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The following week, the candidates came to Purcellville. Diane and Kesha were most fully briefed by Barbara, with the idea that they would be responsible for handling Alicia. It was systematically decided that Alicia would be cut out of any discussions on the matter, and there was even concern that she might file a lawsuit against Lyn. The other candidates were not fully briefed at all, hearing only that Lyn had had a medical problem brought on by a vitamin deficiency and lack of sleep.

In the subsequent period of her visit, Helga represented a more outwardly focused organizing perspective, which was initially perceived as refreshing in the wake of the internally focused NECs. Soon, however, a split between Helga and Lyn became publically apparent, where he would intervene on her politically oriented remarks by redirecting the discussion into more abstract philosophical and scientific concepts. This dichotomy evolved into Helga developing an increasingly "hands on" role in the practical/political orientation of the American organization.

This led to an aggressive push launched by Helga, Bruce, and Barbara for the elimination of reading days, Monge brigades, and faculty work in the locals. Lyn eventually echoed this call at an NEC meeting, where he infamously asserted that "the Basement doesn't take reading days," (his attempt to defend the Basement against Helga's move to redirect the Basement's activity towards fundraising).

At this time, there were many divergent views concerning the state and direction of the organization. Sky was intent on trying to salvage what he believed, at the time, to be the intellectual identity of the organization, by feeding Lyn substantial material, and working to generate product which would unify the organization (e.g. the "Planetary Defense" pamphlet). The Basement believed that this would have a decisive effect in transforming the fundraising, without having to shift to the "galley slave"25 model. In contrast, Barbara, Bruce, and Helga increasingly rallied against intellectual work, and rallied for intense focus on reaching the $30,000 goal.


25 Walk into a phone team at a given time of day or night, and chances are you"d see an NC, such as Harley Schlanger, verbally whipping a member of the phone team, or the whole phone team, for not meeting the fundraising goal. As you witnessed a phone team being berated as impotent, you might clearly imagine rows of Roman slaves, in the galley ship, being whipped by the galley master.

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