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September 2nd-15th, 2012

Dear Colleagues,
We have long believed the foundations of our association to be built upon a commitment to the pursuit of truth. In that spirit, we have chosen to compile, in as much detail as possible from our combined experiences, a report of the events leading up to our departures from the LaRouche organization. We feel that you deserve to know what happened, and to finally hear our reasons for leaving, "from the horse's mouth," so to speak. The accusations made against us as to why we left are conscious lies, manifesting the same spirit of corruption and cover-up that provoked us each in our decision to depart. The chief reasons why we chose not to discuss our thoughts more publicly will be revealed by what is related here.
We no longer subscribe to the belief that withholding crucial information from other members of the organization for the sake of "the mission" is more important than truth. The truth must be told, let the chips fall where they may. What is related here is true to our best knowledge of how things unfolded, and is documented in order to provide access to crucial information which has been heretofore suppressed or obfuscated. What you do with this knowledge is ultimately up to you. We act of our own sovereign accord, under no influence by other persons, monetarily or otherwise. Though the composition and compilation of this dossier has not been an easy process, we felt that it must be done; for ourselves, for the sake of truth, and for you.

Tarrajna Walsh
Nick Walsh
Sky Shields
Summer Shields
Alli Perebikovsky
Riana Nordquist
Todd Nordquist
Oyang Teng

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