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or the Soviet Nomenklatura, have not only rejected that task, ut have brought this injustice to the most savage extremes, ith their usurious looting, their crushing of the sovereign-ties of nations, and their evil, neo-malthusian "post-ndustrial" utopianism.

   The clear mission of the United States is to assume its roper leading 

role in defeating the spread of the first evil, nd in righting of the great wrongs of social and economic in-ustice against the poor of this planet, both within these nited States and without. We have reached the point, that ither the United States abandons the evil policies of usury, eo- malthusianism, and foul compromises with Soviet evil, hich have dominated increasingly the policy-shaping of the ecent twenty-odd years, or the United States will surely be estroyed during the relatively near-term period ahead of us oday.

   The point has been reached, at which the Creator will no onger tolerate 

the rule over mankind by those responsible for he condition to which mankind is being reduced. Our nation ust change itself on these accounts, or be doomed. In any ase, what is dawning now, is not "the Age of Aquarius," but he holocaust of extinction of those institutions which serve he rule over mankind by would-be Gods of Olympus.

   Hence, on this account, my frail person touches the most wesome power of 

this planet, a power greater than all overnments, and greater than any would-be Gods of Olympus. If uch forces continue their efforts to exterminate the cause hich I represent, their success on that account ensures their wn extermination not long afterward. This power is not my ersonal possession; it is a power to pass final judgment upon ll would-be judges, a power emanating from the Creator. It s not my hand, or that of my friends, which would destroy hose who would destroy me and my friends, it is the Hand of rovidence.

                               This Message

   The first function of this message of reply is to provoke suitable 

verification of the second message delivered to me, to ensure that the messenger has represented the views of those is credentials imply he does represent.

   The second function, is to ensure that those principals ave opportunity 

to reconsider their announced course, and to hape any further message to me accordingly.

   The reasons for choosing this channel to make this reply, ought to be 

obvious to those whom the messenger represents.

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