, new yutes can go here for the "New World Economic Order" or the "IDB":
    Basically unlike regular banks these guys are totally independent and you enter in your details and they find out the absolute best deal for you. You can even enquire about re-doing your current deal through these guys, or simply getting your first ever house. So honestly, if you're into property check them out, working awesome for me!

  • Since all illnesses in the LYM are psychosomatic, the NCs can become DRs to conduct the Beyond Pscyho analysis classes with a simple phone call from this:
    I am now to be referred to as Dr. Jenkins haha ;) Took me about a month to get
    fully accredited, but after ringing these ppl 1 801-697-0461 they got me setup
    at an international uni and had me my BA in no time.

  • This is all off of the LYM Yahoo group site. You can't make this stuff up.

01-31-2007, 08:34 AM
Not wishing to be too nasty, nevertheless I pull this from the LaroucheWatch yahoo group site. It gives a pretty accurate description of the life of a LYM or NCLC member(other than LaRouche of course)
Did you hear the one about the two homeless men outside the Democratic
National Convention?
There are two Democrats entering the Democratic National Convention.
One of em spots what appear to be two homeless men outside of the
Convention and says to the other,
"Hey, look at those homeless guys holding signs. I feel bad for them,
do you think I should give them some money.?"
The other Democrat says, "No, don't give them any money."
Democrat says, "Why not, do you have something against homeless people?
We're democrats and we're supposed to help out the underdogs in
The other Democrat says, "Yeah, but those aren't homeless people. Look
closer, they're Larouche organizers."


01-31-2007, 08:58 AM
I can't vouch for this song because all I could get were the lyrics but it appears an English group called Starsailor took up the cause of Jeremiah in a 2005 album. Below are the lyrics. No mention of LaRouche.
Jeremiah lyrics
Went off to another land this evening
For to find some inner peace
And to see a better way of living
He only went to try to change something
His poor young life was pulled from under him
Found him by the motorway
Jeremiah ran away from something
Jeremiah's mother wept
For the answers they had left behind them
He only went to try and change something
His poor young life was pulled from under him
And everytime I see the sun go down I think of you
The polizei have swept it out of sight
There's nothing new
And everytime I see the sun go down I think of you
I hope someday someone will feel the need to tell the truth
Little one do not fear
The ways of the world
Will soon be clear


02-02-2007, 04:18 PM
Today's lesson for the yutes will be to read the following exerpts from a book by a former member named Ruth Williams. The lesson here is very important as the yutes in Boston are now invading classrooms and doing their song and dance minstrel show show for laughing students.
Decades ago we did the same thing except we dressed up a member in a gorilla suit and challenged economics professors to debate "the impending collapse of the world economy as we know it".
Waht happened after 30 years you ask. Well, Larouche has lived like a millionaire, the yutes from the 1970s have all dropped out except for a few deadenders and the college professors are enjoying their tenured pensions laughing about the time the drop out in the gorilla suit came into their classroom.
The only economic collapse which took place was among the members who left school to join Larouche.
In this exeprt by Rith Williams, notice that everything she talks about is the same today with the yutes except she had a happy ending and left.
The same lunacy was taking place with mothers, psysomatic illnesses, end of the world economy, dropping out of college and a youth movement! Back then larouche wanted ghetto gang kids to give a whooping to his SWP and CP enemies by forming a "Revolutionary Youth Movement" or RYM. Larouche wised up in that a cult of personality named LYM, with richer college kids will make more money at the card table shrines.
Here are the exerpts from the book via "Skull and Bones".
Part 1:
"Stop thinking about your mother," someone yelled. "You don't need mother's magic." The thin, bearded man writhing on the floor nodded his head and struggled to breath. His face was becoming blue. In 1974, mmany people thought asthma was pshycosomatic, and I figured this man was
trying to overcome a neurosis, though it seemed an extreme cure. But I became really alarmed when he began to lose conciousness.
A plump, blond woman was telling me that she was on her way to MIT, armed with several awards and grants for her unique mathematical theories and also with her fanatic devotion to the Labor Committees. I put my hand on her arm to get her to stop talking. "He's going to die," I protested. She turned around to look and, almost reluctantly, said, "I'll call an ambulance." I was relieved to hear sirens even before she hang up — the hospital was right across the street.


02-02-2007, 04:22 PM
Arlen, a tall, balding intellectual who seemed to be the leader of NLCL's Madison cadre, knelt on the floor and held the head. "You know asthma is a mother-induced illness, don't you? You know that. We've discussed it."
The man could no longer nod. His chest rattled, and I saw bubbles of foam beginning to come from his mouth. Arlen turned to the rest of us and said, "He'll be fine. Really. He's been doing a lot better lately, and it's just going to take some time before he becomes a fully realized human being. It's hard work." The group nodded sympathetically. Then three paramedics burst into the room and began to revive the man. After a hypodermic and some oxygen, he was breathing again. "I'm sorry," he mumbled as he was carried to the ambulance.
I turned a horrified face to the MIT woman. "What was that all about?"
"He'll be fine," she consoled me. "It's been a long time since he needed medical care. It's just a little setback. Eventually he won't have asthma anymore." She looked totally convinced of what she'd just said. Evidentally NCLC members believed they could fight disease and human frailty as well as change the face of American politics, and they were already practicing psychology on their membership. Why had the well-educated, highly intelligent woman joined what I had thought was an insignificant fringe organization? Was there more to it than I saw?
I let her put my arm around my waist as we walked to some chairs in the back of the room. She knelt on the floor beside me and said, "You really love your husband, don't you?"
"I loved mine too. But sometimes real human beings have to make hard choices. I had to divorce my husband."
"He wouldn't join the Labor Committees. Even after he heard Lyndon LaRouche speak in New York last spring — wait until you hear him, he's a genius — he wouldn't let go of his fears. I had to move on."
"Like Bill will, you mean? If I don't join?"
She crooked an eyebrow, a knowing "what else could he do?" look. Then she said, "But that's not what has to happen. You can both be in the vanguard of a new American Renaissance."
We seemed to be making quantum leaps, from this bare, basement meeting room to a renaissance. From divorce to a vanguard. My head was spinning. She went on, "There's one thing stopping you from joining him."
"What's that?"
"You have to forget mother's homemade magic. Forget Reverend Jorgenson. Forget –"
"Hey, how do you know about him?"
"Bill and I had a long talk yesterday. ……………….


02-02-2007, 04:27 PM
Part 2:

Dear Jeff,
Much has changed since your visit and I hesitate to unfold it within the limited scope of a letter but it must be attempted if we hope to continue to communicate. There are innumerable reasons to recoil in dismay from reality. However, Bill and I have ruthlessly confronted those reasons and found them less than human, if not totally insane. Throughout our lives, Jeff, we have been surrounded with fantasy — TV, mother's homeside magic, Vietnam and its deluded antiwar "revolutionaries", the myth of success, etc. — and we have responded with neurotic insanity, feverishly constructing more fantasy, performing propitiatory rituals to dead pasts. Now the fantasies are melting away.
This letter is VERITABLY IMPOSSIBLE for me to write, so big is the gulf between yourself (who can write impassively of Rockefeller and William F Buckley) and myself (who is pouring my intellect, creativity, time, energy, probably my life's blood into the battle for humanity against the bestialized filth of those men and their following). Have you read about TRIAGE as suggested by Rocky's Trilateral Commission? If so, how can you possibly tolerate it and call yourself human? Einstein,
Feuerbach, Marx, Luxemburg, Hegel, Oparin, Vernadsky — in essence break out of the controlled environment spawned by "higer education" and begin your education anew. Bill and I have embarked on the excruciating task of finding the real
world and we are tempted to backslide daily, but the realization of the discovery of self-concious mentation of the type experienced by Descartes, "I think therefore I am", and the responsibility it carries of negentropic growth constantl y compels us to tear out the demons of our education. Ie, we are confronting the "giggling, nervous infants of bourgeois fear" which grip and strangle the minds of most of our acquaintances, our families, our friends — and we arebecoming members of a new species, equipped to make the conceptual leap which is absolutely necessary if the human race is to survive an impending ecological holocaust.
Political, economic, psychological, personal, moral, scientific,
artistic levels — all the pursuits of mankind — must be conceptually raised to the next level of human progress. We are in the process of an intellectual renaissance, Jff, and it is very real. I would be less than equal in the demands of a truly creative friendship if I didn't joyfully bring it within the grasp of your mind. I've enclosed several clippings which I hope you will read. They're from NEW SOLIDARITY — you know, the paper you used to laugh at? We are planning to leave Madiso n and will be organizing full-time with the Labor Committees in Milwaukee and Chicago. I quit my job in November and have since been making intellectual leaps necessary to maintain the integrity of my decision to be a world historical being rather than Ruth Tuttle of Yazoo City. I am beginning to locate myself by my mental coordinates rather than geographically. Whithin me exists not onlly the experiences of 23 years, but also an intensifying sensuous grasp of the geometry of the universe and the laws and forms I am capable of imposing on it. Of all my friends, you are the one I know best intellectually. We have shared our minds much more than our experiences and for this reason, I am convinced that you have the intellectual integrity to grapple with your bourgeois persona and fear and to discover your humanity, your pride. This will be very straining to our relationship because it calls for an honesty not accepted in polite society and is c e rtainly far removed from the magnanimous apathy of the counterculture many of our peers have opted for.
So, there you have an infinitesimal glance into the burgeoning currents of my life. Jeff, I feel like every human being can potentially feel. I feel like God.


02-02-2007, 04:32 PM
Part 3:
I told my version of the incident to the man on the phone, adding, "at the hospital the police told me the woman is known in the neighborhood as mentally ill. She's always hallucinating about the devil, and today she was tripping her brains out, too. They were trying to contact a family member to get her committed."
"And you believed that?"
"Well yeah," I said. "You don't?"
"Look at the facts: The working class is being systematically destroyed by Rocky's Trilateral Commission. There's a psychological holocaust going on out there. This is the direct result of Nelson Rockefeller's interference in our daily organizing. If you do your job better, the workers won't be destroyed like this."
"So it's my fault?"
"Let's go over this story again, only this time I want you to tell me more about what Rodney was doing."
About ten people were gathered in the next room. Some of them were talking. Others sat quietly, slump ed in their chairs. What I saw when I looked through the kitchen door was a group of demoralized, drifting souls. We had become dumb animals with gaunt faces and dark-rimmed eyes, members of the same soul starved family. There was only one person who seemed to be untouched by Labor Committee angst, a genial black youth named Teddy.
I caught his eye and he came into the kitchen. While I talked on the phone, he stood behind me and rubbed my shoulders. I think he knew what I meant when I hung up the phone and said, "I'm going home now."
"Yep, I'm about done with this scene, too," he replied. […]
I was assigned to bring him along. I would meet him at AO Smith during the morning shift change and hand him some copies of New Solidarity. Within 20 minutes all his buddies would buy us out, the younger ones ribbing Teddy about his "white piece," the older ones delivering advice with their twenty-five cents: "Boy, you bes' be lookin' after yo' mamma, 'stead of hustlin' this garbage." Almost without exception they'd then toss the paper into the trash can next to the ramp. Teddy and I just laughed it off. The rest of the afternoon we'd hang out in a coffee shop, laughing — and sometimes crying — as we shared life stories.
This is something worth copying and sending to people you know in the cult. Nothing has changed


02-09-2007, 11:09 AM
hello to all, and a very happy new year, especially to you, sancho and xlcr, whom i have always found to be interesting and even amiable
correspondents, despite our frequent disagreements...
for those of you who are not familiar with me, i am not a member of the larouche organization, although i am a subscriber to EIR, which i find to be the best print newsweekly available, despite its' price, and its generally late arrival ( hey though, last week an issue arrived on time so maybe things are changing )...i think the larouche org does good work, and i agree with some of their positions ( creating government credit to rebuild infrastructure and put people back to work has always made a lot of sense to me ), while others make no sense to me at all ( i recently read an article in EIR attacking stravinsky as part of a plot to undermine western values - it seems to me that the larouchies are incapable of really appreciating art, for all their talk of creativity - i believe they over-intellectualize )
ok, sorry for the preamble...what i want to say is that the other day, while driving home from work, i found myself thinking of rev. moon, and mr. larouche...there are some obvious parallels, but looking at where they stand today, we can see that moon has a crown placed on his head in the halls of congress, and goes on speaking tours with former president bush, while larouche is marginalized and will likely never be accorded even the slightest official recognition for his work in politics...
this got me to thinking back to 1986, when two members of the larouche org won democratic primaries in illinois...i remember well the concerted attacks on larouche from the major media outlets of the time...i have never seen such a deluge of negative references and attack pieces on a political figure...and, of course, later in 86, there was the raid on larouche's leesburg headquarters - 400 armed men, helicopters, armored personnel carriers - seems a bit excessive against a guy who was charged with fraud and income tax evasion, no?
ok, so no doubt moon's position can be attributed to many things - the ability to hand out piles of cash, and very likely the ability to blackmail government officials through information obtained through his connections with the korean " cia "...but i can't help but wondering if maybe...just maybe...larouche has really been speaking truth to power all these years and has paid the price for it...


02-09-2007, 04:09 PM
I don't think that every idea LaRouche espoused was ridiculous, but the question often is what was the motivation behind the idea, was it to promote a "new world order" or to attract support from this or that group on the right or on the left. The gov't has often acted in a heavy handed manner even when dealing with fringe groups, the Panthers, Waco, etc. Doesn't necessarily make the victim's ideas valid, and you will usually find that the "victims" use various conspiracy theories to show that the enemy is against us because of how influential and important we really are. You are right that LaRouche can never actually build a mass movement or attract the kind of following that a Moon has. Yes, Moon has connections to Korean CIA, the World Anti-Communist Alliance, etc. LaRouche <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> off too many potential allies both on the right and on the left for anyone to trust him. I remember how we used to try and prove that the infamous right wing Hunt Brothers should have listened to LaRouche before they invested their wealth in trying to garner the silver market in the 80s. No mention of the despicable politics of the Hunt Brothers in the EIR at the time and I'm sure that there would be no mention of such proposed alliances in the EIR today, although the EIR is certainly cozy with the right-wing Muslim fanatics in Sudan, etc.
Since you can get most of the EIR columns for free by running simple Google searches, I would see no need to subscribe.


02-10-2007, 12:00 PM
borisbad - thank you for your thoughtful response...i have never been a member of the larouche organization, and i certainly have not been privy to the rationales behind various positions the organization has espoused...therefore, i can only take their stances at face value...i subscribed on and off to the new solidarity/federalist newspapers for years before subscribing to the EIR, and while they have perhaps engaged in alliances of convenience, their " enemies list " has not really changed over time - kissinger, brzezinsky, the bush family - and, especially, their targeting of international bankers...not exactly lightweights...even when the organization was cozying up to ronald reagan, they attacked donald regan, his chief of staff, for his associations with wall street and merrill lynch...and even their support for reagan was not absolute; they supported his promotion of sdi, but lambasted him for his economic policies...but this is digressing just a bit...the point is that they have consistently taken on adversaries who were and are in positions to hit back hard...and i am wondering whether this is precisely why the larouche org is a fringe group...and whether larouche has displayed a certain amount of courage in going after these people...
recall that i mentioned in my original post the concerted attacks on larouche in the mass media...attacks that were not limited to just the mass media in the u.s., but echoed by the british press, and even the soviet press...i remember that when olaf palme was assassinated, it was not long before i heard that larouche was the days before the internet, this kind of story could only have been promoted by the corporate media...people who have been associated with the very people that larouche attacks...
before i go any further though, it is only fair to point out that when the members of the larouche organization have been given a chance to present themselves as they wished by the mass media, they have botched it...i recall janice hart's appearance with dennis king on " nightline ", where she spent most of her time attacking king as a drunk and a drug pusher, when she would have come off far better answering his accusations of anti-semitism by addressing each point that king fact, i can say from personal encounters with the larouchies in those days that this seems to have a method encouraged by the that very likely turned off many a potential supporter...i was given a gift subscription to the paper by a friend, and probably would never have subscribed otherwise after my first encounter with them...they seem to have modified their approach over the years...
finally, as to why i subscribe to EIR, well besides the value i see in their articles, i do like print media...i dislike reading things on the internet, and enjoy the convenience of a magazine that i can take with me to the bank, the barber, etc....but there is another reason...i get a lot from this organization...i listen to their webcasts, and i even download their briefings to listen to while i drive...i do not agree with all of their positions, but they are generally thought-provoking and stimulating...i am the sort of person who believes in giving something back, when i take something...the larouche org is not the only group i have given money to over the years, but it is probably fair to say that i have not gotten as much from any group as i have from them


02-10-2007, 05:38 PM
I have said at least once that Larouche may turn out to be right about some things, but he is his own worst enemy and your comment
before i go any further though, it is only fair to point out that when the members of the larouche organization have been given a chance to present themselves as they wished by the mass media, they have botched it...
goes precisely to that point. Add to that the questions raised here by former members about the treatment of the young people. The fact that you noticed (and you are inclined to be sympathetic)
( i recently read an article in EIR attacking stravinsky as part of a plot to undermine western values - it seems to me that the larouchies are incapable of really appreciating art, for all their talk of creativity - i believe they over-intellectualize )
makes one wonder just what is going on with the youth and whether they are getting any real value from being a part of the LYM. Overall, it is not what I would expect from an organization that supposedly has its collective act together.
When Larouche is gone I suspect the organization will fail.


02-11-2007, 10:58 AM
Joe6Pack. Let me explain a little to you about how we did things. The goal of the org is not to actually accomplich things. You think that when you first join and find many things which are in sinc with your personal views and ideals.
Vurtually every ex member who left figures out without my help that the whole thing was a cult of personality and fiancial vehicle for Larouche. You come to that conclusion after you leave because you rexamine what you did and what the org did and then see what Lyn did. You may think you were persuing Fusion Power. You actually manned a card table shrine , raised money, turned it in and then saw millions of it be diverted to other things like a jet setting lifestyle and payouts to shysters who protected Lyn.
Several people who left have set up their own think tanks and have done far more after rejoining the real world. There was memo after memo by Lyn in the early 1980s telling the memebers than unless their work revolves around him, it is not to take place. When ever anythiong became remotely successfull, Lyn pulled the people, the money out to be redirected to himself.
I have spoken or emailed with many of THE top NEC, NC and financial people who left the org. Each one has the saem story about how in retrospect, the whole circus was never designed to succeed but to be Lyn's piggy bank and vanity project.
In the early history of the SDS LC we had debate on policy and people were still going to school or working. During the 1974 period of phony brainwashing schemes, Oepration Mop Up, Beyond Psych and other tactics, the org became increasingly a cult with people leaving the SDS LC. The next version of this drope dout and people were fulltime cardtable shriners who ere were being whipped up into a hysteria with endless enemies. I posted a book exerpt a few posts ago from former LCer Ruth Williams which describes an environment which is the same today.
The biggest difference is that the LYM is not using seperate front group vehicles to lead to Lyn worship as in the past. Today's version has been sped up to not stop, not to collect $200 but give $200 and go staight to the LYM mental prison.
The raid was not an isolated incident but the outcome of a several year rip off we did of people who gave us credit card numbers and lent us money. We had several states conduct investigations into regional offices based on complaints filed by vendors we stiffed, CC charge backs from donors and people who were NOT PAID the tons of money we promised in our promisorry notes. The amount was into the millions and we were guilty as sin. The US gov if I remember issued some legal declarations to stop the promisorry notes and to provide documents. The note books of Michelle Steinberg and other security staffers was chock full of info on how to stonewall the many DAs and was used in persuing the obstruction of justice indictments.
The cult wil give you and others some story about how Lyn is like MLK and was hounded by the oligarchy. In reality, we had a nice scam going and were issuing millions of dollars in notes, promissing 20% or returns in echange for people liquidating their assets for us.
Oh, and Lyn claimed he had no idea of this and did not even know who paid for his haircuts and thus had no taxable income.


02-11-2007, 11:04 AM
For the members, we never talked about and people never knew how much we collected in loans until the trials! The usual procedure is to make any legal investigation of us not about something we did, but as part of an evil plot by the oliogarchy and whatever our enemies were at the time against us. We sent witnesses out of the country and after ignoring the daily fines, we then were shut down.
For everyone who reads this, we were still issuing promisorry noted up to the minute we were legally shut down and the accounts frozen.
After the raids we just created new accounts and businesses and opened up shop again. We actually whooped it up after the raid! When our supporters and lenders called us asking for info about their loans, we told them to contact the Justice Dept to get paid!
Lyn himself I think wrote a letter to a large note holder telling him to go see Henry Kissinger to get his money! That letter was then used in court to convict Lyn!
You can get ideas and info from many sources , but, you have to always examine the source. Moon spends millions with hundreds of front groups and has lost millions in his DC Washington Times. Tjhe best thing to be is to be skeptical and read things for yourself. You can be interested in UFO's for example and find tons of material to read. You will find many characters who have a lot of stuff to sell. If you view it as fun and can sort out the real from the unreal, then go ahead and investigate. When you get to the Hale Bopp level of this and see some groups who are a pretty close to this, then you have to watch out and not get hurt.
There are tons of cults and scams out in the real world. Many of us have a lot of experience with this one and simply provide info for people to make decisions. No one here is happy to see students leave school to join this lunacy. No one here wishes to see people harm themselves as the harm can be both mental and physical as well as financial.
I have recieved a few emails from people who know something about math and have been critical of what passes for the LYM "Studies". You do not have to surrender yourself to a cult to learn and to effect change in the world. Millions of people do that everyday. I have far more interaction with local issues, elected officials, party platforms, national issues as a parent, homeowner, tax payer and participant in events than the whole time in the LC.
Our memebrs, just like Lyn when asked serious questions also break down into culty fools. After the Hart fiasco, Lyn issued orders that NO ONE EXCEPT HIM was to do press interviews unless he cleared them. First, as I once mentioned previously about Uwe Parpart's CBS morning interview about SDI, no one upstages Lyn. Second, only Lyn is to be discussed and no local issues are to be discussed.
This happened because when we ran candidates for many offices, there would be a question about something like a local bond issue or change in some legislation pending in the community. Our candidates were clueless and looke dlike cultic fools , stammering about how Mondale is a KGB agent and that is why you need to vote for me.


02-11-2007, 11:08 AM
When the press and others seriously question us, we folded faster than the Kmart card tables for our shrines. The org took advantage of that and began to offer deals with people where by for some money and/or meetings with Lyn, we would do durty work for them. By having a cult which everyone laughed at, you could print outrageous innuendo along with dirt we found to smear people. We did this for many people and could dop things like leaflett or even create a newspaper handout for a few months to smear people. You can read about these schemes here over the years as we did dirty tricks for anyone we could ally ourselves with.
Remember, this is a cult of personality, not an org with a budget, directors, internal debate, safety checks for money, living wages and hours. Cults are exempt from that mularky which is why the cult will tell a departing member "tough Luck" when they are broken down. WE had one case in Baltimore where a departing member hired a lawyer to sue for his rent and back expenses when he left to prevent him from being screwed by the local.
Kheris, the cult will try to survive after Lyn is dead through Helga. A few people will try to be honchos, but it will probable by like any other cult where the dead guy is cleaned up and a new face is being put on. Someone just sent me a post where Lyn is attracting some people who could freeze Lyns head so the LYM can worship for ever.
Seriously folks. Why does Lyn want your kids when he does not have his own son in the cult????????


02-12-2007, 04:39 PM
well, thanks for your lengthy response, xlcr...some random thoughts:
i would never dispute that the larouche organization is a cult of personality - it's fairly obvious...and the criminality of the organization in its' earlier days is not something i am in a position to dispute - you were there; i was not...and prisons, mental or otherwise, are things to be avoided...
but the point of my post of a few days ago was simply to wonder whether larouche's attacks on establishment figures were responsible for his relative obscurity in today's political scene...
whether in the course of his political work, he had made some powerful enemies who were capable of dishing out some serious retribution...and did...
recall that i mentioned the concerted attacks on larouche by the media, back in the eighties, before the prosecutions and jailings of members...i can tell you that the consistent portray of lyndon larouche as a nutjob is what prompted my interest in the organization in the first place...when all the voices of the media are singing the same song, i become suspicious...
and this is indeed how larouche was portrayed...and it wasn't just the " queen of england pushes drugs " stuff...i remember a newscast stating that larouche thought the way to fight aids was to give people red meat - a rather dishonest summation of his position...
( by the way xlcr, speaking of the media, you refer to the appearance of janice hart as being a fiasco...was it viewed as such in the organization?...i ask because her rabid dog approach seemed consistent with encounters i'd previously had with members, and i wonder if this was organizational methodology )
even in the criminal god, just look at the sentences - michael billington received 77 years!...can it really be doubted that the severity of the sentence had something to do with his being part of the larouche organization?...( for comparison, the former enron ceo, jeffrey skilling, was sentenced to 24 years ) the media assault, this is the kind of thing that gets me asking questions...
what i'm getting at here, is that " the establishment ", for whatever reason, did not want larouche's ideas to become part of the spectrum of reasonable debate here in the u.s...
and still don't, for that matter...and i cant help but wonder whether that has something to do with the positions he espouses, and the power of the people he attacks...
finally xlcr, you did readers of this forum just a bit of a disservice by not posting this link, when you ran the excerpts of ruth williams book:
the link takes you to a series of postings about larouche, some by former members of the org...


02-14-2007, 04:25 PM
Many thanks for posting the link to ooooohhh "Skull and Bones". I wanted to post the entire series here , but, the 4 KB limit makes that pretty tedious. After thinking about it, it was too late to edit the posts. The series is really funny as you even see deadender Dianne Bettag emerge from the boiler room in Houston to get some fresh air and light.
The author really gets it right in his description of larouche as a parasite who goes from one stomach to another to feed.
This line is the best and should be something asked by anyone who gets the crazy end of the world phone call after giving their name at a card table shrine.

"I've wondered about LaRouche's mother problems. I recommend everyone, college students in particular, who LaRouchites have granted the privilege of gracing with their presence, to walk up and say, "I'm thinking of joining the LaRouche Youth Movement, but I think I'll pass the idea by my mom." and see what happens."

The problem I have Joe is that most of what I find and is sent me is in limbo before it is posted. I really have a good life and enjoy my kids so much that this stuff is done in a flash when everything else is done. My kids have been busy with other kids in school doing community work and other projects. I can honestly say that the middle school my child attends has done more for the poor, the sick , the needy and for the local area than the entire Larouche org has done in 40 years. More people have been fed, clothed and helped in real terms.
The school has kids who tutor other kids before school begins and after so that students who do not understand the course amterial can get free help from someone their age. it really does wonders in hepling those who need a little bit more.
If a LYM cultist would show up there and tell these kids that they need to drop our of school and come worship a convicted crininal and small time Hitler, I would have them arrested for child abuse.
You really have no idea how utterly wretched this cult is in burning people up until you see kids doing real science and math porojects to make their future and yours better.
Once again LYMers. Why are you slaving at a card table shrine when larouche's son is making a fantastic income on Wall Street and playing online chess for fun??????????


02-15-2007, 03:36 AM
make no mistake- larouche and the lymers's campaign against the "synarchy" is a codeword against jewish bankers who alledgedly want to destroy the US or German industries... it s against Felix Rohatyn, the Lazards, the Worms, the Meyer-Weill bankers... ALL jewish! Coincidence?
The "Synarchy plot", was a "conspiracy theory" of the... 1940s!!! manufactured by the pro-nazi, antisemitic French regime of Vichy. Different antagonist factions of the Vichy gvt blamed each other for being controlled by a secret society of the Banque Worms the vichysts called "Synarchie", the Worms family being jewish. French historians have easily demonstrated it was pure antisemitic propaganda, typical of the time.
Now Larouche goes even farther than the Vichy regime, he says these "synarchist" Jews financed and put Hitler in power! The Jews=nazis is an old lhl theme since the "zionism is not judaism" 1978 "Campaigner".
Helga also campaigns in Germany against these synarchist jewish financiers like Rohatyn (who is a jewish refugee from nazi germany by the way!) and called them "locusts" in recent pamphlets (the BueSo Berlin elections campaign). The Nazis referred to the Jews as devil, bacilli, vermin, worms, rats with human faces, filth, insects that lived in the darkness, and worse. etc Now the Larouches call them "locusts".
They have also close contact with the Iranian regime which denies the jewish holocaust. Last year, in Tehran there was an exhibition of antisemitic cartoons. Its title was "HO-LOCUST".


02-15-2007, 03:58 AM
remember? that s what the nazis used to do didnt they? Burn the books which they didnt like
(by the way Schiller's books werent burned by the nazis- he was celebrated by them - because he was racially a German- not for his ideas obviously- but hey! Mozart and Bach were played at Auschwitz!).
Well now... back to our 21rst Century... Burning books is the LYM new "education" program!!! Burn the text-books and.... read Larouche instead. That article was published shortly after the conference in Germany where Jeremiah Duggan was killed. This article's author was, by the way, Jeremiah's recruiter...


02-15-2007, 04:30 AM
Burning books by the Nazis was done by... university students! It was part of a ritual of the Nazi Youth Movement...
the German-Jewish poet, Heinrich Heine, once wrote:
"Where books are burned, human beings are destined to be burned too."}


02-15-2007, 12:55 PM
I thought Joe's comment about LaRouchies being their own worst enemy was quite insightful, but it's something that usually happens to speakers who don't get to speak in front of their own select audiences to face pre-chosen questions. Kind of like how Michael Richards ("Kramer") reacted when some black audience members challenged his humor. I think there migth have been a post earlier on this threat about LaRouche's infamous appearance in 1988 on the Mort Downey TV show that used to run here in NY on WOR. Of course the fact that Downey was a total ignoramous and loud mouth, didn't make up for the fact that all Lyn could do was to sputter to Mort to "shut up." Lyn can sound intellectual when he's not challenged seriously about his ideas.


02-15-2007, 04:13 PM
Let me add to that Joe6P. When you are in the Bizarro world of Larouche, every reference you have to what is considered normal is thrown out the window. We would have candidates who sounded like complete fools on debates and in media interviews . The host would ask them a question about a liocal issue and we would begin to tell them about how Walter Mondale is a KGB agent and unless Larouche was in the White House, learn Russian. We also functioned as dirty tricksters for candidates and would bring up dirt and say outlandish things against people since we could get away with it.
There was a memeo issued by Lyn against the Chicago region I believe in the early 1980's/ Lyn ripped Gerry a new you know what and attacked local issues and any pragmatic planks in an election. The org is nothing more than a vanity vehicle for Lyn and the cult of persoanlity is made very clear. The memos whic came out simply stated that no local campiagns exist and the only thing to run on is Larouche. No matter what is going on, only "The larouche solution" will solve it. The economy of course for collapsing every month like clock work and and we would say insane thngs about gays, AIDS and of course Jewish bankers.
See the Debbie Freeman campaign against Sen Parren Mitchell to ge an idea of how we attacked him as a house <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> for the Baltimore Jews.
It all sounded kooky outside the cult, but inside was different. I would see people sitting around a TV or radio and ooohing and ahhing over one of our memebrs mentiuoning how some 7,000 year old Babylonian plot created Aristotle and then spawned an assasianation plot by the Knights of Malta to kill Lyn.
The audience we are after are the people who take this lunacy seriously and can give us tons of money. If you call in and praise a TV show we did we sent your contact card to our S"pecials" team who would quickly try to ramp you up from an EIR sub to perhaps lending us a few hundred thousand by investing in our books.
One thing you need to know about Billington's sentence is that the prosectors offered us a deal where we simply paid back some money in restitution and stopped issuing securities.
Look up Michael Hudson and see how this worked with him and why he went to the police.
Lyn and the legal geniuses we have rejected this deal which would have had no prison time. Lyn and security were being scammed by people who were raking in hundreds of thousadns of dollars in creating assasiantion plots against Lyn. these guys also scammed Lyn and security into thinkint that the CIA was backing Lyn in a fight to save humanity!!!!
Lyn acted as if this was all reral instead of a scam using his delusions against him. The net result is that we continued to issue promisorry notes and the whisper in the org was that the CIA would appear like a cloak and dagger calvary and squash all of the indictments.


02-15-2007, 04:19 PM
Billington's lawyer could not believe that the plea bargain deal was rejected and did something I thoufght was hilarious. The lawyer went to the Judge and said that Mike Billington was insane and could not make a rationale decision to protect himself!!!!!!!
Billington rejected that and then went to trial and lost big time.
Before you or anyone else sheds some tears for our people, Lyn was the architect of all of this. lyn also did what he usually does and then told people that poor sucker Ed Spannous was the culprit and then made Warren Hammerman or mel in charge of legal. I was out by then, but once most people found out how Lyn was lying to them about this, they usually dropped out.
Also, you should ask the people who give you a call to please just provide a list of the money we paid back to people who took out promisorry notes. Just have a local LYMer ask the NC to show how after raising millions of dollars the poast 20 years, what percentage of it went to pay back people we owed.
LYM, skip the doubling of the quare and just do some addition and subtraction to see what the net was.
You think Lyn had his son lend him money in exchange for a promisorry note?
When you are in a cult, your field of view is entirely determined by the cult. You will really beleive that you made history and that singing in a BU classroom means something. After you leave, you look back and ask yourself what the F were you thinking as you get your life back together.
For the math geniuses in the LYM. I would like to compare the dollar value of my kid's middle school extra curricular community service work and cash raised to what the cult has done for 40 years.
The school kids went to a local senior citizen office to do work for shut in people. Things like painting , lawn work and cleaning up a widower's home.
The LYM legacy has a dead ender in Baltimore named Rochelle Ascher on trial for hijacking form an elderly retiree $750,000 in a promisorry note caper for openers. The story was in Womans World I think and is in the Wash Post tiral coverage.
Do the math LYM.


02-22-2007, 07:57 AM
dear christine wellman aka kheris (the one who works for the irs in the chicago area) out for the robert beltran fans in the irs. they just might be looking over your shoulder…. don't do anything we think you would be perfectly capable of doing, you little busybody, you..... maybe you shouldn't stick your nose in places where it could get cut off.
current mood: just easy, listening with ears to the pipeline
current song: 'you aint' nothing but a hound dog' sung by robert beltran
offer a prayer: that there won't be any 'crying in the chapel'


02-22-2007, 05:13 PM
Only a rank coward makes such anonymous threats over the internet. Shouldn't you be out fellating your fearless octofascist leader with a little stack of EIRs beneath each knee? You evidently qualify for membership in that gang of criminally delusional nitwits.


02-23-2007, 12:04 AM
i take it sancho is your real name? (that's it? just sancho?) well... you are so brave to use your real name...that puts you right up there with bozo, the seven dwarfs, and must be proud...
maybe it was your own desire to fellate the octofascist and perhaps any other "member" that got you run out of the organization? funny how fellating is what immediately came to you...maybe you still have a stack of old sticky eir's to remind you of your own past habits? hell hath no fury like sexual impotence...come to think of it is very much like an adolescent circle jerk...just be sure to wash your hands and mouth when you guys finish... or your mother will do it for naughty creeps.


02-23-2007, 12:06 AM
i take it sancho is your real name? (that's it? just sancho?) well... you are so brave to use your real name...that puts you right up there with bozo, the seven dwarfs, and must be proud...
maybe it was your own desire to fellate the octofascist and perhaps any other "member" that got you run out of the organization? funny how fellating is what immediately came to you...maybe you still have a stack of old sticky eir's to remind you of your own past habits? hell hath no fury like sexual impotence...come to think of it is very much like an adolescent circle jerk...just be sure to wash your hands and mouth when you guys finish... or your mother will do it for naughty creeps.


02-23-2007, 04:20 AM
@ sir_ehk_rerednaw:
Feeling better after spewing that drivel?
Speaking of the drivel:
maybe you shouldn't stick your nose in places where it could get cut off.
If I had done that I am sure it would have been cut off a long time ago. It's still here. As am I. Thanks for playing.
@ Sancho - thanks. I am not worried about this particular fool.


02-23-2007, 04:38 AM
Lyndon LaRouche is the World's Greatest Authority on sexual impotence. He has written about it often enough, was cuckolded repeatedly not only by Carol but by Helga, and has dismissed the entire art of ballet as mere "crotch play." If you aren't honest enough to address your own mental and emotional imbalances, perhaps you should closely examine the sexual history of your main man. But, then again, you haven't the courage to open that particular closet ... your mother's fears would prevent you.
P.S. When you become an NC you can then afford kneepads as part of the NCLC health plan.


02-24-2007, 09:18 PM
From tonight's emailbag, courtesy of Gerald Pechenuk:
The LaRouche Youth movement will be out in force in Hollywood tomorrow- Sunday- exposing
Al Gore and the Global Warming Hoax!!!! And will do the same next week massively in DC
So I wonder, will they sing for their supper or are they going to perform a pertinent scene from Shakespeare?
I'd send the LYMers over to Real Climate ( but I realize it would be wasted effort. God forbid that anyone besides Lyn might know the facts.


03-01-2007, 04:12 PM
Today is a good day to explain to the yutes how they will be manipulated by the cult into a few more years of servitude at card table shrines. The Dow Jones fell 416 points yesterday and the morning briefing is chock full of "larouche is right" and "The economy is about to blow" headlines. The 18 hour a day LYM member barey has time to catch his or her breath from street corner begging for spare change to see the local NC say "You see yutes, the economy is going under. We are taking power".
If the larouche cult decides to create a version of the Ten Commandments for the yutes to follow, "Thou shall always believe in economic collapse" will be at the top of the list. When you review how Lyn and the cult is able to sway otherwise normal yutes into accepting his hogwash, you have to think about the following. Most recruits are just entering college and have virtually no experience with the real world. The idea of finance and banking is a mystery on a global scale, let alone for something like securing a mortgage or financing a business. The stock market is even further down the road in understanding markets and capital.
In this context a yute will be very impressed when he or she can talk about these things with the same bravado as in any other Larouche U curriculum. What is considered a complex field which often requires advanced learning to understand will be reduced to a simple axiom of "The economy is going under or the world economy is going to collapse"
Lyn was able to spike the membership when the US entered recessions in the 1970s as it was plain to see layoffs in various sectors. However, any growth in the economy is never acknowledged, nor is any creation of new jobs which were created ever aknowledged. For the working class yutes and wanna be Marxists, Lyn explained Marx and any time a company announced a lay off, "Lyn was right" would be the headlines. Things like imports, currency rates, VATand other real factors were never part of the program.
This side show was expanded to include an end of the word because of debt service or municipal finance problems. Never mind that these problems were often the outcome of corrupt regimes or mismanaged cities. What we would do is create a massive conspiracy invovling whomever was our delcared enemy at the time. In the 1970s we blamed everything on Rockefeller and thus every US city was going to be taken over Rocky as his bank was supposed to be lending money to cities to then bankrupt them and take them over!
Yes we did this in every city we had an office in.
Well, the cities were not taken over by Rocky and Lyn did what he usually does in this case, change the subject and create a new boogey man for us. In the 1980s the stock market became a front page item and Lyn figured out how to make money off of the stock market. Basically, if you have a captive audience of drop out yutes who are now in a self contained world, you can take gyrations in the stock and bond markets to scare everyone into giving you money and raising money since "The crash is underway!"
You yutes really ought to read what is in those 7 month old EIRs on the card table shrines. I have been having a good chuckle for years as every month Lyn gives his speech about the falling stock market and economic collapse to clueless yutes.
If you are a clueless yute and now find yourself among people who seem to know the language of big international banking, you can be impressed. As lyn does this every month, the markets go up and down based on a wide variety of influences, none of which include the Knights of Malta or Venetians.


03-01-2007, 04:17 PM
One guy who was impressed was Lewis Dupont Smith, heir to some of the Dupont fortune. He swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker when the market fell 500 points in 1987. Everyone was so excited becaue we were supposed to ride that to White house in the 1988 election and finally show the world that Larouche was right. We also needed to prove to ourselves that we did not waste our years keeping a madman in a luxury lifestyle while he tried to recreate a new Small Time Third Reich.
Read this NY time article from 1970 . I read it when it first came out and did not pay attention to the many clues shown about how certain traits of people make them prey for an operator like Lyn. 2C0A966958260
Now if we go back in time to this collapse of the economy, we notice something in hindsight, The market lost 22 % when the Dow Jones fell over 500 points and lost 22% of its value. To people in the org who have been given a steady diet of larouche economics, this does look bad indeed. Lyn rode that high horse straight to prison. You see for years before the trials we would tell people that their money was going to be worthless and they should sell everything off and give it to us. For the widows with stocks and bonds, we had them sell off their holdings and sign them over to us for worthless promisorry notes which finaced Lyn and Helga's version of "LifeSyles of the Rich and Famous" over two continets.
We also told members and supporters that it was foolish to own property and if you own anything, sell it and give the money to us. We had an orgy of issuing promisorry notes at 22 % and a nice profit when you never pay the money back.
Lyn kept his message of impending doom to fewer and fewer members as many people were leaving. Oct 19th of I beleive 1998 was the next day which proved that Lyn was right when the Dow fell 554 points! What was never mentioned by Lyn to the remaing accolytes was that the Dow fell from over 7,770. For the remaing deadenders in Leesburg and the regions that was meaningless since they never knew that the Dow was 1,700 in the 1980s when the economy collapsed again.
When the LYM was announced by Lyn, the yutes on the campuses have been through a few declines of the Market thought things like Y2K fears, overpriced Tech stocks, 9/11, accounting schemes and other events. Each collapse was in paper and resulted in the market rising later as bargains were being snatched up by investors.
A few members who left the org are now in finance and international banking. There are real things which happen and real analyisis done by real people in the financial sector. I fully understand how a present day yute feels when mouthing off about things like hedge funds at a card table shrine becuase I did the same thing with municipal debt 30 years ago. It is real easy to think you know something about real estate when you are being lectured in a filthy office at 10PM. Once you ask yourself why the NC is lecturing about housing which he does not own and rents when you are 8 to an apt and about to be evicted, you are gettng ready to leave this nightmare. Hearing an NC blab away about the bond market prices when they have absolutley no idea of the inverse realtionsship between interest rates and bonds starts your head spinning. Ask your local NC what preferred stock is and how to calculate yield.


03-01-2007, 04:21 PM
So for you yutes who are getting your updates, here is the formula you need to remember.
A 4% drop in the Stock Market results in a 100% loss to your freedom if you stay in this bizarro world of Larouche.
There are ex members who left years ago who are now about ready to retire with the money they made in their business and investments. The sooner you get back to the real word, the better your later years will be.
Right after I finished typing that I recieved an email from someone who may have seen a lone deadender named Gerald Pechenuk at a Chicago off ramp. This stuff is so sad to see in person on a cold and blistery day inhaling non stop exhaust fumes. He was at the off ramp when the Dow broke a 1,000 and is there 30 years later when it is over 12,000. Even his local Chicago Goddess NC Shiela Jones reportedly left. For sure I thought she would stay by Helga's side window shopping for ever while Helga spent every dime Pechenuk collected.


03-01-2007, 08:05 PM
Also, from a purely human standpoint, what does it mean to be proved "right?" Why would a mature person have such an all-consuming lust to be proved "right" all the time? Lyn must have suffered severe emotional deprivation as a youngster to have to rely so much at eighty-four on the perpetual sanction of a captive audience. It's all enactment. Do you yutes want to subordinate your entire health and well-being to someone else's psychodrama, to someone whose only relief from madness will the grave that soon awaits? Let's see how many of you he tries to take with him ...


03-02-2007, 03:39 PM
So you want to know how to become a cult leader?
just watch this funny videoclip at
everything is clearly explained - it s dead easy
for ex-members the analogies are... obvious


03-02-2007, 07:34 PM
Outstanding. It's the whole LaRouche Show.


03-05-2007, 05:43 PM
reply to kheris, regarding her "prince"-ly obsession, robert beltran:
<<Gotta Love the Clans
I know the Prince does. They stand by their man no matter how twisted
the facts become>>
you, kheris, are also a clan member (as you spitefully call them)…but with one major difference...others are honest about being rb fans, while you hide behind some pretense of being an objective critic....yet, you spend more time discussing rb in your blog, your factnet crap and your juvenile journal than all of the clan members put together...occasionally someone will respond to your horsecrap and it gives you the sense that the whole world is waiting with bated breath for your next reality, no one reads your stupidities... you are only speaking to yourself and that other nutcase, your great pal elena fe walker...
<<I don't think they have noticed that time and
distance have a way of morphing fantasy and reality into a whole. I
noticed that development at FedCon. So allow me to state a few things
for the record.>>
only crazy people ask themselves if they can speak to themselves (...or maybe this is how you and elena speak to each other?...pathetic comes to mind...)

<<1 - I am speaking for myself only. Anything stated here applies only
to me and not my friends, who have their own voices, interests,
thoughts, and beliefs. You got issues with anyone else, take it to them.
2 - I don't hate the Prince and I don't bash him. I have critiqued
his work and his choice of political mentor. I have been quite clear
that I think he is a fine actor (VOY, The Big Knife,>>
funny...i never saw you at any big knife performance...i'd be interested to hear your thoughts on a play you never saw...maybe you and elena agreed on what it must have been like in the cyber rubber room where you two must meet to obsess over the guy you say you are not obsessed with (...again pathetic ...and cuckoo)

<<Broken Sky and
many movies), who doesn't always get fine opportunities (Manticore),
and sometimes doesn't always do a fine job (Fire Serpent). I have
been equally clear that a cult leader, who was convicted of credit
card fraud and imprisoned, is not someone he needs to be involved
isn't that statement assuming a proprietary relationship with rb? (but not so to the deranged, i guess...)

<<So long as that relationship exists I'll probably have
something to say about public or publicized events the Prince
attends. I have complimented him on his ability as a teacher yet wish
he was teaching elsewhere.>>
wishes are like as$holes…everybody's got one...but most don't flash their's with so much pride...


03-05-2007, 05:48 PM
<<3 - I don't 'own' the Prince and don't believe fans ever 'own'
celebrities, despite what stalkers may believe. But I do believe that
fans are a part of any celebrity's success.>>
like the clan members you malign so much (yet who actually put their butts in the seats of a big knife performance)...while you spew idiocies about something you never saw (...not obsessed?)

<<The phrase to remember is
"butts in seats." It's a financial relationship for the most part and
the fans' reward is an enjoyable performance. The celebrity gets a
paycheck, hopefully sizeable. The backers of any project want the
right performers. The definition of "right" often includes the
ability to bring in the "butts". Just ask Sumner Redstone.>
and that's why rb continues to work...because he can put butts in seats...even your butt at all those charity balls to which you traveled and donated thousands of dollars for the thrill of having rb give you a tour of the voyager set...but you aren't obsessed, right? (did you comprehend that, all you people reading this? christine wellman...aka kheris is not obsessed !!!!!)

<<4 - I don't write to the Prince because I have no reason to. The last
time was about 18 months ago,>>
and before that it was because rb told you and your sappho partner to go fcuk yourselves...i don't know if you did...but i do know you are still obsessed with the man who told you to go fcuk off (...but i keep forgetting you are not obsessed...forgive me...)
<<and it involved the Gatekeeper. He, of
course, does not write to me. He has no reason to. I am sure if he
had issues with me I'd have heard about it a long time ago from
official representatives. I haven't.>>
you can't get more official than the man himself telling you to go fcuk yourself...i have that delightful missive from him to do many others who cheered him on (...maybe you need to see it again? be happy to put it out there for you and all to see...if you'd like....)

<<5 - The clans cast me as an Evahl Fan because they don't really have
anyone else aside from the former president of the defunct fan club.
One wag wondered if I was a reporter or journalist. Certainly not!
However, I do try to stick to the facts as I know them and weed out
the emotional garbage that sometimes attaches. I have been practicing
this particular skill, or perhaps it is an art,>>

believe me, nothing coming from your deranged mind could be misconstrued as art (...self-obsessed, too?)
<<at my blogger site
during the recent elections. It has been an instructive time.
I attended the 1999 Galaxy Ball, then the 2000 and the 2001. I was
there when the ORB folded and in the aftermath in 2003. A lot of
water under the bridge, thus a lot of time and distance from the
original events. A lot of cyber-ink spilled by many parties including
the clan members.>>
the other clan members have been virtually silent in comparison to the reams of cyber paper you have used up on rb (...but of course that's not obsession is it?)


03-05-2007, 05:54 PM
<<It was what it was.
The fact that the clans rehashed some history (and rehash cons with
vigor) says a lot about the Prince's current status. If he was
working steadily, and in projects that captured the imagination, it
would probably be a different conversation.>>
he seems to be working pretty steadily to me...two more of his movies have yet to be shown, you moron (...and believe me ...nothing could make you change the conversation...)

<< If my style of humor or
writing is offputting to the clans, so be it. That's this woman's
style?!! humor?!! (...obsession and self-delusion?)

<<And as a side note: a party named pacifickarma has posted over at
IMDB that the Prince was not in Dance with a Vampire. A check of the
Prince's current Filmography shows the movie is gone and the movie is
devoid of the Prince and the character he was supposedly playing.
Glad to know that.>>
i'm glad your journalistic skills unearthed the truth about we can all put that troubling rumor to sleep...and congratulations christine wellman aka kheris...someone actually responded to you!!! you and elena fe walker (who was recently chased back down under) can celebrate!!!


03-06-2007, 02:17 AM
Your inebriation matches your malice.
Interesting that you chose not to reply to the point of your god being the World's Greatest Cuckold since Socrates and the Most Latent Homosexual since Plato. Rather, you take cheap shots at someone who is enjoying life. That's what we do out here, we who are free of the illusion that the uneducated convicted felon Lyndon LaRouche is anything but an intellectual fraud and moral bankrupt: we have fun.
Have another bottle, you twisted, drunken dwarf.


03-06-2007, 12:04 PM
uneducated? re-read your post bubba and you'll find you said just the opposite of what you meant to say...latent homos get stupid when they are agitated i guess...or maybe just too busy sucking on things to worry about correct punctuation? Plato might at least learn how to construct a sentence correctly...or is it your ignorance that keeps you blissful?


03-06-2007, 06:45 PM
Apparently even that well-crafted sentence is beyond the limited attention span of a LaRouche toad. Since Henry James is clearly beyond your scope, perhaps you can discover Mother Goose to be a neoplatonic city-builder.
Now, back into your musty closet you go ...


03-10-2007, 07:35 AM
Today's fun for the yutes comes from Boston, which is usually been described as the craziest clubhouse. We once called a UAW local who showered us with a few quarters in the 1970s the "Beethoven Caucus". I think we could call the Boston office "The Charley Manson Caucus" after the brilliant comments by readers of this article. olitical_hegemony_to_esta

How can they keep from singing...when there's global political hegemony to establish?
by Julia Reischel
If you hear three-part harmony on the Red Line today, don't look up: the LaRouche Youth Movement is at it again. Yesterday, a squad of three identically-dressed girls schlepping armloads of leaflets about "The Fraud of Global Warming" methodically worked the cars on an outbound train to Alewife, getting off at each station and reboarding a new car at the next to sing "no more Al Gore" in (admittedly rather lovely) altos.
Public singing is a new favorite tactic for the LYM, which has used it this year to crash a Harvard lecture and get itself booted off the BU campus. But this may be the first time the group has targeted innocents riding the MBTA with their of pinko-conspiracy-moonbat guerilla marketing. (Maybe they're in bed with Turner broadcasting? From behind, all three look kind of like PeBo.) According to their literature, they were hoping to recruit some new blood to watch a 1pm "international webcast" on the LaRouche PAC website.
The Dig has a prickly relationship with the LYM, mostly because we've infiltrated their meetings and they think we're conspiring to rule the world as dark agents of Dick Cheney. That's probably why the trio didn't look too happy when I accosted them at the Harvard Square station as they waited to repeat their performance on an inbound train.
Jen did the talking for her two friends, both of whom looked a little brainwashed around the edges. Jen refused to give her last name but grudgingly explained that the singing is "one of the main parts of the curriculum of the LaRouche Youth Movement."
"It's called 'Bel canto' choral signing," she said. "It's something we do all over the country."
Before LaRouche, she added, most LaRouchians had never sung before. So while it's instilling paranoia and hero-worship into a generation of drop-outs, the LYM is at least molding a damn fine tabernacle choir.
(Message edited by xlcr4life on March 10, 2007)


03-10-2007, 07:40 AM
I love these comments, especially the reference to how this reminds them of Charlie Manson's girls.

Makes me want to carry
Submitted by Molly on Thu, 03/08/2007 - 2:15pm.
Makes me want to carry around my guitar (which I barely play) and burst into "Charlie on the MTA" if I see them.
No political reason for the choice of song, but it's 1) easy 2) peppy and 3) loud.

Does that remind anyone of...
Submitted by Sassy (not verified) on Thu, 03/08/2007 - 2:54pm.
...the three ladies working for Charles Manson? Every time I see footage of that trial, they are walking, holding hands, and singing in a very creepy way.

  • ***
    That pretty much describes what the world historical change to humanity the traveling LYM minstrel singers will be remembers for. At least in my day the singers and jesters called NCs would be indoors at Lyn's mansion and recieve some scraps leftover from the banquets. Today you can perform for spare change on a subway car or platform and then return to the LYM clubhouse for your nightly group meals prepared by an elderly deadender. Then it is off to the phones for a few hours. Later you have an update and a class till 11 PM or so. Then it is nighty night among the 4 yutes in a room till you wake up to do it all over again till the world economy collapse as we know it.

03-10-2007, 05:29 PM
I suspect Dr. Zubrin's article on the fallacy of a hydrogen economy ( may not sit too well with his former boss Lyn. Especially since Lyn can't claim it as his own idea or take credit for the good Dr.'s writing. I do recall xlcr4life mentioning Dr. Zubrin as one of the former members who bailed out and wound up with a better life as a consequence. Are the yutes paying attention?


03-17-2007, 08:22 PM
The LYM are proclaiming their own major contributions to Kepler studies. ( They have now provided animations with rambling commentary to two of Kepler's major works. (How Promethean.) While what they say about particular geometric constructions may not be objectionable, there is no clear connection between all of this busy work and ideas that might actually be useful to a practicing, creative scientist. The LYMers and their Fearless Leader strain after an ever elusive creativity by merely cheerleading for it while simultaneously denouncing actually potent investigators as noncreative - except of course for those cranks who give them time, money, and attention.
In LaRouche's latest logorrheic fit (, one finds this representative specimen:
Notably, to understand Albert Einstein's referenced conclusions respecting the significance of the general accomplishments of the practice of modern science, from Kepler through Riemann: we must acknowledge the evidence that the principle of gravitation, as discovered by Kepler, is "invisible" to mere sense-perception: that, because it is, efficiently, as big as the universe, and thus, like every true universal physical principle, it supplies that universe with the quality of boundless finiteness as a whole, but is, also, therefore, in a manner of speaking, so large, that its efficient local expression is, apparently, ontologically infinitesimal.[11] This implication of Kepler's discoveries is then made more efficiently comprehensible, by the explicitly anti-Euclidean, dynamic, physical hypergeometry of Bernhard Riemann, as this is to be contrasted with the silly, neo-Euclidean, mechanistic-statistical, mythical universe admired by the modern, empiricist dupes, who have followed the method of Descartes, including those such as Immanuel Kant et al.[12]
Can anyone in the universe explain what this means, or is even intended to mean? To those of you who find in LaRouche some sort of intellect because you cannot understand this schizoid pablum, trust your own intuition: it is sheer NONsense. I suppose I would write similarly if Helga were so often with "security" out behind the woodpile.
Get a real education: don't be a dropout intellectual onanist like Lyn.
And, Lyn, it were not, too late, for, you t,o: learn the putatively proper; use of language -: including correct, punctuation#
At the very least get that done before you drop dead.


03-24-2007, 01:07 PM
From the Justice for Jeremiah site:
Forthcoming Meeting
Where: The Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, Westminster, SW1
Date: 27 March
Time: Meeting 2.00pm – 3.00pm. Opportunities for interviews - further discussion till
The panel will include Lord Janner, Dr Rudi Vis MP, Louise Ellman MP, Erica Duggan, Frances Swaine, partner at Leigh Day and Co and German Legal Team: Nicolas Becker, Hans Eberhard Schultz will discuss the suspicious death of Jeremiah Duggan.
Representations from Baroness Ludford MEP , Shimon Samuels (Wiesenthal Centre, Paris)
There will be a release of compelling new evidence to highlight the urgency of action to MPs and journalist's in attendance.).
The LYM is so busy crashing other peoples' parties one has to wonder if they will crash this one or stay out of sight.


03-24-2007, 07:17 PM
The cult has had some rough moments so far in Europe. Allow me to exolain to the yutes what has just happened to yuse boys and girls.
In 2007 you were slowly starved by Larouchian economics as tens of thousands of dollars were sent on a regular basis to the various security black holes set up. One of these black holes sucks cash each week to feed Larouche weekly fantasy tales of Lyn's importance to the oligarchs. These operators know Lyn the way a psychiatrist knows their mental patient. The goal os not to treat but to feed the delusions and walk away with weekly spare change the LYM sing for at card table shrines.
I will give readers a program very shortly so you know the players and the history.
Now part of the cash you hustle at card table shrines and in the boiler rooms is sent to Weisbaden where Kingpin Uwe Freisecke runs a few businesses and tries to keep Helga in designer capri pants, usually stretchable to save money.
The yutes do not have a retirement plan and if you want to scare the hell out of a recruit, just send them to Leesburg to see broken down members hustling odd jobs in their golden ratio years. Lyn and Helga have a great retirement kitty which the German deadenders ran off with in late 2006. This was both funny and pathetically sad as money was siphoned away from the yutes for months and members were sent to live 8 to a flat and trying to get public assistance. Lyn then took advantage of the departure of Uwe Freisecke to blame him for why yutes are starving!
This culminated in an Academy Award level presentation to the handfull of Euro LYM that he knew nothing, nothing about how money was handled and how bad the yutes were living. Lyn and Helga then had a German conference to rewire the hungry leftover LYM and ship them to France to save the world by getting French leader Cheminade on the ballot for the French presidential election.
The LYM had a nice banquet and were sent off with marhcing orders that humanity is doomed unless Cheminade is on the ballot. The real story is that Cheminade according to the cult's own web site owes @ 170,000 or so Euros to the French Elcetion board. Cheminade is a real fool for Lyn as he inherited some money and an apt and gave the cash to Lyn. The apt I was told became a sort of LYM Hostel with a dozen or in the living room each night.
Every briefing I was sent had wonderful news of how Cheminade was getting the signatures from mayors and they were all so pleased ot be part of The Larouche Plan to save the World. The Golden ratio became the Golden ration as one sandwich per day per LYM was now ideal.
Now this reminds me so much of 1980. We sent all of our troops to New Hampshire to campaign for Lyn. At that time Lyn and security got scammed by some sharp operators who promised to fix the election for us for the right price. Money was transferred out of the entities to these mafioso who laughed all of the way back to Detroit and Suburban Boston not beleiving that they just punked the world's smartest economist!
Meanwhile, in Detroit and NYC we had money problems and eventually Lyn had a falling out with leaders who left. Lyn delcared that if not for these problems which he did not know about, we would be ion world power.
Now you yutes can understand what happened to you in Europe.


03-24-2007, 07:23 PM
To show you how history repeats itself for college drop outs, let us return to 1980 New Hampshire. After the devastating loss where we literally starved members, almost everyone was sent to Chicaco for the Illinois primary. Upon our arrival we were treated to a cheap steak dinner in a diner near the office which looked like the "Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger" set on the Saturday Night Live TV show.People were told that things will change and get energised. The next day it was back to starvation and running people into the ground while Lyn developed a fondness for Rhiengau.
Cheminade's campaign was also to yield French funds for the election which made Lyn's mouth water in delight and Helga giggling like a school girl ready to go shop in Harrods. Alas, no money, no election and more LYM came to their senses and dropped away.
The cult has regrouped and now is fighting Al Gore. In typical Lyn fasion, Al Gore and climate issues are now linked to the global oligarchy and of course the end of the economy. The yutes need something new as Bush is a lame duck and now you can fundraise from anti Gore people and promote nuclear power. This is basically a rerun of 1980 when we went after Carter, picked up Republican fundrasing lists and sent people off to raise money for nuclear power.
I think I see the card table shrines returning to airports where legal pretty soon.
As far as the meeting in England Kheris. Expect another lunatic article and pamphlet with the Queen of England, Prince Phillip, Tavistock, war with Iran, Dick Cheney , the Mossad and the death of Lady Di to be connected to Jeremiah Duggan.
Also expect a disguised security guy with red freckles who really is Helga's chamber maid to show up.


03-24-2007, 07:59 PM
"designer capri pants, usually stretchable to save money"--HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!--best line on this board--an instance of poetic precision ...


03-25-2007, 03:39 PM
The noose is tightening yutes. Now is the time to start talking and thinking about what you want to be associated with. We had several members go to prison for years to save humanity while Lyn was busy trying to save his rear by offering to make a deal AGAINST members from what I heard.
Think about why people were sent out of the country and why you are being fed wild stories. Think about why there is no longer a Euro org.

Read this new article yutes:
New evidence shows 'suicide' student was beaten to death
Mark Townsend and Jamie Doward
Sunday March 25, 2007
The Observer
2042439%2C00.html,,,2042439,00.html (
Compelling new evidence suggests that a 22-year-old Briton who had
become involved with a right-wing political cult in Germany was
murdered, contradicting the authorities' verdict of suicide.
Two new reports from leading forensic pathologists suggest that
Jeremiah Duggan, a student at the British Institute in Paris, was
battered to death with a blunt instrument as he tried desperately to
defend himself.
The findings, to be revealed on Tuesday, cast grave doubt on the
official verdict that Duggan hurled himself in front of cars on a
dual carriageway in Wiesbaden. Forensic specialists found no trace of
tyre marks on his body, or anything to suggest that he had been
struck by a vehicle. But they did detect classic 'defence wounds' to
Duggan's forearms and hands, which usually suggest someone trying to
protect himself.
His head injuries are consistent with being beaten and 'exclude any
possibility that the injuries to his head occurred because a motor
vehicle ran over the body', according to the two studies.
Both reports are unanimous in rejecting the official account that
Duggan was struck by two vehicles on the night he died in March 2003.
They also found that he had ingested quantities of blood.
The official account by German authorities, based on police reports,
says he was hit by a car travelling at 60mph and died instantly.
However, the fact Duggan survived long enough to swallow large
amounts of blood indicates he took a long time to die, which would
not be the case after a high-speed collision.
The expert conclusions are the strongest evidence yet that Duggan was
killed rather than committed suicide, and support his family's claims
that the true circumstances surrounding his death have been covered
up. The findings will be sent this week to the Attorney General as
part of a submission of evidence aimed at securing a fresh inquest
into the circumstances surrounding the death. Erica, his mother,
hopes that a verdict of 'unlawful killing' will apply pressure for a
fresh police investigation.
Duggan, from Golders Green, north-west London, had become involved
with the Wiesbaden followers of Lyndon LaRouche, an American
millionaire with virulent anti-Semitic views. Unaware of the group's
leanings, the former Christ's Hospital pupil told followers that he
was Jewish. At 4.20am on 27 March, 2003, Duggan rang his mother. His
voice was hushed: 'Mum, I am in deep trouble.'


03-25-2007, 03:44 PM
Asked where he was, Duggan began spelling out Wiesbaden. Before he
could reach 'b', the line went dead. Hours later, police investigated
reports of a body on the B455 outside Wiesbaden. The authorities
quickly pronounced Duggan's death as a 'clear case' of suicide. The
official version states that Duggan 'ran against' a Peugeot and was
subsequently run over by a Golf.
Despite requests by British police, their German counterparts have
failed to even reveal records of when they were first alerted that
Duggan had been killed in a road traffic accident.
Frances Swain, of lawyers Leigh Day and Co, said: 'It is clear from
the new evidence that JD did not die in a road traffic accident. How
he did die has yet to be investigated and a fresh inquest is required
to get those proper investigations off the ground. This is strong
evidence that again questions what has been told to us. A new inquest
is essential.'
Fight for justice
21 March 2003 Jeremiah Duggan travels to Wiesbaden for what he
believes is an anti-war conference. In fact, it was organised by the
far-right Schiller Institute, which is inspired by Lyndon LaRouche, a
US right-wing conspiracy theorist, and run by his wife. It has a
history of anti-Semitism.
27 March At 4.20am, Duggan, who was Jewish, called his mother,
saying: 'I'm in deep, deep trouble, I want out.' Later he was found
dead on a dual carriageway.
29 March German authorities claim he took his own life by jumping
into traffic.
4 November British coroner Dr William Dolman dismissed suicide
verdict, saying Duggan died 'in a state of terror'.
24 February 2004 Duggan family meet Foreign Office after German
authorities refuse to reopen the case.
November 2005 Duggan's mother persuades German authorities to hand
over photos made by investigators.
22 Feb 2006 Family calls for new inquest.
March 2007 Two forensic reports say Duggan was battered to death.


03-25-2007, 04:24 PM
Oh God -- that's a pretty damning claim, although I am sure I saw an article somewhere quoting a driver that saw Jeremiah. Is it possible he was halfway moving when he wound up at the autobahn? Or was that driver lying? This gets curiouser and curiouser.


03-27-2007, 11:56 AM
Speaking of dirty tricks and worse, I came across an interesting story about a human rights case in New Zealand involving a Muslim activist who was apparently wrongfully charged with being a terrorist based upon an account from Apparently this guy, Ahmed Zaoui, was on the wrong side of the rightwing Algerian regime, and LaRouche dutifully reported the Algerian gov'ts attacks.


03-27-2007, 11:58 AM
Speaking of dirty tricks and worse, I came across an interesting story about a human rights case in New Zealand involving a Muslim activist who was apparently wrongfully charged with being a terrorist based upon an account from Apparently this guy, Ahmed Zaoui, was on the wrong side of the rightwing Algerian regime, and LaRouche dutifully reported the Algerian gov'ts attacks.


04-12-2007, 06:51 PM
I had a lot of stories ready to put up here on about the cult. Things like severe anti semitic dirty tricks in Australia, Lyn and real estate and why the cult is into global warming.
I am taking a short break for a period of mourning for the surviving family of the latest tragedy in this sick, sick cult. Former membres will know who this is. The silly yutes will not be told.


04-13-2007, 06:18 PM
This man K.K. devoted nearly his entire adult life to Lyn, and not even a mention on the LaRouche website. Death and chaos follow Lyn wherever he goes.
Beware, LYMers. You're next, after the "boomers" are all cast out, one way or another.


04-14-2007, 07:51 AM
Was it Ken Kronberg? I saw the Post article but had no idea who it was.
LYMers: I was going to say I don't understand how you can let yourself be fooled, but of course I can understand. I know what it's like to be young and idealistic. Change the world! Ah yes.
But look at the older members. That's you in 30 years. Think about it.}


04-14-2007, 05:14 PM
The self-hating Jew Tony Chaitkin has been enlisted to dismiss the murder of Jeremiah Duggan as a British plot against Lyn:
another instance of these people having no shame or human decency.


04-14-2007, 05:48 PM
While many of us are mourning the latest victim in Leesburg of this hideous abomination of humanoids masquerading as saviours of humanity, Anton Chaitkin further has shown the depravity of the cult.
We will soon be showing to everyone and especially current and former members events which culminated in the death of an NC who we all knew.
Those of us on the outside will understand why we do this. You LYM jabronis have not been told what happened and will find out here.
For the dead enders like Chaitkin, you should seek professional help, after you seek inner forgiveness for the endless hurt, abuse and death which you have done for your messiah Lyn.
Just like with the death of Jeremiah Duggan, the picture becomes more sick and demented as you find out the role of Lyn and the LC. To be a slave to the delusions of Lyn is beyond comprehension to all of us.
Chaitkin was in solidarity with Lyn when the lunacy and anti semitic Holocaust centerfolds came out.
Chaitkin was there when his brother in Law, I believe in security told 'The Jew Jokes" to "Toughen the Jew members against the ADL"
Chaitkin was there as we hijacked credit cards and wrote about how The Jews in the ADL were fabricating this along with Macys.
Chaitkin was there when we issued millions in promisorry notes to the elderly and stole their money.
Chaitkin was there when Lyn offered to make a deal and send fundraisers to prison so Lyn could go free.
Chaitkin was there when members out of prison were discarded.
Chaitkin was there in Leesburg as members remortgaged their homes and got multiple credit cards to finance Lyn's life style and delusions.
Chaitkin was there when Lyn and anti semites in the Liberty Lobby traded Jew Jokes with Lyn.
Chaitkin was there when we did dirty tricks in Australia and used forged documents to tell Ausies that certain Jews were dope runners, traitors and money launderers.
Chaitkin was there when he saw older members swept out like garbage by Lyn in endless purges.
Chaitkin was there, sipping Rheingau in Leesburg with Lyn when members were starving.
Chaitkin was there when Lyn copied Hitler Youth with his larouche Youth as he claims to have studied Nazi history.
Chaitkin was there when Lyn began his crusade that the Jews were behind 9/11 and terrorism.
Chaitkin was there when Lyn went to the Zayed center in Egypt to follow in the footsteps of David Duke, Holocaust deniers and the parade of anti semites that the Jews control world money and power.
Now Chaitkin is part of a death and the denial of how utterly sick the cult has become.
We will start real soon about what happened which Chaitkin knows fully well, after we pay our respects for the departed.


04-15-2007, 02:02 PM
Apparently, Lyn reads FACTNet:
"Over-zealous grammar freaks beware! There is no period after the "S" in Harry S Truman. The name was written and filed in that form, and remained an indicative cultural-political clue for the benefit of future historians, remaining on the official record to the present day."
This is not news to educated Americans. However, "overzealous" is the proper spelling. Also, note the hysterically inept punctuation with which this rant begins: "After, Don Imus, Al Gore should be next."
The point of calling attention to Lyn's fractured English is not to find fault unfairly with the language of an uneducated person (there are many such in the United States), but to suggest that it is highly improbable for one who does not know how to write a simple, declarative sentence correctly in his native language to be able to claim with any credibility that he is among the greatest creative geniuses in human history.
Hell, he couldn't even write for Foster's Daily Democrat.


04-15-2007, 05:18 PM
How many human beings till these days now were pushed into suicide by this mentally-ill egomaniac LaRouche?
A girl named heike oder heide from duesseldorf, germany, in the late 70th,
Jeremy Duggan,
Ken Kronberg,

I am shure, there are more, but dont know.
Are there babyboomers left, which did not wash themselves their brains for 3 decades in order to think like Lyn, in order to believe his delusions? Are there babyboomers left, to stop this insane non-scientist masturbator? Are there babyboomers left, to stop the insanity of what is going on?
How can it happen, that Lyn controls life and death of people, who spend their life in this organisation? And starving at the end.
Why nobody of all the members kicked out by Lyn and Helga are standing up?
How many more should die? Without help. How many members having depressions because they have safed a rest of their brain?
Internet-discussions: Fine but not enough.


04-15-2007, 05:36 PM
N.B. The English language is not the only thing Lyn murders.


04-16-2007, 09:31 AM
Babyboomer, you're right. But what do you suggest? Some of us testified and helped send LHL to jail. Many of us are still in touch with those still "in", but it doesn't seem to help. Some people commit suicide quickly, others take years.
I knew Ken well, we worked together for years at WorldComp and the news of his death was like being stabbed with a knife, the pain of trying to imagine his desperation.
If you've got some idea of how to break through this mass psychosis, I'm all ears ...


04-16-2007, 01:02 PM
c256, I too worked at WorldComp for years and am grief stricken. I feel like one of those old WWII vets who, after a long and fulfilling life, once again contemplates the fate of those he knew who died in the war. Why them and not me? Why did I get out of that lunatic asylum, but not Ken, or [fill in any name].


04-16-2007, 03:05 PM
As someone who also knew Ken, and knows people still in the orbit of WorldComp-PMR Printing, to have read the briefing where the organization spits on the "baby-boomers" who commit suicide was one of the most despicable things I have read by Lyn, even beyond his frantic postings about Jeremiah Duggan, since this involves someone who gave thirty plus years of his life to a megalomaniac. The best thing we can do is be life affirming and show people still locked inside that there is life on the other side of bizarro world. Perhaps LaRouche's postings about "baby-boomers" committing suicide was his fearful recollection of his personal suicidal tendencies from the 1950s.


04-16-2007, 05:47 PM
Here is a statement from the Loudon County Sheriff's office on the death of my former comrade:
I know that many of you who read this message board are LaRouche supporters and often revile what I and others write here, thinking that we are at least traitors if not outright agents. What may not come through often enough is our compassion for you who still believe Lyn to be an answer to a world gone mad, because we too would have thought - and did think - precisely what you do about former members who criticize the organization. But now a good and trusted Labor Committee member lay dead. I appeal to the conscience of those of you - which I know is most of you - who are current LC members and supporters to contact the Loudon County Sheriff's Investigator K. Poland at 703-777-0475 if you have any information at all as to what happened the night before and on the morning of this tragedy. Please do not allow ideology to stand in the way of justice for Ken: don't allow him to end up as just another long lost footnote in the history of the International Caucus of Labor Committees like Michael Gelber. You may not have been a witness at 10:30 AM, but you may have been a witness to what happened for the many years leading up to this sad event, including, but not limited to, the financial shenanigans at PMR, which may have led our fallen brother to this point of complete and utter despair.
Thank you.


04-18-2007, 02:54 PM
Another victim of a crazed cult of personality, led by a a madman who unfortunately, knows what he is doing. 506049&rfi=6
Kenneth L. Kronberg, PMR Printing Co. president, Leesburg

Kenneth Lewis Kronberg, 58, of Leesburg, the president of PMR Printing Co. and World Composition Services Inc. -- known as WorldComp - in Sterling, died April 11 in Sterling.
Friends may call April 19, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., at Colonial Funeral Home in Leesburg. Services are April 19 at 1 p.m. at St. James Episcopal Church, also in Leesburg.

Mr. Kronberg was born April 18, 1948, in New York, N.Y., to the late Martin Kronberg and the late Shirley Newfeld Kronberg. He graduated from St. John's College in Santa Fe, N.M., and spent a year as a junior fellow at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara, Calif. He did graduate work at the New School for Social Research Graduate Faculty in New York.
He was an editor for the American Institute of Physics and for John Wiley & Sons before founding WorldComp in 1978. He had been a member of the National Committee of the National Caucus of Labor Committees since 1974.
Mr. Kronberg also directed amateur theater, and taught poetry and drama classes to children and adults for many years. He edited The Campaigner, a cultural magazine, for a number of years. In 1992 he co-founded the quarterly, Fidelio, a journal of poetry, science and statecraft, which he edited until 2006.
Survivors include his wife of 36 years, Marielle Hammett Kronberg of Leesburg; his son, Max I.T. Kronberg; and his brother, Richard Kronberg of Anchorage, Alaska.
Memorials may be sent to the YIVO Institute, 15 W. 16th St., New York, NY 10001, or at (

My heart is with the family who has to suffer through this.


04-19-2007, 05:24 PM
Today was the funeral for Ken Kronberg in Leesburg Va.
The following article, which has amazing information for people to follow up on appeared today as well. mid=33

Rt. 28 Suicide Jumper Was Long-Time Associate of LaRouche
By Nicholas F. Benton
Thursday, 19 April 2007

A 58-year-old Leesburg man whose death due to a fall from the Waxpool overpass onto a busy Route 28 corridor in Loudoun County last week was ruled a suicide by authorities has been identified as a long-time associate of political extremist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Ken Kronberg headed a recently-defunct printing operation, known as PMR and World Comp, set up in 1978 under the supervision of LaRouche that printed LaRouche-related materials at a location not far from the site of the suicide. According to reports, the companies were among other things in serious arrears in tax payments, including employee withholding, due largely to lack of payment for printing jobs by other LaRouche entities.
In the morning just hours prior to the Kronberg suicide on April 11, a daily internal document, the "morning briefing" circulated among members of the LaRouche entities, lashed out, in a paraphrase of LaRouche, at what it called the failures of the "baby boom" generation, including among the entities' own members, and singled out "the print shop" as "among the worst." It then went on to state, speaking to the younger generation, "the Boomers will be scared into becoming human, because you're the real world, and they're not. Unless they want to commit suicide."
The "morning briefing" is considered authoritative within all the LaRouche entities that many, including many former participants, contend operate collectively like a cult. The April 11 version, written by Tony Papert of LaRouche's inner leadership circle, his National Executive Committee, appears to assert that the only way the "baby boom" generation, ostensibly including those among LaRouche's own associates, can be in the "real world" is through suicide.
Kronberg was among the long-term associates of LaRouche, dating back to the early 1970s, that LaRouche has been claiming in a series of recent statements are responsible, by being typical of the so-called "baby boom" generation, for the ineffectiveness of his movement, despite their decades of personal sacrifices in support of his cause. His appeal has been to the new leadership potential of his so-called "LaRouche Youth Movement."
Ex-LaRouche associates, commenting on an on-line list serve, have expressed outrage and deep dismay at the suicide, speaking about years of pressure, demands and abuse from within the LaRouche circle, including what they contend has been a systematic lack of regard for the personal needs of members.
"This insidious cult, sect, whatever you want to call it has harmed people for decades," one wrote. "There is no remorse from LHL (LaRouche-ed.) and many of the scum there today…I do not know Ken (Kronberg-ed.) but view him as a tragic victim of this monstrosity. No matter how much pain he inflicted on people by bowing to LHL, it was not enough. No matter that a whole business was being sucked dry, it was not enough. Thirty-five years of your life is now reduced to a memo where you are told that you're worthless and should kill yourself."
Another offered, "There was never any money at PMR and members were paid only half their salaries, which were already pittances, and then Ken paid himself only once a month."


04-19-2007, 08:28 PM
I encourage any and all who know of any Federal tax fraud perpetrated by LaRouche, his associates, or the businesses associated with him; or have information sufficient to believe that the above are engaged in Federal tax fraud to report the pertinent information to the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. ( Scroll down the page for the link to report fraud, that link is not working properly when I try to post it here.
I obviously don't have all the details, but I read the article posted by XLCR and now would be a good time to expose wrongdoing by Larouche and/or his organization.
I cannot imagine the depth of despair Ken Kronberg must have felt. I hope his family can eventually heal from this tragedy.


04-20-2007, 08:59 AM
I was looking up LaRouche and Baby Boomers and came out with this following "manifesto" written by Richard Freeman, as to how the LYM would replace the baby-boomers recruited from the 60s. It lays bare the kind of brainwashing "retreats"that the new members are subjected to. In light of what's happening to the older members, this stuff becomes especially vile to read.


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