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 FROM:LAR       " Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. "
 January 11, 2007 (1:35am) EST 

 [For only internal circulation at this time.  Not to be reproducd 
 in the AM Briefing at this time.] 


 1.   On November 9, 2006 Anno Hellenbroich, had called an 
 emergency meeting for that day, a meeting intended by him to take 
 a putative act of revenge,  on behalf of his master's, Herr Uwe 
 Friescke's, publicly unwrapped, long- standing, personal hatred 
 against not only me, but against the foremost among the original 
 leader, and a present political leader of the relevant Germany 
 association,  Helga Zepp-LaRouche.   

 2.     The pretext for Herr Friesecke's relevant outburst, which 
 occurred on the morning of Monday, November 6, 2006, was an audio 
 transcript of a report which I have delivered, orally, to an 
 adult youth-movement organization in Berlin, on, Friday November 
 3, 2006.  The principal subject of that Berlin presentation, was 
 the highly successful methods, which I described as expressing 
 the principle of a political "mass effect," methods being used in 
 promoting U.S. Democratic Party's Congressional victories in the 
 then coming, Tuesday, November 7, 2006 general mid-term 

      On the same November 3, Berlin, occasion, in the course of 
 the presentation on "mass effect," I took the occasion for a 
 mandatory courtesy, offering my admittedly sharp, and, on 
 reflection, fully justified expression of  condolences for the 
 miserable treatment which Herr Friesecke had just given those in 
 the audience, at the beginning of that same week of October 
 29-November 3, to date.  He had scampered into hiding, leaving no 
 working forwarding address, leaving no funds to support the 
 feeding of youth who were scheduled to perform a crucially 
 important, assigned function for that week.  I described Herr 
 Friesecke's willful negligence of responsibilities he had 
 demanded that he control, exclusively; I described them 
 succinctly and as fairly as they deserved. 

      Notably, it was to be precisely the methods I outlined for 
 the audience at that Berlin meeting of November 3, which were to 
 have contributed a significant margin of the world-history-making 
 victory of the November 7 Democratic Party in the Senate, and as 
 a "landslide" margin of victory in the House of Representatives. 

      Herr Friesecke's barnyard bellowing in his audio 
 transmission of the morning of November 6, was an explosion of 
 rage, whose attention was confined to the matter of my mention of 
 him in that presentation. There was no attention given by him to 
 principal subject of the Berlin meeting, which treated the 
 subject of which would  become, a day later, that November 7 
 Democratic victory, which would become  famous in the U.S. for 
 the "new politics" which had contributed to the victory. He has 
 never publicly acknowledged the truth of either of those matters 
 treated by the Friday, November 3 Berlin address, to the present 

 3.     That meeting failed to fulfil that malicious intention 
 which Herr Hellenbroich had served. For that occasion, I had 
 presented the report of the suspension of Uwe Friesecke from the 
 international Caucus of Labor Committees, pending an appropriate 
 processing of specific charges of wrongs identified  within that 

      The behavior of Herr Friesecke, which I had condemned during 
 the Berlin event of November 3rd, and the fact of Herr 
 Friesecke's bellowing indecencies in his broadcast of November 
 6th, were not in the content of my letter presented then; but, 
 his behavior of the preceding week, did compel the letter 
 previously in preparation to be delivered on that occasion. 

 4.   In reaction to the receipt of my letter, on November 9th, 
 and within the course of the following days, representatives 
 speaking on behalf of Uwe Friesecke, Anno Hellenbroich, and 
 Helmut Boettiger, proposed a willingness to consider constructive 
 measures for cooperation in the interest of the relevant, 
 affected organizations. On  Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 
 written, signed  statements confirming such an agreement to 
 cooperate were presented to Frau Zepp-LaRouche on behalf of 
 Friesecke and Boettiger, but the promised letter from 
 Hellenbroich was not presented.  Nonetheless, Frau Helga 
 Zepp-LaRouche agreed to cooperation with them for the stated 
 purpose.  I endorsed that agreement as a show of good judgment. 

 5.   On the basis of pleas and promises made to me on behalf of 
 these parties and Frau Zepp-LaRouche I supported, conditionally, 
 their proposal that I not present the general public with the 
 content of my letter detailing the reasons for Herr Friesecke's 
 suspension.    This was not a withdrawal of the letter, but an 
 act intended to facilitate the process of negotiations free of 
 the irreparable effects of a general public clamor about the 
 matters under negotiation. 

      To date, Herr Friesecke has shown no inclination to present 
 evidence which might justify lifting of the suspension itself;  
 the suspension stands, accordingly. The actual suspension was, 
 therefore, not, in itself, a relevant point of negotiation in the 
 proposed agreement on cooperation, although the content of the 
 letter remains of the relatively highest importance and relevance 
 for the matters of proposed cooperation currently at hand. 

 6.   There is a relevant history of Herr Friesecke's long- 
 standing record of acts of personal hatred against Helga 
 Zepp-LaRouche, and the pattern of continuing, and maliciously 
 intended lying gossip against her, from circles within the 
 association who were, de facto, steered by Herr Friesecke on this 
 account; also, in light of the evidence that this policy radiated 
 from Herr Friesecke had been the dominant feature of relations, 
 most emphatically, throughout the 2000-2006 interval, there was 
 no foreseeable possibility of reconciliation of them with Frau 
 Zepp-LaRouche, on the one side, or, on the side of the other 
 party, the latter composed of those relevant others of that 
 Friesecke- orchestrated claque who participated in perpetrating 
 the pattern of malicious conduct against her. They were already 
 too far gone in their burden of their own shared lies and 
 fomented hatreds for anything better than a reasonable outcome. 
 Therefore, the agreement to cooperation, which Herr Hellenbroich 
 endorsed orally, but not in written form, could not, and did not 
 envisage an eruption of warm personal feelings in the 

      Therefore, there was no conceivable, implied purpose for an 
 attempted  agreement to cooperation including such parties, 
 unless, and except it were to protect the common interest of the 
 institutions involved, protecting them from the clearly 
 onrushing, early consequences of a declaration of personal hatred 
 and wild-eyed, bullish desire to destroy, as  expressed, most 
 typically, by Herr Friescke in a broadcast statement by him on 
 the morning of November 6, 2006.  

 7.   To the present day, although steps toward cooperation have 
 been proposed by some significant, relevant specific and implied 
 other parties to the joint effort, no willingness to cooperate in 
 a relevant way,  has been shown, to date, in any form of 
 substance, by Herr Hellenbroich.  In light of the existence of 
 interests, including some associated with Herr Friesecke, 
 interests external to the relevant association, interests which 
 are operating within the association from outside it, we must 
 view the continued refusal by Herr Hellenbroich, to date, in the 
 following terms of reference. 

      He has limited himself to asserting his personal interests, 
 as if he were one seeking a "golden parachute," even against the 
 vital interests of the particular organization which he, 
 ostensibly, represents.  He is so visibly steeped in a rage born 
 of fears prompted by his own guilty role over recent years,  that 
 he has great difficulty in even appearing to behave rationally. 

      Thus far, he has refused to discuss rationally  any of the 
 relevant kinds of substantive,  underlying issues which bear upon 
 an efficient form of cooperation in fulfilling the stated purpose 
 of the agreement. Although, the evidence is that his actions are 
 chiefly that of yet another talking puppet of Herr Friesecke, he 
 has, on his own account, stubbornly falsified the causes of the 
 temporary embarrassment, a financial embarrassment to which the 
 effect of his own reckless actions have contributed. He has 
 refused to accept any reasonable negotiation of measures which 
 would competently serve the mission of protecting the vital 
 interests of each and all of the members of cooperating groups.  
 If Herr Hellenbroich continues in his expressed intent to take 
 actions which would, in fact, quickly destroy the entities which 
 the cooperation was intended to assist, an early  catastrophe, 
 not cooperation, would be the more or less irreversible outcome. 

 8.   Thus, no intent for relevant types of cooperation has been 
 shown, thus far, by Herr Hellenbroich, who appears to be 
 determined to force general publication of the relevant letter 
 which was reported to the Wiesbaden (Erbenheim) office on 
 Thursday, November 9, 2006.  Therefore, unless Herr Hellenbroich 
 is induced, by himself or others, to change his ways, to accept 
 serious steps which will effectively prompt the intention 
 underlying the agreement to cooperate, circumstances would tend 
 to prompt a popular demand for wide public circulation of the 
 letter suspending Herr Friesecke.  

      Herr Hellenbroich's fraudulently composed pretext for his 
 currently proposed action, and also alternative measures he 
 recommends, are each and all incompetent in fact as to content, 
 in the respect that what he falsely alleges could not conceivably 
 produce an outcome consistent with an avowed  intent for actual 
 cooperation.  He has, thus, proposed nothing better that proposed 
 agreement to cooperate in perpetrating non-cooperation. 

 9.    Herr Hellenbroich's false representation of the causes of 
 his firm's problem of recent months (a problem which played a 
 leading, personal role in creating), points to the long-standing, 
 habituated  incompetence in fnancial and economic management  
 under Herr Friesecke's role as the self-proclaimed "the boss." 
 Herr Friesecke's mismanagement thus becomes a crucial 
 consideration in assessing the implications of Herr Hellenbrich's 
 conduct at this juncture.  

      Personal experience which dates from no later than 1997, has 
 given me direct evidence of specific, important instances of Herr 
 Friesecke's economic incompetence, and his related reckless 
 disregard for  elementary considerations of good business 
 practice, as is to be seen in what he was done under his combined 
 authorized personal authority and by his subterfuges of a 
 different quality.  

      This has been shown, persistently, by the manner of his 
 performance, simultaneously in both the U.S.A. and Germany during 
 1989-1998, and in the relevant executive functions he has 
 continued to assume, in Germany, since the time I resumed my role 
 of leadership within the U.S. association, in 2000.   

      Since that time, he has always functioned, essentially, in 
 the manner of what we in the U.S.A. describe, since recent times, 
 as a "kingpin," hiding behind what are sometimes referred to in 
 the U.S.A.,  as "patsies," bullying them into affording him 
 virtually total control over both the raising of income, and 
 payment of obligations, for every set of organizations within the 
 reach of his bullying, "I am the boss" style.  His method is, 
 also, often expressed as "earmarking" income obtained on one 
 pretext, to supply means of payment in support of a different 
 business or comparable interest, and to do this in a manner 
 consistent with the image of a "kingpin."  There are related 
 irregularities to similar effect. 

 10.    Since I am not a principal of the relevant organizations 
 within the bounds of the Federal Republic, I could only comment, 
 as I did frequently, in warning Herr Friesecke of the 
 incompetence and otherwise objectionable methods which I 
 identified, repeatedly, for Friesecke and Hellenbroich, as 
 Friesecke's "kingpin-like" conduct of business management.  
 However, I have put information bearing on my findings in both 
 matters presented to relevant leading parties within the relevant 
 association operating within the Federal Republic.   

 11.    On the good side: chiefly, the product which the relevant 
 business-like associations proffer to its actual and prospective 
 clientele, is not only valid, but has been accepted as such, 
 often, over a very significant lapse of time, among relevant 
 circles in the public. It is the business management sitting, 
 like a "kingpin," atop these meritorious activities, which is the 
 problem which must be radically reformed, and cured. 

 12.   To the same effect, I know that the intelligence-product 
 supplied by these entities, is of a very high quality, and is so 
 judged by some governments and leading specialists, representing, 
 variously, parts of its clientele, or fellow- professionals,  in 
 the relevant fields otherwise.  The economic forecasting 
 generated chiefly from my U.S. associates, which is part of the 
 product available to the relevant entities in Europe, is a 
 valuable product, which provides every reasonable basis for the 
 prospectively successful role of the entities represented in the 
 proposed cooperation.  This irony, of an excellent business 
 victimized by "kingpin"-like "I am the boss," is also typical of 
 control exerted by "organized crime kingpins" over useful victims 
 among otherwise sound, even important business enterprises. 

 13.      However, in all that must be said optimistically about 
 the inherent potentials of these organizations, we must not 
 overlook the danger to all present business and similar 
 associations, in Europe, the Americas, and beyond, from a 
 general, global monetary-financial and related economic cirsis 
 spreading its influence  within Germany and other nations at this 
 time.  Here, we are considering what could be accomplished, were 
 tolerable business conditions to continue to exist. 

 14.   However, I also know what Herr Friesecke's "kingpin"-like 
 policies of practice have done, and, by aid of what objectionable 
 methods, in spoiling the prospects for these entities.  The 
 removal of that problem represented by Herr Friesecke's 
 incompetence and other faults,  and their  effects over recent 
 times, would be most beneficial for all innocents concerned, and 
 would be in the public interest. 

 15.    Unless agreements are crafted, struck, and implemented, 
 which re-invert the presently "inverted economic and financial 
 pyramid" which Herr Friesecke's numerous known acts of 
 mis-management has produced, practices which Herr Hellenbroich 
 continued to support at last report received, these meritorious 
 business organizations would soon all collapse, chain-reaction 
 faction, all as a result of the uncorrected financial and related 
 mismanagement exhibited by Herr Friesecke and his witting 

      On this account, the continued, and expanded function of the 
 keystone business entity among the group of entities in total, 
 the Executive Intelligence Review Gmbh, is the keystone of a 
 prospective early process of stabilization and general recovery 
 of the business and other entities on whose behalf cooperation 
 should be sought.   

      The income from a clientele which relies chiefly on the 
 economic and related security information supplied chiefly by me 
 and my associates from inside the U.S.A., is the chief flow of 
 revenues through all combined entities associated with EIR Gmbh.  
 Any break in the continuity of that set of functions and 
 connections to the intelligence product from the U.S. association 
 would lead to an irreparable collapse of all of the entities to 
 be considered in the proposed cooperation. 

      Herr Hellenbroich's incompetence on this account, is shown 
 by his attempt to deny that the chief cause of the failures of 
 performance under Herr Friesecke's "kingpin"- like reign is shown 
 by the stagnation in circulation of Neue  Solidaritaet over many 
 recent years.  It is the lack of effective outreach to a broader 
 base of custom, whch is a result of Herr Friesecke's 
 organizational fist; this has driven the level of overall 
 activity of the combined association below break-even levels even 
 more than half a decade, or longer, to date. 

      Otherwise, should Herr Hellenbroich proceed to liquidating 
 the firm, or attempt to put its assets and name into other hands, 
 while dissolving the present organization itself,  the entire 
 "deck of cards" would collapse upon the heads of all who 
 permitted that foolish alternative to take over. 

 16.     Therefore, unless the EIR Gmbh is permitted to grow out 
 of what we might wish to become the temporary crisis, which Herr 
 Friesecke's incompetent "kingpin"-like role has produced, since 
 the morning of November 6, 2006, I must estimate the agreement to 
 cooperation as being now at the verge of becoming irremediably 
 non-performing. Even in no one acts to tear up the agreement, 
 events themselves would produce such a result. 

 17.    My curative recommendation is, that either Herr 
 Hellenbroich accept the alternative presented to him by Frau 
 Helga Zepp-LaRouche, or that he resign his position with EIR 
 Gmbh, to permit capable and willing others to proceed to the only 
 competent measures likely to rescue the set of relevant entities 
 from the crisis which Herr Friesecke's November 6th fit of 
 bellowing has  detonated. If he does not, the guilt for the 
 outcome of his sly and foolish behavior, for all concerned, falls 
 immediately on his head, and his, and other person's future, upon 
 the guilty and many innocents alike. 

      Without the continued function of EIR Gmbh within the bounds 
 of the present entity, the entire "deck of cards" goes under."  
 If an improvement in management is introduced, the inherently 
 successful EIR Gmbh will benefit from the deep-going changes in 
 the U.S. political situation, and would be enabled to perform its 
 crucial role as the pivot on which the continued existence of the 
 sister entities currently depends absolutely. 

 18.    The wave of orchestration resignations of some former 
 associates will have the net effect of the "Biblical Gideon's 
 Army," in providing a cadre which is fewer, but better; the 
 return, as unrepentants, of those who had lately represented the 
 principal font of a a chorus of lies, and the  forces of entropic 
 decadence would be a catastrophe. 

 Affectionately Yours, 


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