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to be the subject of a third message. The second message states that I must now indicate whether or not I am now prepared to negotiate such terms, whatever they might be. For reasons explained below, it is necessary that I deliver my reply publicly, in the manner I do here.

                            My Message In Reply

   The answer to that message is "No." 

	I am willing to discuss any policy on the merits of the policy itself; I

am always open to be persuaded to alter my views on the basis of reason, provided reason shows such alteration to be more consistent with my principles than my resent tactical and strategic postures, and also provided that it is understood I will never change policies in important matters without making the reasons for those changes clear to all supporters and others to whom I am morally accountable.

	However,  say, that with the image of Christ in gethsemane before my

mind's eye, I will never compromise my principled commitments at any price.

   For clarity through emphasis, I restate what I consider negotiable. 

	I am not perfect, and therefore recognize that there may be better

tactical and strategic measures for realizing my principles than those I have conceived thus far. On this pecific account, I am open to reason.

   There exist, doubtless, concerns of which I am not ad-quately informed, 

in respect to which my policies should be mplified to take these matters into account, and that in a anner consistent with my principles.

   In such matters, I am open to reason, provided this nvolves no 

compromise of principle.

   However, I recognize no highest authority on this planet excepting the 

Creator and His natural law. The very existence of bodies of wealthy powerful families, which consider them-elves as families in the likeness of the mythical gods of lympus, represents in and of itself an insolence against both od and man which is anathema to me. On these matters, no compromise is possible.

                       Those Principled Commitments

   Although I am a leading figure of an ecumenical association of 

Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Bhuddists, and others,

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