"Prometheus" LaRouche sends reply to would-be Gods of Olympus

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The would-be "gods of Olympus," who claim to control the Reagan administration, the incoming Bush administration, and the U.S. judicial system up to the level of the Supreme Court, have chosen to dispatch me a series of messages. For reasons to be made clear, my reply is being transmitted via the public news media, via this and other appropriate publications.

	The first message, delivered a few weeks ago, was in the nature of a

"calling card." This message predicted the rigged, corrupt verdict which those agencies claimed they had rearranged in the Alexandria Federal court case concluded last friday. That message was an accurate prediction of results accomplished by means of "sleepers" planted inside the jury.

	As that predicted result was occurring, a second message was sent from

the same source via the same channel. This message predicts that I have approximately thirty days to accept the terms of submission to be proferred by the messenger's principals, or see myself and those associated with me destroyed through the U.S. courts. The messenger stated that his principals control the U.S. courts up to the highest level in this matter, to the effect that everything is already fixed up to the highest level of both the courts and the Reagan and Bush administrations.

	I am informed that the proposed terms of my submission are 
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