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On Monday, August 22nd, Sky contacted Nick and Tarrajna, who were on a family trip, asking if they could meet as soon as possible. They agreed. This turned out to be on September 1st, when Nick and Tarrajna could leave Detroit for a day under the pretext of celebrating her birthday. Sky and Cody received clearance to make the trip to Pittsburgh, where they had decided to rendezvous, and Nick and Tarrajna drove down to meet them there. Sky launched into an extensive briefing on a large part of the preceding content of this report. It was relieving for Nick and Tarrajna to have their knowledge of Liona's briefing on Lyn and Alicia confirmed by Sky, after having no one to talk to about the whole thing, and not knowing what had happened since they left Purcellville. Over the course of a 12 hour discussion that lasted until midnight, they discussed the content of this report up until now (at least what was known to them at the time), and what the implications of these occurrences were for the fate of the organization. Some of the most pressing questions were: "What did this say about Lyn's personality in general? Was this simply a temporary condition provoked by a B-12 deficiency, or a more extreme manifestation of a megalomaniacal quality he possessed all along? What about all of the ideas and great thinkers that he had introduced us to? How could he be such a genius, and be acting in such a manner? Was he going senile? If Debbie was a known compulsive liar, what did this say about Lyn's strategic judgment and his years of supposed dialogue with the Stanford group, which had been widely promoted as a key example of our institutional role?" Sky noted that even if she were a compulsive liar, she may have real contacts, which was an even more disturbing possibility.

The Stanford Group issue was a sticking point for the problem of Lyn's judgment and character because it was not something that was created during the B-12 crisis, but went back many years. The conversation inevitably led to the question of what should be done. Should Lyn be retired? Was that even possible? The four finally decided that they had to take some kind of responsibility for the situation, given the understanding that things were not going to get any better if nothing was done, and given the importance they -- at the time -- believed the organization potentially could have in the future. They were stating things like: "Does this make anybody else uncomfortable?" These comments were systematically removed. concerned with maintaining the integrity of the ideas they had invested so much of their lives fighting for, despite the recently exposed fraud. Finally, they decided to all head down to Purcellville, and call a discussion with the leadership there to address these questions, which was scheduled for first thing the following morning.

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