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sophical studies, prompted me to reject the evangelical form of evout Quaker faith in which I had been reared. I came to the painful realization of reason, that the Quakers, including my devout parents, erred fundamentally in holding God responsible for the condition of mankind; the Creator holds each of us responsible for the condition of mankind, to the limit of ur means to remedy suffering and evils.

   On the basis of my successful refutation of Kant, and my indred 

axiomatic refutation of the anti-human dogmas respect-ng the human mind, of professors Norbert Wiener and John von eumann, by 1952 I had produced important discoveries in the ield of physical economy, respecting, immediately, the in-elligible nature of the causal relationship between scientific rogress and increase of the potential population-density of the uman species. As part of the same effort, I defined the intelligibility of the same creative processes responsible for alid fundamental scientific discoveries, as the basis for ajor creative works in the classical fine arts.

   As the human individual is set apart from and above all he beasts, 

fundamentally, by the divine gift of the potent-al for rigorous forms of creative reason, it is in this re-pect that the individual person is in the image of the living reator. This fact is the intelligible premise for defining he practical meaning of the terms and .

   Encumbered with this knowledge, it became more and more he dedication of 

my life to serve this principle: to defend hose forms of institutions of sovereign nation-states which, ike emphasis upon scientific and technological progress, oster the development and expression of those aspects of in-ividual human nature which reflect the image of the living reator.

   Today, from this viewpoint I have so described, our lanet is afflicted 

with two great evils.

   The first is the spread of satanic evil in the guises of hat is called 

variously "The New Age," the "Age of Aquarius," r simply the "radical counterculture." Fascism and Bolshev-sm, like the avowed Anti-Christs Nietzsche and Aleister rowley, are but particular forms of expression of this sub-uming satanic evil which is the New Age insurgency.

   The avowed purpose of the New Age, is to eradicate the cultural matrix" 

of Western European Judeo-Christian civiliz-tion from the institutions and even the memory of this planet.

   The second evil, is the great and spreading social in-ustice, typified 

by the plight of the majority in the looted Third World," and the growing poor inside the U.S. itself. ocial and economic justice for these nations and their poor, s the great noble task placed before the post-war world. The ould-be Gods of Olympus, both as wealthy families of the West

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